Jed – “If we’re in the final two I swear to god.. proposing!”

Head of Household: Beth
Nominations: ??
The Power of Veto Players are: ?????
POwer of Veto Winner: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ????
Have nots: ?????

Beth wins HOH! next week is a double eviction.

12:50am HOH room. Jed and Beth.
Jed – its one of the strongest things we have in this game. Beth – what’s that? Jed – just like our work ethic and commitment. Beth – oh yeah. Jed – that is huge! And I don’t think a lot of people have that. Beth – no. It is true, a lot of people are here to just have a good time. Jed – exactly. And so are we but at the end of the day we’re here to win and that will be why we’re successful. Beth rubs his chest. Jed – if we’re in the final two I swear to god ..proposing! Jed laughs. Beth kisses him. Beth – you’re not. Jed – that would be a sick story! Come on! Beth – you know it would. Jed – even if.. Beth – it would be the best actually. Jed – oh my god. Beth – and to think we’re only half way through.. we’re going to be so close by the end of this. It would be brutal if one of us left. Jed – oh my god. Beth – I wouldn’t want to be in here without you. Jed – I don’t either. I really don’t. I really don’t know what I would do. Beth – you would try. Jed – Oh I would try for sure .. it would just be different without you in here. Beth – I agree. Beth kisses him. Jed – I wake up every day and I’m excited to see Ty.. I love when he’s there but I am excited to see you. What is she wearing today? Beth – really?! Jed – yeah! How she do her hair today? Middle part.. ahhh.. could have guessed! Beth – I can’t believe it came down to a tie breaker between me and you! Jed – I know but then I sh*t the bed. Beth – no its fine! Jed – in the DR I was like oohh…I wanted my girl to have it. Beth – that’s why my family likes you. Jed – probably. I honestly thought I was going to get a shoutout in your letter. Beth – I feel like they’re written.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Beth – you’re really great. Jed – I try my best. Beth – I know you do. Jed – you’re easy to be around. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Jed – I clearly expressed to you that I dated someone for a long time that was similar to you for a reason. Like I vibe with that person. Yeah you’re the default option Beth. Beth – any option.. I don’t know. Jed – so what about you .. you’ve never dated anyone like this? Beth – never. Jed – so what this was just the option in the house? You tried out the options in the house and were like I don’t like that one I’m going to go to this one now. Beth – Nnoooooo! Please don’t think that!! Don’t think that with Ty!

9:10 am Beth and Jed
They bring up calling Ro out today.
Jed – will you talk to him before? and tell him?
Beth says she will, “If he goes.. even if he stays.. he might stay so we have to be careful”
Beth – always thinking 2 weeks ahead we can’t be ruthless
Jed – say he’s not the target
Beth says splitting a duo up .. Tina and Tera… Tera has been saying my name for weeks
They talk about things to say to Ro to “save face” before nominating him for eviction.
They agree they shouldn’t put up Breydon or Tina it has to be Tera and Ro. SHe’ll tell Ro he’s not the target but has to go up because everyone is expecting it. He’s been up so many times it reduces the blood by putting him up.
Beth – there’s not many options left
Jed – I don’t think you should put up Vic
Beth – No ..
Jed – so Ro and Tera up if Ro comes down, Tina.
Beth – anything can happen in the week somebody could tell me something. I feel like it’s the only option right now. We could do Vic and it would be sick but it leaves us with less solid options for next week.
Beth – she’s one that wouldn’t put us up. She’s final 4
Jed – I feel like we still need her to get further.. I think she will win again
Beth – then she will do us three dirty
Jed – if she goes up and stays or catches wind that it’s a possibility there’s no way. Ro can never know that
Sounds like Breydon found out last night that Vic going up is a possibility. Beth is worried Breydon will tell Ro so she has to remind him not to say anything.
Jed – if he’s up he’ll do whatever it takes
Jed – if he takes himself down there can’t be any rumblings of Vic as the potential otherwise she’ll freak out. The only way we can get her out is double eviction
Beth will tell Tera she’s going up they have to be careful around Tera to make sure she doesn’t figure out Kiefer has been feeding them information.
Jed says if Ro and Tera go on the block and they tell RO Tera is the target he’s not going to buy it. If Ro stays on the block he’ll know he’s the target.

They go over some reasons to give to Ro, “They tried to flip the vote, Been on the block before trying not to ruffle feather, I don’t think you are going home, I think people want Tera out”

Beth says Tera is a danger she won’t put Jed and Ty up. (lol) adds that Ro is a dangerous player.

10:05 am Jed fills Ty in on the plan to put Ro and Tera up. They think if Ro stays this week they should work on salavagnig their relathionship with him.

11:00 am Tina and Tera
Tina about Vic – I don’t trust her at all
Tera – she’s loyal to herself no one else.
Tera – I almost rather go up and have a chance to play in the veto because I am hitting the block this week
Tera says it sucks she’s going up against Ro because he’s good at POV competitions
Tina – Kief is convinced no matter who you are sitting against the other person is going home.
Tera – If Ro comes down
Tina – Breydon has to go up we have to convince the guys (fat chance)
Tera – I would have you, Kief, Ro and I think I could work on Ty. Then I would stay (Fat chance Ty and Breydon are flirt buddies now he’s locked in)
Tera says she’s prepared to go up every week unless he wins competitions, “Once my name is said it will be said every week”
Tera now saying nobody is going to put BReydon up. “Who would put him up? I won’t put him up, You won’t, Keifer won’t, Vic’s not putting him up, Ty’s not and Beth’s not. This is why I wanted him to go”
Tina – I know for their game it didn’t make sense.. we couldn’t get that extra vote, Vic didn’t want to change her vote.
Tera – that will f** Vic over this week.
Tina – hopefully, it does
Tera – guess what Vic they would have gone after Austin, not you. You wouldn’t have been the backdoor plan

12:10 pm Beth to the camera
Beth – if I cut them right now everyone will come after me
B – it’s not the week to go against Jed and Ty.. as of right now I need to keep them because I have influence over everything they do. I have proven since week 2 I am smarter than them.
B – thinking two weeks ahead there are nine in the house right now.. Jed, Ty, Kief I needed Kiefer and Latoya gone. I honestly wouldn’t have mind Breydon in the final 2. We play similar games (getting into pants)
B – I want to show that I am playing outside of the guys up until now people just thought I was in the middle. If Jed and Ty are in the jury they will convince everyone how well I played this game. It’s important they make it top jury
Beth – my ideal final 3 are Me, Breydon, and Tina.. I will win against those 2. I don’t want Tina to go anywhere.
Beth says If they tell us this is Jury week I want Ro out because Ro said the person that takes him out gets his jury vote.
B – I know he’s going after Jed and Ty which means eventually he’s after me. V is smart in this game I need V.. Breydon I want to take to the end.
B – I feel like I’m going to the end I feel like I’ll be sitting in those two chairs I just know it but Jed and Ty can’t be there with me. It sucks and I hate saying that but they can’t be there with me
B – I’ve had alliances with everybody. I was the Glue that held me, Jed, and Ty together. No one will go against us because I’ve had relationships with everyone in the house (you’re the most disliked by the other side of the house)
B – Tera does nothing to me game. Abnsioltuyley nothing.. I don’t need to prove anything to you Tera. You’ve done nothing in this game and moving forward you won’t.. you sit around all day complaining.
B – Ro, I want to see what you have to offer me. I know you are dangerous for the boys but maybe not for me. I just don’t trust him
B – V is the most dangerous player in the game she’s more dangerous than the boys.. V needs to go on double eviction and we all know that is true. (V is winning out on Double eviction night)
B – I want to take Breydon to the end.. Tina is doing nothing in this game she’s sliding by, I can say the same thing for Breydon he latches on to someone and they do the dirty work.. I am super fine with that.
B – of course, I told Jed and Ty they are the final three
Beth – Everybody loves me and everybody trusts me that is my biggest thing right now (winning HOH will do that)
Beth – everybody trusts me with Ro I could say hey Ro I’ve come to you many times but Ro has never approached me. on the chance he doesn’t go home this because he doesn’t win Veto I need to protect Jec and Ty
B – let’s say Tera goes home this week and Ro stays.. I wouldn’t mind Tera goes home this week. I know the boys don’t want Ro to stay
B – he could be one of my rooks he could do my dirty work for sure
Beth wants Ro to help her take out the boys.
B – If Ro took out Ty for me..
B – I will take Ro to Wendys and talk to him about what he can do for me

12:40 pm Tera, Tina, and Jed (THey’ve been working on Jed for awhile)
Tera tells him if she doesn’t go up she will not put the three up if she wins HOH next week.
Tera – me leaving isn’t good for any of your games. No one likes me. It’s honestly like.. it’s not even good Beth’s game
Jed – You are not the move I am telling you straight up. Like..
Tera – it could turn into the move (snaps fingers)
Jed – I don’t see many scenarios where it turns into the move. I know for a fact that is not what she wants to happen with her HOH. IT’s a waste.
Tera – it would be
Tina agrees
Jed says the murmurs of “this other move” (Getting Vic out) cannot get out \
Tina – When I saw I don’t breathe a word I don’t breathe a word
Tera – she would go on a rampage against me. so I am not saying jack sh1t.
They go on about Vic going crazy if she was on the block. Tera doesn’t want to be in those “scenes” where she’s battling a Rampageing Vic.
Tera – I HAVE A DAUGHTER .. I don’t want to be in a girl fight

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Guy From Canada

Shame I can’t post the barfing emoji…..




Wait not with ty? I cant keep up

Just Sayin'

Ugh Beth is the absolute worst.

another name

Kyle when feeds came on: she was flirting with me, and then she was over there flirting with Ty five minutes later.
Beth when feeds came on: he was flirting with me, but wouldn’t give me any game information. In week one.
Ty: oh she went there. But he has a mind of his own.
Jed: oh he’s a fuqboy, he’ll be easy.

Anyone that buys Jed’s genuine feelings for Beth: remember how he described that ex that Beth reminds him of to Ty. Sideye. Mmmhmm. Not real. He told Ty he knows how to work a girl like her.
Anyone that buys Beth’s genuine feeling for Jed: buy a clue. He’s big, he’s gullible. He’s Jethro Clampett to Beth. They even kissed out by the Cee-ment Pond in the rain.

BTW, Jed threw.
He’s going to push for Tera out, because Tera has openly said the boys names multiple time.
Expect Jed to pull the spotlight from Vic, and even suggest Brey as a renom before Vic.
Even expect the idiot sunsetters to suggest intimidating the people that go on the block… because antagonizing a juror is going to be a smart move…… but only in this season.
Jed is loving his first HOH. HIs blow up doll bobs her head in agreement.

And of course there’s no NOMINATIONS TODAY on the screen. They haven’t prepped the HOH yet in D/R because it’s a holiday Friday.

another name

So Kiefer tells Tina that he told Ty about Vic targeting Beth. Not that I heard. At all.
Tera is telling Ro that Vic has been snaky, but there might be a plan to get rid of Ro out there with Ro and Tera going on the block. She’s got the entire plan sussed.
Jed is still trying to shy Beth from putting up Vic because it cuts off one of their options. Well it cuts off one of Jed’s options. Having three final three deals tends to be problematic with 9 people left… and you’re in an alliance with eight of them.
Jed logic error: who do they need to keep Vic to get rid of exactly, they’re at jury.
Jed says you have to take out Vic in a double. Silly Jed, they never announce it’s a double week until the eviction ceremony of the first one. You can’t plan that. Jed doesn’t want to be the one to nominate Vic. Jed doesn’t want to vote Vic out and lose her jury vote. See where Jed’s brain is misfiring there?
Since Jed KNOWS Vic would shoot at Beth and he isn’t telling her… that whole engagement talk rings hollow, like I was saying earlier: string along the vapid airhead blow up doll, and let the tasmanian devil go for her. oops.


Kiefer is the worst.

That’s all.

another name



Simon Kiefing it Real


Yes i couldn’t agree more

another name

I need a little clarification:
DID the feed cut happen BEFORE or AFTER Jed and Beth had decided Vic shouldn’t touch the block this week?
I thought it was before, but a friend says after.

I don’t trust Beth’s Paras cam moments. Because they are Paras moments. We saw how those were edited in season 6.
If she was truly planning to cut Ty/Jed to get to the finals, she would have taken Austin up on her offer to gun for them instead of telling Jed and Ty about the campaign. Breydon, she should realize, isn’t gunning for anybody, he’s going to sit back and let everyone take each other out. That was his planned game: cozy to an alpha to be the secret brains while acting like a Himbo.
She wants to keep Ro to take out one of the boys, and get rid of Tera. That only happens if Brey or Vic or Tina is on the block with Tera. Kief NEVER votes to keep ROHAN. Ty and Jed don’t keep Rohan, because it burns their final 3 with Kief, and burns their final 5 with Tina.
Why do I include Vic? because Ty and Jed want Vic to take out somebody for them, they have a fake final 3 with her too. Because Kief gets rid of Tera over Vic, he likes the camera time he thinks she gets, and thinks his camera time increases if he’s with her.
Beth Paras cam: everyone trusts me.
Everyone: I don’t trust Beth.

another name

I… think…. omg. Does Rohan STILL refuse to believe Vic was the invisible HOH?

Kiefer. Shudder. Says his strategy coming in was to align with the best looking people because they always go far. (and because camera time is spent on the most telegenic maybe?) He jokes about Tera and Tina ever believing they could be a 3.
No Really… Kookoo for Cocoapuffs Sam: CURBSTOMP THAT TOAD. I think he has become the embodiment of every human characteristic i despise in Reality Television… I didn’t think it would be possible that anyone could be all of them… and then Kiefer showed up.