“These younger players are very cutthroat. They get an idea in their head and they are out for blood”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam,

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Veto won’t be used.
The handful = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt
Family Style = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, Jared
The Bye Bye Bitches = Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie (Red+Jared+Hisam)
The Brown suger babes = Jared, Felicia, Cirie, meme

8:26 am Luke, Cirie and Izzy
Luke – I didn’t know about the moves people were making
Cirie – people were saying Luke Luke Luke. I like Luke.
Luke – I went through my whole little thing yesterday. I was in my thing.
Luke – I think some of these younger players are very cut throat. They get an idea in their head and they are out for blood immediately , weather or not it will endanger them or not.
Cirie – that’s not the way to play a long term game.
Luke – I feel like I was immediately targeted by very powerful individuals.
Luke says there is an alliance in the house and he can tell from the “recon” he received yesterday.
Cirie – I have an olive branch for you I would love to.. I’ve been trying to feel you out and since you never really talked I was like ok..
Izzy – we talked yesterday, I trust Cirie.
Cirie – I would love to work with you in this game.
Luke – I would love that. and full disclosure Cirie I am going to be out talking to everybody.

Luke – a lot of this has really shocked me. I was laying up stairs saying this is an emotional roller coaster.
Cirie – you could win HOH
Luke – I’m angry enough to do it.
Luke – I want to get a feel for everyone what position they’re in. Honestly if it were right now if it was this moment after what I did yesterday when I did ‘ohh ohh ohh whats going on where am I’ I would be on the block.

Luke – If today they were putting up, I would be on the block and I would be going home probably. Even though you know I tried to be friendly. I just had no idea what I was getting myself into. it’s so different than the show. Obviously I’m not a super fan. I’m a new fan to the series, 3 to 4 seasons.
Luke – it’s a league of difference. I’ve been feeling crazy.
Luke – there’s some people that really just BURN me.
Cirie – some people felt they were in power they had everything they needed they didn’t need the rest of us.
Luke – Folly of youth .. I know I’m 30
they laugh
Luke – I’m too old for this crap.
Luke thanks her for extending an olive branch.
They ask him who he thinks is going to get evicted.
Luke – Kirsten.. She’s wandering about.. haunting people. I hate to say it that’s what she’s doing haunting.

9:00 am Izzy, Felcia and Cirie
Talking about Jury management and how the Jurys getting limit information while in the jury house affects the vote. (ROFL)
Izzy – There’s more biter juries and incorrect winners on Big Bother than Survivor they only have a limited bit of information but I think that’s important to think about as we jury manage.

9:16 am Jag and Matt (Blue is also there for a bit)
Jag – its a lot for Reilly to be the first HOH so lets keep an eye out. She keeps getting pulled aside and cornered.
Jag – Listen if she ever mentions 5.. Apparently she said that sh1t.
Jag – it was me, her, America and Reilly was like Dude I want 5 aloe vera.. America said is that a code.
Matt – she was trying to get us all together
Jag – yeah.. America was there and she’s not part of the five. when Reilly said this in the room to me.
Jag – I don’t know if America caught on.

9:27 am Bowie and Cirie
Cirie tells her that Luke is pissed he was talking to her and Izzy earlier today. He says people are cutthroat. She goes on summarizing the conversation.
Bowie – I might be getting paranoid.. we have to make sure Felicia doesn’t crack over anything in the kitchen. Like don’t get too confident you know what I mean. Don’t say OH MY GOD THE KTICHEN IS MESSY.
Cirie – I’m going to talk to her. She’s super safe but don’t start irritating people this is not your house.
Bowie – 4 days is a long time. She should stay out of the kitchen then it won’t bug her
Cirie – agreed
Cirie – Luke is pissed.. he was saying they are FAKE with those FAKE laughs.. This is excellent … excellent

Cirie – with the millennials.. she already kinda nicked them with they should or shouldn’t wear it was a thing thing.. I was like ohh shit. She can’t keep doing that.
Bowie – A big part of this game is not breaking down.
Cirie – I’m going to talk to her say listen we want this to be a smooth vote.
Bowie – I’m nervous

9:41am Reilly and Matt
Reilly – people are patrolling my room.. It so overwhelming
Matt – are you ok?
Reilly – I’m fine. Every person that comes and talks to me is like rapid fire one by one. They corner me ask me questions
Matt – If I see you cornered
Reilly – I can’t be left alone right now
(It’s so hard to hear matt talk.. Might be the hardest ever on Big Brother)
Matt – I just want to make sure your Ok
Reilly – I’m fine. I just want to make sure we’re not being complacent. I know in here that is happening we have to do something about it. I am terrified of HOH next week we have to win that.

10:19 am Corey and Jared
Corey says he’s worried people will catch on to them paying the middle.
Cerie joins them. Jared brings up Izzy wanting the four of them to have a talk.
Cerie – absolutely

10:31 am Cerie and MEME
Cerie is talking about her conversation with Luke this morning.
Cerie – He’s fired up.. he said only one person extended an olive branch to him. I said Well I am extending an olive branch to you
Meme – who was it Izzy?
Cerie – he didn’t say and I didn’t press him
Cerie – He’s pissed off maybe he heard.. but knows the group. He’s looking for a home to. I think Izzy can get him and if we can get Jared and Corey. Even if for the next vote. So regardless what happens. We’ll be good for another week.
MEME goes on how much she likes their solid group.
Cerie – I am glad you are in both.. all of my groups.
MEME – same same
Cerie – we’ll need other people like a big 7 I am ecstatic about you and Felicia.

10:46 am America and Kirsten
Kirsten – if anyone takes me off of these noms this week.. Bro I owe my game to them.
America – what did Hisam say?
Kirsten – we had a initial conversation which was fantastic I love Hisam. He also spoke with Felicia.
Kirsten – He’s a very intelligent person I need to talk to him again.
Kirsten – how do I go balls to the wall America? because I have to. I feel like we have so much fun together. I have top balls to the walls this and I’m like… how do I do that?
America – Girl it’s my first time playing to but.. I would say just keep chatting with people. it is what you have to do. I don’t know if Felicia is taking that approach.
Kirsten – Someone else has kinda taken over that for her.
America – who?
Kirsten – I was told by the powers that be.
Production – you are not allowed to talk about your diary session with other houseguests.
America – I haven’t talked game with Felicia, I know she’s close with Cirie.
America says she see’s Cirie and Felicia around each other all the time she’s certain they have something .
Kirsten – the powers that be told me a lot of stuff I was totally caught off guard by it.

11:20 am Feeds showing pound puppies.
12:50 pm No feeds for you

1:28 pm Feeds return.
Chit chat – Veto wasn’t used.

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un autre nom

d/r sessions. Kirsten.
great… I’ve already been tinfoiling HARD for a week one.
How am I NOT supposed to tinfoil hat when she says stuff like that??


Well, then stop telling the Houseguests stuf!! Lol 🙂

un autre nom

seriously. it’s actually starting to annoy me tremendously.
i mean, we know it happens, but they’re editing into episodes that pregaming happened. There is no way in hell nobody knows the family tie.. LOOK at their faces.
the ‘little bird told me’ shit is code for I was just in d/r and that’s been said multiple times by multiple people… excluding the Cirie downloads from Jared. Now Kirsten is right out saying d/r riggery a day after she said to a group including Cirie, ‘i can look at a parent and a child and see immediately, that’s yours.’ but it’s still nobody knows? come ON.

At least make the riggery believable.


Simon and Dawg,

Oddball question. What time zone do the comments use? When you say the feeds went down at 11:20 am is that Pacific or your Canada time zone? I was just trying to understand how long they have been down.

BTW…I am obsessed with the fluffy black kitten. Those eyes!!!


Luke winning HOH would be great for next week. Both sides of the house would battle it out to get him to nominate the other side.


Maybe but maybe, for the people who watch the live feeds, Izzy should win HoH. That would be the Atom Bomb of HoH reigns because everyone would be scrambling


umm no, Izzy winning HoH would have half the house sitting pretty


If you remember last season where one member gave the rest of his alliance heartburn before they got rid of him when he and other houseguests had to live outside for a bit…Izzy is basically that houseguest this season.

Rene' M

I need a thumbs down button. What happened to the thumbs down? Are we so delicate that we can’t disagree??

Team Taylor

Why is Blue a Have Not now? Or is that a typo?

I would have preferred Cory or Luke going out first, but Kirsten shot herself in the foot on Night 1.

un autre nom

Luke / Cory discussing informal thing with Reilly and Matt. the strong smart fast group is their thought.
Hisam was nice to Cory on day 6 while trying to put together a Have not alliance.
Cam put his infitration plan in action (i still think jump ship plan). To Izzard. mansplainingknowitall jackass and 3 year old on crack converse… oy gevalt.

I’m trying, but the start to finish 100% prodomanipulation riggery of Bbcan 11 has my bullshit detector on low tolerance. The struggle is VERY REAL.

Red is ZZ Top & Carrot Tops brother

Simon, Cirie has been on the show since episode 1. Why do you exclude her from the pics of all the other houseguest at the top?


“10:19 am Corey and Jared”

Such an ODD-looking picture with
those two sharing a hammock together.

What are the odd of THAT in the “REAL WORLD”??

kinda reminds me of the theme music/song
of “The Odd Couple”. Who’s playing Oscar
and who’s playing Felix ???


shout out to Simon & Dawg for keeping this site going! Y’all think it’s gonna be a quick hoh this week??