“The vote is going to be tighter than I would like.” **Updated**

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony:

Prize / Punishment VETO Results:
– Sarah won 5k
– Derek X bathroom punishment – he has to unlock the washroom every time someone needs it for the next 24 hours
– Alyssa won a phone call
– Ky – has to make clubhouse sandwiches

FYI – Teams are done, Wildcard comps are done, Twist next week with Fan involvement

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Big Brother Spoilers – Looks like Christian is still going up but DX may not have the votes to take him out. Tiffany’s jealously over Ky and SB continues to shine.

Midnight Ky and SB
SB asks if they can solidify something between DerekX now she’s not going after him.
SB – I’m dead serious I’ll go to back for him
Ky – I’m down for the three
KY says Hannah is more loyal to DX than X but even if they can just pull in the three.
Ky says she’s got the queen’s vote “In what world would Brit keep Christian? he’s not a shield for her”

Ky says the only person they can’t get is DF “he’s convinced if we lose another guy the girls will work together”
Ky – it’s so dumb people will never bond together over something like that
SB – he tells me every day we have too many athletic guys they have to go. I think he’s talking out both sides of his mouth.
SB begins to cry. “I’m so stupid I threw the last comp thinking there’s no way I’m going on the block. I’m so stupid”
SB – I was just so confident
Ky – sometimes the bad stuff happens for us not too us we can only see after it’s done.
SB – When Christen is on the block I am worried. If you are honest and say you knew they will be suspicious
SB thinks Ky needs to say he didn’t know cause it makes sense DX wouldn’t tell him to keep the information from SB.
SB – I don’t know what I am going to do.. I have tomorrow and half of Monday.
SB – this will be the most stressful birthday of my entire life.. we’re going to have a Keesha birthday we’ll have the veto ceremony and then try to eat freaking cake.
SB says this ruins her argument she wanted to have in final 2 “I’ve never been on the block”
Ky – other than Cody or Derick nobody has done that
Ky – DX said about Christian.. the thing about taking out Christian it may be too early but the optimal shot is an accurate one it’s not the timing
SB – I hope we’re not being played
KY – no
SB – what if he thinking SB is close to Kyland if I take out Sb Kyland is closer to me I don’t have to worry about her
KY – he knows that’s not the case I told him what happens if you go home..
SB – What did you tell him?
KY – I told him it would be a problem between me and him
SB – what would you do If I went home
Ky – work with the kings
SB – the good thing is the veto is being used. unless it’s you or Tiffany I think I have the numbers to stay. I do believe him right now. I just don’t want to come out of this show looking like an idiot
SB – I’m so stressed out..
SB says Claire, Tiffany, and Hannah told her if she’s up against BIGD they would vote to keep her. “I hope I can believe that” (yikes)
SB – if everyone is lying to me right now and I don’t have the votes to stay then I am stupid and I should go home right now
Ky – then we both are so don’t feel stupid
SB – If I am going home I’m ghosting all of you. except for you unless you betray me. Ugh.. I don’t even have a job to go back to why am I here. I just don’t want to regret this for the rest of my life.
Sb cries again.
Ky tells her she got second “don’t forget that”
SB – thank you for being here for me I would lose my mind if I didn’t have you I would self evict and go home
Ky – of course

Ky – I could have done better (in the veto)
SB says if DX puts Christian up then she knows everything he told her is true
Ky – and we have four votes everything we just need one more.
KY – it would go a long way if you talked to Brit after this happens
Ky wants her to point out that Christian is a competitive threat and she knows now she can beat SB/KY in competitions.

(Kyland has to make club sandwiches as part of the veto competition not sure for who. neither SB or Ky say they know what is in it.)
SB – a club sandwich is Turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, onions, mustard, ketchup.. I don’t know I’m making it up.

Ky says he does sit with friends like this in general “I don’t want people to ever think negatively of me or you”
SB – If I genuinely thought that Shelly would be uncomfortable with it or question it then I wouldn’t do it.
Ky – I think of Christine and Cody .. it’s one thing but other people think stuff.. as long as you know where Shelly stands
SB – I have a lot of close guy friends
Ky – I’m not worried about it as long as you know SHelly is ok
SB – Yeah I hope so .. now you have me worried.. no no it’s fine.
SB – shelly knows I am committed to her. I don’t think she would worry about it. I have a lot of guy friends that I also HUG and.. I don’t think it’ll be a problem.
SB says she’s usually not this affection to people but to be honest she just needs it right now “I’m so lonely”
SB says KY will be one of her best friends and she is in a committed relationship when she gets out Shelly is the only person she is interested in dating.
They both confirm production hasn’t asked them anything about it in the DR. So they conclude it must not be a thing.
Ky notes that during season 16 Christian brought it up in the DR so they must have been asking her about it.
SB says Shelly will like Ky

12:30 am X, Alyssa and Christian
X – I don’t trust SB at all I don’t
X says the only queens he trusts are Tiffany and Claire.
X – let’s recap the f***ing veto you’re on the block and you take 5 thousand dollars?
X – that tells me several things.. One you feel way too damn comfortable with people when only one of us is competing.
X – Two you don’t give a f* any of us get backdoored because a king doesn’t have that power and Three you took away the only incentive anyone other than Britini has to not take the Golden power of veto
Alyssa goes on about SB wanting Alyssa to win the veto so she would use it on her and get the blood on her hands.
X – This is a theory she seems primarily fixated to making it to Jury
X explains this theory that there’s a pre-session duo and it’s SB/KY.
Feeds cut..

1:08 am Ky and DX
DX says people are surprised Sb went for the 5K instead of the veto.
Ky says he asked SB why she did that and she told him it was a horrible game and personal decision in the moment she panicked.
DX – I do want to work with her (SB)
DX – we might have to do some damage control for her
KY – I don’t think so
DX – she’s just so lovable it might just go away over time.
DX – this is who I am scared of.. maybe I’m overthinking.. Before this competition, no one had any reason other than X and Alyssa to keep Christian over SB.
DX – now with this competition if X and Alyssa could use this and blow it out of proportion. They’re grasping at straws
Ky – who is all of a sudden going to work with the kings?
DX – Sb is a king
KY – it’s no SB leading that team.
Ky – if we send out SB the kings still don’t trust us.
DX – I DON’T want to send home SB
Ky – At least we have for sure SB and Possibly Xavier (out fo the kings)
DX – I don’t know about Xavier.
DX – X definitely does not want Christian to go
Ky – why would Christian be good for his game?
DX – Christian is a huge weapon and he’s on his side. The same reason we want to take him out is why he wants to keep him. Christian will be loyal to X and take out other people
Ky – and shield him if we .. if you did put Christian up.
DX – would you want to work with x?
Ky – I feel like Christian leaves it is good for us and necessary for him
DX – yes
Ky says if Christian goes up he can count on Xavier, Alyssa, and BigD’s vote.
Ky – we have the queens locked in. Hannah I’m sure will do what you want so we have four. We just need one.. Between Brit or Azah.
DX says prior Brit told him she would vote out Christian.
Ky – she has no reason not to.
DX – the vote is going to be tighter than I would like.

DX – one angle we can take with Azah and BIGD
DX explains that everyone knows someone is coming up so they’ll tell Azah and BIGD it’s their names being suggested. IF they keep them off the block will they give him their votes to take out a bigger target.
DX – if they vote against it we still have the numbers but then we’ll know we can’t trust them
They talk about a joker going up.
Ky – the Flush should keep SB
DX – the FLush WILL keep SB
Ky says the thing is that means 4 Kings are competing next week vs Him, Claire, and Hannah. (disregards the jokers)
Ky loops back to the original reason to put up two kings “at least one goes home”
DX says after Christian goes on the block they’ll have to work X and Alyssa because those two will get closer.
Ky says SB is wanting to bring the four of them together she doesn’t want to go after Hannah she wants to work with her.

Ky – anytime whatever yo need me to do I’m here for you
DX – I appreciate it. Feels so good to be able to talk

1:47 am Alyssa, Christian and DX
DX – if I put up BIGD does SB go home?
Alyssa – no we have the votes
Christian – we are the house
Alyssa- it looks bad on the jokers side of it.
Alyssa clears up she means with SB taking the money not eh veto, “regardless we have the numbers
DX – I think we’re all good.. It’s almost definitely going to be BIGD I don’t see myself putting up Azah.
They chit-chat about Hannah as host had a lot of lines to say.

1:50 am X and Tiff
X – 5K and her 5K stpiend take your 10 K
Tiff – She tried to ask me (in Sb’s voice) ‘did that look bad’
X – yeah
Tiff – I was like umm it didn’t look good
Tiff (in Sb’s voice) – All I said was don’t take it
Tiff – it’s not yours to take it’s a game. yOU put him in a f**ed up position
X – she’s on the block she took the one incentive all you all from her.
Tiff – she could have come off the block.
X – she should have taken the golden power of veto
Tiff says that her, Hanah and Claire heard SB saying “Now the most annoying person in the house is walking around with the veto”
X – saw what you want about Brit she worked her a$$ off for that veto. Britini was on a different level
Tiff – the real SB is going to come out this week (LOL)
Tiff – Claire was like Tiffany when we were down there she was saying.. umm.. she’s so f***ing annoying.. she’s so f**Ing annoying
X says he doesn’t know if SB is America’s player or not but right now “we’re running with that sh1t too much is adding up”
Tiff – too much suspicion means your guilty. she’s not loyal to anyone besides KY

Tiff now going on about Azah saying “I don’t like the manipulation”
Tiff – I was like Azah it’s a game it’s Big Brother and she was like well I Don’t like that.
Tiff – you don’t like the manipulation but if jit’s working in your favour you will be ok with it.
Tiff – shes like no I still won’t like it.
Tiff – I don’t know what game she thought she was going to play she thought she was on the wheel of fortune or something. This is Big Brother it’s the game of manipulation, lying, fake deals. I don’t know maybe they should have called it Lies, Backtsabind and Manipulation so you know what it is.
they laugh
Tiff – I’m like TIFF stop trying to rationalize and get her to see what game she is playing she don’t know what she signed up for she won’t figure it out.
Tiff – Azah looks at me like I’m Cruella de Vil

2:02 am Alyssa, Christian, Tiff, and X
Talking about BIGD being the replacement nominee and switching the votes to take out SB.
Tiff says Claire is down for this also.
Christian- whats the votes look like if BIGD goes up?
Alyssa – us, 5
Tiff – I’ll vote her out
X – Jokers will vote her out
Alyssa – and Hannah
Christian – DOn’t tell Hannah because Hannah will tell BabyD and BabyD will tell Ky and Ky will tell SB
X – this can’t get to Ky

Tiff asks “where is Brent’s puke bucket” When she was upstairs she saw Ky rubbing SB’s temples.
Alyssa saw it too and is pissed that her and Christian get targeted as a couple yet Ky and Sb are always cuddling.
X – you all both single. She’s in a whole a$$ relationship
Tiff – She never talks about Shelly whoever Shelly is
Christian- it sounds like a fake.. ohh I’m looking at a Shell on the wall.
Alyssa – she said I don’t think Shelly watches the live feeds.
Tiff – you broke up with Shelly before you left if there ever was a Shelly. You told Shelly we need to break up cause I’ll need to act like I’m single on here.
Tiff – I’m playing for America’s couple and I want to see if Kyland will to

2:39 am SB’s legs from the Veto

3:30 am Ky and Claire
Ky saying the only way he sees SB having the votes is if another KING goes up. His fear is if a jokers go up the kings will flip.
Ky – I believe if we stay with the flush the kings will stay true for at least 2 weeks but not to 8
They talk about when will the Royal Flush take a shot at itself.
Ky – the optimal shot it doesn’t matter what the time is.. If there’s a bigger target up against her what do you think about votes?
Claire – us three. Hannah will do what Derek wants
Ky – that’s only four.
Claire says Azah likes Sb.
Ky says every day BIGD tells him how worried he is about another guy leaving.
Claire says BIGD tells her every day how he wants to ride with the girls and be the last guy.
Claire thinks if you have one Joker you get all three.

Claire – there’s a chance the shot can miss.
Ky says with a team of four going to Jury there’s an element where the odds of winning the game go 1 in 11 from 1 in 7 (HUH)
Ky says the double eviction vetos are something that Christian can win.
Claire – they will fast.. get the balls.
Ky says taking out SB is a waste of an opportunity

Ky says the next HOH won’t be physical they can win it.
Claire – if it’s double
Ky – maybe both of them
Claire – I think X has been throwing things too

3:44 am Claire and Hannah
Hannah says at this point if Christian goes or Sarah Beth goes she’s good.
Claire – it doesn’t really matter fo rme
Hannah – for me the only reason why I care the amount I do if we keep Christian he’s coming for DX and I don’t want to lose DX
Hannah- I care for his game, not for my own
Claire says DX can’t turn back now.
Hannah- he can not go through with it they will blow up his game. (SB/KY)
Claire – put Christian up there and try
Hannah – will DX have the votes?
Claire – I don’t know
They start to count votes.. there are 9 this week.
Alyssa and X vote for Christian.
Hannah – we can convince Azah
Claire – Brit has a relationship with Christian
Hannah- BIGD doesn’t want to go jury with 7 girls so he will probably vote to keep Christian
They wonder where Azah will go.
Hannah – Brit needs to know that if she was on the block Christian isn’t taking her off.
Hannah asks if Ky is freaking out.
Claire says he’s a bit panicked but that’s how he usually is.
Claire – DX is a bit paranoid so they work each other up
Hannah – yeah
Claire- brit makes me nervous. I don’t think we can count on her
Hannah – we might be able to get her vote
Claire – I don’t think so
Hannah – she’s starting to realize she’s disposable to them.
Hannah says Brit told her during the veto she knew she was playing for herself in this game, “it’s starting to click for her we can use that to get her vote”
Hannah says once they get Brit and Azah’s vote they can work on BIGD, “Don’t you want to work with your team”
Hannah – take out SB next week with X and Alyssa left on an island. We control the votes.
Claire – Sb then what?
Hannah – Maybe Brit, Maybe Alyssa, X.. we’ll just see what happens.

4:10 am Tiff sees Ky and Sb hug on the HOH cam..

3:35 am – 5:20 am Tiff and DX
Tiff – the jokers will do what you want them to do, Azah doesn’t care, BIGD is scared.
Tiff – Me, Claire, Hannah that’s all you need is 5. everyone else will be mad at us
DX – we have SB
Tiff – she knows about Christian going up?
DX – I never confirmed it.. I always alluded to it that there’s a bigger plan.
DX – Ky thinks we have the votes. Right now I am prepping for the backlash it’s going to come from Alyssa and X
Tiff – and Christian
DX – Christian is going to go home I think
Tiff – you’re going to have to be able to handle it.
DX – that’s fine that’s the game. I’m fine playing the game.
DX says he’s not planning on telling X he’s getting Ky to try and feel X out.
Tiff says the Kings think he’s putting up BIGD and SB is going home.
DX – interesting I asked Alyssa if I put up BIGD will he go home.
She said yes.
Tiff – they don’t want her to tell her
DX – Yeah Alyssa is pissed at Sarah Beth
Tiff goes on about how mad the KINGS are at Sarah Beth taking the money.
Tiff about what the Kings were saying “They are like she can go home with that 10 thousand dollars she just made”
Tiff – they think if you put up BIGD they’ll send SB goes home
DX says they’re telling him BIGD will go home

Tiff – I’m with you. If you put him (Christian) on the block I will vote him out. Me, Claire, Hannah, and the jokers. I don’t think you really have a choice. He plays next week and if he wins you are going on the block
DX – yeah
Tiff – if you send him home next week X might win and put you on the block. Either way, it goes you fighting. It’s better to shoot at one than two

Tiff – I don’t think you know how bad I want to send her home. Especially after tonight I want her a$$ to go home it will serve her right. BUT.. For you. that is how much I care about being in this house I will set my own sh1t to the side and I am willing to vote him out for you. (how kind of you..lol)
Tiff – if you put him on the block that’s what it is. At that point, we have to.
Tiff – if we keep SB in this game she becomes the house target..
Tiff says they might not have to take the shot at SB next week Brit or another joker might.

Tiff says Brit thought she was the target “Did you tell her she was the pawn”
DX – I told her there was a plan. from her perspective, we were working together to execute this plan.
Tiff – Please don’t fall into SB’s trap she already got Ky wrapped around her finger. Me and Hannah will be very hurt if you fall into SB’s trap (LOL if only SB was that good)
DX – I’m not the most I’m giving her is 5thousand not 750K
DX says if SB wins next week she will take out one of the kings.
Tiff – who?
DX – Alyssa, probably
Tiff – she should be next we don’t need her in this house after Chrsitian

She asks DX if he’s fine if her or Hannah take out SB next week.
DX – that’s fine. You’ll have to do Damage control with Kyland
Tiff – Okay.. you care more than I do. I came to play Big Brother. The way him and SB are and her slipping up today in the bathroom saying she’s single
Feeds cut..
Tiff telling him he needs to stop talking to people otherwise he’ll be like Frenchie week on running around the house.
DX – I’m scared that will happen
Tiff – you need to close your door at a certain time you can’t let them keep you up all night (it’s 4 am when she says this)
Tiff then adds “including me”
they laugh
Tiff warns him about Kyland “manipulating his game”
Tiff – he’s working for him and Sb I came in here by myself”
DX – Kyland’s game once we move into jury is aligning himself with people where he feels like he is their closest relationship

back to the chessboard..

5:56 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
9:37 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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With this cast of characters, get ready for one big mess! Hopefully some things will be realized no matter how the vote goes and Derek X will manage to avoid the fray that will ensue between different people


I’m excited about a big hot mess! But do you think DX is serious when he said:

“DX – she’s just so lovable it might just go away over time.”

OMGosh, am I the only one to see her as NOT lovable? I agree with some of the others she’s annoying as all get out! That baby voice is SOOO annoying. Bless her heart.


Other houseguests are using this as an excuse. I don’t find her annoying. All in all, there are some houseguests I find exasperating not annoying; Claire wanting SB out is pure gameplay but Tiffany’s reasons for wanting SB out seem partially personal (which I find exasperating)


Not annoying? To each his own. I admire her intellect but not her choices.

This show is so interesting (as is Survivor) as a social experiment.

People come in saying they’re not going to loose their edge with emotions and “catching feelings” and there they go…..showmances, jealousy, and spite.
Quite cloud your vision and can ruin your game. Oh frailty, thy name is human….woman, man, person, or being. We are imperfectly perfect.


*lose [facepalms]


Lovely n kudos! More like “… Frailty, thy name is practically every BB contestant! Sounds like Tiff wants to sew rocks, stones n boulders in SBs petticoats and throw her in the deep end of the pool as she sings her final jingle.

Big Brother 23 Fan

SB is the one cast member that I wanted to leave as soon as she was introduced. “That baby voice” made me want to evict her on the spot.


I know, right? So agree & thank you BB23 Fan. I have to say the one attribute that I am a bit judgey about, is voice. Not a true speech impediment, accent, patois, or anything someone can’t help…..but a put upon affected voice like the BABY tonality, valley girl, or vocal fry.


And when she whispers, sends me through the roof! I can not listen to her!


Guys, if Christian goes this week, we (America) have to give Alyssa some kind of power, or this season is toast…

bumbling bee

really? i don’t see it that way at all

Paul Sucks

Agreed, seeing the Cookout as the final six will be a snooze-fest with Ky, Azah and Big D cut. Tiff will rely on either X or Hannah to pick her at the end. She will come out how she masterminded the entire thing this being a predictable and boring ending.

I like that they are pretending this will be a close vote. The only people that will vote to keep Christian are Alyssa and X. The rest of the house will toss Christian out. It will be Alyssa and SB on the block next week as X will throw the HOH and the odds are against a SB or Alyssa win. Claire will continue to lay low and wait for her number to be called. Funny part is she has figured out that she is on the outside yet does nothing to shake up the house.


América will grant the advantage to Clair.

another name

I really don’t see how giving Alyssa anything will do anything except feed into her massive sense of entitement and misplaced sense of self righteous indignation.
I’d rather not help create a frankenstein’s monster of ego.

BB fan

It’s really true i just can’t believe other people don’t see it!


If Alyssa loses Christian, do you think she would quickly distance herself from him?
OR play up she misses him?

Do you think this showmance is genuine? Like Rachel R and ….what was his name?
(talk about another annoying voice! Gah!)

Do you think Alyssa would go after someone else pretty soon for consolation?
Wasn’t she quite admired by most of the guys during the first week?

The Beef

Brendan. How can you forget Brenchel? lol “Nobody messes with my man!”


Dnt u mean Breninnn lol?


It’s really interesting seeing people losing their minds bc POC have played their way into advantage this season. I realize Alyssa is half latina, but she’s obviously being lumped in as ‘close enough’ in her connection with Christian. Wanting to give the privileged a fan advantage is so hilariously transparent, and to boot being so ethnocentric as to assume America would surely want to give it to her.


OMGosh, I don’t think America wants the nauseating showmance of Chrysallysa to endure. Watching them canoodle is torture.


That’s funny


I like to see Claire get it. I think she will figure out what the cookout is doing soon.


This Supreme Court vote is going to be very close.

I hope the court sides with Sarah Beth and not Christian.

Tiffany better not let her petty jealousy cloud her judgment. This literally is the perfect scenario for Christian to be backdoored. If they pass this up they will regret it because he, or an ally could win HOH meaning he is safe, and he can always win Vetos. If Christian survives this vote do they honestly think he will ever go less than 110% on any future HOH/Veto competition? With less people the chance of him getting picked to play in it is only going to rise.

Also people should know that production loves a showmance (despite Tiffany etc’s ploy to act like Kyland/SD are a secret couple they are not and these people should feel so stupid when they find that out) so production could probably try and concoct a way to save the true showmance of the season (the one which kisses and does who knows what else…under the covers). So wtf take one of them out when you have the chance!

Either way a King has to go so that they don’t have potentially four jury members but if the choice is between Sarah or Christian the obvious choice for most should be to evict Christian!


The obvious choice for the cookout should be Christian but as far as DX goes he’s making a mistake. He is making himself the comp beast in the house by taking out the one seen as the comp beast which he should be able to see. The part that he can’t see is he is also making himself the only male left in the house not part of the cookout which is another detriment. He will be the biggest target left in the house and that alone should make him realize he shouldn’t do it. This move is a huge detriment to his game and he’ll see that in a week or two.

BB fan

I’ve been saying that for the whole time that Derek X is being foolish backdooring Christian Because he will become the most physical male competitor in the house with 11 people left – seven which are women and three of the other men that are left in the house are black and in the cook out!
This move is totally going to backfire and screw up his game because he’s not thinking three steps ahead thinking about his long term game!
He is literally going to give the cookout the season with this move- bad strategy to want to be the most physical male competitor with 11 people and 7 woman still there!


I just want to know if or when Tiff will land on people’s radar. She is so sly and unloyal/untrustworthy, but no one is picking up on it yet.


She’s playing the game!


She sure is! And with this comment, she’s more self-aware than I was thinking.

“Tiff – you need to close your door at a certain time you can’t let them keep you up all night (it’s 4 am when she says this)
Tiff then adds “including me”
they laugh”

I just wish she wouldn’t be so spiteful with her crushes and a wee bit sensitive.
Good morning!

another name

Currently, The Jokers are meeting.
Yeah, sounds weird considering all they really do is hang out in a room together most of the time while the rest of the house is playing the game… but now they are discussing eviction.
The topic is Alyssa. Azah is not impressed. The couch has wanted Alyssa out for a while.
Brit is… who cares, go have a tea party, the grown ups are talking.
At present Azah has explained that taking out Christian weakens Alyssa, and curtails her plotting.
At present, the couch thinks he’s going on the block, so he wants Azah and Brit to get into Dx’s ear because he’s exhausted and just wants to sit back, he prefers other people go out and do that gaming stuff for him anyway.
The Jokers may well be on board with voting out Christian at the moment. I did not expect that.

Brit explained why SB took the money. When SB was knocked out she asked Brit if Brit was going to take the veto from her, and Brit said yes. That’s why she took the money instead of veto, because someone still in the match told her she wasn’t keeping the veto.


Good intel. Thanks for the update!

The Canadian observer

I have been looking for the last month from my small Canadian town.

I find this year interesting. The Cookout alliance is out of ordinary. Usually, without having to form an alliance, it is the other way around.

I think it would be dishonest not to recognize that so far they are strong. No one suspects them.

The case of Tiffany : Tiffany is absolutely despicable, I agree, but I have a problem with the fact that no one wants to recognize that her game is strong, she manipulates and pulls the strings of the game from the beginning. In her own way, yes, but still it’s working as of now.

People talk about other masterminds from past seasons of Big Brother, some had a respectable and remarkable way of playing, others not (Paul, Derrick, Rachel) but the bad masterminds still had the recognition of the fans, why not Tiffany? What is different from the others? I think to ask the question is to answer it.

Anyways, I’m curious to see how far her alliance will hold and if it breaks how it will happen.

Apart from the alliance, I really like the participants this year, most of them really beautiful people inside out. One of the most beautiful cast since a long time.

I’ll keep watching until the final. Super interesting.

Greetings from Canada