“This is the 2nd time you’ve put that energy out there as if I’m a bullshit a$$ person quit that bullshit”

The head of Household tonight is endurance. Catch all 2 minutes of it LIVE on the feeds.

Big Brother Spoilers – Jonathan was evicted 6-1 Dina being the only vote for Kandi.

12:03pm Tom and KATO

Tom – I’m again down for whatever I just like going over this..
Tom – Joey Lawrence.. FUN..
Kato – I’m not looking for fun I’m here to win. But you’re looking for fun. We gotta stay together
Tom – sometimes Fun wins .. positive energy, teammates working together having fun. Not just sulking angry people
Tom – lets team up with a bunch of sulking angry people
Tom – TEAM FUN … is it sarcastic ..

Tom – think about this.. we have you, Dina, Tamar, and myself all voted out Kandi and we went to .. before we did it.. went to Jon and Ryan and Joey and told them we’re saving you guys now you save us.
Tom – Stick with us because we’re saving you. Now we got Ryan, Joey, jon, yourself and myself.. and Tamar. Against Ricky, Natalie and LOLO … OHH and Dina is on our side to
Tom – just an Idea.. My problem is I went to LOLO last night and she just started yelling at me.. she doesn’t listen to me and then Ricky he’s yelling at me he doesn’t listen..

Kato – the week after that how does it work..
Tom says Natalie, Ricky, LOLO want to take out Joey or Ryan after those two guys they will kick off Kato and Tom
Kato – you think they will pick Ricky over us.. there’s no way..
Tom – it can backfire either way that is why I’m not pushing
Kato is worried about leaving too many strong guys in the house.

Kato adds if we stick with Tom’s theory it will be Kato, Dina, Joey, Tom, Ryan and Jon.
Kato – we’re done if it’s those four against us and after that it’s you or me
Tom – not if we win head of household…
Tom – Joey doesn’t try too hard in the contests..
Kato – he’s saving him self for this moment

Tom – I’ll tell you what is going to happen.. Ricky is going to end up killing us both and it’ll be hilarious
Tom =- I ‘ll be like ohh sh1t I was right..
Kato – you don’t think we can beat Ricky in a challenge
Tom – did you see him in the horse challenge..
kato – Ii’m pretty confident I can win one
Tom – yeah that’s good.
Kato – I’m OK mentally
Tom – I know we’re not wilting violets
Kato doesn’t think there’s anything in the competitions that would be advantageous to anyone regardless of their athletic abilities.
Tom – it’s sorta a crapshoot for all of them..
Kato – I know one thing 100% positive.. no matter what I’ll always have you and you will always have me ..
Tom – absolutely, final 2 splits ma gets ..
Kato says Tom’s theory to get Kandi out works up to 6 maybe 7 players. Kato is convinced that Dina, Ryan, Joey and JOn have all the strength in the game.
Kato – they are together..
Kato say them talking for a good 30 minutes about strategy.
Tom – phh.. okay.. you didn’t tell me that.. I didn’t really know they were the close..

Tom thought with Jon taken out Dina and Joey would become floaters..
Tom asks if there will be a surprise if they both vote Jon out and somehow Jon stays.
Kato – I don’t think that at all..
Tom – a 5-2 vote
Kato – yup..
Tom – alright I’m doing it .. you’re right I’ll go with that..

Tom – Ricky needs a shirt that says team fun because nothing says team fun more than ricky
Tom – lets manage our next step… I’m voting for jon you are voting out jon.. how do we manage Ryan and Joey because we still play cards with them and are cool
Tom suggests they drop some subtle hints to them “right before the vote or right after the vote” to make them think they aren’t the “main driving force”
Tom – this game changes by the minute
Tom wants JOey and Ryan to be more mad and Someone else
Tom a subtle way of doing it is we both say something to them separately but the story matches up ..

Tom could tell ryan/joey after the vote that he was lobbying to keep jon but there was nothing he could do than 1/2 and hour later Kato could say “tom was really fighting for JOn but there was just too much pressure from RICKY”
Kato – yup.. mmmhmmm
Tom – So if they win Ricky is their target not our four
Kato – 100%
Tom – managing the downside

12:50pm Tom and Kandi
Kadni – i’m trying to have a cool conversation because some way somehow you misunderstood me I wasn’t trying to force you to talk about politics.
Tom – I know it’s not a big deal
Tom – it was unrelated why I snapped at you

Jon comes in.. they chit chat.. Tom – Everything fine with Kandi and I.. I don’t even think we need to talk about it
Kandi – are you sure
Tom – I find when you talk about this stuff you make things exist that don’t exist.. let just acknowledge everything is cool..

1:25pm Tamar, Natalie and Ricky

Tamar – I promised my kid stability and a place to live there are thing I have to do .. he has no one else to depend on but me..
Tamar goes on about how she would never be apart from her son unless it was beneficial to her son. Her being on Big Brother is being beneficial to him.
Tamar – I will not be surrounded by negativity.. if I have to choose I will gladly pack all my things and go home…
Ricky – have you ever contributed to negativity..
Tamar says she has before, “Willingly.. yes”
Ricky – Willingly is a excuse
Tamar that is not an excuse.. sometimes you just don’t know better
Ricky – that my point though if you always hide behind what you don’t know that is what you know to not take responsible
Tamar – what if you really don’t know
Ricky – go look for it
Tamar starts yelling “WHY you keep getting loud with me.. stop getting loud.. stop getting krunk with me”
Ricky – this is kinda the same thing that happened with Tom I react when people bullshit me
Tamar – you keep getting KRUNK with people it’s not cool
Ricky – it’s not cool you are bullshitting me
Tamar – what are you talking about.. let me tell you what you are not going to do is make it out like I’m a bullshitter or a liar. That’s not what I do (borderline psychic) I take pride that I am a honest a$$ women PERIOD
Tamar – with my man with my job.. I don’t play that bullshit..
Tamar – this is the second time you’ve put that energy out there as if I’m a bullshit ass person quit that bullshit
Ricky – can I explain
Tamar – no you can’t explain .. this is number two. quit.. you don’t get number three..
Tamar runs out.. “what the f*”

Natalie looks up “that went well..

1:35pm Tamar and KAndi
Tamar – did he really go off on homeboy last night
Kandi – last night It was very intense.
Kandi He started pressing him for no reason..
Kandi – what were you all talking about..
Tamar – I’m still not clear..
Tamar – he came in the room.. do you have trust issues.. came outta no where..
KAndo he’s got this thing he wants to go deep into everyone’s life..
Tamar – he’s a ticking timebomb…

1:44pm LOLO and Tamar
Tamar is pissed about Natalie and Ricky.
Tamar – I’m not having no dude come at me like that..
LOLO – she literally just told me
Tamar – f* a vote I was lying in bed minding my own business he comes into the room with some off the wall shit. starting some sh1t aggressively and so I calm him down..
LOLO – Natalie has your back..
Tamar – she was in here when he went off on me..
LOLO – you know NAT she’s Two PAC
LOLO – above all she’s with us..
Tamar goes on says Shes not cool with Ricky.
LOLO – what do you want next week for him to be the target..
Natalie walks in
Tamar – I’m not going to have some man going off on me.. my own dude don’t do that.. my own baby father..

Tamar asks Natalie if a Dude came in on her like Ricky did would her husband JOn be cool with that.
Natalie says she didn’t see it.
Tamar says she did she was in the room at the time.
Tamar goes on about Natalie being in the room when Ricky was calling her a bullshiter
Natalie – I’m tuning it the f* out..
Tamar – why would you tune that out I’m your girl

Tamar says Ricky has to go soon “I don’t feel safe I’m not going to lie.. I’m not going to lie”
Tamar – the way he came at me was aggressively I don’t play that boy girl sh1t it’s not a even playing field.

2:00pm LOLO, Tamar, Natalie

talking about how solid the three of them are..
Ricky comes in..
Tamar – come here boy..
They agree to let this beef end.
Natalie tells them they have a long night tonight the power is going to shift and they have to be ready to preform./
Natalie – whatever is going on here..
Tamar – ain’t nothing going on here
Ricky – we’re good ..

6:10pm The feeds have been back for a bit. THe HOH should be starting within an hour.
Ryan, Dina and Joey in the bedroom.
Ryan guess who they are coming after now (points at himself)
Dina – all three of us..
Ryan says they have to win because he can’t play.
Dina – I can’t win.. what about T who did she vote for … against Jonathan………
Ryan – that’s the game
Joey – that’s the game that’s what it is… (Whoa)
Dina – that’s f*ed up .. Ookay shake it off.. I hope everyone has to do ballet..
Joey – ohh me to that would be clutch (Whoa)
(Dina is a “dancer”)
Joey – they’re all laughing in there..
Dina – he was shocked.. he kinda thought though..
Ryan – he kinda thought.. always had that feeling of doubt
Dina – I knew those guys were going against him
Ryan – I knew Kato and Tom would.. I just didn’t know those girls
Dina – AND Ricky

9:05pm HOH yo…. WOW they’re still in it.. good for them.
Tom, Kandi and Ricky have Dropped.

9:51pm Tamar, Dina outb

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Is Ricky really pushing people’s buttons that hard? If so, he may be stirring the pot upfront but that crap isn’t going to last very long. He’s already hit the limit with Tom.


I think he needs to be a little more strategic with who’s buttons he’s pushing. If his name start coming out of everyone’s mouth as an irritant, he will be gone pretty quick. If he wants to keep pushing buttons, he needs to redirect that hostility to people other than himself. It can be a great strategy but it’s also very hard to keep control of as well.

just sayin'

I think Ricky has brain damage from football

Like Literally

I can’t with her. I’m no spring chicken but she’s too old to act that way. That “I don’t feel safe” trap pisses me off. She’s the most aggressive in the house (in her family, on tour, in life). Just watching After Dark and she’s crying during the HOH like a baby. Seriously, get over yourself. (Ok, I’m done.) LOL


Simon- “The head of Household tonight is endurance. Catch all 2 minutes of it LIVE on the feeds.” LOL

Tamar is way over the top. Ricky is my #1 so far.


Glad to see you again Granny! Looking forward to hearing your comments during this short CBB2 season:-)

Like Literally

Hi Granny. I like a few of them. I like Kato and Tom; I like Lolo & Natalie without “Tay-Tay” (threw up in my mouth a little). I like Kandi & Dina personality wise. Poor Ryan. I use to think he was a tool. Now I realize he’s just “doing the best he can”, bless his heart.


Man i wanted Jon to stay, Tom to grow a pair and Kandi to leave (she’s boring).


If Jon’s eyes get any wider they will pop out of his head!

Tom Green's Right Ball

What the heck is Tamar wearing? That woman is wacked out of her mind. I hope she sticks around with Ricky as this is most amusing.


Really wanted Jon to stay. Hope something happens before then to change it. I always hate it when someone goes in and really trying to play the game and then gets voted out so soon. Natalie is my fav tho. She has her hands full tho between Tamar and Lolo. Girl is going to lose her mind trying to manage them. Dina has surprised me. I really didn’t think I would like her at all. But she is laying so low. Which is smart with all those personalities so far. She just might be taken to the end.

Jonathan Fan

The most entertaining celebrity with the best personality is gone the first week! This will be boring! Bring him back!!!

Frankie was more entertaining than Jonathan

Jonathan was barely on Feeds, when he was on he was either farting or laughing at farts.


what happen to the live HoH comp?


The celebs seem to be playing hard its nice to see. I was expecting tom and ricky to be more like ron artest last season and not really care but both are playing hard. These women are pretty terrible though tamar and lola are crazy and the rest are just kind of there.


#1- I am glad they are showing reruns from last CBB season on the feeds.

#2 I can’t help but be impressed with the Tomato alliance! They have some solid ideas on how to stay in this game.

#3 I don’t see the girls succeeding in any sort of girls’ alliance, other than the ride or die between Eva and Lolo.

Grudges and jealousy will bring down Tamar. Kandi isn’t talking smack about Tamar, but Tamar? Forget about “throwing shade”….she throws a blanket over any light at all. I’m not a fan of that sort of negativity, and I really wanted to like her.

I like Ricky because he is a voice of reason, and he is playing both sides while waiting for the dust to settle and the skies to clear.

I would like to see Eva, Tom, and Ricky go far in this game.

10:19CST Feeds are back. It’s the wall Yippee!


Imagine Bayleigh (aka – “gut you like a fish”), Sam (aka – “curb stomp”), and Tamar (aka – “I don’t feel safe”) all in the same room. #shudder!

This celebrity season is way better than last year. I had underestimated both Kato & Tom. Or maybe I’m just impressed with their strategy because TeamFun cannot possibly be worse than FOUTTE?


Tamar seems like she’s ready to fight anyone including Becky.


Quick question, will we be getting the picture grid of players so I can keep track of who won what each time? I’m lazy and that was a great help at a glance.