“I figured out a way to bring the cookout to the end” ** Updated **

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Veto Not used The original nominations are locked.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Brent is getting evicted. I’m getting the feeling that Tiffany is overplaying now. Changing plans every 24 hours. Talking game with everyone all the time.. I’ve seen this before. Vanessa Russo

9:35 am Azah and Brit
Studying days using fruit loops.

Tiffany comes in says she feels good today. She sits down next to DF “I have a plan. I had a dream last night..”
Tiffany looks at the camera – “I love you America I don’t know what You all sent me I was struggling last night.. I figured it out”
Tiff whispers to DF “I figured out a way to bring the cookout to the end”

9:55 am Azah, Tiffany and DF
Tiff – I have a way to get our six to the end
Tiff looks at Azah – Do you have a way?
Tiff looks at DF – Do you have a way?
They don’t
Tiff – the only way for this to work is none of us 6 goes home before 5
Tiff says to Azah “I know you like Britini, I like Claire, Ky like Sarah Beth, X likes Christian.. that’s perfect. We’re going to take them to 11”
Tiff – we need to get rid of two of them. I am cool if it was Whitney and Alyssa if each one of us has one other person we are working with. We have been working with and they tin we’re working with. Once we get down to 6 and 5. There will be Britini, Claire, Sarah Beth, Christian,
Azah says Christian needs to go before Jury
Tiff – it doesn’t matter, Christian, Sarah Beth, Claire, Britini, and DerekX. If she (azah) had brit, I have Claire, Hannah has DerekX, I have Sarah Beth and X has Christian. At that point it’s 6 vs 5 as long as one of us doesn’t go to Jury first we will always control the vote.. always.
Tiff – we have to determine us 6 which one of the 5 goes first. it should be whoever figures out we’re working together. It doesn’t matter we always have the votes. WE’ll have some biter people. I think that Sarah Beth and Claire will be the most biter
DF agrees
Tiff – then Britini or Christian .. we really do need to get DX and Christian out before they get out one of our guys.
DF – I love that.. everyone gets a chance
Tiff – everyone keeps a person we all have to agree on the 6 and 5
Azah – Whitney needs to go before Jury
Tiff agrees “Whitney has to stay this week”
Azah – I don’t agree with that
Tiff – Listen to me.. If Whitney stays she will go after the kings which is Christian and Alyssa. If she goes it f**s up the plan because ethe kings will be at 4 and they will come after somebody.
Tiff asks Azah “Okay you tell me your plan”
Azah – I don’t agree with it but I am listening
Tiff – then tell me your plan
Azah – I don’t have a plan
Tiff – three of THEM have to leave..

Azah says she thinks Tiff’s plan is going to work and she’s not disagreeing with her she just thinks there are different paths to get there.
Tiff – if we don’t get three out, Back to back to back and one of us goes we are 50/50. It’s 5 of them and 5 of us
DF – the next person to go is Alyssa
Tiff – I don’t care. It’s pre-jury. It can be Alyssa, Whitney, Christian
Tiff – If Chrisitan goes third then Hannah will have to give up DX. me and her (azah) have to decide on Claire and Britini. Then Claire has to go. Britini will go after.
Feeds cut.. When we’re back
Tiff asking Azah if she agrees with her plan for 3 to go in a row when they hit Jury.
Azah – mmhmm
Tiff – no I don’t want you to just agree with me. we all have to be in agreement
Azah – I don’t know what you want me to agree with
Tiff – 3 have to go in a row, 3 of the none cookout
Azah – yeah they have to go anyone that is none cookout has to go in a row
DF and Azah say as far as they’re concerned the cookout is 5. (they don’t include Hannah for some reason)
Tiff warns them that it will be Sarah Beth that will figure out the cookout first.
DF – This is perfect..
Tiff leaves to talk to X.

DF asks Azah “how do you feel? do you not like that plan?”
Azah – I didn’t say I didn’t like it
DF – I can’t tell if you do or not.. where’s your heads at?
Azah – it makes sense. I kinda thought that’s how we were thinking already
Azah just doesn’t agree with the order she wants Whitney gone first
Azah – in this game I really don’t like Concrete plans things can change you have to go with the flow
DF – I will be 100 with you
DF explains the way she’s acting it looks like she doesn’t give 2 sh1ts about the plan “this is a game and we’re working together, you see how I act.. if I win HOH and I decides Whitney first he’ll do that”
Azah brings up when she told Tiff “I’m not trying to be defensive with you” Tiff snapped back “I don’t care if you are being defensive”
Azah – Okay I’ll just shut up then. I just need to shut my a$4 up and say yes yes yes
Brit and Claire join them.

10:09 am Tiff and Ky
Tiff is going over her plan with Ky using the chessboard.
Tiff – I have a plan for 6 to get to the end.
They agree a KING cannot win this next week HOH.
Ky – I don’t know how to ensure that happens, Wthiney doesn’t want to win
Tiff – I’m so tired of these people that don’t want to win (LOL)
Tiff – three in a row has to go us six are not going to make it.
Ky isn’t worried they can do it.
Tiff – it would be nice if we can figure out which three have to go.
Tiff says she couldn’t sleep last night going over the order of people they need to evict, “America must have been mad at me I said sh1t to the camera I don’t know about the 6.. I couldn’t sleep America must have sent me .. somebody was not letting me sleep last night and had my brain up until I came up with this”
Tiff says the cookout is staying alive “America you don’t have to hate me no more.. I’m not going rogue”
Ky – I never thought you would
Tiff says everyone in the cookout has to be on the same page, “Not like Azah, I tried to explain today. She feels like Whitney needs to go this week.”
Tiff – why does Whitney need to go this week?
Ky – if she puts up Whitney and a king goes home.. numbers-wise
Ky says her plan is crystal clear.

10:33 am Xavier, Ky and Tiff
Tiff runs through her plan using the chessboard. “blacks are guys whites are girls”
Tiff – three in a row has to go
X and Tiff agree Brit should be the first to hit the jury.
Tiff – If I lose Claire, SB has to go the next week. If you lose Christian, Hannah needs to lose DX the next week. If Ky loses Sarah Beth I lose Claire.
X says the last two should be Claire and Sarah Beth. He says Christian and DX will be harder to beat
Tiff says they can throw people off by putting a cookout member up they have the votes.
Ky – we can make it past the first week before doing that (talking when they hit Jury)
Tiff asks X if he’s cool with Alyssa and Whitney being the next two or does he want Christian out?
X is worried about Christian in physical competitions but if it’s mental he would rather face him.
Tiff says Sarah Beth makes her nervous.
X doesn’t want Chrisitan and Alyssa in Jury together.
X – I think people are having suspicions about Hannah based on how she’s playing the game. They think she’s very intelligent.
feeds cut ..
Ky says a KING can’t win this HOH.
X asks who do they want to win HOH?
Tiff asks out of Christian, Whitney, Alyssa who would he want out next.
Xavier wants Whitney
Ky – I would prefer Whitney also I wonder if this week is the best to get out King every team has a reason
X – everyone on my team is going for it if people want it they’ll have to beat them.
Tiff doesn’t want a KING to win it jeopardizes their plan.
Tiff – what if I win and put up one of your players? what does that do to the flush? Or do I tell them they’re a pawn
X – the only player that would believe that is Sarah Beth.. I can tell you right now Alyssa and Christian will be more pissed.
X says Brit won’t put up Alyssa and Christian but Azah would.
Tiff and Kyland think Brit will.
Tiff – I think if she won she would take the shot..
X says he can’t convince his team to throw the HOH and not look suspicious.
X says if his team wins HOH he suspects Whitney and Hannah will go up. they have to steer the conversation onto Whitney going.
Ky says he’s not winning the HOH. If a joker wins Whitney will go.

Ky – Christian is a better competitor and an emotional voter
X agrees.
Their new order is Whitney then Christian.

10:54 am Tiff and Ky
Tiff – I need a hug now..
Ky – you’ll get a massage
Tiff – I feel so much better, America I know y’all hated me last night I figured it out.
Tiff – the 6 is making it.
They agree X is the least emotional and Azah is the most.
Tiff says when Azah losses Brit she’ll be ok because she’ll have BIGD
Tiff and Ky say they feel like they’re “saving everyone else’s game” in the cookout.
Tiff says he needs to chill out his social game he’s been making connections with too many people. “Chill your charismatic down”
Tiff – I told Claire last night that we have to stick together. I don’t want her to feel…
Tiff – DerekX is very smart. he thinks very far ahead. let him continue getting close to Hannah. If we are going to keep him expendable

Tiff doesn’t see DX trusting Hannah too much because he won’t trust her knowledge in the game. Tiff and Ky agree Hannah doesn’t know what is going on.
Tiff – we have to keep the 6 we have to.. everyone is saying that but they don’t have a plan.
Tiff says she went to Azah and BIGD this morning
Ky – they don’t know what’s going n
Tiff – I think she just wants to disagree with me on everything but it’s okay.. I did say I don’t know if Whitney should go this week.
Ky says him and DX are going Whitney before the HOH and telling her if she doesn’t win she’s going up.
Tiff – who will she put up?
Ky – the kings
They have zero trust in Whitney.
Ky – the two closest people to her will steer her away from you and I

Tiff – I had a conversation with Whitney last night I was like you know I was just I don’t even know if we are doing the right thing by getting rid of Brent she said ‘I was wondering the same thing’
Ky – oh my god.. what was her reasoning.
Tiff – she’s looking at all things trying to figure it out.

11:30 am Brent and Whitney
Apparently, Brent doesn’t help with dishes because he says he washes his own right after he uses them. Whitney explains how this is wrong.

11:33 am Azah and BIGD
Azah – I know this is a team I don’t want it to affect my game. I just need to agree with what she says that is the best thing.
Azah – it gets confusing.. all of them they were telling me this whole time we’re playing our respected games. Tiffany, you can’t come and say this is the only way this is going to work.
Azah – I get it you’ve come up with this plan and all these things but you can’t say this is the only way it’ll work. In my head, Whitney is a bad target.
Azah – you (tiff) get defensive and mad say “NO” that’s not true. There are different avenues to get to the six
DF wants to get a Cookout meeting together so they can talk.
DF says he’s learned how to bullsh1t he says he’s the best one in the house “if someone is telling me a plan.. YEAH I LOVE THAT that’s a really good plan I like that.. no what you said is right .. ”
DF – you have to be more like that
Azah – I want it to be us five in the end..

Azah – I’m nervous.. I’m honestly nervous. I told you what happened with saying that to Christian
Df says they need to get together and talk “The five of us, I’m not worried about Hannah”
Azah – didn’t I say I agree with it and what did she say “I don’t want you to just agree with everything”
DF – I told you how look.. girl fix our face
Azah – she was just rude to me.. I sincerely said I think this is a good plan..
Azah keeps repeating the snapbacks Tiffany gave to her.
Azah highlights how Tiffany told them it’s not going to work any other way than her plan.
DF – she’s older and she thinks differently than us.
DF gives her advice on how to bullshit.
Azah – I work in sales I know

Azah says she knows Brit will go and the other non-cookout members.
Azah – I have a level of respect for people as people like I’m not going to manipulate or lie to DerekX I’m not going to manipulate or lie to Claire. You know.
DF – I have respect for people to .. if I win this week I have the hardest HOH I will have to put up two people that think I would never put them up
DF – am I doing it for the sake of me? NO I’m doing it for you guys
DF suggests she meet with Tiff “Hey girl I love your plan… just agree with the plan”

Xavier has been doing one on one..

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another name

Cookout and Hannah
Hannah wasn’t included at the inception of the group. It was a group of 5.
Azah thought Hannah was smart and therefore threatened Azah’s role as the smart one.
Others thought she was young, and therefore couldn’t be trusted to keep her mouth shut.
They decided she was a backup member if they lost a core member before jury.
She was almost upgraded when Kyland was nominated, because the rest of the cookout decided he was an acceptable casualty. The concept of the cookout was raised to Hannah at that point. Hannah thought it was already an understanding that they’d all look out for each other for the cause. Once the veto was used on Kyland, Hannah was relegated back to backup status in the minds of most of the cookout.
I still think Frenchie’s yammering about Hannah being the reason everyone turned on him is part of Azah and Big D’s thought process.
Kyland and Xavier saying Hannah was honorary, not a member, threw me a little. However, when you consider that Xavier is trying to stack the jury with Kings, and Kyland sees Hannah as an impediment to having the complete loyalty of one of his multiple final 2’s (little D)… it makes sense that their conclusion would be Hannah is an acceptable loss.

Tuesday Night Mafia Have Not Meeting (Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy thought)
If you hate production conspiracy thoughts… skip this paragraph.
I wonder.
I’ve mentioned many times the production shenanigans that went on with BBCan7 weekend routine (everyone comes together weekly on Sat. night, compares notes on the 4 man alliance, comes up with a plan to take them down. The planning continues until about 3am Monday morning. Right after Monday d/r calls after wake up… everyone suddenly forgets all about the 4 man alliance, and everything is right back to everyone line up at the door to be evicted).
Is that what last night was?
Did Tiffany just go off script last night once the production staff left intern skippy to man the cams? Awfully convenient that she did a 180 late Tuesday night, then another 180 this morning after wake up call, saying she had dreams….
I’m thinking last night slop brain Tiffany said screw the production authorized plan, I want the money… only to be awakened to the production staff and storyline coordinators telling her this morning to stick to the script or become pre-jury robbed queen.
Just a thought.
That’s just my lack of trust in all things Grod coming out. I’ll shove it back into it’s box, and you won’t hear that particular thought again.

This week’s vote prediction as of Wed. evening:
10-2 Brent is evicted. Alyssa has already told people she’s afraid someone will throw a hinky vote that will be blamed on her, while also pinky promising Brent she will vote for him to stay. Another person (possibly Tiff) will also throw a hinky vote hoping to implicate Alyssa.
Imagine if multiple people all secretly attempted to cast a hinky vote to implicate someone else…
Comedy ensues.


I’m 100 with you & the tin foil conspiracy – one need only see the interaction with Tiff and Azah when she shares the plan.

AND — as punishment to Tiff for going off script the early part of the show Wednesday is making Tiff look completely out of line & Azah appear so sweet and understanding. Meanwhile Azah was pissed & was giving Ky, Tiff, X and Baby D various degrees of the cold shoulder.

I like them all – appreciate Azah’s heart but not her laziness in the game.

Remember when you asked who TPTB gave the most shine to in the first show (second technically b/c of noms) I sent you a response that it was Azah who must’ve been in three times as many DRs as anyone not named Frenchie.

That week we NEVER saw her b/c all she did was lay in bed. That was my first red flag.

Again, I like her but not her game.

another name

I’m not sure if my premise will completely hold water this season, but given past seasons of both can and us, I still think episode edits in the first week give huge clues to what future episode storylines will focus on at about the week 5-6 range.
The big three have traditionally been first named alliance (can6 real deal, can7 prettyboys, us 20 level6, us 22 committee, can 9 sunsetters all are top of my mind in this), first person given focus in d/r that doesn’t equal their feed involvement in the game (c6 paras, bb19 josh, c7 dane, bb21 the jackhole was the episode, c9 tychon had a lot of premiere focus, bb22 episode one might as well have been called cauliflower hour) and the first person to say I’m going to win the season in d/r (the last one is sometimes a red herring for comedic gravitas when they fail miserably).


Shut up Tiffany and they thought Frenchie was annoying she’s frenchie 2.0!


Tiff doesnt want to win HoH either, shes said that multiple times lol


Tiff has laid out the entire rest of the season, no need to watch anymore, Simon and Dawg can take the rest of the season off, its a wrap


Her style of play is enjoyable and it will be interesting to see how other players either navigate with it or fight against it

The Beef

If she thinks 6-5 means you control the vote, when 2 people are nominated and the HOH doesn’t vote, she needs to revisit her Big Brother strategy book, I think. At some point these people are going to figure out what’s going on, or a competition will be played where the cards are laid on the table. All of this mess about Hannah either being in or not being in the Cookout, just may be the thing that bites the 5 we know are in it right square in the ass, because if she finds out they don’t consider her a member, she’ll turn on them faster then sh@t goes through a goose, and very quickly two Cookout members could find themselves on the block. Even a veto win might not save them, if the whole house knows the plan was to evict all non-black players first, as it’s highly likely another CO member would replace the one the veto took down.


What I’d like see Tiff wins HOH and her noms get screwed up and she has to renom on POV. She’ll have blood on her hands and some of her plans will come to light.


Which of the girls do you think will do this? Or do you think Derek X will before any of the girls?


They’ve left out Hannah why?
Because she’s smart?
Because she doesn’t know what’s going on?
Because she’s mixed?
Pick one Cookout.

The Beef

Like Kevin, I don’t think she’s black enough for some of them. I can’t think of any other reason for leaving her out. Can you? Hannah is half Indian and half African American, so good enough to fill in as a replacement if somebody gets voted out, but just not quite “qualified” for initial membership in the group.

Pretty disgusting if you ask me, but then the whole idea of alliances and voting strategy based on race is reprehensible.


Your last line specifically. How quick would BB make the headlines if an all white alliance thought it was a given that they would stick together for the cause ?? Show would be boycotted or shut down or recast or something! And if that were the case it certainly should!

But 5 given and a spare is a-ok! SMH

MDW-Gilbert AZ

Question, how old is Tiff ? Reason I’m asking is, I think she is kind of flirting with Ky. I could be wrong, but she wants to hug him, she seems to always want a massage or some type of physical connection.

i could be missing something, or I might be wrong.

MDW-Gilbert AZ

Thanks Simon, I’m glad I am not the only person who thinks that.


Good on her! So many May – December romances and showmances have happened on BB —the other way! It’s about time for a cougar gal to get her game on with a handsome young guy!

Cee Dee

AIN’T NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Tiff can get her cougar on. LOL!!


I was originally an Azah stan, then I she volunteered to be on the block just to make whiny Boring-Brit feel better? Nah. She is too emotional – this is a game. Tiff is playing it. And this snippet (thanks Simon & Dawg) cinches it:

Tiff – then tell me your plan
Azah – I don’t have a plan

WHY don’t you have a plan? I would have a plan A, B, C, & to Zed!

Seems sad the Cookout is not including Hannah in the strategy discussions – I know she’s young but so far I think she’s been pretty level headed.

Tiff is doing the work, so is X and Ky. Also, if I were HOH I would NOT allow anyone to grind under blankets on my bed. I would definitely be like Ky and limit game talk to a reasonable amount – and refuse to answer questions when I didn’t feel like it. That was boss!

My two farthings for now!


No you have a way getting your self to the end, because you can talk most any of the house guest into doing your dirty work for you without them knowing your doing it. Example, Frenchy, He did do some wrong things, but what you did was just as wrong, you were covering your own self from being known what you did for Frenchie, afraid he was going to expose you as well. Hope the houseguest wishes up to you putting you on the block blindsiding you.