Nomination Ceremony Results! “I do like you guys. You guys had my back and I back stabbed you.”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Natalie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ? and ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-02 18-32-49-224

Vic Nominated: James & Natalie

5:10pm – 5:55pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony.

5:55pm – 6:50pm When the feeds return – In the kitchen – Nat says it pays off to not sh*t on people. Vic says that’s not my style. James says that’s not my style either. Vic says I put you up. This is why. It’s that easy. James says I appreciate that. Nat tells Paul I really do like you. I do like you guys. Vic says I thought I was done on day 23. Nat says I back stabbed two people. You guys had my back and I back stabbed you. Vic says that’s alright, its the nature of the game. Nat says I thought Paul was coming after James. Paul says I was not. Vic says that’s the nature of the beast and of the game you just don’t know the information you get. Nat says I apologize for doing that to you guys. If I go home this week I just wanted you to know that. James says you’re not going home. Nat says you don’t know that. If you win the veto, I’m going. I learned the game being in this house and I have so much appreciation for it. I surpassed my expectations in this house. Paul says we were caught with our d**k in our hands the first few weeks. James and Nat start playing a game of dominoes.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-02 18-48-48-973

5:55pm – 6:20pm Nicole and Corey are in the bedroom talking. Nicole says she said a lot of stupid things in the last 24 hours. I keep digging a deeper and deeper hole that I don’t know how to get out of. I just need help to get out. I need an even playing field. Corey asks what do you want me to sh*t on you? Nicole says yes. Corey says I’m not that type of person. I wouldn’t say the things that you say to me. Nicole says ok first off that’s not what I meant by an even playing field. You’re a jerk. Corey says thanks. Why am I a jerk?! Nicole says you said something that you knew would hurt my feelings. I don’t know if I want to cry or laugh. Nicole says I would never say those things that you’ve said to me.. REALLY!? What are you referring to? Corey says you know? I’m just kidding. Nicole says you’re not kidding. You get so like. I try to say sorry. And you keep saying I don’t care. I don’t want to talk about it. Corey says because you continue to act weird. Vic and Paul join them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-02 18-44-15-164
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6:25pm HOH room – Nicole says to herself – I still have to win the veto to be safe this week.

6:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again..

7:10pm – 7:25pm The live feeds return – James is napping. In the HOH room – Vic and Corey are playing dominoes.

7:30pm – 8pm Nat tells James you better win that veto. James tells Nat she better win it. Nat tells James I know you got bribed to drop out of that comp. James says no I didn’t. Nat asks why do you think no one is talking about it. Nat says we’re on the block together. Nat says one of us are going home. James says I’m actually excited to get the hell out of here. James says I’m going to say vote to keep Natalie because if you keep me I will come after each and everyone of you. Nat says you always trusted and defended Nicole and Corey. James says I would have followed you into the dark. James tells Nat that she’s staying. Nat says no I’m not. James says I’ll tell you a secret. I’m throwing the veto. Nat says at least try and win it. James says I’ll try and win it an not use it. No matter how you play it one of us is going home. If I come off, you’re going home. If you come off, I’m going home. It was my fault for saying that we should trust them, so why should you take the blame. James says I’m not going to beg for them to keep me. I’m going out with strength and honor. Nat says I’m sad about this. If you go home this week.. I am going to gun, gun gun to win these comps. Nat says I want to pick who wins that half mil. The only people I would vote for is You, Vic and Paul.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-02 19-40-58-974

8:10pm – 8:55pm Bathroom – James and Nat. Nat says I don’t even give a sh*t any more. The only reason I want to stay is to win the HOH and put Nicole and Corey on the block. I should never have back stabbed Victor. James says I should never put Frank up. He was never coming for me. Nat says but Frank was coming for me. And Paul was coming for you. F**ked up our games. Our games are blown up. James says my game is blown up. You still have a little game left. I’m actually the target. Nat says they have a final four, if you go I’m next. Nat says oh if you keep Vic he’s going to win the game. Now they’re working with him. Those little betrayers.

9:05pm James & Nat head to bed in the london bedroom. Nicole and Corey just used up to get inside you know? James agrees.

9:10pm – 9:20pm Tokyo Bedroom – Nicole tells Corey thank you for being my best friend. Corey says thanks for being mine. Nicole says I’m definitely glad I had you in this house. I am super grateful for you. Corey says thank you. Nicole says I think Natalie is going to do something weird. She always tries to name everyone a bad person to get them to be the one to go home. No one is here is a bad person. Those are strong words.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-02 21-17-42-384

9:30pm – 10:50pm Lots of sleeping and this on the feeds..

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-02 23-41-03-987

10:30pm Natalie is telling James about about how much Paul and Victor will be gunning for the vetos from here on out. Nat and James head to the store (storage room) to grab food to cook. (Natalie said she was never going to cook in the house again after she “almost burnt it down and almost killed them all”)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-02 23-51-35-182

11:10pm – 11:55pm Corey asks Nicole what her biggest regret was growing up. Nicole says playing more sports. Corey asks if she is good with the ball. Nicole says I’m not bad. Nicole asks Corey what his biggest regret is? Corey says probably not taking school serious enough. They head to the kitchen to make food.

12:10am Paul is cooking fries …

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-03 00-08-05-848

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142 thoughts on “Nomination Ceremony Results! “I do like you guys. You guys had my back and I back stabbed you.”

  1. Think how different this game would be if they didn’t have that
    pre jury buy back ! Victor would be home playing with himself.
    Frank would have been the first member of the jury . Maybe he
    Could of out lasted the other jurors ! That’s the worst thing did
    that pre jury buy back .

      1. Winner of BB18 speeches: Victor – evicted 2 times vs Paul – evicted 0, Nicole vs anyone – no speech, no really no speech, stands up sits down, Corey vs anyone – blinks, no speech, Nat/James vs anyone – both will cry

    1. Hey guys….love the updates, but this one….im confused, what are NiCorey fighting about in that convo?

      Also Natalie has tap danced on my last nerve, WE GET IT….u should not have backstabbed Vic/Paul…not listened to “James Gut” in pairing with NiCorey…how many times she going to repeat that…

      James is beyond my least favorite this season….he needs to tell Nat to stfu…and focus, she will still have another week…

      1. She is locked in house 24-7 with the same lame people, with 0 news and any real entertainment. What do you expect her to talk about? Game is all they have to talk about!
        Petty people….

  2. Big Whoop! Surprise! James & Natalie are on the block! SIGH

    Nicole’s picking fights with Corey. Hey Vic, better make a lap that Nicole can jump into!

    Lordy…this season is sooooooooooooo boring! Hope it improves with the veto competition.
    Missed Julie’s announcement at the end of Thursday’s show. Can anyone tell me if there’s an eviction planned for next Wednesday as well as Thursday?

    1. last year was boring too, everyone got along and hung out together so there wasn’t any chit chatter behind closed doors. same with nicoles season, i don’t think anything was more boring than watching AFter Dark and all the final 5 or 6 are doing is all together in the backyard playing pool or watching people play pool. it was agonizingly dull

    1. I would bet money that if James goes this week and Nat wins hoh next week she will become an overwhelming fan favorite, even on this board, and even if she nominates Paul and Vic. I think a combination of power and forced independence would work wonders for her.

      1. She would be a huge hero if she won HOH. That girl, owner of Nat’s Nads, wouldn’t hesitate one second to put Corey an Nicole on the block. I am cheering for her.

    2. all night yesterday and all day today, even now on the live feeds Nat is repeating the same thing over and over again to James. she’s been saying “we back stabbed Paul and Vic” ,”Nicole and Corey used us James”. she is PISSED, heavy medicated and on the brink of a meltdown.

  3. Whats up with Vic being all over Nicole? Common Vic you’ve been evicted twice, came back twice and now you’re HOH and a favorite to win if you’re in final 2, don’t f@ck it up this close to the end by throwing yourself at Nicole giving Corey a reason to put you on the block if he wins the next HOH. I rooting for Vic to win!!!

    1. Vic has always taken every opportunity to hug or touch Nichole, she is just spending time with him now so it is more obvious.

    2. Corey wouldn’t care if Victor moves inon Nicole. He has no long-term plans to be with her, which he made clear to Vic and the live feed viewers earlier this week. It’s a showmance he’s using to further him in the game, nothing more.

      1. Ratcole better leave Vic alone! She smells like garbage! Look at her ugly nasty face! Go find Hayden and leave Vic to me and Corey! Corey is keeping one of his eyes on you. Holla!!!!!

    3. Vic hugging on Nicole doesn’t mean anything. It’s a Puertorican/Cuban thing. It’s part of the culture. It just means that he has love for her in a friendship (no pun intended) way.

        1. I don’t understand why you would respond to my comment in such a vulgar and perverse way. Your response clearly shows how ignorant you are and your lack of class.

          1. What a coincidence! I’m actually Puerto Rican on my mothers side and we don’t hug from behind, lay on top of each other or generally grope and feel in a perverse way 24/7 like that! That’s not normal and again it reminds me of the Frenchies, Cody, Paulie and their dad.

            1. Hey Cuban Girl! All of a sudden this troll is a Puerto Rican? Ya the first post says different. This loser is for sure a lying shit start
              I got troll!

        2. Yes, it is called child abuse1 If there Dad really does that, then someone needs to stop him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Corey doesn’t care about Nicole outside the house. Vic is a genuine loyal guy. I like Nicole…other than play the game like everyone else is also doing I’m not sure why she gets such a bad rep. So what he is paying attention to her.

  4. No surprises. Laughing at Nat campaigning by admitting she backstabbed. Might work if James wins veto and Nat convinces them she is sorry and less liked in jury than Corey. Glad I have this site , though, so I don’t have to watch.

  5. Cory has been saying some awful comments to Nicole lately. Then he says just kidding.
    He said something hurtful last night to her in front of Vick and Paul that surprised them.
    I don’t remember the exact words. Does anyone ?

    1. You have to be a woman…because when I look at Corey’s interactions with her I see a guy that’s way more tolerant of f***ing nonstop nonsense than I am and quite frankly is worthy of a new BB prize “America’s Favorite Survivor of a Stage Five Clinger”…..

      1. I don’t know why so many on here have to make this personal.
        I’m not. And I’m not making a judgement about the reasons why he made the comments.
        I’m trying to find out if the relationship almost over and maybe their alliance.
        And trying to understand their above conversation.

        1. I feel you like Nichole are confused, there is no alliance? Cory has used Nichole…pretty straight forward? Soon it’ll be all too clear.

    2. Anonymous. . . I don’t know if this is what you’re referring to, but it surprised me when Corey came out of the DR and walked into the bedroom where Nic, Paul and Vic were and Nic asked him if he was sick and he replied, “Of you.”

  6. James or Nat please win the veto and put Nicole up and get her out!! Please give us a break from her. I already fast forward any time I hear her talk. I actually am starting to feel sorry for Corrrrrreyyyy.

  7. Could somebody please enlighten me as to what Corey said to Nicole that has her panties in a bunch? Was it something serious that warrants that reaction or not? That girl has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old.

    1. Nicole is mad because Corey said “I’m not that type of person. I wouldn’t say the things that you say to me.” He’s saying that she says mean things to him that he would never say to her.

      1. Thanks, Dawg! My big fear is we’re going to be moving from “Coooooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeyyyy” to “Viiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccc!”

  8. What was the Nicorey argument about? Can anyone explain? I tried watching but she’s always apologizing for something, he’s always saying he was just kidding about being mad but still acting pissed… and with him extra-spaced-out from slop, I just can’t keep feeds on them.

  9. Ew Victor is obsessed with Nicole like Caleb and Amber. Victor randomly Nicole if asked she took a shower and he knew exactly how many hours since she last took a shower. Natalie told Nicole he was obsessed her and she’s pretty accurate with a lot things. He follows Nicole everywhere and he’s putting a wedge between Her and Corey. I know Corey felt uncomfortable around Vic in the beginning because he jealous of Nat liking Corey. Corey and Nicole were outside together when, Vic repeatedly cracked the sliding door open & closed, he just stood there looking at them. Nicole is leading him on and don’t know how well he’ll take it lol

    1. You have a major lack of awareness of what’s really going on in the house. And Vic was the one who rejected Natalie btw. And it seems evident that he sees Nicole as a friend or sister and is trying to reinforce their bond from their alliance. He’s heard enough of her whiny voice and clingy behavior to not want a relationship, he’s not a dumb dude.

  10. So tired of Nicole. James or Nat win the veto. replacement: this whiny blond squirrel and vote her out!!!

    1. Nic, Nat and James remind me of an old movie where a mad scientist turned rodents into humans. But he was never completely successful, as each one retained rodent-like qualities.

      1. That is such a bizarre comment, but the more I think about it, the more I think you are on to something! Sci-Fi fan, I’m guessing.

  11. I’m confused with all the James/Nat haters. Nicole hasn’t done craaaappp all summer. Natalie is a way better player than her! She’s so damn lazy and annoying. Brush your hair and take a shower fool!!

    1. At least Nicole stays out of her own way, has easily survived and has a final 4 where the other 3 likely all want her at the end.

      Nat hid with James the whole game, Bridgette guided her 1 one game move…a move that only happens when Paul jumps on board (James was wavering and actually ratted to Paulie before it was a done deal) and Paul was ready to make that move because of his comfort with Bridgette…and as soon as Bridgette wasn’t around, she’s been easily the worst player right alongside Michelle, another person who got credit for Bridgette and Paul’s move against Paulie.

      She can blame James for turning on Paul and Vic, but she needed very little convincing, and even worse, she threw away her leverage. BB rules are simple, when you’re HOH the party you want to align with has to come to you. If you simply inform them that you’re keeping them and want a final 4, they HAVE to accept and it means nothing. Nat let power go right to her head and her ham-handed dictatorship told Nicole and Corey she wasn’t trustworthy, that she’d do them like she did Vic and Paul at the earliest convenience. Then she compounded the error expecting Nicole as HOH to come to her or just crossing her fingers that her strategy without Bridgette telling her what to do of hiding in bed with James would work.

      Nicole may be whiny, needy and perpetually frightened….but at least she doesn’t always vilify others so she’s a “victim”. At least Nicole interacted with people, talking game. At least Nicole isn’t consumed with performing for the camera 20% of the time and hiding the other 80%.

      1. There are so many points you made that are just wrong. Too long to go through each one, but the last point you made is cracking me up! You think Nicole took the time to “talk to people”?

        I can think of 3 people,off the top of my head, that have discussed several times how Nicole won’t speak to them. I can think of two times, off the top of my head, that Nicole said she “doesn’t want to talk to these people.” Or how about “I should go up and talk to them but I don’t feel like it”? She did that several times, and just stayed there in bed with Corey. Nicole has said herself she just stays in the corner with Corey and doesn’t talk to anyone so why is she being blamed for things?

        You act like her “laying low” is stradegy or some brilliant gameplay. When really all it is, she only wants to follow Corey around like a love struck puppy.

        Natalie at least has an excuse. She’s watched half a season of big brother. She has no clue what she’s doing. Nicole is a supposed “vet”, and her gameplay is horrible. She still confuses big brother with bachelor. Smh

  12. Go victor. Now send that dumb ass James home. And please stay away from Nichole. Your not thinking straight, your just horney. She’s not good enough for you. Her nose should be a turn off, but gosh the voice should drive you crazy!!! WTF!!!!!! Your going to screw up your game for her? Please just go take care of yourself and stay the F away from her! ????

  13. I just finished watching the parts of BBAD from last night that I could stand to watch. There was something that Nicole asked Corey close to the end of the show. Can’t remember but something along the lines of is something getting on your nerves or why was he gone so long and he said “you”. Paul and Vic did have shocked looks on their faces. I just can’t remember exactly. But I was shocked as well. You can see the jerk inside of him slipping out from time to time.

    1. She got paranoid after she made some mean remarks about Corey being slow and Victor being super fast at the Hoh comps. He disappeared for an hour and when he returned she told him I thought you were sick and he responded sick of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Went on Dan Gheesling Twitter to see what he had to say about his “cousin-in-law”. Dan said “While I’m on the West Coast for #PAXWEST, should I swing by the Jury House and me my new “cousin”. Then he has a gif of Kanye West shaking his head NO Lol

      1. Dan has a podcast or something and Meech was talking about that she had called into his show to get pointers on how to audition for BB. I did listen to it from this site or somewhere else

    1. A jar full of squirrel farts could beat those two perpetual losers in any comp.
      The difference is, that jar is way more trustworthy than James.

  15. Maybe I’m wrong here, but I thought it was refreshing to hear that Natalie owned up to, and apologized for, backstabbing Victor and Paul.
    I’m sure some will say it’s bad game play, but from a strictly personal standpoint, I give her credit. And I’m not a Natalie or James fan.
    Finally, while it was poor sportsmanship on Michelle’s part, I kind of loved how she trashed Nicole on the way out. Nasty Nicole is so worried about what the fans think of her….I loved it.

  16. I’m happy victor and Paul are safe this week because I want one of them to win.
    But I don’t want to be easy.
    So I’m hoping noms stay the same and then nicole and Corey make a deal with James to save him, and the 3 of them attempt to take swing at victor or Paul in final 5.
    Then either the remaining Paul and victor have to battle it out to the end Rachel Reilly style to make it to final 2.
    Otherwise victor will win every physical comp and Paul will win every mental comps and that’s will be boring

    1. So I get what you are saying, but here’s the deal: James has protected Nicole at least 2 times that I can think of against her being nominated for eviction, and let her win the HOH. She hasn’t done a damn thing for him. She wants reassurance that James has her back (you better have my back, James–quote from Nicole), but she hasn’t had his back at all. James needs to blow her game up. Paul, Corey and whoever came off the block would vote her ass out. This is the week to do it because we can’t really tell what is going on in Vic’s brain regarding Nicole and she truly is a snake.

    2. Well we all know that’s not gonna happen If James don’t wake tfu and stop trying to be this save a chick @ss kind of dude on a game show where there’s a half a mil on the line or realize he’s not on the show to kiss Americas @ss for afp…. James has really annoyed me this whole season. He needs to go. Send his $ss too the jury house.

  17. Everything about Michelle’s exit was cringe worthy. She was so uncomfortable while her parents were being interviewed, she used that high, fake, squeaky voice during all her speeches. She kept messing up and took too long and wouldn’t leave the house. She stole Peblo (and probably Paul’s pants & sunglasses, Tiffany’s top, Nat’s pants, Lord knows what else… the hanger she was chewing on). She looked so uncomfortable talking to Julie. The ill-timed cry towards the end, probably more over how bad she knows she is going to look on TV. Hide your food, Jury people, Big Meech and her dirty feet are coming for you! Still don’t get the “connection” between her and Nat.

    1. also cringeworthy..if not delusional…Nat and mic practicing their final 2 speeches. (me spastic blinking at that)

      1. She has a major oral fixation; hence her always shoveling food in her mouth. I’m still grossed out that she licked someone’s foot early on in BB, forget who it was, but also licked some of the bottom of the foot. Eeeeeeewwwwwwww!

    2. Dude, I almost shat myself at the sentence: “…hide your food, big meech and her dirty feet are coming for you!” May be the best line ever posted on this site.

  18. Is it just me or is Lames purposely throwing the game to win AFP…. We are talking $500k but Lames seems to be happy with his stipend +5k and the 25k from America’s favorite… SELFISH

      1. I like Vic too and it doesn’t matter to me that he’s been evicted a couple of times but Paul should win over Vic because I have him in my work pool. Did not like either of them at that the start and now they are the only reason I watch. Go Paul and Vic.
        Interesting that eVICted has his name written all over it

      2. I want Vic to get AFP but would rather him win the whole game more and if you win the whole game you are no longer eligible for AFP.

  19. 1 in 6 chance to be sitting at the F2 for $500,000, and you’re going to roll over and throw the veto?!?!?! Why do they let these wastes of space to play, and to return?!

    1. 99% sure he is just saying that just to suck up to Nat. Doubt he’d do that. James has a history of saying he throws comps when he doesn’t win.

      He will get AFP only on name recognition or if CBS edits this weeks episodes to sap up the separation of James and Nat.

      Paul for comedy or Vic for persistence should get AFP

  20. I haven’t forgotten Natalie and her mean ass attitude. With the boobs boobs boobs. Feeling uncomfortable BS. She’s just so damn fake. Nathalie does some pretty good whining too.
    James and Nat, Michelle too ,pissed me off last week when they decided to isolate themselves and not talk to anyone. They are on the block for a reason. So bye ,either one of them. Michelle and Natalie thought it was so funny sticking their dirty feet everywhere. I tried but I can’t.

  21. Seriously, to protect the reputation of BB, Corey and Nicole need to go. All they did was play under the covers. Nat and James were cuter to watch.

  22. Only thing grosser than Corey at night with Nicole is Austin & Liz last year. That Austin was a stalker perv with snake skin who told Liz the cameras weren’t on in the HOH room! OMG.

    1. They did a Big Brother cast on the Price is Right. Austin and Liz (and a bunch more players) were there. Austin stayed in the back of the Big Brother section while the twins Liz and Julie stayed up front with JAMES!

  23. James bothers me so much! He was a horrible player in BB17 and even worse this season. Like how many seasons does it take for you to understand the objective of BB is to come in 1st place and not 6th or 7th or roll over and die because she gives you a little attention. He better not win AFP!!!

  24. So….in the week will be Nat whinging…alternatively praising/stabbing James. Ad infinatum.
    I think by Sunday…she will be aggressive and cold to him.
    Paul will be paul….James will act tough and macho…and not follow through. All action.
    Victor will be victor…( a good thing)
    And Corey and Nicole will bicker as usual. (Corey getting more fed up)
    Victor will want to keep Nic as his final 3 if all goes to plan. If Paul gets evicted..Nicole will be his final 2
    One thing is for sure. Paul has a really good read on people…and he can’t stand natalie. Can’t say I blame him.
    Nat and james evicted. Neither one getting AFP. Gonna kill them …especially if nicole wins it:)

  25. And nat laughed about it wonder if she told James and they stayed away from the ice that really made me mad fer dirty feet rubbing the ice cubes

  26. Nicole is literally Braindead. Honestly, she must have been raised in a barn. She dug her own grave keeping the 2 strongest people in last week. She thinks it was strategy, but nobody in that jury is going to put a vote in for either Nicole or Corey. They have spooned all the way to the end, and their bed has a higher IQ than both of them combined.

    I am like the rest of you, Vic and Paul are the deserving, but just as bad as James throws comps and has Meg Syndrome, Nicole has played a much worse game. She’s not going to win this time around, and last week, the check for 500k was signed to either V or P due to it. Just a common sense issue. She has this opinion that both her and Corey are overrated in the game, but she was raised in a barn, so she doesn’t understand logic.

    I don’t care how bad James has played, Nicole is not worth the time on this show. I am kinda sick of how they recruit players now. Anyone normal doesn’t stand a chance to even play. Seems the trick to getting invited, is to lie on the resume’, or have a cousing, incest , mental issue, etc just to get picked. CBS is too manipulative anyway.

  27. Vic is not dumb he is probably thinking I’ve been back a whole week and you are apologizing now that you are on the block.

  28. I think Vic should’ve put nic up as a “pawn” just like Paul was last week. She did say she was coming after him when it’s all said and done? How is it that I so enjoy watching Lames squirt! Sad to say that some ppl on here are saying Vic doesn’t deserve it, why not? He’s earned his way back, TWICE! I think they should put these vets on “survivor” and let’s see just how long they make it! I for one wouldn’t mind seeing spineless fake arse Nic and James try to nap out there on a rice diet!!

    1. James and Nicole wouldn’t last a day on Survivor. Now let’s get sexy Vic out there. He is a real man. Also , get that hottie Joe Anglim from Survivor on Big Brother.

    2. I think Vic might put up Nicole if there was a replacement nom especially since she has not been on the block all season and Corey just gave him $5k

  29. So James is throwing the veto, because he somehow expects to automatically get AFP for throwing his game away for a chick that’s obviously not that into him. Unless production gives him AFP, I don’t think he deserves it this time around.

  30. We need some more combative house guests vs the vanilla past few years. How about some Keisha vs Libra vs April. Some Jeff vs Russell vs Jessie. Jace vs Will vs Howie. Some Chima vs microphone….

    Used to have some real on grind out epic battles. Now it’s just Nichole laying under covers with Corey, who fight about what did you mean by that Corey.

    Why the hell do they cast guys like Corey? Nice guy, but does nothing. Paulie was a total douche bag but at least he battled.

  31. Don’t kid yourself, James has America’s favorite player on lock.
    He’s doing the Meg scene, “together on the block.” Except now it’s with Natalie.
    He’ll garner sympathy and win AFP!!!!

  32. What a joy it has been to watch the two most disgusting fake boring showmances in the history of the show lay around in beds and do nothing all summer.

    Yes let’s push for more showmances CBS.

    Oh and by the way…The online only all access BB 19 is going to be epic failure that I wouldn’t watch if you paid me.

  33. If they give James Americas favorite player I will NEVER watch big brother again! If he wins I’ll know it’s fixed for him to win because NOBODY is voting for that loser. His pranks are not funny. He must think those stupid pranks are getting him votes or the DR is encouraging him to do them. Enough of the Childish Shit ! THEY ARE NOT FUNNY!!! I have watched and look forward to every season, but I will never watch again if that stupid lazy ass wins anything. Plus why in the hell is big brother letting those 2 shanks put their feet all over the kitchen??? OK I feel better , hope big brother is listening to us …. The true fans.

  34. This week I’m glad the sittingducks are safe ….. but I’m hoping for a nat POV win I would say James but he’s throwing the comp if she wins nicole or corey will be on the block and they can easily flip the script on nicorey and they could go home everyone else would keep the noms the same if nat doesn’t win … nicole,paul,corey,and victor would keep it the same so it still can go either way .

  35. Watching BBAD how dare James talk about playing an honourable game when he broke his word both seems. There is nothing honourable about him when it comes to BB.

  36. Gone bonkers??? ????????????

    He’s been staring at the back of a cinnamon crunch toast cereal box for the longest time… Lawdy lawd.. A tad odd are we? ????????????

  37. I am getting tired of the pity party James and Natalie are having. Weren’t they talking about putting Nicole and Virctor or Paul up last week?

  38. OMG Natalie needs a reality check. They are obviously gone bat poop crazy. They are ragging on Nicorey (and not for the right reasons.0, but the completely insane thing is that they are ragging on feeling betrayed by Paul & Victor, believing that they have played honest clean games…. insanity.

    James thinks he is Americas Darling and says he played to hard… what??? James won one HoH… because he lied to Bridgette and said her and Frank were safe… that’s honest… don’t they remember Clay and Shelli? Frank goes after that.
    James betreys Mama Da making her target… mostly because he foolishly thought somebody other than him saw James and Natalie as a couple LOL.
    Zak, Paulie, Bridgette… Vic and Meech (but Meech has no idea James put a target on her back, but he did.)

    Natalie has made up just as many if not more controversies about Houseguests as Nicole. She has lied to peoples faces about them. Their biggest mistake is that they have not played an honest game and have repeatedly gone back on the word.

    Somebody just has to tell them that their word is worthless and they betrayed way to many people and assaulted their character so much that no one believes that they should work with them.

  39. What’s up with the Cinnamon Toast Crunch box that Nicole was reading and then Corey was studying the back of?! Did she give him a message in a code to decipher, or was he having difficulty reading or lost in thought on it, or what?!! Production should have some good shots of him mesmerized by it!

  40. I know a lot of people on here don’t care about BB19 on CBS all access but I for one am really excited about it! I’m a huge super fan and love anything Big Brother so I can’t wait to watch another season this fall! I will say that if Simon and Dawg don’t do the updates on here it won’t be the same but I understand if they can’t. Love you guys and appreciate all the time and energy you put into this site … it’s wonderful!!!

    1. Love Simon & Dawg but I have no interest in online BB 19. Big Brother for me is a summer guilty pleasure. I don’t have the time or interest in the fall.

  41. Re: Vic, Corey, Nic

    I think the three of them are thinking ahead to final 4 and are trying to position themselves to make final 3. Corey knows he’ll be up against two powerhouses, with one winning HOH and the other voting to evict. He and/or Nic might win the HOH, but if Vic/Paul win, he will be campaigning against Nic. . .he won’t pull a Clay, Paulie or James and say, “Vote me out, not my best friend.” But, he also wants to keeps Nic close in case she wins. That’s why he always follows his snarky comments about her with, “Just kidding.” and, “No, I’m not mad.”

    Nicole is basically doing the same thing as Corey, trying to be Paul and Vic’s BFF so they will chose her over Corey. The difference is, she likes Corey more than he likes her and still wants a relationship with him when BB is over.

  42. I Can’t believe that James is sitting there saying that Nicole backstabbed him and Natalie , 1st off Natalie said she wanted to vote Corey out not Vic , Michelle was gunning for Nicole (which James told Nicole ) Nicole promised not to put James or nay up …. She didn’t …. James was planning on Michelle or nat to put Nicole up so he could look clean. I just don’t see all the “snake” comments about Nicole . – she tried to form an alliance with frank … Which frank blew . Tried to with nat a James which obviously James and nat had no intention of keeping , was tight with meech early until she found out everything she told meech went right back to dvonne , so ? Why is Nicole considered a snake in the house ?

    1. Nicole is a snake because all snakes do is slither, huddle and sleep. Corey was her prey and like a cobra, she sank her fangs in and got him in a choke hold.

      AGAIN….she did nothing strategic or play BB all summer. ok … she played with Corey. This doesn’t earn her the Grand prize of $500K

    1. Simon and I are planning to cover the season … we’re still trying to figure it out as its a huge investment in time on our part. We likely won’t cover it to the same extent as the summer seasons but will try our best to cover it the best we can.

  43. I think that Nicole knows Corey may be gay. They are fist pumping and saying they’re best friends always. She is shaking her head at him, saying, “I think that you could say Anything to Anyone and make them believe it and get away with it”. He looks at her and smiles.
    Nicole is completely out of girlfriend mode and in the friend/nurse mode.
    She asks about his biggest regret, and he says he has none, since his parents are so supportive. She says that’s good…. Both look like they don’t know what to say or do next. He talks about it being something in college. She talks about hers…
    Conversation continues, definitely in the friend zone…..

  44. I’m hoping James wins veto, takes himself off, a replacement is named (hopefully Nicole) and then James approaches the remaining HG individually and asks them who they want to go to F2 with. Ask, do any of them want to make a $500k mistake by taking anyone but Natalie to F2? Hit the Cody taking Derrick scenario hard, that he should have taken Victoria and won all the cash. No rational person would take anyone else if they wanted a sure thing. Nat is the one you want to take to the end.

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