“at the end of the day I can vote for him to stay or vote for him to go it don’t matter He’s still going to go “

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini Christian and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony: Britini used the power of Veto. DX nominated Chrisitan in her place

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Big Brother Spoilers – Brit used the veto on herself Christian was the replacement nomination and is the target. Christian and Alyssa have started campaigning right away. They don’t have the votes to stay and unless TIFF/Claire flip to Vote out SB I don’t see this changing. LOTS of Time though so get ready 🙂 🙂

12:37 pm Alyssa, Xavier, and Christian
Alyssa – Tiffany didn’t look shocked at all
Alyssa says it was SB that spilled their plans to DX
Christian goes on about not taking DX out last week.
Alyssa telling him to stop looking back and think about what to do now in the present
Christian – starts f**ing crying.. f***ign deal with it (SB)
Christian – you took the f***ing money you’re selfish
X leaves to talk to SB.
Christian is pissed yelling he should have taken a shot when he had the chance
BIGD comes in gives him a hug says he’s sticking to voting to keep Christian.
Christian thanks him.
Christian – I’m going after Him [DX], Ky and SB

DX comes in to open the toilet
Christian – so everything you heard was SB.. you know that right? Sb told you we were coming after you .. who told you SB told you that was HER plan HER plan.. you knew because SB told you..
X joins them.
Christian – he knows because of SB
DX – I’m not going to confirm or deny
Christian – you don’t have to she would have been the only one that would tell you
Christian – she said right after noms .. she only told you because she didn’t win the veto.. you are out 5 grand and are on sh1t duty because she’s selfish

Christian is blocking the entrance to the bathroom while he rants..
X – realness I gotta pee you gotta pee..

DX opens the toilet
Christian – she’s playing both f***ing sides.. we have a lot more to tell you about SB we can’t keep her around..
Christian uses the toilet..
when he comes out
Christian – we’re each other’s shields..
Christian – if I stay what does the entire house think I’m coming after you.. that is not the case.. if you keep me we’re taking out everybody.

12:46 pm Tiff and DX
Tiff – I f***ing loved your speech.. BOOM BOOM
They go over his Speech.
Tiff – SB’s gotta go.. she’s sitting there crying with Ky.. they go into the room.. I got kicked out of the room.. I am in my F***ing room..
Tiff – she’s there crying what the f** are you crying for? You begged him not to put you next to BIGD

12:47 pm Kings meeting
Alyssa – there’s no point in keeping BIGD him gone or him being here is the same thing (LOL)
X – since week one we’ve been the biggest target collectively
Alyssa – he’s on our alliance I don’t understand
Alyssa – I don’t think Britini was ever the target when I asked him what are you going for veto and prizes .. he said prizes
Alyssa – it looked like he was barely trying (in veto)
X says the reason they put both of them us is for 1) to send Christian out and 2) to split the Kings up
Alyssa says you would have thought X and Christian’s HOH would have shown DX trust
X – this game is not always about trust
Alyssa goes on about how this was a dumb move
X says he’s not sure how beneficial this was for DX’s personal game “They’re expecting us to crumble right now”
X – I don’t think he would make this move without someone in his ear
Alyssa – I think it’s obvious.. SB don’t you think it’s obvious who it is?
Alyssa – Ky hasn’t said anything to you?
SB – he acted like he had no idea
Alyssa – I don’t believe that at all
Sb says she believed Ky but then he brought it up to her and it seemed Sketchy to her.
Alyssa – I’m telling you this, He [Ky] knew everything he orchestrated this whole thing, Do you think BABYD had the balls to do this on his own?
X says they are in an impossible position “Who is smart to come up with this I have no f**ing idea”
Alyssa’s – Ky are you kidding.
SB thinks DX is smart enough to figure this out but she thinks he had backup for the votes.
X – who are the people we thought we could lean on that we have no f**Ing idea..
X – the first time we’re out of power in 2 weeks we’re on the block
Christian says DX has the queens whatever he wants the Queens will do. “that means I’m going home”
Alyssa leaves “I don’t really want to talk game right now honestly.. I really don’t care to”
SB – I’m sorry Christian
Christian – that’s okay
X – I’m sorry I couldn’t stop this from happening.
Christian leaves..
They try to figure out who was the person that made up this plan.
X – who on the queens .. I don’t have a reason to not trust Ky right now
Sb says if it was Ky he would have told her. Sb cries.
X – I think the plan is to break all of us up and whoever is remaining they can pick us apart one at a time. That is something I am trying to make sure doesn’t happen

12:55 pm Sb and DX
Sb carrying tissues around now.
DX – Christian is throwing your name around but I’m not believing him
SB – what did he say?
DX – she’s campaigning for himself I’m not buying what he’s saying. I want to take Christian out this week and that’s not changing
Sb says the Kings are assuming the queens have betrayed them.
DX – i have confirmed 100% they were going to flip the vote
SB – they were going to try to or they were going to?
DX – they were already trying to flip the votes
SB – I believe you. the person telling you that was me, Tiffany or Claire and I trust them because I don’t think they would be coming after me. (YIKES)
Sb says she feels like she’s going to stay
DX – I would be shocked if it was anything other than 7-2
SB – Alyssa is good she’s lying her a$$ off to me and she has no tells
DX – she’s such a good liar.. oh my god I’m shocked I almost believe her it’s crazy.
DX – I want to be able to salvage something.
Sb – I feel like Tiffany is mad at me for some reason
Sb – the kings are super suspicious of Ky they think he knew they think he might have masterminded it.

1:00 pm Christian and Alyssa
Christian going on that SB is playing both sides.. “There’s no convincing him because I am going home I don’t have Claire’s vote”
Alyssa – you don’t have Tiff’s vote?
Christian – No that wasn’t we’re going to fight for you hug
X joins them.. group hug..
X – I’m going to figure out who got in his ear
Alyssa – SB
Christian – SB said it to Derek
Alyss a- SB told him about our talk and made it sound like it was us.
X – if that’s the case they’re taking him out this week and we’re next week
Christian – we don’t have the queens I am going this week
Alyss a- what about the jokers
Christian – ARGH I should have taken him out
Alyssa wants to try and get the Joker’s votes. “They put Britini up this week and they said Brit was the target”
Christian says he’s got 4 votes the two of them, BIGD and Brit.
Christian – I don’t want to wait for the last second I’m campaigning the whole 3 days
X – YES You have my vote
Alyssa – I’m telling you it’s Sb.
Christian – I want Britini up here I think Britini can help us convince the rest of the jokers
Christian runs downstairs to grab Britini. She’s in the DR so he comes back.
X says SB has people in her back pocket right now
Alyssa – she told me about your guys five
X – our five?
Alyssa – I already know about it
Alyssa – you Frenchie, Christian, BIGD, and Ky (Butchers)
X – one of us is going to have to talk to Tiffany and Claire.. I will talk to Tiffany and Claire this will take more than just the jokers
X leaves to talk to Tiff/Claire.

Christian returns says Brit is in the Diary room.
Christian – two votes we don’t have BabyD and Ky ..
Christian goes on about not taking DX out last week.
Alyssa tells him to focus on the jokers votes don’t waste his time with Tiff and Claire “Go get BIGD”
Christian – you sure? he’s got a big mouth.
Alyssa tells him he doesn’t have Hannah’s vote “She’ll do what BabyD wants”
Alyssa – we’ll figure it out it’s not like you’re leaving right now
Christian keeps going on about missing his chance to take out DX last week. Alyssa tells him he has to stop thinking in the past.
Alyssa – this might be really stupid what if we tell the jokers about the Royal FLush .. is we tell them about the royal flush they will realize the queens were working with us.
Christian – the royal flush is gone
Alyssa – not in SB, CLaire, Tiff’s eye .. the royal flush isn’t gone. unless you blow it up.
Christian – what’s the benefit of telling the jokers.. I’m in the alliance
Alyssa says they are all saying f** the alliance except for SB, Tiff, DX, Claire, Ky

1:15 pm X and Tiff
X – DX is supposed to be Hannahs right?
Tiff – mmmhmmm
X – that’s not the case.. why would he talk to me about us working together in the future end of the game scenario and not bring up Hannah at all.
Tiff – he doesn’t know you know he’s working with Hannah
X – he knows I know he’s working with Hannah
Tiff – you think keeping him [DX] around benefits Ky?
Tiff doesn’t Think DX and is as close to Ky. Let’s say Ky has DX and Sarah Beth. that’s all Ky has. you have me, you have Claire, You have Azah, Hannah, you have way more.
X – what I’m saying when it comes down to the 6 he’s got the most people which he will.. outta the 6 he’s got to go first..
TIff – who Ky? I agree with that
X – he’s sitting pretty with everybody.
Tiff – Ky has been sitting pretty since he had HOH he’s set himself out
X – I’m in a position .. two of my team members are on the block which means whatever one stays they’ll trust me less.
X says Sarah beth was crying in Ky’s arms, not his.
Tiff – how do you feel about SB going next week, Me, Claire, and Hannah want to send her out
Tiff – I am down to take her out.
X – two of my team members are on the block. That’s frustrating for me. No one else has been in this position
Tiff says it’s not true week one Travis and Ky were on the block

Tiff – my team is two.. Ky is with SB.. my team is me and Claire. the jokers stick toegether
Tiff – your team is 4 plus one..
X – who is plus 1?
Tiff – KY
X says Ky is not in his team.

X – I’m losing a member of my team and it feels like someone has a member in their back pocket
Tiff says Sarah Beth is a house target now.
Azah joins them
Azah says A talk with BIGD will help because he lost someone that he was close to. (Frenchie.. lol)
X – it’s not that someone has to go home at this point I’m focused on Damage control after someone comes home
Tiff – I will send her home..

1:30 pm Alyssa is working on DF while Christian is working on Claire in the have not. After they’re done with Claire and DF they pull Brit up in the have nots. (Not bothering with these as it’s a tad bit early to go guns blazing like this)

1:38 pm DF and Azah
DF – she’s working like a good housewife trying to get these hoes off her man.. She’s working overtime
Azah – she’s working too early
Df – at the end of the day, I can vote for him to stay or vote for him to go it don’t matter He’s still going to go
DF – they think if they flip all our votes he’ll stay
Azah – no, My vote’s not shaken, her vote’s not shaken, your vote’s not shaken that’s three, Kyland’s vote’s not shaken that’s four.
DF says he’s thinking SB will be next “SB doesn’t trust us”
Azah says he can do that.
Df leaves to go make a sandwich

1:40 pm Ky and DX
They’re talking about votes.
DX wants to do a one on one with X. Suggests now is a good time for them to make something more serious between them and X. A post-Royal flush alliance with X.
Ky – let me know because I’ll be down
Sb joins them.. Alyssa and Christian are campaigning like hell already
Ky/DX – don’t worry no one will flip
DX leaves to talk to X in the HOH.

Sb – Azah and Brit just confirmed they’re 100% voting for me
Sb says their advice was to let Christian and Alyssa campaign and for her to lay low.
Ky – I agree

1:43 pm DX and X
X says it’s come down to SB/KY vs Christian/Alyssa
Dx – I’m happy I’m not voting
X – yup I am not
X says he was trying to take some heat off DX by saying “I don’t think DX will come up with this by himself. Did I say another name? No”
DX – I appreciate that.
X says it’s evident that the house wants Christian out. Says Azah/BIGD would want Christian out, Brit is a toss-up.
X – Christian expects my vote he needs something I would do the same for you if the situation was reverse.. he’s already asking people to promise him their vote.
X isn’t going to campaign for or against Christian/Sb. Adds it makes sense why the house wants Christian out.
DX – four strong guys left.. You in my head. You and Christian will always be tighter than me and you
X – probably
DX says by taking out Christian he wants to now bring X closer to him. “With Christian gone, Me you and Ky could maybe work together or at least acknowledge that we need each other in this game.”
X – we become the three biggest targets.
DX – If you weren’t on Christian’s team this decision would have been a lot easier for me
DX – if Christian stays you have full approval to take a shot at me ..
DX goes on about if Christian stays F** it. he doesn’t know this game.
Feeds cut..

2:40 pm Feeds return Ky is Campaigning to Tiffany on all four feeds.

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Hopeful for a Good Season

It will be a good season if Christian stays and fights. Hope SB leaves. I know it’s a game.


It will be a good season regardless of who leaves. Paranoia and Denial (both massively displayed with this crew) make for a good season


OMG. Imagine if Tiff had that information.


Did you see how AWKWARD it was when Tiff asked him how long he’s known her? The entire time his head was in this really weird position as he stared at the ceiling. It look so suspicious. Before that happened I thought Tiff was just reaching hard to find something to increase SB’s target but man his inability to look her in the eye & say no was odd.


Simon, did you call Christian “Christine” on purpose? Lol. His youth and immaturity is showing through again

The Ghost of Bayleigh and Swaggy C

The Cookout is really good at this game. DX doesn’t have a clue that he is working for them. Alyssa is doomed. Brittni will be the last pawn before they turn on each other.


I don’t know…there’s a lot of cracks in that cookout alliance




Looks like they may be fixing the cameras in the “Living Room” area since I can hear X’s conversation in the gym room and Tiffany’s conversation with Christian (long game? Smh)

Amanda chandler

It is low down & dirty what DX & KY are doing to Christian. If you want him gone stand up & fight him like a man & beat him fair & square. Using a “Backdoor” is like boxing a man who is blindfolded, bound & chained with his?hands tied behind his back. KY & DX actually admit to being scared of this man that is practically a full Foot shorter than them. And Tiffany helping them do it is even worst. If she doesn’t flip this vote I’m done with her. And she’s always saying DX is one of “THEM”, well since WHEN are Asians POC, But NOT Puerto Rican women like Alyssa. Hypocrites!
The Overtly Blatant racial separatist Mob bias run amuck unchecked in this Season is absolutely appalling. However two wrongs dont make a right. I know they are trying to make up for the racial undertones of the last two seasons (and rightfully so) but Now you’re doubling down with Reverse Racism.
And if you’re trying to even the playing field
I ASSURE you this isn’t the way to do it.
CBS needs to step in & do something or the next time white people do this to minorities
You really can’t complain when you make Racial Divide the Big Brother norm. After this season every Caucasian houseguestwill know what to watch out for , rally against & head off at the pass, when they walk through those doors.***


Only one comment Backdoors are part of the game.

Amanda chandler

Yes, as a longtime big brother conniesieur I am WELL AWARE that “Backdoors” are commonplace, however they are usually reserved for troublesome houseguests or folks for whom the HOH harbors animous
but in THIS particular case, Christian was targeted After he had tried to work with the HOH simply because the HOH wanted to be the biggest comp beast in the House
and he was jealous of Christian who was holding that title, and was too chicken to go head to head with him in another Veto battle so he Backdoored him. That WAS Lowdown & Dirty. Just because it’s a commonly abused Big Brother tool does NOT negate that fact.

My Gal Tiff

*Whine whine whine *

another name

Way back in BB5 when Nakomis and Martin conceived and pulled off the six finger plan (later called the backdoor) the entire intent and purpose was to target a comp beast by securing the votes and pawns before noms, and not giving the target the ability to win veto. It’s a strategic game move. It’s a strategic game move that worked so well, that after season five they no longer allowed the hoh and nominees to choose any house guest they wished for veto without the veto bag.
The entire point of a backdoor is to tie the hands of the target and send them out without the ability to comp win their way out of danger. It’s smart game if you don’t think you can beat a backdoor target in comps.

BB fan

Tiffany and Hannah just use Derek X as a tool and make his decisions he won’t win the game! This week just ensured the cookout will make up the final 5 And this backdoor makes him look untrustworthy and NOW biggest physical target in the house! Pretty stupid gameplay to want to be the most physical male target with 7 woman and 11 people left and 3 black men in which you generally seem them stick together.
Derek X doesn’t deserve AFP when he is getting pulled by his strings and doing all of the dirty work for the cookout!

another name

How did my comment about the merits of a backdoor being a good stategic game move in he history of Big Brother lead you to believe I was tooting a horn for Dx?
I’ve got no horse in this race this time around. For a good game move from anyone this season, I’ll praise. For a bad game move from anyone this season, I’ll crucify.

BB fan

it’s not good strategy by DX this move when he is a puppet and having straight tunnel vision right now and not thinking of setting Himself up to have success long term.

another name

This is not an endorsement or a note of approval for Dx. This is strictly weighing the game move in terms of tabulation of risk and reward.
Does Christian trust Dx? No.
Does Dx trust Christian? No.
Was their 4 alliances that they shared real? No. It was three dollar bill. To everyone involved.
Whose name has consistently been on Christian’s top 3 target list the most since day 5? Dx. Does Dx know this? Yes.
What was Ch/Al most recent projection (pre veto meeting) for Dx’s longevity in the game? 1 week minimum, 3 weeks maximum. Does Dx know this? sort of. The full details no.
Does getting rid of Christian remove one comp capable individual that has named Dx as a target? Yes.
Would targeting anyone else have lessened the risk to Dx given what we know that he doesn’t? No. Cookout would still, in theory, be punting him before top 6.
He’s in no more danger now than he was already in. Is being evicted juror number one better than being evicted juror number 4? Nope. because the pay rate is the same until you hit top 5.
If his move fails, and Christian stays, he’s Christian’s prime target. Even when Ch/Al shared their pre veto projection, who was Christian’s prime target? Dx. Al pushed Kyland, but Ch said he’d still do Dx. So nothing has changed if he stays.
Risk reward benefit analysis therefore would say that for Dx’s game given the knowledge that Dx has, this move is not a bad move. He is attempting to get rid of the house guest that has targeted him most vigorously and most often in the game.

Amanda chandler

The only people that Christian shared his thoughts of DX as a suggested target was the other three kings. (..and I might add that Sara Beth ALSO pushed DX as a secondary target at these Kings meetings.)
So this wouldntve gotten back to DX.)
So DX didn’t do this because Christian was targeting HIM. After his two Ace remaining teammates sat on the block together just one week earlier, This was a cowardly
Retaliatory PRE-EMPTIVE strike.

another name

There is no such thing as a retalliatory (to strike back after being attacked) pre-emptive strike (to strike before they have a chance to strike at you). That’s not a thing.

So Christian and Dx have been targeting each other off and on since week one. In round four of the bout, Christian had the chance to get a tko, and didn’t take it. Dx in round five landed a punch. the ref hasn’t gotten through the ten count yet. That’s where we are.

People who knew Christian was targeting Dx next week:
The Kings, Tiffany, Azah, Brit. The list was altered for Azah and Brit to put Hannah in Azah’s place. People that gave Dx the hint but not the list (which is why i said sort of but not full details): SB, Brit, Tiff, Azah.

Amanda chandler

Indeed I respectfully DISAGREE. There most certainly IS such a thing as a Retaliatory PRE-EMPTIVE strike. This move of backdooring Christian was Retaliatory in nature due to the fact that his two fellow ACERS had been targeted just the week before. While that was not Directly targeting him individually, (already concerned that Christian was his Competition Superior) it made him believe he is likely on Christian’s radar as well and therefore he might be next in line, So with this move he gets to get Christian before he can get HIM, which makes this decisive play PRE-EMPTIVE as well as Retaliatory: (Revenge for Hannah & Whitney).***??


You have hit the nail on the head. I have lost a lot of respect for BB and CBS for making this a show where they are blatantly trying to put blacks ahead of whites because of past seasons. This is Bullshit.


The back door is used every season to get rid of really strong players. Christian can win most comps so he’s got to go.


They at least confronted (rightfully so) Mickie and jack for their absolutely abhorrent behavior. Want to make a bet not a peep is said to a single member of the cookout?

Amanda chandler

I saw that too & it literally made me cry ad I Too am a POC. However CBS’ Hands we’re tied because the perpetrators DENIED that the Houseguests we’re being Evicted First because they were POC, and there’s no legal way to PROVE another person’s mindset. As opposed to THIS season where the Houseguests are Blatantly & in some cases PROUDLY admitting that they intending to prevent their housemates from ever winning this game simply because they are WHITE or Non-“Black”. And they are actively executing this plan right in front of America. Four white houseguests have been evicted already and two more are sitting on the chopping block right now.
These Unabashed live feed admissions are what makes the difference here, & thereby giving CBS a moral & more importantly LEGAL REASON to step in.


X needs to get over this “two members of my team are on the block” nonsense. He says this hasn’t happened to anyone else. Ummmm… Frenchie & Brit on Week 2 were both Jokers. Hannah & Whitney on Week 4 were both Aces. His complaint just validates that one of the Kings needs to go. After all, the game is supposed to be individuals now, right?

DX, Ky, and X would be an amazing 3-person alliance. Take-out the girls one-by-one, cut DF at Final 4, and fight it out at Final 3. Of course, it won’t happen because Ky & X won’t go against the CO.


I missed that part. I know he kept saying to Kyland “ I told the 2 that they would have to campaign on their own”. Most fans know putting 2 people from the same alliance happens all of the time

Horizontal D

Has anyone else lost sound on camera 1 and 2?!? Wtf


Just seemed to be in the “living room” area because the sound works in other rooms


The summary of my feelings over Alyssa’s and Christian’s conversation: Does anyone have a violin? Alyssa is making like she has no one in the house besides X while also intimating to Christian that they will never see each other outside of the house with her “ I just feel like if I don’t spend time with you now I will regret it” SMH


Sucks to suck, Christian!