“This week could be the test so we know if the 6 are voting how they should”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini Christian and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony: Britini used the power of Veto. DX nominated Chrisitan in her place

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Big Brother Spoilers – Christian is the target. Feeds are getting blocked like crazy again so if updates seem odder than usual I’ll blame it on that.

2:55 pm Christian and Tiffany
Tiffany tells him to calm down and start acting like he’s going to stay, be comfortable. He needs to get SB to start to panic. Tiffany says it doesn’t help her game with him leaving this week. They both cry.

3:00 pm “Lord of the Latrine” duty is done

3:18 pm Alyssa and DX
Alyssa – you don’t have to tell me who. People said my name?
Dx – I heard I was being considered as an option
Alyssa – from me?
Dx – mmmmm
Alyssa – don’t you think every single week you are considered an option don’t you think every single week the royal flush has to act like it’s not the royal flush?
Alyssa – you actually believe after that conversation we had with you, Christian, me and Hannah I would come after you
DX – I don’t think you’ll come after me
DX – I never thought you were coming after me
Alyssa – you thought Christian was? Even though he didn’t last week and we had a conversation BEFORE HOH with you and Hannah.
Alyssa – you still believed it
DX – if I was him I would have done the same thing. Next week after this week I would have targeted him
Alyssa – we’ll have to rewatch and you can see.. people are good in this house then.
DX – I do believe that people can be lying to me. Ultimately someone has to be lying
Alyssa – you assumed that was me.. that’s fine it is what it is.
DX called into the Diary room.
Feeds cut.

3:40 pm SB and Ky
SB – if it was me, You, DX, Hannah, Claire, Tiffany
Ky – we’re also wondering if that’s too many I don’t know if it is or isn’t
Sb – I can say Yeah and I didn’t want a joker to go home because which is why I was telling you guys (Jokers) it’s safest if I come off the block my whole alliance was telling me if one of them went up to replace Britini then brit was going home. Now I’m like I hope they do out the alliance
Ky – which alliance have you said no to .. that’s not the game that’s not how it works
Ky – you can say that’s because they already formed three alliances so I thought to join this one.
They name the alliances Slaughter house,
feeds cut.. When we’re back.
SB – I totally agree with BabyD that person will betray us
Ky – who is closer to you between Tiffany/Claire
SB – equal
Ky – between Azah and Brit I don’t think you would vote against them.
SB – X said whoever is going he’s throwing them a vote
Ky – if it’s not a rogue vote then anyone outside us 5 and Azah I wouldn’t trust anymore. and for me unfortunately that would include the girls I just can’t know at that point
Sb – they knew all day yesterday Christian was going up and neither of them said a peep to me
SB says Claire told her she had indications she was a pawn.
DF joins to use the toilet.

DF back out of the toilet.
Ky – DF she’s not really making good arguments do you have any reasons why I should keep SB here (joking around)
DF – If you keep taking all this time from my MAN I’m going to have to switch my vote.
SB – Alright Ky I might kick you to the curb.
DF – you can see how quick they went from supporting to now you’re on the outskirts
DF – which shows how they’re going to feel. As soon as he goes home they’ll be all SB SB SB.. you know you have to look out for us and DA DA DA
KY – I’m hearing after the fact that Alyssa had come to your team prior even if BIGD goes up we know we’re sending home SB. Was that anyone talk to you about.
DF – my team is on the outskirts.. we don’t really know what’s going on (LOL)
DF – everyone is working together and we’re like WHAT. For me to be honest I thought I was going up. I told SB that.

Feeds cut.. When we’re back SB and Ky alone. Talking about the composition of their alliance. Ky suggests they bring BIGD in.
SB – what’s wrong with the four?
Ky – we have a vote in our pocket a Victoria vote
Ky says the reason DF is a good pick is he won’t tell Claire and Tiff about their 5.
SB – Me, you, Hannah, DX we add BIGD just for the nummbers
Ky – and we have Tiff and Claire..
SB – we have teh 4 the 5
KY – take out BigD and put Tiff and Claire there
SB is worried BIGD will tell Azah and Brit she’s got trust with them.
Ky doesn’t think he’ll tell them.
Feeds cut.. when we’re back
Sb saying she feels solid with Azah
Sb – I do think Tiff and Claire will vote him out. It’s not out of loyalty to me but..
X joins them.

4:15 pm Tiffany, X, Christian
Tiffany tells him to shine a light on the relationship in the house between SB and Ky.
Tiff – you can bring up the fact that she’s supposed to be in a relationship but she’s in a relationship with KY so that makes her appear untrustworthy
Tiff – She doesn’t appear to be trustworthy
Christian – Assume she is telling the truth and she has a girlfriend that shows lack of loyalty
Tiff – right right
X – mmmmhmmmm
Tiff – play up the fact that she is playing on everybody’s emotions here. How do we know she’s genuine. She’s trying to pull the sympathy card an everybody and EVERYBODY seems to be falling for it. umm..
Tiff – she is money motivated and possibly Greedy and selfish (LOL weak)
Tiffany – you have ammo to use against her. She’s going to have Ammo too. If you go out there and shoot it all and she waits..
Tiffany goes on about conserving his ammo against SB don’t shoot all his shots today.
X and Christian leave. Tiffany talks to the camera. Says she wants SB gone but isn’t trying to flip the vote. She’s just helping Christian out with his campaigning.

4:22 pm X and Ky (Ky can’t seem to get his point out)
KY – DX and Sb both said that the order of people informed were Alyssa, Sb then everyone in this bathroom gym prior to the thing (Veto Ceremony)
Talking about having each other’s back. They will be seen as even bigger threats if Christian goes. Ky says if they remove the knowledge of the cookout what Christian is saying is valid.
Ky – in our heads we have to think about what if the 6 doesn’t work.. at least I feel in my head I’m dying by that assumption.. (that the 6 works)
Ky – what do yo think about I’ve trying to get 6’s order for the five. I’m still of the camp basically.. I was stuck on Alyssa being Last. Azah was thinking Britini. I’m still open you can only control so much. I’m thinking SB, DX, Claire (final 9). The only reason it would be SB if me or her won.
Ky – if we know beforehand what exactly the vote will be this week could be the test so we know if the 6 are voting how they should. The reality is we also have to make sure our people are voting exactly.
Ky says if a vote comes out strange it would mean either someone in the 6 flipped or they failed to control their person’s vote.
Ky – it wouldn’t be you because of Christian, It wouldn’t be me because SB
X – either way, it’s going to be 2 votes. If SB stays Christian has two votes if SB leaves she has two votes.
Ky – exactly, I’m concerned with us knowing the exact number. Either I can’t rely on the six to vote or all 6 can’t control the one person they are to control.
feeds cut.. (sounds like Ky is needing a reason for the 6 to break a bit)
Ky says they should make is a 5-4 vote and if it moves they’ll know. “we don’t have as much control as we thought”

4:34 pm Christian and Alyssa in have nots.
Christian says the way that Tiffany is helping him with his pitch makes him think he has her vote and if he has her vote he thinks he has Claire

5:22 pm X and Azah
Azah says Frenchie threw Brit under the bus which was a big surprise to her.
They go on about how crazy Frenchie was. X mentions how Fnrehcie stayed up until 5am every night.

5:40 pm Tiff and DX
Tiff says she’s trying to get Alyssa to chill because they might need her later in the game. She goes over some of the advice she gave Christian.
Feeds block for 10 mins. Tiff still going over her conversation with Christian.
Azah comes in asking for candy. Grabs some and leaves.
Tiff – that was strange.
Tiff – does she know you are HOH you have stuff to do
DX – you’re a hypocrite who is laying in my bed..
Tiff – I’m talking business here.

Tiff – Kyland is making moves to position himself.
DX – I’m working with Ky right now to sort out the X situation
Tiff – X doesn’t trust Ky that much X trusts me more than X trusts Ky
DX says he’s going to try and cut a 2 weeks deal
Ty says it’s better to cut it with just X. She doesn’t think X is going to want Ky around for long.
DX says if Christian does go this week there are easier targets moving forward
Tiff – I want her[sb] to go home
Tiff goes on about SB crying during the veto.
Feeds flip.. to Christian campaigning to Britini alone in the backyard. flips back after a couple of minutes.
DX asks if the alliance, Hannah, DX, KY, Claire, Tiff, X can be a thing
Tiff- Ky at the bottom
DX – I want the final four to be me, you, Hannah, and Claire
DX – once we get to six that will be a hard shot for us to take
Tiff – X is going for Ky he don’t trust him.
DX says he’s not going to make a deal with Ky and X. He’s just keeping X from Ky in that case.
DX – would you do a five with x?
Tif f- sure we can do the six.
DX – the ideal is X takes the shot at Ky before we hit the 6
Tiff – whos our next target
Tiff – SB ?
Tiff – I was thinking Alyssa too.. I really want to split up SB and Ky.. If you split up SB and Ky you do have Ky
DX – we already have Ky.. if you leave Sb means people are coming for him
Tiff – where do we go after that Britini?
DX – Sb, Alyssa
Tiff – I was thinking Azah.
DX wants to keep Azah longer than brit
They think Claire, X, Ky can be the ones that take out Brit
Tiff – I still want to work with Ky and X.

6:07 am DX and Ky
DX says he brought up the thought that the guys have to stick together “he acknowledges it but he didn’t embrace it”
Ky – I feel like that’s everything I’ve ever said..
feeds cut. When we’re back DX asks Ky where SB’s head’s at for the vote.
Ky – she said.. I feel locked in on Brit and Azah 100%, She feels good with ME so there’s 3, she said she’s guessing whatever he asks hannah will do.
Ky – so 4 those are the four she said I feel 100% with.
Ky – Previous to today she has felt more confident than I have about Tiffany and Claire as of Today she said just what she’s seen with Alyssa.. stuff that is obviously suspect things that weren’t on her mind she is now considering it. It’s making her feel more shaking than she has. And also one thing, hananh had mentioned she was unsure of them too kinda.
Ky is saying that SB feels more shaking about Tiff and Claire.
Feeds cut when we’re back they have moved into the HOH.
Ky is bringing up the idea about bringing BIGD into a 5 so they can use him as a vote.
DX says he just wants to pick one alliance and go with it.
Feeds cut.. When we’re back.
Dx is saying BIGD might take them up on that he’s probably thinking these kids can take him to the end.
Ky says BIGD and Tiff get on each other’s nerves. “He’s not going to tell her and she’s not going to tell him.. Claire’s not going to tell BIGD”
Ky – I’m with you on one
DX – if we have a 6 and a 4 why do we have a 5?
Ky – Control the vote maybe..
DX – ohh in case one of the 6 is getting voted out.
Feeds cut

6:34 pm Claire’s got a outfit

6:41 pm maximum Chill-a-tude

6:47 pm Azah and DX
Azah confirming she’s voting to keep SB.

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another name

I don’t actually have a valid prediction for who will leave this week.
It should be an easy decision, but this week logic and feeling seem to be having a grudge match for control of the game.
That said:
Imagine if Chrisian leaves, and the only goodbye message that actually takes credit for getting him out is Britoria.
How would the Chenbot spin that in interview?
If Christian is evicted, that is very well something that could happen.


I honestly think somehow the votes are gonna come down on the side of Christian staying. X and Alyssa both voting to keep him. tiffy toes told America she can’t vote out someone with her sons name (that is a really silly reason but who knows). I think big d is gonna vote for him to stay especially afteer his comment it doesn’t matter if I vote for him to stay or leave. If sb and ky keep cuddling I imagine tiffy toes will try to get Claire to vote out sb and I also believe there is a chance brit throws a curveball and votes out sb. I think it would actually be a good play by both brit and Claire to keep him as dx and Christian will keep targeting each other. If Christian does stay I think we see the cookout start to break apart.

another name

I’m not making a prediction because of the cookout jockeying for pole position internal power struggle. It could easily go either way.
I just think it would be a brain stumper if Britini’s goodbye message to Christian was that she was the mastermind this week, in the even that it is him. Like, both him and Julie staring at each other in stunned silence brain stumper.


Simon and Dawg I sent a little tip your way. I’ve been playing catch up on here after missing a couple of days and am so appreciative of what you guys do. You rock!

Now to BB talk- is it wrong of me to hope the vote gets screwed up and SB goes home? I’ve always been a fan of chaos and I think SB going would shake the house up. I think it’ll fracture the Cook Out a bit and Ky will break off. I could see X stick with Alyssa and Christian, bring in Ky, Azah and Brit and they will go against DX, Tiffany, Claire and Hannah, leaving DF just hanging around and voting whichever way the wind blows. I’m hoping Tiffany throws a hinky vote for Christian to stay and that’s what gets him to ultimately stay safe. Tiffany will cling to DX, Hannah, and Claire in the hopes they won’t find out she’s the one to screw things up. Then the whole house will realize that it’s Tiffany’s vote who screwed everything up and come to the conclusion that Tiffany is the one who’s to blame for much of the splits in the house, she’s been the “mastermind” and has played a part in screwing other people’s games up. The house rallies and gets Tiff out and then resets and it’s a full on reboot of the season, previous allies be damned, and may the best player win.


What happened to SBs leg?

Christian’s body odor

Bruised it during veto allegedly