“This is the underground movement of the house this season.. This is the revolution” -Austin


POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 20-11-44-379

8:11pm Clay, Vanessa and Shelli Working out

8:11pm Backyard Jason, DAY and Audrey
Jason says Vanessa looks at him with a bad look when they were chit chatting in the bathroom
jason – “It was like someone just farted in her mouth.. looks at me like I was trash”
Jason – “It was like someone had sh1t on her.. I was like damn what did I do”
DAY leaves.
Jason says it’s been really boring today “Feeders are asking for their money back”

Jason brings up talking to jace where he was grilling him about how past seasons worked with bringing back evicted housegests and flipping the house.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 20-15-59-815

8:20pm Bedroom Meg and Jeff
Talking about Audrey knowing she’s screwed up her game up when she called that 6AM meeting they all got to see she’s crazy. Jeff says they have to do something about her because she’ll rip their group apart. “We can’t have a rat”

Meg says she likes Jackie
Jeff – Jackie’s cool .. she keeps to herself.. I don’t talk to her much though
Meg – Lies (About talking to her)
Becky joins them. They start talking about worrying of a “Slip” when they sleep. Meg and Becky both started wearing bras when they went to bed.
Becky says she’s worried about being the Jordan of Big Brother. (in regards to the amount of slips Jordan had season 11)

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 20-41-08-749

8:40pm HOH JOHNNYMAC, Jeff, Liz and James (Jeff and James are joke flirting with Liz. Johnny mac is just hanging out)
Jeff says him and James were really jealous of Liz’ showmance with Jace.
Jeff – You’re boy Jace is done
James – there’s a chance

Liz – you’re not fooling me
Jeff – we’re thinking of keeping Jace
Liz – No you’re not
They start talking about the nip slip of Becky
Liz – it was a nice nip slip though it was beautiful
Liz says she had forgotten their code word all he could hear was James saying Pepperoni.
Liz says she showered with Becky “Beautiful t1ts”
Jeff wonders how many ‘CC’ they were
James – I’m going to ask her are those t1t1es fake
Liz says she has silicon implants and So does Jackie.
Jeff – Meg is one of the few (Without them)
Jeff wants them to get Steve to grab Liz’ t1ts and then Meg so he can tell the difference.

Jeff the whole reason we brought you up here we had a talk who was the biggest freak in the house
Jeff – this is more of a hands on experience.. no i’m kidding
James – all the guys just want clarification that maybe you’re a possible closet freak.. soi like we’re just trying to figure it out.

Jeff – have you always liked boys
Liz says she never swings that way, “I’m straight as they come”
They ask her about tattoos
Liz says she doesn’t like tattoos “You don’t put a bumper sticker on a bentley”

Jeff calls her a 98 Toyota Corolla
JohnnyMac – Their a respectful vehicle
they joke about it being a reliable car.
Jeff says they have a lot of fun with Meg but they’ve kinda “Passed her around” and she’s not fun anymore. They want Liz now.
Liz leaves
Jeff calls Meg a Mitsubishi Gallant
Jeff calls Shelli a white range rover
James – white newer model Tahoe

(Johnny mac mostly quiet)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 21-10-32-967

9:09pm Audrey, Shelli
Audrey telling them about her competition dream (Audrey trying hard to adjust to no game talk She’s been having a lot of dreams lately )

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 21-22-14-661

9:21pm Pool table Jeff, Meg and DAY
Day says Audrey is coming after Jeff, she’s been saying they have to take Jeff out once they get rid of Austin.
They start talking about getting rid of Audrey. Jeff says she’s trying to get them turning on each other. Jeff wanted to keep Audrey around to do some dirty work but she’s causing too much trouble now.

Audrey joins them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 21-25-48-809

9:24pm Jason, Meg and DAY
DAY going over Audrey saying that MEg and Jeff are getting too close. Jeff has got to go.
Meg points out that Jeff is one of the few people that hasn’t formed something with Audrey and that is why she’s doing this. They agree she’s got to go

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 21-34-52-124

9:28pm Lounge Room Jeff and Austin
Austin did she make a 5 person alliance with you
Jeff says she did at first but then she stabbed him in the back and he broke away
Austin says she made a 5 person alliance with him
Austin – There’s an underground movement that wants to get Audrey out
Jeff says Jace is going home because of Audrey.
Austin says Audrey is working very closely with Clay “Everything we say to him goes to Audrey”
Austin – everything Jace told Clay went straight to Audrey he figured it out.
Jeff brings up Audrey going around telling people that he’s got a showmance with Meg.
Austin – there’s a crew forming
Jeff says he’s done beating around the bush if he wins HOH he’ll be going after Audrey.
They agree Clay and Shelli cannot be trusted right now.
Austin – “James got worked by Audrey him putting JAce up is not good, She’s f**** him over”
Austin – This is the underground movement of the house this season
Jeff says Meg, James, Day are all onboard everyone is but Clay.
They agree to work together to get Audrey out

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 21-43-38-738
9:42pm HOH Liz, Austin and Jeff
Planning out how they are going to get Audrey out.
Austin – This is the revolution.. there’s only three of us
Jeff – I don’t believe her i have to get rid of her I won’t f*** you guys over I promise.. I’m getting JohnnyMAC

Austin – you getting Meg involved
Jeff – yes I’m getting Meg involved
Austin she’s your showmance
Liz – we need more numbers we need Jackie
Jeff says he’s got Jackie
Austin leaves. Liz tells Jeff she can trust him. Jeff wants Liz to keep an eye on Austin because he thinks deep down that he wasn’t him out.
liz says he doesn’t.
Liz says they can trust JAcki, JohnnyMAc and Becky

Liz – If I win HOH I’ll do your dirty work.. you can trust Austin he’s awesome
Jeff – he threw me under the bus
Liz – ya..
Jeff – I don’t have a showmance with Meg.. she’s a good friend in the house.
Jeff points out that Audrey knows she’s over extended herself that is why she’s been sleeping all day
Jeff now says it’s because of him that Liz is not the target and everyone is targeting Audrey he’s got 5 people now.

Jeff – we need to get rid of her she’s a f****g problems She’s a psycho..
Jeff – if she wins HOH WE’RE F****D

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Becky is always in the kitchen, seriously every time I turn on feeds Becky is putting something in her mouth or is talking about putting something in her mouth. Jackie won’t stop playing with her hair. Seriously, she should spend more time making alliances/cultivating friends and a little less time with her favorite person (her favorite person being the self reflected in the mirror).


I’m not counting Jackie out yet. I think she is being smart about not talking game. She is on the block and anything that she says could potentially get her out. Her small talks with Jeff and James shows that she knows what is happening in the house. Becky on the other hand is the Victoria of the season, completely unaware of what is happening. As of now, Johnny Mac somehow I think he is also being smart by getting out of the drama, he could potentially be a Neda but as of now he’s just a Jocasta.


I forget that Jackie exists, almost reminds me of Victoria and jocasta last year


#Audreyhasadream is the new #Devinhasadaughter.


I’ve felt that Audrey has been getting hints from the DR on who not to trust. She would know too many specifics about private convos…and tonight she admitted she’s been getting help. She told Meg that DaVon and Jason make her feel nervous, and her plan is to backdoor Day now. Meg says “You have this gut feeling about it?” And Audrey says “Well, also it’s my room sessions that make me think about it.”

Flashback to Monday 6/29 11:31pm camera 3 to hear it yourself.

I’ve always heard that the DR would ask leading questions to plant seeds about what their favorite HG should look out for, and this just proves it.

Brain Surgeon

Wait, Devin has a daughter?

Brad H

Jeff needs to flip sides and go with Austin & Liz. Drop Audrey & Clay asap because they both have alliances with everyone in the house.


yes, he has a real chance if he actually sincerely worked with Austin, not to mention, you keep big guys like that in the game, on your side, and they become the target in front of you, and your protection. Jeff is doing so much wiggling, he’s going to wiggle himself right into the line of fire from a few people, imo, the Audrey2.0


No he doesn’t need to work with Austin and Liz… he has the numbers. He is in with James, Meg, Jason, and Day, and also has Jackie. Granted I do think it would be a mistake to go after Austin because he is a target in front of him. As soon as Austin goes Jason will target Jeff, James, and Clay. I don’t understand why anyone needs someone else to get Audrey out though. If the whole house is on board why does he care if it is him or someone else. Its not like she will be going to Jury.


“At the end of the day” I would like ONE BB player to be good at shooting pool


The one smart thing that is happening is Jace not involving his Alliance ( Austin/Liz) in his demise. Glad they are going on with their games but Austin needs to wrangle in Lady Maverick,JohnnyMac,Steve,Da…that would be an interesting alliance of smart folks!
Liz is doing a great job of switching out with the twin, however, JohnnyMac seems to go super pale some moments! His twin might be in there too?


Although I would love to see Day and Vanessa work together it will never happen. Day has already thrown her under the bus several times. Also Day will never work with Austin because he is a strong fit male and she wants a girl to win this year so she plans on taking out all of the fit men ASAP. Smart strategy on her part. Also I am sick of everyone giving Austin so much credit. He is not the brains in this equation, Vanessa is. Everything he is saying came directly from Vanessa and not only that but he also asked Vanessa what to do about it, so even his actions are directly from Vanessa.


I’m really liking this season! I was initially rooting for Audrey because she came off as intelligent in her pre-interviews but her whole Dexter Morgan spiel didnt play out at all how I imagined it would, she is terrible at this game and it is so entertaining to watch. At first I honestly thought she was gonna be the mastermind but when she started trying to make deals with both sides, thinking no one will ever talk, she f*cked up big time.
Jackie is doing the smart thing by laying low, Jace is already such a big target her best game move is to lay down and let any of his antics bite him in the butt.
I initially thought I was gonna hate Meg but shes a lot more clever and intuitive then I gave her credit for.
I really cant stand James, hes the beast mode cowboy of this season.
Jeff is pretty decent as well, didnt think I’d like him but he’s okay.
Austin, had much higher expectations for him and ‘Judas’ but unfortunately his gameplay has been terrible
Da’Vonne I dont know about her, shes entertaining in the diary room and it seems like she knows whats up in the game but I dont see her making it too far in this game
Clay, he’s the pretty boy that doesnt know this game and he will be leaving soon too, put all his eggs in the Audrey basket and it screwed him
Shelli, she needs to get the f*ck away from Clay, it’s messing her up
Liz I dont really know shes just kind of there as of now
Steve- he creeps me out. He seems like the type of person that could be a serial killer hes so awkward it’s painful to watch
Jason- hes flamboyant for sure but I think he knows this game extremely well and he always seems to know whats up and I have a feeling he’ll get far
Vanessa- shes finally getting off of peoples radar so I think she has a good shot too
Johnny- from his interviews and stuff I thought he was gonna have this huge personality, but hes super quiet 99% of the time and you can see his shy/nerdyness shine when hes having to interact with everyone
Becky- shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (no opinion)


Jeff and James I honestly think may be some sort of sex addicted, 12 year old fuckboys.. Like good god they say some fucked up stuff! Lol I mean boobs are great and all but god they are weird


Hey isn’t Meg one hot little number?


Jace chances of staying is to beg for Clay, Shelli and Audrey’s vote, along with (Lizia, Vanessa, Steve, Austin, Johnny Mac) problem is he is spreading words that he will go after Audrey. I do hope that he calls for a house meeting because that will definitely put the nail in his coffin.

Jay A

Johnny Mac twin might be the one playing right now if you guys think about it he was so outspoken and in your face in his DR sessions and let’s meet the house guest video. And appearantly Meg is my car lol. I can’t wait to see next week. Will playing too fast and to hard Audrey be put up?! Find out


naw, I think john’s just toned down his personality because he’s a superfan who knows better than to pull a Jace or an Audrey. It’s good that he’s just laying low for now.

Mind Control Eyes

Sorry, find Jeff obnoxious……I’m actually hoping that Audrey wins HOH this week and puts his a$$ up. Jackie is another Victoria, she never met a mirror or glass reflection she didn’t like…All Becky does is talk about past BF’s…….I’m secretly hoping Jace stays this week to keep drama and make the feeds more active