Adam “The second you say something that’s not your story right now, Cory is going to know 1000% we’ve been lying.”

10:50pm Bedroom. Adam and Sam. Adam – we need each other. We need one of us to win and we need one of us to win next week. The three of us proved that we can win competitions. She was like yeah, yeah I know. I am telling you this because just down there Kyra was telling us that we should just confess. F**K THAT SH*T! Sam – Okay. Adam – We’re in this.. the second you say something that is not your story right now Cory is going to know 1000% that we’ve been lying the whole time. Sam – I’m not but I was like Dane you brought up Cory’s name just like everybody else did. Adam – he is in there denying.. Sam – he was like I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was like alright. Adam – its not your business. You told Cory. She asked me the same thing and I told her I don’t know. Sam – well because I was HOH people were coming to me and giving me different scenarios. Adam – all you need to talk about is moving forward with each other. You tell her if you win next week, you’re not going up. Sam – what is she going to do if Dane pulls himself off?! Adam – we talked about that she said what if its not Dane and I said how do you feel about Esti?

11:05pm -1:25pm The house guests make up games / play games in the living room.

1:25pm Bathroom. Sam is brushing her teeth. Sam – OH NO! OH NO!.. This isn’t my tooth brush!!!

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Although things could change it sure feels like the week (if not the game) is already in the books (or should I say scripts).

So just to have a little fun let’s play over/under where we bet on the likelihood of things happening. Let’s place the scale as 10 being most likely to happen (over) and 1 as least likely to happen (under).

* Sam blames Adam for forcing her not to tell Cory the truth as the reason she lands on the block — 10
* Adam goes to Cory after Sam becomes re-nom to tell her it was him that INSISTED Sam not tell the truth? 8
* Same as above but Adam finds a way to blame Este (who’ll likely still be on the block) 10
* In an effort to clear the air Sam (or her henchperson – Kyra) calls a house meeting to clear the air about the BD Cory situation 8.5
* Este & Sam have a blowout fight once Sam is on the block – 7
* Adam tries to get PBs to keep Sam & invents a series of lies about Este for his cause – 8
* Sam goes to Adam crying when none of their plans work & b/c Adam feels so bad he tells her all about the PB alliance 9.999 (I don’t know why but I just think this will happen).
* If the above happens Sam immediately calls out the group (Mark/Anthony/Dane) – 7 or….
* Does she force Adam to come with her to tell Cory/Damian/Kyra? – 8 Since they’ll be the only non PBs not on the block. Kind of leaning in this direction but I’d rather she blows up the PBs just to see Anthony’s response
* Adam votes to keep Sam – I’m at a 5 on this b/c if he does that it will say something to the PB (Dane didn’t vote for Kiki)
*Kyra votes to keep Sam – 2
* A non PB member ends up slapping Anthony —- 1.5

Basically, all or none of these things could happen but it was more fun coming up with those scenarios then writing about how this game is really taking place.

Case in point —- as tweeted out earlier by Big Brother Junkie. Adam asked Anthony if Cory would be upset if Dane remains on the block & they keep him (ie. evict Este)

Anthony: ” No, we have the power. This is how Trump feels, this is how Denzel feels, we do what we want” Both guys laugh. (and it’s also noted that Anthony then goes into pantry and looks at camera to say “he’s going to die when he finds out” (i.e. when they backdoor Sam)

Feeds Gold

Im not gonna sit through another month of this, Im not really invested in anyone left, like Tommy Lee Jones says to Harrison Ford in the fugitive…I dont care…next time I watch any bb will be the finale to see how this sh!tshow ends up and to see the pre jury houseguests again

Kyra and Sam are irritating and emotional to the point of being unwatchable

Cory and Damien are the opposite of lively

pretty boys…pretty boring…4 dudes steamrolling against weak opposition like shooting fish in a barrel

all signs point to an Anthony win, but hoping Estie pulls off an upset or 2nd, then goes to Hawaii sipping mojitos on the beach with Kiki

Fraggle Rock bottom

I have never seen so much whining. This really isn’t much different than last years BBUS season. Just a group of players (as a whole) outplaying the ROH. Most alliances fail because they cannot stay banded together. The fact that the big bad boys have managed to get this far without completely blowing up their alliance is a testament to their gameplay; yes you need the dumb dumbs on the other side of the house to assist (please see BBUS 2018, the best season in a decade). I have enjoyed watching this season and even more so reading the bellyaching comments of how horrible this season is. You have to work for it sometimes and the PB are putting in their time.


Adam sure is looking like a major douche tonight.

When Cory asked him about Dane being the one to come up with the BD Cory plan Adam does nothing to protect Dane (but he keeps asking Dane – you haven’t said anything right? & you won’t say anything right?) So Adam is reinforcing his & Sam’s safety & doing NOTHING to protect Dane nor is he telling Dane that he is Cory’s target. All Adam cares about is being safe & keeping Sam safe.

Adam has told Cory he’ll keep noms the same, told Dane she has Sam’s vote (Dane knows that’s BS). The crazy part is Adam went crazy last week at the prospect of being put on the block with Sam knowing she would be the target but for him to tell Dane he’s safe is crazy b/c he knows for a fact both Sam/Kyra want Dane gone.

If things go according to plan (Sam gets backdoored) how the PBs move forward should be interesting b/c this week Adam has proven himself to be disloyal, untrustworthy and a textbook narcissist. Worse for Adam is now that Anthony knows Sam/Adam were complaining outside the PB circle to others (Este/Kiki/Dane/Kyra) about Anthony/Cory it will only serve to move Adam to the bottom of the PB totem pole because as we all know NO ONE is allowed to mention Anthony’s name. He runs that house like he’s the Godfather I swear.—- but that’s a whole other story.

another name

so cory is basing her entire nominating strategy this week on a backdoor plan that the editing department cut out of last week’s episodes entirely in order to give Adam a moral dilema edit between devotion to the boys or desire to move forward with the five.
episode only viewers never knew the original plan was to save both kiki and mark while sacrificing one of anthony’s soldiers.
then again, episode only viewers last week looked up and said ‘who’s that?’ in unison when anthony came on to the screen twice to explain how to play big brother and get a little anthony cory montage. he’s gone seven episodes so far this season without a d/r.
good luck making sense of cory’s strategy without five minutes of flashback that completely wipe out that moral dilema plot point editing department.


The lazy, manipulative guys are each using a woman as a shield (except Damien, but he is sane, quiet and not dysfunctional, and so not watchable for BB). And the women are sniping at one another. Okay, season fail. Thank you, next.


Dane, Este, Mark, Kyra and Sam are playing in the Veto.

Guy From Canada

Sam for the win for more dysfunction, Dane for the win to watch Sam break down on the block. Only two out of that group I want to see win. Is the 6th to play Mark?

another name

so if anthony’s plan (oh come on, like cory isn’t anthony’s muppet) happens to work (only showmance in house, production very unlikely to allow it)… it’s no longer a back door. it’s a blindside. since definition of back door is renomming someone that had no chance to save themselves in veto. 🙂


Sam cannot win…
If noms remain the same, I get the feeling Dane may be gone.


I’m wanting Sam to win the veto and keep the noms the same. I don’t really like her, just want to see the fallout .


Some want Dane gone and some want Sam gone. I, however want Sam GONE – I think it provides the most BANG for our bucks sort of speak. It will cause the most drama on the show. Adam will lose his shit Kyra will storm around hurdling insults at everyone and ugly cry in front of the cameras. Mark will be Mark and stare down at the floor. Anthony will puff out his chest at Adam.We will finally have something to look forward to.


I hope Sam or Kyra win veto and get rid of Dane .


For several reasons, I’m in the alternative camp of wanting Este to win POV. If she does then…..

1) Sam & Dane are on the block beside each other
2) most likely PB alliance gets revealed (between Sam sprouting, Adam scrambling & Kyra playing all sides)
3) Anthony will try to turn Kyra on Sam to help Dane stay
4) if Mark thinks it’s close he could vote to keep Sam over Dane
5) Adam will have to prove his loyalty to PBs (but will he?)
6) Kyra would be in between a rock and a hard place (vote to keep ally Sam – or do what Anthony TELLS her)
7) AND – it’s likely we’ll learn Dane won’t be happy for Este to win it over him which could also cause some post POV drama.

So yeah – I’m pulling for the Este because as we all know I’m all about the MORE DRAMA


Danes wins Veto


Cue the Sam & Kyra melt downs NOW


Dane won the veto.

another name

Anthony has become Kyra’s new caregiver. Oh. Good. Anthony’s time with Kyra is increasing exponentially. This will end well. Anthony is starting to get a taste of what feed watchers have been seeing for weeks. He’s thinking theres a change… there’s no change, he’s just the primary focus of all that is Kyra now.
I dislike Kyra. shocker.
I’m not against Kyra because Kyra is a member of the lgbt community, I’m against Kyra because they try to use their status as a member of that community manipulatively as a disadvantage. I’m not against kyra for expressing attraction to women in the house, I’m against Kyra for failing to respect the object of their affection’s right to consent or deny and using that failure to gain consent manipulatively for sympathy. I’m not against Kyra because Kyra has borderline personality disorder, I’m against Kyra because they use their mental health condition manipulatively as a disadvantage. The only time their bpd is mentioned is when they are acting shady or caught in lies, instead saying it’s a product of their disorder, not their lies and shadiness. While Kyra has said they want to use their platform in a positive way for others in each of the niches they represent; they present each of those niches as a weakness and a disadvantage. That is not a positive light.
I dislike Kyra: not for any of the boxes that Kyra can checkmark but for their use of those checkmarks as sympathy seeking disadvantages.


Curious how everyone feels on here. Would you rather see Anthony or Adam on the block? I ask because after this week (Cory &) those two will be the only players who haven’t touched the block and they are the most freaked out about landing there.

In the past 48 hours, Adam spent his time making sure he wouldn’t go up, tried to reinforce (his true number 1) Sam & him moving forward & basically demonstrated he had secondary allegiance to the PBs but only if it serves his needs. (true narcissist).

Anthony meanwhile spent his entire time focusing Cory on taking out Sam, driving wedges between Cory/Damian & trying to drive more wedges between Damian, Este, Kyrie (all against each other). The only person he can’t do that toward is Cory b/c it would look super sketch. Dane is playing Anthony perfectly making him think he’s Dane’s true #1 & that he’s happy to bring along Cory to F3 with them (he’s not – he’s only saying he is).

Mark has flawlessly shifted back into being a wallflower & is building relationships with each of Damian, Este & even Kyra (smart move on his part). When Adam/Dane discussed winning the next HOH & pushed for Mark to win he pushed back saying let Anthony win the next one so I can win the triple (Mark is implying the triple will be date’s related which he’ll be better at).

Again – smart b/c Mark’s goal is to take out the challenge beasts (Dane) in the triple and I think one more of the PB crew. In truth taking out two of the three PBs in the triple would be smart whoever it is b/c even though Anthony hasn’t won comps he’s equally as dangerous & is well liked by every single person.

If Sam leaves this week & Mark manages to win triple HOH his best bet would be to pull aside Adam & tell him look they made you lose Sam & they still have Este/Cory so let’s take them out & we’ll take each other to the end. Mark could call out the PB alliance in doing this & also state each of you gained sub alliances making me the most vulnerable. Post eviction he could tell everyone left – look I just wasn’t comfortable playing you all for fools which is what that trio was doing.

Watch these coming days (prior to triple eviction) for Mark to try to secure some sort of F2 with Damian & Kyra while shoring up his relationship with Este/Cory. You know for sure Adam will roast both Dane/Anthony if Mark could pull that deed off which would only make Adam look sketchy b/c he also had an alliance with Chelsea, Sam & Kyra.

I’m laughing at myself right now b/c my pinings for “things to happen” is more exciting to think about than what is ACTUALLY happening.


Great post TTOT! Do think think Sam will be evicted over Este? I know it’s early but wondering what your gut is saying.


oops – spaces weren’t working (see next post)