“They are campaigning like nobody’s business .. they want Shelli out”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 16-38-24-638_jpg

4:38pm Cuddles
4:45pm Julia and Becky have joined them. Becky says she had a flat butt and to work on it to build it up “Mommy didn’t give me this butt”
She adds her German boyfriend taught her how to work her butt out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 16-41-39-694_jpg

4:39pm HOH James, Jackie, Meg, Jmac
Chit chat..
James – I had a girl squ!rt on me before.. it shocks you
Jmac – I didn’t know it was possible
James – I witnessed it and I kinda liked it
Steve joins them.. Chit chat about phones..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 17-09-47-706_jpg

5:05pm Becky, Austin and the twins working out

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 17-30-20-991_jpg

5:14pm HOH Meg, Jackie, JAmes and Steve
(Mostly chit chat.. I’ll pull out some of the interesting things)
Jackie asks him to clarify how last week went down When Vanessa went back on the plan to take out Austin and took out Jason.
Steve says he found out the day off he thought Austin was going up.
Meg asks Steve who he is voting out. Steve says he doesn’t know now this one is such a difficult vote. says Shelli and Clay are close to the same people.

Meg says Shelli has won more competitions but socially they are the same.
Steve – Clay will win comps
Meg as long as we have your back
Steve – you do
Becky comes in
Steve says in his time as a engineer and audio engineer it’s been all men. IN his class of 12 11 of them are guys and the 1 girls is a lesbian.

Steve talks about his girlfriend who was a mechanical engineer at Cornell. He left her because he didn’t like the way she was treating him but he really likes her as a person. Goes on to explain how great she was and how she got him out of his comfort zone more than anyone else ever has, “She was so spontaneous Overnight cuddling is the best”

Meg says the have nots dentist chairs are the worst part of the have nots experience. everyone else thinks it’s the slop. Steve and Meg agree this years have nots is worse than last year.

Steve leaves
Meg – Steve grows on my every day
Jackie likes steve
Meg – i used to not have patients for him, when you talk to him you realize he has thoughts
Jackie – he has thoughts
Meg – no I mean when he walks around he’s like a caricature
Meg asks them if their agreement last night was for this week or double eviction.
James – double eviction
Steve comes up tells them Clay is volunteering to go home.
James – you do what is best for your game
Meg says Clay is volunteering to go home to everyone.
James says the entire house will target Clay if he stays he’s a meat shield.
James – this is the brass tacks shelli wanted you up.. Clay was there but she did the talking..
Meg and Jackie back this up.
James adds they made it clear to chelli they weren’t putting up Steve so Shelli and Clay switched to trying to get Austin up.

James says Shelli will try and knock Steve out of the game “She’s done it before.. if Clay stays you already know he’s gunning for me”
Jackie – is he gunning for Austin
Meg and James thinks he’ll put up Austin and James.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 17-55-18-461_jpg

Steve leaves again… They are watching the TV screen at the twins and Austin exercising. Meg comments on how they have so much energy. “They make me feel old”

Meg brings up Vanessa’s meeting last night.. Becky is pissed at Vanessa says she f***d their game up last week she wasn’t even listening to Vanessa last night she doesn’t consider her deal as valid.
Meg thinks if they put Vanessa and Clay up next week the twins won’t be pissed.
Jackie – if we can get Clay and Vanessa out I will be so happy.

Becky adds Vanessa wanted them all to give her their word they wouldn’t put her up. Now once they do she’s going to bring that up to everyone.
James and Jackie say Vanessa is more dangerous than Clay. Meg wants to get rid of Vanessa during the Double eviction.
Becky asks if there is no double eviction do they put Vanessa up
James – no build trust with Vanessa

James and Jackie now agreeing they should stick to their word next week and set to strike Vanessa when it’s double
Meg doesn’t want to put up Clay. Jackie thinks they should stick to their word put up Jmac/Steve and Clay.
Becky says it’s “Great” Steve knows so much about past Big Brother but they are playing Big Brother right now and they don’t know where his head is at.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 18-06-08-019_jpg

5:45pm Work out crew continue.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 18-08-23-728_jpg

5:55pm Steve and Vanessa Bathroom
Steve about his conversation in the HOH – They are campaigning like nobody’s business .. they want Shelli out

6:07pm 1/2 way party Feeds down

7:33pm Never no feeds

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If this was a couple weeks down the road, I would get rid of Shelli if I was Vanessa/Austin/Twins/Steve. But it is still relatively early (in terms of people left, not the show itself of course) and Shelli does pose a bigger target. I’d say keep Shelli with the excuse that you didn’t want Clay coming after you (as he is asking to be evicted) and then pray Shelli wins HOH next week (and if not, push for her to go up then).

The Cheese

One change I would like to see in the show: By this point in the season, we at home usually know who the Rat is. Some HG’s may not. I would like to see a Zingbot type character, dressed in a Ratsuit, come into the house, walk around for a while, and without having said a word, present the House Rat a big wedge of cheese. Then scurry out the door.


That would discourage people from being the rat and eliminate it as a viable strategy, in my opinion.

The Cheese

Not necessarily. A good House Rat would play a more subtle game, and be patient. Once the Big Rat has come and gone, having exposed the Dumb Rat, The Smart Rat can steal the Cheese.


The smart thing for them to do is to vote out Shelli- If shelli stay and she is a smart player as i believe she is, Shelli would go after Austin and Vanessa. Because at the end of the day they were apart of the plan to backdoor Jason but Vanessa was the HOH. On top of that she would still be in the house and Clay would be gone. Vanessa is the reason all this is happening in the first place. Get Shelli out this week and next week get out Vanessa!


I totally agree that for James’ side of the house the smart thing to do is vote out Shelli. But Shelli will not put up Vanessa (Austin – maybe). She trusts Vanessa more than she trusts Clay. Vanessa and Shelli play the game and strategize well together; what I don’t like about them is that they think they are truly the “good” guys and don’t go back on their word, blah, blah, blah.

Stretchius Maximus

They may not be who some viewers see as “good” guys, but Vanessa and Shelli are two of the “good” BB players in the house. For the life of me, I can’t understand how a fan of this television show could like watching Jackie, Meg or Becky. They are not intelligent players and have done absolutely no game playing. None. JMac is entertaining, but he basically falls into the same category. Hasn’t done much in terms of playing the game. People chastise Vanessa for lying when she calls out others for doing it, but that’s her gameplay. She’s gotten people to trust her and be loyal to her by appearing to be loyal and trustworthy herself. Right now, she’s doing a decent job of it.

There is a small handful of intelligent game players (Vanessa, James, Shelli, Steve to some extent), yet it’s mind boggling to me how the majority of the non-players seem to be the popular choices because they’re “good” guys. The Nerd Herd thought they were good guys to, meanwhile the liars on the other side of the house went on to play in All-Stars.

Yo Yo Yo

Well said…. My only real issue in rooting for Shelli is how she has been actings on the block. She doesn’t think she belongs there. Neither did any of those she used as pawns or backdoored.
Vanessa is just irritating…
Nobody to root for!


People are so blinded by their hate for Shelli that I think they have forgotten that James really is a pervert and says disgusting things about women. But now all the sudden he is “the man” and their favorite. No thanks.


James isn’t on the block and Shelly is

Bunny Slipper

Yep, he’s a pervert. But do you not remember the season of McRanda and co.?
Those were some nasty nits. Comparatively, James doesn’t even register.


So because there have been bigger perverts we should discount anyone else being a pervert… nice logic!


Interesting that you call the 3 LBGT people in the house perverts. Coincidence?

Meanwhile James says something sexual and disgusting all the time. He was just talking about a girl squirting on him. I guess that’s family friendly entertainment to you. Austin is rubbing up against, forcing kisses on and bargaining for kisses with Liz who is not telling to stop while admitting to using even though she doesn’t like him. And of course you have Shelly and her boytoy who isn’t afraid to flirt with and give extremely long hugs to drunk Meg. Interesting how you failed to refer to any of these people as perverts and only chose the few that belong to a certain group.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I don’t think anyone on here is actually rooting for James to win the game. I think some of us are just excited to see someone outside of the six-person alliance come into some power. I wasn’t a fan of Jackie early in the season, but I am now rooting for her to win the game. Unfortunately, her survival depends heavily on the survival of her alliance. I cheered wildly when James won the last HOH comp…not because I like James, but because I knew that Jackie would be safe for the week.


You got that right I think people are glad to see a power shift. Why isn’t Steve mad at Clay for giving up? Steve said he was going to be mad at Audrey because there were thousands who wanted to be on bb and Steve was mad because Audrey was just giving up. Clay is doing the same thing by not campaigning. Steve even said Clay is volunteering to go home. Steve is going to be kicking himself once he founds out James is telling him the truth about Shelli sending him home. Steve doesn’t even seem to believe that James said Clelli wanted Steve to go up by then targeted Austin.


Steve IS mad at Clay for giving up. He gave a little monologue to the camera while alone in the comic bedroom, that “he apologizes on Clay’s behalf to all those who applied and wanted to be on this show if Clay is really giving up because Clay took a spot away from them, but it might also be some strategy of his”.


thanks I didn’t see that I am rooting for Steve though that floater lol

Team Edward

A www give James a break. He is in a house with no tv, radio, books, or apple products. A little perverted talk never hurt no one.

Plain aka Squirt

James–really? Is there no filter? We don’t need to know everything.

Golden Shower of Veto

James always goes to the next level.


Steve is a blind- a person who is big brothers big fan he can’t see he is getting played by Vanessa- he is this season Fool – there’s one every season and it happens to be him


And he has an irrational dislike of Becky. His DR sessions about how he was happy to see Becky suffer, him talking to the camera about how he wants to get rid of her, and him smiling when Vanessa brought up that moronic plan to him. I don’t get it.


i do not understand that hate at all. I can only assume that he has an irrational dislike of anyone who was recruited, but at the same time she is someone who put the effort and time in to studying (and enjoying) the show, so she isn’t like some who have come on who have no clue.

there is one recap here where he talks about crushing on a girl in sequester, someone who obviously did not make it onto the show. so after that & combined with his intense dislike of Becky i wonder if he feels that becky took this girl’s place in the house? it is a stretch, but so is his dislike of Becky, tbh


Steve was afraid of Becky winning and taking herself off the block because there was a very good possibility he could be the replacement. He doesn’t hate Becky he was just intensely rooting for her to lose for his own safety. He is just awkward sometimes in his tone and choice of words.


Becky told someone they had more privacy with the cameras than with Steve around because he always skulked around the corners and it bugged her. Steve overheard this and has actively hated her ever since. That simple, she called him a skulker (or something similar, I’m too lazy to go a look it up again) and he was highly insulted.


Steve reminds me a lot of Victoria actually. Not in being a complete and utter waste of time and space, but in how easily she was played by Derrick. In her DR session she seemed to genuinely think she was playing a great game with Derrick, when in reality she was just his easy win ticket for the final 2. Steve seems to believe he is in really good with Vanessa and Austin when they (and by extension the Twins) view him as expendable. In their own words “he is a (Rat) Floater, but he’s our (Rat) Floater.”

He seems like a sweet person in the real world, but he’s not a good BB player. You would think being the BB superfan he is, that he would realize he is Vanessa’s Kesha, while Austin is Vanessa’s Memphis. Vanessa’s lucky in that Austin/Twins/Steve are pretty clueless sycophants that she can command.

It be nice to see him make a move for himself and vote out Shelli. And if not I can always hope Judas votes Shelli out.


Ian and Andy both won Big Brother by being rats. Maybe Steve is trying to win the same way. Andy was social. Ian not so much. Vanessa is playing Steve and when he gets home and watches After Dark, or reads Online Big Brother, he is going to be hurt. Deserves it!


Actually, the fools are James, Jackie, Becky, Meg. Busy plotting to get everyone out except the twins and Austin. That’s just stupid. They don’t do it this week and they are screwed.


I think that’s what Vanessa is hoping for?


Shelli and Vanessa both need to go.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

In a perfect world, Shelli would be evicted this week. Vanessa and either Clay or Liz would go during the Double Eviction.

Lemon balls

Saw the show tonight. Gotta say one of the better episodes I’ve seen in a long time.
Meg looks like a better fit than shellie for clay. Looks like the showmance might get a twist before BB does


I saw tonight’s episode too and I must say I am so proud of how Shelli kept her puppy in line. Snap Snap “Clay no!” Snap Snap “Clay Stop” Snap “Clay Here.” Hillarious I watched it over and over.

no way

Meg, that is nasty. Clay in real life pulls young 9’s and 10’s. He gravitated towards Shelly because she happened to the most attractive. Even though the enormous amount of Shelli haters would say otherwise.

Meg is awkward, pale, walks like wounded baby deer.

This years cast had ZERO hot chicks. Clay possibly is best looking male to play the game.


I wouldn’t say Meg is ugly by any means, but she’s not Clay’s typical type. I would imagine he goes for girls like Aaryn from BB15.


I just finished watching the show tonight and they highlighted the interaction between Meg and Clay right after the veto ceremony. The two watched as Shelli was called to the diary room and then both made a bee-line to each other in the bathroom. I went back and read that post and I think that encounter was WAY more than just Meg a little drunk and they were just friends giving each other a hug. There was some serious chemistry between the two. And it wasn’t just Meg. Clay pulled her into him, twice! And he was rubbing her all over her, something I’ve never seen him do with Shelli. What is up with that! What did I miss?!?


AND then after doing all that he asked her to vote him out. it almost seemed like he was sensing Meg’s desperation and using it to get what he wanted…

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

You are so right. After watching tonight I don’t believe Clay will even remember who Shelly is after this season is over.


Wouldn’t it be funny if Shelli was evicted and Clay got in a relationship with Meg! It would be even funnier when on finale, Shelli was back and was all like SCREW YOU CLAY!


I’m questioning how much genuine affection there is between Clay and Shelli from either side. I loved how in the DR Shelli said she was going to be stuck two months in the house without Clay, as though it were not even possible that she would be evicted. And when she was speaking of him in the DR at the end of tonight’s show, she was so obviously trying to make herself cry–she was screwing her face up and making her voice waver, but the tears would just not come. If she does get any money out of this deal, she needs to spend it on acting lessons.

is it just me

the body language was forced and awkward the look on Clay’s face several times was more “get out of the way you are blocking my view of JMac”

i did not see any sort of chemistry all i saw was some drunk girl throwing herself at a guy who was not interested at all basically Austin the female version


It’s just you.


I’m liking Becky more and more all of a sudden. Girl is starting to play her own game while Steve is still playing Vanessa’s. She’s the main person onto Vanessa right now, and for that her value in the game has increased significantly.

Are we all pretty comfortable about the DE being tomorrow? I would think they’d need one after 6 evictions to get the house a bit smaller.

Vanessa would be totally blindsided if she was knocked out during the DE. She expects everyone to make deals to not put her up when she never keeps her word to the other people. It be one thing if Dr. Will said he was never putting you up, because he never won a comp lol. Vanessa has won back to back.


The DE is usually the week AFTER jury starts. I’d put my 80% of my money for the DE being in 2 weeks and 20% on next week 🙂


Thanks for the clarification Ozzy 🙂

I feel like we are overdue, but this is suppose to be the longest season yet.

BB17 fan

Last year the jury started with the DE. The first person voted out was Jacosta, who went to Jury. They the 2nd eviction of the night was Hayden, who also went to Jury.
The year before, Candice was voted out 1st on DE night and she went to Jury. The 2nd eviction of the night was Judd who also went to Jury.
BB does not have to do it the same way every year so tomorrow night could very well be DE with Clay leaving and NOT going to jury but the 2nd person evicted could be the 1st one to jury. I want Clay to go because although it will be harder to get Shelli out later, I want Jackie GONE. Such a little B.


Whenever the DE will be, the only thing we know for sure is: Julie Chen will tell us “don’t miss next Thursday’s show, where there WILL BE a DE.”
Since she didn’t do that, tomorrow for sure won’t be a DE.


Thanks for the reply Frenchie 🙂

Lets hope we don’t have some people still being wary to make moves with 9 people left in the house.

BB17 fan

Which two back to back comps did Vanessa win? I don’t remember that.

ugh steve

I really don’t like steve! Waiting on Steve to go home while Vanessa is HOH


Would it be great if America was the BB Takeover and got vote out HG this week. Let the take over music play and America all tweet in during the show for all time zones. Or start the tweet now by advertising it on The Talk. Shelley America has evicted you. That would make up for the lack of take overs this summer. “America I am your sweetheart with the best showman ever. Why? Boo hoo why? Clay want to be voted out,” cries Shelly


All this time, I thought the way Vanessa talks was a deliberate strategy of hers, to try and sound “unthreatening”… mimicking a little scared child, with all the “umm”s and long pauses, having her eyes opened extra wide, even the intonation of her voice. I didn’t think it was the real Vanessa Rousso.
Now I checked out some of her poker vids on yt, and that’s actually exactly the way she talks and acts there too… very interesting.
Check it out:
“Poker After Dark Season 3 Episode 43 Gus and the Ladies Pt 1” and so on…


go van go!


Austin, twins, jnac snd Steve are nuts if they let Shelli go…way too early for that, they need her to win comps and keep them safe. Clay can’t win…and although sweet, just doesn’t have the brains Shelli does. If Shelli goes it all falls apart for them…Vanessa can’t win them all for them!


van sand steve working this well oil machine!shelli stayn this week!i think there going be snap vote to!

Gordon Ramsey

During the show tonight James reminded me of the diminutive Asian man from the movie Role Models.

Do you even watch the show/feeds?

I keep hearing the same ‘its best for the remaining six sense to vote out shelli this week because she will target Vanessa and Austin’ … What a shitty game move for Shelli to stay and then target austin/vanessa when Becky James Meg and Jackie just took out her main ally AND have a stronger bond compared to the sixth sense which is really just a numbers alliance…

Let’s pretend we didn’t know anything about Shelli. I’d like you to justify why keeping clay would be better for the sixth sense when he is buddies with Meg/JMAC who is in the OTHER alliance/ floater…

I’m a James fan and sure I know what would help him/his alliance but that’s not the same thing as it being the best game move for the other side. Being an emotional fan/viewer is great but why come in with some whacky game analysis that clearly wouldn’t be smart from the players’ perspectives you’re pitching?


van know shelli faking those tears!


I’d say at this point, the main reason Austin and the twins should want to keep Clay is to “do what James wants”. Yeah, Vanessa gave her speech about “it would be UNFAIR (lol!) to ask people to vote a certain way”, yadda, yadda… But at the end of the day, Austin, the twins (and even Vanessa, actually!) promised James that they’d “support him in this move AND vote the way he wants”. That was before noms, and before they came together in the HOH room with James, Jackie, Meg, Vanessa and Becky to form this “group that isn’t an alliance, but agrees on who the next targets are”. LOL for it yet again being a group of 8 people. Just like the 1st one, and the Dark Moon! They should just count how many people are in the room and realize: “guys, this isn’t gonna work. It’s 8 people again.” 😉
Anyway… While they’re all aware that this is yet another fake group with no real allegiance, if they vote against what James wants, and what they promised him they’d do, then that would give Jackie/Becky/Meg the excuse they need to put them up if they win. Austin&twins want to keep up the appearances as much as possible to reduce the risk of getting targetted by them.
Obviously, Vanessa wants Shelli to stay since Shelli will be a 100% vote for Vanessa if Vanessa makes it to Final 2. Clay has shown Vanessa that he doesn’t blindly trust her.
Now for Austin and the twins, “appeasing Vanessa” shouldn’t be their N°1 goal, since they know Shelli would be close only to Vanessa, not to the rest of them.
They need to realize that their game should consist of more than just doing whatever Vanessa wants them to do.
At least that’s my thought process on this…


Here’s why people are saying that: because they don’t like Clay but REALLY don’t like Shelli. Most BB fans are utter fucking idiots who’s opinions are entirely dominated by who they do or don’t like. They’ll cheer for an absolutely shitty player over a good because by being shitty they’re likely an underdog and aren’t those underdogs oh so cute?

Keeping Shelli is the right move for Sixth Geeks. If Clay stays they still have a huge numbers advantage. I hope the ADC fantards enjoyed this week because that side of the house is about to be finished off.


Straight up realness. Keeping Shelli is ultimately the best most for Vanessa & Steve in actuality. Vanessa knows Shelli does not like or trust Austin. Vanessa thinking longterm & she will use Shelli to take out James & hoping eventually strike at Austin for her. Vanessa really wants to try & take Steve to the final 2 w/ her. But I believe Steve might actually turn up some dangerous gameplay come Double Eviction. I have a feeling him & Vanessa may be hard to get out after that. Interesting situation could arise though would be Steve turning on Vanessa in final 3 or 4 to take a lesser player for the win. Something about Steve strikes me a fixing to lethal coming down the stretch(call me crazy) but Ian played a very similar till the halfway point his season. Just an observation. But take note that nothing is what it actually seems as the weeks progress

Austin's Stinky Hair

Reading the live feeds, Austin gave the most genius argument for why to get out Shelli. He said that gives them safety since James’ group will think they want to work with them and that keeps all 3 safe for another week should one of them win HOH. That is a great plan since the other side of the house is more interested in taking out Vanessa and Steve than any of them. If they do win HOH, then they can put up whoever they want. The twins and Austin are in the best spot in the house right now. He may be dumb when it comes to love, but Austin is actually pretty good at this game.


All these posts indicating Becky is so on top of her game. Yeah, so on top of it she thinks that Austin and his twins are not a threat to her. good grief.

Liz's Reflection

James has always been gross but at least hes playing the game. I also think he has a small case (no pun intended) of little man syndrome. I know he has a mug shot but dude, -“I did 3 yrs in jail with big men yelling at me”….? He just says it like it was nothing. I think he wants to be the Texan that Clay is but hes just a small man in every way. “That 5000k could really help my daughter”….so you pick the veto then.?
I agree, I wouldn’t want him winning the game either but I guess the other dumbos are safe with him since hes the one who wins the hohs and vetos.

I think Steve is doing just fine in the game. He is just a little socially awkward but I think hes getting better. Its hard to be in this game and not have the social part of it. I don’t know how people like that do it.

I also cannot believe Liz was making fun of Austin and saying he smells ect ect lols. YET , shes there cuddling with him. Meat shield yes, but cuddle bunny….Ewwwwwwwwwwwaaaaa.

Meg or Jmac to win HOH would be interesting to see. I don’t want it to be wasted on a double though.


I know people on here don’t like Austin. But he is a human being, he is going to feel like crap after this show. She is playing him worse than any in history of BB.


I agree. Even though he annoys me to no end, I feel bad for him. She is literally talking bad about him at times, says some pretty mean things. I mean I can see why he thinks his feelings are being reciprocated, she goes right along with it. I think he’s going to feel pretty bad when this is over.


He was a prison guard not a prisoner.


Well look at you with your righteous hat on and all your knowledge about James. Pretty sure there were people being played way worse then poor little ole Austy. Get over yourself man. Im sure it was just a comment that was made.


Why all the Vanessa and Shelli hate. They are some of the only ones actually playing this game right now. They were dominating for a reason. What do we really want to see someone like Meg win this show? Meg, James and Jackie are so in their own heads. They have no clue what’s actually going on in the house…


I genuinely have noone left I really root for as of now. Except to an extent JMac – he’s very fun to watch, but Becky is right when she describes him to others as a Spencer type of player. He’s very passive game wise.
All the others are too nasty for me.
No need to be so over the top when ranting about other HGs, being very hypocritical about how others act in this house when they’re actually doing the same thing…
Vanessa saying that she’s offended by Becky trying to play both sides of the house, calling her a rat, actually made me laugh… Same for her “people should vote how they want to vote. hey, Austin/twins/Steve, you have to vote Clay out!” 😉
BB17 started off really promising, but recently I had to stop watching the feeds several times because it gave me this nauseating feeling to see them all go out of their way to act like a bunch of vipers just snaking around. Not pretty. :/
To sum it up:
“OK, we’re gonna make a fake deal with them. We’re gonna break this deal and go after them if we win HOH. But if they DARE break that deal if they win HOH, they’d be real scumbags!!”


Why you don’t think Jackie is smart? I actually want her to win HOH.


Do you really think she has a high IQ? I mean come on…seriously.

GeekSquad McGee

People respect Shelli as a game player, but they don’t like her as a person. She’s fake and arrogant. To most people, she’s just not a likeable person.

Regardless of how good they are, you can’t cheer for someone that you dislike as a person.

Mr.Sketch Marker

How many people know hes Buddies with Meg/Jmac??? It would be better to get rid of Shelli because you cant control her. They think they can control Clay. Im not a big fan of Shelli’s so I have no reason to want her to win anything. I think she should be booted out on her ass the week before jury. Lets see whats up with this Meg and Clay interest.
Maybe after long face Shelli leaves, they can come together and work behind the scenes with each other and share info. Clay and Meg.
I don’t know about anyone else but that one shocked me a little.


Not gonna lie if Shelli stays, I think the show will have more drama in it. Isn’t that what everyone enjoys?

The second the votes are read, if Shelli stays. All gloves are off and WWIII will happen. It would be entertaining.

At the end of the day(beastmode cowboy), I don’t really care who goes home.


It amazes me how much some of you hate Shelli. It is like she killed your dog or something.

I want drama. This is going to get boring. I think Shelli is a game player and would actually go against Van.


I don’t think James wasn’t bragging about serving in jail. I thought he was a correctional officer at one time. Didn’t he talk about having to leave personal problems at the door when he was a corrections officer?

bbcan3 Zach

it’s too early to make a big move.
maybe when we’re down to 8.


Meg is the weakest player in this season. I think her only good comp was the fabric one. No way will she make it to top 5. Johnny Mac is a strong player. I could see him winning a hoh and a couple more vetos.

I think Vanessa’s game is solid. Compared to the rest of the house. Shelli and Austin basically does whatever she says.


Meg will make it to F5 BECAUSE she is the weakest player.
Have you seen last season? Victoria ring a bell? 😉


I had no idea that Meg and Clay got so flirty the other night! Meg started it, but Clay didn’t put up any resistance. He was definitely enjoying it, encouraging it. Shelli will be pissed when she sees that. I would love it if Shelli goes home and Clay finishes the summer canoodling with Meg on TV. They have much better chemistry than Shelli and Clay. But it looks like Austin and the twins are going to bow down to Vanessa and keep Shelli. At least one of them will soon find out that we didn’t love them and we were elated when James put them on the block.

Michelle :)

For the first time today since Big Brother 17 started, I did NOT vote for JMac as one of my 3 faves. (It was Jason, JMac and Steve before Jason’s eviction.)

Today, I voted for James, Jackie and Steve.
James or Jackie for the “W”!


Blah James is a pig.


I’m confused!?!? Does nobody like Shelli? I think she is the best overall player in this game. She is a strong women and older then the others and still kicks ass in comps and has the ability to talk everyone into what’s good to do! She has played the best game so far…I cannot believe people don’t like her! What’s wrong with you! Don’t you want a strong player to win and not a floater? Vanessa is a snake!


Shelli is very fake IMO. She acts like her s**t doesn’t stink when she lies, and backstabs, and then has the nerve to act like James is the only person who has gone back on his word when that is all Shelli has ever done in the game. Plus she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions. If she and Clay really wanted to keep Jason, they could have.

I wouldn’t say she’s the best overall player now because her social game has taken a big hit. She lost valuable trust with James/Meg/Jackie and has pissed off Julia. Even Becky sees an advantage of getting rid of her because she’s a comp threat.

I wouldn’t mind a Floater winning (and I mean true Floaters, and not Rachel’s ridiculous definition for irrelevant players like Adam, Kathy, Victoria). Dr. Will, Jun, Andy, etc all won because they were mentally and socially strong players. They didn’t need a bunch of comp wins.


Shelli hurt her game by playing fast and furious too early and spent far too much time in the HOH room and not making the social connections. Clay,as her second in command,was a poor choice as he is a hothead who walked around overtly and directly threatening people! Those two made a bed, they lie in it, and it is too bad they don’t find it comfy!


just remember jamesa nd van 2hoh each!



Too Funny

I agree with Hmm, I think if Shelli stays it will be way more drama then a clay n meg thing which I def dnt want to see two dummies flirt… I am a fan of good game play n winning comps not ppl who dnt win just so the underdogs (james, jackie and meg) can slide by to get further in the game and not earn it… I give james props for his game move putting chelli up but thats abt it, he has no chance of winning with his logic and his dirty mouth and his shaby alliance… I cant believe he wants to represent himself on national tv talking abt women the way he does and has a lil girl who one day will see all that nastiness… I hope Shelli stays and they win win win and take out some of these weak players and also Austin who def needs to go…


Winning comps doesn’t make you a strong player, and losing comps doesn’t make you a weak player. Amanda dominated BB15 for 8 weeks and never even won HOH. I believe she just won one POV.

There are different styles of play, and a good game is a good game whether someone is a Snake, Floater, Loudmouth, Leader, Gamer, Collaborator, etc. Coattail Riding and doing nothing (Bystanders) are undeserving of the win at the end.

Shelli’s game has blown up in her face. She and Clay tried to play all sides of the house and got caught and put up together. She played herself into the position she now finds herself. And if the house is smart they’ll evict her because Clay is weaker.

I’m curious how Shelli brought more drama when all she’s down and cry and whine, while Clay has actually said things to people (drama).


No its if Shelli stays is will cause more drama. James side of house will flip out is Shelli stays.

I want drama, WWIII. I don’t even care who wins the show at this point. I WANT GOOD TV. Clay is and idiot, who has ZERO clue how to play this game.


Clay isn’t as good as Shelli at most types of comps they’ll encounter on BB and he also isn’t good with words 😉 (lol on how BB now inserts BS subtitles when he mumbles on the CBS show!)
But he’s way better at reading people and making real connections. He was realistic about Audrey and Vanessa when Shelli was still being a blind sheep, willing to believe them no matter how overwhelming the evidence was against them. That’s the main reason why Vanessa wants to keep Shelli: Especially without Clay there to remind Shelli of how untrustworthy Vanessa has been, Shelli would go back to being Vanessa’s “comp winning SuperSheep”.

Mama Legba

Vanessa is so whiny and that surly face is super annoying. I wish she was going!

James shocked me….he picked Clay for Dinner last week, then this week pulls a ‘whiny Vanessa’ out of his @ss and nominates he and shelli? And says it’s redemption for Jason….please! Regardless of who’s Evicted this week, one of them is staying and James will have hell to pay to them. They won’t stop until he’s gone.

Alsooooo, if he’s so mad about Jason going and didn’t know anything about it, obviously they didn’t campaign for votes against Jason or James would have been told. Nonetheless, there were 7 (SEVEN!!) votes against Jason and 2 for…James being one of them. So I’m really don’t think James knows what game he’s playing.


vanessa working james to piss him off!


Meg won’t make it to F5 because she will be the pawn. Jackie/James get backdoor. When she gets to being the pawn on Johnny Mac/Steve. I think they keep them over Meg.

And yes I watched last season. I feel Steve is the Victoria.

If you noticed last season the guys ran the house. This season the girls are.


my f5 freaks and geeks and steve van f2


I agree except I have F2 Van and Liz/Julia just because of the odds. But yea Van/Steve would be my second option.


that cvan happen to but domnt think so!

Peg Leg

Hell no Shelli needs to go!!!!


60% clay gets evicted
40% shelli gets evicted

the votes will come down to how austin liz & julia vote thursday night…..

we should all find out late late tonight or early tomorrow morning who gets evicted.


steve austin twind and vanessa all vote clay!


any1 thinj there will snap vote with no hoh or pov?


I hope Clay stays just so we can watch him hook up with Meg. I’d LOVE to see Shells reaction to that on finale night!


that wont happen freaks and geeks now they got the votes this week!see ya later clay!


the feed chats & twitter’s on fire about Zach bb16 on Dick at Nite https://vimeo.com/ondemand/dickatnitebb17 … #19 Eveldick posted to his twitter its free, feeds kinda boring worth a watch

Straight Shooter

Meg about Steve: “He has thoughts.”

Am I the only one who found this hilarious? Just seemed to imply that it was a totally new concept to her or something.


Personally I’d love to see vanessa and shelli in the final two… would be the female version of derrick and cody…

i think meg and Johnny mac are the two nicest people in the house but you need leaders. They are followers.