“This is Hannah speaking from flight BB23 enjoy your flight home from LA to Providence” **updated**

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Veto Not used The original nominations are locked.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Brent is getting evicted.

4:08 pm Azah and Xavier
X – right now we’re at two in a row
Azah – it’s so historical to
X – it’s great I think Ky was the half-black male to win .. I think I was the first FULLY black male to win HOH there’s never been two black HOH’s back to back
Azah – Bayleigh won an HOH before
Azah – I want to join you guys in history
X – I’m telling you once we get to the end it really going to be a cookout. we’ll be out here shooting the sh1t all the time. They will be watching us.. Tiffany will be braiding Ky’s hair.. hanging out

X says that he’s been enjoying his time in the HOH and today has been spending all his time up there. Whitney told him he was being a recluse “I’m going to have to look that word up” (LOL He throws these in there from time to time)
X – it’s very rare to have alone time. I have this room where I can relax. .outside I live by myself. I very much enjoy my alone time.
X says he needs time away from people to recharge. “this week I tried to get fully recharged”
X says talking too much game is not good for you mentally (you need to tell Tiff that)
X – How are you feeling
Azah – I’m good
X – how do you feel about the cookout you feel good about all of them
Azah – as far as I’m concerned yeah
feeds cut

4:17 pm Brit and Hannah
Hannah says Brent needs to be blindsided “He deserves it I don’t feel back about it at all”
Hannah – in the beginning of the week I was like mmmmm is this cruel.. no it’s not. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when Julie says by a vote of 11 to zero Britini you are safe. Brent you have been evicted from the Big Brother house

hannah’s goodbye message ‘Hi Brent unfortunately you are a sinking ship and I can’t let myself drown with you. Everyone knows that the second rule of big brother is if you feel too comfortable and safe then you are probably going home. unfortunately, your arrogance didn’t allow you to see that. This is Hannah speaking from flight BB23 enjoy your flight home from LA to Providence” (see gif below)
Hannah – I have to tweak it.
Brit says her team is all going for the HOH they have reason two because she’s been up twice.
Hannah says she’s going to go for the HOH “I think the whole house is going for it”
Hannah – it’s crucial that the kings don’t win next week. If all the kings have dropped and it’s me and someone from your team I am giving that HOH to you.
Hannah – we all want to see someone from your team win
Hannah goes on about the Kings being a threat.
Hannah says all the kings are huge threats on their own. Christian is a comp beast he would beat her in anything other than a memory comp, X is calm cool, and collective and people look up to him as a leader. Alyssa is the glue of the team her leaving might break that up.
Hannah says Alyssa has the guys in the house wrapped around her finger if she is on the block next to her she would go.
Hannah – I’ve never spoken game with Sarah Beth she’s a wildcard..
Hannah says she is nervous about tomorrow because the house will reset the lines will be redrawn
Brit- square one
Hannah – ground zero
Brit wants to win this HOH not because her team has been the punching bag and she’s been put up twice. She wants to in because her team had to endure her being put up twice. (LOL)
Brit says her noms could be easy it could be “X and someone else” because he just put her up
Brit – I want to sit down and think it through.
Hannah keeps bringing up how Alyssa and Christian are the bigger threats in the kings.


4:44 pm Alyssa and Christian
Christian – I’m so confused about Hannah she’s like telling us good advice then..
Alyssa says Hannah will get someone else to take them out
Christian – she’s telling us to gun for it
Alyssa says at first Hannah wasn’t but now she is
Christian – now she’s like you better win this one
Alyssa – Personally I don’t want her to go but game wise
Christian – she has to go before Whitney
Alyssa – Tiffany doesn’t like Whitney. Whitney has said she’s going after Claire. Ky likes Hannah and DerekX likes Hannah.
Alyssa – put them both up and if Whitney wins.. then it has to be him. (DerekX)
Christian – that is so dangerous you are playing with people in our own alliance. (DX)
Alyssa – it’s not smart for me to let Whitney go. Whitney will vouch for us. Hannah will not risk her game for us.
Christian – who do we not want in Jury?
Alyssa – I don’t want Azah in jury. everyone doesn’t agree with me on that.
Alyssa says Azah will vote emotionally. “She doesn’t talk game at all.. you think she’s going to vote based on game the only thing I’ve noticed is she gets emotional”
Christian – I don’t want Ky in Jury
Alyssa – he’ll have to be
Christian – He’s the person I’m most scared about
Christian – I would put up Ky and DerekX
Alyssa wants Derekx gone over Ky. They can beat Ky in comps and votes but not DX.
Christian – everyone is obsessed with KY every group setting it’s k this ky that.. everyone is obsessed
Alyssa – ok
Christian – what do you have over Ky right now? y

4:57 pm Whitney and Brit
Whitney says that Alyssa is close to the guys in the house she feels if Alyssa is in the final 2 she’ll get their votes.
Whitney – that’s what makes me think Alyssa.. also Christian is really good at comps..
brit says if you put them up they can’t win the veto and save each other
brit – that helps a ton I got you.
Whitney tells her the Aces are wanting Brit to win. Once the Kings are out of the HOH they’ll throw to her.
they hug it out..

5:05 pm Brit and Azah
Brit – Whitney is not the target next week.. there’s a bigger fish to fry next week and it’s getting the teams even.
Brot – a lot of people mention Alyssa as the glue.. she is so dangerous in this house
Azah – she’s the top female. A lot of guys like her and a lot of guys have crushes on her.. I noticed girls are kinda like EHHH at that

5:35 pm X and Hannah
x – how are you feeling about next week
Hannah – I’m not going to .. I keep going back and forth..
X – you can say something at it won’t leave this room
Hannah – I know I trust you.. I keep going back and forth between throwing it and going for it.
Hannah – when I came in here I told myself I wouldn’t throw any comps.. I don’t want to seem like a lazy player that just expects to be carried to the end like a victoria or a Nicole Franzel (BAM)
Hannah – on the other hand, is it too early to get blood on your hands. Is it too early to show your cards?
X asks her if she’s comfortable sharing who she’s been thinking of putting up
Hannah hasn’t come to a conclusion yet.
Hannah – what about you?
X – I can’t compete in HOH
Hannah – I know your team is gunning for it.
X – we know our names are in everyone’s mouth
X – you don’t want to be a floater but you also don’t want to win everything
Hannah says she could get thrown up as a pawn because of her association with Wthiney and Whitney’s association with Brent.
X – who do you feel good with
Hannah – outside of my team.. X, Ky, BIGD, Azah, Tiff
X – outside of POC’s in the house.
Hannah – Christian, Britini.. maybe but I haven’t really spoken game to her.
Hannah says if she wins HOH she suspects people to tell her to go after the showmance.
Hannah – Claire, Brit, Alyssa, SB and me taking a shot at those people I don’t think would serve me any benefit. What would getting Sarah Beth do for me? not much..
X asks if she wants to work with any of those people in the future.
Hannah – Alyssa cause at how close she is to Christian and you are close to her to
X – my whole team is close

5:56 pm Brit and X
Brit tells him she’s not a “tit for tat” person

6:00 pm Tiffany and Hannah
Tiff – do you have a plan? I’ve come up with something
Tiff starts filling her in on her plan to get the 6 to the end.
Tiff – each of us except for DerekF has one..
Tiffany adds DerekX has noone, She has Claire, Hannah and DX, Ky has Sarah Beth, X has Christian, Azah has Brit
Tiff – a lot of people are wary of you because you’re young. you have to keep this here.. even from DerekX
Tiffany says she loves Claire but she doesn’t think claire will make it to 6.
Tiff – the final 6 has three guys and three girls they have to be partnered up, You and X, Me and Ky, Azah and BIGD
Tiffany says Alyssa and Whitney have to go next.
Tiffany says that Brit should be the first in Jury so BIGD and Azah can pair up.
Tiffany says once they get to 4 it’ll be Hannah, Ky, her, and X.
Hannah – then we battle it out
Tiffany – three need to go back to back to back.. if three don’t go back to back we’ll never make it.
Feeds cut.. When we’re back Tiffany is going on about her plan. Says when she loses Claire she has nobody else so Sarah Beth has to go right after because SB and KY are very close.

Tiffany – I have to make a decision on what is more important to me and this is more important to me and I’m glad I was able to visualize it..
Tiffany says they have to keep DX for awhile so he believes that their four Tiff, DX, Hannah, and DX is real.
Tiffany says she never laid this out to Azah or BigD

Tiffany tells her to stick close to DerekX
Tiffany – I want two of us in the final 2
Hannah – 4 of us in the final 4. If I go home and lose to you 5 that is a win for me and a win for our whole community
Hannah says this is a good plan
Tiffany – at least it’s a blueprint
Tiffany warns Hannah if the kings win HOH they will put her up.
Tiffany tells her to only talk about this with X and Ky.
Tiffany is worried about Claire and Sarah Beth teaming up. Hannah says Sb is a wildcard.
Tiffany – somehow you need to encourage Whitney you both need to gun for it
Tiffany – Whitney jumps to power.. Whitney wants to go where the money’s at. Whitney wants to go with the kings. If Whitney wins I don’t think she’ll go after them.
Hannah – ok then Whitney can’t win..
Tiffany – I think DerekX is working on her
Tiffany – I think if she wins she needs to go after the kings (Tiff needs to take a break from the game)
Hannah – ok light a fire under Whitney..
they hug..
Hannah – you’re brilliant

6:25 pm the jokers
Brit says that Alyssa is a way bigger threat than Chrsisitan. if they keep Christian in the game he will get closer to them.
Brit – he’s a shield for you and me
Brit – X told Tiffany she had to win the wildcard this week..
Brit – I told X I wasn’t going after him I never told him he couldn’t be a pawn
Brit says if Kings win the HOH they will be just fine.
They agree Alyssa needs to go next.
Brit – I don’t really want the HOH
Brit – right now everyone has promised us safety
DF – Of course.

6:45 pm Azah to the camera
“I have everyone in my alliance the COOKOUT telling me that nobody is coming for us in terms of our alliance and the jokers.
Britini is telling me people are saying differently. I’m in a rock and a hard place. that’s a true friend right there. I feel really bad. I have a final 5 deal with me and my teammates. The cookout and I have a true friend sitting right there.. ”
Azah – that’s the girl people want out 9Alyssa) I thought it was Whitney but people are saying, Alyssa. here’s why I think people want Alyssa out. A lot of guys like her. She works out more than anyone in the house. She’s duo is Christian
Azah says she wants Whitney out next to Alyssa but Alyssa needs to go out before Jury.
Azah says Christian and Alyssa are easy for her to read. Whitney is hard. Azah says her targets and Sb’s targets always line up
Azah – the queens have coupled up with the aces I would rather us as the jokers take Whitney out and make the kings think they’re with us. THe kings are going to come after someone else, not us. If it’s someone inside the cookout we have the votes they stay.

Hannah joins her.
Hannah – I’m just going room to room pulling a Brent
Azah – how are you doing
Hannah – good. how are you
Azah – I’m ok I’m just trying to think through this week and next week
Hannah – we obviously know who can’t win. I’ll be thrown up as a pawn. The same goes for you
Azah – yeah .. I would not feel safe unless somebody… the cookout I feel safe of course
Hannah – is that our name? (HA!)
Azah – yeah
Hannah – did you come up with it
Azah – I haven’t really told anybody about it yet
Hannah – but it’s called the cookout.. I like that.
Azah – I haven’t told anybody I just came up with it
Hannah – I like that.. we can just Flip people out of the house..

Azah – this game is so… the amount of emotions is pretty crazy..

6:50 pm Kyland working out Tiffany still talking game since 9 am


7:00 pm Azah is panicking that she told Hannah the name of their alliance.
“I’m sorry .. I’m sorry.. I feel so f**Ing stupid”
The rest of the cookout isn’t as concerned..

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How did the target start shifting from Whitney to Hannah? Isn’t she in the cookout


Wait….Christian is scared the most by Kyland? Maybe if it were a bitter jury he would win. He is definitely in the running for AFP but don’t know that he will win Big Brother. There are others he should be scared of more.


Yes — Christian (who is one of MANY) who doesn’t want to win HOH made a comment to Claire/Tiff about winning HOH implying “they” the Kings were carrying them (funny Ky was HOH the week prior but suddenly since X won HOH Chris/Ally are the ones with HOHITIS).

Ally/Chris used this week to try to form bonds outside the Royal Flush telling the Jokers they are safe as well as Whit. Plus Chris implied to Hannah she was safe so they thought they set themselves up. But it’s BB so a few comments were made that made them paranoid. First after Hannah/DX worked overtime to try to get the Queens to truly trust Whit and get the target off her back she repaid them (or more specifically Hannah) by throwing her UTB to Ally/Chris shifting the target off her. (did I mention I’m not a fan of Whit’s game?).

But something else happened … following Chis’ comment the Queens talked & after Ky told X in private look we can win HOH but then we’ll have to put a King up as a pawn 1) b/c they don’t want to put up Brit 3 weeks in a row, 2) Hannah/Azah/Big D are all members of the Cookout 3) Ky/Tiff (and everyone but X in the Cookout) wants to break up the showmance before jury 4) and while DX could go up as a pawn they don’t want to chance him leaving yet — especially before Christian goes 5) plus Ky used the rationale that if the Queens don’t target ANY Kings it could alert Tiff, Hannah Brit, Azah & Big D about the Royal Flush.

The problem is when X explained it to Chris he got all up in arms about being used as a pawn & immediately directed his angst toward Ky. X did a brutal job of explaining how they can’t afford for the house to catch onto the Royal Flush (the hilarious part was Christian was fine as long as SB is the one going up). So his little temper tantrum abated but only in front of X b/c he hasn’t stopped talking about it with Ally even saying he wants Ky out before jury.


People would be pissed at me if I were HoH because I would say ( and I hope Britini says if she gets to be HoH) at the nomination ceremony: “You were fine with putting me up. Now it’s your turn. Deal with it”


“X – it’s great I think Ky was the half-black male to win .. I think I was the first FULLY black male to win HOH”


Kevin half black won HoH in BB11
Devin half black won HoH BB16
Marcellas FULLY black won 2 HoH’s BB3
Marvin FULLY black won 2 HoH’s in BB5
Beau FULLY black won HoH BB6

thats just off the top of my head


that was hes second statement he made thats true, after hes first false statement about Ky being the first half black to win hoh, and himself being the first fully black to win hoh.

he made 2 different statements, and even reiterated his first false statement a second time.

you can flashback and watch it 7/28 cam1 4:08pm


I just went through the BB Wiki page for HOH winners, rough count there have been 12 black HOH’s.


ya if you count the females too, but he was talking specifically about males

The Beef

Stop trying to defend the indefensible. What he said was wrong, and he obviously doesn’t know the history of the game. Doesn’t make him a bad guy or anything, but he shouldn’t be going around trying to claim “historic” firsts, when he doesn’t know for a fact that’s what they are.


Either you’re lacking in reading comprehension or you meant to reply to Banner08 lol

The Beef

Okay. So is it going to be an even bigger historical event when two “fully” black men win HOH back to back? Shouldn’t we run a check on Xavier’s blood lines to ensure there’s not a drop of white blood in him anywhere, you know, just to make sure he’s “fully” black? And isn’t it possible that Ky has more white blood in him than black, so that he’s really 60/40 white, or maybe he’s 65% black and only 35% white?

These are the kinds of questions generated by the stupid comment X made about Ky being “half” black. Why do we talk about things like this? If you want to make it a point of pride, just say two black men won HOH back to back and be done with it! I don’t recall anyone calling Barack Obama the first “half” black President of the United States, although I’m sure some did it in an attempt to denigrate him. People throughout the world have a lot of different kinds of blood running through their veins, a lot of different colors of people, and very few of them are “thoroughbreds”! The sooner we stop focusing on the color of people’s skin, the better off we’ll all be.


i agree with you

i thought it was disgusting when Tiff was talking to Azah and said “We’re the only 2 black women here, sorry Hannah”

but im confused why you’re starting thing convo with me, although i dont mind


I think Big Brother as a show needs to be very careful with this situation. WHEN some of the houseguests figure out that the cookout exists, this show will shift to BLACK VS WHITE. This will be very bad press for big brother On a national(possibly global) level. I will be interested to see how nasty things could get in the house. I have no problem with having a POC as the winner. IMO Xavier is currently playing the best game and right now I would say he’s set to win it all. If this season blows up due to race, I can see this being the last season of big brother the show.


I’m counting with the cookout getting exposed and the whole BB house blowing up in a epic battle. I’m hoping Christian is still in the house by then, so both sides have males. I think it would be great television, and after all, this is what Big Brother is supposed to be about: a social experiment.

No idea which side will Derek X take though. All of his close allies are in the cookout.


Historically on BB, Asians, Hispanics, and other Poc tend to align with the whites and assist in kicking off the black contestants one-by-one. So I’m pretty sure Derek X will not align with the Cookout.

Trenton Makes

“And that’s the bottom line because Tony Baloney said so.” In case anyone wasn’t aware he’s also a distant relative of Nostradamus and uses random words in ALL CAPS to prove he knows how the future will play out.


I sure hope it doesn’t go down that way. It is a game. Time for everyone to play nice. It may be the last season cause in its current setup there is too much time between games and too much time to build fantasy lane for the win. I like x’s chillatude and I also like Derrick X’s game. Get a long to move along and oh win stuff. I’m kinda emotionally drained by the outside world. Time to build and play. There is not enuf play. I’d go crazy during the in between. This year doesn’t feel like it is flowing naturally. (Wait it’s never natural ?). I like tiffany—doing the mom thing. Look this is how we do it so let’s do it. She’s a planner amd a doer. Derrick f was right. “Yeah ok” is so much easier than throwing a wrench and gets her away before yet another plan hits her. She’s looking for affirmation. Give it to her and then work your own plan. For goodness sakes there is a lot more time left to build relationships. If not then I don’t give the current ones much long term chance. Chit happens. And give them some food comps or alcohol comps in between. Get the heads out their heads. Give britini a lollipop and a gold star.

The Beef

IF the non-black players find out about the Cookout and their plan to eliminate all non-black players, I think the entire season will blow up In CBS’ face! First I think the non-Cookout players will come together, go straight to production and say “Look, we didn’t sign up for a race war. Now that we know what they’re doing, the only thing we can do is ban together and go against them, which is a horrible look! Black vs. white? Is that really what you guys want played out on national TV? Sorry, I didn’t sign up for that! We’re out of here!” I can almost guarantee you they would all WALK rather than agree to continue on and go against a KNOWN alliance that is based solely on race. It would end up further dividing the country, which is already divided enough along racial lines, and I don’t see how they could just end the alliance and say “Okay, that alliance is dead now. We’ll just play the game from here.” No way that would work.

The more I think about this, the more I think this is going to be the end of Big Brother, and CBS has no one to blame but themselves for the way they “allocated” the hamsters at the beginning of the game and implemented the “teams” to provide protection for certain types, rather than just letting them play the damn game. And as I’ve stated before, I understand why the black players aligned together to protect themselves, given recent historical facts and perceptions, but I think they may have taken it too far in deciding to “hit the home run” and go six for six, or maybe five for five in some of their eyes, as that just makes it look totally racist on their part. And I honestly think when they get out of that bubble and look back on it, they will see that, although they might not, as they may feel fully justified in their actions based on their perception of previous seasons evictions of black players. What one man sees as game play another man sees as racism – your mileage may vary. Depends on which side of the fence you are standing on.


Dear BB gods,

1. Please give us a crap shoot HOH.

2. Please give us Britni on the block, and on slop, and sleeping on the seadoo.

I’m loving the strategy and that the HGs are here to play! Now we just need a little chaos and a couple of HG meltdowns to keep it interesting.

No fave yet

…..and make sure BIG D is have not with her…


What about Britini as HoH? That could be messy.