HOH & Nomination Spoilers! “I will call them out on all their sh*t in front of everyone!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Nicole, Zakiyah, Michelle

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Nominated: Frank & Bridgette

9:05pm Safari room – Frank, Victor, Paul, Paulie and Bridgette are chatting. Frank talks about how coming in he was told he was going to be targeted right away. Frank says I’m 32 years old coming to a house with young bucks. Paulie says great players come and go but legends are here forever. We’ve got the most comp wins between two of us. Frank says and Vic is the battle back champ! Paulie says They haven’t won anything. Frank says if one of the 5 of us wins the Veto we could go to James and say we want to use it and have DaVonne put up. Not only is he going to see we have the numbers .. he’s going to be a little intimidated by our numbers. He wants to send someone home that no one will be mad about next week. Paulie and Frank talk alone. Frank asks if Paulie trust him. Paulie says I trust you. I felt like there was a point when we got lost. I know there was a point when you wanted one person. Cody told me if you find a guy you’re with getting too close to a girl you’ve got to cut her. Frank says its not romantic (him and Bridgette). Paulie says I know. I trust you when it comes to her. If it comes to the point with Z, I would cut her if we didn’t need her vote. If you can pull in James on top of Corey. Frank says steam roll city! Who do you trust more Paul or Corey? Paulie says Corey. I would trust James too if Natalie was gone. I would never get my judgement clouded because of a girl.

In the bedroom – DaVonne says I think he is going to get a pandora’s box. Z says I will be this sh*t is rigged if that happens. Corey says there is no way you win HOH after a 5 and a half hour comp and then both your nominees come down.
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9:20pm Paul tells James and Natalie in the havenot room how he was hearing James. Paul says I’m losing my sh*t. If they ask me another question to night, I am going to lose my sh*t. Actually, I want them to so I can instill some fear in Frank. I want to say if I’m playing in that POV tomorrow, I’m winning it and you’re not getting off the block. They even asked me if I would play for them. I’m literally getting pissed off. Just the sh*t how they can go to one person and then come down stairs and sh*t on them. If they ask me one more thing, I will call them out on all their sh*t in front of everyone!

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9:30pm – 9:45pm Natalie and James are talking alone. James says that Frank is pissed and he is acting like he didn’t see it coming. He asked Paul if he saw it coming. And Paul was like you should have seen it coming a mile away. Natalie says that Bridgette and Frank were really upset about it. Paulie told her he had no idea you were being put up. James says that everyone is playing everyone. Frank is definitely bringing Bridgette down. She would make it a lot further if Frank was gone. Natalie says all the girls don’t like her. I wish that Day would have won.. she would have put up Frank and Bridgette maybe. I know she wouldn’t have put us up. James says I know a lot of people are playing dirty right now. I really didn’t hve much time to think about noms. Natalie says it should have been Victor and Frank. I’m really proud of you though. People are just playing dirty. They wanted Frank up but now they’re acting like they didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Natalie says they’re all little b***hes. James says I really didn’t want to win it but I let my ego get in the way. Natalie says at least we’re safe till jury. James says 100% the only person I trust in here is you. Natalie says you too. Natalie says Paulie was telling Bridgette he didn’t expect her to go up … but he was up in the room telling you she should go up. .. Are you kidding me?! I really don’t trust Paulie. James says I definitely feel like Frank does need to go. I feel bad about Bridgette but its done now. Frank wants to work with me an you. Natalie says even after you put him up? James says he knows its what the house wanted. I know I could fix this if I put work in. If Frank gets off .. then all the girls and the whole house are going to vote out Bridgette. Unless I put Da up. Natalie says I don’t think you should put up Da. I’m not mad at this, I’m mad that you did everyone’s dirty work and now they’re pretending they don’t know anything about it. James says Frank know how I play. Natalie says Paulie was the one trying to get you to put him but so why is he acting fake to them. James says because he’s playing both sides. If Frank comes down then they’re still tight.

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9:50pm – 10:15pm Natalie and James talk about talking to Bridgette to make sure they’re still good with her. Natalie says everything can be fixed. Natalie tells James that she could have stayed up there all night, but I got a migraine. Natalie says I’m going to try and win next week. I’m going to do everything I can to try and protect you. A lot of people have blood on their hands without having won HOH. James says I haven’t forgotten about the floaters .. doing dirty work on the back end. I kinda want to take a stab at the girls too. Natalie says none of them have been put up.. they feel really safe. I know you made the right decision at the end of the day. James says the house might play with Frank .. but if any of them win HOH they won’t put us up. The only person I would have to worry about right now is Bridgette. Natalie says Corey will do whatever Nicole does. You need to make amends with Bridgette .. the girls bully her. Natalie says Michelle .. I like the girl a lot but she is a bully. When she says stuff like that I just walk away… I’m too old for that. She says passive aggressive things a lot. James comments on how he told Bridgette to be careful about what she says because a lot of people on BB15 lost their jobs for saying racist things. Like saying you’re going to shave someones eyebrows off is not good. I don’t like how Paul says Michelle looks like Buzz Lightyear without the helmet… I still start to laugh about it on the inside because its funny. Nat says everyone everyone wants them out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-22 21-59-02-826

Paulie joins them. James says that Pual is pissed because Frank and Bridgette are playing victims. Paulie asks Nat how she’s doing? Nat says I’m hungry and can’t wait to eat. Paulie says no with everything going on. Natlaie sasy it is sad but its a game and that’s what I’m learning. Paulie says I think that’s why Pual is about to snap. Acting like the victims .. you put it on yourself. Natalie says I don’t like people are talking shit about people .. like about their appearances and stuff like that. Its not cool. If its your physical appearance you don’t make fun of that. Paulie says I feel bad about how they all did a birthday for the giraffe two days after Bridgette birthday. And did nothing for her.
Paulie says once a target is picked, people demonize each other.

10:35pm – 10:55pm Zakiyah and Nicole are in the HOH room. Zakiyah says that if Paulie doesn’t come find me in bed tonight I am done with him. Nicole ssay i really how Paulie asks to sleep with you tonight. You guys would have the cutest babies. Z says I’ve thought about that. He’s definitely considerate. Nicole says he is a great guy. I bet you treat a guy right too. Z says who ever gets me they are going to be good. Natalie says his family is good too. Z asks Nicole if she wants anything with Corey outside the house. Nicole says it would have to be really strong. He said when he cuddles me its his favourite part of the day. They talk about not making a cake for Bridgette. Nicole says it wasn’t on purpose, she said she didn’t want a cake or for anyone to even say happy birthday. That’s so sad because I don’t want to be seen as the mean girls.

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11:15pm HOH room – James says that Paulie is talking with Natalie. James says that she doesn’t like him like that. Z says I don’t know he doesn’t like me. James says you don’t know that. Z says he likes that I do his hair and I’m a nice body to lie next to. Do you asks Natalie questions. James says yeah I’m all up in her sh*t. Z says he just asks me if I’m hungry. I think he is just so focused and driven. James says he just needs to let you know. Z says yeah I’ll cut it off if he wants it to just be business. Clearly I like him a lot. I want to just get to know you. James says I know I feel you. I definitely don’t want to feel used. Z says if Victor happens to tickle my back.. I might be okay with it. Z asks who would you want to see after Bridgette? James says I don’t .. I guess who ever the house wants. Z says Paulie is on board and everyone owes you. You did a good thing. Da trusts you so I trust you. James says I appreciate it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-22 23-06-43-471

11:15pm In the kitchen – Victor, Corey, Paulie, Natalie, Nicole, Z and James. Nicole says there’s always a nerd. Paul says Bronte lied about working with kids. She does not work with kids and Tiffany does not work with kids. Natalie talks about Bronte’s secret of being a mathematician. Corey says Tiffany always said she was good at something and then wasn’t.

Bedroom – Frank talks to Bridgette about the Prize & Punishment veto comp. He tells her if she is second to last out, do not to take the veto because then it will get taken from you and you’ll be stuck with a punishment. I was out second in my season and then I was stuck with a stupid unitard. He tells her if she’s out second to last she should take the trip or money.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-22 23-26-18-199

One of the clues to the secret room:
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-22 23-20-34-256

11:40pm – 12am Kitchen – Victor, Corey, Z, Paulie and Paul are chatting about random things. Victor asks whats the first thing you want to do (when you get out)? Paul says bone. Pound a 40 then bone a again. Paulie says he wants to go on a vacation. Victor asks James if someone told you, you were going to have your arm up for 5 hours would you believe it? James says nope! Natalie builds her off havenots burger to eat at 12 when shes off being a havenot.

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188 thoughts on “HOH & Nomination Spoilers! “I will call them out on all their sh*t in front of everyone!”

  1. So very satisfying to see Frank and Bridgette on the block!!!! And nice to see James as HOH putting down the law. Should be a fun week!!

    1. So what to the James Haters? He rocked the house with nominating Frank and Cabbage Patch. The other ‘strong’ players are just snakes that slither away from any part of going after a strong player.

      1. And James lived up to all the criticism, being completely clueless as to the game around him, and protecting Paulie and his group…of which James is ranked maybe 7th.

        James talking about floaters is rich because that’s what he basically is, running to rat out Day to Paulie, doing what the “majority” wants even though he can’t articulate any reason other than “Frank needs to go” like all the other kool aid drinkers who are now 100% content having made it to jury.

      2. LMFAO…..Seriously James putting Frank and Bridgette up is a stupid garbage move, they are barely winning anything….An actual move would be putting up Paulie or literally ANY of the people who will just cut James loose the moment he no longer serves a purpose with an alliance that James is literally the LAST most important person of….

    2. So disappointed in James aka Mr I’m not afraid to make a big move. BS. He said he’d have 11 people coming after him so he puts up Bridgette and Frank. That’s not making a big move James. That’s called getting on your knees for Paulie. This cast is just as bad as the cast during the Jeff/Jordan season. All of the cast wanted to treat Jeff as an outcast and would get made if someone spoke to him. Jordan was the only one who stuck by Jeff’s side. Pathetic. Now they’re doing it to Bridgette. Michelle, Zak, Da, Nicole and that bitch Paul are all disgusting/vile people. They make fun of Bridgette every chance they get and want no one talking to her. It’s a damn game. Grow up. None of them deserve the money. I hope Frank or Bridgette wins some power and can change the noms like Jeff did during his season!

      1. Im really rooting for Michelle. Even though I’m a true Victor fan I know it’s only a matter of time for him. My big gut tells me Michelle is the dark horse in the race. Big girls gotta stick together you know. I can relate to her.

        1. What has she even done? She is worthless to the season. Waste of a player. I don’t think she is good at anything, social or game play.

        2. What season are you watching? Michelle is a waste in this game…a literal waste. Was it episode one where she said she “hates fat people” for not being “healthy”. As a proud thick woman I take offense to everything that comes out of that b*tch mouth of her.

      2. Do you even watch? the easiest way out is Day..she cant even win anything… Frank is a beast and probably one of the good players in this awful cast..james made the biggest move yet

        1. Biggest move yet? By nominating who the house wants nominated? Wow….courageous. James and Nat are clueless and now that they’ve done as they’re told, they notice how everybody is hiding their Frank intentions, all terrified of him….which means going after a lone wolf isn’t a big move. If anything it’s the dumbest move because if Frank wins veto, the “house” will pin it all on James.

          James is most concerned with being likable, followed by his infatuation with Nat and that means he will not make a big move for fear it’s “unpopular”, is blind to the real game in the house, and can’t seem to grasp that his girl is the one his allies will cut 1st, which should tell him where he stands….but he’s oblivious.

          1. Why is it so hard to believe that maybe James wants Frank out too? Just as much as everyone else. By saying whatever the house wants he’s building trust with certain people. What should he say? “No everybody, this is my hoh and I’m gonna put up who I want! Don’t tell me what to do! I want Frank and Bridgette out and I know that’s what everyone wants anyway too, but this is my hoh y’all” and be cocky about it? Then you’d just complain that he changed and you USED to like him but he showed his true colors and you don’t like him anymore. But now he just wimped out and did what the house wanted so it’s not a big move. Tell me who could he have on up this week that would make some of you happy? You’d complain either way I’m sure of it 100%

      3. james could have always played it off like those two (bridg/frank) have won things, so they are most likely to win a POV, if the goal is to get Day out via a back door or similar situation, better to not put her up at all. not sure why so many seem surprised, james was always going to do frank & bridget if/when he won, and everyone including him must have known this sort of endurance comp is the one he’s always going to win. be surprised anyone would walk out there and think he wouldn’t win it. if neither come down, they can get frank out, if one comes down and the votes are there, he’ll put up day and she’ll go out as the #2 target of the house.

        I watched after dark, which covered all in this recap here. & for the longest time couldn’t figure out who was HOH, cuz james & nat were in the have not room, and zak and nicole were up in the HOH room? ok, not that long, but also all the sad faces in the safari room, i gather people went off just before they started after dark, which is too bad. not sure what victor is doing in all this, he was sitting with the boys and bridget? and he’s not on the block, so must be completely confused by that and how tiff said work with frank, but frank is nominated? lol

      1. And when their hoh is over and they go on the block, I will like them again. Mostly because I like the underdogs and the people in trouble. When someone is hoh even if they’re my favorite player I tend to not like them anymore because they totally change and become confident and I don’t like that. But like I said, once their hoh is over I’ll go back to liking them again. It’s quite simple really.

        half of the commenters.

        1. That pretty much sums it up. Two weeks ago everyone here wanted Frank and Bridgette on the block. Now that it’s happened it’s suddenly a travesty and James is stupid.

    3. Absolutely!…And shut the hell up Paul. You are not going to do or say sh*t. So sick of hearing Paul bark all this crap about how he is going to go off on a house member, then does nothing.

    1. Blah it just went from bad to worse. Good God why are there people on their knees to douchlord paulie? I’m disappointed in James.

        1. Am I seriously the only one that believes everyone hates on DaVonne because she’s a strong black woman, not to mention beautiful. Which intimidates the house and feels threatened by her. That they feel the need to gang up against her. Even though she hasn’t won anything proves they’re jealous.

          1. People don’t like DaVonne because of her attitude and her game play. She can be a mean girl, like how she was a bitch in her GB message to Tiffany. Some attitude is just game play and some is just ugliness. I used to like her sassiness and sense of humor but the more I see of her the less I like her. And this is coming from another ‘strong black woman’

          2. IMO, yes you are the only one. Da has backstabbed and lied about everyone in the house. She talks too much, telling James the couples have to go. I don’t think she is strong at all. She simply has an attitude. She is lousy at comps. It’s one thing to play dirty. It’s another to get caught at it.

          3. People on this particular site are jealous af of Da and Z. They refuse to see the beauty in those girls just because they are black. Black women are used to this type of hate and jealousy, we’re immune. It’s hilarious to us cause it’s the same old tired insults all the time. Someone said Z looks like a ladyboy…..LMFAO. I would love to see what that person looks like. They better be a 10/10 to be talking about someone as gorgeous as her.

            1. Im not black nor a fan of this constant race talk!
              but Z is a gorgeous speciman of a woman! being black has nothing to do with it!

              1. I could understand the Frank nomination, but his little Bff B too? That was a real BIG move there James. Mabey he’s thinking some kind of backdoor kinda deal on Day, but I have a feeling I’m giving him way too much credit.
                I would like to see there be a Day backdoor situation where Frank wins POV and takes himself off the block. I’m getting really tired of her. Her overall ugliness as a human being really needs rewarding by being seen out the backdoor by a unanimous vote out of the house. She is a VERY ULGY WOMAN. Throw the race card crap out there if you wish because the truth hurts. She is a VERY attractive black woman on the outside, but all the attitude, lying, juvenile name calling, overall junior high mean girl mentality crap, and how she acts so catty”on TV setting an example for her daughter”. One minute, see the ass slapping incident that was acceptable, but when we figured out we could flip that on to a negitive against Frank…boo hoo hoo her comes the tears. If you go back and watch it you see it. Normal people don’t just flip happy sad like that. People with mental issues do, PEOPLE PLAYING BB18 DO, and people who have cash to win do. Like DAY has never had her ass smacked and can take a joke. Gaga is 100% chick from birth, Barry Bonds never did steroids, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is worth 18 million a year. The four people above are full of crap and are lying or have lied out their ass just to get paid or in the pursuit of getting paid. Do what you gotta do…doesn’t mean it’s right.

            2. I think people have focused too much on the racial issue above DaVonne being a “strong black woman.” Regardless of her color, it is her actions that show that she is not a “strong woman” in this game.

            3. Lmfao jealous? Yes we are all jealous of someone that has to fake nightmares just so some douchbomb will hug us. A stage 5 clinger. Running around getting jealous of any female that talks to him, throwing people’s cookies away. She’s a hot ass mess. She may be pretty on the outside, but pretty is as pretty does. She is nothing to be jealous of.

          4. I think most people who post on here have thin skin. I bet a lot of the ones complaining about Day were huge Evil Dick fans. Tiffany won one comp isolated herself from everyone, didn’t trust her alliance in the beginning when she should have which caused trust issues. She was a ticking time bomb and blew up her own game.

            Big brother is just as much a social game as it is a comp game. Frank is a target not because Day like some clueless people want to believe. Frank is a target because he’s proven to be a beast in the game. Frank has won comps, his social game was strong even though the guys thought he was cocky and the girls thought he was an ass. Frank got too comfortable and took on the Jozea persona. Sure he wasn’t going around screaming I’m the Messiah and I run the house but he was showing his peacock feathers for everyone to see. He controlled Bridget game and continued to show the house he was a force not to be reckoned with.

            If you have both a social game and you’re good at comps your a target. Paulie will definitely be targeted next because he’s showed his feathers too.

            I thought Days goodbye message was as silly and childish as Tiffanys behavior thru out the show. People are crying they miss her she was such a good player. Tiffany admitted that she was not a good player because she let her emotions get the best of her. She won one comp she was far from a beast in the game.

            They never show the losers time or score so we have no idea how close Day might have come to a winning. People on here don’t like Day because she’s loud, she speaks her mind to everyone and she was loved her season.

            The smartest move Day could make is keep losing comps but improve her social game, repair the hole Tiffany put in her game. She needs to win comps when it really counts towards the end. Let everyone else strut and show off their peacock feathers.

            I guarantee if Frank gets evicted he will tell Julie he played too strong too quickly and that made him a target.

            Day is no worst a player than anyone else in the house. She’s not the mean girl she’s playing the game. When she comforted crying emotional Tiffany she told her to put the game aside. She called them Frienies because she liked Tiffany but pushed away when Tiffany started playing Vanessa emotional mess of a game!

            No one’s game is a solid ten and Day is definitely not the worst player this season. I think some of y’all commenting are BB rejects and just think you could have done better. Well guess what BB didn’t agree. It’s a game and everyone is playing a part.

            1. Totally agree! I personally think Nicole’s game is worse than D’s. I believe Da’ sometimes is too “real” for big brother. She doesn’t always have her bb game mask on. The one thing I always liked about her was and is her DR talks. I like that she seems to figure people out like “I see what you just did, you ain’t foolin’ me giiiiirl!” She just needs to keep certain info to herself sometimes. That’s what I mean by she’s too real and not always bb fakery 24/7 like we all know with most other players. When she sees things she tells people too soon not realizing that these people will twist and take advantage to suit their needs to stay in the game. Whether it’s wrong or not I understand it’s big brother and people will do anything to stay in the game. I just don’t understand why so many people give her a hard time when there are SO MANY more people that are playing a worse game than her.

            2. “Shes won one comp”, that’s more than Da’vonne in 2 seasons. Girl, sit down. Da’vonne is crap at this game, just like she was last time. Only difference is there are more in your face targets early on this season that kept her safe. And even with that she still almost got voted out last week. Lol!

      1. So many people so mad because James hasn’t made his entire game strategy “get Paulie out” like they want.

    2. Tiffany played herself. Why would she watch what Victor was doing with his puzzle. For that reason alone Tiffany needed to go home. Tiffany will follow you off a cliff. Too many mistakes Bye Girl Bye! What’s with Day throwing the HOH to James she needs to go home for that move too Bye Girl Bye!

      1. I’m not even a Tiffany fan or hater, but you’re the second person I’ve seen comment about Tiffany looking at his puzzle. So I just have to ask, is this your first year watching big brother? You do realize that they are ALLOWED to look at the other contestants puzzle, right? This is nothing new.

  2. Love it, I am a huge fan of #Jamalie……. They just give the game much needed comedy which the game has been lacking of late…

    1. Added to the comedy of the girls envisioning babies with these boys.!f?!! Yes. I am certain that is what Corey and Paulie want right now… babies!!! LMAO!

  3. I don’t dislike Frank and I feel bad of his position, but I don;t know why he can;t just shut up his mouth !

  4. Yea James! A man of his word!

    If Frank wins the secret room………production is definitely rigging this game!

    1. I hope DR throws a custom made POV for Frank to win. they just threw James a custom made HOH for him to win, so at this point let another season of rigged brother continue.

      1. I KNOW RIGHT??? I mean BB totally knew who you hated and is purposely twisting so your personal favorites don’t win it! They are doing the EXACT same thing to me but the opposite! SO WEIRD!

  5. So disappointed in James! Natalie says the house is playing like lil bitches but the real question is who is playing Paulie’s lil bitch.

  6. So James endured a 5 1/2 hour competition just so he could do Paulie’s dirty work? He really has no brain for this game. He should spend less time thinking up pranks and more time evaluating strategy.

    1. Somewhat agree, but to be fair, apparently he had little time to pick nominees. Also James did not want to ruffle any feathers. James was overall in a good position in the house because nobody was targeting him. He does not want to make unnecessary enemies by trying to take out polly or some other couple. It is not possible.
      He should have just thrown the comp!

      1. James’ comment about not having much time to think about the noms (because everyone has so little time in the BB house and they are kept too busy for any thinking / planning ahead, considering scenarios). Perhaps what James meant was that he did not have time to talk to everyone so he would feel better about what “The House” wanted him to do.

  7. James is playin for the house and not his own game what a sissy
    Respect just lost for him hope him and nat nat are next or she runs back to Vic
    Come on Frank win POV!!!!
    Should have put da’s dumb ass up!!

    1. Our boy James!!! Ok so Da tells James to his face showmances got to go. He knows Paul is Paulies bitch and even Nat says so. He doesn’t like Vic bc he knows Nat has a crush on him. He also knows he’s at the bottom of Pauline’s alliance. So who does he put up? Frank and Bridgette people! Wow! Is this guy Pauline’s whore or what? What’s he going to do when Nat is the first of the girls in a showmance is gone. “Man I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that guy”-James. Can anyone give a reasonable explanation as to how these picks are better for his game? I really didn’t think he was this much of a pu$$y

      1. Well, the reason and I emphasize reason is that James know that Frank can win competitions and is like a roach in being able to creep into small places in peoples’ minds and planting seeds. But if that is not reasonable enough then I suggest you vote for Hillary for Prison!

      2. These noms are good for James game because:

        1. If he can get frank out he’s eliminated a comp beast (and someone who said from day one James/day have to go because they have kids & would win at the end);

        2. By leaving da in he’s got someone who SHOULD be going after nic/Corey or z/Paulie, given she told James she wants the showmances out, keeping himself clear of any fallout that may come from nominating those that currently appear to be the popular kids; and

        3. By going with what ‘the house wants’ this week he avoids placing a target on his back next week.

        I see these as three solid reasons why James move is a good one!

    2. He wants Frank gone — and can’t trust him. How exactly is this a bad move for James?

      Da’Vonne isn’t coming after him. Putting her up would be the dumbest move he could make.

      1. I could be wrong but I don’t think Frank has ever said anything to anyone about putting James on the block. Again Da told him directly that showmances had to go. Sounds like Da wants him and Nat out.

        1. Wrong. Yes he has. He told Corey and Paulie a few weeks ago that they need to get rid of Da’Vonne and James because they have kids, and kids play well with BB juries.

          If they stayed in the game, the risk was that D/J would make F3.

        2. Paul the Rat is the one who sabotaged Frank’s game. Paul the rat going to Paulie and the rest of the house snitching and making up lies about Frank’s targets is why Frank is in the position he is in.

  8. Interesting to see how this week shakes out. Personally, I would like Frank to stay in the game simply because he adds excitement to the game. Personality aside, he is playing the game. That’s why I like players like Frank, Da’vonne, Paulie, and even Tiffany to an extent. This last week was better than pretty much all of Season 17 so I hope something happens to shake up the house once again.

  9. James is playin for the house and not his own game what a sissy
    No respect hope him and nat nat are next or she runs back to Vic
    Come on Frank win POV!!!!
    Should have put da’s dumb ass up!!

    1. It seems that when James’ talks about being not afraid to make big moves he is referring to the big moves “The House” wants and not specifically big moves that are best for him to win. James seems to be a ‘people pleaser’ and perhaps he thinks this type of game gets him more votes if he can actually get to the final. Unfortunately for him, this style of play might get him deep into the game but is not likely to get him a seat in the final.

    2. You want him to put up people you don’t like and it’s that simple. Did it ever occur to you that maybe he wants Frank gone as part of his game?

  10. Wow. The HOH comp lasted over 5 hrs?! Good for James. I was afraid Victor was gonna win and nominate him because of Nat.

  11. Not rooting for Victor, he was sexist and total dick to the girls. Also seeing his testosterone overload after he won each comp was disturbing and scary.

    1. Not afraid to make big moves ‘The House’ wants.
      James is a big supporter of ‘The House’. In previous seasons many HGs have talked big about who they will put on the block but nominate safer targets when they get HOH. James puts up the players that most people in the house say they want out but won’t put up themselves. This is his definition of big moves.

      1. Yeah, because with the position he’s in right now he should totally go against the house for no reason right now and screw his game up. Makes perfect sense! He should start working with Frank and Bridgette just for the heck of it! He and Nat would be 100% safe next week! Also, James wants Frank to stay badly he’s just putting him up for shits and giggles. It’s not like Frank can win anything…

  12. 5 weeks in of cuddling w one dude and this chick says I don’t know what is good for your game, cbs obviously hired her just to look pretty , Wow like she doesn’t even know what James is thinking Wtf

  13. James is a freaking idiot !!! Nathalie has more game sense then he does. Lets put up Frank/Bridgette who cant control any votes and let Paulie who controls votes who has a group of 4 slide by. The same Paulie who has never included James in ANY of his alliances, James has just been a vote for him why do you think Paulie was pushing for Frank/Bridgette…congrats James you are playing for Paulie now….Nathalie has been telling you for weeks who she does not trust Paulie and she is the only one who has her eyes open about Paulie

    1. James knows he f’d up. Already said, “we can fix this.” What a moron! Seriously, why didn’t he talk about options with Nat before he won? And shut up Da’ saying, if he gets the Pandora’s box it’s rigged. Pah-lease girl! Like it was rigged for you to get that 7th phone call in the booth?

  14. Michelle, Nicole, and Z are have nots? I hope the food the vile for those 3 twits. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass if Frank or Bridgette goes, as long as they get Paulie on the block soon. He’s working on my last nerve…telling Frank “I feel we got lost…” sounds like a cheesy Hallmark movie. Ass.

    1. Major hate-on for Paulie-the-Douche. The boy loves to count chickens before they hatch. Thinks he’s a major uber-player because he’s got major tutoring and coaching from Derprick and Derprick’s little bitch, Cody. Running his mouth and doin’ the House like he’s a Mafia Don. Gonna do a little victory dance in my living room when El Douche is evicted.

    2. Paulie is on his knees now to Frank on the off-chance Frank gets off the block. Then, once again, Paulie will need Frank to get rid of Victor. Paulie wants anyone with muscles out of the game and Corey does not threaten him.

  15. Ohhhh… James with the puzzle hoh win…nyceeee!
    …. sucks that he nom’ed Frank tho… hopefully Frank wins the veto or they pull Nicole and Corey to shift the numbers, Nicole/Frank is better than Frank/Bridgette anyway. You can tell Nicole really wants to work with Frank.
    … or the best option, the veto is used and somehow someone convinces James to backdoor Da… I want Da gone this week, but I can also see Paul’s the rat’s game blowing up on him and possibly being the BD. He wants to bounce back and forth playing the angry smack talk game and exposing info, matter of time before that kid gets exposed…
    Lets go Frank James NatNat (…and maybe Victor, I’ll give him another chance)
    Frank for the win tho!

  16. Sigh come on man really… He knows day is coming after the showmances. What a waste of HOH doing everyone else’s dirty work… I don’t think I heard once at all, frank bringing up getting James out? What good does this do for his game. It amazes me how he doesn’t see he’s the “odd” couple out, putting up the only other person on Natalie’s side and then her side kick(frank). I’m sorry but if you think this is a good game move your just really like James. Sad he even admits he doesn’t know what he’s doing and just going with the house.

    1. Unfortunately Davonne told Natalie a lie saying Frank wanted her gone and said Bridgette told her some shit talk about Natalie. Personally I think Natalie should ask them instead of trusting Davonne word.

      1. Frank did say he wanted Natalie gone after Day so that he could work with James. He was going to target Day using Nat as the pawn soI dont think it was a bad move on his part. Frank is too good at comps and words & cant be trusted so he needs to be cut.

  17. My wish list for the Get to Stepping/End of Your Summer list would be Paulie, Day. Paul,
    Michelle, Corey and Nichole in no particular order…for most annoying, self satisfied and ego driven of the bunch.

  18. James knew there were bigger targets than Frank/Bridgette (for HIS game, not the in the house). After watching BB17 and his ability to make his own decisions, I’m surprised to see his nominations. Frank/Bridgette aren’t a threat to him or Natalie…he already knows Day is targeting the showmances (she said it directly to him) and sees what’s happening with Paulie. I love the guy for making the big move (no one else in that house would’ve done it – I’m looking at you Paul and Paulie) but wish the big move had been more directed at his own game instead of “what the house wanted” – his words, not mine. All of the vets have adjusted their games this time around…seems his adjustment was being more in line with ‘the house’ and being less of a renegade. *sigh* Watching this convo between him and Natalie, I can see he regrets the move and he’s even saying it in so many words “it was so fast, I had to make a decision.” James, please play YOUR game, not someone else’s.

  19. Can’t believe James could keep his head out of Nat’s behind for 5 1/2 hours to win HOH!! The comp wasn’t how long you can keep your head up Natalie’s butt. . . . . was it????? Just wondering.

  20. I have a feeling frank already won the secret room… He’s acting very confident like not gaming to much with him and his girl on the block. Hope he did cause I hate the damn showmance 4, da, meech group they need to be knocked down a peg

  21. please production frank win pov
    I know james put him up but I belive they could sill work together
    come on frank the tank get that pov

  22. What’s with all the positive comments about ass slapping, fart room filling, shovinist dirty mouth Frank. He’s vile. I don’t understand people. He’s got tons of fans for all his bitchy talking and nesting doing but when is a girl acting the same she’s mean.

    1. My guess… The majority of us are watching BB and he’s actually playing it… people are cheering on Frank maybe because he is playing the game and not crying, whining, floating, cooking, sleeping, snuggling, playing with stuffed animals, growing a beard and cutting their hair, being catty, and relying on someone else… he could be lying as a game move like Da, but he’s playing an honest game… he has fans not because his brother or sister were on the show but because he is playing a good game… He could care less about snuggling with Corey/Natnat/Paulie (like 3 other people i’m thinking of who seem to value a summer fling over 500k)… Really, Frank and Da are the only 2 consumed with playing and winning, and personally I find Franks gameplay a lot more clean than Da’s game so far…but atleast theyre playing… we could only be so lucky to see Frank vs. Da for another month, I don’t want to imagine watching this season without them…

    2. Look, he flicks his Nanna and Mom on the butt- it means he really loves them. The farting? All of them are doing that! He hasn’t said anything the others haven’t said themselves… I’ll take Frank any day over those catty, bully girls that ostracized Tiffiany for no good reason. THAT was just plain ol’ mean. I’ll take Frank’s Nanna love any day.

      1. They bully Dora too. Yes she’s said a couple things about Michelle (the eyebrow thing, which isn’t even that bad, just dumb) but she hasn’t treated people like a piece of crap on her shoe like those girls do. I’m done with those catty girls. They look so stupid.

  23. James telling Nathlie he did not want to put up Bridgette but he did it because that is what “the House wanted”…the House? or what Paulie wanted?….seriously I am so tried of this BS of doing what the House wants. James then telling Nathalie he would not be surprised if Nicole/Corey/Z/Paulie are in an alliance…well HELLLO!!!!!! if James has ANY balls if Franks wins the veto he will put up Paulie

    1. Yes, that would be brilliant! Frank comes down, Paulie goes up. And Bridgette gets evicted.

      If effing stupid is what you want, then it’s a terrific move.

      Votes to evict Bridgette: Nicole, Zakiyah, Corey, Paul, Michelle

      Paulie survives and then James has Frank, Paulie, Paul, Z, Corey and Nicole coming for him.

      You ought to be a BB strategist.

      1. Actually getting Paulie on the block is the best game move for James. Paulie has his alliance of 4 that needs to be broken up, Paulie has been pushing people to vote how he wants he has played the game so hard it has annoyed several people. Look at him tonight talking to James/Nathalie when he told them F/B should not be trusted because they would “chip away at the group”…what group was Paulie talking about? because James nor Nathalie is part of that group its again Paulie slipping and talking way too much.

        1. About that long talk Paulie had with James and Nat in the HN room…Does James really think he is still part of Paulie’s side?? I mean this is first time I have ever seen Paulie make an effort to seek out James to talk to him for this long. Does James not think this is strange??

          1. I don’t get the James hate on here. I think he is a genuine person and kind hearted. Everyone is playing both sides of the house so it can’t be that. James has tried to give out some good advice to the other houseguests. He told Bridgette to watch what they say because people have lost their jobs when they got out. He confronted Tiffany when she was down and he told Michelle basically not to be a mean girl. She flipped out about it but he was trying to help her. He has this caring relationship with Natalie and has helped her so much. I really haven’t heard him say anything mean about people except maybe Victor.

            As for his move of putting Frank and Bridgette up, I don’t think he is doing what the house wants he is trying to protect his alliance.

        2. But only 1 of them leaves. Seems like most people here forget that fact. I don’t see how James making himself a target for like 6 other people would have been his best move.

        3. Sorry, but swinging and missing on Paulie — which he would do, because he diesn’t have five votes to succeed — is terrible game play.

          Bridge leaves and he would have created six enemies. That is how you lose BB.

          To get Paulie, you need to get rid of one of his numbers first. Frank thinks he’s actually in an alliance with Paulie (so does Bridgette). Those are numbers to break down.

  24. Putting Frank and Bridgette being on the block is is not a big move or that shocking, it is what everyone but Frank or Bridgette, was going to do.

  25. eh whatever james doesnt really have enemies in the house so no surprise he took the easy way out.. he would have been far better off letting someone else win hoh.. selfishly i do wish he put up paulie and zak though :)

  26. Anyone know if Victor was given a week or 2 of having immunity for the block?

    If not surprised that James did not put him up…

  27. Why is everyone playing Paulie game instead of their own James is doing the same dumb shit he did last time. He will be gone soon just like last time. He has no one on his side except Natalie . Can’t stand Michele and Paul they are just like Andy always telling on everyone

  28. Paulie is a snake! I can’t stand him. I’m afraid he’ll be in the final two. Everyone is so blind! Natalie is the only one that’s putting things together. Ugh!!!

  29. Can’t wait to see Michelle lose it as a have not. All she does is feed her face and trash talk people. Let the whining and crying begin!

    1. I agree, it’s gonna be a LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG week in that house with her not having much food. I don’t recall EVER seeing a houseguest eat the way that girl does. And her manners . . . . . she’s just vulgar to watch eating. I sure feel for those stuck with her and I’m pretty sure she won’t have many friends left by the end of the week. <3

      1. She will be spooning that slop in her mouth like a shovel… she has no table manners, does not know how to hold a spoon properly – like a 2 yr old

  30. I love this move. Da, Z, Paulie, Paul, Nicole, Tall Gay Guy, Michelle, NatNat and even Vic the #rick will want Frank out. And James will be rewarded for making the big move.

    1. Rewarded??? With what, a boot out the door? James and Nat are nearly at the very bottom on totem pole, not part of any of Paulie’s plans. But oh well, at least James and Nat will get to be in the jury house together.

  31. My dream would be that Natalie wins veto. Removes Bridgette. And James puts Not-Cody up. Day seizes the opportunity. Convinces Michelle to vote out Not-Cody. Vic was told to work with Frank, and hates Not-Cody. Zak, angered that Not-Cody won’t kiss, also votes him out. And then Nicole, sees her chance. Capt Little Piddle (Paul), goes with the majority. And only Crazy-Eye votes to keep him.
    “sigh” if only. Too bad it won’t happen.

  32. James just LOST favorite player! Watch his poll ratings fall this week!! What an idiot! All James & Nat want is to get in the Jury house together! WHY would anyone vote someone who’s NOT EVEN PLAYING THE GAME as a favorite player??

    1. It’s easy to call someone an idiot from the outside. But when you have an entire house telling you to do something why would you think it’s a smart move to do otherwise? Trust me I’d love Paulie out as well but James has to protect his own self.

  33. I’ve come to the conclusion Paul has some hearing loss, because unless he’s whispering, his voice is audible from wherever he is in the house. I just hung up from talking to my 90 year old father, and that’s what made me think of it. My ear is still ringing.

  34. I do not like Paulie! But even more, I HATE Floaters! Especially Mean Girl Floaters! At this point, the sweetest thing that could happen is that YOUR BOY starts picking off the floater girls (Z, Mich w/ a “B”, Nat, & Da) one at a time, all the while, convincing each one of them that “they’re safe” because they’re so stupid, they’ll believe him!

  35. Paulie is a legend in his own mind! Only talking to James because he is HOH. Just shut your trap! Hope it’s Day who sends him home..just cause he had a chance to get rid of her and instead decided to rid of Tiff. Idiot with cray hair.

    1. Day was safe she throw the HOH to James. Not a smart move on her part this is going to cost her the game plus she talks to much. I wish her the best. But I am disappointed with her throwing the HOH like she had room to throw it.

  36. Since when is saying you will shave someone’s eyebrows off (lols) if they fall a sleep being racist? Or did I miss something? People need to chill out a little bit.

  37. I hope Frank comes back and wipes the floor with these dinks. Hope he wins veto and roadkill! There are only a few in the house it seems who realize they are on Big Brother and are actually playing the game. Like him or not, he is one of them. Im so annoyed, and Da’ who I still like but wanted gone also is still there with her smug face. She is way more of an influence on people then Tiff ever could be. Why not get her out first before jury.

  38. Bridgette SCREAMED at least 10 times during the BB announcement/ & entry of Victor – I will not miss her screams if she goes home this week.

  39. I thought everyone was all “James is Paulie’s lil biatch he sucks blah blah” now everyone is all “Go James”. Pffft. I would have loved to see Victor come back and win it, that would have been pretty good and a change up. He was a real comp beast there and totally deserves that win.

    I didn’t know all the girls were bullying Brig? Just because she is hanging out with Frank or because they are big bullies and that’s what mean girls do. I really hate when people are alienated and made to feel alone. It’s not nice and in a house like that the isolation would be brutal.

    1. Did you have the same compassion for Tiffany when the girls, including Brigette, wouldn’t talk to her? Nicole woild scurry out of the room like a mouse being chased. All those girls, with the exception of Natalie, shunned her and totally isolated her. Not a Tiff fan, but forgive me if I don’t shed a tear for Brigette. She hitched her wagon to Frank and is paying the price.

      1. Actually yes I did have the same compassion for her (Tiff) and it was who I was thinking about when I wrote it, thinking about her crying in the cart with Nat. Why don’t you ease up and not be so accusatory when I was asking more of a question if the girls were bullying and how I thought it wasn’t nice. Is there something wrong with that. Relax, why so serious.

  40. ugh, anyone else pissed about bb telegraphing victor’s wins? he’s not getting interviewed with the belt unless he won. ugh!

  41. Natalie listens & pays a lot more attention than most people think in that house. She’s holding onto A LOT of information right now, which I am digging. She sees that Paulie is controlling the house & that Corey will do whatever Paulie wants to do. She also sees through all the catty girls in the house. Really hoping she & James makes it to F2!!!

    1. He was supposed to playthedamngame and make a move! There are so many fractured alliances right now, that had he made a power play, like Paulie & Cory, or even Paul, who he doesn’t even like! Unfortunately, this week, he was the PAWN HOH!

    2. Oh, I don’t know…how about Paulie and Day? Or how about Michelle and Paul or how about Tall guy and Nichole…just a few options

    3. Da’vonne because she told him she wants the showmance teams out
      Paulie he is running the game
      if one comes off put up Corey

      James is aware of Paulie, Z, Nicole, Corey alliance w/ Da’vonne
      I would have teamed up with Frank, Bridgette, Victor, Natalie and turned the game around.

    4. Paulie. Why? Because they hate Paulie. Never mind that next week James likely goes home because of it. It’s still the brilliant move because it’s what these people want to happen. SMH.

  42. im a huge big brother fan I like janiile dan an ian terry an frank I think
    janille should of won a season she to good I think frank should win won too
    as a fan all me in my friends want for frank to win pov

  43. HO…LEE CRAP Z!! You want to have Paulie’s babies?? You’re not playing BB, you’re playing HOUSE!! Girl, get your head out of 8th grade already! Nicole, you’re NOT helping her! You’re going to Ef up your game, and then you’re just “the whiny girl who does BB for the showmances!” Didn’t you learn??

  44. Just last week a lot of the readers here wanted Frank to be nominated and were disappointed because he was safe when Paulie won HOH comp. James wins HOH and puts him up and people are mad that he’s being Paulie’s bitch. If we as viewers who see everything the HGs do and hear everything they say, can’t even make up our minds on who we want out, then you can imagine how hard it must be for the HGs too because they don’t know who’s been true to them. At least, James has a reason for putting up Frank because of all the drama surrounding him. Who says James isn’t Frank’s target? He has said it a couple of times that he doesn’t want James in the finals because people might vote for him because he has a kid. He wants to take out James early too. So in my opinion, I think James is making a good move. I just hope it doesn’t backfire.

    1. I have been a Frank fan for weeks wanted him for the win as he is playing BB the best. Liked that he teamed up with Bridgette and Tiffany (did not like her at the start but several things changed my mind). I think that once we get to know the players we change our minds like the HG’s.

  45. How can people honestly be excited that James won and put up Frank and Bridgette…”Man..I JUST LOVE IT when one side of the house steamrolls and everyone plays like a little b*tch waiting to be picked off.” Like honestly BB US has been so boring for the past like 3 seasons. Everyone plays way too safe and just kisses ass.

  46. So aggravated!
    James is just sucking the fun right out
    Of the game.
    What the house wants…BlaH BlaH BlaH
    So very predictable.

  47. Two things meh:
    Paulie telling Frank that he’s not an emotional player… What about the numerous negative comments he had to say about his fellow contestant Vanessa? Oh sorry, I meant Tiffany.

    Zakeyah posing and acting for the camera, especially during the time that BBAD is on. She’s been currently in a conversation with James in HOH about how Paulie doesn’t know how to appreciate her, and on and on, making sure a camera is on her, and posing (James is looking like he wants to laugh and uh-huhhing her!)
    Enough already! Wrong show! Maybe she should apply for the bachelor next time.

    1. Not so sure she was posing for BBAD…I think she had her eyes glued to the HOH screen to watch everything that Paulie was doing. Last week Z was asking Nicole to have Cory talk to Paulie and now is she asking James. I can see a Fatal Attraction type thing happening with her.

  48. Good grief, is Paiulie trying to set the land speed record for the number of F bombs in one conversation? You kiss your mother with that mouth?

  49. James’ move was a smart one. He still has options. If Frank wins POV, he can still put up a big target. If anyone else besides Bridgette wins, the noms will probably stay the same and Frank will go home. This is what they have talked about for weeks. I’m not sure why people have a problem with these noms. Isn’t this what he said he would do if he won HOH?

    Side note: It’s time for Z to go. She is taking this showmance thing to a whole new level and it’s not a good look. She needs to float right on out the door.

    Lastly…Bridgette going in about the “mean girls”…stop it. No one wants to be around you because you are up Frank’s ass. You’re just not likeable. One HOH win, that you didn’t even run yourself, and you think you are a competition beast. Your an arrogant, fake, third leg for a guy people don’t like. Get over it.

  50. What is Paulie’s problem
    Who the hell cares what Josea said
    It was silly/ stupid who cares.
    Josea is not there anymore.
    Just shut up Paulie.

  51. I am happy that James won hoh but the nominations tho I mean frank isn’t controlling the house or anything he doesn’t really have any numbers like the showmances and the funny thing is frank and bridgette are on the block and people are still mad and people have been talking about it for the past 2 weeks but they couldn’t cause of the team twist and catagory 4 was always safe and I’m hoping frank wins the POV take himself off the block backdoor paulie or even put Paul on the block but mostly paulie because I can’t deal with him the whole summer but one can dream …….

  52. James just screwed his game up with those nom’s and he knows it! He shld of tried to backdoor frank and put someone else up and no one wld of cared. Now frank has two chances to pull himself off, pov and secret door and the odds r in his favor. We all know hes a comp beast and I hope he pulls it off becuz hes the only one really playing and entertaining right now. You have the riff raff just sitten back whinning and talking crap abt everyone over stupid stuff (immature) mich, day, z, paul… Paulie runnin james hoh, nicole & corey playin tidily winks. Z and nicole planning their weddings and theres still alot of game left…Talk abt boring, and people were all bitching about once tiffany is gone things will be alot better… Sorry not sorry this group just sucks!

  53. Unfortunately I think that this is the Jeff and jordan season all over again, all the big dogs r gonna take each other out and then the weak girls left will go to the finals so sad cuz they sure as heck don’t deserve it z, nicole, natalie, michelle too many of them not be caried to the final

  54. People dont like momma da’ bcuz she has a really bad attitude and is super catty and isnt a nice person. She comes across like people owe her something!!! She did the same thing last season so NOOOOO its not bcuz shes black or beautiful.

  55. I hope Paul keeps his promise to call out Frank and Bridget so Frank could possibly wake up to the fact Pauls a snitching little weasel!

  56. How is putting up the two people the whole house wanted up a big move??? A big move would’ve been putting up Paulie and his twin Paul

  57. I am so disappointed in James he had a golden opportunity to make up for a lot of negative talk about his play last year and his play so far this year and he freakin blew it. He could have really made a big splash and gotten far with it but I think now if Frank gets the veto or if Frank gets secret room at some point it’s going to come back to bite james. I think Frank is getting one or the other if not both.
    Dude, you could have really won major points and took the easy way out he could have put up Victor at least and davonne and honestly the only one that would have been pissed at him would have been Davonne! I mean maybe the zakiya and Michelle but who gives a shit about them because they sure aren’t going to win anything. I just cannot believe he took the idiot route if he would have made the right choices on his nominations he would be good with both sides of the house for a long time!! stupid stupid move I’m sorry, James fans can flame me all they want.

  58. I love James and Natalie together and the way they talk out everything; good, bad and ugly.
    They have been a great support to each other and I’m guessing that they’ll be friends for years to come. James may want something more, but if that doesn’t happen ( who says it couldn’t ?!), they’d probably talk it out and be okay.

    1. James is a coward. Matter of fact they’re all cowards. Bridgette hasn’t done anything to anyone but gets bullied by those 2 ugly skanks. Muchelle & Zack. Meanwhile Nicolas joins in on the making fun of Bridgette crap. I understand it’s a game but there is no need for it. If i were in that house i would call all guys out for letting it go on & i would cuss out Zack Muchelle & Nicholas for being petty b****es! Regardless of getting kick out or not. Frank had a lot more fight in him the first time he was in the house. This time around he’s playing a wusses game. Stand up for that girl. My God, somebody should.

  59. I think the secret room can be found by finding the first clue – the green letter-words on each poster, when put together in the correct order ‘secret (Tokyo poster) destination (Ocho Rios poster) leaves – on the quarter hour (London poster) and then somehow matching the phrase up to the Arrival/Departure schedule posted in the main living area of the house. I wish I could get a closer look at that detailed Arrival/Departure schedule to see if I can figure it out.

  60. James is playing a game which involves not making enemies yet. As a showmance, he was third on Da’Vonne’s list, if she even considered him and Natalie a pair. Really, putting up anyone but Frank and Bridgette would just move James up everyone’s list and that means Natalie moves up as well. It would also limit the people James could work with later. Even if Frank pulls himself off, James could sell it to him that most of the house was after him and James knew Frank could pull himself off.

    Mostly I think those who are complaining just dislike Paulie, rightfully so, and want everyone to hate him as well.

    1. I hate Paulie too. Can’t stand him. But he’s just not the smart nomination this week. He likely wouldn’t go home anyway, and even if he did James would then be a target. That group might turn on themselves soon enough, so why unite them to get you out?

  61. Paul, Victor, Michelle and Paulie in Nairobi room: Paul talking on and on about how influential he is and explaining that he actually won all four POV’s, but let others get it when needed.
    Paulie, Michelle and Victor respond and say how great he is….. And Paul goes on….
    Paulie leaves and it’s mostly a convo between Michelle and Paul about how they need to get out Bridgett and Frank, since they are both competition beasts. Victor comments here and there, but is mostly just taking it all in. Way to go, Paul!
    Remember, Victor, don’t just listen to the loudest voice, like you did last time.
    I hope Victor takes this all in and uses it wisely.

  62. Don’t worry Frank ain’t goin nowhere maybe later but not this week…secret rooms pov catered for him somehow production will see to it hes safe.Bye the way l hate rat Paul! Thumbs up if you agree

  63. PLEASE PAULIE don’t go and “find” Z tonight..!!! Please!! In fact, self-evict! You need to run from this Glen Close!

  64. Having paulie vic paul meech and z in the safari room hating on me is so life force sucking i got to go to bed!

  65. LOL at Z on BBAD discussing her “relationship ” with Paulie to James: “I am cultured, I’ve been places, I’m a Nice Person”. Hahahahaha!!!! She really thinks that she is a nice person. Lawd!! Somebody lied to her

  66. I’m not turning my back on James I was a fan of his from day 1 of BB17 he doesn’t have a clue what Paulies doing. Natalie however is catching on to Paulie but had James not nominated Frank and Bridgette the whole house could of been after him next James lasted 5 1/2 hrs so that his girlfriend could stay another week and why not shes hot and she has his back unlike Meg who rode his coattails. The rest of the house is just playing a cowards game. They are letting everyone else make the big moves and sitting back and playing dumb and act like they don’t know whats going on and as much as I hate Paulie and his ego hes making moves to I just hate that he acts all innocent and dumbfounded and sucks up to the people on the block. I hope Frank can pull himself off and work with James but you all have to remember that Frank said he didn’t deserve to be their just cause he had a kid so trust me when your trying to win a game and do something special for your family like win big money and buy a house or something for your kid or even give her a portion of the money. So if any of you had a child you think hearing about that would weigh heavily on your mind. in my opinion I’m actually happy with James it takes big balls to make big moves He has got the hottest girl in the house. And he doesn’t disrespect people and he wont let anyone else pick on anyone even if it costs him his game he will stay true to his character Just like how nice he treated Audrey and how nice he treated Tiffany he refused to be mean or ostracize them. So in my opinion that speaks volumes in character. Plus I hope him or Natalie find the secret room then when somebody pulls a dumb move he can whip out that secret power and screw them over #TeamJatalie

  67. I wonder how Natalie’s going to react when she realizes that her man has no balls? Literally!!! He’s good at endurance comps but that’s just about it. His game play sucks!!

  68. You’re wrong Paul. Tiffany definitely is a high school teacher. Good luck to her dealing with her classes having been cheating off of both Da’Vonne and Victor on tests/comps.

    1. Lmfao she cheated off day because she looked to see how long her word was? How is that cheating??? And you can look at other players puzzle in puzzle comps. If it was cheating and didn’t want them doing that they would separate them. Everyone looks at others puzzles in puzzle comps. Lol

    2. I’m not too sure she’ll be teaching this year though. I’m not sure too many high school students would take her seriously, regardless of how much she knows about math.

  69. I don’t like James nominations. On a game level, I understand it. The house wants them two up. But James claims to be a loyal player and his first loyalties went to the vets and he put up a vet. So he did betray Frank which is something Frank would bring up to the jury if he leaves and James ends up in the finals.

    Putting Paulie and Zakiyah is a game wise move. James doesn’t have a final 5 with them so he has no allegiance to them. If Paulie wins veto, throw up Paul and send him home. And that’s why James was scared of targeting Paulie and not Frank.

  70. Nicole is getting on my last nerve! How in hell is she one of the top 3 favorite players but Da isn’t right there as well since they are both lying and manipulating stories, but for whatever reason Da is much worse then she is. Really people? That’s why i am happy the ass smacker is on the block! He gave Da a fake ass apology then turned around gunning for her because she’s a beautiful strong black woman with a kid, and Nicole’s sneaky ass will crap her pants if anyone confronts her with the stuff she says behind their backs. The last time i checked, BB is and always will be a game where people lie and deceives. Get Frank’s ass out of there then put Nicole’s sneaky whinny ass on the block next to Cory

    1. I agree. Day is playing BB and Nicole is worse than she is. In fact, I can’t wait for Nicole’s lies to be exposed. I am GLAD Frank is on the block. He was a horrible person in his 1st season and he isn’t any better in this one.

  71. Have to say, I don’t think this was a big move. Personally, I’m rooting for Frank, so it sucks to see him on the block. But James, that was a stupid move not putting Day up, after she TOLD YOU she was going after the showmances. Which includes you. Even if they would’ve put up Frank and Day, at least his Hoh wouldn’t have been a wash. Bad move, James.

  72. Ok dial “OCHO RIOS” and secret door in phone booth will open! Or dial the departure time. The phone booth is set between two rooms to easily have another room hiding! Start looking people!

  73. How come more people don’t say “I will call you from downstairs and tell you quick what’s up” or something along those lines. They don’t use the phone enough and I still don’t know when it came in lol. I actually like the idea though.

  74. I like Frank and don’t want him on the block at all. I also don’t see what all the hate is on James. Frank is a physical threat for James its pretty obvious so why not put him up?

    When people win they suck, when they don’t they suck, when they put someone on the block that they want they suck, when its someone the house wants they suck. WTF man. If everything about this game “sucks” then why the hell watch it and comment? Go read a book or something .

    I am personally enjoying it and reading about it and liking Most of the comments. A lot of the nasty ones seem to be for shock value to wind up the crowd…

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