“This flip-flopping back and forth sh1t is making it complicated.. everyone thinks you are the psychopath”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland and Alyssa
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Frenchie, Alyssa, Travis, DerekX, Tiffany | HOST = DerekF
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony:

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winner’s team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Waiting for the Veto Ceremony. DerekX will be using it on Kyland who the clown puts up is unknown. Likely Travis but maybe Hanna or a “Curveball”

9:19 am HAve nots

Talking about last night’s conversations.
Christian – based on how we went to bed everything should go as planned again.. I was like DUDE Frenchie I’m sorry if you change any more plans this is so bad for your game.. everyone thinks you are the psychopath that keeps changing your plans

Xavier – Thank you
Christian – keep your sh1t together man
SB – he wanted to get out me, Christian, Alyssa, DerekX, Travis and now someone else (Forgot Brent)
Christian – sorry Travis you’re going
Xavier – he’s been talking about this HOH being hell.. It has but a lot of this has been self-inflicted wounds. Like Bro you put up two of the most likable people.. as pawns or BIG FISH .. like

Feeds cut.. When we’re back..
Christian – back to using it on Ky the original play
Xavier points out that during all the conversations last night Frenchie was pulling in Travis, “You brought the replacement nominee into the room.. get him out”
Alyssa – Frenchie was like He knows.. I get it he knows why rub it in his face
Christian – they’re bringing up everything we’re saying and Travis is right there.
Christian – he asked me If Travis goes up who am I voting for. IN FRONT OF ALYSSA who do you think?
Christian says he was so nervous last night to go to sleep because if he didn’t stay up watching Frenchie there could be a new plan.

They bring up how dangerous DerekX is.
SB – I sat there in silence and watched him do his magic. that guy scares me.
Christian – he’s the first person up still..
Xavier – Agreed..
Sb agrees.

Christian mentions Frenchie telling Travis they have the numbers to keep him.

Xavier – For me.. Ky comes down cool, Alyssa comes down cool. I don’t give a f** at this point stick to one person so we can plan for the next move head this flip-flopping back and forth sh1t is making it complicated and this flip-flopping is being told right in front of the replacement nominee what are you all doing.. This was the HOH from F***ING hell

Christian says that is why he stayed up with them last night.
Xavier says they have to fight for HOH because right now he’s not feeling comfortable with any of this
SB – I was talking to Frenchie yesterday and he said Whitney wasn’t DerekX gone so she will be going for the HOH
SB – I was like Frenchie.. they are on the same team if Whitney wants DerekX gone she’ll have to throw it.
SB – Frenchie did say he will try and get Whitney to convince her team to throw it. (ZOMG)

SB leaves.. 9Alyssa is also gone)
Christian asks is there anyone else they can trust to win HOH.
Xavier – BIGD

9:31 am Alyssa and DX
Alyssa – should I be scared
DX – no everyone wants you to stay.
DX – In both cases, Frenchie has made sure you will stay.
DX – Frenchie has a lot of influence. He’s probably the most influential person in the house. Even after his HOH. He’s built up a lot of alliances..
ALyssa – I’m probably staying on the block. Be honest with me
DX – right now that is where I am leaning
Alyssa – I just get nervous that every night something will happen and I’m the one staying on the block and I think me being calm cool and collected is helping. Ky is the pawn and he’s freaking out
Alyssa – I’m staying on the block.. I did nothing.. I didn’t kiss anyone

9:38 am Frenchie is tired from huffing glue all night.

9:40 am DerekF, Xavier and Asah
Xavier is giving them a quick update on Frenchie.. “He’s having all these talks like who he thinks the replacement nominee has the best chance of going home against with the replacement nominee in the f***ing room”
BigD – I know..
Xavier is worried if the veto is used on Alyssa and Travis goes up Kyland’s paranoia will get to him and Travis will stay.
Xavier – Ky might shoot himself in the foot
Asah – at this point do we know if it’ll be used
X – it’ll be used.. DerekX has no choice to use it if he wants to live in this game.

9:43 am DerekX and Travis
DX – how do you feel
Travis – I’m going up and going home
DX – you still have three days

DX thinks Frenchie has the vote to knock out who he wants.
Travis – that is why we need to get on Frenchie’s good side
DX – I want to be on his good side but I need allies or something
Travis thinks they should try and build something with X
DX says Alyssa would be a good pawn she doesn’t freak out.
Travis – was she bothered when you told her you probably wouldn’t use it on her?
DX – she wasn’t bummed.. she thinks she has the votes.
DX – I told her I think you are down by four. you will be fighting Frenchie to get those votes and because you will be fighting Frenchie I can’t campaign for you that hard.
DX – we have three days to figure it out WE can figure out some clever ways.

10:17 am Alyssa and Whitney
Alyssa is giving her a rundown of Frenchie being pissed at Kyland (see this post)

10:23 am Frenchie, Hannah, DX, Claire, Kyland, SB
prior to this conversation Frenchie was going on about not caring about Social media. (he brings this up a lot I suspect he does care about it and all this signaling he’s doing is to appease them but it’s having the opposite effect cause he’s a freaking glue clown. )
DX is telling them he went to a high school where the people never changed so it took him a while after leaving to get used to meeting new people and feeling comfortable doing that.
Sb says she had the opposite experience.
DX thinks it’s because she was popular and he hung out with teh nerds.

Frenchie – my previous highschool.. there was umm.. alot of .. ummm.. correct me on how to say this.. Uhhh
Frenchie – L ….. G ….
The rest of the houseguests “B……. T ….. Q … ”
Frenchie – yes there a lot of that in Texas down in Tennessee there’s not much of it so the people that .. the very one or two that were I like Gravitated towards them because I was like.. I … had been familiar with it and I say in Highschool how they got pushed to the side and like called names. I got super defensive of these two people.
Frenchie – everybody was like how are you so open to this? I was like you guys are just boxed and bubbled because I’ve had the opportunity to meet all kinds of cultures and people growing up (He’s very a cosmopolitan glue clown)
Frenchie says the people in Tennessee never left their hometown, “There was bigoty.. I was like you guys way of thinking is f***Ed”

10:39 am Alyssa, Azah and BIGD
Alyssa says DerekX is using the Veto..
Alyssa – Ky is getting so paranoid. Did I tell you what Ky asked me today?
Alyssa – he pulled me aside.. so I just want to ask you nothing has changed but like if Derek used it on you would you feel more safe..
They laugh..
Alyssa – he’s on the bike.. if Derek used it on you would you feel more safe.
Asah – Ky is the most attractive guy in this house he is so cute.. He’s just like a puppy dog..
They laugh..
Alyssa – In my head I’m thinking what the f***.. then I’m like he doesn’t think this is a stupid question
Alyssa – what the f*** obviously cause I would be safe..

10:58 am Hannah, Kyland, Azah and BIGD
Kyland clears up what was said last night that set the Frenchie clown off.
Kyland – He said you’re 100% guaranteed to not go home and I said You also guaranteed I wasn’t going to be on the block
Azah – I would just like Chill
Kyland – no no everything is good.. it was the tone we ended up talking about that
Kyland brings up the play to have Veto used on Alyssa.
Hannah – you met her 5 days ago save yourself.. So Derek said he would use the veto on you unless you say to use it on someone else that you met 5 days ago?
Kyland – I’m just thinking.. there’s guarantee 5 votes. this is the only chance we have ..
Hannah – why would you not take yourself off the block
Kyland – ok
Asah – take yourself off the block so we don’t have to show our cards.
Ky – right .. ok..

11:14 am Asah and BigD are getting ready. Hannah and Tiffany are chatting
Hannah – I feel good about Whitney
Tiffany – She’s smart.. she has some STRONG opinions if she doesn’t like some sh1t she doesn’t like some sh1t I don’t want to be on the other side of her I don’t like some sh1t you know…
Hannah – Yeah Yeah.. With Whitney I trust her as much as you can in the Big Brother house she seems like an honest sincere person. She’s like the female version of Frenchie both Strong, both Dominate, both opinionated at least you know where their heads at if they are going to stab you it’ll be from the front and those are the people you want to keep around.

11:19 am Kyland talking to the cameras
Kyland – the problem is I’m such a gambler. I legit wanted to have him take Alyssa off. As soon as they were like that’s not you gambling your game it’s you gambling our game. As soon as they said that I was like damn.. I can’t do that cuase it’s bigger than me.

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Creepy Harold

When Frenchie eventually goes on the block, his meltdown is going to be epic! He’s going to spiral out of control and blow up everyone’s game and every conversation he’s had in the house.

This is probably not a popular take but……

I kinda hope its not next week….maybe week 4 or 5, after other alliances are solidified just so Frenchie can burn them to the ground.

Just Sayin'

I agree, he is feeds gold, hopefully he stays around for a few weeks for our entertainment!

Paul Sucks

I wish they would nominate him out the gate so we can watch the melt down and then he would win veto and take himself off.


I can’t decide which would be better or worse. A week of Frenchie freaking out on the block or a backdoor situation. I don’t know that I can handle a whole week of Frenchie on the block.


Havenots for the win, they totally have Frenchie pegged. Frenchie is so manic and chaotic it’s causing people to freak the f*@# out. Pretty soon they’ll set up shifts to stay up with Frenchie just so he doesn’t throw another curveball, hahaha, nothing like living with a psycho to keep you on your toes.

Things That Make You Go Hmm?

What kind of privilege does a houseguest have that allows them to call the other houseguests the N-word behind their backs without repercussions?


When did this happen ?

Things That Make You Go Hmm?

Flashback 7/12 1:45:59am cam 3,4


Is there a way to look back at feeds after they have happened?

Things That Make You Go Hmm?

ya click the Flashback tab, click a date on calendar, set time and camera, but for same day tho just click back on the progress bar under video

Mac B

I don’t have the live feeds…. soooo who said this (allegedly)


I think French soon to be fried, will throw a curve ball. He just can’t stop himself.


I am so over Frenchie, he is a Train Wreck waiting to happen. I have never seen an HOH bring the replacement nominee into a meeting and discuss who they will vote for if they bring Ky down ?? Now according to Frenchie, Travis is a good guy, he is loyal, he is trustworthy, blah blah blah… What Frenchie needs to learn is, he should talk with people, get to know them, stop basing your opinions on how a person is nice looking, is in good shape. To me it comes across as he is just being Jealous, because maybe he thinks that he is not very attractive, and he is not built.

Frenchie needs to understand, people can sit and talk, hang out, be friendly with each other, that does not mean they are plotting, he needs to understand just because he is HOH, that does not mean everyone must talk with him only, or treat him a certain way, all he has done is expose himself, and make people feel that he changes his mind every 5 – 10 minutes, he’s not stable, so people are not going to feel comfortable working with him.

I will be honest, I can’t wait to see how he behaves when he is on the Block ?? That is going to be priceless, he will really be off the rails then. I am looking forward to see this, I can’t wait.


Seriously. Dude is a walking contradiction.


” I have never seen an HOH bring the replacement nominee into a meeting and discuss who they will vote for if they bring Ky down ?? ”

IKR? As i was watching it, it felt so sureal

The Beef

There is one word to describe Frenchie and that word is “shallow”. He’s 34 years old, happily married with 3 kids, yet it seems he hasn’t gotten over his high school days – and his need to call the other guys he thinks are more athletic than he is “meatheads”, will most likely backfire on his country ass sooner rather than later. He sure is impressed with his own intelligence though, even though he can’t seem to make a plan and stick with it, can’t seem to follow his own declaration not to talk too much or share too much information, nor follow his basic promise not to nominate any women during his HOH (it seems he’s now considering putting a SECOND woman on the block as the replacement nominee).

The guy is clearly in over his head, and rather than seeking out someone he thinks he can trust for good solid advice, or at least someone he can bounce ideas off of, he just seems to stick his arm up his back side about elbow deep, and pull another idea out of there for the new “plan”, and this occurs about every hour or two, or based on who he last talked to and convinced him they are now “loyal” to him.

Frenchie is a nut job, but highly entertaining so far! I’m amazed so many of them seem to still be loyal to him based on the craziness of his reign, but that might be because his reign isn’t over yet. He may be #1 on the hit list next week, depending on who wins HOH, and what fun that will be! I’d love to see Ky win HOH and put his ass up as a “pawn” as payback, just to see the reaction. I mean, he’d be justified in doing it, right? You put me up – I put you up – because I TRUST you! lol

Mac B

Frenchie is the most insecure person in BB history!!! Yeah I said it!


Is Travis the house target now to go home on Thursday ?

Simon and Dawg thanks for all you do


I’m so happy Derek X saved Kyland.

I hope both can go far and can do their part to rid the house of the psycho meth clown!


The Frenchie-centric alliances will fall apart Thursday night. We’ll get a better feel how people are aligning now that Frenchie can’t do anything else.


Your constant additions like (glue sniffer or clown) is pretty immature for someone trying to run a website