“The vote won’t flip me and the twins control it 3-2 whatever you want we’re doing”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 22-53-05-614_jpg

10:23pm Austin tells Liz he was just talking to vanessa about final 5, Final 4 scenarios
Austin – Meg and JAmes already told her about Brass tack it was the first thing they told her this morning when they tried to flip it

Liz calls Julia a idiot says she’s not playing the game. (Julia was making a big deal about brass tacks and telling Vanessa too much)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 22-27-15-812_jpg

10:26pm Liz and Julia

Liz – you need to get your head in the game
Julia – Who
Liz – you
Julia- wait what did you say
Liz – you need to get your head in the game, you’re so aluf it freaks me out I’m scared..
Julia – I’m sorry I won’t let this consume my mother f****g life this life out of here and it’s great

Liz – I’m done with everyone in this game except for you, vanessa and Austin

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 23-04-23-969_jpg

11:03pm Vanessa reads out her letter from Mel
Vanessa – Yeah she still loves me
Vanessa got a new beanie
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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 23-23-57-286_jpg

11:16pm HOH Austin, Twins and Vanessa
Vanessa saying Meg still hasn’t congratulate her for winning HOH at least James has.
Austn – the vote won’t flip me and the twins control it 3-2 whatever you want we’re doing.
Vaenssa – that’s the only option I will never put you guys up
Vanessa wants to put up the goblins with Johnnymac being the back door, “You have to fight for that Veto, The noms should stay the same”
Vanessa – they don’t know I’m with you guys.. They bought it that we never buried that hatchet
Vanessa tells them she’s loyal to them more than Steve.
Points out once they get James out they have no more physical threats in the house.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 23-27-55-306_jpg

After about 30 minutes of vanessa telling them the advantages of keeping Jmac and getting rid of the goblins the twins are ready to join up
Julia – them two, Meg and James they were the ones telling johnnymac they wanted to keep him it makes us look horrible
Vanessa – of course they are going to say that

Vanessa – I think everyone was fighting today
Austin – except for Julia
Vanessa – we need reasons.. i need johnnymac to feel good about you guys he’s really suspicious about the 5 of us
Boy comes back they ask him to start coming up with reasons to get out a goblin.
Vanessa – I want a smoking gun
Steve brings up stuff that happened week 1 with James and with him throwing the BOB.
Austin – right now they have the jury house.. you have all your friends in jury
Austin thinks that’s reason enough it’s a strategic move.
They agree Shelli was “acting weird” towards Vanessa.
Steve – I feel bad about him he’s in a house with people that voted him out
vanessa says she will make a deal with jmac if he wins the HOH he goes after the goblins. If he doesn’t accept the deal he’ll go up

Vanessa says if she goes on the block next week they have to vote for her
The twins tell her they’re not going to screw her like they screwed Becky they have Vanessa’s back.

Vanessa – Brass tacks my a$$ stick a brass tacks uyp your a$$

Vanessa – I’m not going to warn them I’m just going to put them up ..
They all love their alliance because they win and the other side doesn’t win ‘Sorry not sorry”
Liz – these last three weeks have been epic me him and now you WHAT!

Julia – I hope the noms the same and James get to stepping
Austin – Meg’s just as bad
They’re now agreeing the next HOH will be questions James has no chance so getting rid of Meg isn’t the worst idea.
Austin says they are going to act surprised about Vanessa’s nominations they’re going to maintain the ruse they are pushing for JOhnnymac and Steve up.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 23-37-58-627_jpg

11:34pm Goblins
Talking about they’re being two power couples in the house Austin and Liz and Liz and Julia. They have to get Liz out first.
Meg – I’m going to be pissed if they start targeting us we haven’t been involved in anything with them.

James wonders if Vanessa will take the chance and take out a big player.
Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 00-04-39-587_jpg

12:05AM Goblins on the HOH
Vanessa saying how last week everyone was coming after her but she saved herself by winning the veto.
Goblins start telling her if they had won the veto they would have kept the noms the same
The goblins say they had no idea there was a plan to backdoor Vanessa last week.
James – we never talk game talk to Steve or Johnnymac

Vanessa -My biggest concern is the amount of shit talking about me that went on

Vanessa- no one had the balls to tell me everyone was equally at fault you were all in a group with me.

Vanessa – how do you guys feel about being pawns

Meg – it’s scary because the numbers technically could not be in our favour.

Meg suggests Steve as a pawn. Vanessa says Steve just went up it would look douchie if he went up again.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 00-18-13-188_jpg

James volunteers to go up instead of Meg. Meg volunteers to go up instead of James.
Meg starts to cry
Vanessa tells them what type of deal will they offer her if she doesn’t put them up as a pawn. James says he won’t go after Vanessa points out that Austin and the twins have to be broken up. Adds that he loves Austin and the twins but from a game perceptive they have to go.
Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 00-24-54-273_jpg

Goblins give Vanessa their word they won’t put her up if they stay off the block.

12:29Am bathroom Austin, Meg and James
Wondering why Jmac is so popular. James says it’s because of his Diary rooms that’s what Steve told James. . Austin points out how the majority of fans don’t see him sleeping all day.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 00-33-37-534_jpg

12:33AM HOH Vanessa and Steve She tells him he’s her number 2, “You and I can go all the way in this thing”
Vanessa – The best option is James and Meg
Steve – YES
Steve needs to make sure things are OK between him and Johnny
Steve points out Jmac had a lot of applause
Vanessa can understand that people think he’s funny she gets his humor the twins don’t.
Vanessa says her ideal final 6 will be Austin the twins, her, Steve and Johnnymac.
She is confident they are stronger than Austin/Twins in competitions.
Vanessa says the goblins still think Johnnymac is going up and they were both fighting on who would go up as the pawn.
Steve laughs “Well they’re better people than we are
Vanessa – oh my god they are so much better than us


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Vanessa is sexy


Her mom is better.

vanessas Mom

thanks sweetie. if you notice ‘Nessa got her new beanie. She has a bunch of clues embedded in it. She will know about Austwins now. Look for her to put 2 and 2 together and get 3… This week though she needs to get james out. you would think bb would have figured our beanie trick but so far so good.

For those still interested, I requested a Mercedes.


i said to my hubby there was a reason Vanessa was always looking inside that hat, I KNEW IT!

thanks so much for the information, how much fun is it knowing about this.

I love Vanessa.


sexy…..as in a squidward way?


Meg and James volunteering to go up for each other. That’s so sweet.


James should of said okay Meg thanks.


Should have. Ugh.


Not only is that witch putting goblins up, she’s making them have nots. What a slimy thing to do,fits her. And big, scary Judas, doesn’t want to take his turn as a have not with his two bimbos. Again, what a wimp! PLEASE BB, GROW SOME AND GET THEM OUT OF THERE..PANDORA’S BOX – Scaressa gets to see her girl, and the two nominees get taken off the block. Just a suggestion. This show is SOOOOO predictable and boooring because of V/Austwins.


actually, they discussed that Jmac and Julia would be Havenots, so Julia could bond time with Jmac.

No one mentioned James/Meg as have nots as far as I have seen


Go watch some earlier seasons of BB, they always made their target a have not; it made them weaker for the veto comp. Picking have nots used to be part of their strategy.
You must have loathed Derrick last year for making Donny a have not so often (even when he was a nom) ?


James wants to make sure he plays for veto.


Maybe but they are both going up anyway so it doesn’t matter.


Maybe just maybe the audience likes Johnny because he’s not a complete douchebag and doesn’t obsess over why other may or may not be more popular than them. Austwins are worse than kids in a high school

Guy From Canada

What the other house guests don’t seem to get in that the diary room, if you make gold that production can use to create their story, of course the audience will love it. Its a toss up for James or Johnny for fan favourite because of it……unlike the high school austwits and Vanessa who is explaining her master game of crazy…..

This is very apparent in BBCan, as the fan base has more interaction with what happens in the house, and a superfan like Johnny Mac gets it (Season 8 by his regard).


No I’m pretty sure it’s cause of its DR’s…


They like him because he’s a complete douchebag but I agree with the austwin bit.


Austin skipped highsool. Got his Masters. He doesn’t know how people interact because he missed out on all the cattyness. Needs it purged


Talk about disappointed. Scaressa can now spew her blood on your hands bull crap to get what she wants AGAIN! So glad JMAC is back but someone tell me, “ISN’T THE RETURNING HOUSEGUEST SUPPOSE TO BE SAFE FOR ONE WEEK LIKE LAST YEAR?


Vans new beanie looks like a turd it suits her 🙂


How could you be mean to Vanessa like that? Don’t you know she is going through a very difficult time because Meg has not congratulated her on the HOH win yet.


Living with Vanessa would make you insane because at every level of any interaction with that bitch gets cataloged in her brain as a reason to trust or not trust you. I’d have to destroy her every beany and pair of sunglasses.



twistin with the twins

Well Nessie is setting this up perfectly. Get James and Meg out, Put up the smoke screen that she is with the Austwins, Enlist her new found soldiers to break up the power couples and do all the dirty work. Its nessy, john and steve in the f3. She had this all worked out. She is a master playing with idiots


you are an idiot for calling a grown- up, 32years old, badass woman “nessie”, unless you know her personally or sth.. annoying…her name is vanessa.


Your comment is almost an oxymoron… It doesn’t make you a master if you’re dealing with idiots… While I do agree she THINKS she’s a master, the fact remains that these people are stupid…And I justlovestoopidpeople

come again

Meg just said that because James did . James shed her already!!!


Can’t believe that none of the jury girlies were able to pull this one off… lol Johnny is back!

This week was just like in last season when they had to pull the trigger on the clock and rewind the week… meh…

Still wish they had 2 jury members back… then there would be a chance for change.

Gotta give props to Vanessa… cray cray but standing strong.



Would be awesome if James won the golden power of veto and the pov. Use the pov on Meg and then use the Golden Power of Veto on himself. Mess up the Austwits and Vanessa’s game. Then turn around and win HOH during the double eviction. That would be epic!!!


HAHA no he made his bed.


James need a Coup D’Etat. Replace all nominees if so desired. Take himself and Meg off the block and put up Austwins.


Haha. Wishful thinking! Meg and James are sitting ducks! Get to steppin!


YESSSS! From your lips to Production’s ears. James win Golden POV, HOH,

Twistin with the twins

Nessie is setting this up perfectly. Get rid of Meg and James. Lay down a smokescreen with the Austwins to make them feel comfortable. Enlist her new found soldiers to go out and do her dirty work. Craft a F3 with her Steve and Jmac. Great game plan. Not a big fan of Nessie but she is a master playing with a bunch of idiots. She played the percentages that the people in the jury house were disinterested and Jmac would come back and she could turn him into a loyal soldier because she did her best to keep him. She played the emotional card with Steve to lock him down. She has people on both sides that will keep her safe. Great game play against a bunch of amatures.


Nessie? Seriously? Wtf?


Omg omg so so happy I want James the funny sexiest out


And he DOES have herpes


JMac does not do much of anything. Except look down his nose at the little people that he’s so above. That’s why only Clay/Shelli/Becky/Steve/ were the only ones in his click. He didn’t start talking to anyone until he had to. He’s a member of the entitled bunch. I’ve seen some mean in him. He just does a better job of concealing it. I think he gets a lot of help thru the fairies because he is worshipped by the fans. Oh well…whatever.


I’m sorry, but I’m getting off the JohnnyMac train seriously he’s an idiot

Why does everyone want to get to end with Austwins?! Ugh if they were actually good gamers and weren’t on Vanessa’s tit than I’d be like fuck ya cuz then I might actually like them.

Dream scenario: James gets Diamond POV and Meg wins VETO bc it’s a NYC trivia! Smh I wish


Also before I get hate…I LOOOVE JMac, but game wise naaaaah homie


It bewilders me how no one sees what’s real. Because austwins are “”gross”” everyone glances over the fact he has never been put up, hidden behind vanessa evil, protected 3 people from going up, is the smartest literally in the house iq wise and everyone in the house flocks to him because we all count on the smart guy to feel safe. It’s an amazing social lesson I thought we got past in the 17th century. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sorry.people Austinay appear a neanderthal but think again and watch closer. When he’s not trying to slurp on liz that is.


Is Vanessa not going to put up any one from the 3 stooges???


Nope she’s going to split the money with them so she wins which is against the rules.

is it just me

so far it seems she is putting up dumb and dumber but its a long way to thursday you never know how things could change, im sure she has not forgot them wanting to backdoor her


Well. Vanessa is the odds on fav to Win. This Allison Grodner: can we please just let the players play… Without production interference:


Production need to enforce the rules because van is cheating and the game will be boring as hell if she gets away with it.

skeptical onlooker

Just when I think I cannot loathe Austin and the twins more than I do….BINGO!!
Austin whines about how he and the twins don’t want to be have-nots. In fact,.states how he’s not going to.
Because he and the twins need to be *fit* to win comps.
Yeah..right. He wants to continue eating everyone out of the house! And, of course..we have Liz whining about the bed. She wants to be back upstairs. And Austin promises her they’ll be back upstairs next week.
And…then..snap..* It’s Fine for James and Meg to be have nots..because they’ll be miserable any way…being up on the block.
What fekkin low lifes.
I want to see Lady Muck (Liz)..and Austin up on the block next week. TOGETHER. And be have nots.!!
Horrible people. Yes..it’s a game..people lie and back stab. But that just shows how despicable they are.
They can join the most hated club…along with Frankie, Amanda, Aaryn, Andy ..and I’m throwing in Gina Marie.


Most Hated…Right…3 Women and 2 Gay Men…Tell us more about yourself.

skeptical onlooker

Gender and choices have nothing to do with it. Character does. I hadn’t even thought of it like that.
Mind you…I’m now throwing in Audrey. Do the math 🙂


The twin are so mean. If Austin really thinks he has a shot with Liz after this he is so dumb. He has a girlfriend at home. How stupid are people.
I like Johnny Mac, I am glad he’s back. If Vanessa was smart she would get rid of one of the Austwins this week. She already has blood on her hands why not.


Im pretty sure he doesn’t have a GF at home now. She probably saw the douche he is and moved on. At least once his finger started exercising, she saw the writing on the wall…no game play there.


JMac has an image to uphold. Being a dentist and all. That’s why we will never see the real real JMAc. We easily see the real human flaws in the remaining house guest. They are putting on less of a facade. That’s why its so easy to criticize and judge them.


I just wish the twins were gone. They should have just gone on the bad girls club show. More fitting.


Jmacthagod jamesthaking stevethaboy vanessathabipolar austinthanasty juliathadumb lizthabimbo megthavictoriaofbb17

Golden Child

Meg is still clueless. Thinking Van will put JMac and Steve back on the block… Then James tells her he doesn’t think so, she says ‘why wouldn’t she?’ Girl get a clue. Your clueless brain spoke for James this morning to Van and then you freaked out and tried to cover your butt with Austin. Do you still not understand Meg that Van is working with Steve? James told you last night they were in the bathroom practicing for Days comp. James even told you if Van was really mad at Steve she wouldn’t be studying with him. Geez, talk about being dense, Meg wins hands down!!!!

Vanessa losing this game

Could somebody pls tell me how can be Vanessa thought as smart player if she wants to go to f5 with Auswtins? austin won 2HOH s, Liz won 2HOH s, Julia will win at least 1 … they will go after her before they will go after James/Meg. They will control the vote. They do not like her. Basically she s done after this move…not that I care…Just surprised of this bad decision

Ariana Grande stinks!

OMG — this is unbearable. Boogereating Sssssteve and Vamessa The Bully running the house!
Bring back Jiz and that hairy creature. It’s less disgusting to watch! #puke

The ONLY good thing is that Johnny Mac is less in danger this week. All the rest is just plain disgusting…


Skipping this week altogether. Can’t deal with Vanessa anymore.


Pretty sure James and Meg going in the Double Eviction. Really hope James win POV


John needs to stay out of the HOH room this week. Let others destroy themselves. James and Meg will spill info to Vanessa as long as they are on the block. Let Vanessa digest the info. Vanessa will know what John told her last week is true and she will trust John more. I am glad there will not be a summer camp this week. It is week 10, Meg and James are still in “summer camp” mode. Meg needs to leave the game so that James can get back to his “fighting and surviving” mode like he did when Jason left.
Team John to the end. If John won last week HOH and put up Vanessa, his game will be over this week and will not have a chance of getting back in the game because Vanessa won veto last week and HOH this week. John made the right move again last week for not winning HOH.
Some people are still hating John like Austwins are doing on the show. Someone just joins Austwins group. They wonder about John’s game themselves like Austwins do.
John is playing the game independently and solely by himself, that is why you will see his game strategy will be totally different from past players.

Roll Tide

Basically the show is over. Grodner is going to get her first lesbian winner. Vanessa was the odds on favorite to win the show.
This group plays the game personally. Jeff had to go because Liz was flirting with him. Van did not like Jackie, so she had her lap dog put her up. Van and Double idiots did not like Becky, she had to go. And now James.
I hope Vanessa is planning a blind slide and is actually going to put up Austin and Liz. With Julia as a backdoor. If the goblins are picked off this week, the season is basically over.
Grodner actually had a good season that went bad. Still think she needs to be fired. Get back the person who produced the show in the beginning. Or hire the guy who produced the glass house.
Please don’t have the day’s competition this year. nasty, hair ball, dumb and dumber have been studying hard. Do what is missing in the house, or counting things in the house. Just ideas since Grodner cannot come up with anything new.


So sad shelli didn’t make it back in. I miss you girl.


Austin needs to realize Jmac sleeps all day because there is no one in this house worth having a conversation with or a relationship. What, is he supposed to sit and listen to Austin and his twhinings all day long. It is either sleep or lose his mind!


I can’t get over how vile Vanessa, the asstwins and Steve are. And here I was, enjoying my first ever season of BB…I just can’t anymore.
Good luck James and Meg!!!


It’s funny how it turned out from weeks ago. They all thought they would get Vanessa out later…lol nope, you had your one and only chance. You thought Shelli would be harder, um no. So James and Meg only screwed themselves when they kept Vanessa. I like James, but that was his biggest mistake that will take him out.


I was surprised that no one cared to stay for HOH comp. They jumped off quick like they did not care.


They looked at all those disgusting faces and realized they would still be getting their weekly fat check, a beautiful house to enjoy and some good times. Most people don’t play in the garbage.