“They got so excited they had HOH, a hint of power… f*** everybody else.. Complete backfire”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Natalie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ? and ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 03-35-40-018

12:11am FRIES!!!!!!

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 03-36-58-767

12:23am London room Natalie and James
Natalie says if James goes this week nobody will talk to her.
James says she can “lay out work out”
James – it’s only 14 days after thursday..
James – 1 of those days will be double.. Errr I mean tape eviction..

Natalie – so this wednesday
James- not this wednesday.. Could be this wednesday I could be going home ..
James goes on explaining how he’ll be going on wednesday and someone else will be evicted Thursday

JAmes- I think that’s how it goes I’m not 100% sure.. Somebody has got to home home.. 2 people have to go to get the numbers right..

Natalie – you better win the Veto
James – don’t get me wrong I’ll try and win it..
Natalie – I’m so sad now..
James- we’re almost done
Natalie – just sucks out game blew up by trusting the wrong people
James- I’m going to try and make it right.. Give you another shot..
Nat – it’s not your fault
James- it is my fault I voted Victor out..

Natalie doesn’t like being on the block together with him and doesn’t like that the other people in the house are not talking to them.
Natalie – I feel uncomfortable in this game..
James- that’s normal..
Natalie – my heart hurts.. When is this chest tightening going away
Natalie asks if James has told Victor she didn’t want to do the final 4 deal with Nicole and Corey
James – I didn’t have enough time I did say you wanted to keep him and I voted against you
James tells her to have a heart to heart with Victor
Nat – i’m scared.. It’s an emotional roller coaster .. it upsetting that NIcole and Corey wanted to take Victor out and we took the heat now they are best friends.. I feel so played out we were doing so well me and you.. People trusted us..
James- looks at the camera.. “What’s up America.. “
They have “GT” time

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 03-48-58-290

12:52am HOH Final 4 DOminos..
Victor – series of 7
Nicole – series of 7 shut your pie holes

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 03-53-16-668

1:58am HOH Final 4 minus Corey who’s in the shower.
Paul saying that Natalie keeps saying “I almost won the HOh I almost won the HOH “
Paul – I was like yeah and the tables would be completely turned.. Did you hear that..
Paul – as if she wouldn’t put Victor and Paul up..

Nicole says Natalie wanted Paul out so bad.. After he won the Veto “Pisssed”
Victor – they got power hungry that week..
Victor – before everything was a mistake today .. Sorry for backstabbing ..
Nicole – at least she finally admits..
Victor – that she backstabbed us
Paul – she didn’t want me gone she wanted 1 of us gone..
Victor – everything backfired..

Victor – they got so excited they had HOH a hint of power… f*** everybody else.. Complete backfire.. Meech gone.
Nic – Meech was bawling ‘I just want Paul gone before I do I don’t care about anything else’
Victor – that’s what she was say about you and Corey
Paul – I don’t want them to beat me..
Paul – 18 days after tomorrow
Nicole – we got to get some good rest tonight.. We need that W
Nicole asks which one is worst on their own. (Natalie or James)
Paul and Victor say Natalie is worse on her own.
Nicole points out that Natalie almost won that egg comp.
Victor says that is why he likes mental comps against her because she will crumble

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 03-53-11-794

2:18am HOH Fianl 4 ..
Talking about BB16 rating being really good and BB17 being poor. they hope this season is doing well in ratings. Corey thinks it is..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 04-13-56-871
2:45am HOH Paul and Victor
Paul – Natalie wasn’t only shitting on me she was shitting on you trying to get me out..
They talk about music they listen to when they have s$x.
Paul – I can’t concentrate .. I can’t listen to music and study or read..
Vic – I get real sensual.. get really into it..
Paul says his brain is listening to the components of the music.
Vic – I’m listening to the music and working the body..

Vic mentions James telling him he didn’t want to be in a showmance again for the wrap party.
they laugh that he’s in a showmance again.
Victor – I abandon ship in 4 days.. (broke it off with Natalie)
Paul – good thing
Vic – it hurt me at first.. the whole eviction.. talking sh1t..
paul – yeah it f***d you up.. bet she wished she never abandon ship
Vic – she didn’t have a choice.. she wanted to hang out
Paul – of course she did.. she wanted to find a strong guy to latch onto and that is what she’s doing..
Paul – she can deny is all she wants.. she tried Corey .. she tried you
Vic – no thank you … and I’m the a$$hole..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 04-23-51-220

3:30am HOH Paul and Victor..
Paul says for the past 2 weeks Natalie and James have not been sleeping in the same bed.
Paul says she’s already jumped ship “She knows what she’s doing”
POaul – we had a feeling about James and Natalie since the beginning.. first James than after Natalie started acting weird..
Paul – we were right from the f****G get go.. 70 days later they ended up f****g us
Vic – that’s why revenge is so sweet bro
Paul snuggles in on the HOH bed “Fool’s co-HOH”
They laugh about Paul sleeping downstairs and Natalie crawls in his bed. Paul says he’ll come up to Victor and say “Dude she’s changed”
PAul – I swear to you she’s had a crush on me this entire time.. she’s good for our game I promise.. her t1ts are real dude..
Vic – she comes right back to me.. I come back to you.. dude I made a mistake in the beginning .. we can trust her now it was my fault all along it
paul – it was my fault I as wrong all along..

Paul – goodnight G

6:46am Zzzzzzzzz

8:33am feeds have been on fish for awhile..

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Franks fumes

Somebody says something relevant about gameplay……..fish for 10 minutes……then when we come back we are treated to a riveting game of dominoes.


Ya Paul needs to stop talking about Michelle she’s gone now PLAY the game. Paul likes to mind F people well then expect some of those people to fight back!!! Michelle really got to him he just doesn’t want to admit it!! I love me some Victor but Paul and Corey are not good influences on him. Nicole is lucky she’s getting a great edit. I wish I would never have broken down and gotten the live feeds.It makes me not like the show. Michelle(except for her last days) was at least funny (probably at her own expense ). I hate the edits on TV!!! .


Yeah it is really disheartening sometimes to watch the TV edit. It’s a bit perplexing. You would think that if you like the show you would at least check it out on-line. Then most viewers would see the true sides of the players. Apparently that is not the case judging by the care-package voting. Oh well at least we don’t have to suffer in silence ( I got tunes on) thanks to Simon and Dawg.


The first year I had the feeds was season 8 and I have had them since then. It was always fun to pick out the discrepancies between the t.v. edit and how things really happened but, for the most part, it seemed like they used to do a better job of showing the truth of who the people were-who was more honest, sneaky, loyal, backstabbing, funny, nice or just an asshole. If you can go on update sites and read the comment sections, read comments by people who watch the feeds and talk to people who are strictly t.v. onlies and the majority of people are seeing the same things, then you feel like the edit is painting a true picture. Season 10 was a good example of people across the board almost unanimously liking, disliking, and rooting for and against the same people. I’m not sure when things went downhill so bad. Season 15 was definitely a hard one to edit to show anyone who didn’t watch feeds the entire truth of what was going on in that house. My friend is a t.v only viewer, never reads updates or comment sections. There have been times the last few seasons that she has liked a certain HG that really is not nice and I tell her all the crappy things that person did or said because the t.v. edit doesn’t show any of it. And on the opposite side she will dislike a HG because the edit shows them making a game move that seems disloyal or saying something that seems mean and I have to tell her what led up to it and what was said or done to that person to make them respond that way.
Because of the crappy edit and the hidden agenda of production trying to drive a certain story line instead of allowing the game to play out naturally, I am really interested in the fall online version. However, it seems like it will be even more time consuming than the normal version and I really wish it wasn’t starting quite so soon after season 18 ends. When my kids were younger I used to joke that children’s services were going to charge me with abandonment because once BB started they would be lucky to get food or clean clothes. It was just a joke, but I did plan a lot around the HG sleep schedule. Mornings were the best. When it’s 8a.m. here it’s only 5a.m. in the BB house so I usually have a few hours to accomplish something.


@Grendon Ya its funny what you said about them editing someone to look sneaky. TV made it kinda look like VICTOR took the bribe so he would not vote out Paul but we all know that is not what happen. I feel like production also turned Michelle against Vic and vice versa. Michelle was so adamant about not getting Victor out then she went into Dr and it changed. Michelle’s goodbye to Vic was also edited because they knew Vic would probably come back in the game. Michelle was called in only Twice (I think might have missed one) for Dr the last week but the first time she was in her last week she came out looking so upset not saying a word and then really hating on Victor. I don’t like it when production does that it seems worse this year. Even showing Michelle Victors speech it was nice but it seemed like he flip-flopped on her because she is only getting a small piece of the puzzle. All the guys love Nicole now too.. I hope that Victor does get boned by production like Michelle did I just have a feeling he might. I am sorta happy its so crappy because I’m not watching or reading as much sooo. Also sometimes even people watching the feeds people interpret stuff differently or its just other houseguest friends and family blowing things up . That whole Michelle thing was ridicules I didn’t even know about it until my sister told me she read an article that basically came out after Paul called her the C word and implied that he called her that because he thought she took his sunglasses but he called her that because she said his clothing line was not very good BIG difference . I think Paul has a lot of friends out there rewriting things for him I wonder what’s his secret and who he knows. Michelle problem was she was to much of an open book she let everyone know all of her dirty laundry even though she was like 15. I was asocial worker about 5 years ago out of college and you would not believe how many nice kids we had come in for STUPID stuff that’s usually why those things get expunged I guess I get so annoyed with the slander about her because that can really damage her outside the game and people it is a GAME ok enough sorry for the rant. I think all the True ugliness on the boards and on the show is just getting to me. Sorry


Production does seem to have a heavier hand this season than in seasons past. It’s more than just trying to create entertainment but to control the course of the show. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth but i enjoy the premise of the show.


– “Strength & Honor?” Did James really say he’d go out with strength & honor?
– Nicole is to Corey, what Erika was to Boogie. And I think she is trying hard to make Corey jealous by stroking Vic’s hair. But he’s going to Boogie her once the how is over.
– Who makes greasy french fries at 12am??? Also, are these frozen or is he legit making fresh french fries?
– “My Heat Hurts.” Maybe Natalie has some sort of heart murmur or something.
– Victor better keep his Katrina tragedy on the DL or else no one is taking him to F2. If Victor gets into F2 and mentions his struggles in life especially with Katrina… It’s a Wrap!


He did indeed. But we have yet to see any strength and very little honor!


Whose katrina?


That is funny.


Hurricane Katrina


As if DR randomly suggests to Paul “you should make some fries. Don’t ask why just do it”.


Wait seriously? Corey would be Boogie? HELL NO

Franks fumes

Who makes greasy french fries at 12 am …..stoners like Paul!


Paul’s a monster! Pissed!


this ain't my first rodeo

this aint my first rodeo


Giddy-up there cow-pie!! When he gets evicted he can turn to Brat and say “Bye-Ho-Game Killer”


BBAD …. Last night was over two hours of watching James and Natalie in one bed and Corey and Nicole in another bed …. and the rest of the time was everyone in the kitchen cooking …. no more for me this season except on the nights competitions are held and a little game talk occurs.


I have not watched it yet. Was Nat the Brat aghast that Paul was making fries? Yea that’s right the fries again. Fool can cook!


Ha Ha “was Nat the brat aghast” Beauty


Love it…..Brat and Lames! Perfect description.

Heron McKeester

Thanks for the play-by-play Simon (and Dawg of course). That is some funny stuff that I probably won’t see on TV. Hilarious discussion between Paul and Vic re listening to music during sex. I gotta go with Paul on that one.
I could explain but that would be TMI. And James thinking he is King Sh*t because he was on the show before. My word he is delusional. Not only is his gut wrong 99% of the time but he SUCKED the first time so why does he think his knowledge of how the game works is so profound? He said to Natalie “I’ll try to get you another show”.
Wow – didn’t know he has such pull with CBS. Vic or Paul winning would be most deserved.


LOL, that conversation was hilarious… and I have to go with the Puerto Rican on that one!!! Victor will be lined up with chics at the wrap party, no doubt!!!!


I think Victor has a secret crush on Nicole….as soon as Cory leaves the room he jumps on her, lol. He would be so much better than Cory!


He thinks “Merica” wants to see professional pot-ball.

Mister pickles

Best sex song: Who let the dogs out?


You’re just being ridiculous….the only choice is Queen’s “We Will Rock You” followed immediately by “We Are The Champions” after you tell her you really have to get up early, so she should probably go….


Did you already call the Uber?


Doesn’t everybody?

TX rar

At least you wait til after. Haha. Corey said he was on Uber during…… Jeez!


You’re disgusting. I’m far more romantic, so it’s gotta be Notorious BIG “F***ing You Tonight”


Nine Inch Nails….Animal!


Hey Macarena, Oy!


Village People….In the Navy!


Whitney Houston…. And Iiieeeiiieeii will awwowowllwayeess love youueeooeeooo…ooo! Great sex song!


still guffawing


Please let anyone else but Nicole win! She is absolutely no better than James. She literally rode Corey, Paulie and James to this point and she’s talking sh!t like she’s a beast! What makes me all warm and fuzzy inside is knowing James puffed out his chest and made himself out to be the man to Nat and now looks like an a$$hole!! She’s realizing that he’s a dumb a$$ and she could have made it as far on her own. It hurts almost how f$cking stupid he is!!!!


How did she ride Cory’s coattails? She won 2 HOH’s, vetos, and she’s stayed off the block the whole time? If anything she got tgrown under the bus all season! Almost every person tried to play the middle…why is wrong for her to do so?


Nicole won one HoH. The first one was handed to her after her team lost 3 comps in a row. Big Brother then let the first big losers choose the HoH. Tiffany didn’t want to start off with a target and Corey is…special so that left Nicole. The veto involved some skill and trust so it wasn’t handed to her but if Paul felt in danger I think it would have turned out different.


She did not “win” 2 HOH’S, she was “given” them…and Corey threw her the veto and she almost blew that! That’s why Snorey wrote one billion…so she would get that he was throwing it to her…I’m hoping that Natalie wins the veto this week just to piss ratcole off, then it will be the 2 vets on the block…stupid bitch is trying so hard to be the only girl in the house & I hope it backfires on her…have never hated a player as much as her…well, that’s a lie lol, I hated Vanessa, but this ugly chick is a close second!


Last season James was AFP and according to the Chenbot, was CBS honcho Les Moonves favorite HG. May be still.

Froot Loop Dingus

Sounds like ol’ Les has a thing for Asians.. lmao


You know Paulie was a real douche but at least he was a douche into Natalie s face, Vic is talking about how she s basically open for business to any guy and is a manipulative bitch while smiling into her face being her friend….He and Corey are real champs…Corey acting like he likes Nicole, Victor acting like he s friends w Natalie while they both shit on them laughing=classy


Except for the fact that Victor is exactly right! She did go to three guys before Douchy James! After being rejected, James got the sloppy fourths which he is all too happy to accept. Well, look at him. Not a lot of options for him. Let’s admit it. Even Meg turned him down countless times. And that was Meg.


I liked Meg, she was terrible at the game but she seemed like a fun person.

Frank the tank

My heart hurts to hear you be so ignorant. Vic is just pointing out the obvious. Sweet ft Nat is leading on poor Jamesy and everyone in the house notices, even James.

Don’t believe me? Just before Big Meech left James had a conversation with her complaining how Nat doesn’t want to be affectionate with him, saying not on tv, but how she was super affectionate with the other guys she was flirting with before i.e. Corey and Vic.


LOL, why cant he point out the obvious when it comes to the game then?
So what Nat has flirted with a couple guys? Vic has made his rounds too. Lets see, Nat, Meech, Nic…
Haha. Vic is fkn clueless when his wifey material is Nic. She is a stage 5 clinger. You cant pick a women that cant be friends with another women. Who else she going to hang with when your not around? Ask Corey, I suppose.
James is a nice dude and all, but he is immature, and seems flaky. The vets arent marriage material.


Victor isn’t just talking crap about her to make her look bad, he is talking about his experience with her and how she treated him and how she acted around the other guys. It’s no different than all the crap she talked about him, except she did it when he was out of the house so that he couldn’t defend himself or clear his name. Then as soon as he came back into the house she treated him like a long lost best friend. I think Victor has done a good job of moving past her insults and being a friend to Nat but obviously the topic is going to pop up, especially when you’re faced with constant reminders of what annoys you about certain people and you are stuck in a house with nothing to talk about that you haven’t already talked about a thousand times. Natalie does her fair share of talking crap about people behind their backs and being nice to their faces. She is by no means the worst but she is also far from being an innocent angel.


That’s how Victor talks about all women, at least those that don’t meet his “high standards”. Just ask his friend’s girlfriends. They all hate him, as he himself has said.


In the BB world, acting and being nice to people does not make you a douche. It’s playing the game. Yeah, it’s dishonest, fake,etc. but that’s what BB has evolved into. “Real” players such as Evil Dick and Dr. Will were great in their early seasons, but I honestly don’t know how long they would last if they played that way now. It seems like all the HGs now want to “go with the house” and if you rock the boat, you’re gone. I don’t have a problem with someone pretending to like another HG or using people to further their game. The most I can hope for is that the person being used is not too emotionally invested and is mature enough to recognize it as simply game play.


Corey might be friends with Nicole but he doesn’t trash her like Pauli did. I think there is a possibility he acts tough and doesn’t care about her when he actually does. I just find it strange how he reacted yesterday, that makes me think that they are more than just friends. One of Coreys first questions ever to Nicole was, do you think you have found the person you are going to get married to? Yesterday he asked that question again in the Hoh room with Vic and Paul. Nicoles reaction was very rude. She told him he asked the weird question already. He was caught of guard by her response that he seriously stood in silence for about 20 minutes. He looked humiliated and he was biting his nails. I never seen him react that way with her. Even after her apology it was still awkward. She bruised his ego for sure. Corey always throws her hypothetical scenarios about marriage and her love life as if they were together. They already disgust how many kids they want and when he wants to get married.


I don’t know what irks me more that James ego dictates he’s going to GIVE Natalie another show and continues to solely take the blame or Natalie pissed and uncomfortable on the block spewing how she was duped and played and it wasn’t her fault while running her mouth and how no one cares and she has chest pains.
Get UP and OUT of BED and do something about it…what’s your gut say Natalie


Natalie – my heart hurts.. When is this chest tightening going away. The weight of these fake fun bags hurt my heart………. I hope I win AFP because I am going to get bigger ones!!!! That will show them cruel kids that called me flat chested. Jamesey did you know that they called me Flat-Nat in high school?


I’m hoping that was a typo and James actually said he was going to get her another shot not show. Maybe he can get her on the Bold and the Beautiful…


That is how I read it, “… another shot.” Not show. But again, gullible Natalie would believe him, whether he said shot or show. lol


That’s what I thought but I wouldn’t put it pass James to pretend he had some pull. After the show she’ll have at least as much pull as he does.

Ariana's donut

Maybe if Natalie had James’ gut her heart wouldn’t hurt, and her stomach wouldn’t hurt “soooo baaaaad.” (Or vice versa.)


Lol the last 6 people always end up being a fucking snoozefest. Yay, 5 days of shit talking by all involved and even better, stroking each others balls, er egos until full coitus. And downers Nat/Ja. Sounds like a winning formula for viewers.


Honestly, at this point, I’ll just tune in on finale night


I don’t suppose there is any scenario both Paul and Natalie as final 2 at this stage correct?


Sure there is. There’s a scenario for anything it just will take veto wins.




Sure – IF they both win the last few veto comps. And I’m sure Paul would gladly take Nat to Final 2. Nat would only win against ……..hmmm…….maybe the Pelican? Nope – the Pelican would still beat her. Had way more gameplay.


Paul may be willing to carry her over Nicole and Corey once James is gone. He feels he can beat her in any comp. She can be his Victoria.


It’s BB games, so winning is a crapshoot and Nat could do the carrying at the end. She claims the moral high ground…but it’s her belief she’s moral, not actual morality. These types of people can justify anything, so even if she professes Vic is more admirable and deserving now, if she’s final 3 with them and wins, she’ll take Paul because she thinks she can win…but she’ll dress it up that Vic is still evil for not liking her.


I think Paul would still take Vic and claim to be the brains of the operation, but may take a shot at Nicole and Corey before Natalie.


Nicolle told James at the beginning that they would be final two. What happened?


I feel like Nicole still wants to keep that option open. She is already making comments about Nat being more dangerous than James. I know Corey has said several times that he would be sick if Nat was in F2 so it wouldn’t be hard for Nicole to convince him to keep James. It really won’t matter until POV but if they screw over Victor (I am quite sure he wants James evicted) then I hope Paul wins HOH and says that now that James is alone, it makes sense to put Nicole/Corey OTB and break up the last remaining couple.

Leopold Stotch

Last night, Nicole told Corey that they need to get Nat out this week because Nat keeps sh*%%ing on her. Corey agreed that they need to get Nat out. So if his actually happens, Nicole and James are still in play for a final 2.

The real danger here is if Nicole tries to push this idea on Victor (and Paul), but it’s not what they want. Perhaps they’ll agree with Nicole that it makes sense while in front of her, but behind her back, they may realize that she and James have a final 2 – and this will put Nicole in the cross hairs. And, obviously, if Corey and Nicole vote out Natalie against Vic’s wishes, they will clearly be drawing a line in the sand and breaking up their final 4.


James and Nicole Final 2

James and Nicole do have a Final 2. James was already trying to dump Natalie. Nicole is subtly trying to get Corey and Vic jealous over her. Nicole has control of the votes. Paul and Vic at this stage do not care who goes home ‘First’. Its all about timing. You start putting little ideas in people’s heads but not too strongly until the POV has completed. Then if you find yourself off the block, boooom.. The wont know what hits them. if Nicole and Corey are not on the block.. They have 2 votes and Paul has 1. Then as long as they get HOH or POV The chess match is in its final stages and the Queens (James and Nicole) will start chopping heads off.

Another Anonymous

I guess I overestimated the extent of the pre-show relationship between James and Nicole and how it was directing their decisions in the house. Whatever was there before seems to have dissolved at this point. I thought that it was going to be a bigger factor in their actions through to the end.

While James and Natalie must take responsibility for their pivot from Vic/Paul to Nicole/Corey, it seems that production gave them a strong push in that direction. Natalie said that the powers that be suggested that they should work with Nicole/Corey. Natalie and James got screwed to some extent because of production’s meddling. I wonder why Natalie/James aren’t using this with Vic/Paul to help explain their past actions.


The only pre show alliance/final two is between production and Nicole. The edits she gets are priceless. And those with live feeds are the real losers.


When Natalie went to go borrow the nail file in the HOH room when Nicole was HOH. When Natalie leaves Nicole says to Corey I can’t stand non gamers she kept saying that Natalie does nothing in this game. Natalie was the one that got the ball rolling to get Paulie out and also had her hand in getting Victor out. Two big threats. Nicole just starting playing the game now she thinks she is this big time player. HOH’s thrown to her, Paul started the 4 alliance not her, she was willing to sacrifice her game with the guys as long as they let her play with them and has gotten help from Production that nobody else got. Her ego has gotten big this past week and thinks she is such a strategic player and has her nose up in the air and has gotten to be a Big Brother snob! This is from the girl who thought she was on the Bachelor and slept most of the summer. The only game Nicole has been playing is to be the only girl left to get all the attention from the guys. That is the only game she has been playing all summer!


Paul and Victor need to side with Natalie next week and keep her in the game. That would be the smart move she could be a vote for their side. She is more angry with Nicole and Corey than she is with them. She would go after Corey and Nicole. They keep her in the game they would have the numbers in the end. Love to see the look on Nicole’s face if this happened just because things have been to easy for her!


Yes that is great strategy by you.Vic and Paul double-cross Nicorey and get out Nicole.
One Hundred percent one of them ( Vic Paul) win the game.
They seem loyal though. Wonder if they have it in them


Paul has it in him. Not sure about Vic.


It’s crazy to listen to Nicole smack talk and critique Nat and James game. She takes no responsibility for what came down. She thinks she has played such a clean game and whines I didn’t do anything baaaadddd. Pot callin the kettle black.

Paul's thinking:

I wonder why DR told me to make some fries???


Victor is a good guy. The 2 times he has been evicted so far he handled his exit chats with Julie very politely and humbly. That is him. He had no idea both times that he would have a chance to return. He made a bad move with the beads but I think he was cajoled into that more than anything. He has been sunk like a pool ball twice and got put back on the table both times. That’s a lotta luck and comp beasting. He and Paul play off each other’s strengths very well. They are funny and loyal. I really doubt either one of them will ever cast a vote against the other. Well done by them. They have made this season bearable and maybe in ten years the only thing we’ll remember about BB18 is Paul and Victor.


Nic is clearly picking the fights not Corey. Nicole is the one encouraging Vic to come on to her. I think 2 reasons 1. To make Corey Jealous (she’s done it all season) 2. To get in a close position to Vic in hopes its the 2 of them in the end. She knows she has a much better chance with Vic than Correeeeyyyy.

TX rar

Why is she always playing with Victor’s hair. (it is great hair tho). I’ve seen it several times. I can see them hugging as friends but the hair thing? I would not be ok with that.

Ugh Nicole!

It’s a Nicole thing..her need to constantly be touching rubbing acting coy and innocent ugh. Her lack of self respect and respect of her family is clearly in view for the public to see all over YouTube. Having sex with Corey night after night and then flirting and touching Vic during the day. Sickening that CBS edits her a a sweet innocent girl.


Nicole trying to plant the seed to keep James . mark my comment she will continue to push for Natalie to be evicted .
Nicole asks which one is worst on their own. (Natalie or James)
Paul and Victor say Natalie is worse on her own.
Nicole points out that Natalie almost won that egg comp.


Did anyone watch the feeds when Vic told Nicole she needs to take a shower?. Haha she tried to say she had showered the day before and Vic called her out and said NO you didn’t You need to take one. I think he asked her how often she showers…She asked if she stinks omg lol then Paul said (not even hearing the conversation) later when Nicole mentioned she was going to shower Paul said please go wash that smelly ass cooter. It’s been apparent Nicole rarely showers (black feet) but for a guy to straight up tell you, you need to bathe it must be bad. (Sorry if this text is hard to follow 🙂 I think it was about 5:30 last night.


That’s disgusting! Getting into an already dirty bed with dirty feet is vile! But, what is worse Nicole not showering with black feet, or Corey continuing to cuddle her and sniff her hair all night in bed? Eeeewwwww..


Corey to Vic. Smell my finger(s) (two in the pink, one in the stink) Vic replies “fool needs a shower”


And Mean Girl #1’s sidekick

TX rar

Thanks for approx time stamp. I need to go look for that on live feeds.


It was closer to 6pm I think. She is in room sitting with yellow sweater on Vic in room with her then Paul comes in later


Mean Girl #1


Paul and CBS issued an Amber Atert for Paublo;(


“James tells her to have a heart to heart with Victor”

Yea, James don’t want that, Natalie might do something with Victor that eill crush James.


I think jealousy is the whole reason James teamed with Nicorey! Nat was very happy being in an alliance with Victor. She complimented him constantly. Then James has a DR.. Then Natalie has a DR and comes out saying production to her to side with Nicorey. James planted the whole idea out of jealousy and production told Nat so James’ reputation could be squeaky clean for the ridiculous edit he’s getting for America’s Favorite Player. (sigh)

Final 4 starts to crumble...

Gonna be a interesting week with Nicole begging/scheming for Lames to stay and Paul/Vic pulling for Nat… I see backstabbing a bunch with Nicole convincing Cory to keep Lames resulting in the votes going 2-1 sending Nat to jury. Final 5 will be Nicole/Cory/Lames vrs Paul/Vic with Paul being the only one with a shot at HOH from that duo…. God I hope I’m wrong…. Send Lames out the door


If James doesn’t win veto then this eviction will show whether Nicole has a deal with James. Should be interesting. Verrrrry intrestiiingk!


….that either James or Natalie will go with Nicole/Corey once one of them leaves. Nicole/Corey will be the evicting votes & sending one of them to jury.

Paul/Vic are perfectly positioned to win this game. Next out will be either Nicole or Corey which is why James is telling Natalie to get with Vic & Nicole is shunning Corey & cozying up to Vic. Both know he is more of a straight shooter than Paul.

Paul know this & will be “best friending” whoever stays (James/Natalie).


You can say a lot of bad things,about Nicole, but poor hygiene is not one of them. Do you watch the feeds? She showers more than any of them. The guys not so much. Clearly a joke by the guys.


I beg to differ. Recently showering more (2 to 3 days) but there were many weeks she went 5 days without any showers. Victor was not joking around.


I agree, I dont remember if she has always but recently she has been showering every single day.


I dont know why everybody loves Vic so much?! Well I get it, but it seems sheepish if you werent a fan from the beginning. He is the ultimate reason why I hate the way BB has gone. He is young, chisled, and a BRO. He has bro’d out this entire game.. He hasnt had an origional thought or strategy, and his name has been thrown out every single week. He was never an underdog, he was just oblivious. Look, I dont care if he wins, I just care that Nic doesnt.
Why cant vic and Paul mull over why Nic and Corey have voted him out 2xs as well? Why are they so caught up on James and Nat? Where was Nicorey when these decisions were made? It was obvious Nic didnt want to put up nat & james (not because she didnt want to show her cards, cause she ultimately did anyways), but she has something going on with them. Like ffs, meech told them she thinks James and Nic have an f2… I dont see how that was not a seed planted, especially in Pauls brain? Paul was sketch on Nic from day 1. That was his target!! Its so frustrating, 50% of the vets are still in the house! They study dates and count items, but that is smacking them in the head and they are in lala land. Vic has rose colored glasses on when it comes to nic. Hopefully Paul cuts her, cause I cant imagine corey or vic doing it.


Paul needs a little more to say he did to the jury (that was not well-phrased). I mean Paul needs a little more ammo in his belt (damn that sounded bad too) Umm Paul needs to make a big movement? Probably Nicole being punted on Paul’s watch would seal the deal for him even against Victor


Simon Thanks again for all your hard work. Your updates spare me the agony of watching the feeds this late in the game:) Bless your heart for everything you must endure. Lol
Everyone don’t forget to Donate to OBB Support the Site on home page. I appreciate all you do:)

Charlotte 89

All I can say is “shut up Nicole!”. Why is production picking this lazy, non player to go this far?
She is the one who let one HOH go to her head land is now acting like some great gamer – please! Puke!
Granted he let her, but she totally took advantage of James to advance her grossmance.
Please, one of the other 3 need to take a shot at her next!


Nat on AD asking America to go donate $ on a go-fund-me account to help a cousin of hers get through med school. Waiting for her to ask us to help her get the double D’s.

skeptical onlooker

Nat’s self pity..fakeness…..and James’s stupidity..Nic & Coreeeeee’s borrring arguments…had me counting objects for a comp I’m not playing in..rather than watch..listen. ( I started reading a book…in the hopes that something interesting would develope.
Are Production as sick and tired of that foursome? I doubt there are high fives going on behind the scenes.
Casting did REALLY well picking james, Nic, Nat and Coreeeee…(pfft)
And I’m having to decide if my faves Vic and paul are actually funny..or if it’s just in comparison to the other lot.
Yes Nat. My chest is also hurting..it’s called indigestion from hearing you whinging and (begging) for AFP..and your passive/aggressive manipulations. .And my typing has gone to s**t because I’ve bitten my arm off listening to James acting for the camera..and begging for another $25,000.


If I were Paul or Victor, I would be happy if Natalie won Veto. It would be Victor’s excuse to put up Nicole and Corey up as a pawn. They will be the deciding vote this week if one of them is not on the block. If one of them are on the block, then the deciding vote will be in Paul’s hands. If Nicole and Corey were the deciding vote they might keep James and make a deal with him. They would be 3 against Paul and Victor. Victor would not be able to play in HOH this week. So it would be 3 against Paul for the HOH.


Getting Natalie off the block would shift control back to Paul and Vic. Natalie would vote to save James, that would leave Nicole/Corey to save the other part of their pair. Paul becomes the deciding vote. Plus it may help to bring Natalie into the fold against Nicole/Corey. They still need James to go next but Natalie can wait until they reduce Nicole/Corey.

skeptical onlooker

I’ve been reading about the twitter fight going on between Paulie’s parents and CBS..and fans of BB. (NOT fans of Paulie’s by any means)
Now this is a very unhappy state of affairs. Of course they support and love their son. I understand that.
BUT…I wish they had just not gone public. because now…the live feeders have brought up ALL the things that CBS did NOT air. And it’s about 99% or more against Paulie.
It’s not for me to pass judgement..but sometimes SILENCE IS GOLDEN.
This is backfiring just like Paulie’s game.
And I really believe the parents are doing more harm by publicly excusing and condoing behavior which is factual and all over the net.
As a parent…I have a lot of sympathy for what they have brought upon themselves..albeit needing above all else to defend their son. At a huge cost.
Paulie is 28/29 years old. Let him fight his own battles. And bear the consequences. That would be good parenting.
I don’t think anyone in the family could have imagined such a fiasco.. Disastrous.

skeptical onlooker

Feeding Social media is the problem. The Califiori’s were naïve to think that people would just swallow their rhetoric. They just don’t understand the live feeds..and all the info that’s there for fact finding.
Welll..NOW they do! They have added fuel to the fire…and it’s a fire storm.
Sad all round. It’s a cautionary tale for future HG’s AND their families.
As a viewer..after the game…I really don’t care. It’s a done deal. But the kinds of things that have gone down..is not going to be easy to live down for the (perp) 🙂 LOL…and or for the families involved.
they seem strong though..and will hopefully keep calm and carry on. ( I’m English..it’s our motto 🙂


I would actually love for Natalie to win POV for three reasons-
1-So Nicole and Corey can’t screw Victor over by voting out Natalie (who they want out) over James (who Victor wants out).
2-So there can be no chance of a James/Nicole final 2.
3-Mostly so a ‘pawn’ has to go up. Corey has already taken a turn as a pawn for Victor. Paul took a turn as a pawn for Nicole last week. Nicole has never been OTB. Time for Nicole’s turn to sit in an eviction chair on Thursday night.

Nicole and James OTB together could be another fun week.


Ugh – Puppy Dog James has rolled over and died. – Nat has had a mental break down this week so it looks like James will indeed go home unless by some DIVINE intervention one of them wins the VETO and takes James off the block. I am not saying he deserves to be taken off the block, but it would make the game more interesting at this point and I would LOVE, LOVE to see Nicole as the replacement in James spot. Because I know that once James goes Paul’s target then becomes Nicole.
Vic does trust Nicole, but Paul doesn’t ( Paul trusts Nat more ) He will never show Vic all his cards. Paul would rather have a weak girl in the F4 which is Nat. She is broken now and I think with him saying all of this – this week to Vic has been the ground work for Nat staying over Nicole.
I would rather have a weak ass duo of James and Nat then a No Show Corey. That guy is the most boring player ever in this HOUSE !!!!! – Then to top it off with MISS WHINEY …..

Calafiore vs CBS

Kissing Dad and Mom says: “You done our beautiful son Paulie wrong!”