“Nicole – Honestly , being honest.. you are a threat to my game.. honestly, She irks me in some sort of a way”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nomi1nations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 13-55-29-712

1:34pm HOH Victor, Corey, Paul, Nicole

Talking about how James was about to drop last night he was “begging” (their words not mine) for deals because he was spent. Nicole says she’s thinking of putting Paul up as a pawn her target is Michelle
Paul – put me up tomorrow.. Let’s get Michelle out..
They start talking about Michelle being smart.
Nicole calls her a dictionary
Victor says her dad is a tank engineer
Paul says he’s biased but Michelle isn’t smart
Nicole says after she voted out Da and didn’t tell Michelle they stopped talking to each other.

Paul – lets do it
Nicole – lets do it
Victor We shouldn’t name it (Jinx)
Nicole – we need a name it to make is official
Corey – I want it to be a legit alliance
Nicole – this isn’t going to be a NO joke alliance
Paul – this is the golden four I’ve been looking for
They agree the alliance name is #FINAL4

It’s sealed the alliance is set (until Veto is played 😉 )

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 13-56-23-339

1:56pm Natalie, James and Michelle London room worried.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 14-31-18-213

2:30pm HOH Nicole and Corey
Corey – dude lets put up Michelle and Natalie
Nicole – that’s an option
Corey says they can tell James “hey here’s 5 thousand dollars you’re as pawn”

2:32pm James, Corey and Nicole HOH
James- i’m at y’all mercy.. I’ve been a team player for long while.. I’ve’ never done you wrong.. James – I’ve always came through… whenever i said I would do something I did.
Nicole says she’s going to take another swing at Paul and see where it goes.
Nicole – Michelle doesn’t like me that much either.. My target you know who that is..

James is wanting Victor and Paul up.

James uses the word ‘Strategically and emotions a lot
Nicole is pushing that if Victor isn’t nominated he doesn’t have to play
Nico – everyone wants paul out at this point
James says Victor will be a little sad at Paul going but he wouldn’t be pissed
Nicole – exactly
They talk about Corey being able to give the 5K to Nicole. Corey thinks he can.
James starts working the angle that Victor didn’t get the care package he fought 2 times to get back in so America must want him out.

Corey and Nicole giggle saying “if they want Good TV they will keep your boy up here.. I’ll get a little frisky up here” (LOL this is a BB first )

Corey – NO HAVE NOTS good TV .. HAVE NOTS.. bad TV
James agrees.. .
Corey – Balls in your court production

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 14-54-37-074

2:53pm Storage room James and Natalie
James says that Nicole told him they are not going up and she’s not being backdoored Jaem says Michelle might go up along with Paul.
Nicole comes in.. Natalie is peddling her have not pass for safety. Nicole leaves..
James says they are putting Paul and Michelle up they have the 2 votes that’s all they need. James adds if Paul comes down they will put up Victor.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 15-05-25-054

3:03pm HOH Nicole and Corey
Nicole – the way this game goes by the end of the week we’ll be crapped on

Corey – stick to the plan send Michelle home
Nicole says james will be very sketched out if paul and Victor don’t go up

Corey asks if she’s banking on Victor winning the POV
Nicole says she is she’s baking on paul coming down.
Corey – if I was James I would be sketch out that Paul is going up against Michelle.. I’m sorry james isn’t stupid..
Nicole says Victor and Paul are not that close..
Corey says Victor might not pull Paul down.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 15-17-39-440

Paul comes in..

Nicole says the other side thinks Paul is the target.
Paul tells her if he doesn’t go home he doesn’t care if he goes up , he won’t hold it against her
Corey – Vic lied to my face said he wouldn’t put me up and he put me up I don’t care.

Nicole asks him if he’s ok being the pawn
Paul – I trust you

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 15-27-38-071

3:17pm Nicole and Paul
Agreeing that james, Michelle and Natalie are very worried. They are freaked out because they might lose one of their numbers. 3:

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 15-22-53-103
3:21pm James and Natalie
James is moaning that Victor and Paul can’t win the veto otherwise they are up on the block. “Strategically”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 15-36-49-084

3:28pm Paul and Nicole HOH
Nicole says at this point she would be surprised if she won in the final 2.
Paul – my only argument with Victor “i survived the house I was never evicted”
Nicole tells him that Corey is not Keen on working with James. Corey didn’t like how James was acting during the comp.
Nicole wants him to know that Corey is with them.
Nicole – its not good for my Game for you to go home
Nicole tells him she hates the fact she has to put him up as a pawn, “I have to deplete one of their numbers this week”

Nicole explains to him she would rather a chance to get to final 4 then be with a team that is sketchy and she might not make the final 4.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 15-40-52-552
Corey comes back
Nicole – what did you learn about the 5 G’s
Corey – It goes into the next HOH comp
Corey – I’m going to old on to it as long as possible

Nicole talks about next HOH she has 3 ‘Strong” people playing in the HOH .

3:43pm HOH Paul, Corey and Nicole
talking talking talking …
Nicole – we’re all good lets just roll with it.. I want to keep it hidden I think it’s more fun that way…
Nicole says Michele is the most dangerous person for her because “Strategically” Michelel is her tatrget
She wants to go to Jury
Nicole – I get that Natalie and James are a thing.. I feel that goign into a competition that is mental or physical .. I feel better goign against them
Nicole – She(Michelle) irks me in some sort of a way
Nicole – Honestly , being honest.. you are a threat to my game.. honestly

Paul leaves says he trust them .. everyone says “GOOD TALK”
Paul leaves..
Nicole – this is HUGE COREY
Ncioel says Paul is acting a little bit weird.
Corey says Paul is fine, Corey is down with teaming up with Paul.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 15-58-57-313

4:00pm Worried…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 16-28-43-800

4:03pm Paul and Victor

Paul and Victor say they trust Nicole and Corey. Paul is more worried says he trusts Corey and Nicole too but they still need to win this veto.
Victor – I’m relaxed right now
Victor says James is stupid he tried to get Victor out he came back. Now James is in a worse position he was before. They wish James stcuk to the plan.
Victor – what are the odds…
Paul – America hates you and I (Canada might love you 🙂 )

They agree they are better off making a solid deal for a final 4 then what has been goign on.
Victor and Paul agree if Nicole/Corey keep them safe this week they are locked final 4.

Victor – I’ll go to bat for them.. I’m tired of having to hop ship..
Vic – Like that the fuck

Paul says that Nicole offered him if he didn’t feel comfortable going up on the block that she would put Natalie up.
Victor – I’ve been waiting to work with them for a long time, I’m excited.
Vic- I’ve never been this calm
Paul and Victor agree they trust Corey and Nicole 100% and they will take out who they want. “They don’t have to worry)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 16-29-17-935
Paul leaves..
IN the HOH Nicole and Corey going through all the options..
Nicole says James is not smart, “Out front saying Natalie wants you out yesterday.. he doesn’t think at all”
Nicole – I really need VIc to win this.. the one veto we want
Corey – the 1 veto we want him to actually win
Nicole – he won’t even play… (That would be the luck of it)

4:23pm Nicole and Corey going over Nicole’s nomination speech.
Nicole gives Corey shit for not “wanting to cuddle” Nicole moans “Love for you to come over.. I hipe you get o hang out with nme all week… ”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 16-25-54-807

4:26pm Kitchen MEECH BIG FU****G MUEECH, Natalie amd Victor

BIG MUTHER F****G MEECH says she think it’ll be Paul and her up.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 16-27-11-993

4:38pm Victor brings up the sitcom ‘Fiends”
Vic – I love friends.. I’ve seen every episode of friends… (Build your Kraken shrine save Victor)

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I agree. I love and dislove them constantly. THAT makes a good game. And for all you guys do – that makes it an even BETTER game 🙂


Agree! I am so happy that the winner of this season of BB will NOT be Paulie that I really don’t mind any of the remaining houseguests taking home the $$. I have my favorites (Paul and Vic) and my least favorites (Nicole and Corey) but am just enjoying the gameplay now that I know Paulie isn’t winning.

Go Vic and Paul!….especially Vic!


Well said Simon! That pretty much wraps things up!

Justin beaver

Did you dream about wrangling cats?


Simon, thanks for letting us get off of the naughty stool! It was a good reminder for us to have fun!


That Venezuelan booty makes me happy….I enjoyed watching that all season.
FINAL 3 Paul Victor Natalie
Winner Paul or Victor


I wasn’t a fan of Paul until he did that punishment last week and there is no doubt that NO ONE in that house could have done that the way Paul did. I stomached a lot of whining and crying last week on BBAD to watch ole Paul cross the couches, guns drawn to frisk his suspects. I was ROFLMBO!!! While I know many think that Victor has been voted out twice already and therefore doesn’t deserve to win Big Brother, you have to own that NO ONE left in the house has fought as hard as HIM (VICTOR) to win that 500k. Much like a wart Paul and Victor have grown on me so at this point, I guess they would be my picks for final two (with Victor winning because he needs the money more than Paul). <3


Greatly Said!! I concur!! Doesn’t always go the way we want…thats the game!

This American loves them too

I loved this:
(Canada might love you 🙂 )

An Apple A Day

The thing I like most about BB is the unique mix of each season’s houseguests. The “unpredictable” thing, even for Production, is you don’t know how the house and other personalities are going to play out together. Like Paulie was supposed to be their Golden Boy, and the game seemed to bring out the worst in him. And Big Meech was a Super Fan and should have killed it, but socially has blown herself up over and over again. But just the characters, like Josea, and Paul. You just don’t know how each person is going to react when backed into a corner, or how they are going to migrate to different people. That’s entertaining.


So put me in there. In my work I have dealt with all kinds of criminals ranging from petty thieves to mass murderers. I’m sure I could handle a house of assorted loonies. I have heard enough BS over the years to know that I would need a pair of hip waders to get through the summer.

Slaps Simon

Are you mental? CBS went trigger happy with the twists this season! I will no longer say anything bad about BB Canada’s twist again! This season is littered with game altering twists!! This is no longer the BB game!
We got a guy in there right now that’s been evicted TWICE!! WTF?
This is CBS’s Circus Show!

Simon wake the fck up!
Even tho Ive donated $50 already this year alone, you probably won’t post this.


Oh sweetie, calm down. It’s just a game, not real life. Wanna cookie?


These Psuedo-Fans will eat up anything CBS feeds them!


I am really not understanding the Victor hate.
Yes, he got evicted. So happens he got evicted during the BattleBack twist NO ONE knew about because it is brand new this season. The man EARNED his way back in by winning 3 individual competitions. It wasn’t a popularity contest.
He was evicted again (this week) for the mere fact he is an all around great player. He cooks, cleans, has a great relationship with everyone (because he realizes it is just a game and doesn’t take things personally) and he is a comp beast.
Jury Buyback is nothing new and Production actually influenced/guided his 2nd eviction to pit Paulie vs. Vic to boost ratings. Vic wanted it more.
This guy has fought harder than Frank did in Season 14 and I have seen him grow in this game.
If any houseguest this season has proved himself deserving and worthy of the win, it’s Victor. Not James, Natalie, Nicole or Corey.
Just my opinion.

sunny dee

I’m a floater. I’m even grudgingly ok with nicorey right now because they are helping my #teampauvic get to final 4. should have realized that Corey was a big fan of vic, considering they are cuddle buddies too.

Pendulum Swings

And as expected…the game has shifted once again…

This is what makes Big Brother so great to watch…last week NiCorey was not loved by many on here…and everyone (me included) threw support to Victor/Paul

But that old addage, ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend”…now it appears that Nicole/Corey and Victor/Paul can bond over their common disdain for Michelle…and the fact that they are all losing trust in James.

We will see how the veto plays out…and the pendulum will swing again…


That’s because this board engages in group think. Very few are strong willed enough to actually form their own opinions. It seems like a very immature group. Thank god they aren’t the majority.

Great post

It’s just unfortunate that so many giving it a thumbs up have been and will continue to be nasty. Some people simply can’t pull for someone without hating someone else.


great time backdoor paul bribe paul for pov $5000


if the sitting ducks wants to come out unscathed this week, Vic needs to play in the POV and win it. for Vic and Paul to survive longer in the game they are gonna need Michelle’s help. evicting Michelle will not benefit Paul or Vic’s game.


what happens if there both on the block bam!


I love it Simon!! I’m loving how you address BIG MEECH!! Lol over here!!




as much as I love vic and paul… they need to go ..they will beat all of these people so idk why Nicole cant get that thru her head. BUT HEY I sill want paul or vic to win ! its just for nicoles game that’s a bad move for keeping em hahahaa what genuises


Gift ideas for Meech and Natalie’s elimination party!


If I earned a dollar for every time Natalie said the word “literally”, I would literally have literally a million dollars, literally.


I like this year! I have changed favorites multiple times. Its been a rollercoaster ride, not the usual vote with the house or do what someone wants. Victor and Paul have worked this year. I am rooting for those two and I couldn’t stand them at first! Best season in awhile


It is not even funny how much i hate Nicole this season, she’s like Christine 2.0

no name

did corey forget who saved his butt this week and Jump down so Nicole could get a letter????


James jumped down alright….
34 minutes after she asked him to.


James is not all that smart, neither is Nicole… Paul and Vic can easily run away with this if Natalie and Michelle don’t jump in. Still rooting for Paul and Vic!

Franks fumes

What the hell Corey gets the package?WTF!


Funny this site usually shits on ppl lile vic and paul they say the most vile shit ever and this site ppl root for them??


Vile? Like what? As opposed to Natalie and Big Meech berating everyone in the house 24/7 just to hide their own insecurities, and Corey talking about burning goats. At least Paul and Vic are playin g the game.


This happens every BB US and BB Canada season, these commenters don’t know their azz from a hole in the ground!
(Whatever’s trending, bandwagon riders)
In week 2 I said Paul would go far in this game, and I got a barrage of ridicule!


I totally remember you saying that bro!
I was like “this dude knows what’s up!”

Proud to be a Sh?tter

Nope. We here are equal opportunity sh$tters. We spread the sh?t around pretty evenly. And if we miss someone this week, we’ll be sure to get to them next week.


Could you please explain in one of your spoilers what you mean by a “kraken” season etc? I’ve read your blogs for quite a while but can’t remember you referring to this term or ever having explained it.
This season has been really up and down. Paul has reminded me, in terms of how I feel about him, of Dr. Will. At first I hated him, then grew to respect his game play to finally having my respect and devotion and now hope that he wins. He deserves it. Victor as well, although Victor isn’t as smart. James on the other hand has completely lost my affection. I’m startled by references to production having influence on the game encouraging past players to work together. I never thought about or realized they would have relationships. Now I’m totally against returning players. Booo CBS.

I'll take this one...

This is my first season reading this blog and I am getting a kick out of how many times the term “kraken” has to be explained! But let me take a stab at it: kraken is a brand of rum, Simon drinks it when he watches the feeds, and the more boring the feeds are or the more annoyed he gets by production interference, the more kraken he needs to get through it. Right?


For all those people talking crap about Corey getting the care package.

Good luck with your next vote giving either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump the power over the country for four years. Lets see what you do with that vote.

Doesnt seem so bad now that some random houseguests getting it, does it?

Let The Beech Go

Our country’s election is being played just like BB, another reality show. Huge liars and manipulators. How could it come to this?


We might get a Pandora’s Box or a rewind. At least it’s not the Battle of the Block…


My personal preference would be for James to go this week. So I guess I’m going to root for Michelle to win the veto and hope that he’ll be the replacement nom.


Nicole said she would NEVER PUT UP JAMES


I find her to be someone is easily influenced. If the choice is either James or Natalie to be evicted, James is the obvious bigger threat and I think that Paul, Victor, and Corey see that. Heck, James might even volunteer to be the “pawn” against Paul so Natalie doesn’t have to be up there.


I ???? Victor.

About to upset people

I hope somehow James goes home this week. It would be a good lesson to furure contestants not to “throw comps”. Especially when it is not strategic to do so

BooooOooOoOo James...

Go home and never come back…try your luck on the bachelorette!


Please don’t flip Nicole. Hope Vic wins veto and takes down Paul.
Pawns go home too often.

About to upset people

I would love to date Negrotti but it is time for her to go.


I love this show. I’m a fan since season 3. I was a semi- finalist for season 5 because my dad had 8 kids that I know of ( one I never met) with different women. That year was Tacoma and her brother with same dads Never met. But I’m soooo glad I never made the show. You feeders can be brutal Love love love all of it!!!!!


i bet the package wont get played like in season 10!


Best case scenario:

James ends up on the block (either original nom or post-veto nom) and gets evicted. Then Natalie/Meech would join Vic/Paul and go against Nicole/Corey.

A Nat/Vic/Meech/Paul final 4 would be awesome!

Big MF'ng Meech

Puh–leeeeezzz Vic, win veto to pull Paul down …Corey, bribe James with 5K to be a pawn….James voted out….priceless


That scenario would be awesome. James wouldnbe happy he gets stipend and a extra 10k.


Thinking about James, Natalie and Michelle getting evicted makes me happy.


I’m happy Victor is back. Has anyone else noticed the girls faces getting rounder? Even Nicole. Big Meech should be called Big Munch.


LOL I actually was wondering if maybe Nichole had a toothache or something because her cheeks have been extra puffy lately.

Is that a back door?

Back dooring James seems more and more like a possibility. Worst case scenario if someone not in the Final4 wins the veto and takes off Michelle, they just put up James or Nat Nat. Then it’ll be a two-two split going to HOH to vote not a Final4 member out. Tides turn so much in this game…..LOVE IT


to me james is a great person an father outside the house but game wise he should go home
that’s why I say if he the final 2 he should lose now how did he lose that comp last night its no way he could of lose that Nicole was in pain in cold I tell you how he gave up in fell cause he didn’t want to put up pual or victor
again like I said he a good person but he sucks at this game big time

Froot Loop Dingus

If James was such a great father he wouldn’t have been arrested for not paying child support.

Fuzzy Num Num

I think this is the best season in a long time. It’s been very up n down. I love, love, love that Not-Corey was evicted and then ambushed at the jury house. I am now (finally) picking a favorite. Go Vic! I hope James is backdoored this week. He won’t be, but I can dream. I do wish that they wouldn’t bring back previous houseguests. Or family/friends of previous hgs. I don’t want to ever see or hear Nicole again. Bless her heart.


Nicole is a complete idiot if she thinks she can beat Vic & Paul in a final 4 scenario…just plain dumb!

Loves horses

I like Paul and he makes me laugh on occasion. Been rooting for both him and victor for a while.
But there are those times I wish he’d
(Paul) would STFU.
Victor is imperfect but he’s basically a nice guy. He does not hold on to grudges and he works his ass off to get what he needs to get.
Victor is just not as devious as some of the houseguest but that doesn’t make him dumb.
I know victor will never get close to the money or even win AFP.
America has spoken and apparently they want Nicole, Corey and James to win and they will get their wish.

Thanks for this site. I love coming here to read up on things and for a good laugh from time to time.


Vic may not know as much about big brother, but he is a smart kid. I’m definitely pulling for him.


What happens after Big Brother: Corey works for the Military Intelligence of the U.S Army having a special power to kill goats by staring at them. Paul opens up a chain of stores across the country named Pommes Frites and becomes very successful. Victor becomes the new model for Harlequin Romances. Nicole loses nursing job due to cuddling, but finds new career selling Dream Catchers under an anonymous name. Natalie and James go on the Amazing Race. Natalie leaves James high and dry in Korea, as Paul picks her up in his new million dollar helicopter and starts a new life together. Michelle is arrested for stalking Frank on a daily basis, and toilet papering his house.

sunny dee

appreciate the title but certainly it is more like

hhhhonnnnnnesssssssstllllleeeeeeeeee ???

isn’t it?

skeptical onlooker

I have to say..I NEVER EVER thought that Nic/Cor would team up with Paul/Vic. And i’m happy with it.
Nat really was a bit over the top…going on and on about how she is now the BB know it all…
I still like her..and think she has a good heart… ]james has been blowing so much smoke up her bum
I never liked meech or her game play. I won’t forget her her bitchiness..telling HG’S to isolate Tiff etc.
James lost all sense of playing BB. REALL hung up on nat…and for that I’m sorry for him.
Yes..she likes him..and appreciates him…but is not into him. I think without the *Love* interest…he could have been a real factor.
Victor is really one of the nicest people to ever play BB.
I hope he wins. Nice guys don’t have to finish last.
I’m warming up to Honestly Cory. I think he’s smarter than I knew.
I’m not bored this season. I like the rearranging of alliances.
Maybe this is the one. Took a long time coming…but I think it’s a good move.
I almost think it might be nc/Vic F2. And that’s fine.


Ratcole just wants to make it to final 4 with her being the only girl! How pathetic she is not even looking at the big picture. She already told Frank she was fine with that. She is as worthless as the POS goat burning, I am not gay is. I truly believe she wants what Jeff and Jordan had and has but that will never happen.


Sure hope Nicole and Corey don’t get frisky tonight…..Paul might get hurt. Lol

kim bochi

Honestly I used to HATE HATE HATE PAUL I couldn’t stand him especially because his association with josea. I started to respect him once frank was gone he still pisses me off sometimes BUT hes doing better than any vet in the house rn. idk why Nicole and james suck lol


A lot of people are saying its not fair that victor got to come back to the house agaian. I understand that completely BUT its not like it was planned to eliminate him and bring him back to the house by production..honestly I think he fought so hard to come back. the guy deserves an applause

I like Nicole

I think Nicole is playing this game like a genius this week. Paul thinks he is working with her as a pawn. She keeps her deal with James. Everyone builds trust with her for next week. That gives her and Corey all week to decide which way they really want to go. Even taking out Michelle if that is what happens is taking out her biggest enemy in the house and if she can keep James/Natalie and Victor/Paul on the outs with each other, that leaves her and Corey in a good place for next week.
As far as the many people so disgusted by the undercover movements of Nicole and Corey, geez, don’t watch. If 2 single, consenting 20-somethings want to do whatever undercover, I just don’t get why that is so horrible. I am sure it is good stress release for them in that crazy house.