“They’re livid I didn’t throw it to them” -Kevin

Big Brother Power of Veto Winner is Kevin

1:41am Storage room Bruno tells Kevin once Neda’s immunity is over Ika is going to take a shot..
Bruno – Dillon needs to stay.. as long as he’s here we’re in the background.

1:51am Emily and Dillon
Dillon tells her he’s not going to campaign against her.

1:57am Dre and Demetres
Dre wants Dillon gone Demetres is trying to sway her to want Emily out.

2:02am Demetres and Ika
Demetres says Dree wants Dillon out. They talk about Jackie wanting to self evict earlier today.
Ika – it would be kinda cool to have someone self evict because of me

2:13am Karen Ika and Demetres
Karen tells them Dillon offered Kevin 2500 to throw the POV.
Karen – I want Kevin gone.. I don’t trust him at all.. He told them he would keep them safe..

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Karen makes me laugh when she said Bruno is her their room. He was in that room from the beginning, but just spent 2 weeks on slop and in the dungeon. I guess he has his nerve going back to his own room. I cannot wait for Karen to drive them nuts demanding they get rid of this one or that one. Shut the hell up Karen. Noone is in YOUR bed. I can’t wait for the wrath of Ika to turn on her.


Bring on the Kraken Hour
The Sun is shining somewhere!


Karen is extremely annoying. I don’t get how people like her. Maybe she’s one of the underdogs? Idk. Kevin wants to have a chat with Karen and gets annoyed immediately. Her mind is all over the place and wants everyone out. Hope Kevin can somehow convince William to put her up beside Emily and send her Home but it won’t happen. A boy can dream.


Demetres is the ultimate butter face

Country Crock

The 2 butter faces are Ika and Neda.


But mostly Neda..


Dang! Ika is really letting her mean side show this season.
I don’t like Jackie… but I also don’t like seeing people kicked when they are down.
Ika is really over playing it.


I’m very annoyed of Karen. I don’t get why a surprising good amount of people like her. Maybe she’s one of the underdogs? Idk? Kevin tries to have a chat with Karen and she gets immediately frustrated by a few sentences coming from Kevin’s mouth. I really wish that Kevin pushes William to put up Karen somehow. I don’t think it will work but hell, a boy can dream. Its impossible to work with a player like her. Horrible social player.

Sick Bastards

I find it funny that Ika is at the top of the favorites board when she is the biggest bully in the house and is being a bitch to Jackie for no reason. When Jason on BBOTT was being a bitch to Shelby he was getting hell for it on here. Then you have Ika saying it would be funny to have Jackie self-evict because of her and the fans seem to be eating this up. It’s sickening and hypocritical how you will vilify Jason for treating Shelby like shit, but let Ika get away with the same behavior.


For no reason????
Ha! Child please! What show have you been watching?
Jackie tried to go toe to toe with Ika and failed… and now Jackie wants to play victim!?!

Secondly, Jackie has been crying, trying to garner some sympathy. Wrong game mate!

Demetres was the one who first thought it would be funny Jackie self evicted ( after Dillon told him that Jackie wanted to self evict)

Sick Bastards

You’re right. It’s always ok to bully someone.