Jag – “Going into next week I would feel a lot better if Kirsten is here and Izzy isn’t”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam,

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation
The handful = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt
Family Style = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, Jared
The Bye Bye Bitches = Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie (Red+Jared+Hisam)

2:13 am America, Reilly, Jag and Blue
They’re trying to figure out a story to tell people why they were all up in the head of Household room. Sounds like they are trying to make it sounds like America was crying and they were comforting her.
Cirie and her ilk are in the kitchen.
America – They’re posted out there they’re not moving
Jag – if they aren’t moving we better get grooving
America – opposite plan lets come out laughing we just had the best time.

They joke around about what they can say to they aren’t suspicious of them. Jag jokes suggests Blue comes up with a dance and they say they’ve been practicing that. Jag starts doing the sprinkler.
Jag – If someone said that to me I would be like that’s goofy they are working together. that’s just shady.

Jag – we want Luke to feel ok with us we shouldn’t ice him out. Lets start hanging out with him.
America and Blue agree.
Blue – Lets talk to Luke and waste all their time especially Izzy and Hisam.
Jag – lets host something in this room like spa day.

Blue heads downstairs.
Jag – go down there solemn but supportive.
They watch from the HOH TV.
Reilly – we have more game strategy than them. The only one that talks game out of them is Izzy and Hisam. Those are the two that are really strategic.
America – I’ve talked game with Izzy not a lot.
Reilly – did I tell Izzy I was thinking of the replacement nom was Luke or was I tripping (You told everybody)
Reilly – or did I tell it to Hisam? I know I told Hisam.
America – I don’t think you told Izzy
Jag – If you told Hisam
Blue comes back with Tea for America.
Blue – they were like talking I couldn’t even say anything.. no one was paying attention.
Blue goes over her telling them about America “not having a good time” because of “Family stuff”
Reilly – when you opened my door Izzy immediately looked, She’s sitting there on purpose.
Blue says the other side is a weak alliance. “They have a basis other than we are the remaining people and we just got to group up where else are we going to go. We just have to play our cards right and keep talking to them and be interested in talking game. If we have big secret alliance with individual people so be it”

Blue – We just need to gain their trust not Izzy and Hisam.
Jag – If Izzy and Hisam win (HOH) our alliance is f***ed
Reilly – Corey is sketched out by Hisam. Hisam literally hates him.
jag – what happened?
America jokes “Corey is a international lawyer of course.
Blue – Hisam hates Luke too (Is there a pattern here?)
Blue – he told me .. Luke today was like Bro Hisam hates me.
They bring up how Luke messes up Hisam’s name.
Reilly – Luke is extremally vulnerable right now.
America – use the fact that people don’t like him to draw him in.
Jag – the more I think about it He didn’t know Corey was on the block (Luke)
they laugh
America – I don’t think he’s a mastermind like at all. He might be really smart but..
Reilly – Hisam is doing research on every person. he already know about this alliance. he is asking every person questions and looking for discrepancies and our responses. looking for the blank spaces the grey areas. He’s just going to make a decision based on the level of accuracy he observed. He’s so smart..
They all agree Hisam is super smart.
Blue and America leave.

2:58 am Jag and Reilly
joking around.
Jag – since all of our alliances are open
Jag – the name of our alliance is the shit show

Reilly says she feels “so under fire” right now.
Jag – I think there should be a healthy level of lets start planning. We can’t do anything until the next HOH.
Jag says he understands it’s tough to be HOH, Hisam and Izzy are doing things “Clearly”.
Jag – I don’t want you to be paranoid about the possibility of a backdoor.
Reilly asks him what he would do if He was Hisam and won HOH.
Jag – I would put up Corey and a Pawn. I don’t see him putting you up as a pawn. It seems like right now he’s giving you his word he wants to work with you.
Jag – I would be surprised if he we went back on that especially since he gave you his word. It would take him a lot to go back on that.
Jag – the next few days just keep chatting with them.
Reilly – I just hate being alone with any of them.
Jag – they try to pick at you. Don’t be alone with them anymore
Reilly – I feel like when we are in a group everyone starts to walk away then I’m stuck with them and they try to corner me.
Reilly – they are coming at me asking specific questions calling out my alliance to my face. Asking me why I took this person down.

Reilly – every single person that comes up to my room, Rapid fire I have to come up with a story on the fly and a answer to every question but I also have to maintain that story over time and remember every conversation every day until 3 in the morning. I feel like I am carrying an entire football team right now.
Reilly – it’s mentally exhausting me. I have people hovering over me like flies on sht.. Hisam is over there literally starring at my door (LOL he is)
Jag – the person stressing me out the most is Hisam and he’s good with us. I think what stresses me out he wants to know what is going on.

Jag – what’s happening this week is what the house wanted there were names brought up.
Reilly – that is the only thing I have going for me right now.

Reilly – It’ll be me or Corey next week if one of them wins HOH, I feel it in my Balls. That’s what I would do if I were them. They know if they took me out they would start a fire. They would have the numbers anyways.
Jag – if you leaving people know there’s people close to you I worry for Corey I don’t think people want to make that move yet if they do they are going to have hell to face if they make that move.
Jag – would be the same if we made some crazy move. I don’t know if there is a equivalent on their side.

Jag goes on about how he doesn’t see her going up on the block as a target. Thinks if Felicia wins HOH she might want to use Reilly as a pawn.
Jag – I think you’ll be good. I know it’s scary because you can’t play in the HOH.
Jag – Hisam proposed a four person thing with you I don’t think he’ll put you up
Reilly – I know Cirie really really likes me. Felicie is putting her trust in me.
Jag – Why the hell would they get you out, they’re cook with you you’re cool with them. They would rather get whoever is sitting next to you out.

Reilly – people are not about Corey and I don’t know why.
They look at the HOH screen and notice Hisam is still up wandering around watching the HOH room.

Jag – Luke needs to fee more comfortable
Reilly – I don’t know what to do with Luke. The difference between me and Luke and Izzy and Luke is Izzy approached him with information and then talked about me and throwing the veto. She made him feel he was the part of something. I was very vague with him. Izzy was giving him information and offering him a spot on the roster.
Jag – I think he’s still with this side WAY more.
Reilly – he’s tight with Jared.
Reilly says Hisam and Izzy are the only people on the other side of the house she’s worried about. Everyone else she’s not afraid of.
Reilly – it’s literally the two of them and we have the strongest players on our team. Isn’t that crazy to think about.
Jag – this HOH will probably be some sort of random.

Reilly brings up asking Corey if he won HOH who would he put up he told her “Backdoor Hisam”
Reilly – If Hisam wins HOH he’s taking Corey out If Izzy wins HOH she’s taking me or Corey out.
Reilly – I feel so bad for him I don’t know why.
Jag says they need to find someone that wants to play the middle
Reilly – I think it’s Cerie and Felicia..
Adds that Felicia does what Cerie does.
Jag – that’s two votes then we are good.
Reilly is worried that Izzy told Luke she was saying he would be the replacement nominations.

Jag points out how people are overplaying right now.

Jag – is there a way to backdoor someone this week. You talk to Hisam.
Reilly – he seems chill with me.
Reilly adds Hisam floated the idea of working with her, Blue and Jag. “the four of us could get really far in this game”
Reilly – that would get us a final 2, final 4, final 5 and a final 8
they laugh
Reilly – a final 9

Jag – I like to talk through every option. I feel like we are scared about Izzy right now. Is there a way to backdoor her this week (PLEASE YES)
Reilly doesn’t think so Hisam needs to use the veto and he’s close to Izzy, “He wants to be in an alliance with Blue and Izzy”
Reilly – he would never go with them.
Jag – you would be blindsiding Hisam.
Jag – is there any way Hisam uses the veto to take Felicia off?
Reilly – that would be crazy.
Jag – I know it’s crazy I just want to talk about these things going into next week I don’t know how we would pull this off.. Going into next week I would feel a lot better if Kirsten is here and Izzy isn’t.. Honestly. Is there a way to get Hisam to use that veto and what would need to be said.
Reilly – that would be mission impossible.

Jag – if we mention Izzy’s name he’s not going to do it right.
Reilly – I would love to see Izzy gone. I don’t think she has any intention of playing with me
Jag – I can’t believe Hisam won, I know we said it was perfect but NOW there is a real possibility of a backdoor. In order for that to happen it would have to be a double blindside. Izzy would be blindsided but also Hisam.
Reilly – when Hisam won my heart dropped.. he just scares the crap outta me
Jag – for this week is that too crazy of a move?
Reilly – I don’t even know how I will have that conversation.
Reilly says Hisam is interviewing everyone right now.
Jag – the only way to get Izzy to go home this week is to lie to Hisam.
Jag – saying you would put up Corey he’ll be like BRO why did you take him off? to put him back up. It would have to be Luke or something else.
Jag – we could give Luke the heads up. be like Bro heres the thing we are going to tell Hisam this but this is actually what is happening.
Jag – that might be too crazy.
Reilly – it’s week one that’s too crazy.
Jag agrees says Hisam would go tell everyone in the house.
Reilly – once I lie to their faces my game is over.

They go back to figuring out how Jag can leave the HOH room with Hisam camped out on the balcony.

They check out the HOH screen to get a location of Hisam.
Reilly – this HOH is important once Kirsten leaves it’s eight V eight. That is why I am stressed out.
Reilly – I don’t like that he was starring at my doors. that is really uncomfortable for me.
Reilly – I don’t think you should walk out of my room with him sitting there.

3:12 am Blue and Cameron
Cameron talking about chatting with Red in the hot tub “He had bad gas it was f**ed up” (LOL what)
Cameron – he just hung out there for 20 minutes or so talking.. He told me everything that Reilly told us about what he did what he said.
Cameron – from his point of view everything Reilly said is correct. He named each one of them and including me too. He said I’m being lumped in with teh cool kids.
Cameron – him and I are honest with each other. It’s Hisam. He’s taking all the information he’s getting and he’s going over there and he’s using the information as currency, Granted he doesn’t have any definition all he can say is here’s what I see here’s what I expect. Here’s what I’ve heard.
Cameron – he’s coming over here basically to beg and barter.
Cameron – Izzy is really sharp but I don’t think it’s the sole person leading an army. I think she’s started the talks with a couple of B grade contestants she’s trying to pull scraps together.
Cameron – Izzy is closest with Cirie, Cirie is closest with Felicia that is a locked three. They are also really tight with MEME that is a core four.
Blue – you got all this information from red?
Cameron – I can see it I can feel it that is what I’m coming to. The core is, Izzy, Cirie, Felicia, and MEME I can see it. The reason I can see it I can tell from talking to Red. Red knows that is an allaince he wants in on that.
Blue – he wants in on those four
Cameron – He wants in that alliance.
Cameron says she is going to have to tell the group this because he’s not going to be able to.
Cameron – Red is closest to me. He’s been approached by them asking who do you like. He said Cameron. They are pretty sure I’m with you.
Cameron – I didn’t want to scare Reilly more but yeah they know (About their giant alliance)
Cameron – that’s the game. Now there’s a line there’s two sides.. problem is we have 8. They have a core of 4 with the idea of building.
Cameron – they know with Red comes Bowie. that’s two. They’re on a island. they are not included in the fun of the core four. Luke is lost. Izzy is trying to build this group without putting it together. She’s trying to have it organically become a core group.

Cameron – the only wild card is Hisam. When he leaves that havenot room he’ll be alot less valuable. Right now he’s got his ear to the door and he’s stuck up there with a dude that is lost without a home.
Cameron goes on about Hisam pulling Luke in. “Hisam’s gig is up everyone knows he knows how to play the game”
Cameron says he’s going to get in with Red and Bowie so he can infiltrate the other side.
Cameron adds that Red pointed out the other side can tell they are all “uncomfortably trying to listen in and be around them”

Blue doesn’t think Cameron will be able to work his way into Izzy’s core. “They’re smarter than that”
Blue – we need to pull the insecurities out of the people.. the other three and get them to lean towards us.
Cameron – I agree with you I won’t be able to infiltrate the core.
Feeds cut.. When we’re back. Matt joins them.

Cameron – you focus on Luke. Just be bros.. just hold him.
Blue – They want him for the numbers. You need to go to Luke tomorrow.
Cameron – let him know that he’s safe.. like Bro I can’t tell you certain thing but please know you are good.
Blue – no no no..
Blue – I don’t think you should say I can’t tell you things. Just be like listen..
Cameron – like you’re good.. you’re good
Blue – be like, lets start talking game.
Cameron – hang out with him all day. let him know he’s good. If he knows he’s good with you he knows he’s good with Reilly and everybody else.
Cameron – we don’t want him out we want one of those other mother f**ers out. he’s good let him know it. Let him feel it.

4:09 am Hisam has Eyes on all key junctions in the house.

5:30 am zzzzz

8:16 am Cirie is up

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I would ?? to see Izzy backdoored this week.


How does someone not know how to pop ice out of an ice cube tray?!?

Watching Red teach Corey, I was like ?!?! Uh…… ok, you’re joking, right? Like, doesn’t know how to do that?!?

Maybe my mind was just as blown for him not knowing, just as much as it was for him to learn how.


Maybe this was planned…. Idk.
But still hilarious…. Cirie and Felicia in bathroom talking……. Freaky Izzy walks in…… feeds cut to all 4 cams of sleeping houseguests.

Hahahahaahaha!!!! Maybe live feeders are complaining about Izzy?


Luke ….. I am so so sorry for what I said. You are NOT a creep and cringy. I was wrong. So very wrong.

You are AWAKE!!!! Wowza !!! Stay in sniper mode for the rest of them!


when clicking on faces on top of page, would be great if it took us to the bio page. thanks


Reilly’s side is going to be kicking themselves because they could have used Kirsten on their side (and got rid of Miss Felicia who is clearly not on their side).

They still have an outside chance of getting Felicia out if they wise up and work hard to secure at least 7 votes (Reilly would then break the tie).

Red and Luke are the swing votes because each side seemingly has 5 for sure votes on their side. Luke seems much more on Cirie’s side than Reilly’s. That could change in the next 3 days though. Reilly’s side would only need 1 of those two to get the tie which seems very possible.

Red is a real wildcard. For all I’ve read I cannot tell where his true loyalty lies. I guess we’ll find out for sure on Thursday because if he creates a tie that seems like a very intentional choice and it is going to cause fireworks! If he wanted to he could just blame it on Luke lol.

While it may take a lot of work to pull off, Reilly and co should really at least attempt this plan. The line is already drawn in the sand so whatever! Reilly is so anti-Kirsten and stressed though so she might just 100% accept Kirsten is a goner and take the next three days to chill and pray her side of the house does win the second HOH even though they will be going into it with a slight numbers disadvantage.

The second week HOH from what I recall is usually a crapshoot competition so anyone can win it in theory.

It will be very interesting especially if Kirsten is still in the house.

un autre nom

Hisam is still convinced Cirie was the back door target this week.
Cam. What is he really doing? Part of me thinks jumping ship. Part of me thinks trying to be the hero. Leaning harder to jump ship.
Did anyone see Jared download to Cirie that Izzy is the target of the Hand? They like to show those downloads on feeds and I didn’t see it. Then how did she know?
Just like how did she know Red might have been getting ready to jump ship? She hadn’t spoken to him since Cirie and Izzy pulled Bowie and Red in to softly interrogate when Luke had that out of nowhere meltdown…
Luke’s weird ass explanation for his meltdown doesn’t fit either. People were coming to him in have not and it spooked him? When did that happen? More like d/r call.
Why DID Red’s convo with Cam at the hot tub get cut as soon as he mentioned Cirie?

Some things are starting to smell off.










2:58 am Jag and Reilly”

Seems as if it didn’t take very long before
Reilly be caught in bed with someone
(instant case: Jag).

I wonder if ‘THAT’ will be part of her
“strategy” in the “game” ?? HUMMM



Going after Kirsten is not strategic. She’s on an island by herself, not good at the game, and terrible at comps. They do this every season.


*Tinfoil Hat Moment* Reilly& Corey are related somehow.

“Reilly brings up asking Corey if he won HOH who would he put up he told her “Backdoor Hisam”
Reilly – If Hisam wins HOH he’s taking Corey out If Izzy wins HOH she’s taking me or Corey out.
Reilly – I feel so bad for him I don’t know why.

IDK why, but that line stuck out I started thinking, why is she going so out of her way for Corey of all people…Idk. I’m probably 100% wrong, but just a thought to share.

The game started w/ the audience knowing that Cirie & Jared were going to be a side, what if they swerve us (the audience) and don’t let us know that similarly on the other side Corey & Reilly have some kind of connection/team.