“There isn’t anybody I am afraid of. I was strategic with these nominations..the fallout on me will me minimal “



12:40pm Kyra and Sam
Kyra – I thought I was going home .. .

1:00pm Anthony and Chelsea
Anthony – I can tell by people’s behaviors that people are being afraid of groups
Chelsea – yeah .. I see that too

Anthony – In the beginning you did a really good job and but.. it’s starting to look like something from the other side. Like I said I never knew that people thought that me and MOMMA were working together until somebody told me that because when I think about it I see MA talking to ever single person in this house WAY more than she talks to me
Chelsea – in this game perception is reality .. People are looking for every reason that’s not them.
Chelsea – if there’s a side forming that is not in my favour I feel like the person I’m most threatened by is still kAilyn.. making this move largely cuts the head of that snake for me

Chelsea says that once Kailtyn is gone the dynamic chances..
Chelsea – there isn’t anybody I am afraid of I was strategic with these nominations both of them likely will stay and the fallout on me will me minimal.

Anthony says he’s bothered by the people that are jumping on Chelsea and celebrating with her just because she’s won the head of household. “Those are the people hat are going to fall and it will eventually hurt you”

Anthony warns her that people see pairs everyone is thinking ADAM/Sam and Kyra?Chelsea

1:50pm Anthony, Mark and Adam
Anthony – you’re good with you words but you use a lota words to beat around the bush.. I need you to go to KIKI or Esti preferably Esti because Esti controls KIKI and I want you to go after Esti and say… LOOK i’m ready to mak an alliance.. and she’ll be like OK and she’ll be very open to it..
Antohony – Esti is more scared than KIKI is

1:03pm Eddie, Kailyn and Cory
Kailyn – There’s gotta be a smart move..
Cory – there’s just a bunch of weak players

2:06pm Esti and Kyra
Esti saying if she wins HOH she wants to go with the group. She’s confused why this week her best friend is on the block, “I thought we had a consensus”
Kyra – I think it’s because she’s scared of Kailyn .. I think that’s why
Esti – obviously
Kyra respects that Esti kept her word last week. Kyra was lied to so much last week.

2:36pm KIKI and Esti talking about how LAura was BOSS
Esti – I think if you do win the veto you should talk to them I should to.. and be like YO Obliviously I’m going to use it on myself but I still want to work with you next week
Esti adds that when she goes up to the HOH she’ll say “I don’t know what happened this week but seriously guys”
They promise to not nominate each other

2:57pm Anthony and Adam
Adam – I want to talk to you about this because I don’t want Dane to be…..
Adam – the girls are f***Ing… it’s so hard for me not to laugh they’re like Adam.. you gotta worry about Dane like all three of them (Chelsea, Kyra and Sam) (The ‘Girls’)

Anthony says that Chelsea is the one official in charge but he thinks that Sam is having some influence. Anthony wants them to get Dane to pull Chelsea/ Sam aside and tell them that Anthony and Adam are not his targets.
Anthony – we have to get Dane to paint a believable picture of other targets so they have to be the same of what those girls want.. Let me tell it to Dane..

Anthony is going to try and dislodge Dane from the “girls” head and replace it with someone else.

3:28pm … waiting for Power of Veto



5:50pm The POV has started we’re a couple hours in now.

1:57am The live feeds are still blocked yo!

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another name

so what are we thinking..
a) home repairs
b)everyone locked down and one person gets called to d/r who miraculously finds the blood veto instructions (cough cough william in season 5)
c)veto picks and immediate veto
d) st patricks party with booze and extra people brought into the house to be followed by a 5am veto with puke buckets?

another name

insert 84 years gif of crone from titanic (she’s 35 in kailyn years btw)….
i remember when feeds went down for 22 hours in week two last season. somewhere around the 12 hour mark they put out a partial tweet explanation / apology to loyal viewers…
this year i half expect a ‘let them eat dirt, the cake’s mine’ smartass global tweet.


I’m going with the party . What in the world could be taking this long?

another name

last season it was the hot tub party night that had the jesse and paras incident. you know… the one where any time anybody mentioned it for the rest of the season, feeds were blocked for fifteen minutes to a half hour?

another name

feeds return after 9 hours and 55 minutes.
sam won veto. the house says with assists from kyra and adam.
keira in tears.
kyra said some impulsive things that anthony says are inexcusable and can’t be reversed, now everyone is going to gun for kyra.
chelsea thinks they will gun for her by association.
adam says sam will use the veto on kiki because she’s a weak player.
stef apparently tried to make a deal with chelsea and sam to save kiki.
chelsea is assuring damien he is not the target.
that’s the ten minute recap of the feeds between good night house guests number one and good night house guests number 2… so about 15 minutes of feeds.

Guy From Canada

Love feeds came on and BB sent them to bed……kyra did something in the veto that was shady and no one really said what it was…..did she give a win to Sam? Kiki was in tears, thinks she is going home, I wonder if Sam will use it with Chelsea‚Äôs blessing or will there be 27 flips before the veto ceremony? Hmmmm