“Go Sarah Beth, Go Sarah Beth, Go Sarah Beth”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take it nobody safe)
Nominations: ? and ?
Power of Veto Players: ???????
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: WILDCARD Winner: The winner is safe for the week but in order to be safe they must switch teams.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Sarah Beth beat Frenchie the clown and Brent in the wildcard but decided not to use it. I’m pretty sure Kyland is nominating Britni and Frenchie.

2:52 pm Tiffany and Brinti
Britini – Sarah Beth Killed this comp she was amazing
Brit adds that she would have done the same thing as SB did and not taken it.
Tiffany says Sarah Beth likes her team she gets it she wouldn’t want to join a team of 3.
Brit – Nothing changed America nothing changed which means everybody can still go up less of a chance I am going up.. I hope

2:55 pm Claire, Sarah Beth and Tiffany
Tiffany – You rocked it girl you rocked it
They celebrate “Go Sarah Beth Go Sarah Beth”
Claire – when people saw the comp they were like Sarah Beth is going to win this.
Tiffany – I’m so glad they can’t play again it was so worth it whatever you want from me.. you took one from the team.
Sounds like they would switch out players. Sarah Beth says she didn’t want to switch out with Claire.
They comment on how “peeved” Frenchie was.
SB – he wanted me to throw it he was like ‘if I don’t win it I’m going home’
Sb – I asked him do you want me to throw it and he said I would never ask you to do that

Tiff – I hope he goes on the block and other people are hoping for that too and maybe Ky isn’t comfortable putting Frenchie on the block that’s OKay there’s three evils running this hose if two are on the block I’m fine with that.


3:18 pm the one on ones begin he’s allocated 5 minutes per person. If someone takes longer the next person will lose time.
Sarah Beth is first, He says after noms they’ll celebrate her win
SB – I have to tell you 2 things Frenchie told me about your alliance.. He didn’t say all the names he basically said everybody that wasn’t in it he said it’s half the house. I asked him if it’s anyone from French kisses he said no which basically means it’s all of you so I was able to figure it out. He told me it was the NON people in the girl’s alliance which means the rest of you which means all of you he blew up that alliance to me..
SB says her team admitted they were in it. “I told them I won’t tell you so you don’t know about it”
SB – he’s walking around like he’s going home. he whispered in my ears after I won he said ‘I know I’m going home but I want you to win’
Sb – Why is he sure he’s going home.
SB – I respect your decision whatever you want to do
SB leaves..

3:22 pm Whitney is next
Whitney says she’s really upset with Frenchie he came into a room “Hot” and told her he’s done with their alliance. She was in teh room with BIGD, Hannah, Britini, and SB.
Ky asks if a person like that is a benefit or hinderous to the alliance.
Whitney says Frenchie doesn’t helps their Alliance

3:27 pm Alyssa and Frenchie
Alyssa – Here’s what I know I
Alyssa says Frenchie told Christian that there will be two rogue votes “Frenchie pulled me in and said I don’t want to tell you . he said it was BIGD and someone that wanted to stay anonymous
Ky – how do you feel about the alliance outside the person that may have blown up today (Frenchie)
Alyssa – good
Ky – do you feel that person will be a determeant or benefit to the team
Alyssa – I think he is already making a problem
Alyssa points out that Frenchie told everybody in the room he was out of this alliance which could have blown them all up.
Alyssa says she trust everyone but “that one person” (Frenchie)

3:32 pm DerekX and Kyland
DX – you trust Frenchie
Kyland won’t answer questions “Do you trust Frenchie”
DX – I’m not sure..
DX – where do you think those two stray votes were cast to Travis to frame you and me
Kyland thinks that’s a possibility
Dx – I’m hearing stirring of a ‘A’ word-forming and I don’t think we’re in if you look at who hangs out with who. If we think of these two stray votes who are playing that hard to think that strategically I can only think of one person.

Kyland – I’m not telling people they are good.. I hope you have a good day and I think you will
DX – there’s any chance I’ll have more time with you later
Kyland says probably not.

3:36 pm Christian and Kyland
Christian – DerekF was one of the votes BIGD
Christian thinks those two votes were thrown out to frame you and little D
Ky – how do you feel about the other 7 in the slaughterhouse other than the person that freaked out today
Ky – do you have any other alliances you were approached with?
Christian – Slaughterhouse I don’t feel okay about because Frenchie’s off the wall

Christian says if he didn’t win HOH the noms would be Kyland and DerekX
Ky – if there was a mastermind do you think it would make more sense to allow them to play for the veto or not?
Christian – let them play
Ky – I agree.. DAMIT that was my first slip up all-day

3:50 pm Xavier and Kyland
Kyland asks if it will be a determeant to have “him” (frenchie) here
Ky – I think it’ll be a determeant that’s what I’m telling you
Xavier – yes, If he tries to come at you I got our back we know there’s 5 that come before you so if he tries to come at you.
Kyland – for my own sake I think I’m going to do Him and Britini
Kyland – Aww f*** it has to be nobody knows.. F*** goddammit why did I do that

3:52 pm Kyland and Brent
Brent – you’re doing a fantastic job the first HOH was a shitshow.. (YUP)
Kyland asks if the slaughterhouse can survive if it lost a member. Brent thinks it can.
Brent tells him Britini is the head of another alliance and they approached Frenchie with it.

4:08 pm Claire and Ky
Ky – what are you feeling
Claire – I feel you know this house..
Claire – there are some clear duos
Claire – Frenchie has a collection of people around him that are willing to throw him under the bus

Claire explains how she saw Frenchie talk to Ky then talk to Brent and Whitney. She saw Christian and Alyssa race up to the HOH to talk to Ky.
Claire – I saw Whitney grab Frenchie and say you and me need to talk
Claire says she saw Whitney, Christian, Alyssa, and Brent in the backroom talk talk talk talk talk
Claire – people were scrambling today

4:14 pm Tiffany and Ky
Tiff – how are you
Ky – I tink i’m doing welll
Tiff – I love the way you are conducting your HOH
Ky – thank you

Tiff asks if he’s identified the power in the house, has he identified his position in this house and where is he positioned with the power and can he shift it to his advantage.
Tiff – if there are people in this house he doesn’t trust does it benefit him to keep them in this game
Tiff – I don’t know your relationship with Frenchie ….
Tiff – he is very powerful and he could be dangerous in the long run

Tiffany says the two people that cast those rogue votes are brent and Whitney “Brent, Frenchie and Whitney is the three-headed monster in this house”
Tiff – If I was in your shoes I would keep Frenchie comfortable because he was sweating in his boxers he’s been having fake asthma attacks he’s been running around here like he can’t breathe.. Just calm his reflexes cause he’s expecting to be on the block. I would take out his two knights
Tiff – Brent is the most dangerous person cause he controls Whitney and Frenchie.
Tiff says if one of them uses the veto then put Frenchie up.

Ky “slips up” again says there are three people and he can only get one out this week.

4:30 pm Feeds cut for what I suspect is Noms. Kyland said it’ll probably be Britini and Frenchie

6:20pm Still blocked…

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Hopeful for a Good Season

Oh Frenchie!


Frenchie must have touched his hat after getting all that blood on his hands last night!!


Video of room not on but audio still playing. Odd


Remind me. What does Kyland do for a living? I am impressed with how he is doing the meetings with the other houseguests


The use of the clock to circumvent letting people make guesses as to who he’s working with right now is very nice. Plus the fact that he’s done a good job of getting information without seeming to push too hard for it, leads me to think Kyland will have a decent HoH.


F**k yes at Sarah Beth beating two ‘alpha males’….

She and Kyland are an amazing duo and I really love them together.

Now I hope they can secure Glue Clown or Brent’s eviction.

P.S: Yikes is the perfect word for any picture of Glue Clown. Don’t sniff glue and or shoot meth people. Lord Jesus he looks 48 when he is only 34…… O_O


Let the Frenchie meltdown begin. I’m here for it.

Simon & Dawg – In honor of this season being more interesting in one week than all of BB21 & BB22 combined, I just sent you a tip.


These one on ones are GLORIOUS — Ky makes it seem like he’s inadvertently slipping up with information but he’s so smooth I feel like he’s purposely doing it to trap people.

Like with Brent asking him SEVERAL TIMES if anything dramatic happened with the alliance (Slaughterhouse) & he kept saying no until Ky said -“I spoke with Whitney already” & then Brent spilled. Side note: apparently when Fry went at Whit he said (in front of everyone) F the Slaughterhouse – it’s done! Several people have delivered the same play back & SB, Hannah were in the room (so it exposed the alliance).

Brent also got caught in a HUGE lie trying to pin the other (French Kisses) alliance on Britini forming it which Ky knows is bullshit b/c both SB & Hannah have already told him about it. Brent better be careful b/c he WAS going to be safe but he keeps digging holes.

Ky is suggesting he’ll put up Fry/Brit but I’m hoping he speaks to Tiff/Claire/SB before he does noms & they talk him into Brent so he won’t save Fry & one stays OTB.

Derek X NEEDS to tell Ky how Brent said he could never trust Ky again to cement that.

The Beef

Can someone tell me what has Britini done that makes her one of Ky’s targets this week? As far as I know, that girl hasn’t done anything that would merit going up on the block, and I know nominees are limited by teammates and all of that, but still, what has she done? At least Whitney is very close to Frenchie, as is Brent, Allysa, Christian, and none of them are in The Cookout alliance either. I’m just a bit fearful of the GC winning veto, and Ky having a brain fart and putting up the wrong replacement nominee.


From what I can tell, Britini denied knowledge of Frenchie alliances and didn’t throw any shade at Frenchie. My take is that Kyland sees Britini as someone who would save her teammate if she won the veto and she was not on the block.


Slaugherhouse folding like a cheap suit


Feeds went down so I assume the nominations are coming. Seems like Tiffany and Ky aren’t totally on the same page with regards to who needs to go first. I think she wants Brent out first. She talked like there were two sides of the house but from what I can tell, it’s more several loose coalitions with similar early targets in Frenchie and not Frenchie. I love the fact there are competing sides with actual mental capacity on both sides.


I think Kyland will have him on the block but I’m not sure who else. Maybe Brent…I’m not sure. It may be someone else if he really wants Frenchie out he may pick someone more likely to stay as the other nom. Brent might get voted out over Frenchie. It’s going to be a good week though.


If Kyland nominates Britini his HOH has a chance at being a total DUD.

Like Tiffany said, if one of the three headed monster doesn’t leave this week then what did you accomplish?

Brent, Glue Clown, or Whitney in that order need to be evicted this week.

If Britini/Glue Clown are up and Brent or one of his other allies wins Veto then they will save Glue Clown… If Brent doesn’t win then fine he goes up in Glue Clown’s place but if he wins then the top two targets are safe.

If Brent does win Veto and takes down the meth user then Whitney should be the replacement nominee. Whitney vs Britini would be a VERY close vote and it could end with Britini leaving which again is horrible because she could be a number to go against Glue Clown/Brent.

I pray that Tiffany/Claire/Derek X/Sarah Beth can convince Kyland to not nominate Britini. Because if any two of those three are put up one will for sure go.

Why risk it?

The Beef

I couldn’t agree with you more. I just don’t see why Brit is going up anyway, unless Ky sees her as a “safe” nominee against Frenchie, but those kind of nominees have a way of blowing up in your face. Why not put up your two biggest targets and if one of them comes down, put up #3 in their place? Yeah, #3 could win veto and take down either #1 or #2, but THAT’s when you consider putting up either #4 or a safe alternative to stay, versus in the initial nominations. Yeah, it’s all strategy and opinion as to how to do it best I guess, but in this case he’s running the risk of pissing off some good potential allies for future game play, while at the same time, risking losing a chance at getting rid of the guy everyone truly wants gone from the game!


Yeah I’m so annoyed with him for that and I don’t even like Britini that much.

MDW-Gilbert AZ

I was wrong in my previous post. Kyland does have what it takes to put Frenchie up on the block. I am 100% impressed with Kyland, he seems like a great guy, not getting a big head because he’s the HOH, and he is actually letting others talk when they meet, not like the Glue Clown Frenchie, who did all the talking and wanted to be treated like royalty.

I love that SB, won the Wild Card, and her and Ky are good working together. Also love the fact that Glue Clown and his pal Brent blew it by playing in the Wild Card comp, they can’t play again. Absolutely LOVE it!!! Go Ky and SB, hope they both go far in this game.

So glad Glue Clown is freaking out, and people are seeing what a jerk he is. He said he was so smart, and he knows the game, he needs to burn all of his notes he has in his notebook. Wait until he’s home, watches this show, because you know he wants to see himself on TV, he’s going to see just how crazy, flaky, wishy washy and annoying, down right crazy he looked to all of the viewers. Frenchie does not know how to play this game !

Frenchie is showing he is a big baby when he’s not the one with the power, I can’t wait to see him running around begging for votes, even Whitney seems like she is dumping him.
I’d quote one of his little country sayings that he was spewing at his previous nomination ceremony, and then walk away. Tell him enjoy being back home with his family.