Bruno about the Vets vs Newbs – “They didn’t outplay us we outplayed ourselves”

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Veto Players: Demetres, Kevin, Bruno, Dre, Ika and William

Kevin in the storage room
Kevin says the only way he can survive in the game is if he wins the veto today.
Kevin says if the house house see’s Bruno running to Ika/Demetres and see him as more defeated they might see Bruno as the bigger threat and vote him out.
Kevin – Bruno has done better at challenges.. I might have to name Ika/Demetres as my targets..
Kevin – I’m going to win today
Kevin – I will throw Bruno under the bus in a second, I just don’t want to give off that vibe right now (weak)
Kevin – if they see him trying to ditch me first they might get sketched out.. this is the week I went home season 3, I went home 9th

10:40am Kevin and Bruno
Kevin – You’re my ride or die forever
Bruno – you got it same, Day one it’ll never change
They agree to fight for the other in Jury.

Kevin – this season is much more aggressive than our first season
Bruno – Dude I feel like I played so bad this time around
Kevin – I’m such a shitty Big Brother player
Kevin – I feel like absolute garbage..
Bruno – I did so bad this time around
Kevin – My hearts been in it I’ve been trying every step of the way

Kevin – one of us is for sure going to survive this week, maybe 2 of us
Bruno – if one of us can win the veto and Jackie goes up
Kevin says they need 3 votes plus the HOH.
Bruno – you talked to William at all
Kevin – a little .. there’s a bit of a disconnect
Bruno and Kevin agree Dre is at the centre of it all. Dre’s getting information from William, Ika, Dillon and Karen.

Bruno says they don’t have a choice they have to team up with Ika and Demetres.
Bruno – it’ll be a uphill battle but it’s doable.. I have faith we can do this

Bruno – Karen wants all the vets gone..
They think Ika might use the veto. Dre wouldn’t use it and Demetres probably wouldn’t.
As long as one of them can win the veto, they’ll have 2 votes. All they’ll need is to work on William or maybe Dre.
Kevin – Demetres is the tie breaker..
Bruno – one of us needs to win this (POV)
Kevin – we need that one vote

Bruno about the vets vs Newbs – They didn’t outplay us we outplayed ourselves
Bruno – 5 people are getting carried to the end.
Bruno says family videos hit Ika hard, “we’re connected and we’re the dummies going after each other”
Bruno – she was crying this morning
Kevin – well than we have some play
Bruno – she wants us to stay
They mention that Karen and Dillon are locked now after the video shoutout last night. (They got videos from their families yesterday. Dillon’s family gave Karen a shoutout)
Bruno mentions that Dre and Dillon are close and they now have Karen.
They mention that Ika’s Ex? gave was in her video, she didn’t sleep in Demetres bed last night.

They agree it started going downhill with Sindy taking out Neda. Kevin says Sindy doing that was the worst move of the season.
Kevin – Real talk if I go out this week I will feel like such a failure.
Kevin says last season he was a big character on the show this year he’s not. He doesn’t think he’s been on the show a lot.
Bruno says he feels the same way.

Ika and Dre Storage room
Ika says William thinks he’s in the bachelor Canada and Kevin isn’t giving him a rose tonight..
Ika says she can’t have William’s back anymore.
Ika says Kevin is more dangerous because Kevin has William.
Dre thinks Bruno will say whatever has to be said to make it further.
Demetres comes in “they’re sketched out.. Karen and Dillon”
After Demetres leaves.. Ika goes on about Dillon and Karen not trusting them.
Ika says if Bruno or Kevin win the veto “I’m putting Karen up there” (pssst Ika it’s Demetres HOH)

Demetres and Ika in the HOH
Talking about the advantages of keeping Bruno and Kevin because hey are such big targets.

Dre and Dillon
Dre saying that Karen might be a replacement nomination because everyone is sick of her being so paranoid

Demetres says his apatite isn’t there he’s stressed about the POV. Demetres says the game sucks for the newbies.

Demetres and Dre
Demetres sad.
Demetres saying that Ika is regretting the showmance with him.
Demetres – whatever
Dre – becuas eof yesterday
Demetres – I think so
Dre – oh my goodness
Demetres – I’m not going to push it.. you know if she doesn’t want to ..
Dre – she likes you
Demetres – I know.. she’s in a tough spot
Demetres – I can’t f***g take it anymore.. I can’t remember my f***g lines

Karen and Dillon
Karen – whats going on.. is he’s just trying to poison her?
Dillon – he’s a f***G snake (Bruno)
Karen – do you think I’m paranoid
Dillon – something’s up
Karen – something up
Dillon – just play it cool
Karen – I wonder if they’re saying stuff about me.
Karen says whatever Bruno is doing is working Ika is different today.
Dillon says he has to “Comp out” to stay in this game.
Dillon wishes he could have been picked for this veto.
Karen – if they leave that F***G kevin in here or Bruno they’re stupid.. They can flip I’ll never go back
Karen – they’re stupid as f*** post
Dillon agrees..

Bruno and Ika Red Room
Iak says she’s trying to make Demetres understand if they are on the block against any of the 5 (Karen, William, Dre, Dillon, Jackie) they are going home. If they are on the block against Bruno/Kevin they might stay.
Ika – I’m still fighting for you guys
Bruno – we’re in this
Ika says Karen is making up a whole bunch of lies.
Ika – Karen and Will are dangerous players
Bruno – no one will take them out
Ika – Will and Dre are not Solid.. Jackie has no one
They agree Jackie and Karen are sucking up to Dillon, that’s a trio.
Bruno – those videos came at a good time.
Ika says if those videos came a day earlier things would be different.
Ika says Karen is so annoying, “She thinks she runs this house”
Ika adds it will be so embarrassing if a vet losses against one of the newbies.
Karen – if they f***G go with Kevin and Bruno (Ika/Demetres)
Dillon – they can’t do that would be so dumb

(In French 🙁 )

Kevin, Dillon and Karen Blue Room
Dillon says Bruno is working hard.
Kevin says he’s just focusing on the competition.
Kevin – there’s no way I’m throwing him under the bus
Dillon says Bruno isn’t doing that either he’s just campaigning super hard to everybody

Bruno and Karen Red room
Big Brother CHit chat..

Dre and Ika
Dre says Demetres really likes Ika and respects her.
Ika – I like him so much it scares me and I don’t want to like him.
Iak – he’s 25 and he’s young.. that’s not what I thought I wanted.

Ika and Demetres back to kissing

I hate SHowmances..

6:15pm Dillon and Karen
Dillon says because of the house he’s developed anxiety.

7:48pm HOH Kevin and Demetre/Ika
Ika says she “actually” likes Andrew in real life. Adds that he was a dictator on her season. Kevin says Craig was like that on his season.
Ika says Neda was on the opposite side of Andrew on Season 2. They agree Neda changed after she got the immunity power.

Kevin saying he likes William but thinks he’s been playing him at times during the game. Ika goes on that William is on the Bachelor Canada. (Rich coming from a person in a showmance giving hickeys out)
Kevin adds that he really respects Bruno.

Secret Power of Veto Rules

The Secret Power of Veto gives the holder, William, the power to save anyone from the block over two Power of Veto ceremonies. The ceremonies where this power is active are Wednesday April 19th & 26th. This Power of Veto is a SECRET and Big Brother will never reveal who used it. However, William is free to tell people about this secret power once it has been played or should he choose not to use it. This Veto does not give him the power to name the replacement nominee, nor does it give him safety from being named a replacement himself.

Should the secret power of veto be played by William, Big Brother will deliver the news to the houseguests at the end of the Veto ceremony.

The regular Veto is still in play and regular Veto rules apply, this includes William and should he win the Veto he will have two Vetos.

William opted not to use this Secret Power of Veto on Wednesday April 19th – tune to see if he uses it on Wednesday, April 26th

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1. I don’t know why families would be aloud to should out another house guest in the messages from home. If I was in Big Brother and got a message from home, and that family member said “shout out to Bruno” (or whoever, it doesn’t matter), I would take that as a subliminal message “work with this person, they aren’t playing you…” and in Dillon and Karen’s case, that’s what’s happening…

2. I don’t know why Ika keeps saying “William thinks he’s on the Bachelor Canada and not Big Brother.” Uhhh…. aren’t you in a showmance???

3. Last but not least, Ika REALLY needs to learn how to eat with her mouth closed. I have to stop watching videos of her because it just makes me cringe.

Now you know why

2. in the Bachelor women are competing for the attention and and affection of 1 man (the Bachelor) and trying to win him over (get a rose), meanwhile getting angry and jealous.

This describes Williams situation but is completely different from Ika being in a showmance.

Demetre pursued Ika but didnt have to compete against anyone. Ika’s situation could be described as the Bachelorette AFTER the final rose ceremony.

After is the keyword, meaning Ika’s situation can not be described as being on the Bachelor/Bachelorette.


kevin or bruno win pov screws up dem!


Bruno needs to win POV then Will save Kevin Please !! Karens face would be EPIC !!


but who the replacement now?bruno use pov who up?like dre that would setup william saved dre?bruno use pov on himself jackie go up saved by william?this all fall on to william pv right now


That would be the best case scenario!
But what if Kevin wins the POV instead? Would they be able to convince Will to save Bruno?

I really hope so. William is the jealous type and I know he said to Dre he wants to get rid of Bruno to have Kevin all to himself. On the other hand, I know Will doesn’t want to waste it and knows Canada wants to see it used! Would he even use it on the person sitting next to Bruno?

In any case it would be EPIC if both were somehow saved this week!

BB Circus Show

ya BUT , production has made this veto only usable to save oneself from the block.
(“, nor does it give him safety from being named a replacement himself.”)

William would be STUPID to use it knowing he could be the replacement!

William would need to win the pov to be able to use the secret veto without risking his own butt


Oh I didn’t see the part about William being eligible to be put up.
Also that no one would know who the secret power holder is, so they wouldn’t know to campaign to him to save them.

It would be funny if Wiliam anonymously uses his power to save Kevin, then Demetres puts William up.
Other than Kevin or Dre (Dre will not go up tho), I don’t see William risking himself going up to use the POV.


pov is endurance fom bb3


is dem tryn backdoor dillion i thin so why not?


bb canada
if you put ika and dre if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you put kevin bruno if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you jackie-karen if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you jackie-kevin if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you jackie-ika if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you william-ika if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you ika-karen if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you up ika-dillion if one get pov demet screw over
if you jackie-dillion if one get pov demet screw over
if you dre-dillion if one get pov demet screw over
if you william-dillion if one get pov demet screw over
if you karen-dillion if one get pov demet screw over
if you kevin-dilion if one get pov demet screw over
if you bruno-dillion if one get pov demet screw over
pretty much demet screw himself over

Frodo stop spamming word salads



Did Bilbo drop you on your head?




As of 6pm they want Karen as replacement if Bruno or Kevin come down and need 3 votes to save either Bruno or kevin OR Dem does a tie breaker then Karen GOES !!


I think Ika may be just saying that so that Bruno is on her side if he stays or one of them wins the POV.

She wants Kevin to go and still play with Bruno (but she does not trust Kevin).


Simon do you watch the actual episodes?


awwww i love me some demika!!! Glad they didint let the family ruin it…. they have such a lovely and genuine thing (outside game) and i actually really enjoy seeing it… the only genuine thing in that game. Gl to them on the outside!


or @doug – I think you’re of showman’s is clouding your posting on Ika. when Ika says William thinks he is on the Bachelor she means he is trying to win him Kevin over (get a rose) and gets jealous.

neither Ika or Dem have had to compete for the other’s affection.


i got proof Neda is not in sequester..a video on youtube!


i cant leave the proof yet…as this page will soon be a thing of the past…just like every new posting. but…im telling you she is in LA o a yesterday’s vid on youtube…it has her talking to a cam…with sunglasses on (nothing bb related at all)


So Simon, sometimes in the feeds you see people making deals across the board but through the diary room we learn of their true feelings. Do you feel that by only watching feeds you’re able to still get a good understanding of where peoples’ true allegiances are?


Simon where is the bbcan house located ?
and what studio possibly


William won the POV. He could now use his Secret Veto to anonymously take Kevin off the block, without the risk of himself being put up as replacement since he’s the POV holder.


where is the bbca. house located?