Austin “Are you putting them as Havenots too?” Vanessa “That would be evil! Yeah I’ll have to!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots ?

THE PLAN – Vanessa plans to nominate James & Meg

– James & Meg think only one of them will go up as a pawn with Johnny Mac
– Vanessa also plans to make James & Meg havenots for the week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 01-13-26-912
12:40am Kitchen – Julia complains to Liz that last night either Johnny Mac or Vanessa switched out her pillow for a thin pillow. (LOL It was James who switched her pillow to exchange his thin pillow for her thick pillow.)
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 02-23-26-612

12:40am In the bedroom – James says I knew that was going to get the tears going. Meg says I am going to look like the damsel in distress. James says well it makes me look like the knight in shinning armour. Shine my armour Squire! James says na, its no big deal, I wouldn’t want you to go before me. Meg says I wouldn’t want you to go before me. James says it’s going to happen. It’s going to be boring. James says I really shot myself in the foot. Everyone is too scared to pull the trigger on Austin and the twins. At this point I don’t even care because they’re going to do it to us. Meg says but you could tell she (Vanessa) was trying to say it too. She keep saying I’m open, I’m open. James says if they (Aus-twins) win HOH next week we’re f**ked. She (Vanessa) wants Johnny Mac gone. We can’t lie to her, she will find out the truth. Meg asks what do you think she is going to do? James says I would be very shocked if she put us up on the block. Meg says she wants us on her side. If one of us go up then they (Aus-twins) have 3 guaranteed votes to control what happens. James says if she took out Austin and the twins all of us would have a better shot at getting to the final 2. How the hell can she say we have to be a pawn when Austin has never been on the block. What is she trying to Derrick (BB16 Derrick won with never going on the block) him. She already knows I will do what I need to do. I would throw Austin on the block. Meg says I would kill to win HOH and do it. James says we’re fighting for our lives right now. James says we should have said too that Austin said he isn’t trying to win and he is trying. Meg says we can’t throw any more dirty words. James says we have 27 more days, its time to make some big moves. Meg says if you go out this week I am going to be out right behind you. Meg says that Vanessa is so emotional. James says she is emotional, that’s her weakness.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 01-28-45-915
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12:40am HOH room – Vanessa explains to Steve that both Meg and James fought to be the pawns. Basically Meg wanted to go up for James… and James wanted to go up for Meg. Steve asks they fought to be the pawns? Vanessa says they fought to be the pawn over the other one. Neither one wanted to be it but they understood why I wouldn’t put up you, Austin or the twins. Steve says well they’re better people than we are! Vanessa says right?! Oh my god they’re so much better people than we are right!? Steve says I accept, I am a terrible person. Vanessa says yeah you’re the douchiest of all because you were safe up there. You were 100% safe up there, I actually wasn’t. Steve asks can I tell you why I wasn’t okay?! I didn’t f**king trust your vote! Vanessa says but I gave you my word and you know my word is good. Do you not know that!? Like f**k! I’ve never broken my word in this game. Steve says I know you haven’t. That’s why I shot myself in the foot. Vanessa says the next HOH is going to be days. You’re going to be really good at it. Steve says Liz is too. You need to stop studying with her. You studied with her a lot. Vanessa says yeah going into this one. Vanessa says I want a path paved for us to the finals. I think we have the makings of it here. Hopefully James goes this week and next week we don’t even have to worry about her (Meg) winning. If Johnny wins he will go after Austin and the twins. We should be good. If James goes it might be the best HOH to throw because you’re never going. Steve says that’s a thought. I’m a big fan of winning the final 6, final 4 and final 3 HOH’s. Vanessa says Steve just please don’t go back on me! Steve says Vanessa you know I understand this game correct! I can do math. You have Austin & the twins together, you have James & Meg together, that leaves Me, you and Johnny. I get it. Vanessa says and you and me have Austin and the twins which makes us stronger and why Johnny Mac will have to go sooner than later. Vanessa says that Meg and James gave me everything I needed this morning to go after them. Steve asks will Aus-twins put us up next week? Will the put up Meg and John next week? Vanessa says they’re supposed to. Steve says I hope they do. I think it would be so dumb for them to go after us until after final 5. Johnny joins them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 01-28-49-394

12:50am HOH room – Johnny Mac joins Vanessa and Steve. Vanessa says just so you know you’re going up as a pawn…. she then laughs and says just kidding. Johnny says I could just walk out the door! Vanessa asks who was it that actually put a stop to you going up as a pawn. It was me. Vanessa says I was praying you would come back. Johnny says I know you did. I could read your face. Vanessa says I am ready to go from the bottom to the top. Unfortunately I can’t play next week but you guys can. Johnny says I’ve got physical and he (Steve) has mental. Vanessa says everyone thinks that you are going up as the target and they just had a conversation with me about who was going to be the pawn. Austin and the twins are afraid that you’re going to go after them. Johnny says yeah I have to work on that. Vanessa says what they want to hear is that you would be willing to go after whoever is left of James and Meg next week as your target and that doesn’t mean you can’t use them as a pawn. You could even stay true to that while putting them up and who knows what happens. Vanessa says I am just asking for your word that we three are good. Steve asks can we put him up just for traditions sake? They all laugh. Steve leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 01-44-00-890

Johnny asks did I handle that situation right? I didn’t know if I should just take a deal from you. Vanessa says no you handled it right. I really needed that letter from Mel. I feel like you, me and Steve have a very good thing. We could have a 6 with Austin and the twins.. and we’re stronger competitors. I couldn’t ask for a better 2 people to align with. I tried really hard for you to stay last week. Johnny says I know you did. Vanessa says if Steve had gone to jury he wouldn’t have come back. Shelli would have come back. She wouldn’t even make eye contact with me which was weird. Austin and the twins were asking if Meg or James came off the block who would I put up. They wanted me to put you up but I don’t want to do that because you’re the most risk to go again. Vanessa asks who would you put up? Johnny says Julia. Vanessa says Liz would be the best one because neither Julia or Austin would vote against her. Johnny says I wouldn’t vote against her. Vanessa says okay so if you and Steve say you won’t vote against her, Julia is a perfect pawn because she doesn’t win comps. Vanessa asks if it came down to Meg or Julia which would be better to take out? Johnny says Meg. Meg might be the best person to get rid of this week. Vanessa tells Johnny I need you to act like you thought we had a deal when you slipped off. So that explains why I am not going after you. I don’t want it to be overtly obvious that we’re working together. Vanessa says they f**ked me a little bit by making it look like I was keeping the information about James throwing the BOB from them (Aus-twins). I wasn’t keeping if from them I was keeping my word to James. So that will be my rational. Johnny says we’re getting down to numbers now and it almost doesn’t matter all the bullsh*t. Vanessa says I would rather James goes because Meg won’t win sh*t. Vanessa says you will not be a pawn this week. It would be way too much to risk it. Vanessa tells Johnny she really needs him to go out and win the veto. Johnny says there is no more throwing comps.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 02-47-52-797
1:15am Bathroom – Austin, twins and Vanessa. Vanessa tells Austin that Johnny Mac is cool with the plan. Austin asks how did it go with James and Meg? Vanessa says oh they totally think I’m putting him (Johnny Mac) up. I am just going to blind side them (James and Meg). It’s a game whatever, and I will explain it to them later. They’re going to gun for me and I’m okay with it. I don’t need to be perfect with everyone. The interesting thing was when I asked how do you feel about being a pawn. James instantly said put me up over Meg. Meg then started crying and said no put me up instead of James. They were fighting over who was going to be the pawn which is even more reason to break it up. Meg I was shocked that she would volunteer for James. Austin says she probably thinks she would never go. Vanessa says which is why I when I do it I am going to make her look like the target just in case he stays and then maybe not coming after me as much. And she is less likely to win an HOH. I will spin it that way even though he is the real target. Its close though, I’m actually fine with either. Liz asks does Johnny Mac hate us? Vanessa says no not at all. Completely blank slate. When Julie asked him who he would target if he came back in he said Meg. Vanessa says you guys are cool. Just win that veto. Austin asks are you going to put them up as havenots too? Vanessa says that would be evil but yeah I’ll have to. I’ll says I promised you I wouldn’t put you up as havenots

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 02-36-01-473
1:35am Bedroom – Steve and Johnny Mac talk. Steve says you deserve a week of safety and so do I. Steve says we both did sh*t to try and stay. Lets keep being mad. Johnny says its just mad. Steve says lets continue to be mad at each other. I did confirm us. Johnny says I did too. Steve says I denied it was final 2. Johnny says I said Rockstars in my speech. Did you catch that? Steve says I did. Did you blab? Johnny says yeah. Steve asks that we had a final 2. Johnny says yeah. Steve says cool. Don’t hang out with me. Johnny leaves the room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 02-38-16-452

1:35am Austin says to Julia why would Vanessa put us as havenots. If I was HOH I wouldn’t put you guys as havenots. It doesn’t matter any ways they’re going to be pissed when they both go on the block any ways. Its going to be hell no matter what. Julia says I can’t wait. Ausitn says Its going to be good. It’s going to be crazy! Meg thinks its going to be her or James and Johnny Mac… NO its going to be both of them. When it does happen we have to act shocked. Julia says like we have no idea. Austin says we’re going to try out the purple room when they (James and Meg) go in there (Havenot room). Austin says Vanessa will say when I didn’t put her up she promised she wouldn’t make me a havenot.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 03-04-13-157

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2am James and Steve start messing with the twins. Holding the comic bedroom door closed and trying to sneak into the room without the twins noticing.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 03-08-52-280

2:30am Commic bedroom – Johnny Mac, Austin and Liz are going to sleep.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 03-32-46-732
2:45am Vanessa looks at her HOH photos and get comfortable in the HOH room. She puts away her things and then listens to her music in bed while reading her letter.

2:35am – 3am James says she is probably going to put me up and then you as the replacement but if she does that it would be no deal. James says what if she throw up Austin and Liz tomorrow. That would be like WHOA! Bang Bang! Meg says she wouldn’t. Obviously if she doesn’t put one of us up then Austin and the twins would know we made some kinda good deal. But like she said she could just put up Steve and Johnny Mac like last week. James says I felt like I made a deal with the devil. Meg says we did. We weren’t going to go after her next week any ways. James asks do you think HOH will be double next week? Meg says no, next week. Meg says if its days (comp) Vanessa can’t play. Austin knows them will too. James says that’s why we need to flip the vote and take them out. Meg says I am so curious what she does tomorrow. James says what she does tomorrow will show where her loyalties lie. Meg says its says a lot that no one else is up there. James says she said she is all alone. Maybe she would go after them (Aus-twins) or maybe she wants to wait another week before that. Meg says I don’t see Johnny Mac going after her. Things have changed now. James and Meg go to sleep.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 03-13-21-111

3:35am – 3:45am Meg is up in the bathroom putting on her face. (Getting ready for a diary room session). She then heads to the kitchen to eat.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 03-35-25-452

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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I used to be a huge fan of Meg’s because I felt sorry for her because of her medical condition (still don’t know why CBS let her be a HG with her medical limitations ). But now, I am so sick of her floating and always talking about who “they” need get out yet she does nothing competition wise to help James. I really don’t mind if she gets evicted this time


Yeah she’s no good for BB.
But I still wish her the best in her life I cant say that for many of they other houseguests unfortunately.


I wish her the best in life also, but enough is enough. She should have never been casted on the show in the fist place because she’s not completely healed. Meg and Clay both took up places that could have gone to other people

Pot Kettle Black

Meg would not be the first on BB to not be a comp beast. Hell, look at Victoria from last year. She made it to final three. Those stipend checks kept coming all Summer. $$$$$$$$$$$$


what medical condition?


I’m intrigued – what are her medical limitations?


Uhm… what’s her medical condition?


Rheumatoid arthritis


Thanks for an answer rather than just a bunch of downvotes that those other cunts had to offer lol


What a scrotum response. If you haven’t paid attention since Day 1, you’re likely to get some thumbs down responses, douche.


She also had some typed of surgery on her legs or something a few months before she entered the BB House


OH I have osteo arthritis in my knees and it can be very painful at times and could never do bb.

is it just me

stupidity and arthritis.
they are making good headway in curing arthritis however they are still light years away from finding a cure for stupidity.


She has arthritis and has had multiple knee surgeries including one a couple months before going in the house – she has a huge scar from it on her leg.


I totally agree but what if James wins the veto and save Meg. Who would be a replacement nominee!!!

Nothing Personal

Vanessa said: Jmac.


Wait, if Meg and James are both on the block, he can’t take them both down if he wins veto, can he? I thought the person on the block could only save themselves. But if a houseguest thats not on the block wins, and uses it on someone on the block, then that houseguest AND the nominee are safe. But that doesn’t apply if youre already on the block.

Am I wrong here?


Correct, if they are both on the block one of them is screwed.


Only one person can come down off the block with a regular POV


Latest plan is Julia as replacement nom, because JMAC is too risky to go home, and he’s still more useful to her game that win-nothing, do-nothing, insult everyone Julia. But since James hasn’t been winning, and he doesn’t study anything but pranks, he won’t win POV and Noms will stay the same.

Meg's medical condition...

The only medical condition, that I can see on Meg is “myfeetdontliketotouchthefloor” condition… She is just a mouth that doesn’t shut up and is Lazy and useless in this game. I am thinking, that The Bachelor casting crew rejected her. Other than that, what the hell is she doing in the Big Brother house?

Canadian Kevin

I like Jmac, so i”m glad he has some life again – and i’d prefer he/Vanessa/Steve work with the goblins – but after Megs’ “oh i don’t want them to hold this (a vote for Jmac instead of steve to stay) against us later – if we’re screwed then we’re screwed” comment, i wouldn’t mind seeing her go.

I feel for James; he tries to win, and he’s fun to watch, if overly sexist – but i remind myself he put himself in this position listening to her. So he’s going to get what is coming to him. Though i’d rather see the Austwins get what is coming to them sooner rather than later.

Having said that – i think it’s Shitty that Austin and the twins don’t take a turn as have nots. Each time i think i’ve reached my lowest opinion of those three, they prove me wrong.


Don’t leave us hanging…what medical condition?


I believe she has rheumatoid arthritis. My father and Grandma had it, it is a crippling, painful autoimmune disease. No cure yet.


It would be well deserved for her to be evicted this week by Vanessa…just a couple of weeks after playing a major role in blowing up Becky’s game in order to keep Vanessa over Shelli. I expect it will be James though. No one is threatened by Meg… So everyone should secretly be planning to carry her to the end.

Impossible but True: James & Meg Campaign Worse than JMac

Did James really go there? He can’t think of any other strategy to campaign, so he falls back on his other head and says, I was always attracted to you, until you said you were gay, then I knew I couldn’t flirty with you. Gag! He briefly mentioned after much tooth extracting from Van, that eventually he’d like to take out Austin, but left it there, with no plot, plan, timing. Just putting a target on his back for betraying his bro-mance and Van’s F2. Noble that he wants to protect Meg by walking the plank first? Should have tried to save her with gameplay. He’s only thought of himself as a pawn the whole game.

It’s too bad James can’t relate to women, talk strategy or communicate except as a 13-year-old boy. Austin only kept him to play with like a toy only to discard when it’s time to win money in big boy games like BB. He says he’s playing dumb as a strategy, deferring to Meg’s so-called wisdom, but never jumps in to do any real man-talk, game-talk or long term planning. Where’s the military training. His hometown visit made him look like a good ol’ boy with nothing to do but drink, maybe he’s been on summer vacation and can’t keep his mind off jumping Meg. Jump into the game, instead! Not daydreaming about meeting Meg’s parents and summing up the whole game as they were going to get us anyway.

Amy N

I would hope that folks with medical conditions were STILL allowed to participate….it might be a disability but she can still play. Her game play might not be that good because, she just might not BE that good at comps. A shame at her age she has to have RA….

Night Owl

I think I know what Vanessa’s plan is. Taking out a goblin this week is the best thing to do as far as going after the Austwins. The goblins are only 2 but it is uncertain if they want to team with the Austwins and be a final 5. Anything can happen in this game and the Austwins and goblins are pretty tight. You can’t leave those 2 together. By removing one of the goblins, moving into the next HOH it will basically force the last goblin standing to team with Vanessa, Johnny, and Steve to go after the Austwins. At that point they outnumber the Austwins and there is no way anyone of them will side with the Austwins. Vanessa has to keep the Austwins feeling safe so that she protects herself from them moving forward, should one of them win HOH. Also, she saw last week how Meg went straight to Austin to fill him in. There is a loyalty of sorts there and Vanessa sees it. So a goblin is a good move, and Meg talks to much so she might be the target. Vanessa and Johnny will also want to keep the strongest player of the two moving forward, This may be Meg’s week to go. John, Vanessa, Steve and James will be a pretty strong team to go after the Austwins. Taking out one of the Austwins now, does not help the other sides game because the goblins will be left and just team with which ever of the 2 Austwins are left, becoming a team of 4. That would not be good.


Her plan is to bribe Austin and the twins with cash and cars to get them to let her win.
So far its working WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT.


That’s all predicated on Austin and the Twints not recognizing the danger and forging their own alliance with either JMac or Steve.

It's A Wrap...Party

The only danger Austin is focused on is losing Liz to real men at the Wrap Party. He announces to everyone he doesn’t even care about the game, he’s in it for wrestling contracts that will be pouring in once they realize what entertainment value his lazy eye, top hat and indecisive Judas character have.

Even the Twits realize he’s done more to hurt their game lately. They talk sucher mean trash about him when he’s out of the room. Asstinks big move during his HOH is going after JMac, fail, and getting Liz commitment to be his girlfriend. He’s taking bribes to be Vanessa’s card counting gambling apprentice in Vegas, and told her to vote him out before Liz. Check! It’s a Wrap for Judass, thank god.


good analysis
I wouldve never thought of it like that


That makes alot of sense and Vanessa is a smart women, I hope this is the plan, but having to listen and watch Sasquatch and the pinheads one more week is headache inducing to say the least.

Double D

Vanessa should win this game. But she needs to take out the 3 headed snake while she has help.

If Austin and the twins get through the double eviction this week, the game is over


as long as James wont go home I’m cool with everything


Or one of the goblins goes home and the one left still joins sides with the Austwins, still making it a team of 4


I totally agree … Best move for her are the goblins – She has covered herself on all sides and has it set up for someone other then herself to take out the Austwits going forward. She fought hard, was alone in the game a lot more then she might have even realized, and always figured out a strategy to turn it around. Love her or hate her you have to admit she is strategically brilliant! Even Steve was man enough to admit it and give her props lol

Steve's Idol Worship Classic People Pleasing Don't Trust It

Remember all the trash Van talked about Steve, she doesn’t trust anything he says, he’s a selfish people pleaser he agreed, and will go no where in life, will make no close friends saying what everyone wants to hear. Like he thinks he did in Veto speech to win America’s Favorite Player prize. Jane’s will kill him. Anyway, Steve wasn’t a man to give Van props, he tells the cameras every night he’s kissing ass so he can get her. Producers tell him to prop her up in his Diary Room talking heads. She wins negate she cheats bribes. She sat on swing like everyone else they dug out a technicality to say her feet were still on it. They have to shut feeds on every comp to give out warnings while the entire Jury was disqualified. She’s still bribing and applying to get onto Amazing Race with Mel. CBS is invested in her win, like Evel Dick the player you love to hate.


Thanks so much for your explanation Night Owl. When JMac told Julie he would target Meg I just went “HUH?!”. And my head has been spinning since I started reading the updates this morning and seeing that Vanessa is on the same page. Your synopsis makes perfect sense. Also, Van won’t target the Austwits because she knows the twits (being the bitches they truly are) would hold a grudge and never vote for her in the end.

Double D

She won’t be getting their votes anyways if she is sitting next to any of the 3.


Makes sense


I really hope this works out for the V,JM,S triad, but somehow I can still see the remaining of the M&J duo teaming with the AssTwits….. They’ll be emotionally charged and want to go after the Big Bad Wolf rather than see the clarity of getting those three out….
I can see the reasoning behind V’s strategy, but it’s a lot of risk- even for her skill with the gamble…
Either way, it was a rock and a hard place decision, she could get screwed no matter what. At least I see the process and it’s not based on hurt feelings and ‘pay-back’ like 90% of the other players would choose. Van is a smart player, regardless of what anyone thinks of her tactics.

Night Owl

I agree. Giving thought to the last gobin siding with Austwins, that would not be smart because it is a 2 pair trio. Liz and Julia and Liz and Austin, are each other’s final 2 with no room for anyone else. Liz is the first one that should be the other sides target that way Austn and Julia will no doubt break up on their own and be forced to try and work their way into something else. Problem for them a little too late in the game.


I think Vanessa teamed up with JMac and Steve so they will NOT team up with the Austin/Twins again. She just wiped out their little idea of a 5 person alliance. HA! She just pit them against each other!

Also, maybe she is gambling on the next HOH being the dates, in which case Steve or Liz will most likely win. The girl is covered. Think about it!! JMac/Steve NEED her, and Austin/Twins NEED her. She deserves to win it.

A Numbers Game

The potential flaw in that plan is that the remaining Goblin joins up with the Austwins rather than Vanessa, JM & Steve’s side. They’re gonna be angry, and snuggling up with Vanessa’s group won’t be very appealing. That will still result in a 4 to 3 split..favoring the Austwins side.


True, but there’s risk involved no matter what. It all depends on who has power in the next week or two. These players have been playing the ‘nice’ game for awhile, acting like they won’t target each other with the other group. They have all been drifting to the power to a degree. That’s how Clay/Shelli ended up getting evicted, b/c Van is willing to suck up and take out her own in order to save herself. Van’s current play is probably the best scenario for her, b/c she can control the Austwins and Jmac/Steve, and they have reason to believe that she would stay loyal and be a number for them (well, except for Jmac, but he’s got to be careful and he’s awful at manipulating, anyway). James/Meg have no reason to spare her if she leaves them in the game. If she takes out an Austwin, the remaining Aussies can easily team up with the rest of the house to get her out the next week. There is no reason for Jmac/Steve/james/meg to stay loyal to her at that point. Well, maybe Steve, but he’s not going to fight for her and he may see it as an opportunity to get her out.


It all hinges on who wins HOH. If Steve or Jmac win put up 2 of the other side then it’s 3-2 voting


Yes, but! The remaining Goblin would not be accepted into the Austin Group because they THINK they are set with their 4. Plus, if they win HOH they will need to put up a pawn and the only ones that would be left would be JMac and Remaining Goblin. This is why Vanessa is kissing butt to the Austin Group, in case they win. THen she can keep iterating, “We will be the Final 4!” The twins are too stupid to see through that plan.


Nice comments. The thing to remember is James has a better relationship with Austin. If Meg goes do not presume he works with Van & Boys. As for who gets evicted I’ll believe a goblin goes when I see it. I still think Johnnie is the 1st person going Thursday on a backdoor special.

Beast Mode Cowpie

This makes a lot of sense, and Meg is the logical target if this is indeed Vanessa’s plan. Besides talking too much, she can’t win anything so the most she can contribute is a vote. James can win physical and endurance comps (expected him to do much better last night) as well as count as a vote. I hope you’re right, but I’m a little skeptical. Vanessa seems SO relieved to be back in tight with the Austwins I find it hard to picture her going after them. If she is that good of an actress then I guess she still does have a shot to win this thing. I am very surprised she won this HOH comp.


Who gave van two black eyes is she okay?

AKA Twistin' ....

I HATE this for James but not so much for Meg. She talks way more than she should and trusts people in a genre where everyone knows you can’t. She is James’ downfall and needs to go. I want James to win during double eviction and take one of the twins out, preferably Liz. Put Liz and Vanessa up for a split vote and he decides. That would make me find my happy place in the BB world again. I’m disgusted with the current HOH situation right now. I’d like to like and respect Vanessa’s game play but it just isn’t in me. She’s a schizophrenic asshole with a delusional god complex. They should have smoked her when they had the chance. Dumb asses.


Agreed with everything you said!

This season is a tragedy

Lets be real , there are just so many chances to get rid of Austwins and I feel like Vanessa is going to miss this chance for all of us, which will make us look at Julia&Austin f2 …thanks a lot Vanessa. Not to mention that going to f3 with Steve&JMAc means she won t be in f2 …Steve might be saying now he wants to go w her to f2 , but after Vanessa takes out James -she has a story, Jmac doesn t.


can’t say how happy I was to see the idiot twins scared, their normal voices are whinny & brutal, I don’t want to imagine how they’ll sound once they’re on the block……..Vanessa’s not stupid she will figure out a way to get them on the block this week, she knows they have to be split up, putting up James & Meg is a smoke screen, that girl has already started on Austin, every word that comes out of her mouth is calculated……..Austin won’t vote out Liz but, he would Julia, it’s just unfortunate that Julia is useless, Liz would be the better choice to get rid of……I can’t stand Vanessa but, she has played the best game so far so if she doesn’t pull the trigger this week, she’ll be in trouble for DE. The only downfall for Vanessa is the whole Jury hates her and I can’t see one of them giving her the money…..


The jury may hate Vanessa but so far they have all given her props for her game play. Most jury members vote game play, not personally. Once they get to jury house they tend to remember this is a game and come to respect the way others have played. Those who hold a grudge are just childish.


Problem for Van is she can only win by taking Julia to the end, she has been her own worst enemy with all the comments about her word being golden and people should know she don’t go back on her word and how much integrity she has.
People compare notes in Jury and one constant is if someone preaches how good their word is and it really isn’t they tend to punish the person at final vote if there is anyone worth giving it to, the only one that fits that is Julia.


Vanessa said it. The jury is filled with catty women. And Meg told James that she would vote for a twin over Vanessa in F2. They won’t admit that Vanessa played the game better than them.


Put up Julia and Austin ! If one of them wins POV then put up Liz !!


The possibility that the Austwins could make the final two or win it all is depressing at best.

come again

Meg you are a horrible player and when you were with the twins against Steve and Jmac you thought it was funny how uncomfortable they felt. I can not feel sorry for you. You are no damsel. James WAKE UP! I hope they take out Meg. Next week I hope the Austwins go for being so horrible to people. Sorry but not SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSoooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry


I wholeheartedly agree! If Meg went and Julie went, there goes the Victoria’s of BB17. It would be a fight for the finish, and would be a great end game. Love them or hate them Austin and Liz have been playing the game. I just love the idea that Steve, JMac, Van, and James could form an alliance. They are only together because they have to, but will turn on each other on a dime. A gang of misfits.
I still want Van to go first, because she will still be playing both sides… but, go on girl, get Meg out this week!


I would love to see Night Owl’s plan be played out but seems this season nobody is willing to make a big move. I am beyond sick of the Austwins….Glad that Johny Mac is back….


is he actually retarded, that julie chen exit interview was just dreadfull, almost as bad as the 60 seconds of high pitch screams when the jury came in…. puke heave puck shit


You are right. In content and noise it sounded like feeding time at the ape house. The only thing he didn’t do was throw his poop at the audience.


He was channeling the spirit Beavis.


Vanessa not gunning for one of the Austwins and Johnny Mac the one that came back into the house, I don’t think Production is happy about any of this.
This season is going from bad to worse. zzzzzz


This is too confusing for my simple mind I suppose. Who the hell is she targeting? Just sign the check over to Austin already! Liz will love him till the money runs out!!!


why do james and Meg always feel safe after just one conversation
it’s so hard to root for people when they cannot identify bs


Well James, I’d really love to thank you for that one whole week you made interesting out of the season. I really hope you win Americas favorite, you deserve it!!!

I cannot believe how stupid Vanessa is. You know Austin and the twins have wanted to come after you, you know you are the lowest on their totem pole. You’re confident that your new trio will beat them in comps? Um, you effing nimwit, who has been in power the last 2 weeks?

I’m already ready for this boring ass week to be over. Vanessa seems to be pretty easily swayed so I really hope JM, Meg and James can convince her to go after austwins, but I’m definitely not getting my hopes up. You lame ass b!tch, just when I thought I couldn’t dislike your lying, manipulative, fake ass anymore!!!!!

Sportz Assassin

To me

Pot Kettle Black

Vanessa is moving these people around like a chess game. She has ran this entire game, even when not in power. She is going to win. Mark. My. Words.

Night Owl

That is exactly what she is doing. The only thing I don’t have a handle on is who is her final 2 plan? In her position if I wanted a win it would be Julia. There would only be 2 jury votes for her. Johnny and James have close people in jury. Steve, not sure what the jury would think. Not Austin because he would have an argument about how long he kept both twins safe and in his own mind believes he masterminded a lot of plays and would try to convince the jury of that. So, barf, it might be Julia.

Pot Kettle Black

My guess is Vanessa will take either Julia or Austin, neither will have the jury votes to beat her.


After al the “C words” James has called Vanessa, I would love for her to get him out.


Vanessa, JMac, Meg and James could EASILY get one of the Austwins / FingerBangBunch out this week. The only real danger is, for example, if she put up Liz and Julia, then Austin won veto and took down Liz – but even in that worst case scenario, she could use Steve as the replacement. Then she’d have James, Meg, Johnny Mac voting out Julia and only Liz and Austin voting out Steve.

Maybe I’m not accounting for something here… but it seems insane to let a strong, 3-person alliance (no matter how stupid they are) keep steamrolling through. Why is everyone so eager to be loyal to them? James was the only person who might’ve actually gone for the jugular, and I have a feeling that he’ll be gone during the double on Thursday.

Sportz Assassin

To me, targeting Meg is a smart game move for Vanessa. She is too smart not to read the cards and know that the Austwins are only worth staying with for so long and that they’ve already aligned to evict her. Obviously she saw that last week with trying to keep John.

-She doesn’t want to openly piss off Austwins, so she won’t nominate them

-She knows Steve and John will target them with power, so no blood on her hands with jury votes.

-She, Steve and John can pull in Meg/James as a number/Austwins targeter/expendable HG if Austwins gain power during and after DE.

-She’s covered no matter which side wins HOH next (which in a DE means the HOH has already decided what to do and is hard to influence). They don’t yet know of a DE but in a pinch she knows Austwins go after Goblin/Steve/John or vice versa.

-She cannot cross the Austwins with her HOH. I know Liz is the lynchpin but it carries heavy risk if you miss … or even if she is successful. It will kill her loyalty card (I know) and put a large easy target on her.

Short term, she’s covered and long term she’s banking on someone else taking out an Austwin


The twits could star in next avatar movie with no makeup! Omg they look exactly like an avatar! Only diffrence the avatars were nice and had brains.
I can’t watch them now because it makes my skin crawl.


Austwins need to be Have Nots! It’s there turn…isn’t that what Austin said when JMac asked not to be his week if he was going up on the block! I hate Austwins….please don’t let them get to final 3!!!!!

Better Than Last Year

I agree with Night Owl. Van’s only concern is that the goblins are tight with the Austwins but she can talk her way into getting rid of them (Austwins) next week on someone elses HOH. (Get ready for non-stop “talk bullying”) That way she won’t be held responsible for getting them out . She doesn’t want to lose the 3 jury votes.
I just hope that James can win the veto. He’s the only one who would backdoor Van & I’d love to see that happen. Van doesn’t want James to stay because she’s seen that he will go back on any deal (Shelli & Clay).
Would really love to see Liz & Austin up for DE with Van as backdoor if one wins veto!

C’mon James…………time to win!


If Vanessa puts James and Meg up there. The only thing left to do is rewind. Or James wins veto. They better hope that doesn’t happen cuz if he wins HoH he has no reason anymore to not put up Vanessa and Liz, if one comes down put up Austin. They have all thrown him under the bus. Vanessa is always saying people owe her for not evicting them, well she actually owes James for still being there.


Vanessa’s an idiot if she puts up anyone other than two of the Austwins.

She’s a poker player, therefore, a numbers and odds person.

If she goes to final 4 with the Austwins, she’s 75% guaranteed to go home, as the other three will all put her up if they’re HOH, the 2nd will be on the block with Vanessa, and the 3rd will vote out Vanessa. Any other final 4 combination she can negotiate and give reason for her to remain. There’s no negotiation to be had with full-on Austwin final 4 – unless she can somehow convince Austin the smart move is to put up the twins, since either twin will dump him in a second and split the $550,000 with family.

There are 8 players left. Whoever goes home this week, leaves 7.
Vanessa cannot vie for next HOH.
Therefore, if a non-Austwin goes home, 3 out of the 6 players remaining who can compete for HOH will be Austwins, 50% chance. This isn’t poker. Does Vanessa really want to risk it on a coin-flip?

Meg is the weakest player left, and the best player to take to final 3.

That leaves James, JohnnyMac, Steve. Any of them can be reasoned with, negotiated with, logically induced.

The longer all 3 Austwins remain, the longer the odds are of Vanessa winning.

Tattooed Finger

Send Meg to me I have something for her to do that she will excel at

is it just me

you got cheetos?


It’s numbers. If Vanessa takes out Meg or James this week there is no way anyone could have the votes to get her out in the second eviction of the double next week. She is golden for the dbl eviction when Meg orJames walk out door first.

Hopefully both Meg and James go out in the dbl then Vanessa has a 3 alliance with both the Austwins and Johnny and Steve. She can then decide which three to go to final 3 with. She is golden.

BB 11 fan

You mean she has a final four alliance with Austwins. But yeah she is golden after she gets Meg and James out.

She can choose between the two groups. Her best bet to win is taking a twin to the final two. No one would vote for them to win. Even Austin will give Vanessa his vote if it’s Julia and Vanessa final 2. Some people would vote for Steve or Johnny over her though.

Best bet for the sure win take Julia. Then as you said “she is golden”

Go Vanessa! One of the BB greats! Can’t wait to see her on a all stars season. Hopefully with Derrick so she can school pig face and shut people up that pig face is a “amazing player”


Putting James an Meg on the block and as have nots so Austin and the twins wont be uncomfortable after spending two weeks in the HoH room is really unfair. If that happens I hope the food they get is something like steak and chocolate cake.




Vanessa taking out a goblin this week and hoping Steve or John win HoH next week to target the twins and Austin means Vanessa is still good with the ones left…

Well played…but I still think something needs to be done about alluding to gifts for her allies after the game.

I survived last seasons BB

Is it Me or does Meg remind You of Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend ?

I still think busting up Austwins straight up would have been epic..But I cannot have any sympathy for Meg or James..Vanessa is there because of them

JMac,,Now in an alliance,,,shaky but at least it has a chance

At the end of the day

Love or or hate her, Vanessa has all the bases covered. Final two with Austin with him letting her decide the fate of te twins, final four with Austwits, final two with Steve, final three with Steve and Jmac. Looking pretty good that none of them will rat her out. Won’t matter who wins HOH after Meg and James leave, the Austwins will target Steve and Jmac, and they will target the Austins. No blood on Van’s hands.

Bored McBorederson


Wake me for BB 18…

Makes sense what Van is doing just makes for boring TV


I really hope this works out for the V,JM,S triad, but somehow I can still see the remaining of the M&J duo teaming with the AssTwits….. They’ll be emotionally charged and want to go after the Big Bad Wolf rather than see the clarity of getting those three out….
I can see the reasoning behind V’s strategy, but it’s a lot of risk- even for her skill with the gamble…
Either way, it was a rock and a hard place decision, she could get screwed no matter what. At least I see the process and it’s not based on hurt feelings and ‘pay-back’ like 90% of the other players would choose. Van is a smart player, regardless of what anyone thinks of her tactics.

I survived last seasons BB

I do not care for Vanessa, BUT She has positioned Herself perfectly

If the noms stay the same,,She gets a Goblin out,,then can see who wins HOH next week and align with them,,She has ties on both sides

If James/Meg win POV..She puts up a Twin..and then can decide if She wants to break up Austwin if She can bring in the Goblins to a final 5, unlikely but possible

Her only weak position is if the remaining Goblin wins HOH next week..


Austwins are sluts lol


Look, I’m sure someone has already said this, but I’m gonna vent. Vanessa, is dumb if she thinks Austin and the twins will control this HOH because they have the numbers. All she needs to do is put up LIZ and JULIA and get JMAC, MEG, and JAMES to vote one of them out. If she doesn’t put up one of the twins, then yes, Austin and the Twins will control this weeks eviction since they have the numbers. Hopefully she grows a pair and does something smart this week. Letting go of MEG is a waste of space.

No Balls year...

I’m so bored with these STUPID players. They should label this year as the year of NO BALLS. They had MANY oppurtunities to take out Vanessa and they had NO BALLS. Now Vanessa wants to take out MEG???? REALLY? Vanessa has an opportunity to take out a power player and as usual, NO BALLS! I’m bored as hell watching these players mak NO BALLS moves. The twins have repeatedly said on numerous occasions, that they want to keep “so and so” (insert Meg or James) because their “fun”…. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME? They REALLY DO think they are in Summer Camp, what a messed up “cast”.

Brad H

I’m PRAYING for James to win POV tomorrow then win HOH and put Austin/Liz up during the DE & use Julia or Vanessa as the replacement nom. That would definitely save this season.


Just tried to watch last nights episode. I prefer reading the recaps. Does Van know that people lie and backseat in BB? Did she think everyone would be nice and honest while playing this game?


I think Vanessa is in the perfect position. Take out James or Meg and then align with the remaining goblin/Jmac/ Steve and take out Austwins.. The remaining 3 would be stupid to take out Van instead of Austwins, it’s time to break them up!


Well, another unwatchable week on the feeds coming up.

At least Becky will get a good laugh when Vanessa sends a goblin home this week.


First time in years I didn’t watch a live show , and I don’t even care? Thanks Simon and Dawg for the skinny but I’m just not that interested in these people!


can we get for saying the Austwits are the worst? I never noticed before, but at the bottom of this page the most thumbs up is for Amanda haters! Wow! I would think we could get as many for Austwits, followed by Vanessa…Waddya think?


i wish i could hit thumbs up 1000x’s


Knowing how shit the last few weeks have been, Meg will win the POV and it’ll be James and John on the block on Monday.


Who’s bright idea was the twins twist for this season because they need fired. The twins and Austin have JACKED this whole season up… Any time the camera cuts to them I cringe because their chatter is so pathetic .


i agree 100%


Just checked JMac’s (as well as all HGs still in the house) bio as someone suggested, yes he is playing true to form, as is Vanessa. Liz on the other hand…one quote “girls can be catty” so she will work very hard to make friends with the girls. Ahh Liz, first of and your sis are the catty ones. Second, you can’t make friends with other girls if all you do is trash them. I’m very impressed by James. He lost his parents at a very young age and was not adopted till his early teens. A lot of adoptees would be bitter and withdrawn. He on the other hand is fun loving and outgoing.


Every week they stab each other in the back, they yell, feel betrayed, they cry, they swear revenge but at the end the astwits, Vanessa in the grass and clueless superfan Steve protect each other and go after one of the only player who made big moves, James. This season is truly entertaining just because it’s full of loopy paranoid people… But as far as the game goes… It’s one of the most boring EVER.


So Vanessa asked ” what if America hates me ?”

Answer – Yes – America detests you.


Vanessa has a lot of fans. She’s not like Christine, she’s just playing the game.


I can’t wait to see Meg cry all week with her and James up on block.

I’m sorry but I love to see that stupid useless twat suffer.

What’s funny now bitch?