Natalie – “Sorry I backstabbed you guys.. I really trusted James and his opinion”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Natalie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ? and ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 08-41-48-486
8:40am Have nots..

Paul – bandaids and slop…
Victor reads.. This week the have nots are the houseguest that did not place an egg in the basket during the poached egg competitions that means Natalie and I are the have nots
However because I won HOH and Natalie has the never not pass there will be no have not this week so put the slop away and enjoy the week..

Nicole – I don’t get the bandages..

8:44am James and Natalie
Natalie talking about Nicole and Corey always claiming they didn’t know anything the week Natalie was HOH.
Natalie says James knew Michelle was going home and he was fine with it as long as it wasn’t the two of them.
James says he wasn’t fine with it and he didn’t know Meech was leaving until the very end.

James- if she’s not going to fight for herself why should I Fight for her..
James- I started to campaign at the very last minute cause I thought she was going home.. I was catching all the heat.. Paul and Victor were looking at my face when I was talking to Corey like f****

Natalie – you voted to keep Corey..
James says Victor wants James out “if I’m stuck on the block my ass is going home and I’m OK with that.. “
James- you can’t fight fate
Natalie – I wish i had won that HOH..
James – that’s OK stop beating yourself up so much.. You take a lot of things out on yourself..
James – win or lose you gotta hold your head up high..
Natalie – yup..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 09-43-24-717
9:39am James and Natalie
James – you’re going to be OK
Jame – you OK babe
Natalie – yeah I’m good..
James – don’t beat yourself up OKay. .it’s like playing dominoes you don’t know what the other person has..

Natalie – I do feel though if Meech campaigned and we were socail to Nicole Meech could stay .
Natalie – you don’t think so..
James – no.. Nicole did not like Meech
Nat – she wanted her out.
James – I mean we campaigned pretty hard at the very last minute.. I pulled Corey’s arm.. Pretty much and they didn’t budge..
Nat – they said Nicole wanted Meech 10000 percent.
Nat – if they were working with us they would have been OK ..
Natalie – he loved using that line I’m going to stick by my girl..
Jame s- he only said that cause I said it ..
Nat – They used us to get where they are now. . Now they are sitting real pretty.
Nat – just promise me if you stay don’t be the next one to be evicted. Just promise me
Jame s- I told you that
Nat – do everything you can to stay
James – I am, you worry wart..
Nat – if I’m staying.. You don’t know how hard I’m going in these comps..
Natalie – it sucks I hurt 2 people that were loyal to me, that kills my life.. I put 2 of my friends up on the block that I could have trusted.. (Paul lied about fries)
Nat – I thought Paul was coming after you, I literally betrayed 2 of my friends for 2 people that didn’t have any good interests for me in mind at all..
Nat – and now we’re both on the block because of it..
Nat – Nicole and Corey never wanted a final 4 with us
Jame s- they did.. If it was convenient for em ,.. At the time it was convenient for em but now it’s not so they don’t need it..
Natalie – I put my butt on the line for her and Corey and YOU
Natalie – I made a huge game move..
Nat – i’m ready to tear it up
James- we gotta start by winning the veto ..
Nat – I know I’m going.. It just sucks..
James – I want you to be content because i’m content.. You can’t fight fate.. It’s your cards embrace it. It’ll make you feel better.
James – i’m leaving
Nat – you’re winning the veto over me let’s get real..
Nat – they bribed Paul.. that’s why Paul, Corey and everyone were gunning for Victor to win that HOH..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 09-53-40-322

9:53am Victor and Paul HOH showing picture of Vic’s dad.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 10-02-22-072

10:02am Natalie apologizes to Victor and Paul..
Natalie – sorry I backstabbed you guys.. I really trusted James and his opinion.
They thank her and say they appreciate it.
Victor – at the end of the day it is a game..
Paul says he thought they had a good thing going ..
Natalie says she believed the wrong people and she betrayed the people that had her back..
Natalie says she hopes they make it far “You’ve been the underdog since day 1”
Paul – you to we’ve all been shit on..

Natalie says her and James made the wrong decision..
Nat – I’m not giving up.. I’m really pumped for you guys to make it far..
Paul – just don’t close the coffin just yet you might be there too.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 10-16-28-060

10:12am Cam 3-4 Corey and Nicole..
Nicole is wanting to vote out Natalie.. She’s pissed that she’s up there talkign to Victor and Paul while James is sleeping in the London room.
Nicole – I’m shocked..
Corey – i’m not shocked at all I would expect none the less..
Corey – after what she said 1 hour before out date.. lost all respect..
Nicole – nobody knows that stuff..
Corey – I know..
(the week before the feeds went on)
Nicole – that was 1 hour before
Corey – yup..

They agree if Natalie was smart she would team up with Vic and Paul.
Corey – Natalie will never have my vote in Jury..
Nicole – if she won… I would not be.. you don’t even know..
Nicole – flirting and flaunting yourself is not a strategy for Big brother I don’t care.. (ZOMG)

Nicole – anything else can be but that’s not to me.. she liked you first than Victor than you than James.
Nicole says she’s sad that James is sleeping while she does it..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 10-29-59-865

10:30am Final 4 HOH
They fill them in on what Natalie was saying..
They say that Natalie is now blaming James for the back stab on them while before she was blaming Nicole and Corey.

They start talking about how Natalie used James.
Corey wants to send Natalie to go.
Paul says he’s telling James that Natalie sold him out.
Nicole – he’ll deny..

Paul – it’s just sad to see that..
Corey – that’s super crappy
Nicole – she’ll crap on anyone at this point.. like he protected her
Corey – that leaves a bad taste in my mouth
Paul – some people came into this game not giving a f*** what they do.. the fact she has to tell us she’s a good person hides the fact she’s not a good person .. constantly defending
paul – you haven’t done anything to show you are a good person other than say you were a good person..
Paul – in some weird world if it’s me and Natalie final 2 I will spend my speech shitting on Natalie
paul – we win this comp next week and we send her home..

Paul – when james leaves she will try to attache to Victor and I
Nicole – she will
Paul – we don’t want you to get worried.. I will visibly show I don’t give a f**.. Victor is nice.. he never carried.
Paul – I show I don’t care.. Victor save its he’s smart about it I’m not..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 10-52-45-267
10:30am Natalie and James
Nat – I’m not campaigning against you .. I’m just telling you what I said..
Natalie says she apologized for backstabbing them and told Paul she was told he’s targeting James.
Natalie – I put my trust in the wrong hands..

Natalie hopes that the 4 of them aren’t making fun of her for apologizing..
James doesn’t think they will..

Natalie tells him they had a group sent from heaven .
James says if Victor never came back Corey and Nicole would have been loyal to them 100% they knew Victor wins comps “Lets link up with these guys”

Natalie – was nice in my apology but live feeders will never know what they did wrong..
James says “Zero f***s given” the game isn’t worth stressing out.
Natalie – but I betrayed 2 people that were loyal to me I wanted them to know.. I’m sorry..
James- 6 place is awesome for me.. last time I was nominated 3 times before I went home and I met a cool person.. made some cash on the side.. it’s cool i’m content.

James- this game just wasn’t in the cards for me this season.. maybe I’ll get a call Survivor and Amazing race.. I fuc*ed up..
Natalie says James had its easier because he had siblings that wanted to work with him and super fans that wanted to work with him.
James says there was 3 weeks where the vets were targets..
James – we were such easy targets at first and even Big Brother knew we were easy targets.. it it was a free for all.. shit.. would be Frank/James.. Da/Nicole (on the block)
James pretty much saying he’s given up.. says that he survived all the drama the whole Paulie thing it was a good run. “it’s been a good summer”
James- if both of us lose the veto.. for me I’m ecstatic about it..
James says there might be a “secret” eviction on a Wednesday (ohh this is the gut talking again)

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 10-44-34-795

10:40am HOH Paul and Victor
Paul – if she does latch on to us we’re good..
Paul – we need to convince her that we’ll take her to final 2..
They agree they do not want to turn on Nicole and Corey but in some strange world that Natalie wins the next hoh they want to stay off the block..

They repeat over and over they don’t want to be sketchy with Nicole and Corey ..
Victor doesn’t want to get too close to natalie.
Victor says even if Natalie puts Nicole and Corey

Paul says Nicole and Corey technically did a wrong to Natalie they have not .
Paul – we are in a good position if she wins..
Vic – let’s not run that risk if we have to..

They agree if they take natalie to the final 2 they will lose Jury votes..

They joke about production just clueing in about the sitting ducks.
Victor says he had to explain it to them it’s been their final 2 for the last 3-4 weeks.. “Don’t you guys watch the cameras..”

Paul laughs says he thought maybe he was getting “boned” and Victor was never talking about it because the DR seemed to ignore the sitting ducks they had no idea what it was..
(LOL this is funny .. production is busy with showmance bon$rs.. )

Paul – we were targeted the most.. 5 you evicted twice..
Victor laughing “the frustrations.. they put us both up.. they come back.. it will take them 3 times to get me outta this house.. had to put you on the block 6 times”

Paul – you had to swing 6 times hommie..
Paul says they’ve had a exciting ride he really hopes one of them win it they deserve it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 11-29-44-596

11:30am Natalie and James
Natalie – they didn’t care about us..
Jame s- they cared about themselves.. they f ***d us both
Natalie – it could have worked.. I kept saying I don’t trust them..
jam es- if it wasn’t for that damn jury buyback
Natalie – why would I want tto ride it to the end with 2 people I didn’t trust
James- I wouldn’t now..
Natalie – they would have still backstabb us
James- if they had the chance..
James- the best way to get people out of this game it not by your hand..
James- dude I made sure Corey felt secure.. and Nicole tried to be like well.. we had all this tim and y’all never talked to us
Nat – they played us out
James- I was like Nicole first of all you had Victor and Paul up your butts 24/7

Natalie says Nicole and Corey used them.
James says he’s going to try and catch Nicole and Corey in as many lies as he can “For shits and giggles” (Please do James)
Natalie doesn’t want to talk to Nicole and Corey.
James- I voted Victor out over Corey to save her boyfriend and I gave Nicole that HOH..
James adds that he would have battled harder in the HOH “A lot longer” if he thought Nicole was going to put them up.
Natalie – you would have put Paul and Victor back up
James – NO I told you Corey and Victor.. and if one of them went down “Hopefully Victor” then Nicole would go up .
James- we had 3 shots at Corey and Nicole..
Natalie is goign to call Nicole and Corey out.
James- we’ve done a lot for you guys.
James says she should ask Nicole and Corey to give him an apology.

James- be like James was always sticking up for you never said anything bad and you played him out..
Natalie – you back stabbed him and I need up betraying my 2 best friends for those 2 that didn’t care about me.
James – Nicole has been called out all season might as well call her out again. (GO JAMES GO!)

James goes over some things he’ll say on eviction night he’ll tell Victor and Paul he should have “Rolled with you guys”
Natalie – Nicole is secretly really catty too..
Nat – I was trying to be her friend soo much why did I try to be friends with her.. I save her off the block.. WOW..

Natalie – it’s going to be all of them against one of us..
James is going to tell everyone in his speech if they leave him in the game he’s coming after everyone one of them..
Natalie – don’t say that James..
James – why .. it’s a good ender..

Nat – what time will we have the veto.. ohh it’s only 11 55…
James – they won’t have it until 1 .. 2 ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 11-54-57-268

11:55am Natalie and James
Nat – “I know i’m not winning this veto competitions.. I can sense it”
James – we made it on a lot of episodes.. 32.. and there’s 40 episodes…

Natalie says she going after Corey and Nicole and wants james to say that.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 11-59-35-257

NOON Strength and honor..
Natalie saying Nicole and Corey are smelling the money ..
James says Corey and Nicole will not win against Paul or Victor.
Natalie – they are all best friends they are all making fun of us..
James says Only Zakiyah and Paulie will vote for Corey or Nicole in the finales.
They agree Nicole and Corey made no big moves in the game.
They are planning on “shitting” all over Corey and Nicole’s game. (Team James/Natalie again.. LOL .. roller coaster season )

James – they know I’m pissed.. I keep my cool but I attack with vengeance.. i’m just like Victor.. his social game wasn’t there at first but now it’s there.. Victor is really good game player now..
Natalie – very good.. I honestly hope he wins the game.

James having second thoughts on calling Nicole and Corey out. “I’ve lied I’ve back stabbed people..
nat – yeah but you never lied and back stabbed people ..

Natalie is hung up on Nicole and Corey “painting” themselves to be good people when they weren’t
Nat – Nicole knew you were the target Corey knew you were the target this week.
James- ya

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 12-20-41-097

NOON Thirty


Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 13-22-13-862
12:54pm James and Natalie
Talking about the comic book Veto
James – honestly I kinda hope he wins (Victor) locks the noms up I’m going home..
Natalie – Nicole and Corey are loyal to you over me
James – they are loyal to their group
James- they are going to vote me out you have nothing to worry about.. and even if I won the veto, I’m using it on you.
Nat – shut up no you are not..
James- yes I am .. that I will..
Nat -t hat’s what I want to do and you said no
James- you have a better shot at winning..
Nat – you don’t know that Jame you’re great at this game you got called back for another season.
James – Yeah I got called back because I was a funny guy I pranked people.. America liked me.
Nat- it really stinks being on the bloc with you..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 13-19-56-548

1:20pm Tokyo Nicole and Victor..
Victor teasing Nicole that she’s “nasty a$$”
Nic – I’m only going to snap chat you gross things

Victor teases he’ll send her pictures of snakes.. “Hey I found Nicole .. she’s in New Orleans.. whats up..
Nicole – I picked Nicole up at the airport..
Nicole about being called a snake “out of all things.. out of all people”
Nicole says this week was the hardest thing she’s had to do all season.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-03 13-37-44-390

1:40pm Final 4
Nicole saying she got a call from price is right but they “Shut it down’ says there’s a long story about it..
Nicole says she was sad after she got the call. adds that she broke up with Hayden 2 days later.
They joke around about Hayden sounding like a cool chill guy.
Victor says they are getting ready for the POV because everyone is getting called into the Dairy room.

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Justin beaver

I wish Nat would let her beard grow out.


She’ll use her stipend on a Birkin bag. Maybe bigger tatas.

Cow Mascot

I’d like to see Nat stand on the corner in a cow suit for 4 or 5 hours, then whine about it.


I’d like to see Nat with a quart of old motor oil poured over her head.


I’d like to see Ronald McDonald show up at Nat’s house on a tinder date.


I’d like for you to stfu already.


I wish Nat would get a bear tattooed on her forehead.


I wish Nat would do an ad for Chiquita Bananas.


I’d like to see a Sumo Wrestler sit on Nat’s chest and feed her chicken soup.

Juugalo John

I’d like to see Nat with a red rubber nose and a full beard


Nat needs to be in the bull barrel at the rodeo.

Dana White

I’d like to put Nat in the octagon with Paige Vanzandt.


Of course Nicole wants to keep James LOL I want Nat gone so badddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!


If they keep James, Nicole will make it to the final 3 at least. I call BS on Paul saying that production did not know about the sitting Ducks. I think they told him to say that just like he and Vic kept mentioning we don’t want to backstab Nicorey a million times. Production is trying to save face. They knew about sitting ducks are you kidding they told Paul to say that. Gees we are not stupid. I really do wonder what Paul’s secret is. His parents have money so who does he know. Did they say someone was a Kardashian cousin. was that someone else I don’t know who though


the reason why I say that Dr wanted him to say that is because earlier Paul said he asked them something about if they all get to play for hoh once there down to the finale 4 (this was on life feeds) and Production shut him down with your not allowed to discuss DR sessions yet they did shut him down when he discussed talking about the sitting ducks in Dr

Nina Young

Totally agree with what your saying…

sunny dee

why does he need a secret? why do any of them. If there was, then it would be mentioned in the side talk done when julie is doing the thursday shows.

He dated Oana Gregory, a Disney tv star, for 3 years, broke up late last year

Butters Mom

Paul has jokingly admitted to being a kardashian cousin and he is armenian so it is possible. They have all talked about knowing there is a former pro athlete in the house, a kardashian cousin, a secret nerd … its almost like they were given a list of who would be in there ahead of time and they are trying to match up the person to the list and figure it out.


Nicole sure is possessed with the green eyed monster. Funny to watch her in panic mode. All her lies and jealousy just may catch up to her. She needs to get knocked off her pedestal. She has gotten way too cocky and thinks she’s the best player. Corey is like a parrot. He just repeats and mimics the other guys. He’s a doofus. Perfect for Nicole.

sunny dee

the guys have always discredited Nat’s abilities physically she’s come closer than anyone else to the actual HOH winner, she loses to victor basically while no one else comes close. they don’t even consider her a threat, but nicole at least gives her credit due. They won’t believe any female capable of giving them a run for their money, so if/when they don’t vote her out and she wins the next HOH, it really will be interesting.

and yes, of course nicole still there backing james. she knows nat will put her up, she thinks she can still sweet talk james into putting someone else up, stll? ok, good luck with that.

i’d like natalie to win the veto in order to thwart nicole’s campaign plans. I’d also like to see vic put nicole up on the block next to james, it will look great, vic being the one to nominate these vets to sit side by side, there hasn’t been another pair that has just been 2 vets has there? & for nicole to worry about what paul is going to vote.

it’s always funny to watch people not believe someone who is telling the truth (nat and james when they came to talk to vic/paul) and totally buy into the ones who are lying (nicole thru her teeth. can’t remember what she is denying and talked to corey about, he says tell the truth, and she says she can’t because she already lied about it how she going to tell the truth now? probably F4 with jatalie)


What scares me is James keeps saying, “I’m 100% going over you. You are 1000% safe!” We know what happens when his gut tells him something……. Natalie is a goner!


Could not agree more and all Nat was doing was following the advice of James to get in good with Vic and Paul for next week. She told James the entire conversation she had with Paul and Vic including telling James “I put my trust in the wrong hands”. Nicole is so blinded by jealousy towards Nat that she was outraged Nat would go upstairs to chat in the HOH when James was sleeping. Little does she know that Nat then told james everything about the conversation.


“no have not this week so put the slop away and enjoy the week”

WTF? No Have Nots but the HGs gotta clean it up? No Bueno


My gosh James and Nat rehash the in the past stuff way too much. Do they not see that their only chance for VICtory is to talk talk talk lie talk – do whatever it takes to gain an edge here or there. Seems like there is none of that anymore this season. Frank tried but gameplay fell on deaf ears. As much as I like Paul and Vic they don’t have any strategy either. Bunch of people hanging out in a house. Yay. I’ll watch and complain again next year of course.


vic and paul are screwed unless they win out the rest of the comps. one of them probably goes next week if paul doesn’t win hoh.


At this point, that is true for all of them. If you win, you stay. If you don’t win, you’ll likely go to jury.


And so stupid about strategy.

They have one play and it’s very simple….and should have been started building last week making clear that Michelle could go and it’s fine, even if they thought Paul/Vic should go….which is reassuring Nicole and Corey Michelle’s exit is no big deal, that you’re still willing to be pals, and mention what if they could get Paul. Then one winning veto is a must. You sell Nicole and Corey, that if Paul goes up and you evict him, there’s a free path to HOH and then 4 on 1 to get Vic in veto….and do you really want to play him AND Paul final 4? From there, you rely on Paul’s natural bluster and ego with Nicole, Corey, and Vic (who’ll totally buy into Vic as entertainer) reminding him he’s the block king and how awesome it would be for him to be the pawn, how he could do a hilarious speech on eviction night, blah, blah, blah.

But instead they’re flip flopping yet again, pretending they had their arm twisted the first flip flop even though they had all the power…and actually think they can pin flip flopper on Nicole and Corey, who used their power to side with Vic and Paul? Morons


smh…Nat and James with another day of rinse and repeat conversations about back stabbing Vic and Paul. James doesn’t even care anymore, he seems to be enjoying himself just laying there with Nat in bed while she’s putting all the blame on him.


Exactly. What I’m finding most annoying is that they are ALL playing and/or reacting emotionally. What is all this talk about backstabbing? Guilt and self-righteousness, goodness gracious…this is BB! :You have to do what it takes to win, focus on thinning out the pack to your advantage and understand that your oppponents should be doing the same thing if they have any idea how to play. With 6 people in the house it’s ridiculous that the HGs are talking and thinking this way. Nicole is the only one who is trying to be somewhat strategic at this point in that she did consider maybe turning on Paul/Vic after she won veto….but it’s pointless when you have Corey as a sounding board.


Nat was doing was following the advice of James to get in good with Vic and Paul for next week. She told James the entire conversation she had with Paul and Vic including telling James “I put my trust in the wrong hands”. Nicole is so blinded by jealousy towards Nat that she was outraged Nat would go upstairs to chat in the HOH when James was sleeping. Little does she know that Nat then told james everything about the conversation.


I hope Vic and Paul are the last two standing.. James is not the sharpest knife In the drawer, but he doesn’t seem mean of vindictive and that gives him some brownie points. He is not meant for this game. Nick. Corey and Nat, hope they get nothing! Gonna go get me a double double.Yup I’m a Canadian!


“He is not meant for this game” You summed it up about James and I wholeheartedly agree but why f can’t he see that? The guy doesn’t even try. Sheesh if he thinks what he does is what America wants to watch then he is dumber than a bag of ha__ers.


James is probably looking forward to getting out of the frat house and getting to talk to some other adults in jury. He is trying really hard to play Derrick’s game and adopt the looks, speech, and mannerisms of the younger houseguests, it just seems so forced though.

He doesn’t fit in with Corey, Vic, and Paul and has shown the last few weeks that he is over trying to find anything to talk about with them. I don’t blame him. He also seems tired of Nat and keeps on nudging her to go talk to someone else (anyone else!). She doesn’t seem to be taking the hint though, although she did go talk briefly to Vic and Paul.


What world are you living in!?!?
James basically locked Nat & Meech in a room last week and wouldn’t let them even look at someone else let alone talk to them.
I swear, you all are such ridiculous flip-floppers and will just come up with absolutely anything to try to fit in.

sunny dee

if by ‘locked in a room’ you mean pushing and telling and meech to go talk to nicole, and the other guys, and that no the HOH is not supposed to come down and talk to the nominees, etc etc then yeah, you right.



On Thursday’s episode James said it was, “time to get to work America!” Yeah, on episode 32 out of 40! Time to get to work? If that means sleeping and letting Natalie brow beat him, then he’s doing an excellent job!

Frank the tank

Love it, Final 4 just explained everything that’s wrong with litlle Nat Nat. She has to tell people she’s nice, she has now turned against every person she’s gotten close to- Corey, Vic, Bridgette, James. Paulie called it, fake as those


Yup. Trouble in paradise. Nat showing her true self-centered colors. Done with James. And she’s using him as her excuse for her bad gameplay.


Really? They are seriously thinking about taking out Natalie over James? What idiots!


Well for Nicole it’s better to take out Nat. Soooo…. goodbye girl, Go to Jury and stop backstabbing people.


“Stop backstabbing people”, I’m confused, is this big brother or no? Backstabbing IS big brother. Lol


LOL!!!! Production is JUST NOW asking about the sitting ducks?????? ROFLMBO!!!!! Glad to be back, Hurricane Hernine came and Tropical Storm Hermine went. Don’t know how high the winds got here, but it broke the reader off my wind gauge that goes up to 60mph!!! Lots of limbs down, but thankfully no damage. VICTOR IS HOH and Jatalie is on the block. Life is good. <3 <3 <3


Perhaps production didn’t think Sitting Ducks was the name of their final 2 alliance and just thought they referred to themselves as sitting ducks gamewise. More semantics than actual ignorance.


AS i said yesterday and everyday this FF was formed . Nicole will fuck over Vic and Paul and vote out Nat and coreyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy will do what he is told !
Nicole is wanting to vote out Natalie.. She’s pissed that she’s up there talkign to Victor and Paul while James is sleeping in the London room.
Nicole – I’m shocked..
Nat needs to win Pov and Vic needs to Put Nic up next to James !


Really hope James or Natalie win the Veto. Not just to see Nicole or Corey go OTB but to see if James/Nat save the other one like they keep saying. James is so lovesick he might actually do it. Does anyone think Natalie actually would? It will at least make it interesting to see that play out, hopefully.

I think Nat will actually do better without James and could end up winning like Jordan did once Jeff left. By no means am I saying she’s the best player. But neither was Jordan. Out of the two girls, do you prefer Nat (thumbs up) or Nicole (down. Way down. Lol)?


I want Natalie to win veto and save herself. Then James gets tossed.


Maybe a cheer comp…….LOL


Should I feel some kind of way about this?


This week to me is a test for Nicole and Corey after veto, if nominations stay the same. After Paul and James stupidly confirmed Nat’s campaigning, they absolutely have to evict her. If they have an ounce of brains, it’s not a hard sell…and they have the power anyway, so Paul and Vic have to accept it and they will not be too mad, they can’t afford to be.

It’s fine to stay committed to their final 4, but way too late to not play selfishly and instead leave a tempting out for other players. Nat will try to return to Paul and Vic, while James is far more likely to go after Paul and Vic. Even if they’re 99% sure Vic and Paul are rock solid, they have to take away that 1% doubt. This is a no brainer and if they don’t then they don’t deserve a win.


James’s pandering to America and CBS has hit an all time low. He just assumes since he threw away a second shot at BB that CBS will want him on Survivor or Amazing Race next? He’s James, CBS’s golden boy because he puts Vaseline on a handle like a basic first grader. And I’m sure he thinks this “falling on his own sword” for Natalie to stay in the game is his final push for America’s Favorite. James the Martyr. I never want to see that dude’s face again after this mess.


James and Nat are the two biggest phonies of all time….a total waste on the show.


Amen brother! I can’t even stand to watch him for the next 5 days! Surprised he hasn’t used the “need the money to pay my child support” card yet. I wouldn’t put that passed him.


I wonder how he’ll put Vaseline on things on Survivor.




If Nat wins POV my guess is Vic puts up Corey and James is out. Highly unlikely Corey or Nicole go this week. It is a nice thought tho


Have a nice cold IPA, Simon.


HELL NO. She’s the ultimate whiner


Simon, you have to know that Nicole is going to go all beast mode incredible hulk iron man Rachel Reilly to do every and anything in her power to prevent Natalie from winning the POV. To say she dislikes Nat is an understatement. Besides, if Nat won, the whining would be heard all the way to the international space station.


Nicole: I just haaaavvveee to wiinnn the veto to save Coooorrrrreeeeeeyyyyyyy and I!

(I get annoyed with the improper use of I and me)




Simon correct me if I’m wrong since it seems some people are getting the wrong impression from the headline about Nat’s talk to Paul and Vic. Yes Nat did say that to them but she also told James about the conversation including the line “I put my trust in the wrong hands”. It would be one thing had Nat had a private conversation with Paul and Vic without James knowing but it seems Nat was just doing what James told her to do which was to get aligned with Vic and Paul for the next HOH.


Nicole also has a problem with flirting as a game strategy. It’s the only thing she doesn’t think should be done in BB. Paulie used flirting as a game strategy, yet Nicole never had a problem then. Nicole is a hypocrite who feels she has to beat every other woman in everything. I’m not surprised she only has one girlfriend.

Flip Floppers

Nicole is playing like Christine and wanting to be the last girl standing rather than thinking strategically. Getting rid of Nat over James makes no sense, unless, ya know, the conspiracy theory is true.


Nat stop telling people you are a nice person and just own up to the fact you are not. It’s ok it’s big brother. I am so tired of her whining to james

2nd Year BB fan

No expert here:
But the only three people I want in the final 3 is Vic, Paul and Natalie (if she stays) If James stays, he probably align with whoever has power.
I think all the house guests will want to take Cory to F2 as he is doesn’t have any credentials to speak of yet.

I do hope that Vic or Paul wins the $500k and Nicole goes sooner than later.

Reality Check

Is it me, or is Simon a huge Natalie fan? Simalie

Only for her bod

Because he has the hots for her. Give it a rest, Simon. We don’t care who gets you hot and bothered. Keep it professional

AnyoneBUTJames for AFP

James is a horrible player. His ‘gut’ must be telling him Nat is just not into him. We all know he’s only there for AFP which he doesn’t stand a chance at this year. Please Big Brother take him off your speed dial. I didn’t enjoy him last time and I was disappointed to see he was back on this show.


He’s the absolute worst!! I could have named 50 BB alums that shoulda been in the house before him. Hated him last year, hate him even more this year

James AFP check is bounced

To the seven ass munchers who gave a thumbs down, go eat your liver freaks. You seven are nothing but trash bags.

James AFP check is bounced

We are now at 11 thumb downs. 11 scumbag idiots trash bags.


I’m not a James fan either, but you have to take it down a notch. Seems like you have some deep rooted issues.

skeptical onlooker

On live feeds now….James now goes to gay clubs..handles * the boys* in a friendly fashion..because he actually has more fun in the gay clubs. Nat pipes up..*Oh ..she does as well. Her sister is gay*..and she likes meeting different people.
Ohkay. Write out the AFP cheques. it’s a tie between James and Nat.
I think by this time they have most demographics covered for getting the vote. Maybe before the week is out…we will find out they also love all animals….miners…the sick…single parents…I don’t know who else. They are far more creative than me. The GOFUNDME appeal just may be the last thing as exiting. Nat wants bigger titties..she has said…so I will keep grinding my teeth. Any money for GOFUNDME should be for desperate people for worthwhile causes. I’m OVER with this pair. Back to my book. Hopefully later today..I will give ZERO F**cks. For my sanity:)


They were talking about going to New York clubs. When James visited Meg in NYC, they went to gay clubs because virtually all of Meg’s male friends are gay. What, you think there’s a bunch of gay clubs in Wichita Falls, Texas?


I live in Wichita Falls TX. There’s not. Actually, few clubs at all. The falls claim to fame was a huge tornado & a lengthy drought. Its a sad place.


I dislike Nicole, talk about a dumb girl, didn’t even know that Hawaii is part of the United States. I just wish they would actually pick some smart women, not college educated necessarily just some common sense smarts. These twits give all women a bad name.


The other night Nicole asked Paul if “wah-KEE’-kee” was in Hawaii.


If she asks about the Likelike highway then you know she’s playing dumb. Bonus points if you know how that’s pronounced in Hawaii.


I’m guessing “leaky-leaky”.


Natalie, it’s only your fault. Stop blaming everyone for your actions and MOVE ON.


Actually it is James’ fault when he told everyone that Natalie wanted him to vote out Corey not Victor. Not something said about a so-called alliance member. Also, they had no intention of a final four with Nicole/Corey. They talked about getting them out next. They only have themselves to blame because they chose to lay around all week which allowed Victor/Paul to step in. They just have been outplayed and cannot accept they became lazy in this game. It is easier to blame others.


Seriously how did James get selected for this show twice. He has no competitive spirit and seems content just to win the occasional comp… Super annoying.

j fin

Will Canadians be able to watch Over the Top/fall season Big Brother?

Dana White

Canadians are capable of doing whatever they set their minds to, okay?

Vic fan

Sure Nicole wants nat to be evicted then she will still have dumb ass James to help her get out victor and Paul. Wake up Victor and Paul you must insist that James goes out this week (unless the lazy add gets lucky and wins POV)

Final 6

Simon – on this season of BB, you are the only one who stayed true to your original alliance. Natalie has been your ride or die since day one. Loyal to the end. I respect that.

No Way

I called it on the prior post. Paul wants Nat to stay to bring to F2. No way will he pull a Cody & take Vic. Sloppy seconds is Nicole if Nicole/Corey vote out Nat this week. Corey is the next to go, then James/Nat (whoever stays this week).

That leaves Paul/Vic/Nicole in F3. If Vic wins the last comp, he’ll take Paul. Paul will take Nicole. Nicole will lose to whoever she takes. I think it will be Paul because she thinks she has the most ammo against him but Da, Bridgette, Michelle , Paulie, James, Nat & Z will never vote for her over Paul. She’s said before that she’d be happy with the $50K.

Winner BB18: Paul………….now go buy your mama the Bentley.

sunny dee

paul and vic will 1000% stick together if it is up to either of them to decide. No doubt in my mind. Paul for the idea of it as good entertainment and because he has always stuck to his word, and because he doesn’t need to be the 500k winner, he’s not suffering financially (he lives at HOME)

vic will because he is also loyal and sticks to his word, and because even if he thinks Paul is as likely to get the votes as he is, he will see that as the challenge, to be the best beat the best. it would just be his final comp win

Butters Mom

It is smart for Nicole and Corey to vote out Natalie if the noms stay the same because James will most likely go with them and Natalie will most likely go with Vic/Paul. Vic/Paul will most likely take Nicole over Corey to final 3 and honestly, it cant hurt Vic/Paul to take any of the remainder to final 3 in my opinion unless Corey has been throwing comps and is better than he’s let on. I just can not take much more of the Natalie complaining about being backstabbed.. Their game has sucked. Last week they didnt even go talk to Nicole during her HOH. They should have accepted that Michelle was gone and worked on improving relations with Nicole and Corey because if they were honest with even THEMSELVES.. they planned on teaming up with Michelle until the final 3 and screwing over Nicole and Corey so they should realize that their plan just didnt pan out the way they wanted it to and they need to adjust accordingly but instead, they hold that grudge and draw lines in the sand… they have the opportunity to make nice with both sides and keep at least one of them safe just in case corey/nicole get hoh next week. James needs to make nice with Nicole/corey and fight to stay … its his only chance. As far as amazing race future contestants go… I think we will see Paul and Victor as a team on that show. Paul has travel experience/personality and Victor has the athletic ability. I’d like to see them together on Amazing Race.


Agreed. Would love to see P&V on TAR. Can visualise them doing some of the challenges — folk dancing, chasing cows, etc. Would be so funny. Please though CBS — no GnatGnat on TAR. Her whingeing would drive viewers away.

Vic fan

James said that derricks dad is his agent ?? Agent?? This guy has an agent ?? His agent must suck as James sucks at this game and he’s been on two times. His agent needs to dump his ass. Nobody ever wants to see that loser again. And if CBS puts him on amazing race or survivor I won’t be watching. DID YOU HEAR ME CBS??

Mister pickles

Meech & Audrey are paired for Amazing Race.


James has Derick’s dad as his ‘agent,’ just like how last year James had a ‘showmance’ with Meg. A legend in his own mind.


Where’s YOUR agent? James has been on a nationally broadcast television show twice now, how about you? He has a legion of fans, including the president of CBS, Les Moonves. Julie Chen says so. Just because he makes you crazy I’d say he’s doing a great job.


Legions of Fans? Hahahahahahahahahaha. Thanks. That truly made me chuckle.


What part of “America’s Favorite Player” didn’t you understand? What makes you think it will be any different this year? Anyone remotely more popular will probably come in F2 and not eligible. Possibly Natalie. Feedwatchers comprise a small percentage of voters. Just because you and a few dozen other commenters on this site have a pathological hatred of the guy doesn’t mean shit. At all. As far as opening a Chuck E Cheese in Wisconsin goes, that’s McCrae/Meech/Nicole/Andy territory. Maybe if one opens in Wichita Falls, I’m sure he’s your guy.


And we finally found James long lost Dad!


Now if you could only find yours.

BB Curious

I don’t hate James. I don’t hate any of these people ( except maybe Paulie) but sometimes they do get on my last nerve and when that happens it’s nice to have a place to vent OK?

Just Curious

And what pray tell does he need an agent for? Maybe to coordinate his appearance at the new Chuck E Cheese in Beloit, WI.


Hahaha! Exactly!

Jake K.

I’m hoping James wins Veto and takes Nat off because…
1) I like Nat more then James, who is utterly worthless.
2) He would do it thinking it would give him AFP as a sure fire win and how glorious it would be if it backfired and someone like Vic or Bridgette got it LOL


Gnat Gnat is becoming more annoying with her endless nattering. She will blame Jamesy for everything that has happened to her, and given time, will blame him for the fact that Vic had no interest in her. Wish someone would swat the Gnat.


Victor in a music video: R3HAB& KSHMR- Strong


Earth to James, we can’t stand watching you on BB… what makes you think we want to see you on Survivor or Amazing Race? I like how Nat says she never should’ve listened to James… please her target was always Paul snd that James never backstabbed anyone?! really… how about Frank? So you just can’t bounce checks with James! can’t stand listening to them anymore!


I like Nat & James (mostly) on a personal level. But here’s my beef in games like these. It’s somehow justifiable to them when they bounce checks in the house, but when others do it, they are somehow bad people.

These aren’t moral decisions. These are game moves, the last men/women standing win the game. They aren’t “horrible people”. Nat has barely talked to Nicole in almost three months. Where’s the betrayal? It was always a VERY lose alliance at best. And Natalie seemed to take James word for it that it existed in the first place. How do you not TALK to your alliance?


But that’s the game. You bounce checks, pretend you’re innocent, and try to get people evicted for doing the same stuff you’re doing.


Nicole who’s spent the whole summer getting intimate with Corey in bed is trying to talk about how “flirting and flaunting” isn’t a strategy. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


LOL exactly my point about Nat applies to Nicole as well. She’s no different in her alliance with Cory. But she sees her showmance as strategy, I guess? I tend to like it when people just own their game, like Paul. He lies, he yells, he plays hard, but he doesn’t cry when he’s on the block, he is still friends with the other houseguests, and he doesn’t lay in bed and cry all week. I wish the girls could do the same. I’d love to see a girl win this game, too, but not these girls. They haven’t earned it. But again, that’s up to whoever ends up in the final 2 and makes their case to a jaded jury.


Nicole was HOH, why would she go to them. It’s up to them to go to her. People hate them because we invest the time to watch a season of BB. We want to see strategical players like we did in the past. Not watch two immature, and let’s admit it, pretty dumb people candering to the cameras for $25000 with stupid 5 year old pranks that they’ve already done about 100 times. If that was James plan, why didn’t he research some actual witty pranks before he came in. They’re a waste of two players in the house, and this a waste of our time. I seriously don’t know how James has any fan base whatsoever. I’m actually starting to think that he has people that are on the Internet 24/7 voting for him and liking/disliking comments to fit his plan of winning AFP. Unless you’re 13 years old, related to James, or have an IQ under a hundred I don’t get how you can like him. Please CBS, end the James experiment!


Your apoplexy has been duly noted. I’m glad your irrational hatred of James upsets you so much. It must bother you when you can’t bend other people to your will with insults and ‘rational’ argument. Happy acid reflux.

About to upset people

At this point it would be stupid for the teams to target the remaining person from Nat / James. The target should be the remaining team that is intact and the following week go after what is left.

Reality is Nat will leave this week.

Froot Loop Dingus

Agreed.. and another reason to get Nat out this week. The jury is mostly women, plus Nat has a better chance to win a comp than Lamesy.

Although I don’t see how anyone wins if Paul or Vic are in the final 2.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

I need James to go now! Hopefully Natalie will win the veto and James will go. Or, James might be dumb enough to use the veto on Natalie. Either way, I’ve wanted James gone for a month.


I don’t know why everyone is hating on Nat for trying to pretend she’s nice while backstabbing people. That’s like the WHOLE point. You do dirty sh!t and pretend you’re innocent! That’s playing the game. She’s just not doing it well.

Froot Loop Dingus

I’m okay with backstabbing in BB… but you gotta own it and not blame backstabbing someone on listening to someone else (especially when you are in a fakemance with that person).
Plus doing it while you are both on the block is now backstabbing your ally… as Paul & Vic as well as douche Paulie and Corey have show, you don’t have to trash someone to campaign for yourself.

She’s playing the victim and passive aggressively throwing Lamesy under the bus. “Oh, poor me, I’m just a dumb girl. I listened to the bad man and turned on you. If you don’t vote me out it will never happen again.”

I think some people forget that part of BB is voting people out and still getting them to vote for you in the end. You need to own your style of play.. whatever it is. Comp beast, floater, good social game.No apologies.


The fact is that she is sure that she has done nothing and she’s the kindest person ever. She’s not acting…..


Nicole really can’t stand Natalie can she? She feels like queen of sheba being the only female in their final 4 alliance and Natalie will be a distraction. I hope the sitting ducks targets Nicory before they target them and Nicole have already brought that up to Cory. Cory is sick of Nicole and will probably go with the sitting ducks and Natalie but we will see.

Froot Loop Dingus

Reading this recap and comparing the 3 different conversations among the duos shows waht’s wrong with BB casting.

Paul and Vic are the type of players the show needs. They came to play and handle the ups an downs of power vs. no power, being targets, etc. by playing hard and strategizing and doing what it takes to stay. Do they sometimes trash other house guests.. yes, but as part of the game.

Nicole and Corey… just way too boring. Mostly content to lay around and do nothing unless they really have to. To be honest, mostly loyal to the people they were working with (Paulie and until he got shady, James)

Which brings us to Lamesy and Nastalie. James is a joke (and not a good one). He played the same last season. The problem with “playing the middle” is that sooner or later, there is no middle. And you’ve been string both sides along, so when you have to make a choice, no one trusts you. Add in the stupid pranks and the stalkermance both seasons… just no more of this idiot, please!

As for his “woman”… as much of a douche as Paulie was, he had this chick pegged. Always telling everyone “I’m so nice, I don’t do anything bad, I’m a good person, my heart hurts.” Meanwhile laying around slamming everyone, flipping on everyone. She’s a trashy bimbo with FTs who can’t get enough attention. And check her wallet to find her “Victim Card.”
Nat – (About Nicole and Corey) They used us to get where they are now. . Now they are sitting real pretty. – Not sure exactly how Nicole and Corey used her and James… The lamest showmance ever targeted all of Nicorey’s allies.
I love that the FINAL 4 aren’t falling for her “apology tour”
I have wanted Lamesy out for weeks, but I really think the move this week is Nat Nat… James is belly up, and very unlikely to win any kind of comp. She is going to play a lot harder than him.


I agree completely. Send Nat home please!!!!!!!!! She is so annoying… James played a terrible game but I can’t take more than one more week of her and certainly can’t take more than one more week of those two together.


You’re making excuses for Vic/Paul. First off, it is never acceptable to call someone the C word, even if it’s only a part of game play. Second, it wasn’t just game play. As he says, Paul never cared. He went to make amends with her on the premise that they were both attacking each other, rather than taking ownership for having crossed a line that is far and beyond typical verbal attacks. He has said that he doesn’t care if America hates him. This is how he is IRL…loud, obnoxious, coarse and vulgar. Beyond that, neither P or V are particularly strategic. Paul has some strategy in him, but Vic is all comps and social game. Right now they are both playing on a vindictive reflex, offended about that James and Nat turned on them. That’s not good game play. They are mediocre, at best.

You try to rationalize Paul’s behavior as acceptable for game play, but hypocritically find fault with Nat for flirting or presumably making false accusations to advance her game. The vitriol towards Nat is a microcosm of society’s misogynistic outlook. She’s the only one who can decide for herself if and when a man has gone too far. All of the analysis of scenarios is just more victim blaming. But hey, not to worry…I see Stanford in your future. Oh wait, do I sound like a feminist?

Froot Loop Dingus

Look, you’re entitled to your opinion… BUT… my post was about the people who are GETTING PAID to be on TV and be watched. Your post was directed at me…

Maybe Paul did say he doesn’t care if America hates him.. and he is loud and obnoxious. Good for him.

Little Nastalie is a vile catty, mean-spirited biatch who has two topics. Herself and how nice she is and how evil and mean everyone else is. Nothing is her fault. Name one other conversation topic she has?

You seem to have some anger issues and woman issues… not sure if you’re a man or a woman… but in any case NEVER CARED…




Oh wow, that is him in the red shirt with the white stripe — and then without the shirt, haha. Looks a few years younger.


I’m hating that Nicole and Corey will be in the final 4. Nicole needs to leave alreeeeeeeaaaadyyyyy.

fender strat

“Natalie – sorry I backstabbed you guys.. I really trusted James and his opinion.”

LOL she just shoved her widdle cuddle buddy off the train station onto the tracks.


As I posted earlier Nat wass following the advice of James to get in good with Vic and Paul for next week. She told James the entire conversation she had with Paul and Vic including telling James “I put my trust in the wrong hands”. Nicole is so blinded by jealousy towards Nat that she was outraged Nat would go upstairs to chat in the HOH when James was sleeping. Little does she know that Nat then told james everything about the conversation.

America Listen

Had to put my glasses on last night nat was excited there was zugguinie and which I thought was squash

Tonight on 2020

Listen to me Paul is not a Kardashian cousin …I don’t see how it would be possible I don’t know if they have any family from Armenia ..they have …talked about their dad being the last Kardashian.. and they want Rob to have a baby boy so the Kardashian name can go on …the Kardashian family escape from the genocide in Armenia because the Muslims were killing all the Christian Armenians ..from what I know the Kardashian’s don’t have a lot of family from their dad side Paul is not a Kardashian he’s just an Armenian Russian with lots of money..

Just My 2 Cents

Calm down. I think it was a joke. Just bringing up the Kardashians makes me want to vomit.

Froot Loop Dingus

Watching the feeds right now with Nastalie’s non-stop pity party, I think James is over her. I can see why he’s ready to go. I think the little worm has realized how annoying she is.


Nat is just doing what James told her to do, get in with Paul and Vic and say anything to try to team up with them. Keep in mind she did tell james that she said “I put my trust in the wrong hands” so it was not like Nat kept everything secret from James. She is doing what any good BB player would do and also took part of the blame for voting out Victor. I really just do not see what the big stink is as like I said James told her to do just this and Nat told James what she said to them. Nat was separating her game play from her personal feelings towards James.It would be different had Nat never told James about the vic and paul speech as then I would have doubt about her working with him. Keep in mind Nicorey were saying the exact same thing when they saw Nat go upstairs to the HOH room when James was sleeping but they were clueless to the fact that Nat told James the entire conversation.