“He got his strong players he’s got BIGD, BRent he got X, he got Ky. The president ain’t even that protected”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: ?
Nominations: ? and ?
Power of Veto Players: ???????
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: WILDCARD Winner: The winner is safe for the week but in order to be safe they must switch teams.

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1:00 am Kyland, Tiff, and Claire
Tiffany – they already started.. all I’m telling you is don’t promise things
she points out promises made to him last week weren’t upheld
feeds cut when we’re back
Kyland – relax stay calm and listen use my voice to my advantage
Kyland says he’s not telling anyone in the house they are good.
Kyland – I want to be chill I want to be listening
Kyland – I feel good with everybody in the house. Tomorrow my plan is to do you two or Frenchie first for a 20-minute block then I’ll do one on one after I do you guys and Frenchie
Kyland – I want a chance to talk to everybody and that’s the plan. Let people talk I have very few questions. Maybe 5 minutes or 2 minutes per person.. I can’t make a decision until wildcard comes cause Wildcard blocks out, 4 people.
Tiffany – it can.. we’ll that was the game last week
Kyland _ I know what it’s like to be told you won’t get put up then you get to put up so I don’t want to put someone else into that situation. It’s good for you two
Tiffany says she’s happy for Kyland, “Remember this is a game and you will have to make moves that will hurt someone’s game and their feelings. Everyone has to remember this is a game and it’s not best friends this is the game of Big Brother and this is how it’s played”
Tiff – it’s always fair game to go after someone that went after you (hint hint)
Tiff – it’s always fair to break a deal and it’s always fair to go back on your word there’s no rules to this sh1t
Tiff – there’s a power in this house and it’s not us. They have people that tried to make people feel like they are included.
Kyland knows there are groups inside groups with cross groups “it’s the game”
Tiffany had mentioned that Derek is on an island he doesn’t have anyone
Tiff – you know you got me and Claire, DerekX, Sarah Beth, you and if we get one more person whoever the hell that is .. you can go with Azah she’ll do whatever you said..
Tiff adds she doesn’t trust anybody else I will throw their a$$ on the block. “I wish I was HOH right now I swear on my son if I had HOH I wish I could put up four people and I would never look back. This is a game and they’re playing the sh1t outta it and they are playing the sh1t outta us”
Tiff – think about it you got a strong seven for real and you got the votes to do whatever you want to do
Tiff – X, me, Claire and Sarah Beth are for sure
Tiff – what do you think of BIGD what about BIGD
Kyland says he hasn’t talked a whole lot lately. says he had a bunch of meetings with Frenchie and BigD. Mentions last week all the other people he had meetings with would tell him their thoughts about Frenchie except for BigD
Tiffany says Frenchie isn’t in a position to give advice for an HOH “I would start brand new”
Kyland – I just have some questions.. I get you though
Tiffany – Whatever he tells you do the opposite I am happy for you to play this game
Tiffany – this is your HOH, not first HOH part two Ky’s HOH

1:25 am Kyland Alone in the HOH
He wishes he had more pictures of his family. Doesn’t think people will believe he has 6 sisters.
He thanks production for the pictures and the snacks.
Kyland – first thing I am meeting with Frenchie or the girls the queens. The second thing one on ones with those three.. so 50 minutes.
Kyland – 30 minutes with Frenchie I’m sure he has a lot to say, 30 minutes with the girls, and then 10 minutes for each one on one. Nobody needs to ask I will just do one on ones with everybody

1:55 am Frenchie and Azah (DerekF is sleeping)
Talking about voting with the house and the 11-2 vote.
Azah says it’s not a big deal at this point
Frenchie – the people in here they have this groupthink
Azah – that’s what always happens in this house. There are enough strong personalities to snuff it out
Azah points out the person that had been in an alliance with Travis is now HO so if people start sniffing around for the rogue votes it might put undue attention on them.
Fry – I’m going to keep my head outta that sh1t
Fry – all last week I had enough respect to talk to people. I’m just not doing that anymore. Going to mind my damn business. That’s all I can do at this point and focus on these comps.
Fry – this groupthink bullshit is dumb I don’t even know why I’m getting dragged into it.
Fry – and now Tiffany is pissed.. He’s pissed.. all because two people are stirring the f**Ing pot.
Fry – people are like just relax you aren’t on anybody’s radar.. I know better than that
Azah – just chill and don’t bring up about being a pawn again.. please just chill and mind your business
Fry – going to start staying quiet
Azah says things can change in this game look at DerekX
Fry – you are going to last a long time
Fry says he say a lot of fake people when he was upstairs “It was honestly disgusting”
Fry – somebody in here is playing a hell of a game.. I am trying to keep up
Fry – they are flipping a lot of people and “m trying to keep up with it and figure it out. I have noticed if I try to keep up with it and I get right there figuring it out it gets flipped don me. It’ slike they are always one step ahead like they know I am right about to figure it out
Azah – who do yo thin kit is
Fry – for a little bit I thought it was Christian but now I don’t know
Azah – Christian is smart but it’s not him
Fry – who? I am pretty smart and I can’t keep up
Fry – could it be Xavier?
Azah – I don’t think it’s him he’s like me he just chills

2:06 am feeds flip to Tiffany and Claire who are up in the chess room deconstructing Frenchie’s game on the chessboard (Very hard to hear Claire at times)
Tiffany – who told her? Frenchie
Claire – f** Frenchie
Claire – he has to go
Tiffany – he got his strong players he’s got BIGD, BRent he got X, he got Ky. that doesn’t even include Christian The president ain’t even that protected
Tiffany – the president don’t got that much protection. So let’s add in Christian and DerekX cause he got DerekX to use the veto.
Tiffany says if Alyssa brings up the girls through the rogue it would divide the girls and have them going after each other.
Tiffany – so the buys look like they haven’t done anything.
Tiffany says they will end up on the block together, “If she’s with them (Whitney) there’s only three really strong women in this house that have the power of persuasion, You, me, and Whitney”
Tiff – Whitney locked herself in we’re on the outside
Claire – we have to get him out
Tiff – even DerekX won’t say Frenchie he says Brent.. and I get it he’s the backbone but even if you take Brent out he still is going to run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off tainting everything
Claire – if we can’t go BRent goes whatever

Tiffany says there are people inside Frenchie’s group that are looking at each other as targets but they being outside are expendable first
Tiff – Ky has to realize who is his biggest threat. He can’t be scared to put Frenchie on the block this is a game
They agree Sarrah Beth needs to play in the wildcard.
Tiffany – even if she thinks she’s safe she’s on the bottom of this totem pole they might be able to convince him to put her up.
They think maybe Brit will go up.
Tiff – I am so glad we cannot go up this week we were the f***ing targets
Claire – I know, We need to split it up

Tiffany counts their side they have the two of them, Sarah Beth, Azah, Brit “we have some protection”
Tiffany thinks she can get Hannah ‘She doesn’t trust nothin and she came here to play”
Tiffany – you know who we need? DerekX
Tiff – Ky has an alliance with somebody else and we’re not in it, we need to bring this together and put DerekX in the middle

2:18 am DerekX joins them “we’re running scenarios”
DerekX – this is the worst game of chess I’ve seen.
DX – I think you guys will have the numbers to do whatever you want. I do think so

DX says every guy is going to tell Kyland to take out a girl they have to be careful about making a team.
They laugh at the way the girls have set up the chessboard. DerekX clues in he’s the guy in the centre of all the girl pieces. points out he figured it out because the pieces used to represent him was small. “hey why are all these other guys so big.. is that me?”
DX says Frenchie is already getting paranoid. They go through the pieces DX agrees with Whitney, Brent, Frenchie being in the big alliance. Isn’t sure about X. “those three are tight”
DX doesn’t think Christian is tight with that three.
DerekX – X is closer to him Frenchie but I think Frenchie is scared of X. He’s told me multiple times that X will win this game.

DX says Whitney, Brent and Frenchie are solid and Alyssa is working her way in.
DX – I think Alyssa and Christian and Alyssa and X, She’s done well to position herself in the middle.
Dx thinks Kyland is closer to the tiffany side than the Frenchie side.
Tiffany – where are you
DX – I want Frenchie to think ..
Tiff – not what you want them to think where do you think they have YOU strategically
DX says they think they’ve picked him and Kyland up, “The thing that is different is they think Kyland is closer to the girls and I’ve tried to position myself closer to Frenchie I am trying to position myself more with Frenchie”
DX – there was a reason I trusted Kyland more than Travis

DX – where did you put Britini in there..
Tiff – in the middle
Dx – I think this is Britini and she can make or break this entire thing
DX – this week we don’t need Britini to cast out the other side and if we cast out the other side we don’t need Britini at all.
DX – it’s 6 to win so Ky can’t vote.. this is your six right here we don’t need Britini
Tiff – Britini is a little scared we need her more scared of them..
Tiff brings up how Britini was worried about the rumours of her starting the gurls alliance. She told Britini to pay it no attention maybe now she needs to change that and tell Britini to worry.

DX – I do think Paranoia is good

They talk about Kyland putting Whitney and Alyssa on the block
Tiffany says Frenchie’s group is set up to win competitions. DX agrees says Christian, Z, Frenchie are all comp beasts. He doesn’t think Whitney is that strong though.
DX – I don’t know about BIGD (being a comp beast)
DX mentions Hannah saying to him she doesn’t like how Brent thinks he’s running the house
DX says Frenchie, Christian, Brent, X, will all be saying to Kyland to take out a girl this week.
Tiffany – you talk to Ky, he’s a man and you are a man he might take it differently coming from you than me. Somehow you need to get him to see this..
Tiffany – Ky thinks he’s here but he needs to recognize that Trio.. he needs to see that trio (See image)

DX – so they have nobody from your team
Tiffany – cause they are trying to tear our team up
DX says they have to be careful because if this plan leaks to the other side.
He warns them about Alyssa.
DX – Frenchie has told me multiple times he wants to keep Alyssa because she tells him everything what the girls are saying

DX – I don’t want SB to tell.. if her and Alyssa are on the same team. be careful around SB
DX – I can work on Ky

DX starts to ranks where everyone on the other side sits on the totem pole.
Frenchie -> Brent – Whitney -> Xavier -> Alyssa -> BIGD -> Christian
DX – Christian is the weakest link.
DX talks about never talking game to Christian but then the last day he came up to him.
Tiffany mentions that Alyssa told her she was on the block because DerekX started a rumour her and Christian were in a showmance.
Tiff – I wouldn’t believe what Christian is saying to you he’s trying to cover his a$$ in case you won HOH
DX – Christian is like me he’s between two people
Tiff points out they can’t keep doing this they are expendable
DX says Alyssa is getting close to the other side
Tiff – I don’t want her she is tanked it already

DX thinks if Frenchie wins HOH again he could take out X.
Tiff – IF Fnrechie won HOH he’s coming after Claire and probably me he’s been throwing her name out there bad. I think 2 votes was supposed to be 3 and for sure know me and Claire were to be tied to it.
Tiff – maybe you were the third or Ky was the third
DX mentions Frenchie telling him he wants Tiffany in the game for a long time
TIFF – I don’t give a F*** what he is saying. You’re going to tell me you believe this what this man said? he went back on his his every word
DX – I know
Tiff – even if that’s what he said and that is what he means it’s still bad for my game.
DX – I agree

Claire – he is coming after me he’s turning the guys against me
DX goes over how strong this new team is in competitions. Hannah/Kyland have memory, DX is Puzzles, Claire/DX are endurance.

They don’t know where SB is strong.
Tiff – I do know she is with us she is not with them.
Tiff says maybe they can get Brit to confront Frenchie
DX – that will mean Frenchie puts more pressure on a girl

2:46 am Frenchie rolls by (Looking for glue?)
DX – Brent has told me he will never trust Kyland again..
DX – who would you want out of these two
Tiff – I want Frenchie gone.. He got Brent, X, Whitney, BIGD, let’s just say that’s it.. He thinks he got KY he thinks he has me, he thinks he has you, he thinks he has Christian. Look how protected he is he’s the most protected person in this house.
DX – Brent will say the same thing
Tiffany goes over how many more people Frenchie has than Brent.
DX changes his stance on BRent says it’s better for BRent to stay this week he’s on DX’s team.
DX – if I laid this out for Kyland will he tell anyone?

2:54 am Feeds flip to Kyland talking to the camera saying hi to family and friends..

3:04 am Claire, Tiffany and DX
Tiffany – Derek I’m not going against you. You are smart and I told you since day one I told you I don’t care you don’t know this game you have the ability to think things through. I knew that.
Tiff – we need you and you need Ky to be with you more than them
DX says that is why he kept Ky he knew he was going to have to team up with the girls.
DX – the night before I had to do my Veto nominations a lot of sh1t blew up and Frenchie was pressuring me pretty hard to use it on Alyssa
Tiff points out he needs to let Ky know that
DX – It was me, Ky, X, Christian, Travis and Frenchie. 5 minutes prior Ky, Brent and Frenchie were in the room and Frenchie has mentioned the scenario of using the veto on Alyssa and Ky was like ‘what do you mean where did that come from?’
DX – Ky kinda snapped and Frenchie HATED that like he did not like that he felt like he was disrespected you know with Frenchie that’s the biggest thing.
Dx – Frenchie told me to be very careful around Kyland I don’t think you can trust Kyland. He said Kyland was trying to form a final 2 with Frenchie.
Dx – I asked Kyland this and he said it’s complete bullsh1t
DX – I don’t think it’s complete bullsh1t though
Tiff – he was kinda tight with them for a minute
Tiff – you can’t trust Frenchie, Frenchie doesn’t care about anyone else other than Frenchie
Tiff – you need to talk to Ky. If you talk to him too soon he’ll ask Frenchie about it and Frenchie will be able to manipulate him so those thoughts and game you gave him will go outta his head you need to let them give him everything first.
Tiff – you need to let them go to Frenchie first then you get behind them and lien that sh1t up for him.
Tiff – Frenchie creates a spider web..
Tiff says Frenchie is like a fisherman catching people
Tiff says her momma always told her a fish is only caught when it has its mouth open.
Tiff – Close your f**ing mouth open your ears.. don’t open your mouth in front of no f***ing fisherman.

Tiffany says his conversation with Kyland will be like a chess move he’s going to have to “checkmate” him. They are not trying to run his HOH. this move is best for him.

DerekX going back to what he said earlier the reason he kept Kyland safe with the veto was because he knew Kyland had better social standing with the girls and he needed to work with the girls. If he had known they were already wanting to work with him he might have kept Travis.
DerekX was closer to Travis.

Tiffany says she feels comfortable about Chsirtian personally but she thinks he’s playing both sides of the house.
Tiffany says Christian is dangerous cause he’s young and comes from a small town and doesn’t have a lot of experience. Frenchie is dangerous because he’s older and has a lot of life experience

Derekx – Did Travis tell you guys he was going to blow up Frenchie’s game on his way out
Tiffany says she wishes he had. “I would be like If I was you guys I wouldn’t trust Fnrechie..”
Tiffany – we all shouldn’t be now. I don’t know what idiot in this house thinks differently
Tiffany says Frenchie had people throw out those votes to pin on her and Claire.
Derek wonders who Frenchie convinced to throw a vote to Travis
Tiff – Whitney and Brent
Tiff – if he doesn’t want to put Frenchie up put BRent and Whintey
DerekX – I think Brent is more charismatic
DX – if Brent leaves
Claire – X will take his palce
DX – Frenchie will be super paranoid

3:26 am they head to bed.

5:00 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

8:50 am houseguests waking up.. Here we go should be a busy day.

(Hey! a fun season so far haven’t seen that in a while)

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Can we please get a Tif, Claire, DerekX, SarahBeth, Azah, Kyland and Britini side of the house?


Don’t forget to add Hannah!

But yeah that side of the house includes my favorite people for sure.

With or even without Hannah they would have the votes to get whoever they wanted from the other side out (7-5 or 6-6 and Kyland breaks the tie).

I just know Glue Clown is SHAKING!

He’ll be back at his farm soon and can finally take another hit of meth/sniff of glue. :p


I would add in Xavier and Hannah to this group!

No Fave

Can’t wait for Big D to be have not.


I wish it was this week.

Does anyone know how they determined what team was the Have Nots?

I figure Kyland had to pick but wanted to know for sure.


Is there someone not playing the game? The last several years you could count on one hand how many people were actually trying to play the game and have most of your fingers free. It’s refreshing.


This season is shaping up to be legendary. You are correct, everyone came to play and I am here for ALL of it! There are no Victoria’s in this house.

i am laughing so hard at the Glue Clown screenshot of the major paranoia face! Dying!!! That sums his game up perfectly!!! Thank you a thousand times for the hearty laugh!


In past seasons, there were true underdogs. This season I do not see that! I feel they’re all very smart in their own way. Even those who knew nothing about the game!
The only person I would love to see go is GC. I hope Ky sees that, but he might feel keeping Glue Sniffer would keep a target off himself. That’s a bad move in my opinion.
I would love to see GC, BRENT, or WHITNEY (The poser) gone!
While people are saying this cast isn’t about getting online followers, I feel Alyssa and Whitney are doing that.


Even with the mentions of their social media, it’s not something that seems to consume them. They are still playing the game though even if they aren’t doing very well. I’ll give Alyssa a bit of a pass as she was on the block and might as well try to get a boost in the event she went home.


DerekX recognizes that if they take out Frenchie first, then Brent is likely to lead the opposing alliance… But if they take out Brent first, then Frenchie will spiral. I’m all for watching Frenchie spiral.


Derek X has a good mind for this game. I think he’s recovered fairly well and he may break out in a few weeks.

annette schaefer

Go Frenchie !!!


Go (back to the farm to sniff glue) Frenchie !!!


I love Tiffany, but I hope her anti-Frenchie doesn’t come back to bite her.