“There’s a two-headed dragon if not three.. one of those two evils has to leave”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: ?
Nominations: ? and ?
Power of Veto Players: ???????
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: WILDCARD Winner: The winner is safe for the week but in order to be safe they must switch teams.

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8:53 am Tiffany and Sarah Beth
Tiff – you know how you watch BB and you realize there’s a big group and there’s a big bossy group and the not cool people the other side of the house that’s no in it that’s where we are .. The only way for us to really have a chance in this is to get a BIGGER target outta this house. Now, this isn’t my HOH I don’t know how this week is going to go. I don’t think in my head the HOH is on the bigger side either.. even if he thinks he is.
Tiff – today I am … I’m just going to be quiet and outsider. If I’m talking to anybody I’m really just listening I’m not talking
Tiff – I’m not going to be naive and think I am positioned in this house where I am not. It’s important to know where you stand. Ky is in a really good position right now he’s got the power. If he’s able to see where he really stands in this house he has the power to change that. Hopefully, he sees for himself.
Tiff says she’s really not comfortable with “one two three” (Whitney, Fry, Brent)
Tiff – I tried to talk to Christian last night I really like him
SB – me too
Tiff – I just don’t know he knows his position. I have to remember Christian is 22 years old and he comes from a small town with 2 stoplights.
Tiffany isn’t sure Christian has the skill to know when he’s being bamboozled

SB – he’s worried about Frenchie and he knows Frenchie is buddy-buddy with him and it’s fake. He knows he can easily be the target this week because he was the target last week
Tiff – how do you feel about Brent
SB – he’s never talked game to me.. I don’t know what he will do and I don’t trust him
Tiff – There’s a two-headed dragon if not three.. one of those two evils has to leave

Tiffany says when she was up at the chessboard Frenchie came up 3 times. He’s already been throwing out Claires name as a target. She’s going to have to spend time with Frenchie to calm his nerves.
Sb says she would rather Frenchie win the Wildcard over BRent or Whitney
Tiffany doesn’t want any of those three to win “You know who I want to win.. DerekX”
SB – I wonder if he will play? HE won’t want to waste it he knows he’s s target and he probably feels close to KY
Tiff – Out of the three-headed dragon.. that’s what I believe it is NONE..
They chuckle. Claire is now with them.
Tiffany fills XClaire in on her plan to make Frenchie feel comfortable with him “I gotta get him off me I did a bad job last night”
They talk about Frenchie’s paranoia because he got no sleep. He interrupted them lat night three times one time saying he went up there to play chess by himself.

SB – I’m going to stick with Alyssa today and hang out with her
Tiff – Watch for a minute to see if Alyssa hangs out with you
Tiff – if the wrong person goes home this week
Claire – we’re in a bad spot
Tiff – we’re screwed we’re already at the bottom, the outcasts. We ain’t the meat and potatoes of this stew we’re the peas and carrots.

Tiff warns SB about what she says around Alyssa about Fnrehcie they are close.
SB says Alyssa thinks she trusts Frenchie.

Tiff – The three-headed dragon.. one of those heads gotta go
Claire – YUP

9:36 am Frenchie, Bri, and BIGD
They are talking about whether or, not they should play in the wildcard.
Brit – If BRent and DerekX both feel comfortable with KY neither one of them will play
DerekF – Ky is the one I don’t know.. she’s a wildcard.
Frenchie – he told me last night he’s doing the same thing I did and not tell anybody about their nominations (ZOMFG you told everyone)
DF – I would feel more safe if Frenchie won the wildcard comp.
Brit – I think I’m okay with KY.. THINK key word.
Frenchie – I have a HUGE target on my back..
Frenchie says Brit should tell the house she is playing so when he plays at the last minute they won’t see it coming.
Brit wants to play she leaves.
Frenchie – I don’t trust none of them.
DF agrees “nop matter what Ky is going to have to put someone up from our team”
Frenchie – on our team?
DF – he doesn’t have a lot of options. Think about it three of our alliance members are on that side. Hannah, Sarah Beth, Azah.
Frenchie – he’s not putting up Hannah and Sarah Beth
Xavier joins them.
DF – I feel like he doesn’t have a lot to pick from..
DF says it’ll be a person from their team and Whitney’s team “He won’t put up DerekX”

Frenchie – I might let Britini play then (let her play?)
X – otherwise she’s going up?
Frenchie – if Alyssa and Whitney play

10:05 am Tiffany, Frenchie, Claire and DerekX
Claire and DerekX are having a conversation about random stuff. Frenchie is whispering to Tiffany
Very hard to hear what Frenchie says
Frenchie – no one in this house is a target. I’m the biggest target
Frenchie – I ain’t going to go down easy..
Tiffany – I think he likes you I think he trusts you

10:22 am Sb and Christian
SB saying that “She” (Tiffany?) thinks that there is a majority alliance already
Christian and I’m the target
SB – She’s worried that you might be in the majority alliance but at the bottom of the totem pole and don’t realize it
SB – she’s convinced there’s a big alliance She doesn’t have any proof at least that she told me.
Christian – should I come to her?
SB – it benefits you to have her trust you if you wanted to touch base with her today
Sb tells him she wants to play in the Wildcard.

10:25 am Christian, Alyssa, Xavier and Brent
Talking about how is going to play in the Wildcard. Tells them Sb wants to play in the wildcard.

10:30 am Frenchie and DX
Frenchie – everyone was trying to set you up this week for a slam dunk
Frenchie – this is me telling you I don’t care if you’re close to KY or not I fell like you are going home this week. I don’t think you will I’m just telling you this between the two of us because I have been nothing but honest with you this entire time.
Frenchie – if there’s one thing you taught me all last week is you’re loyal as hell. I always want to make sure I give you that respect.. I’ve been nothing but real with you.
DC – you helped me out a lot too
Frenchie – keep your eyes open and your mouth closed.. the people you think are close to you are not.
Frenchie – If you tell people that or try to find out about it it’ll cause a whole lotta drama (loL)
DX – this week I’m laying low
Frenchie – I’m trying to sway it this way.. I have no sway I’m the biggest target this week. I’m trying to sway it
DX – away from you or both of us
Frenchie – both of us I wouldn’t be telling you what I’m telling you. I’m telling you this because we’ve built that respect.
DX – is there a certain Direction I should be looking at.
Frenchie – make sure the people you think are the furthest from fro you have your best interest in mind the people you think are the closest don’t
Frenchie – I’ve never told you anything that is completely wrong. this is just me being real with you I can’t stand the fake sh1t in the house.

10:35 am Tiffany and Claire
Tiffany talking to the camera – there’s a three-headed monster in this house.
Kyland comes in all 4 feeds flip to show downstairs.

10:37 am Feeds cut to pound kittens
1:17pm Feeds down yo
2:15 pm FEEDS NO!

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Frenchie says Brit should tell the house she is playing so when he plays at the last minute they won’t see it coming.”


Frenchie is that car accident / train wreck that I just can’t stop watching.


I’m with you, San_Diego_gal. What is it about Frenchie that keeps us so entertained? He sucks at playing BB and yet I need to cringe and watch him at the same time. Maybe he has what the French (no pun) call “je ne sais quoi.”


He is a super fan with notebooks and everything, though! How can he have missed a simple fact that the more you talk the more they can figure out. You shouldn’t be in the house talking about what’s going on as if you’re just watching the show.


Agreed! If Frenchie is not sleeping he could be getting extra paranoid. How can he get worse?I think if he goes up, he could spin right out…now that would be must watch t.v.”A mind is a terrible thing to waste…”.


Meanwhile he’s told Hannah & Christian in the SR “I’m WINNING the WC comp so everyone can just forget about playing” & then they told others so pretty much the whole house knows he’s playing in it.

Will someone from Slaughterhouse or Butcher’s alliance point out to Ky how weird it is that Fry feels HE HAS to play/win & why doesn’t he feel safe enough to relax this week? … BECAUSE he’s worried Ky will learn the crap Fry spouted about him & all the drama he caused.


Hi y’all, it’s been a year already and I’m happy there’s a new BB season to watch alongside you. I – again – won’t be able to watch the feeds coz I’m working crazy hours, but getting closer to my goal of buying myself a new home. Yes!

Still I wanted to comment this first week of BB 23: What the Frenchie?

I mean… I LOLed so hard watching episode #2 when Frenchie declared that his HOH was a success. LOL! I mean… when even Julie comments on the fact you promised safety to the whole house, I guess the last thing you can consider yourself is a successful BB player. What a mess. I don’t remember watching such clumsy gameplay on a first week of BB.

By just watching the show on TV I don’t really have a sense of who’s cool and who’s a frenchieing j*rk, so I’m gonna have to rely on you guys to tell me what I’m missing already.

As always, let’s support Simon and Dawg! Click on ads!

Oh, btw, was this year’s BB Canada good? I missed it last year – I mean, I watched the first week but when that dude just quit, I realized the mess that whole thing was gonna be and just gave up on it right away, but I was somewhat curious about it this year but didn’t find the strength to follow it. BB Can sometimes feels like a chore to me with that house full of 20 somethings. Let me know what you thought… without spoilers, please. I may decide to catch it on streaming later on.



the last BBCan was amazing they made BB history by coming up with a new move called the “Trapdoor” So now we have the Backdoor and the Trapdoor!

MDW-Gilbert AZ

Frenchie might Let Britini play in the Wild Card Competition???? He is at full of himself. He thinks he’s playing such a great game, he’s Not !!! The man cannot SHUT UP, he wonders around trying to listen in on people’s conversations, and he gets caught, they are onto him.

I like Kyland, but I don’t think he’s brave enough to put Frenchie on the block, or back door him. I’d put him on the block, that’s exactly what Frenchie did to him, tell him he’s a pawn. Does Kyland know that he pissed Frenchie off when he felt that Kyland had disrespected him by saying to Frenchie, that he told Kyland he would not be on the block, and then Kyland was put on the block ???

Does Kyland know that pissed Frenchie off, and then Frenchie once again changed his target, and wanted to get Kyland evicted ? Even if Kyland knows this, I just don’t feel Kyland has it within him to put Frenchie up, but if he doesn’t, whoever wins HOH next week, watch Frenchie try to get Kyland, Xavier, DerekX or even Christian evicted.

Frenchie really annoys me with thinking he’s such a great player. And he is so smart. I just want to see Frenchie go crazy, I can’t wait until he see’s everyone does not really think he’s so great, nor very smart, he needs to Shut Up !!!!


Yes Ky knows b/c Fry told Derek X how disrespected he felt Ky had the audacity to ask why he wanted to change the POV to take down Ally & when Fry said “you’ll be 100% safe – I control all the votes” Ky responded “just like I was 100% not going up on the block?”

It’s so ridiculous how Fry is able to spin these yarns about morality – keeping his word, protecting people etc. The fact he couldn’t even fathom why Ky should be far more offended by what Fry did to him is the amusing part – – Fry could double-cross him – not give him a heads up & lie & that should all be hunky dory but for Ky to highlight Fry’s actions was way out of line. (I mean I can’t lol)

Anyway – he also told DX he was angry b/c “you know the one thing I won’t tolerate is being disrespected” & also said Ky tried to start a F2 with him (Fry). DX relayed back the story & Ky said “that’s bullsh*t” (that he begged Fry for a F2). The truth is prob somewhere in the middle – Fry prob asked him to be in a F2 – I mean he has one with Brent, Big D, Tiff, Whit, Christian, X, etc… so I’m sure he also asked Ky.


Btw – Whitney & Brent VOLUNTEERED for their group to be have nots to suck up to Ky but did it without consulting Hannah or Derek X (hence why Hannah was pissed last night).


I am assuming that the competition is going on right now?


My best case scenario if both Fry & Brent play in WC comp would be the third person winning (SB wants to play for Kings). Although if Brent played & won I could envision him turning down the safety b/c of not wanting to change teams.

Doubt SB would change teams – but my guess would be Whit or Fry would both switch for the safety.

We don’t even know who is playing out of Brent, DX & Whitney — I can’t imagine Ky would take out DX so I’d hold off this week if I were him besides Brent/Whit will prob push to play out of fear.

I wonder if the win is accepted whether the team they join has to send someone to the other team, if they pick what team to join or would they spin the wheel to decide which team they join?



That’s what I was thinking


OMG—- I’m seeing on social media SB beat both Frenchie & Brent (YESSSSS!!!) and turned down safety.

It’s also saying she would’ve had to replace either Tiffany or Claire (meaning they would lose safety) but she declined.

Brent/Fry are complaining saying all these game twists are messed up – unfair (guess they expected it to be winner & others safe again) – bwahhh.

EVERYONE needs to ask Ky why Brent/Fry felt the need to play!

Frenchie apparently got mad at Whitney (and she threw him UTB in her 1 on 1 with Ky).

SB told her Kings group that Frenchie exposed the big alliance they all were in (which of course they all denied LOL) & she told Ky that Frenchie outed the alliance.

Seems like Frenchie is getting hit hard by everyone now that no one is safe & Ky is getting a ton of info from everyone. Even Whit/Ally have taken a shot at him.

Meanwhile Fry is imploding b/c he’s not safe. SB also implied that Fry is mad at her for not throwing him the comp but everyone watched it so she said I couldn’t throw it (insert evil grin b/c she had no intention of throwing it).

Both Alyssa & Hannah exposed the all-girls alliance – Ally said she was offended she & Whit weren’t included whereas Hannah dropped the truth – that Frenchie was the one who approached them to create the alliance & she wasn’t about being in an all-girls thing that a man created (LOVE HER lol) & told him she preferred The Cookout alliance.

Ally is proving to be someone you can’t share information with – she just drops intel adding the spin she needs. Like the French Kisses – she makes it seem like it’s all the other girls who created it to put a target on the females except her & Whit (little does she know SB told him already & now Hannah confirmed Fry was the one who tried to create it). I’ll give her credit she’s in the middle of X & Christian & has Brent vying for her attention plus flirts with Ky & is tight with Whit & essentially looks at SB as someone to help her but isn’t willing to protect her or share intel with her (like denying being part of the Slaughterhouse).