Sam “Dane is dangerous. Dane is a liar. Dane can’t be trusted.”

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9:50pm HOH room. Chelsea, Sam and Kyra.
Chelsea – she was sitting here telling me I should put Dane up. She said she caught Dane in two lies today. Its like this desperate plea to try and get close anyway she can. She said I will forgive him but I will remember. She said I log everything in this game. And I was like so what about you throwing my name under the bus? Kyra – if you’re logging, do you think that we’re not logging as well? Sam – she came and sat next to me and said I want you to help keep this house together. She said there is no reason why we should go separate. Chelsea – I think that she is a good person in real life but that power and the ability to manipulate people is dangerous. Sam – its really dangerous.. like I can’t do that, you (Kyra) can’t do that, you (Chelsea) can’t do that. Chelsea – in real life she is someone I would like get along with but in this game I am looking at the people with the power of persuasion.. and I’ve got to get her out. I’ve got to. That’s what we have to do in this game, get strong players out. Sam – Dane is dangerous. Dane is a liar. Dane can’t be trusted. Kyra – but if Dane thinks that I trust him and that we’re loyal to him, then he won’t go after us. Chelsea – we have to see how this week goes but if I get the opportunity to backdoor her I think taking out a strong player like that would be a strong game move. If we see how this week plays out and we see someone else get on the radar and maybe that’s someone better to backdoor then we’ll entertain it. Because right now she is working with us. She has no reason not to. Kyra – she is working with you, she’s not working with me. If I win next week I am getting Kailyn out. Chelsea – she doesn’t have anyone right now so lets just be conscious of that. I don’t think she wouldn’t tell me something and immediately stab me in the back. Kyra – she’s done it to all of us. Chelsea – right now if it stays the same and one of them goes home .. that doesn’t rock the boat but is kind of a pu$$y HOH but it gets floaters out. Kyra – but also if you Kailyn out of the house its not going to rustle feathers also. Chelsea – I have to think about the fallout from Anthony and Dane. Kyra – Dane knows that Kailyn threw his name under the bus. Chelsea – Anthony though. Sam – are you on board with getting Anthony on board with back dooring Kailyn? Kyra – yes. Sam – that’s why earlier I asked her .. I wasn’t asking for names. I said to her .. she was talking about floaters and I was like are one of those people someone I would not expect? And she said yes. Chelsea – she will throw anyone under the bus. Sam – so she meant Anthony. Chelsea – that’s enough, its a done deal. That’s my target. Anthony joins them.

10:20pm Havenot room. Damien, Mark and Anthony.
Damien – I don’t know all I really need is a vote but I want to pull myself off. At lease I get a veto this week. Mark – here is the thing she (Chelsea) publicly stated that you’re a pawn. Anthony that makes a huge difference. Now the whole house knows it. You wouldn’t self destruct your own game. Damien – I am not going to ask for your guys vote right now because its too early and I know how that sh*t works. Mark – lets just talk after the POV.

10:40pm Cory and Kailyn.
Kailyn – the weirdest fricken thing.. yesterday after everything I am standingin the pantry and he comes is and just stood beside me and aksed is everything okay? I said yeah, always. Then he gave me a big hug and kiss on my cheek. And he walked away. The camera was right there and I said yes.. And Judas kissed Jesus as well. It just came out. Cory – so perfect!

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Feeds Gold

Chelsea is there as the non gamer pornstar architype for eye candy purposes, just allowing others to control her hoh, and not making moves to help her own personal game…she underestimates that by the kiki nom, she now is on esties radar, so needlessly annoying 3 people instead of 2

I find it a moronic move for her to nom kiki…trying to get out someone who wouldnt even consider putting her up, never talks bad about her to anyone, and who gets along well with her and wants to genuinely work with her…chelsea talks with kiki much more than chelsea talks with estie, and chelseas connection with kiki is stronger, so it really baffles me for chelseas game(both girls were willing to work with chelsea…this prospect is now dead)

The big group are now just targeting all the big personalities, which is bad news for good feeds the second part of the season

We are on the brink of a steamroll of a season bb19 style with the house week after week picking off bottom of the totem pole and shunning them before booting them, with no signs of any new alliance formation to break up the monotonous side versus side dynamic

I usually dont like to look at things in terms of race, but Its a shame the season has turned into anthony masterminding and joining in on a whites dominating minorities(and the new girl) style season…this is the mellow canadian version of bb15, not as extreme obviously…but the optics are there for all to see

I really believe the season needs a pre jury battle back to shake things up and give the underdogs a glimmer of hope

Feeds Gold

I forgot to add I hope producers of future bb usa and canada seasons try to minimise the likelihood of steamroll predictable seasons by casting alot more dominant personalities and also risk taking gamers with good social games willing to adapt and create new alliances, rather than too many one dimensional non gamers and/or submissive shy personalities who arent willing or capable of changing up seasons for the better and bringing more unpredictability to the table

i wish bb would cast more like the challenge do

Feeds Gold

Chelsea to camera: “i nominated kiki and damien…ive gotta back door kailyn, im the only alpha…Canada I cant wait to see how youre perceiving everything”

Well Chelsea after you thought it was fine for Mark to call Eddie a chinese intel spy, your almost entirely white group eliminated the persian, you won hoh defeating the latina, dressed up for the nom ceremony dominatrix style with shiny pants and boots to send a message to your japanese and first nation nominees that youre really dominant…and youre having an orgasm at how awesome its gonna be when you backdoor the black lady

I am white, I dont really like political correctness and I usually steer clear of race, but race is such a big part of this season now, and Its astonishing the lack of self awareness of some of the players

I could easily see almost the entirity of pre jury phase seeing a white hoh send home a minority player every week until jury is a whites only club

another name

While the Canadian version’s casting template has always seemed a bit more inclusive than the American counterpart in terms of age, race and sexuality, it’s always worth noting that the people that are the primary targets mentioned most often in the first couple of weeks in bbcan are those of race, age or sexuality. Examples: season one the primary targets most mentioned were Kat, Suzette and Gary; season two the targets most mentioned in early weeks were Paul, Adel, Ika and Neda; season three the prime targets mentioned most often were Naeha, Risha, Johnny and Sindy; season four Loveita, Sharry, Cassandra, Christine. Here’s the thing: it’s never a conscious motivation imo to target according to those factors (okay, the get the old one out it won’t ruffle feathers has been said numerous seasons, caveat accepted). It’s a subliminal motivation to look down at a row of marbles see ten blue ones and one red one, and become fixated on the red marble as standing out. I don’t like it, but I don’t think it is a conscious choice that every season there seems to be a push for dominant alliances to want to be filled with the ‘just like me’ principle.


You have identified several houseguests by race or ethnicity. Race is only a “thing” when you make it so. Instead of “the latina” or “the black lady”, or “the Japanese”, or “the first nations” etc., lets call them Estefania, Kailyn, Kiera, Damian etc… Just sayin.

another name

Here is my current way of judging who is playing the best game at the moment: has anyone mentioned nominating or targeting the house guest. Thus far, the person playing the best game by that criteria is Anthony. Even the people that know/suspect he is not to be trusted don’t name him as a potential target. Since when is the guy bigger than the refrigerator that is socially good with everyone not a neon sign for eviction? Especially to those that suspect he’s playing both sides? Everybody else has been named as a target or a pawn at least once in the series.
Sam, Chelsea and Kyra are currently telling Adam that next week Dane has to go. Let’s see how watered down the retell becomes to the other pb’s. He’s been very sure of himself to the boys that he controls Sam and Chelsea, and they control Kyra. That was his entire argument for keeping Kyra at the beginning of last week. Would Adam be willing to sacrifice Dane? I think it depends on whether or not he could pull in another guy to take his place. Dane’s ideal plan was the pinky and the brain model. Adam’s ideal was the testosterone quartet model. Adam has already almost outed the pb’s existence to Sam four times.
On the other side of the house, will Dane inform the boys that he’s said a little too much again? He’s all but told Stef and Kiki that Mama is the backdoor target. How does he know? Chelsea told him that Mama is a backdoor option yesterday morning.
Kyra’s promise to bring the drama seems to revolve around the concept of the alpha clique having buyer’s remorse. I don’t think whining because Chelsea won’t share the hoh bed classifies as drama. I still suspect that the relentless pressing to have Chelsea put the lotion on her skin or else she gets the hose again is exactly what Kiki was complaining about when feeds started.