Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Live HOH Endurance Competition! “Rock Till You Drop!”

8:18pm The HOH live endurance starts. HOH OTEV – Welcome to the HOH arena where the glam rocks! Are you guys ready to party!! I can’t hear you! In this competition you have to rock out as long as you can. If you can’t hang with the glam rocks .. you’ll be out! The last one rocking out on the wall will become the next HOH!

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8:43pm Tom is the first to fall off. Tom – I’m sorry. Right after Kandi falls off. Kandi – I just didn’t want to be the first one off.

Tom – the longer you guys are up there the more embarrassing it is … for me that is.

9:02pm Big Brother dumps full beer cups of beer on them. Tom – can I get one!? The house guests comment on how they hurt. “Those weren’t light beer!”

9:06pm Ricky is next to fall off. Kato words of wisdom – if something is burning your palm .. your going to get something. If something is burning in your groin .. you’ve already got something.

9:18pm Tamar tells production that she needs the ladder to get down. She says that she’s afraid of heights. Tamar starts having a panic attack. She wants to get down but is deathly afraid of falling. The other house guests try and help coach her down. She says she can’t do it. She lets her feet go but still holds on and starts screaming. They tell her to drop. She does and … she lives.

9:30pm They’re still hanging on..

9:32pm Dina falls off..

Joey is complaining a lot. “This is ridiculous!” “This is taking too long” “Its so cold out here” “We’re just getting over colds and now this!?” “Come on guys!” WHOA! “Come on guys ..PLEASE speed this thing up! Its not that its difficult .. its just freezing.”

9:40pm Out come some roadies with fire extinguishers “This crowd is on fire!”

9:50pm Joey – I want them to get going with this.. Tom – this is it.. this is the competition.

9:52pm Lolo falls off..

9:55pm Joey falls off. No way its not worth it. That tear is too much.

Natalie drops next!

9:56pm Kato WINS HOH! Natalie – not bad for 59! Kato – don’t tell everyone how old I am. Natalie – 59 great job! Kato – “I want one more Jelly Shot!”

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Kandi’s imprint looks like shes twerkin to “No Scrubs”


The Beer is the new HoH


This might be the best Wall endurance comp ever on BB with Tom hanging by his arms, Tamar asking production for a ladder , crying and freaking out. Cups of beer falling from the sky, Whip cream Blast. Fire extinguisher crew, and Joey begging production to end it, WHOA!


Agreed. This is even better than the last few regular season BB wall comps. Tamar asking for a ladder was priceless.


Biggest surprise of this season is Kato. Did not expect him to do so well in these comps.


Amazing at 59, i thought Lolo or Natalie had this one

Like Literally

Right? I remember watching the OJ trial and he just seemed like a surfer dude caught in a bad situation. But he actually seems like a smart guy & did great in the comp. And he’s even older than I am (LOL)


Kato beats the buff girls and boys !! How awesome is that !! But oh my goodness at the complaining and crying. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anyone afraid of the falling part. Gotta say. I like this cast much better than the first season.

Like Literally

She’s just addicted to attention and drama.

Guy From Canada

The old guy wins an endurance competition.? Way to go. Any idea if he will keep Ryan safe and go after Ricky or will conversations with Tom tell us more today?


OMG Tamar is so obnoxious. Been impressed with Kato.


Tamar screaming like that had be laughing my tail off I rewinded it like 3 times.