“They are crooked like scoliosis.. I see why they got rid of Nicole her season she is snake”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 13-14-23-202

1:07pm HOH Vic and Paul
Agreeing that Corey and Paulie have to go up and one of them have to go home.
Paul says he straight up trusted Paulie a lot and to find out he was playing him the whole time.
Victor says they were planning on backdooring him during the double. If they had gotten rid of Michelle Victor would have gone during the double.
Paul – thank you Natalie and James if they hadn’t told us me and Victor would have been gone.. he used me as a backup plan.. it was you or I”
Paul says he’s certain America will send them a care package, “We’ve been the underdogs since day 1″
Victor points out he’s won so many competitions but is still on the bottom.
Paul – I’ve been next week.. next week. literally I’ve been dodging bullets.. legitimately bro your name is mentioned every week either as a pawn or a backup plan”
Paul – If we can get rid of those 3 we’re final 5
Victor – you think we can do a final 4 with James and Natalie
Paul – they already talk about that .. but who do we take to the 3rd spot
Victor and Paul say – Natalie

Victor says he’s not good at acting fake so when Paulie is up in the HOH talking he feels paulie can tell.
Paulie comes in.. says the only 2 people that may have gotten that care package is him and Nicole. Because of what has transpired over the last week (Of Course)
Paulie says they have to make sure they win the veto and send Michelle home.
Paulie – I get piss when people slander my name.
Paul – if one of them comes down we’ll have to put someone up
Paulie – put James up there.. sorry Vic you put whoever you want up there
Paul says Michelle knows she’s Boned because she stormed off and went to bed after that whole care package
Paulie – If James wins the veto and pulls Natalie down like a DEEHA
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 13-27-51-598
Paulie has prepared a speech that he’ll get up and say during the nomination ceremony to Michelle
“Look Michelle Da’vonne tried to put me in an alliance.. You tried to put me in an alliance, you failed to mention they’re is 1 alliance that has been going down for a hot minute. I’m sorry if you felt I never spoke game to you that was because there was no game to ever speak to you and taht is why you were always pissed. “
“Why do you think Victor came to me right after you whispered to him, why do you think james came to me right after you whispered to Zakiyah because we’ve been all working together and that’s why you’re get picked off”
Paul – she’s going to cry again

Paulie – to tried to blow my game up last week you’ve blown nothing up
Paul warns Paulie that Meech has nothing to lose this week she’ll f*** sh1t up if he starts throwing grenades
Paul – if you keep it civil she might keep it civil but if you p rod and poke…
Paul – it’s up to you bro
Victor says he had a straight up conversation with Natalie and squashed it.
Paulie – I want to have a straight conversation and squash it all (With Michelle)
Paul – she was on the block back to back and survived that’s f****g crazy
Paulie says he was expecting everyone to be friendly like Cody’s season he didn’t think there would be so much drama.
Paul mentions that is what Nicole said
Paulie wants to call Natalie and MEECH out. Paul is trying to calm him down.
Paul – ya bro mull it over for your own peace of mind.. There’s a way to do it

Paul leaves.. “Friendship”
Paulie – Friendship

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 14-41-04-586
1:35pm Safari room Nicole in the safari room alone
“It’s James, Michelle, Natalie , Paul and Victor”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 14-29-43-569
1:37pm Tokyo room Corey and Nicole
Corey I think James is still on our side
Nicole – he’s not.. He’s not..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 13-43-19-555

1:43pm Bathroom James and Natalie
Talking about their relationship and how they will deal with it outside the house.
James – I just want you to know I do have strong feelings for you
Natalie – I do to
James – I feel it.. I’m trying to suppress a lot of it so it’s not too overwhelming in this game
Natalie – I’m going to ask my cousin if I can stay for a week or 2 here.
James – shoot me an email one day when you think i’m cool drop me a phone number (they are teasing around)
Natalie – you’ll get my phone number
Natalie says Nicole and Corey are trying to be James friend, “They are trying to get Victor to do their dirty work for them”
James – they are crooked like scoliosis.. I see why they got rid of Nicole her season she is s snake
Nat – I knew it.. The first week..

Natalie says she wants to go head to the London room for a nap. They start walking.
James – there’s tampons all over the place
Natalie – I know (Paulie did this see the last post)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 13-49-27-455
At London room Paul tells them Victor is 100% on board with the plan Corey and Paulie going up
Paul – 1 Million percent
James – i’ll tell you what happens Nicole’s got safety, They will pitch for me to be backdoored or put straight up .
Paul says not paulie’s play is for Natalie and Meech to go up
Paul brings up what Paulie said “James can’t win the veto because he’s a DEEHA and if he does he’ll pull Natalie off”
Natalie – it’s funny because they are trying to get Victor to do their dirty work
Natalie – Corey is telling James lets go have beers later
Paul – what a sack of shit
James – Nicole she knows something’s up she’snot talking to me at all, we’re literally passes each other so I think they are telling her you have to take a shot at James
The three of them are convinced Victor will stick with them.
Natalie – they think they are fine now
Paul – ya, look at them Nicole has safety
Paul – it’s going to be a shit show I hope Y’all are ready
James – Meech will throw fuel on that let her sleep she needs it
Paul – and he’s still talking about Michelle… still He can’t get over it.. can’t .. he’s like BRO I’ve had migraines these past 2 days my head hurts i feel weak”
Paul – she fu*ked him up (MEECH)
James laughs – BIG MEECH
Natalie – if you can’t take the heat stay outta the kitchen
Natalie says she was hurt in her heart that Paulie said those things
Pauli – he’s a conniving piece of sh1t
James – 2 faced.. no 3 faced. .
Paul – and now he’s tossing everything on Zakiyah .. Michelle you f***d that dude up
Paulie walks in.. (HAHAHA)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 14-48-35-976

Safety Girl and Corey playing chess

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 15-04-39-020

3:04pm Bumper cars

Natalie – Did you think I would make it this far, probably not
James – I did
Natalie – Nicole knows how to keep her imagine clean on the show

Jmaes – she’s going to get really sad when she see’s Corey on the block … really sad .. Paulie will see how loyal she is to him
James – Once Paulie is on the block he’ll know if he doesn’t win the veto he’s done
Natalie – she knows she can trust Corey more than Paulie
James – if Corey and Nicole… they stay they better come to us.. Corey will leach onto me, Nicole will talk to you.
James- if Corey goes home Nicole and Paulie will be by themselves.. Paulie might try to get on my good side..
Natalie says that maybe Paulie will team up with Victor
James warns her about the Victor and Paul relationship they’ll have to deal with that soon .

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 15-20-47-127

3:17pm Paulie, Corey and Nicole
Paulie – there’s no doubt in my mind those two girls are going up (Delicious)
Nicole – We’re going to be OK this week we are.. all three of us
Paulie – one of us is going to win the veto
Nicole – I have a very good feeling about this week it’s going to be us three and James and Paul in the next HOH
Paulie – we win the veto we make it through this week

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 15-26-07-773

Nicole tells him they have to focus on keeping the 3 of them safe this week.
Nicole – one of us will win Zing bot
Paulie – I have faith that Michelle is the target
Nicole – I do to
Paulie thinks they can peel Paul off the other side.
Nicole tells him to be quiet this week “Don’t blow anyone up right now”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 15-40-03-673

3:35pm Ntatlie and James
James – I wouldn’t mind going up as a pawn I know Meech and paul would vote for me and you would
Natalie – ya
Natalie i shaving anxiety about the nomination
if this plan falls thru holy Macaroni and Cheese and if it does fall throw never listen to me again
James – my instinct tell me Paulie and Corey are going on the block

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 15-45-52-425

3:44pm Tokyo Room Paulie, Corey and Nicole
Corey can’t understand why people aren’t hanging out they are the 3 most loyal people in the house
Corey – we need to win HOH next week put up Paul and James
Paulie – Backdoor Vic he’s the only one that can win
Nicole – I’ve never done wrong first (of course you don’t)
Paulie is Claiming that BB17 had the worst ratings in the history of BB and that BB16 had the best rating because “Everybody loved Cody everybody loved Derrick .. if it wasn’t for Michelle throwing us under the bus we had everybody .. I had Paul wrapped around my f***g finger”
(HOLY smokes Pualie has blown all the fuses in his fuse box..)
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 15-44-58-429

3:58pm Nicole and Paulie
they think james is scared and knows he’s in trouble.
Nicoele – he feel sextra guilty becuase you kept them both safe..
Corey – ya he feels guilty, he brought up Tezxxas code southern code.. I was like that’s no code
Nicoel – America saw they flipped on us
Corey – BRodgette was goign to go far
Nicole – I’m so ha[yu she gone because strategycually she was nothing for my game .

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 16-22-07-805

4:21pm Nicole and Corey
Nicole is saying that they need to keep Paulie he’s on their side and is a sheild for them.
Corey – he had tears in his eyes when IO won
Nicole – we have to lift him up

Nicole says Corey taking out Bridgette was a BIG move it didn’t ruffle any feathers it was strategic and the best move they could have made.
Cory agrees says he mentioned that in the Diary room he said it was a smart, strategic move didn’t ruffle any feathers..
Nicole – it was The best move we could have done for this game and you handled it so nonchalant
(Did you all see the epsiode did you see Corey huddled down with the guys beging them to tell him what to do asking them for a final 5 guys)
Corey says Bridgette was nasty when she left, Nicole – you tried so hard to be nice to her (so hard)

4:34pm Paulie, Michelle and Natalie in the kitchen
Paulie – I wish this place had a punching bag..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 16-56-14-122

4:56pm Waiting for the Noms…

5:04pm Kitchen everyone waiting around for the Nominatoins ceremony.
They talk about Mihcelle being called a cat. Natalie asks where the milk saucer thing started. Corey explains it’s becuase her name “MEEEEchelle” reminds him of Alley cat. “So i started feeding her” (HUH)

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250 thoughts on ““They are crooked like scoliosis.. I see why they got rid of Nicole her season she is snake”

    1. this is a offensive post name needs to be removed – yesterday the same thing about “crusty”

      You have mothers, sisters grandmothers? do you say the same thing about them, shame on you! Go on a site that supports this type of ignorant behaviour!

    2. Let me guess. Twelve….pimples and you just discovered you have a penis. To bad it wasn’t your brain. Yes my post is disrespectful. But then, so is yours.

          1. She has “super-safety”, and it only keeps her safe for this week. No other powers. Nothing to share or give away.

      1. Seriously, you need to grow up! Would you enjoy someone speaking of your mother, grandmother, sister, etc.in the same manner you write about Nicole with your sickening site name? It would be a waste of time and energy to try to comment on the level you “express” yourself!!! Nicole may not be “America’s Favorite,” but she’s not a piece of trash (as you seem to believe) either.

    3. Nicole is so disgusting!!!! I hope there was a hairbrush and shampoo in that care package! I can’t wait for someone to tell her she only won America’s Care Package because Bridgette is gone, Natalie & James already got their care packages and THERE’S NOBODY ELSE TO ROOT FOR!!! Allison Grodner, send this little girl home!!!! She looks like she stinks!

    4. Simon, I think you should filter out this type of comments. They are vulgar, offensive and don’t add any value to the discussion topics. Thanks.

    5. Finally we get some action in the house. Thursday’s episode was great and hopefully more fireworks are on the way.

  1. Has there ever been a house guest implode and have as much delusion as Paulie? He thinks America loves him, nicole and cory? Since when did we un evolve and go back in time? I’m a guy and I see a lot of who I was in Paulie but grew up and understood what it means to be self aware. He goes around calling the other house guest, what he is…most people who are delusional do that.

    1. lol….Paulie was def. embarrassed by Meech live eviction speech. his conversations on the live feeds are awkward now. he’s been exposed and now the HG’s are laughing behind his back when he tries to bark orders in who the noms should be. Paulie played too emotional and too stupid. all he had to do was take Z down with the POV, but his arrogance and douchey pride were too important for him to understand that he left his true ally Z as a sitting duck to be voted off. now she’s at the jury house, when he could of used her vote to save his a$$ the rest of the way.

  2. He played a good game but Meesh said a few lies and now the house has flipped. However, I guarantee if he gets voted out he will have the return ticket.

      1. Simon wrote…….HOLY smokes Pualie has blown all the fuses in his fuse box..)

        Simon I love your personal observations when the hgs get delusional. Too funny!

    1. Simon and Dawg, you two guys are THE BOMB! Thanks so much for all you do. We know it is not easy transcribing this delusional dialogue, but we surely do appreciate it down here in Texas. You guys absolutely ROCK!!

        1. Don’t trust them Simon. They love you now but as soon as you step foot in that big brother house they will all turn on you. Mark my words!

    2. Hey America, let’s send Simon and Dawg a care package for enduring the wretched shit show trio of Paulie, Corey and Nicole & giving us endless entertaining updates. We really appreciate it!!! Hopefully tonight the feeds will be gold with meltdowns galore!!!

      1. Send Simon and Dawg some $$$$$$ Donate and show your appreciation for all their sleepless nights and hard work:) (Donate from the home page)

      2. I agree they need a Care Package too!!!
        I just sent them another donation, my second this week and it is very well deserved!

    3. I discovered this sight last year and I LOVE the blow by blow we get here. It really gives you a much better idea of what really goes on in the house. Paulie is so delusional about his “fan base”, and seriously, I was a big fan of Derick, but Cody turned me off with all the petting with Christine. Thinking Cody’s season was so popular because of Cody, is not even close to true. There were alot of interesting personalities in that house, like Zaq, Donnie, and even Frankie (ew). Cody wasn’t nearly as low brow in his vocabulary like Paulie is, and perhaps Derick helped rein that side of him in? I don’t know. This guy is just out of control. The hate is real!

  3. Nicole doesn’t realize that the costume each year is a punishment….she wasn’t going home this week so America that “loves” her actually punished her, don’t y’all see the irony here?? I love it that she got safety this mean nothing week!!

    1. I agree with you. It’s a witch’s costume with the word “caution” on the hat. While she does have safety, it’s still is a warning about her to the other house guest. I wonder if production had different costumes and just switched them. And this dummy is smiling, not realizing the effect of this costume. What a dingus!

    2. Hate that Nic got that package! N/P/C all think it is because they are loved and all the other HG did them wrong. We have to prove them wrong on that thought! We need to decide who to vote for next week and get all the votes in we can everyday because I fear Paulie’s family will be voting hot and heavy next week using Cory’s fanbase.

    3. Would you be saying the same thing if Bridgette won? Use to enjoy reading remarks but now it has got just as mean as the the mean girls in the house. This is just a game and they are all playing parts. They lie and cheat and do anything to win. Paul crying Paulie was playing them. Paul was playing them too. The same as everyone in house. There can only be one winner. No one is going split the money 8 ways just because they are in alliance. It use to be funny now everyone is tearing apart everyone and just being downright mean if the show does not go how they want . They blame production or game is fixed. Just like life, you are thrown curves you don’t want. You just have to grin and bear it.

    4. i remember in her season she hated the costumes, especially having to wear one for a week. maybe that is why she got a lot of votes. i think her fans wanted her to wake up and start playing, also that there was no one else to give it to thinking michelle was already out the door, plus michelle had been fairly hateful thru a long period many were not voting for her until closer to tuesday. and i think a lot don’t want any guys to get anything, unless the bribe for paul. i can’t see anyone else doing a good job with that one

      also co HOH is like safety without a costume, i imagine.

  4. Omg Nat. Shut up already! So annoying all she can talk about is how nice she is and others aren’t. I really liked her at the beginning. Now can’t stand her!

    1. Exactly!!! She’s just playing up to cameras to win America’s favourite which she has in the bag already. But notice how much of a hypocrite she is when she says “Oh I have a flirty personality so I flirt with all the guys” but when others guys do it then she’s like you don’t respect me blah blah blah.

      1. Bridg should be AFP. She actually played the game even though every one hated here for it. She was always positive and nice despite the way Meech and Z treated her. In a year full of creeps she may have been the bright spot. And did I mention she played the game.

        1. This really is a no-brainer.

          America’s favorite should be a player from day 1…not just when their eviction looms, not somebody who just wants to be famous, not somebody who’s there for a showmance, real or fake, not some superfan just happy to be on the show, not somebody content with jury….and that player who manages not to be a complete a**hole while trying to win.

          By that standard, Bridgette should be a unanimous choice.

    2. Me too. Natalie used to be my favorite but I think she has just been playing a role. By the way it is a role that James has bought hook, line and sinker.

    3. Right, I used to like Nat too then I realized what a creep she was when she was telling Bridget that her game plan coming in the house was too flirt with all the guys. I feel as though when she said that it shed light on her and James relationship. I don’t care for Pauliebut I believe everything he says about her. Just look at how she cried to James when her and Paulie was arguing. An argument …she picked lol

  5. I can’t wait for Fakecole to be blindsided with Corey and Paulie going on the block!! If she thinks she stands a chance on winning she’s dumb: Da, Bridgette, Meech and Nat aint voting for her!

    Rigth now, I’d love to see James and Paul go really far. And BIG MEECH! She’ll blow everyone up!

  6. True colours always shine through that is for sure. Paulie is being very petty now thinking up ways to annoy the others. Typical behaviour of a psycho path, no self awareness!

  7. The only people who deserve to win are Victor, Paul and Paulie (yes despite him being an asshole). It would be a really sucky season if either of the other 5 win….Bring on the downvotes Natalie/Nutless James lovers.

    1. Whoever makes it to the end and gets the most jury votes “deserves” to win whether we like them or not. If they make it all the way and win the jury over then they have played the best game no matter what their strategy was. Paulie may have been manipulating everyone for awhile but he came on too strong and it has blown up in his face. All current house guests are actively playing the game now. Thats why it’s getting so good imo. Up until now it was Paulie’s game to lose. Now I don’t know who will win and I love it!

  8. Paulie has a speech ready for HOH nomination…he’s really gone delusional. He thinks hes still controlling the HOH, even caught himself and said “sorry Vic do what you want”.

    1. ya, I don’t understand that. What the heck it’s Victor’s HOH. He’s the only one who makes a speech. This guy is an Idiot!! He thinks people like him. I think he is one of the worst people BB ever had!!!! Maybe he took too many steroids!

    2. And when do the people that ARE NOT hoh get to say a speech to the nominees? I can’t wait until he is clued into the fact that America doesn’t love him!

    3. I think Meech’supporter speech embarrassed him on national tv and he just wants to get his revenge and have the last word and he knows the nomination ceremony will be played on tv. But the joke will be on him because he is the one getting nominated. He is gonna blow a gasket.

  9. Anyone notice how Paulie has turned into Tiffany over the last week?

    And when he and Corey go up, Nicole will jump ship & head to Paul & Vic faster than Michelle starts crying when she watches a baby seal get devoured during Shark Week.

    In other news….Ian has rubbed it out a record 9 times so far this week with all of the boob and Have Not boning talk…

  10. Love how these three are clueless and literally delusional that Corey and Paulie are going up. And Nicole is clueless that it was Bridgettevwho would have won if she didn’t leave. Another Blindside today!!!! Yessss!!!

    1. He’ll have a meltdown far worse than Tiffany, Audrey, Willie or Chima, and probably have to be removed. I hope so anyways.

  11. I’d kill to be a fly on the wall at the nomination ceremony tonight. Heck, a zika carrying mosquito will do too.

    1. Trust me, you do not want anything to do with a ZIKA mozzie. The one that found me has left me covered in a rash from head to toe, including parts of my body NO ONE has ever seen. Hands, feet and joints swollen and the wonderfully swollen eyes.

  12. This past two weeks have been solid gold. I can’t wait for the nominations aftermath, I’m really hoping that Paulee do speak up before the nominations and see his face being nominated by Victor, that will be so entertaining! Imagine Paulee thrashing Meech and then Meech getting the last laugh.

    1. Seems double standard how these girls was the mean girls and Natalie wouldn’t even stand up for her so called friend

    1. I think I will vote for Meech (Bridgette) she stuck her neck out imploded Paulies game convinced Paul/Victor to go along for the ride.

      Will wait to see how the polls are leaning. Anyone else have any strategic input?

        1. Nat cannot win a 2nd package only 1 per person. America wasted the 1st package on her should have gone to Paulie to prevent him from getting a better package.

      1. Meech! If unfortunately Pauline would win HOH next week it would be hilarious that he would have to share it with Meech! Think of the FIREWORKS! In case Pauline does not go this week that might cause him to self evict or go even crazier than he already is!!!!

    2. Don’t be fooled by Vic. He is an extremely weak minded guy. It wouldn’t surprise me if Paulie got into his head (provided he’s staying). The safest ACP votes would be Meech and Paul. This is not a popularity vote. It’s a strategic vote.

    3. I’m voting either meech (because we all know she won’t win it on her own) or Vic (because he won’t be able to compete having just won). Paul could actually win it on his own so I may vote for him on the last cp.

      As long as Vic follows through with P and C on the chopping block.

    4. Please vote victor coHOH and Paul bribe!

      Paul would be a great briber…..

      BUT-After all the Nic/Corey/P talk today about how much America LOVES them, I think it would be EPIC to vote victor 3rd week in a row HOH and show those asshole true love!

  13. Paul is a magician!..From way down on the totem pole..to running the house. He’s the smartest player…and if he wins BB18..will go down as one of the greats.
    He has waited…has been unemotional. Strategic..and has balls the size of watermelons. I have to give kudos to this guy.
    Paulie is out of the loop. Delusional…no awareness of what could and will go down.
    His cockiness..and feeling superior are now laughable. His latest * America loves us (meaning HIM) brings a knowing smirk on my face.
    Riiiightttt…When he goes on the block with his cohort Cory…he is going to fall to pieces. Yep..he’ll be on fire…gungho to win veto..but….he’s too emotional…too hot headed..and will feck up for sure.
    I never thought I would be so happy to see Paul play THE GAME!!! I always though he was funny..his take on Cory is nothing short of Hilarious.
    As for Nicole winning the ACP. Not a win..in my mind. She was safe this week…but has to wear the Witch costume. Pretty telling.
    Someone mentioned that when Nic is lying down her nostrils look like an electric outlet.
    Sorry….but that has me in uncontrollable laughter. I’m not American..but I find the American sense of humour brilliant.

    1. I agree about Paul he is playing a great game. He has faltered along the way, wanting to punch girls faces, annoying, Paulie has done far worst.

      Cannot look at Nicole the same after the electrical outlet joke – that joke busted me up with laughter. I would call it British humour as they are not so PC with joking.

    2. You are right about Paul. He has actually played a good game. I wish DUMBASSES would see the difference between that type of gameplay, and Derrick/ Dan’s gameplay. His gameplay does not depend on the stupidity and naivety of others.

  14. So I hate people like Polly and am hoping one of the 5 Ducks win, but I do not expect Polly or Corey to go out this week. They will probably be nominated, but when they go out ,they will come right back in. BB is not going to let the Round Trip gimmick expire without being used. Nicole has the winning ticket. Several posters have tried to explain this to you guys, and I’m not going to waste anymore time on that, but it’s a fact… Nicole has it. Now thanx to Dumbass America, she doesn’t need it. So whichever of Polly or Corey gets sent out, they will MIRACULOUSLY have the round trip ticket. Thumbs down all you want. Suckers.

  15. I’m fairly confident Paulie and Corey are going on the block. I’m so damn excited I might pee myself. Paulie is going to lose it!!!!!!! #misogynistsneverwin #2inchd2inchbrain

  16. Yes! Nicole has a false sense of security. Instead of whining and scratching her neck incessantly, worrying about at least the possibility of being a replacement nominee, she is safe. Guard is down, no need to be skeptical or curious, or bother talking game, or spending two minutes even trying to hang with Victor. Perfect setup again.
    Still don’t understand why they nominated meech and Bridget, and why vote out bridget, when you just failed to vote out the person on the block next to her? Anger, jealousy, revenge for Z by voting against the other side by taking out Bridget? The other side were like “Ok, We want to keep Meech instead? Ok, that’s cool, thanks, Sorry Bridget.” Stupid strategic move Bros. Honestly. Pauline is going to loose his mind after nominations and he will be sniveling, snarling, and snorking up a storm. Speaking of which -did anybody else notice when he recently was getting ready to go into a room for one of his confrontations (I think 2 days ago) he stopped at a gym bag and put on some deodorant. Then, with his back to the camera he reached in for somethong, and then he appeared to take a big swig of something….cough medicine? mouth wash? Cologne? Roids?

  17. ACP mext week. Cohoh.
    Victor or paul or meech??

    Who to vote for.
    Im torn between vic or paul really.
    Paul has annoyed and entertained me all season. I think this last week he 100% won me over.
    Vic is a underdog/comp beast amd deserves props. Especially if this week goes as planned.
    But also trying to think what would be the most entertaining. Maybe meech would be more entertaining as cohoh? Or she will drive me nuts
    Paul. I think im voting paul.

    1. Depends what Vic does today in noms.

      I’m voting either Meech or Vic. By Sunday I’ll know who will stir the pot more

      1. I changed my mind. I totally forgot the bride one thats after.
        Vic for cohoh
        Paul for the bribe.
        Vic earned the cohoh imo. As long as he doesnt got totally brain dead and switch noms.

    2. I’m voting for Meech, because no matter who wins HOH it works out great. Imagine Nicole winning HOH and then finding out she has to share it with Meech. Or the survivor of Paulie/Corey having to share it with Meech. If someone on her side wins HOH it is just business as usual.

      1. I agree….MEECH for co-hoh. If Nicole/Corey/Paulie had to share HOH with MEECH, they would lose it. Especially Paulie or Nicole. If Corey happens to stay (and gets HOH) he wouldn’t care to push Nicole out the door via the co-hoh. Vote MEECH!!

  18. Paulie thinks meech exposed him and is worried about how people see him now, but we have hated him all on his own actions WAY before this unfolded because he has shown America he is a misogynist, sexist, bully, abusive, tyrant, know it all fool. His parent clearly did not raise them right.

  19. I think even if whoever is left from Paulie/Nic/Corey wins HoH next week they still may be screwed. Co-HoH will come from the other side and one will still go up.

  20. Your boy has never in his life done a complete 180 on liking a houseguest. Your boy despised Paul in the beginning, but he has set himself up perfectly climbing from the bottom of the totem pole. He has played a terrific game. I use to get so annoyed at his comments, but he says them to be funny I know realize, and even he knows he is not being serious. Credit him for flipping the house and saving this season.

  21. Simon “Holy Smokes Paulie has blown all the fuses in his fuse box! “Hahaaaaaaaaaa I just spit my Starbucks down my Blouse hahahaha .Thanks Simon I needed to laugh:)

  22. This is going to be epic, this is why I love BB. Out with the dbags Paulie and Corey. Nicole got the perfect custome, she looks like a witch. Perfect fit, all she’s missing is the broom!

  23. Paulie and Nicorey are in for a rude awakening. I hope MEECH laughs like they (Corey and Paulie) did last week when MEECH and Z were nominated! Just wish we could see them BOTH go this week!!!!

  24. Paul needs to win co-hoh.. if he wins the actual HOH, meech is the next best option. I refuse to give any care package to paulie, corey, or viktor.

  25. If this place starts supporting Nicorey and Paulie when they become underdogs then I’m out of here. lol

    1. To get the live feeds to work if you live in Canada:

      – Purchase a $25 American Express prepaid credit card from Shoppers Drug Mart (Only the American Express card will work)
      – Sign up for the live feeds using our link: http://cbs-allaccess.7eer.net/c/130370/175360/3065
      – Enter any US address and Zip code
      – When it asks for your payment info put the American Express card number in and use the 4 digits on the front right hand side of the card for the security code.

      – Next you need a VPN to trick the CBS website into thinking you’re accessing it from the US. http://hidemyass.com/vpn/r16399/

      If you have any issues just ask Simon or I and we’ll be able to walk you through it.

  26. The fact that you all hate Nicole makes me wanting to root for her even more.
    I mean Michelle and Nat say shit about her all the time and Nicole is the mean pearson? C’MON. Natalie is just playing the victim role.

  27. Michelle first said shit about Nat and Bridgette with Z, and now she is saying shit about Nicole with Nat. And you love her. WOW.
    I don’t like Paulie but i definately root for Nicole to win this game

      1. The only thing Nicole has been able to do in her THREE, i repeat, THREE chances in bb was to pick a guy she found attractive and cling on to him as long as he could stand her. You’d think after a failed season of just Lovers Paradise she would have a better strategy coming back into the house…

  28. Paulie is such a fool, he just said the BB16 had the best ratings because everyone loved Cody and Derrick, is he an idiot or what. Cody did nothing but always threaten to go and tell someone off, and then the next day, he did absolutely nothing but come up with an excuse why he did not say anything to the person he was suppose to be telling off.

    I cannot speak for America, but I for one could not stand Derrick or Cody, yea Derrick played a good game, but Derrick was playing with some weak minded people, as for Cody, Cody was a big Wimp who did everything he was told by Derrick.

    Now going back to Paulie, I am loving how he is still so upset and pissed that Michelle blew up his game. He told her she did not blow it up, but he is still walking around talking about his name being slandered, he can’t stop talking about Michelle and Natalie. He was so shocked to see Zakiyah sent packing, he thought that he was in control, and it has blown his mind that people are on to his crap now, and he is walking around there going crazy.

    Wait until Paulie and Corey are sitting on the Block, Paulie just said that next week they need to backdoor Vic, well if Paulie is still here next week because he won the POV, and Paulie does not win HOH, and CBS does not fix it so that Paulie has the Return Trip Ticket, Paulie will be sitting on the block right next to Nicole who will still be heartbroken that her Showman Sexually confused weird man Corey has been evicted.

    Michelle has really gotten in Paulie’s head, and the entire house see this, he is really making a fool of himself by still running around talking to Paul, Vic, Nicole & Corey about this. But tries to keep on a tough face when he is in front of Michelle, James and Natalie, little does he know, they all know because Paul has told them that Paulie is still crying about his game being blown up, his name being slandered !!!! I’m loving it, Paulie is a wreck.

    Corey is a fool, he said that He and Paulie are next for getting the Care Package from America, little doe he know how far from the truth that is, based on the posts I have been reading on this site ! Paulie and Corey will not be receiving any care packages from America.

    Please let James, Natalie, Vic, Paul and Michelle continue working together until they have evicted Paulie, Nicole and Corey, then they can start going after each other, but please for the love of everyone who is a fan of Big Brother, please evict Paulie, Nicole & Corey. Paul showed no class blaming everything on Zakiyah, and then telling everyone he boned her 5 times, but he has been telling his buds in the house he will not do anything until he is out of the house.

    That just shows what a flake ass Paulie is, I cracked up when he said he is not use to having to sleep alone, but he bitched and back stabbed Zakiyah when she was in the house, now he wants to complain about her being evicted ? He should have taken her off the block when he had the chance.

    Please let Paulie be evicted, and please CBS stay out of it, do not rig it so Paulie has the Return Trip Ticket, CBS needs to read the EXCELLENT POSTS from Simon and Dawg, they need to check out this site and get a real feel for how we all feel they interfere and provide guidance for their special house guests. Let Paulie’s butt get evicted, and when he gets to the Jury House, Zakiyah needs to tell him to F-Off !! But we all know that will not happen, but we can wish.

    I hope Michelle and Natalie laugh in Paulie’s face when Vic puts him on the block, Michelle should look at him and say, here’s another Bomb sent your way to Blow Up your Game even more !! How You Like me Now !!!!

    1. If THIS cast had been on derricks season, he would have never won. Derricks season was a bunch of brainless, balless, lemmings.

      Weakest cast in BB history made Derrick look so powerful.
      I don’t buy it.

      1. Derrick wouldn’t have made jury on BB15. Judd , Spencer, and Pizza Boy would have spotted him as a nark in about 15 minutes.

  29. I love the fact that she is hated by everyone. This makes me wanting to root for her even more. I mean i can’t stand Paulie (HE JUST LOST HIS MIND), but you must give credit to Nicole, she figured out that there was going to be a flip since the beginning but she stayed loyal. I honestly believe she is the smartes one

    1. All the other girls are the definition of mean girls! Especially Michelle! There has been a lot of bullying in the house but not from Nicole! Can’t believe they are calling her the snake!

  30. God, Paulie, calm the hell down. You keep up this lunacy and you’re going to stroke out.
    His behavior reminds me of an old black & white movie I saw as a kid. I think it was the Caine Mutiny, not sure. Anyway the captain of the ship slowly goes nuts, until the crew has to lock him up for their own safety.
    That’s where he’s headed. Well done, Meech!
    PS: I hope Nicole pees her pants in that outfit because she can’t get it off fast enough!

  31. Why the hell did Nicole get the care package? Who honestly thinks she has been playing a good game? Anyways who cares, If Victor nominates Paulie and Corey, no matter who wins the veto, one of the two will go home.

  32. “Everyone loved Cody and Derrick”??? That’s news to me.

    At the very least, Cody wasn’t a dick. Derrick won against a bunch of lemmings.

    Hs ego would never allow it, but I’d love to see Paulie Pisspants self-evict.

  33. Is the person who writes this dyslexic? Seriously, I can understand a few misspelled words here and there but it’s hard to even comprehend sometimes. Geez come on!

    1. The guys who provide content have full time jobs, families, other responsibilities and do this for BB fans at no charge.
      WE all understand it perfectly – maybe it’s you.

  34. I wish that I could say that I feel sorry for Paulie, but the would be one HELL of a Lie ! I am loving how he looks so defeated, he is moping around and you can see the wheels turning in his head, trying to figure out how dare these people turn on me !!!

    Paulie, Corey and Nicole cannot wait for the nomination ceremony to take place, they just have no clue, they are all going to be so depressed and feel like such fools when Vic turns the keys and Paulie and Corenna’s Faces show up.

    Love it, Give them hell Michelle and Natalie. Can’t wait to see Paulie, Corey and Nicole’s faces. Paulie is already about to explode, wait until he is sitting on the Block.

  35. There once was an asshole named Palsy,
    Who thought he was pretty ballsy.
    Then Nat spilled the beans,
    And Palsy crapped his jeans,
    Now Palsy’s ballsies are nailed to the wallsy.
    Sorry it ain’t Shakespeare.

  36. Once you look into Paul’s eyes you are lost. He is using his ninja mind control technique to win the whole shabang. Go my friend, go!

  37. The waiting is killing me, can they just do the noms already, I want to see their faces when their world comes crashing down on them.

  38. “4:34pm Paulie, Michelle and Natalie in the kitchen
    Paulie – I wish this place had a punching bag..” Meech…..we did but we voted your girlfriend out…..dontcha remember??

  39. The anticipation of somebody who thinks they are safe getting on the block, getting evicted, has the round trip ticket and coming back in that motherf-cker is going to be Epic!!
    Especially if it’s somebody that turns around and wins the HOH! I’m waiting for that shit to happen. It would be gold for that to happen. I don’t even care if the person is a character I don’t like… I just want to see the looks on people faces in the house when that person comes back and their game is blown up.

    I’ll be happy with any competitor having the round trip. Corey, Paulie, Victor or Paul. Everyone else are just seasoning to the food.

  40. Wow reading all these posts, looks like the vote is split between the three. I hope it doesn’t split it so much that the uninformed votes for paulie ends up winning!

    I wish we could all agree and stick it.

    I still say Vic coHOH because it would freak paulie out that America gave him HOH 3weeks in a row,
    And Paul for bribe because he has the personality and needs to have to play.

  41. Omg Nat gave Nicole an amazing backhanded compliment.

    “I really thought you were going to get the FIRST care package”.


    1. Yea, but won’t air on tv till Sunday. You can watch the feeds or read here to see who gets nominated tonight. Don’t forget to click on the Amazon links at the top of the page to support this site. These guys don’t have to do this it they do. Let’s support em

  42. I’m still confused about DE night? I saw that Paulie had Corey to himself for a little bit & he didn’t even try to get James/Nat up, did he? When I saw him stuck to Corey coming in the house after HOH I thought here we go, James/Nat is going up. But he didn’t. What’s the deal? Then completely shocked they put up Brid/Mich and voted out Bridge? I’m not complaining, just wondering what the heck? Was he just shell-shocked or have I missed something? Corey would do whatever Paulie said so I am surprised he didn’t try. I see everyone excited for feeds tonight after noms but I’m worried what’s going to happen if one of P/C have RT Ticket? I guess they will still be outnumbered but could still do some damage if one wins HOH

    1. Even if they did have the return ticket. America is giving someone Co-HOH next week. From all the vote suggestions here I can assume Meech, Paul or Vic will get it. They’ll put one of Paulie, Nicole or Corey up and still have the votes. Thanks to the timing of the Co-HOH, there are no worries about the return ticket.

    2. James and Natalie flipped the votes and Paul had been wanting Zakiyah out. Paulie wasn’t sure he’d have Paul on board with turning on James so he stuck with getting the girls out. Which I think was fine with Paul and Paul would have stuck with Paulie for a little longer but Paulie can’t get over Meech and Natalie. Paul sees that Paulie is unhinged by what happened and knew there was no putting that back together so it’s time to make a sweep of it. if Paulie could have gotten past the betrayal I think Paul would have worked with Paulie again. I’m hoping Meech keeps needling him.

  43. Oh Little man Napaulieon wants his punching bag Z back? I wish they would just get the noms locked so the two d*uche canoes go up so I can finally go out and enjoy my weekend…. Hurry up!

  44. Oh my oh my Paulie has lost it, what has happened to his game mojo? Love watching the mighty fall in this game lol. He got to caught up in his own excellence game play

  45. Nicole got America’s Package because Bridgette won it but could not use it being evicted.

    It’s time to get behind Paul for this week’s vote. Make sure Corey and Paulie never win one!

  46. Although Paulie has a horrible temperament and made some inappropriate comments, he’s still my favorite. From a game standpoint, he deserves to win. Nicole, although a snake, seems like a nice person overall. Can’t blame her for being loyal to Paulie and Corey. James is an idiot; he’s doing what’s best for Natalie’s game, not his. Paul and Victor will take him out very soon. Corey is just there lol. I don’t have anything good or bad to say about him. Michelle is an insecure mean girl (can’t forget how she treated Bridgette). And Natalie has the most lopsided view of feminism ever. Every time she opens her mouth, it’s 99% about other girls and their relationships and 1% game. This is the pettiest season ever, so yea I’m rooting for Paulie who has actually played the game.

    1. Agree with a lot of what you said. Paulie lost me when he was a Bully to Zak when she was crying buckets. Did you see it? It was pretty bad the way he did her.

  47. Hey Simon dawg or anyone

    This is the last eviction that the oneway/twoway tickets are viable?

    So I bet since Julie Chen is the only one opening them there is a one way and two way ticket in all of them and they are saving the last one for the return. I hope I am wrong but I would not put it past production.

    thoughts anyone?

    1. Yes next Thursday is the last chance. I think if production was rigging the tickets they would have had Frank return but it’ll be epic if Paulie gets evicted and comes back into the house.

      1. At this point he doesn’t have the numbers. Even if he comes back, they’ll evict him right back. I don’t even think he’d want to come back lol

        1. It will be sweet watching Paulie roll into the jury house with Da snickering at him. Hopefully with what happened, it will sour Z towards Paulie but I doubt it.

  48. I really hope paulie leaves the house this week. I don’t know why people are hating on Nicole… she hasn’t done anything… right now Meech and Natalie are the two typical mean girls in the group hello people … wake up and listen to them talking about Nicole to everyone who will listen….

  49. I think what irks me the most about Paulie and his cohorts is their sense of entitlement. They believe no one else has the right to EVEN try win. Paulie believed this would a repeat of his brothers season, with him as Derrick, Corey as Cody, and Nicole as Veronica. It would be easy as all the others would stand in line for their turn to be meekly evicted. Definitely no female would dare to interfere with his plan. And Nicole would just bank on her fan base to make her the favorite again, I guess because they are so excited for her showmance. Hope it doesn’t happen.

  50. You can wrap “Online Big Brother” up in toilet paper and call it “The Sh{t “!!! I freakin love this site

  51. Nicole is so happy with herself she can’t stop looking at herself in the mirrors. She thinks she’s not only cute but that everyone absolutely loves her. Her confidence is soaring however let’s see her behavior in a couple hours when her balloons are popped:)

    1. Ok, as a health and wellness person, I am a little concerned about her. She calls herself chubby, picks at food, but gorges when noone is looking yet, she is the thinnest person in that house and kind of in a worrysome way. If she just let all of it go, she would have a great body and confidence but that is moot since she consistently worries about her figure on national tv. The sad part is what if noone is looking. Hope therapy is ready for her when she is out.

  52. I think something people need to remember is in the end this is all a GAME! Everyone has different tactics. I understand you all don’t like Paulie but I don’t think anything he has done has warranted this level of hate. He is criticized for every word that comes out of his mouth meanwhile the other HGs can say whatever they want and they are praised. I’m not saying that he is by any means an angel but he is just not playing it up for the cameras like everyone else is and was trying to win unlike anyone else up until this point. I know its all blown up in his face but I guess I am bothered reading posts wishing ill will towards him and his family or the nasty name calling that he is being chastised for. Everyone has their favorites to root for but I never agree with cyber bullying for anyone. I’m not necessarily talking about comments on this site but mainly other Twitter accounts.

  53. Best Actor- Victor

    Best Clown- Paul (walking around with that dayum duck around his waist and Bin Laden beard lol)

    Best AirHead- Zak (intentionally gave up HOH, instead got evicted and gave up the booty on her way out …all in one week)

    Best Whiner- NICOLE (whhhhyyyy doooont they liiike meeeeeeeeeeee)

    DingBot- Bridget (“I just want to bake cookies and sugar cakes for everybody”…fake smile)

    Most annoying- Bronte (her voice)

    Didn’t have a Chance- Glen

    Biggest Flip Flopper- JAMES

    Cry a lot crazy chick – Big Meech

    Played their heart out- FRANK

    Testosterone Bomber- Pissy Pool Paulie

    could’ve stayed longer- JOZEA
    (Flamboyant Masiah)

    Best D.R sessions- DAY

    Fakest Realist Person- Nat

    Late Bloomer – Corey Bobble Eyes (never winning to winning)

    Indecisive headache- Tiffany

    1. Wish I could give this post five thumbs way up. Rotlmao funny pissy pool paulie yes he did pee in the pool last week lmao!!!

  54. The delusional rants coming from Nicorey/Douchie P about why Nic got the ACP is a small price to pay if we see Corey/Paulie evicted this week

  55. I am in NO WAY on Paulie’s side, i want him out, NOW. But it is making me sick how petty these people are being. I am not sure what has gotten Paul so hard against Paulie, but he is sounding more and more like a mean girl. Nat and Michelle are just too much. The house is full of spoiled little brats, I really wish we could get some adults to play the game. Not child in a pissing contest.

    1. I agree with everything you said, but I actually like Meech. I like the way she blew shit up when she felt she was going home. Plus that girl is pure entertainment lol

    2. They’ve been putting up with Paulie’s self-absorbed, condescending cockiness for far too long. They exploded and shattered him. Yessssssssss!

    3. Paulie was 100% using Paul and throwing him under the bus. Setting Paul up to get evicted. Paul found out. He has every reason to turn on Paulie. Also Paulie said and did hateful personal attacks on Natalie and about women in general.

  56. Say one goes out, if he has the return ticket no one goes out? He comes right back in.
    Say one is out and he doesn’t have return ticket, then he will be playing Fri and chances are against the girls he will be walking right back in. So either way whoever is gone this time 90% chance he’s coming back. right?

    1. I do think that either way, the dynamic of the games are changed. I feel that weirdly enough, Michelle and Natalie stand to gain the most. Once it is full-out war, it will be James, Paul and Victor vs Corey, Paulie and Nicole, the stronger players taking themselves out, sparing the weaker ones.

  57. Production up to something? What the hell is taking so long. Don’t we usually know who’s on the block by now. They’re doing this on purpose.
    Geez, just let us have this one thing!!!!

  58. I am so ready for an announcement in 9 months… Zakiyah and Paulie’s baby! lmao. Can you imagine? She’s a head case and he’s a sociopath… that poor child. Zakiyah is always following Paulie’s word and Paulie is straight running from hers! lol that kid won’t know its ass from a hole in the ground. Go home Paulie, you’re drunk. and psychotic, and ignorant, and egotistical. He keeps talking about Cody’s season… MaF**ka is nowhere Cody’s season. Cody didn’t act like a freaking nut job…

    1. Will be a pretty baby but probably paranoid and obsessive as heck lol. I think Paulie does have feeling for her.

      Did you see at the HOH during the double evict how he was wiping away tears?
      Both of those people are weird and strange. Crazy loves crazy I guess, but Zak was being plain stupid.
      Zak invited Paulie to abuse her (choke, slap, hit) and she would still feel the same. Go figure…

      1. Wiping away tears? Over Zakiyah?……………….Puleeeeeeeeze.

        If he was wiping away tears it was only because he was fuming mad about not getting his way.

  59. You know… I’ve been genuinely curious about this… why does Paulie LOSE HIS SH*T!!!!!! when someone says the word “uncomfortable” or when people say he makes them “uncomfortable”…. he’s lost it at least twice now because of that word. Makes you wonder if something happened in his past and that’s possibly a trigger word. Food for thought…

  60. I really really think Paul will win this. I dont mind that but he is better than Paulie in a civil way because he is much more respectful.

  61. Just signed up for live feeds. Have only ever watched tv show and BBAD plus reading posts on this site but tonight is going to be epic. Get the popcorn ready it’s gonna be a hell of a show. Can’t wait.

  62. Yes!!!!! VICtory!!! I can’t believe Vic did it! Can’t wait for thexample Paulie “shitshow” round 2 tonight!! WhoooHooo!! *Happy Dance*

  63. Vice pulled the trigger! Yesss! Paulie is running around trying to intimidate everyone. Chill out Paulie and put your big boy pants on. It’s just a game. Like a spoiled child who doesn’t get their way. Really hope he is leaving Thursday.

  64. natalie is annoying. james is on the hook. michelle is a crybaby. everyone is a liar in that house but what do you expect? its big brother! people are trying to win 500k.

  65. I was trying to count how many fibs Paulie told during the kitchen conversation but I lost track so we’ll just leave it at A LOT.
    He told Michelle he didn’t think it was right that she would kick him while he’s down but, wait…isn’t that exactly what he did to Tiffany?

  66. Is it true that Corey and Paulie have been nominated. My husband said he got the alert from the big brother app he signed for.

    1. Thanks! Can’t wait to see the GIFS all over the internets :)

      Yes, I am guilty of schadenfreude, but I’ve been hoping and begging for his demise for weeks! I LOVE IT!

  67. I can’t wait to see Sunday’s show so I can see Paulie’s face when he goes up…I wonder if his eye will start to twitch. I just imagine Big Meech digging at Paulie, giving him pointers on how to be on the block. Asking him how his game is. Asking him if he wins the veto does he plan to use it….

    Paulie might not make it to Thursday.

  68. It’s over for Paulie or Corey, no matter what happens, one of them will leave. If anyone knows a good link for the live feeds please let me know. It seems I might have to purchase a VPN and Prepaid debit card.

    Loving the update feeds from Simon and Dawg by the way. Keep em coming.

  69. I got an hour and a half sleep last night before getting up for work because I had to watch all the drama. Now I’m about to drop !! But I cannot miss the aftermath of the nomination ceremony. When will this be done ?! Dying over here. And I was done with BBAD for a couple of weeks. Now I’m back !! Pleeeeease hurry uuuuupppppppp. In my best Nicole voice !!

  70. For real, I purchased them off his web site back when I still hated him just because they say F Off on the front and I’m moody and like to express myself!
    I don’t hate him anymore! I have watched every season off BB and I gotta say, he, so far anyways has played one of the best most obvious strategic games I have seen! He has done and said everything bad that Paulie has done and said and gotten away with it!! And while he continues to screw over his PP buddy Paulie, Paulie has stayed loyal and not even tried to blow up his game (unless I missed something). That is pure genius! He is a total villian while running around yelling “friendship” all day and nite to 1/2 the idiots and “never cared” to the other half, then switching it up the next day. I could go on forever about all his lies and contradictions but I will just simply close with:
    Paul for the win, he’s a freeking wizard genius and I can’t wait for the powers that be to send him a care package with a purple wizard costume and wand and let him continue his spells of stupidly on the rest of these dumb dumbs!

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