Tiffany “I just wanted to have this conversation because I don’t talk a lot of game.”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Veto Not used The original nominations are locked.

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7:10pm Chess room – Whitney and Hannah.
Hannah – I’ve also decided that I am going to gun for this HOH and Derek X is too. I think we all have to. I think I could very well be up on the block as pawn. Whitney – really? What makes you think that? Hannah – its anybody’s game. Like we’re starting at square one. Like I don’t feel more comfortable or safe than the next person. Whit – who is your idea of who you would put up though? Hannah – I’d have to cross that bridge when I get to it but someone from The Kings needs to leave. So whether it be Alyssa or Sarah Beth who I throw up there. Or Alyssa and Christian, I just hope that I can salvage that relationship with Christian. I might just have to get blood on my hands. Its imperative that the four of them don’t make it to jury. Whit – 1000%! I really want Britini to win. Hannah – Me too. That would be best case scenario. They have safety and have every right to go after the kings and the kings already know that the Jokers are gunning for them. Whit – I love Britini and already feel safe with her. Hannah – I would throw it to the Jokers but if The Kings are still up I am not dropping. Whit – agreed. Hannah – and I think all of us have to be on the same page with that.

Bathroom – Claire and Tiffany.
Claire – should we have a name? Tiffany – we should have a name. Us two… Hmmm.. Claire – what about snake eyes. Tiffany – I like it. SSSsssssSSSssss Claire I don’t even know if there a has been big brother players with more alliances. We started with:
– Fire Fighers
– The King Slayers
– Jackpot
– Royal Flush
– Mafia
– The detectives
– Snake Eyes

Tiffany – Claire its the lucky 7. Claire – maybe we can get up to 13. Tiffany – so the mafia took out one of their members. It was a what do you call it a coup d’etat. Tiffany leaves. Claire to the cameras – What can you do. We’re trying our best out here. I think I might be the target the second week if after Whitney goes. I could potentially be a target for the kings. If Whitney goes next week, I will try and win it so that I can go after the Kings. F**k it! Maybe not.

HOH room. Xavier and Tiffany.
Tiffany – I just wanted to inform you of something. I was struggling with how to work the 6 and the 8 and the that. I couldn’t see it in my head and something was going to have to give. I went to Azah and I didn’t lay it out like I did for you and Ky but I asked everyone do you have a plan for the 6 to get to where we need to get to because I would like to hear it if anyone does. They said no so I said well the way I see it is for the 6 of us to get there, there can only be 5 of them so that means 3 have to go right away. I think we all kind of agreed upon that. The only thing was that Azah didn’t want Whitney to go this week. But she does want one of the kings to go. I was like well I disagreed with that but then I came back to her .. we don’t see eye to eye on everything. Xavier – I think Azah would want to come after my team. I think she would put up Alyssa and Christian. With Christian as the intended target. Tiffany – I am fine with that. If you agree to the plan then.. Xavier – I agree. Tiffany – then it would be best to lay it all out to the end and then we adjust if something comes up. Hannah joins them. Xavier – its good to have a plan like that. I know my team is going for it hard so people better bring their sh*t. Tiffany – I would love at the end and you correct me if I’m wrong .. maybe you see it different. I see it as Me, You, Ky, Azah as the four. I think it is whatever at that point. Xavier – then we battle. Tiffany – I just wanted to have this conversation because I don’t talk a lot of game. I like to have my eyes on the prize. You seem to be very methodical in your thoughts so I just wanted to lay it out to you.

7:55pm Living room. Brent and Big D.
Big D – I don’t think you’re going to get the votes straight up man to man. I feel like people are not… I mean, I could sit there and vote for you but I’m one person. You’ve got your teammates and you’ve got me. Brent – I think I have four votes without you and Azah. So you and Azah would be 6. Big D – Okay, that sounds good.

Bedroom – Hannah and Claire.
Hannah to the cameras – The Kings absolutely can’t win next week. If they do I worry that I will go up as a pawn. Claire – who do you think is your absolute worst case scenario for winning from the kings? Hannah – Sarah Beth. Just because I haven’t spoken game with her. Claire – I think that’s probably fair. Hannah – I don’t think that she would target me because I’m not that big of a target. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen. I could also see Alyssa putting me up as a pawn. I don’t think Christian would but I could also be naïve about that. I think you (Claire) could also go up as a pawn. Claire nods. Hannah – I think Whitney could even be their target. Claire – I think potentially if they don’t want to target a guy. Hannah – because then it would be 8 girls versus 4 guys. So I definitely think if the Kings were to win two girls would go up on the block. I think Whitney would be one of those because she is strong and she is here to make big moves. Because I am on her team and I am a girl, I would probably be the other person. I am going to GUN for the HOH.

8:20pm Bedroom – Hannah and Derek X.
Hannah – If I put up Alyssa and Christian.. first of all I don’t think they would be shocked. Its obvious they’re the strongest duo in the house. Or the most obvious duo in the house. If they don’t win, the house is coming for them regardless of who wins HOH outside of their team. So how much would she be upsetting them.. and I think X would be okay with it because he is here to play his own game. He is not here to play Alyssa and Christians game. And Christian would be upset for a minute but he is a puppy that needs direction so he run somewhere else to find direction. Derek – Do you think the house would vote to kick Alyssa out? I would campaign hard to get Christian out, I think. Personally.. he is the bigger competitive threat. Hannah – yeah but I think X would rather keep Christian in the game .. so if you would campaign to get Christian out X would exert his influence. Think about it if they guys vote Christian out .. that is 8 (girls) to 4 (guys). Derek – yeah that is true. Hannah – And Christian is a comp beast so if you have him on your side ..which he is easy to persuade that is not the worst thing for you and you would be keeping a bigger competitive threat in the house over you. Derek – that is true. Hannah – by keeping Alyssa in the house I don’t see her turning to me to work with me after the fact. ..And if I am up next to her, I am going home. And three I don’t think I would be able to salvage that relationship but with Christian I think I would be able to. Christian has prepared himself for what is coming. He is not an idiot and a couple days ago he said that he would be fine if Alyssa was take out. It would probably be better for his game and he was likely looking for my reaction to see if he could trust me. And I just responded with, I don’t think Alyssa is on anyone’s radar right now and as long as you guys remain distant from each other I think you guys are good. Derek – which isn’t happening. Hannah – he said if there is a plan to get Alyssa evicted from the house he said that might not be a bad thing. Derek – Interesting. Hannah – because he recognizes that she is a distraction. Derek – if it is endurance I’ll hold on until the three drop and the kings drop make sure you guys win.

8:45pm The house guests are cleaning in preparation for the live show tomorrow night.

9:45pm Bathroom. Christian, Brent, Derek X and Alyssa.
Christian built a huge tower using the toilet paper on top of back of the toilet. Alyssa is grossed out by it saying that it is such a small room that has 14 people pissing and sh*tting and not putting the lid down so all the bacteria is going to go all over the free toilet paper. Alyssa – that is kind of disgusting if I am being honest. Christian – well where am I supposed to put it. Alyssa – well you should have thought about it. My opinion isn’t everyone’s. Don’t just take my opinion. Brent – you seem pretty concerned about it. Christian, Brent and Derek X move the toilet paper out of the toilet area. Christian – honestly not the person I thought I was going to get a complaint from. Whitney comes in – was this a good idea or was this funny? Brent – we’ve got a rat on our hands. Xavier comes in and says – YES! Brent – the girls are being stupid. Tiffany – that’s a good idea but y’all are going to pee all over it. Christian – we try to have a little fun in this house and we get sh*t on!

10:10pm Some of the house guests are still cleaning however others are chatting on the living room couches. Big Brother tells them to clean the house. The house guests react..

10:20pm Xavier and Whitney flirt over cleaning the mirrors / shooting each other.

10:25pm – 10:50pm Havenot room. Hannah and Tiffany.
Hannah – so we’re (Derek X and Hannah) page.. you’re my number one and he was like you’ve been my number one. Tiffany – awe I’m about to cry. Hannah – Then I turned to the camera and said just so you know America I don’t mean in a showmance or marriage capacity and he was like why are you telling America, why aren’t you telling me? And I was like because America needs to know. Okay, so Derek and I are good. He has trusted me this whole time. Going into jury the team twist will no longer be a thing with those 11, that leaves only 2 people from my team versus 3 people from every other team. Tiffany – don’t forget there will be a double going into jury so two people will be leaving. Hannah – true. I guess my concern going into jury with only have two people .. would people put us on the block because we’re easy targets. Tiffany – I was talking to X and he doesn’t even want Christian in jury. He wants Christian out next. IF kings are going to be hit this week, he wants Christian out. I thought he wanted to keep Christian .. he doesn’t. No one wants Derek X out and everyone wants this team twist to be over when it is done. We’re done with the team twist now. Like X knows his team is getting hit. They then start running through scenarios for the coming weeks. Hannah – Another thing is and I think this would impact the order in which we send our pawns home.. its not going to be a secret that there are 6 black people in jury. Tiffany – no.. hopefully it ain’t 6 black people in jury. Hopefully its only 4. Hannah – what do you mean only 4? Tiffany – because 2 of them need to be in the final 2. Hannah – oh no I mean post jury. Tiffany – okay. Hannah – 6 and then our 5 pawns. If one of us wins, I am not going to put 2 of us on the block. Tiffany – of course not. You’re going to put me next to Claire or Azah next to Britini or Ky next to Sarah. Hannah – but the way the votes fall say all our pawns figure it out. Tiffany – possibly. Hannah – I don’t think Britini and Christian would be able to figure it out. Tiffany – if we put Sarah Beth on the block ain’t nobody going to send her home… because she’s sweet Sarah Beth. From day one since the first time I heard her speak I said she is on my radar and keep her close to me. But she is so hard to crack. Hannah – she knows the game well. Tiffany – she knows when to speak and when not to.

10:50pm Azah’s got the house guests humming / singing in the living room.

11:47pm Kitchen. Tiffany, Hannah and Ky
Tiffany – He (Brent) asked Britini how long it would take to get his suitcase back… because he thinks he’s going to get it back after the nomination ceremony (she means eviction). He asked Britini, that’s so rude! You know she is on the block with you, so its like he’s saying you’re going home. He is so insensitive and rude. Hannah isn’t surprised. Tiffany – she was mad as hell!

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Trenton Makes

It took 23 seasons and finally a group of people of color have a little bit of authority in the house for “oh my lord” 2 weeks straight and certain folks on this site are having a conniption fit. Hilarious!


Right! I guess they’re mad because if they openly say they are aligning with only white people they’ll get in trouble. I’ve noticed most white people tend to stay on “code” with their racial bias. Meaning, they form cliques of only whites and exclude black people from their cliques but they never “announce” it. People that are denying to NEVER notice 22 seasons of all-white alliances are GASLIGHTING. LOL


Funny how you have to come up with a fantasy to defend the actions of the cookout

And you’re just going to ignore all the alliances in 22 seasons that weren’t all white? lol


I don’t think that is a fair remark although you are always allowed your opinion. It just doesn’t bode well for the show that any particular group are so blatantly racist and very vocal about it at the same time. No one wants this to be the very last season of Big Brother, but because of this it very well may be.


Any rational honest person knows that’s not what’s happening here

Sir Kirby Williams

The only problem is that the circle will continue. Future non-poc players will look at this season and continue to do their own alliances and the house will be divided. The show could then change their name to “Race Wars”.


like that Survivor season where there were 4 tribes divided by race


Nothing Hilarious seeing color in everything, instead of letting this program be for what it’s meant for, Entertainment and enjoyment of watching it. Problem is everyone seeing nothing else but color, race and gender always wanting to bring some kind of awareness to it.


youre talking about CBS, production and the cookout alliance right? they all created this mess


Yep! I noted in a previous post that a few terms/phrases are being used quite a lot such as “tribalism,” “I’m just calling a spade a spade” and “reverse racism,” which isn’t a thing.

In the history of the show, the odds have always favored a white person, usually male winning. This is the first time the odds are leaning towards a POC winning and people are throwing hissy fits. White fragility on maximum overdrive!

Just quit your bitching and/or turn the channel.


the odds of winning favor whoever wins comps and has a social game better than the person they’re sitting next to in final2 regardless of race and gender.

the “hissy fits” aren’t about a POC winning, we’ve had POC winners in the past and we would love to see a black player win. (Tamar Braxton winning CBB2 was amazing)
it’s about the cookout’s openly blatant racial gameplay. They’ve created an alliance based on race and are targeting other players based on race.

This is wrong and has no place in the game regardless of what race is doing it. Willfully ignoring what the cookout alliance is doing and being an apologist for them just shows your dishonesty


You kinda sound “racist”. That’s not hilarious.


Tiffany won’t stop talking at all I pray someone goes after her if she leaves I can tolerate the show she’s is draining playing too hard too early

another name

Can anyone explain why Christian keeps saying, “when we get to the merge”?
I mean…. does he think he’s on survivor?
Does he think there is another house full of people currently playing big brother on the other side of the production lot, and eventually the two houses will be joined together?
Could he scream recruit any louder?

This is almost as grimace inducing as Big D telling Brent he doesn’t have the votes and ruining the blindside. It’s only close for one reason… Brent didn’t believe him.

Bobbi Joe Bobbitt

So we gather you bought a TV…?

another name

no… i still haven’t watched an episode.
I do get a few messages from a couple friends about episodes though.
I just don’t want to see how Grod and the flying monkey squad contort events this season for the episode edit.
My habit used to be to write episode recaps while the episodes were airing, and post them a couple of minutes after the episode ended. That’s the reason I posted that without a TV I wouldn’t be watching episodes. For some reason it didn’t work for me to watch on one window while typing on another on my laptop. I don’t have an explanation for why that didn’t work for me, it just didn’t.

Sir Kirby Williams

For this year, “merge” makes sense. They are all on teams, which will eventually end and therefore the players will all “merge” into one big group.


Dammit BigD, you’ve had no game at all. Do NOT ruin this blindside now!


OMG that title cracked me up.. Never heard game from tiff before.. lol


Do you think she knows what a coup d’etat is? Doesn’t sound like it…


Forgot to say…
Sent some money your way!
Keep up the good work, men!


Thanks dididonna

Miss Impression

There are so many alliances and final 4s and final 2s that none of them will likely dominate this game as none of them have the complete loyalty of all the members .And I love it!It forces players to maneuver between shifting alliances to get ahead. Even though BB forced them into teams,this season is about the individual players and the real gamers are rising to the top.Everyone here loves commenting about the Cookout,for reasons that have nothing to do with gameplay,and while they are the stealthiest alliance their outcome lies with Tiffany.Tiffany is basically the Cookout in strategy and maneuvering with an assist from Ky and X,at least so far.The Cookout will rise and fall with Tiffany.


It should be interesting to watch a Claire/Derek X/Tiffany rivalry play out and see if and how those two counter Tiffany’s “subtle” moves (That line from Tiffany cracked me up)


Doesn’t talk much? Huh, but she sure knows how to talk in ways to get others to do as she wants them too. All house guest needs to watch her,she’s a very dangerous player who could easily win this game. They should do all possiably can to keep her from winning HOH and back door her ASAP!