Dina “You don’t touch somebody..” Tamar “..before you stab them in the back!”

KATO nominated: Dina & Tamar
KATO plans to backdoor: Ryan

7:10pm Tamar and Dina in the bedroom. Tamar – you have to know that you weren’t the target and I wasn’t the target. You don’t mention my son. You don’t know my struggle. Don’t you dare in your life tell me to go home and be with my son. Because I don’t want to fight with another black woman on national television?! Are you crazy!? I cook for everyone. Dina – and I clean. Tamar – that’s what we do. Dina – somebody cooks, somebody cleans. That was just weird. Tamar – it was low. It was low to ever mention my son. Dina – you don’t touch somebody.. Tamar – before you stab them in the back! Ah DUMMY! Tamar – then I heard he had an attitude that I didn’t come to his room last night because I was sleeping.

7:18pm Kitchen – Dina and Kandi. Dina – I would be pissed if I was Kato’s girlfriend. And then he got the letter .. it was just a lot. I was rooting for everyone. That was BS! And he knows that I was pretty upset that he wasn’t honest the day before about what was going on (with the votes). And that was projection. He has to find a reason and he did. Kandi – it is what it is. Dina – and I didn’t cry in there (diary room). So Kato doesn’t get to vote right? Kandi – you mean if its tied? Oh no, he doesn’t get to vote. Dina – so he doesn’t vote and whoever wins the veto can take themselves off. Kandi – right. Dina – and someone else gets put up? Kandi – right.

7:30pm Workout room. Lolo to Ricky – do you trust Kato and Tom? Ricky – yes I do. But to trust them I feel like I have to keep checking in on them. You know?! Lolo – are you going to try and win the veto. Ricky – If I’m in it I will just because it gives us leverage. Are you going to try and win it. Lolo – absolutely! And HOH. Just because I don’t want to experience what we did the other day. Ricky – yeah. That was not a good feeling. Lolo – I want a win. The athlete in me wants to win. Ricky – winning is great but its a battle and this is a war. If somehow Ryan does get backdoored. Joey is going to quit. Lolo – you think?! Ricky – yeah. Lolo – stop it! Ricky – I don’t mean really physically quit. I mean he isn’t going to want to be here anymore.

8:10pm Kato teaching Ricky cards..

10:20pm Bedroom. Joey and Ryan. Joey – she (kandi) is to intense for me. I don’t have any energy after she leaves a room. Ryan laughs. Joey – shows how she sucks all the energy out of him.

10:45pm – 11:30pm Kato and Ryan playing miniature corn hole.

(KATO talking about backdooring Ryan)
11:34pm – 12:05am Backyard. Kato, Natalie and Tom. Kato – I just wanted to let you guys know that when I .. I guess you call it backdoor Ryan.. I am going to be the biggest hated person. Natalie – no you’re not. Kato – in America. ..I mean I’m doing it. I mean we’re doing it.. I just .. he understands that I think. Natalie – he does. Lolo joins them. Kato – I just want to make sure he understands its a game. Natalie – he does. Lolo – what’s going on? Tom – not tomorrow right? Natalie – Monday. Kato – I am doing it no matter what. I am just thinking America is going to be like f**king Kato Kaelin got rid of this really great guy. Natalie – no they won’t .. they’ll be like good for you! They’ll respect you more. Kato – Ok, its set! The perfect story would be Ryan and Dina both up. It would be like Dina you’re ok now. And Ryan would understand. Natalie – he was like .. he is cool. He said he is okay to go and that he missed his wife and kids. Tom – outside of us who is the most like to win this season? Natalie – Ryan. He is hella likable. He is super athletic. Lolo – he isn’t shabby on the memorization either. They agree that if Ricky wins HOH he wouldn’t put any of them up. Lolo – he isn’t against you guys. Tom – I think he is smartest strategically right now. And he knows that we’re together .. the smartest strategic thinker in the house knowing about us … is dangerous. He is going to analyze the game and realize that the only way he can win is if he breaks this up. Lolo – you have to remember that last year the most strategic person did not win. Ross did not win. You guys are overlooking this. Tom – I was even surprised when you put Dina and Tamar on the block today. They agree that everyone was surprised.

12:20am Ryan to Joey – We need an alliance. Me, you, Dina, Kandi and Ricky. Joey – lets do it. Lets talk to Kandi. Ryan – no have Dina talk to Kandi. Joey – then go talk to Dina. Ryan – I already did. Joey – what did she say? Ryan – we need to do this now. Joey – then lets do it. Ryan comments on how he told Kato he thought he was going to backdoor him. Joey – I don’t want to be here if you’re not… that would be a nightmare dude.

2:30am Another bird takes flight…

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