Busted up “They gave me like 4 needles… 9 stitches.. bad a$$ bro… I felt the skin tugging”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV ?
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 11th*
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


4:45pm HOH Spencer rand GM

Spencer says they’ve talked but they have never made a deal. Spencer says Andy will beat them both in the final 2. GM knows.
GM – “I’ll put Andy up with McCrae over you.,.. I’ll do that 100%’
Spencer – ‘And if McCrae wins the veto… I have to go up then McCrae votes.. I honestly don’t know what he would do’

Spencer – ‘this is gods awful truth Aaryn likes Amanda a lot more than she likes you.” spencer adds that Amanda is in the jury house right now building up McCrae getting votes for him.
Spencer thinks Aaryn is probably backing Amanda up.

S – ‘my biggest fear next week is being on the block with Andy.. if you are on the block against him and I’m the only vote i’m keeping you”
GM – ‘same’
Spencer says he’s got a 20% chance to win if in the final 2 with GM but with Andy he’s got a 0% chance.

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


5:17pm Spencer and GM living room waiting for the Doctor

Spencer says he cannot believe JUDDD quit the competition. GM thinks it’s because he gets so frustrated.

GM – “I’m just scared this is going to hold me back from doing stuff’
S – ‘ya’
GM – ‘I just want it get it over with.. my f*** leg.. I need a medic’

THey are talking about how Elissa always talked like she did so much in life and she wasn’t that old. GM says maybe ELissa is 45 and she got so much plastic surgery she looks 30
Spencer says he was attracted to Elissa at all he thinks she had a fit body but her personality wasn’t great. GM thinks personality was a big thing with her.


5:33pm HOH Andy, JUDD and McCrae
Andy says when they walked out to the competition he knew McCrae was going to win it. McCrae says seeing superheroes and Ian Terry it gave him drive.
Andy asks him who he thinks the worst player was. McCrae thinks it might have been Howard or Jeremy. And agrees thinks Kaitlin was really bad. MC does to.

Andy says Amanda leaving maybe wasn’t the worst thing for McCrae’s game. McCrae agrees says he knew if Amanda would have stayed they would have been nominated every week.

MC then says if Amanda would have stayed he would always have a vote from her. Her leaving or staying would have benefited him in different ways.

Spencer and GM are sleeping in the living room. Andy tells them he tried to do the same thing and production told him “Houseguests this is a reminder There is no Sleeping” Feeds cut..

6:00pm HOh MC, JUDD and Spencer
Andy doesn’t know what they will say especially when they ask them in the room with everyone else. Spencer Says just give JUDD the thumbs up. MCrae is going to tell GM sooner than later.

Spencer says that JUDD and GM are both equal to him.

Andy – “I want to see how broken Ginamarie is because if she can’t compete with her knee’
MC tells them that JUDD is almost out of cigarettes

Spencer how many cigarettes does he have left
Andy – “ like 4 “
Spencer “ohh sh!t.. don’t give him any of yours.. don’t trade a pack for a back rub”

MC points out that JUDD has missed out on two weeks of contests which will hinder him in later competitions that deals with questions. “ We need to focus on who will win the before or after competitions..” MC thinks the next HOH will be the before or after type contest. McCrae subtly suggests they keep JUDD this week (He does the same for GM) Andy keeps sayings that GM will be good to keep because her knee is busted up she won’t win the competitions. McCrae points out that the later competitions are mental and JUDD is outta smokes.
MC – ‘your brains are F*** up without nicotine”
Spencer starts building up how deadly GM could be in mental competitions, ‘She processes information really quickly’ Andy thinks GM doesn’t know her dates at all she was pretty much in the dark for 1/2 of the season.

McCrae and andy both agree JUDD will win in the final 2.
Andy – ‘part of me wants to evict JUDD because he’s had his chance’ Andy points out if someone gets dropped back into the game and makes it to the end that is a good argument to win it.
Spencer – JUDD is likable’
Andy – ‘JUDD is so likable.. we wept when he left’
Andy thinks JUDD is more dangerous over GM he thinks JUDD will find his inner strength and power through his nicotine cravings whereas GM seems to be getting more and more broken after every competition.

Andy and Spencer say they want the vote to be 2 – 0. They decide to talk later to figure out what they are going to do. They seem on the fence having just spent the last 20 minutes going over the pros and cons of this weeks votes. (In private Andy and Specner have said they want to blindside JUDD)

Spencer says he will be happy if this is their final 3.

CBS Interactive Inc.


6:30pm HOH MC, Spencer and Andy
They see JUDD pacing around downstairs. Andy says JUDD is probably scheming up fake alliances.
Andy – ‘right now i’m saying if JUDD stay i’ll loss the game’
Specner at McCrae – “You are leaning for keeping GM”
McCrae says he’s 50/50 right now.

Andy says he’s been telling JUDD what he wants to hear to keep the water calm.
MC – ‘Ya yup’

6:35pm HOH Spencer and Andy
S – “My Fear is you and McCrae will want to take GM to the final 3”
Andy – “I swear Spencer .. I swear on everything Spencer I will not f** you over”
Spencer – “But what if he’s the only one to vote”
Andy – I don’t think he’ll do that
Spencer says if GM is busted down what is going to stop McCrae from wanting to keep her to final 3.
Andy says he undersell Spencer and get McCrae to vote out GM.
McCrae joins them, they start talking about the POV competition.
Andy says Ian is cute.. “Well I’ve only seen you guys and JUDD for the past month and a half.. I also thought the guys working the harnesses were cute.”

Andy says GM’s leg is so cut the bone is exposed.


6:43pm GM back from seeing the doctor

GM – “9 stitches.. bad a$$ bro.. I didn’t cry but I passed out they had to give me oxygen”
GM – “they gave me like 4 needles”
GM – “I didn’t feel the pain I felt the skin tugging”

GM says she’s had so many piercing that a needle doesn’t bother her. She adds that she’s had needles going in her vag!na and n!pples she use to it.

Please consider a small donation if you liked the spoilers this season

CBS Interactive Inc.

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HOWARD for MOST FAVORITE PLAYER because he was such a sweetheart and well the other houseguest would be shocked especially Amanda and Aaryn..he he

Todd Crane

I want Elissa to win it or if not Helen or Howard, outside of those 3, the rest are not respectable people.


Hell no to Helen she was a fool. It was never the right time to get Amanda out.


Come On Production, get in Spencers ear and tell him to put up the rat Andy.


Hell no to Elissa too. If not for production’s special power, she’s gone in week 1. She’s a snob, passive aggressive, and borderline autistic.


How is elissa a snob bcuz she is rich get ova ur broke ass u r the snob and how is she passive aggressive bcuz she does not indulge in loud rachet behavior. .. give me an example of an offensive statement she has made. Everyone else in this house has used many ppl always like to call non aggressive personalities fake and snobby im sick of it tv promotes bad behavior so much tht ppl r dimwitted enough to say thts being “real” n to be nice and classy is being fake.


i tried to read your comment but something must have happened to your computer when you sent it; it’s just a bunch of random letters.


Use spell check


Being ‘slightly autistic’ is a reason for not getting a vote? You deserve a special place in hell asswipe.

Amanda's Yeast Infection

Helen is one of the worst players in history —- Okay you know????


This is the first year with this many people left in the house, that I find myself NOT rooting for anyone. Rather, I’m just rooting against most of them because while I just don’t care for any of them, some are just worse than the rest.

Danity Kane

We all know it’s rigged for Elissa anyway, but I want Candice or Jessie to win.

Betty Sue

I would agree but you know that America is not going to select him. He is the wrong color. I like Elissa too so it is a win win situation.


While I liked howard. He was a big time floater…. ELISSA FOR AMERICAS FAVORITE!


HOWard, are you kidding, he was the most worthless player, even the house guests said he was the most worthless, it’s unanimous.


Right, but the award isn’t Best Player, it’s America’s Favorite, as in…who do you like best?


Oh, so he’s your favorite player, WHY? He did nothing, he was a floater. Then when his BB life was on the line, he failed big time. Brittney won for her diary sessions, she was a floater too. But Howard, I have nothing, he wasn’t interesting, funny nothing.


You seem to forget that the character assassinations of Howard and Candice were so constant and complete by the end of week one that they were virtually forbidden from playing the game (Howard after MC was gutted). Amanda started on Howard the first week then Candice by default and directly…the mob ate it all up and participated in fabrications all sitting like an audience around Amanda and M. sleazing together on someone’s bed – the “stage”, if you will. The whole house was on one side and ostracized H and C from the game -ex.: any game talk? they were the “master schemers”, liars and rats….any normal nice talk or kindness- everyone then assumed they were trying to manipulate them and fake—they were both 100% pre-judged and lied about and had no chance despite their efforts. The real BB Game they (H & C) tried to play in that house was nonexistent and we all know it. The “game” this year was personal and unprecedented!, All season was/is just a trashfest, tattlefest and neurotic paranoid self-centered free-for-all. H & C were the early trash dumps – they all enjoyed using them even in the midst of the racial attacks. It was sick and cruel and drove H & C together. Howard and Candice both knew the BB game (despite what some people say – we’ve even found out that Amanda, Aaryn, Kaitlyn only “recently” started watching BB, GM knew nothing about the game, Andy and Helen the “superfans” have never watched the feeds or even BBAD!) and were quite astute and observant when not driven to the Have-Not room. . (Also, Helen kept blowing up any advancement they might have neared because she was clueless and a know-it all). They were on to “alliances”, Andy’s playing everyone and were abused by the others. If they made a deal (there were few) they were loyal to a fault. They simply would not walk all over people to advance themselves in the game and could not be manipulated like the other followers (the “house). The regular BB lying/deceiving game we all so love to watch never existed in this house.


Howard was the worst player, seems like an alright guy but his game play or lack of sucked!
Jesse or GM should get Amerikas Favorite … they are the only two to stand up against the bully A man da
Those two women have more guts than all the so called men in the house.

tom tom

Gm really? I guess you did not see how she treated Candice or if does not matter to you that minorities were treated badly just for being black.
I will also pass on Jessie.


GM, KARMA is in play, baby.
How many times has she been injured this season. Bad things don’t happen to good people.
She is a broke ass ‘fucking bitch’.


Did you say GM for AFP are you for real because if so that’s some of the funniest shit I have herd GM is a big ass fucking bully her on damn self yeah she stood up to Amanda and gave it back to her but that is just nasty racist bitch at another big nasty racist bitch!!! yeah Jessie did take up for self like she should and so did Candice when your GM and her other two racist sidekicks would always try to bully her!!!!!


Why exactly would spencer get rid of Judd when Andy says things like “ill lose the game if he stays”? Um so? Spencer isn’t interested in helping you win dude.

These guys are too stupid to realize they are literally at the point of the game where you keep people that help you win. Not people you feel you’re loyal too.


Howard didn’t do anything but babble.


Ok, it’s decided. We all vote for Elissa to be America’s Favorite so Spencer will shit his pants and Andy the Rat (Lot Lizard) will slit his wrists. It’s a win-win-win!

Amanda's Yeast Infection

Howard had to play let’s avoid the racist instead of Big Brother, plus that damn moving company scam finished him.


Sorry but I call straight fucking bullshit yes Howard wasn’t one of this season best players but he damn show wasn’t it’s worst either yeah some times I think it took a lot of some time to try to figure out just what the hell he was talking about haha I will give you that but the house also had David GM and also I like her to My girl Ellisa but let’s not forget this season winner of babble Judd. But Howard did try to get them other stuck on fucking stupid house guest to see whats really going on in that house but they would do it then the next week Jessie says word ford what Howard said and everybody starts cheering her on saying she knows what she is talking about so don’t say Howard just babble lets keep it real


I don’t understand a word you’re saying…

#TeamExterminators #TeamSpandy

Andy has this game in the bag. Spencer will be runner up.


This is the worst final 5 ever. The only one left that I somewhat like is going to leave this week, too. Such a disappointing season.


I agree, this is the worse bunch, they must tip over outhouses in Arkansas to find these people. I’m rooting for GM to win only because she breaks bones, gets cuts, stitches, bruises, hurt her back, hand and foot. We know she’s giving you all she has. It’s rare that any of these guys give you a 75% effort. America’s favorite is going to be Ellissa because she was one of the few who didn’t line up as a sheep to be sent home by Amanda. Thou she may have been a snob at times, she treated and talked to people respectfully. She may not have been a real diamond, but even fake jewelry with this group looks good.




GM 4 the Win! tough girl, besides her few flaws … I like GM

GM's Knee Mouth

I think you meant, Go to hell, GM!

Todd Crane

I got these quotes from another website

Andy, GM and Spencer talking about covering up Elissa’s picture on the wall
Andy “I can get a pen and draw cum on her mouth”, Spencer “She would take that as a direct attack”

Spencer jokes “they ask me what super powers I possess and I said ‘I’M A PUSSY CRUSHER!'”

These people are extremely disgusting and vile. And as you can see Spencer is really a woman hater.

Todd Crane

Spencer also said the following:

“Spencer says he hates her (Elissa) more than just about anyone sans Hitler. Earlier in the season Spencer said Hitler was a gifted speaker.”

Make your own conclusions. It just doesn’t stop for these people, they keep bashing Elissa unrelentlessly. I would rather bash Hitler everyday, not Elissa.


Yes Hitler was a gifted speaker, but he was a butcher and sadistic hate monger though and through. The hate on Spencer should be on his perverse mentality. I would not let my kids near him…and they are grown!

Kayla J

Hitler a gifted speaker???? Lmao!!! OK! You must be crazy???
All he did was go on his psychotic rhetorics. Lol! … With some very bad/ over dramatic accompaniments. Lol
Watch the series Nazism and the occult and then you’ll Begin to perceive how hitler could persuade so many people… Hint: it has nothing to do with being a gifted speaker.

Loves Napoleon says

I have a doctorate in History. For 10 years millions of Europeans LOVED Hitler. Study before you speak. The people of Germany MADE him dictator {Chancellor} for life. That is when he turned his crazy loose. The bastard was always crazy yet pulled off the biggest scam in history. That takes a gifted speaker to hide that kind of crazy.

Roisin Dubh

No fan of Adolf, but you have to admit, from going from a homeless painter ruling Germany after getting thrown in jail and rebuked in an election along the way, it’s not hard to say the guy had the gift to gab. I don’t think he got there in his looks so what else could it have been?


Im not racist and i def think spencer is a disgust. I have no respect for him but Hitler was a great speaker and was actually a smart man. so hate him for the facts. i do. and candace..hell no, she made racist slurs too calling people rednecks.

Kayla J

Candice is 1/2 white dickhead. I’m guessing she’s racist against 1/2 her DNA… Lol, so stupid


You ignorant slut. It matters not her ethnicity it is an offensive term. Hypocrite!!!!!!


BAAHAAHAHAA!!! the only ignorant slut here is YOU!…and your of course your idiot slut-mother who failed to to abort you when she still had the chance.
Red neck is an archaic term that some people still use to refer to working class whites ( Back in the day – those wher ethe ones who worked the fields… today it refers to those with manual labour jobs)

now go suck on something hard! and its not a lemon b!tch!



FYI Spencer is a redneck by definition
Redneck- a member of the white rural laboring class

Spencer's grandad



I used to be a Trainmaster, which means supervisor of train crews. I would be doing all kinds of surveillance checks on his butt to see if he not only is following the rules but he would be drug tested weekly given his comments are probable cause. If he stepped on a rail he would lose two weeks of pay. The rules are that strict when you are hauling all kinds of dangerous goods. He is a conductor, which means he is the boss of the train. If he talks so much about weed, the U.P. will be testing his buttocks weekly. I guarantee it.

Spencer's grandad

Stoner – Spencer enjoys his pot! Grows them crazy shrooms, too! They grows out back, in the ole’ tool shed!!

Spencer's grandad

Spencer said he was a “pussy crusher”! The little devil’s,
Spencer & his bro, would take cats and throw them, in the
recycling bin!
Spencer was picked up by the law, and spent his
summer – in a boys camp, for troubled youths.
Spencer has never crushed any pussy, he’s only
A …. dreamer!


A “pussy crusher?”…Yes, Spencer, looking at the size of you I can believe that!…so vile, rude, misogynistic, and all these guys are kissing his fat ass because he finally won a comp… Spencer is so gross I wonder how drunk a girl has to be(probably at the blackout stage) to even let him get near her. McCrae is the only hope, or maybe Judd…oh hell, nevermind. No saving this shit show.


“Shes had needles going into her vagina”… What a gross c*nt she is. Ugh please hurry up and leave.

the last word

She [g.m] has clit piercings, ugh how tacky, along with her tongue piercings… that’s like sooo 1999. What makes it worse is that this bitch is like in her mid 30’s LOL.


Don’t forget she still use AOL sorry I couldn’t help but to say that and you would think if the bitch is that dame smart she would have thought about what Amanda said about how all of the other houseguest think she is crazy with the whole Nick thing and whenever she talks about him the face that all the other player make!!!


“Get the fuck out of my way, bitches. I have been farting so much today that I need to take a healthy shit. And don’t stand by the door listening.’


I wish Andy was a cockroach so I can stomp him to death!


I would love to help you.


I don’t think GM will be able perform well if the HOH or POV are endurance comps – and historically, once there are three left, the first HOH is endurance and the subsequent POV is equally difficult. I can’t Imagine that she would have medical clearance for these comps.

Roisin Dubh

They gave 9 stitches, kinda overkill there, guess ole dude likes sewing up people like shirt sleeves.

Suzi Q

STFU! How would you handle 66 stitches?
A bad car accident, left my leg split open and
the adipose (fatty tissue) was totally exposed!
It was more painful, than natural childbirth, and
pushing out my 10+ pound baby!!
STFU! If you don’t know, from experience, you
have no right to criticize others!!!

Roisin Dubh

OK cat lady, calm down. First of all, I have over 10 years experience stitching people up. I was trained by ER doctors at Cedars Sinai. I think I know a little bit more about this than you do. They could’ve done it with 5 stitches at the most and used steri-strips to cover in between the stitches, slap a gauze over it and wrap it up. Now before you get even more dumb let me cut you off at the pass. the things you would need is a suture kit, which comprises of scissors with a curved hook and a pincher- the end of it looks like a gators snout. the size of the suture would preferably be a 3.0 ethilon, some lidocaine 1% preferably preservative free because some people might be allergic to the preservative that used if you use the 1% with the preservative. You draw about 5-7 ccs of lido with a 18 gauge needle and use an 25 gauge to inject it on the outside of the laceration on both sides. that’s 4-5 sticks to numb the entire area so all the person feels is the tugging and the the hook and the suture going through. You wouldn’t need to use more sutures because it looked like the bleeding stopped, that’s a sign that it didn’t hit any vessels, if it did, she would have to have that cut cauderized, which is burning that cut shut. So take your own advice and STFU.

Suzi Q

ER person: You never said, if you are a doc/nurse or whatever? Hope, if you still do this work, your bedside manners have greatly improved! IT TAKES A SPECIAL PERSON TO BE IN THIS PROFESSION! I am sure your
description of GM, and her care, would be acceptable.
If you want to give me an email address for you – I would
be more than happy, to share my bloody photos from my
car accident! The split in my leg with adipose exposed, is
nothing, I care to see again….but, will be happy to share with
you. The scar left on my leg is gross, but I was lucky. The
driver was my brother. He wasn’t able to be saved. If you
have experienced similar? I will be the first to retract my
earlier comments.


SUZI Q, butch it up. You a silly goose.



Are you Spencer’s sister? You are little more crude than him. Just a little. Have a nice day.

Suzi Q

Big Jacket: Sorry, I can be the Sister or Mother, to Spencer, or
anyone…in the world! I don’t believe…. you, have any business to question …WHO I AM!
It is my prerogative, to make comments on here, same as you!!



Butters Mom

The smaller the stitches… the smaller the scar… giving her more means… smaller.

GM picks someone to compete for her

Imagine if they tell GM to pick someone to compete for her if it’s a physical competition. But it has to be a girl, not Nick. I guess the best bet would be Aaryn or if not, Elissa. I seriously doubt GM will be able to compete in anything physical, so if she goes to final 3, she’ll be the first one out.

My favorite to win it all in order are: McCrae, GM, Judd, Andy, Spencer (It’s a toss up between Andy and Spencer).

I really don’t like any of them, but that’s all there’s left and a decision has to be made!


GM is taking some hits… Karma is a big ol’ son of a gun.
Judd has an ace bandage on his right knee too. What the heck was the comp?
Ha, ha, they are just figuring out the MVP was voted by America…


Just don’t let Andy or Spencer win. Other then that I could really care less who wins.

Cary man

So, you DO care who wins if it’s not Spencer or Andy. So, who is your preference?


Just don’t let GM Andy and Spencer win other then that I will try to get over it but McCrea is the lesser of two evils when next to Judd just saying


Not only is this the worst F5, it is the grossest, most disgusting pile of rejects from society lumped in one place.

Jim 64

The worst season ever will always be season 9
I did not like anyone that season .


At least it had Sharon in it til the Final 4. That’s makes Season 9’s F5 miles better than what we have this season.

Roisin Dubh

Judd getting blindsided again at the hands of Andy and MC again. That’s some serious justice right there.


To quote one of the departed house guests, Aaryn, when it come to who wins this game now “I wish I could care…..but I just don’t”


Amanda is a cu**


um she’s gone… ancient history… let it go… stop obsessing


At tthis point, Iet’s the least gullible schemer win! Judd won’t have Amanda, Jessie and Elissa’s votes for sure but he still can win in F2 indeed. I can’t believe I’m writing this but I hope McCrae wins this. He rode the coattails of Amanda (shame on him), yet he didn’t bash people as much as the other HGs. I can only hope that he’ll be able to buy a new pair of cojones with his winnings.


Everybody talking about if McCrea wins then Amanda will get to spend the money but HELLO PEOPLE if Judd wins Aayrin will be right there spending the money because you know how slow Judd is people!!!!


spencer is a fat obese pig

Real Doctors Fake Players

So Gina got 9 stitches. She shouldn’t be doing anything right now but have her leg elevated. I don’t see how she is ready for any comp on Thursday that involves anything physical. Its funny how Andy has no compassion. Andy whose knows a little about faking, granted Judd knows a little more then Andy. I mean after all, Judd said he faked it with Jessie. Its so hard for a guy to fake sex with a girl and Judd said he did it. The BB Academy Award should go to Judd, but that’s besides the point. Andy earlier tells Spencer he is tired of Gina, because she is faking an injury. Wow! I am so glad Andy is not a doctor, just a whack!


Okay, enlighten me… how does a dude fake sex… you mean he pretended to cum? Or, he wasn’t hard? WTF… sorry, but that’s a new one on me. : /

Italian Princess

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE: Send some telepathic messages to McCrae letting him know what a rat Andy is… swearing his allegiance most of the season and then changing horses at the eleventh hour. Friggin floater has allegiance only to himself. He has lied to everyone! He must be an awesome “friend” in real life (she said facetiously), McCrae MUST find out that Andy is a traitor and somehow convince Spencer to put him on the block so they can send his a$$ packing. IMO, McCrae has a much better shot at Final 2 if he’s playing against Gina (injured), Judd (nicotine starved) and Spencer (lard a$$). I’m channeling my thoughts right now… anyone want to help??

da Buddha

Much as I do not like any one left, I think I dislike McCrae sans Amanda the least. I hope he is F2 with GM and ends up with the win. Only reason I picked her is because she is feisty, and has fought harder than the remaining HGs…can’t stand her potty mouth, and I hope to Buddha she is not like that outside of the house.

If Andy is final two I think I will sh!t my pants, self evict and puke in my mouth all at the same time…..not really, but I am so sick of their stupid threats.

Dr. Jesse

WOW! Great word usage. I love that after all the vulgar words you also chose to cross out the letters.{although it does not help}. Facetiously. To make reference to and not mean what you say. A noun or and adverb. Obviously said as a joke. Post more. It will raise mine and Simon’s IQ.


Lard ass knows he can’t beat Andy in the final two… what the hell is there to question about putting Andy up. The Rat has evaded the trap long enough, time to crush his furry red butt and drag a loser along to the end. The sad part of this season is if McCrae wins, what did he do beside lay down, hide behind his mean Domme girl, and win two HOH’s.? O.K, with this group of losers, that’s probably enough.

Marg Williams

If spencer is smart he’ll put up rat bastard Andy because if the next hoh comp is going to be a before and after then Andy might win it. McRae makes a good point GutterMouth(GM) and Judd will not be that good of a competitor when it comes to mental and physical comps for obvious reasons. It blows my mind that Spencer can’t see this. I hope McRae can show Spencer the light and get spencer to nominate Andy and vote his a$$ out.


This is the first season I have watched BBAD and read online spoilers. I hope someone can enlighten me! Have the HG’s always been so very crass and nasty about each other? I understand the lying, conniving and manipulation, to get ahead in the game. However, this group of HG’s make very personal remarks, seem vindictive and hateful. Has this been the case in past seasons? Also, I really do not understand the over the top hatred of Elissa, especially by Andy. It is rather disturbing. Please, someone, help me out here! Thank you!


It’s my first year too and I wondered the same thing.

Bored Viewer

This is my first year of BBAD and spoilers as well. But from what I’ve read, the BB15 house guests have the most vile and disgusting BBAD and live feed footage. There is lying in a strategic game play way which generally happens on BB, and then there is this season, where the only “strategy” seems to be who can spew the vilest filth and inappropriately disrespect the most house guests.

As far as Andy and his hatred for Elissa… from what I’ve seen of this season, it appears that Andy believes he should be viewed as adorable (even though he spews vile filth constantly), and Elissa was able to see through him, and thus far has been the only house guest wise to him (McCrae wasn’t sure about trusting him when Amanda was on the block, but continues to trust him). He knows that she had his number, and hates her for that.

It will be interesting to see what happens if GM finds out that Andy is saying she is faking her injuries. I am not a GM fan, but she has no filter, and will go off… and when she does, she will use any ammunition that she has against Andy. If Judd finds out that Andy wants to vote to evict him, he may also go off. Judd has been coming apart at the seems, and appears to be barely keeping it together. Outside of that happening, I’m not sure if anyone else in the house will figure out what Andy is really about.


Hi Christie!

No, this is the first season they’ve been THIS bad…Other season shave been hugely entertaining! Some more than others, of course, but this one is by far the worse!!!!! Hopefully next year will be better. I’ve been a huge BB Fan since the first season and I hope they get a better cast next time!


Hi Christie!

No, this is the first season they’ve been THIS bad…Other season shave been hugely entertaining! Some more than others, of course, but this one is by far the worse!!!!! Hopefully next year will be better. I’ve been a huge BB Fan since the first season and I hope they get a better cast next time!


This is by far the most self absorbed, butt hurt group ever on BB, and I’ve watched since season 1. Spencer, although at first I dismissed his actions as naive, he’s proven himself to be just a disgusting individual! Some of the racist crap I could’ve said was ignorance, but with the pride behind repeated incidences, it’s just proven to be their beliefs! Once snobby Elissa left, so did any of these bastards moral predilections! Say what u want about Elissa, but at least she adhered to a moral compass! Something these final 5 never possessed! Worst, most bigoted cast EVER!!!!

Bored Viewer

As far as the other house guests hatred for Elissa, they say that she think she is better than them, and they feel like they had to walk on egg shells around her as opposed to saying what they wanted to say (which as you have seen on BBAD and possibly the live feeds that what they do say is vile, hateful, disgusting, and inappropriate).

They also say that she has had plastic surgery, etc… apparently everything about her offends them. Since Andy seems the most offended by her, I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I am offended by Andy wearing tank-tops constantly.

Cary man

I’ve only seen one other season, season 12. They did the same amount of trash talking, and like this season, it was the token gay guy who was the worst. However, unlike Andy he had some personality and was somewhat likable. Andy is the most unlikable person I’ve ever seen.


Been with the show since season 1 and believe me, this group is an anomaly!!!! I can’t think of a season where anyone reached this level of bigotry, racism, ignorance, nastiness, and while there has been couples hooking up occasionally on camera, it was sexy but hidden more. Amanda is an exhibitionist and unfortunately we didn’t want to watch the show. The men in this house are classical misogynists… using the C-word to refer to a woman is a very low brow thing to do. They should all be ashamed of their behavior… aside from Howard, Elissa, Helen and maybe Nick and David.


Well, that’s on Judd. How could he trust people AGAIN ppl who were once very close to him, wholeheartedly betrayed him and then said “we wept about it” as proof of their loyalty? Hmmmm, me say “If you were that loyal, you shouldn’t have done it, period.” Coming back, Judd has nobody to trust but he could have aligned with someone else than his so-called friends. Fool me once… You can forgive and forget an enemy’s betrayal because that’s the job of an enemy to hurt you but talking about clean slate with a former close friend after a betrayal? That’s suicide mission!


Here is what I don’t understand… They are worried Judd will spill the beans on the Exterminators, and the other three plan on denying it. Why? Denying it only helps Andy’s game.

It’s amazing how horrible these players are. Any other season Andy would’ve been voted out 4th week because people would’ve picked up he is playing both sides.

This group? Nope.

A season about “no more floaters” has thee most floaters ever.


Name 16 houseguests that you would like to see return they do not have to be winners just favorites, winners,and people robbed from the game .Whose your all stars 8 girls 8 guys?


Dan, frank, Matt, ragan, Enzo
Gary, Emmett, Alec (bbcan)
Shelley, Britney
Talla, topaz (bbcan)
Sorry I cannot think of anymore females I want to see in the house again!


Dan, Dr.Will, Boogie( of course!) Evil Dick, Ian, Russell, Jeff, Matt,

Danielle, Janelle, Danielle, Britney, Rachel& Elissa& Natalie(aka PigPen) Chima… ha, ha, ha!!!!


Paul the Psychic Octopus has been accurate about every houseguest leaving each week the entire season. For all of the Judd fans out there I have to deliver some bad news. He has picked Judd to leave this week.

#TeamExterminators #TeamSpandy

Paul the Psychic Octopus has been accurate about every houseguest leaving each week the entire season. For all of the Judd fans out there I have to deliver some bad news. He has picked Judd to leave this week.

Well my spidy sense tells me that my hunk Andy is going to make that happen for you.


I think gm will have to perform for hoh even if it is a endurance comp. medical does not care or thay would have came sooner to fix her leg.


it is the worst and boring season ever in the BB history. The exterminators are nothing but scum bags. Just the thought of one of them winning this 500k make me sick. UGH.. They should use their own toxic meds as exterminators on themselves first. I would love to see them gag on their own toxic. Not worth watching anymore, But I love the blogs and the chat rooms this season. Its been more exciting and interesting than the show has been.


After taxes it will be about 300k if they have a good CPA, less if not. It’ll go fast because none of them will have a job when they leave the game.

McCrae for the win, he is the less disgusting.

The one that has bashed others less should win. I don’t care about strategy anymore. The season has been so disgusting that I want the less disgusting out of the five to win. My vote goes to McCrae. Not too esciting but that’s all we have left.


I know we haven’t seen the comp yet, but we know it was a puzzle & they wore a harness. I can only say that it seems like BB went out of their way to make the comp easier on GM’s foot & back with the harness but still she ends up injured. LOL!!

GM the cook

These guys are so selfish and disgusting that they’ll probably keep GM because she cooks for them. If they evict her they’ll have to eat their own poop. Unless they get the grill back, then Spencer will cook for them.


I do not want Andy or Spencer to win! They’re both disgusting, vile people! The sloth and the rat!

#TeamExterminators #TeamSpandy

It really does not matter what you want because my super studs Andy and Spencer are in control of this game for the rest of the season. Deal with it. Dreamy Andy gets 500K and Choo choo Spencer has the 50K locked up.


Team Spandex,

You really are Buffalo Bill in drag. Am I right? Let’s wager on it.


All you guys hated and wanted Amanda out…Well here you go, the most boring final 5 in the history of big brother. Enjoy


Yeah. I really miss her foul mouth, laying in bed all day/night, sucking face and molesting McCrea. That was entertaining.


I miss her busted up underwear with no lycra left in them, her eating all her meals in her dirty, filthy, nasty bed, smoking like a big mean tranny with her man hands, and most of all I miss her raping pizza boy in the middle of the night. Yes, we miss Amanda but we always have the memory of her in her busted dominatrix outfit!

Andy's MOM

My son is such a nice ” playful toy ” and him competing in this game with the mental genius know as “Spence the Perv” makes my heart go thump, thump, thump

You’re obviously the star of the game
You make all the good times last
You make all the bad hours pass
And Andy you make me laugh

Your voice is raspy yeah-oh
You’re always happy yeah-oh
And when Spencer finally sees
The guy is on his knees
And he’s begging please

Thump thump thump goes my heart again
Thump thump thump goes my heart again


Dog days

Great job on that image! Hilarious.

Andy's Mom Says:

Andy, my son,

“You were supposed to be a blow job!”

Courtesy of aMANduh, circa 2013


How quick those guys (Andy,Spencer,Judd) forget that if it wasn’t for GM that they would not be in the position they are in now. Good loyalty guys. Your all a bunch of losers anyway. They way you talk about women on After Dark is shameful. Do you want people saying that about your sisters or mothers? Andy is the worse and he throws competitions. You know GM is trying with all her heart to win them.


I was thinking the same thing, she got the blood on her hands. That’s what those wusses would say. But what it tells me is they have no backbone and no integrity.

Dr. Phil

Gina Marie made a miraculous recovery from her back injury, didn’t she? I believe it was Elissa who got down on the floor with her to help her do some exercises to help her back. And I believe it was Elissa who offered to help GM eat healthier. And I know Elissa offered to send GM some mirrors for her studio after BB is over. Is this the same Elissa that GM has a seething anger toward? Is this the same Elissa the remaining hgs say is a horrible human being? Either they are some of the best actors ever or they are delusional beasts.


Agreed. You left out the TWO expert hair color treatments Elissa did for GM, too. She could have “accidentally” jacked it up, but she didn’t. I wish the producers would tell them to get Elissa’s name “Out chur mouth”, as Candice would have said. I’m tired of them calling E. every name in the book, when those words never left hers. HEATHENS.


I think they should give Elissa’s husband 10 minutes alone with Spencer, Judd and Andy!

Andy's Mom Says:

crazy4bb says:
September 7, 2013 at 9:13 pm

I think they should give Elissa’s husband 10 minutes alone with Spencer, Judd and Andy!

Crazy, if you left Spencer, Judd and Andy alone they would have a circle jerk. Sorry I had to correct you.

Your Friend,

Gina Marie and all her injuries

So Gina Marie messed up her back, broke a toe, got 9 stitches in her knee, and now cut her finger while cooking.
How is she going to be able to compete? I don’t know. If she gets to final 2 she might get some sympathy votes if she’s all bandaged up. I have to give her credit for fighting no matter what, but she is still not a respectful person. I hope she wins the $50,000 and McCrae the $500,000, and I’m not saying this with excitement, it’s more like with a “ok, whatever” sentiment, since my favorites left already.

Dr. Phil

Somebody get these people some professional help. They have an unhealthy obsession with some of the evicted hgs, especially Elissa. Didn’t these people live and work in the real world prior to BB? We’ve all had people in our lives who rub us the wrong way but to focus on hatred to this degree is very disturbing.

Butters Mom

I wouldnt have a problem with McCrae being in the final two except for the fact that he is team Amanda and plans to marry her and give her all his money when he wins… therefore a win for AMANDA!…

I’d much rather see GM/Judd or GM/Spenser in the final 2… whoever gets it… NEEDS THE MONEY out of who is left. … except for McCrae.. who will have a sugar mama when he gets out of there.


If McCrae doesn’t walk out of that house with a check with many, many zeroes behind a 5, that bad romance is gonna be done in 3..2…1….

Too Tall

Spencer isn’t keeping Andy because of an alliance, he’s his gaymate. Spencer has the least amount of chance of winning against Andy than he does against any of the HG that are left, why else would he keep Andy?

I hope he sees the light and puts Andy up and the Rat gets voted out. Not because I like Spencer of Judd, at this point I would want GM to win, because she is the lesser of the evils.


They should start giving out the worst player of the season and deduct that player’s stripend for making the show suck. And the winer is Andy!


Who would everyone like to see to win the $500,000?


Judd win. MC or GM for second

#TeamExterminators #TeamSpandy

Vote for my hunk of man candy Andy for America’s Favorite HG. Final two Stud muffin Andy and sexy Spencer.

Brown Fat

What the?? THERES NO ONE TO HATE ANYMORE! I really miss Amanda.


BBAD is really getting to B-BAD. It’s so boring after the last evictions. It’s the first time that I can’t watch the whole thing. Thursday and Friday I turned off the TV early, and today it’s just as boring. I guess I’m going to ZZZZZZZZZZZZ earlier today.


Andy has played a phenomenal game. I think all the reasons for the Andy hate are bogus, and most of you are just upset that your favourite has been, or is being, duped by him. He turned on and voted out my favourite house guest also, Yes, he will do almost anything to avoid conflict, but not so much that he threw his game away. Actually, his social game and lies are so good that he’s been able to do both, and I guess that is what really pisses people off. They haven’t caught on yet because he’s that good. If Andy is a floater, which is debatable, he is the best floater since Jun in season 4. It’s just impossible to please you people, the guy who hasn’t said anything racial, hasn’t bullied, or offended anyone is now the worst human on the planet. You don’t have to like him, but give credit where credit is due. If Andy gets to final 2, he deserves to win.


You obviously don’t watch or read the feeds! Since you use European/Canadian spelling (favourite) you might lack access being out of the U.S?. Andy is one of the worst bad-mouthers there! He laughed, egged on and indulged the bullying, trashing, character assassinations, racial attacks, etc. from the start (loving the c-word, “hate”, etc.) . He has played a 100% personal game – drawing people close to him playing the BFF (using very personal info, I might add) then using that PERSONAL relationship to disparage them behind their backs when it was convenient to float elsewhere. If you claim to be close to everyone, you cannot be loyal to anyone but yourself. His “gameplay” of “an Andy in every room then tell everyone all” would have been blown to bits by week 2 in any other season – (remember Ronny?) and he would have been ostracized then evicted STAT. These houseguests are atypical of “normal” BB players and are 100% self-serving (well beyond the “game”!) at others expense. There is nothing masterful, honorable or praised-worthy about trampling all over someone’s character to advance oneself. That very old cliché- ‘Be good to people on your way up as you’ll meet them on your way back down’- exists for good reason. There is NO need to behave in such an apathetic way to win BB. His approach is also cowardly as he would never trash someone to their face. N.B: His claim of being loyal to Amanda and McC from the start is also bulls*** since he played them and Helen equally until he was forced to choose 1 1/2 months later. Andy thinks he has orchestrated every eviction and acts as though others are inferior players- he is proud of his insensitivity. IMO, his “gameplay” is shameful and an insult to past houseguests and finalists who didn’t need to personally gut a supposed close friend to maneuver through the game.


Judd you are an idiot. You where so against aligning with Amanda, McCrea, and Elissa again because they voted you out before. So did Andy, Spencer and GM. Well you screwed yourself. Apparently your alliance feels you are the most expendable. If Amanda and Elissa where still around you wouldn’t have to worry. Spencer wouldn’t have even been there to win HOH. That is what you get when you pick a crappy alliance. I hope if Andy makes it to final 2 he gets called out by one of the jury members in their question.


One of the things they should do to the final five is to get the transcripts on all the insults they have made to everyone in the house. Then they have to use the same insults and use them on their mothers and sisters (which I know sounds cruel but maybe they’ll learn something) then if they have an ounce of heart in them, they’ll start crying. Maybe then they might start thinking that what they did was something disgusting. Or maybe they like calling their moms and sisters those names too, with this bunch of people it’s possible.


Judd, Spencer is an idiot and won’t listen to you about putting up Andy instead of you. Good try though.

Fight Judd fight

I’m not sure if this has been discussed, but why is Judd not trying harder to stay? It is safer to compaign to Not go on the block than to try to stay after he is on it. All he’d need to do is tell McCrae about Andy voting Amanda out because McCrae already secretly wants to keep Judd.Then McCrae goes to Spencer and tells him that Andy was throwing him under the bus, saying they needed to keep GM so she can take out Spencer next week, and Andy goes up instead. It’s not about alliances any more, it’s about surviving to the next week. GM, Spencer and McCrae have All said they couldn’t beat Andy in the final two. So why aren’t they taking the sure shot right now?


RE: “So Gina Marie messed up her back, broke a toe, got 9 stitches in her knee, and now cut her finger while cooking.”

That’s just another average day in Brooklyn.
That hard workin’ girl deserves a place at the table.

F-2 GM & MC

MC did work his $ss off. Amanda knows.


America loves Elissa!!! Vote 4 Elissa a America favorite houseguest.


MWP – Candice – Worthless – there to meet a husband and wear as many trashy earrings as she possibly could in 90 days
2nd MWP – Howard – Worthless – there to be an actor
3rd MWP – David – Worthless – Spicoli dude