Sam Wins the Power Of Veto! Anthony “What Kyra just did is irreversible.”

2:32am The live feeds return from being blocked for the power of veto competition.

Power Of Veto Winner: SAMĀ 

2:32am HOH room. Chelsea, Adam, Kyra, Sam.
Chelsea – Also Sam, its good to be able to say I had power and I used it. Its good for your game. Sam – yeah, I know. I know what is happening. I just feel obviously bad. Chelsea – I know. Sam heads to the bathroom. Adam – I hope she uses it. Chelsea – she will. Kyra – yes I know that was really stupid of me. Adrenaline was pumping and I shouldn’t have done that. I am sorry to you guys. As soon as it happened I was like you f**king idiot. Adam – yeah Anthony was questioning you up here. Kyra – I know. He was like why did you throw that?! I said no, Sam and I said we would yell out if we saw the ball. I didn’t throw it. I just had no idea where my ball was and I saw hers. Adam – MMmmhhmmm. Kyra – I know I shouldn’t have done that. Adam – oh whatever. Kyra – I was beating myself up for a couple hours after that. Adam – it is what it is .. it all worked out. Sam returns – so when is the ceremony? Tomorrow. Kyra – I am sorry I should have won it. Then you wouldn’t have the blood on your hands. Sam – its alright. Its just off from the plan that I thought was going to happen. Kyra – its actually better that you won. Sam – I am just re-adjusting my mind. Adam – we can talk about this tomorrow. There lots of time. Kyra – I thought about it.. if she won they might be gunning for us. If you won and did her a favor .. it will strike up a deal. Sam – its is the better. Chelsea – it is. Adam and Sam leave. Kyra – I am so sorry. Are you upset at me? Chelsea – no its fine, its good. Kyra leave.

Chelsea to Anthony – I don’t want anyone to feel like sh*t but that just exposed how week of a player.. Anthony – okay this is what we’re going to do .. this is what’s going to happen. As of right now everyone saw Kyra give the game to Sam. Chelsea – yeah. Anthony – thats number one. Number two – everyone heard Adam pointing and yelling balls out for Sam. And Sam coming over whispering where’s this, where’s that. And Adam pointing it out. Its a horrible, horrible look. Chelsea – I know. Anthony – What Kyra just did is irreversible. Chelsea – I know. Anthony – anyone that goes up or wins is going to go after Kyra .. 1000%! So this is what’s going to happen. We’re going to come up with a plan because Damien saw EVERYTHING. Were you here when Kyra said oh I wanted to win to show just how strong I was… You should have seen the look of disgust on Damien’s face. Chelsea – I can imagine. Anthony – everything can still happen. You have to talk to the parties that are the most angry. Probably just Damien. Kiki is very unfortunate. But at the end of the day there is a winner and a loser. I am more concerned about the fallout. I don’t think Kyra understands what she has done. Chelsea – she doesn’t. I said at the end of the day you’re making everyone hate you and that is so damaging to me. Anthony – Damien is the only person you need to talk to. Tell him I saw what happened and its not cool. I am going to do everything to help you. Anthony – I really feel like this can be fixed. People are going to erupt on Kyra. Chelsea – I think Sam is going to use the power on Kiki.

2:50am Bedroom. Dane hugging Kiki. Kiki crying.. Dane – you did such a good job. I am so proud of you. Nothing is over yet. You’re allow to be upset tonight. Tomorrow we fight. Kiki – we’re not sad anymore. Dane – tomorrow we strike some deals. I am so proud of you. You have no idea. Tomorrow we have 4 days. Kiki – okay. Dane – I am so proud of you. Kiki – I am going to go take a shower and take this off. They put me in a turtle neck! They put me in a turtle neck Dane. Dane – you look hot. Kiki – no. Kyra – there are a lot of possibilities. I wanted to win the veto and you know what I would have done. Strike up a deal. Show that you’re strong and that you’re loyal. Kiki – I just feel like a total idiot right now. Kyra – because you messed up twice.

3am Havenot room. Sam and Anthony. Anthony – its tough because what everyone thinks about the whole situation right now you know? Sam – yeah. Anthony – but its tough to watch someone get upset but at the same time it shouldn’t just be about the loss. It should be about celebrating the win too. Sam – yeah. Anthony – you should be damn proud of yourself because that’s not easy. Sam – I am trying to but a win right now.. I am digging real deep for that. I’m not going to lie. Anthony – its not just your job though. Its out of respect for the house. You know what I mean.. being a human being. It normal to be consoling to the person that lost but at the same time you can’t let that take over from the the person that won. Like you busted your a$$. Sam – yeah. Anthony, Anthony, Anthony .. f**k! Sam – This game just changes so quickly. I feel blessed to be here. Anthony – you deserve to be here. Sam – I am slowly proving myself. Anthony – you’re doing very, very well. Sam – if I save someone .. it puts me in a good position with them. But part of me wants to not use it and not rock the boat. I just feel like its the easy way out. But we are playing big brother. I only have a day to think about it. At this point I still feel like we’re moving forward as a group. So I want to do what’s best for the group. We all want to get to jury, we all want to win. And if its an opportunity to get someone really powerful out of the house… Big Brother – Samantha please go to the diary room. Sam – but with this season we’re playing big brother hard and fast. I feel like we’re on the same page. Anthony – absolutely.

3:20am Bathroom. Kiki and Est.
Est – Adam was like .. next week the double eviction is coming up so it will be good for us to continue until after that. And I was like yeah, that should be the plan. Chelsea was like yeah, I appreciate you coming. I think we should just obviously continue the talk tomorrow. I was like kiki is going to be here by herself. We’re not one player. We’re two separate players. That’s why I don’t need to be there. I will have your guy’s back if both of us stay this week. Kiki – you’re amazing. They hug. Est – we’ll figure it out. Kiki – I literally couldn’t have a better person in this house. You’re the most amazing person ever. Est – Stop! Kiki – you are. Like I f**king lucked out. Est – I just hope there’s more. They all want to get to jury and they’re going to piss a lot of people off. They talk about Mark. Kiki – the problem with Mark is that he talks to me as if my game is done. He’s like you know what Kiki you should be proud of what you’ve done. You went out with a bang. He came in for a hug and in my head I was like get off me.. you’re disgusting. If I stay and win HOH .. I will have to put up Mark.. and I’m not sure who the other person would be. Est – that’s fine.

3:20am HOH room. Chelsea and Anthony.
Anthony – this is what you’re going to do.. Tomorrow you’re going to talk to Damien and say that your original plan was to get Kiki out. I hate how this all turned out. Its not fair to you. Its not fair to Kiki. I have another plan but I did only put you up as a pawn. This was not supposed to backfire and I am going to fix this situation so that you’re not affected. Chelsea – that’s good. Anthony – make him believe that he is indebted to you because then he will start saying positive things about you behind your back. He won’t say that you did that for him but he will keep it in his mind. And then everything will be completely erased. He will completely forgotten about it. Chelsea – smart. Ok! Anthony – but with this you have to remember who else is attached to this. Everyone saw Kyra give that to Sam. In everyone’s mind, everyone is thinking that Sam doesn’t deserve that. Sam shouldn’t have won. But that can be used to an advantage as well. Chelsea – I don’t know how to talk to Kyra about it. Anthony – Kyra is oblivious to it. She is going to make herself look worse. Chelsea – she frustrates me so much. Anthony – I know but you don’t want to push her away. If you do she will go to someone else. She is weak minded. Chelsea – its not that I don’t trust her loyalty. I don’t trust her being smart. Anthony – maintain being her number 1. Tell her that everyone saw what she did. Get her to apologize to people. Get her to apologize to Damien.

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I’m here. Because I can’t watch the show, and don’t have the feeds I can only go on what I read.
It sounds like things could be more divided in the house after the veto comp. I wish more people would start posting their thoughts. Come on BB fans..Get involved. Please.


Might be late to the party here but who are they trying to backdoor right now?


I think it’s still Kaylin.

another name

pieced together conversations: veto players were Damien and Kiki with Kyra, Sam, and from the sound of it: Cory. Mark was the host.
some in the house think Cory didn’t try very hard. Some think Kiki suffered an anxiety attack. Almost all think Adam was helping Sam, and Kyra cheated by telling Sam where her ball was while there was a production break.
weird things i’ve been processing: How did anyone buy Dane’s explanation of the eviction… when Dane cast the deciding vote? Why would Kyra tell Sam Kiki was cast to be Kyra’s showmance, but keeps fighting it? Why haven’t Sam and Chelsea put together the boy’s alliance from so many red flags this weekend? What do they need, the whole marching band to follow the color guard of hints?

another name

trevor boris put out a tweet / statement this afternoon saying there was no rule saying veto competitors couldn’t help each other, so Kyra didn’t break the rules of the competition. (my note: so they’ve changed the rules since season one with emmett in the toothbrushing comp? oh. okay. ) further boris says they have reviewed the film of the comp, and that the comments regarding adam aiding sam did not affect the integrity of the competition.
(my editorial view of the statement of transparency: it’s only cheating if production wants it to be for the purpose of story line).


Not changing the rules. Big Brother explained to Emmett no helping. Everyone heard it but Milk man. There was no such explanation from BB this time.

another name

Really silly question: If the hoh, the pov holder, and a nominee are having a discussion where the nominee is begging for their life in the game…. do you think one of the cameras would be on the three of them, and another doing panned facial reaction shots? Not if the nominee is ‘one d/r kiera’…. in that case it’s closeup cam of sam and closeup cam of chelsea. are they going to overdub kiera’s voice with peanuts teacher voice as well?
What’s up with that?


Thank you for the updates, they have been great while I have been in the hospital. I can’t stand Kyra. Chelsea was so worried about Momma K that she should have been trying to backdoor Kyra all along. Kyra is to unstable.