“They’re cocky, they run around blowing farts into each others mouth and they act very arrogant”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Cory is Head of Household. Looks like sam is the target. The noms will most likely be Este/Mark or Este/Dane.

Around 10PM feeds come back Cory Nominated DAne adn Este.

10:20am Talking about what they are going to do today …

10:35am Kyra and Sam They’re trying to unravel where rumours started and trying to get their recollection of events last week in lock step.
Sam mentions that Cory brought up that it was Dane and Adam that brought up the backdoor plan first.
Sam – I was like wait how do you know for sure ..
Sam told Cory that you throw out a lot of options “that’s what you do when you’re HOH”
Kyra – so she knows people did come to you
sam – yeah

Kyra – my mistake I am a communicator.. i just need to store things like Anthony says..
Sam – Dane’s going on the block
Kyra whos going up beside him
Sam – no idea
Kyr – could be me
SAm – no
Kyra – I feel like Anthony would let that happen
Sam – yeah .. I really don’t think
Kyra says it’s about Time Dane felt the block.
Kyra says they f*ed up a little bit but by doing so Dane is being put on the block.
Kyra – I just don’t want to be seen as a liar.. but I don’t think Este is that smart..

Sam says originally she wanted to put COry and Anthony on the block.
Kyra – you were considering backdoor
sam – yes

10:50am Cory and Anthony

Anthony – she knows .. everyone knows even Adam knows ..
Anthony says if Sam wasn’t here Adam would be doing the same thing with Chelsea, “he’s a obsessive person .. he’s just that type of person”
Cory – who should I put up
Anthony – we gotta think first of all .. ultimately what’s best for cory so cory stays safe for next week .. right now it’s do or die.. we gotta keep doing
Anthony highlights that in order to stay safe next week she has to be in good with Adam and dane.
Anthony – everyone sees what Sam is doing ..
Cory – Kyra has been lying
Anthony – for Sam
Cory – for Kyra ..
Cory says Kyra’s and Sam’s stories don’t line up but Adam’s and Sam’s does.
Cory lists off some of Kyra’s inconsistencies ..
Anthony – could you imagine if Kyra used the veto and put you up
Anthony – Kyra’s close to you but THEY feel closer to me..
Anthony thinks he can get information out of Kyra abotu what is really going on.
Cory – if we can get Kyra to expose Sam we can make it happen ..
Cory wants to put up Sam but is looking for an excuse so they keep good with Adam.

Cory – that’s the ticket to getting them the f* outta this game..
Anthony – who is best for nominations
coru – you don’t want to spark anything
Cory – I don’t want you put Dane on the block but it guarantee he plays in Veto ..
cory – ark he didn’t build a bond with me until he was on the block and had to
Anthony – mark and?
Cory – Este or Dane .. really
Cory – I can’t put Adam and Sam up .. I looked them dead in the eyes.. I cant morale I can’t do it and something like that would ruin my game.
Anthony says “they’ve” done a lot to damage Cory’s game.
Anthony says if Adam had won the HOH there would have been a lot of conversations to getting Cory out.

Cory – if I go after Sam right now he’s not going to trust me and i’l be target number one
Cory – I can just put Mark and Este up right .. I have a relationship with Dane ..
Cory – I could say I’m having some conversations and things are coming to light and i think it’s not all Dane
Anthony says the only people in the house that are going to need explanation are Adam, Kyra and Sam. She will tell them if I put Dane up on the block Dane will take himself off. If she keeps Dane off the block it gives ‘other people’ who she doesn’t have a relationship with to fight .
Anthony continues .. Really we’ll go to dane say we’re onto something .. get the fingers pointed at sam and maybe we’ll use the veto ..

Anthony says there’s no way for Adam to get get Cory out he’ll never get the votes. “there’s not 1 person in this house that will vote (with) Adam to get you out”
Anthony says nobody likes Adam and Sam, ‘public enemy number 1 has been Adam and SAm, They lie they’re cocky, they run around blowing farts into each others mouth and they act very arrogant (LOL)

Cory says sam insinuated that she was a idiot..
Anthony says Sam will get one vote and it’s Adam. If Adam wins teh veto he will use the veto to take down Sam.

Cory is worried about Adam , “i don’t want to hurt him”
Anthony he tried to get you out of the house he cares about nothing but sam he would sacrifice his entire game for Sam that’s sick .. and when they get out they won’t life toe be together that’s even sicker.
Anthony warns that Esti might get close to Sam not that KIKI is gone. They do not want to see that happen.
Cory suggests he worlks on her.
Anthony – I have a bond with everybody I can bring anybody in (groan)

Dane’s Study Aids.

5:15pm Anthony and Cory
Anthony – with Dane and Este we have a 90% chance of taking Dane off the block. Dane comes off the block we put up Sam but until then we hold off from Kyr, Este, Damien and everybody
Cory – like the plan? (to get out Sam)
Anthony – yeah
Cory – OH my GOD yes .. stay with us
Anthony says Adam is going to start freaking out about what happens if the veto gets used.
Anthony – he’s going to try and sniff out something about Sam, He only cares about Sam. He doesn’t even care about himself.
Anthony proposes they tell him they’ve been hearing things about Kyra “keep it to yourself but Lyra’s been lying if we have to put Kyra up we have to put Kyra up”
Anthony – tell him I have a plan I’ve only told you and if anybody finds out I know it was you .. tell Adam that
Anthony says Adam is “So submissive” he will agree to it “It’ll turn him on”
After a bit they decide that throwing out Kyra’s name might be risky.
Anthony suggest she just says “I want Dane gone”
Anthony – Adam won’t like that because he wants Dane as a Shield.
Anthony thinks this will ensure Adam fights and wins the Veto.
They laugh at the thought Adam using the Veto and Sam going up.

Anthony – Ohh man this will be the greatest season ever ..
Anthony lets out a sigh
Cory – what
Anthony – no no no no
Anthony – who could we say is a potential for the back door it has to be someone both Adam and Sam want
Cory – Mark ..
Anthony – have Sam and mark been spending time together
Cory – no
Cory – the think is that .. I don’t have to tell him I could say I don’t know yet
Anthony – absolutely
Cory – that’s not out of my character … I can just say I’ve heard some things not about you but I’ve heard something about some potential people and I just need to read a little more into it.

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another name

or she’ll name another nom or two in the next half hour…. again. lol. she’s named kyra/dane. kyra/sam, mark/dane, mark/este, este/kyra, dane/este…… i’m getting whiplash.


Getting whiplash and nausea here. When I read Cory saying she is worried about Adam quote “I don’t want to hurt him”. Felt like I wanted to hurl! Bad enough the Blood Veto was a total waste of a power. Here I had hope reading Cory got HOH that maybe the game was finally going to be played. Then I read Cory is worried about hurting Adam by going after him. Please someone remind her it’s BBCan. Take the shot!


need some updates please

another name

just for laughs (i’m not serious). este for veto.
i know. i couldn’t type it without an incredulous sigh of derision either.


pretty sure poplulism on here another name!

another name

that odd moment when you open the keira exit interview on the official site… and it’s a picture of kyra staring at you. like they were the evicted house guest.
i. wish.


I’m honestly thrilled Sam’s the target. It’s what she deserves for being an idiot and wasting her HoH by not making a big move.
She’ll then have to spend a week in Jury alone reflecting on how she f*cked up, went against her gut and handed the game on a silver platter to the guys.
Karma’s a B*tch 🙂

Feeds Gold

Attention production…please all of you go to a toilet, put your head in and flush…your stupid hyped up twists go down the drain…if the twist had been to force the blood veto holder to actually get blood on them by having to remove one or both noms, then the season would have caught fire…but no, there was no blood, not even a single drop…you teased us for weeks then ruined it…all talk, no action

Most of the cast are boring, annoying or difficult to root for…the least interesting jury house in terms of entertaining personalities i can remember in North American series

Please next season cast 16 dominant but disloyal personalities where there is less of a chance of big strong loyal groups aligning in the first minute and lasting for many weeks…Also please have them all enter the house together so small groups cant align easily with the others yet to enter…Kassting need to lift their game, I am sick of half the cast always being very submissive or not entertaining meaning not great feeds

Anthony(100 naps per day like Godfrey and when actually awake occasionally strategically showing shades of Derrick) should cakewalk the win in a 7-0 finale vote borefest

Just take a moment to appreciate the energy, humor, liveliness and banter Kiki brought to this house for good feeds…that big witch energy is gone and as a result the remaining houseguests are looking at each other thinking, “who among us is truly going to entertain the fans on feeds the rest of this season?”…

Anthony says “not me, im here to smother the life out of the season, making it as predictable as possible” then takes a nap
Cory grunts
Damien stares blankly
Sam and Adam do a workout
Kyra gets paranoid
Mark wanting Dane out goes to study the days with his epic photographic memory for yet another upcoming comp he will lose
Dane laughs “a-hee-he…pretty boys” putting his obsession of his ideal unlikely final 4 ahead of his own personal game
Estie laments that there will be no more young blood banter until May on finale night when she is reunited with Kiki

BC Budlet

Is the Blood Veto totally finished? If it wasn’t used it didn’t get carried forward? I was really hoping for a big shake up but alas I am now just cheering for Dane to win. He seems like the only one that is working hard to win.


ya Simon Dawg,
your right, response to Canadian BB is nil.
i am embarressed to be here.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Off you go then Corky…..


it s Conky…Faggie Rock,
no Patrick Swayzee here.
no elite(barnstormers) here
Sam (the only man )


Wish Sam or Adam to win veto just to screw up their plans

another name

in a perfect world of funfeed chaos i wouldn’t mind finding a way to have sam and dane on the block together after veto.
there’s no scenario i can see where this happens. but oh… fun times.


The worst thing that can happen right now is that Dane wins POV and Sam gets the backdoor. Given that this is BBCAN7, this will definitely happen. Also, Sam you deserve to go. You fought so hard for HOH two weeks in a row just for KIKI to get evicted while knowing fully well that there is a guys alliance. Honey you got your moment in the sun and you blew it.


It does seem like this entire show is scripted b/c how else can we explain the idiocy of what is happening? Adam vehemently denying he never said to backdoor Cory (it WAS HIS IDEA – b/c at the time he was mad that the PBs were pushing so hard for Sam to leave) So that was his response to the fact Anthony wanted to keep Cory deep in the game (ditto for Dane with Este). Mind you Adam goes on these little temper tantrums when things don’t go his way.

Just this week he was ranting to Mark about not wanting to throw HOH or go n the block to get empathy from Mark. Meanwhile HELLO McFly — Mark was still sitting on the block!!!! So they agreed & convinced Anthony it was best for the PBs NOT to land on the block if at all possible. BUT Adam had no problems with Dane/Este going up (or lying to help make that move happen) as long as he didn’t have to go on the block or Sam.

AND he knows they are lying to Cory about the “backdoor Cory” situation but told Sam to keep lying & he also knows part of the reasoning for Dane being on the block is b/c Sam & him both said that plan was Danes. Tonight Dane/Adam storage room talk & Adam STILL doesn’t tell him that he lied to Cory. Adam is also extremely delusional about Sam b/c he believes she would vote to keep Dane (or at least that’s what he’s telling Dane) when Sam/Kyra were the ones pushing for Dane to be nominated so they could vote him out. (again – they’ll be coerced to believe Este is the devil of course & never vote him out – but to start the week Sam/Kyra’s plan was to get Dane out by any means necessary).

This entire day & the backdoor Cory storyline has perfectly demonstrated who Adam is. His lies helped to get Dane put on the block. His advice to Sam to KEEP LYING about his involvement is to protect himself & Cory will use Sam’s lie as the reason to backdoor her. Clearly, Adam is the most scared to land OTB & he’ll sell out anyone to avoid it (which means he’ll likely be a top option to target in triple eviction).

Adam is that typical athletic guy BB gets every season that usually doesn’t last deep into the game b/c the housemates get annoyed by them saying I’ll win everything lol. As for Lorne’s suggestion of Adam/Sam winning POV the messed up part is even if that scenario happens the guys will keep Dane over Este with Cory breaking the tie if Adam elected to turn on the PBs (and he won’t).

In fact, Adam is in a very precarious position this week b/c of how he already kind of threw Dane UTB to protect himself & Sam. If he also plays in POV – wins & doesn’t take Dane down the others PBs (Anthony/Dane/Mark) will gun for both Sam & him — they’ll just replace him with Damian or Cory. (guess we need to consult the script to see for sure).


Please can we have a re run of big brother canada 1 and 2. And a new host for 8 if there is one. These idiots can’t play tiddlywinks without messing the game up. Blood veto total waste of energy time and brain cells. Just can’t watch anymore.