“Ika is ready to Strike at Neda.. she keeps talking about her immunity..she can’t wait to take a shot”

9:43am Ika and Neda Bathroom (this may backfire on Ika)
Ika is working to plant seeds of doubt in Neda about Sindy, Bruno and Kevin.
They agree in the house they are both closer to Bruino than kevin, “Kevin doesn’t really to talk to me”
Ika says that Bruno, Kevin and Sindy have mentioned Neda’s attitude to her and demetres says they have mentioned Ika’s attitude to him.
Ika say that Bruno wants to hold onto Emily and Dillon because they are the ones that are close to him and will go after Ika/Demetres.
Neda – I hate how Sindy is in such a good position

Ika again saying that Bruno and Sindy came to her saying “Neda’s attitude is really bad”
Ika says Bruno Sindy and Kevin went off to celebrate Kevin’s POV win.
Ika says that Sindy told her NEda said that Ika and Demetres are getting too close. She adds that they’ve brought up Neda’s immunity and to her the way their alliance is talking it sounds like they would vote Neda out if she’s on the block.

Ika mentions Demetres telling her that Kevin, Bruno and Sindy want Ika and Neda to turn on each other so they can split them up. Adding that “they know that in this house that (Neda) is your number 1”
Ika says she doesn’t want Demetres having close relationship in the house other than Neda.

Neda Bruno and Kevin
Bruno said that Sindy told Dre that Bruno is closer to Sindy than Kevin. They want William to get closer to Kevin.
Neda says dre and William hate her.
Bruno says his core is them three. Tells them he’s being honest right now they are being “Stacked against”

Bruno tells them straight up he’s closer to Kevin than Kevin.
Kevin says he’s spending every night in the HOH this week with William.
Bruno warns they have to keep Jackie they can’t lose that number it’s crucial.
Bruno says theirs William/Dre/Demetre/Ika and Karen those are a tight group. Bruno knows they have Ika and Demetres but those two are playing both sides.
Bruno adds there’s 3 other players Emily/Dillon/Jackie, one of which is going this week that leaves them 5 on their side (Neda, Kevin,Bruno) (LOL sindy is being forgotten again)
Bruno – lets be honest ther’es a lot of numbers on that side.. you two since day one have been my ride or die we need this HOH really badly

Bruno tells them William is the glue, Dre and Jackie hate each other.
Kevin adds that William is really good at challenges.
Neda agrees William goes before Dre.
Neda – Dillon is going to want to go after Ika and Demetres
Kevin – Dillon has to stay
Bruno – exactly
Kevin – just between us if Dillon one that veto he would have used it on Emily

Kevin – best case if we can get jackie up there an out.. if we can keep Emily and Dillon in this game together it would be HUGE
They agree it’s not possible
Neda – it will suck if Dre wins the next HOH
Neda says that this morning Ika was saying Emily needs to go
Neda – I agree William should leave next then Dre after that
Kevin – I agree..
Kevin says William is starting to trust him but Kevin feels that William would f*** Bruno and neda over.

They agree no body is going after Demetres other than Dillon, he’s in the best position in the house.
Neda – Dillon is getting super annoyed by Sindy
Bruno – Sindy is right in the middle..
Neda – she lies to both sides to get us to turn on each other

Kevin – I trust Sindy, Ika and Demetres
Bruno agrees.
Kevin says Dillon offered him a cash deal of 2500 if he would throw the Veto.
Kevin says he won the veto to make sure Dillon doesn’t go home he thinks Dillon would use it on Emily.
Neda says if Dillon stays they can get him to cause a HUGE fuss against Dre than Dre will target him
Bruno – we need him riled up.. after POV (Ceremony)

Bruno and Kevin
They agree William and Dre feel fine about Brunbo and Kevin but not about Neda.
Kevin – just between us.. William asked.. are you playing Neda’s game.. he thinks Neda is the ringleader
Bruno – Ika is ready to Strike at Neda .. oh f** man I keep catching little comments.. and she keeps talking about her immunity
Bruno – she can’t wait to take a shot at her
Bruno says that Ika was pretty upset with Kevin. She was pissed that she felt Kevin didn’t keep her safe with William.
Bruno – she was starting to plant the seeds against you..
Bruno reassures him he will never go against Kevin.
Bruno – She’s just trying to build the army yo come after us.. Demetres is so protected it’s crazy. They want everyone to go after Dre and William..
Bruno says it’s obvious Ika and Demetres are working the house telling everyone what to say. Bruno says he’s been telling them that he’s closer to Sindy he wants to prevent the two of them sitting on the block together.
Kevin – jackie is super key..
Bruno agrees says Jackie/Dillon is best case Dre winning is worst case.
Kevin – Karen is not good..
Bruno does believe Ika has their best interest at heart but first she has her own interest at ehart
kevin – of course.
Kevin says when they get down to final 8 Ika will go with Dre/William over bruno/Kevin
Bruno – 100
They agree if Ika and Demetres are on the block Demetres has to go
Kevin – Ika is the quen over there she won’t strike yet but teh army is building

Bruno tells Kevin their side is Bruno, Kevin, Neda, Dillon, Jackie. Sindy is the swing vote in the middle. It’s 5 vs. 5.
Bruno warns that Sindy doesn’t like Neda and Loves Ika.
Kevin agrees.
Kevin says the other side sees Neda as a bigger threat then the two of them because of her “Immunity, Legacy and how she handles herself”
Bruno – Ika does not like her (Neda) attitude

They confirm their FInal 2 no matter who is with them final 3 they take each other.

Jackie Bruno and Kevin
Jackie says William has some trust in her. Bruno says they have to win the HOH next week and take a shot at that side.
Kevin says if Dre leaves William will go far.
Bruno – he’ll have a lot less heat on him because they are considered a pair.

Dre and Ika bathroom

Karen and William HOH
Karen trying to get Dillon as the target.

12:43pm William and Dre HOH
William says they should evict Dillon adds that Kevin and Bruno are pushing to keep him. karen told him she can pull in Emily more than Jackie. Dre agrees they should get rid of Dillon. says that Sindy and Bruno are pushing for their agenda.
Dre says Sindy, Bruno, Kevin and Dillon are all working together.
William – that is the team.. the real team.

12:50pm Demetres and Ika
Talking about Emily and Dillon kissing.. Emily told them all they had their first kiss last night.

Happy Birthday Bruno !!!

Bruno and Neda
Bruno says that Sindy means well. Neda disagrees says she relays information that you think helps but it’s supposed to turn you against people.
Neda says if the double is next she’ll be safe for the double. They agree Dre should go soon.
Bruno – there has to be a double.. there has to be 2 doubles we’re going into week 6.
Neda agrees says there’s way too many people
Bruno – In my season at this point we had 10 people
Neda – if Dre wins next week we’re f***d
They agree Dillon is great for them to have around.
Bruno says if Ika/Demetres win HOH they won’t take a shot yet they’ll take out Jackie or Dillon.
They agree Jackie will flip wherever the power is.
Neda says they just need top get Kevin on board with getting William out.

Bruno says Ika is disposable but Dillon is key.
Bruno leaves… Neda talking to herself.. Saying that they need to get Sindy out she’s the sketchiest sketch bag of them all. Neda plans on being in the middle nbot too off the radar but enough where sh’es not a target. She’ll talk shit about Kevin/Bruno top Ika and shit about Ika to Bruno.
Neda – the only alliance i’m loyal to is the nedas me my moms and my cats

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I kind of want Neda to make it to the end just to see her get booted at 3 again…that would be the most satisfying end to this horrific season

sunny dee

i kind of like the idea of ika, out 2nd or whatever she went out to get neda out first in jury would be also ok, since ika didn’t make it to jury before would just be interesting i think neda would be pissed someone with so little experience/time in the game before her being final 3 would get her out


that would be toooo good


Hey Simon and Dawg
80 days till BB19
Let’s hope that it’s and all new cast
No returnees


It is a shame William does not see Kevin for who he really is – a total fake ass punk bitch.

RIP Sitting Ducks

Sooo want to be up in Club H.O.H! Lmao that was so funny and entertaining to watch. VIP Bottle Service!


Demetres and Sindy seem to be in the best positions right now. They’re not on anyone’s radar IMO. I would like to think Kevin is too scared to use the veto. Interesting how protected Bruno is. I miss Cass. Truly hope this week’s DE shakes up the “galaxy”. It needs a cosmic shift.


Demetres and Sindy seem to be in the best positions right now. They’re not on anyone’s radar IMO. I would like to think Kevin is too scared to use the veto. Interesting how protected Bruno is. I miss Cass. Truly hope this week’s DE shakes up the “galaxy”. It needs a cosmic shift.