“She’s a big baby and the way everyone coddled.. she was like.. That competition was not won fair and square.”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony:

Prize / Punishment VETO Results:
– Sarah won 5k
– Derek X bathroom punishment – he has to unlock the washroom every time someone needs it for the next 24 hours
– Alyssa won a phone call
– Ky – has to make clubhouse sandwiches

FYI – Teams are done, Wildcard comps are done, Twist next week with Fan involvement

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Big Brother Spoilers – As of right now Christian is still going up but DX may not have the votes to take him out. There should be some interesting game talk today.

10:20 am Houseguests waking up for the day. Claire applying ice hot patches to BRit.

10:22 am DF, Brit, and Azah
Brit whispering “we have to keep our eyes on people”
Azah – Who
DF – everybody
Brit motions to were Christian and Alyssa are sleeping
brit – who else?
Azah – Derek unfortunately, Hannah, everybody.. and the Kings
Brit – we have a really solid 5. Pending if one of you doesn’t go on the block we have a solid 5 we will control the vote this week.
Azah – Ky, SB, Derek, Hannah, And unfortunately X for me. (people to watch?)
Azah – I would keep my eye on everybody there are some people you can’t say everything to.
Azah – who are the people that mentioned your name to Derek? I sure didn’t he (DF) sure didn’t

Brit – just so when I talk to DX there is a plan who do we think will make a good replacement nominee?

DF – any one of the KINGS
Brit – OKay..
Brit didn’t know Alyssa and DX had a deal they made on the wall.
DF – I didn’t know that
Brit – funny how she mentioned that after the veto was won by ME
Azah – DX told me the day he won HOH that he made a deal with her.
Brit – the way she acted last night. She showed me so much of her character
Azah – she’s a big baby and the way everyone coddled her too. She’s a big baby. I’m happy she straighten up her game cause I would ruin my game having to tell her a$$ off.. When she started whining I was about to start and it was X who was like calm down. Then she came over and started changing her tune.. you didn’t see Alyssa came in and I think somebody was saying ‘that competition was not fair to you at all Alyssa’
Azah – she was like I KNOW I’m going to say something in the DR cause that’s not fair. It didn’t fit my head right it’s not fair. That competition was not won fair and square.
Azah – I was looking at her like am I on crack. I don’t care how she feels Britini won fair and square no one was beating her in this competition. The fact that she’s whining. She needs to grow the F*** up
Sb comes in.
Azah – Goodmorning SB one day until 28!
They talk about her Birthday Cake.

Alyssa comes in for a minute to grab something from a dresser. She says her neck is really sore. Brit, SB, and Alyssa leave eventually.

Azah – why was she complaining about her neck she wasn’t using it. she’s a BIG o’ crybaby
DF – big o baby I want to send home
Azah – I want to send Christian out first
Brit joins them “I don’t know why she’s complaining about her neck she wasn’t using it”
They go on about Alyssa’s technique in the competition.
Brit – my head was slightly tilted back so that the back of my head was at the top..
Azah – it’s not the fault of Production you just have a small head you should have asked God for a larger head
Azah – they were accommodating soo much for her then britini started helping her
Brit making fun of Kyland “I’m sorry Kyland you couldn’t take Sarah Beth off the block.. I’m really sorry I won it instead”
They laugh
Brit – the crazy part is I was celebrating and everyone was checking in on her.. What the hell.
Azah – I know
Brit – I was like are you ok .. are you fine.. wow thanks guys
Brit leaves. DF tells Azah he thinks one of them two is going up.
Azah says if that’s the case it gives them a reason to go after DX.

X hits the weights.. (skips legs again 😉 )

10:54 am DF and Azah
(DF gets out of bed.. out of breath)
DF – do I want Sneakers or boat shoes today..
Almost trips on his way back to his bed. He lets in a large breath “These floors are dangerous”
DF – my goal today is to sit back and relax let God handle it and trust that DX will make the right move. trust that Britini will be able to talk to him. let you talk to him. I have to let people that are close to people to talk.”

11:24 am Hannah and DF
Hannah – says she had the feeling last week that her gut was telling her she’s going up
DF – that’s how I feel right now there’s nothing I cant do
DF muttering about going up as the pawn.
Hannah says After what Sb did last night people might just say take the 10K and go home.
Hannah – you would have me, Brit, Azah, Tiff

11:34 am Alyssa, SB, DX, X, Azah, Christian
Alyssa telling them how sore her back is.
Dx says she was using her whole back
Alyssa says she had to because when she moved her head she couldn’t see. Now “when I move my neck it feels like I can’t breath”
Sb – gasps oh my gosh.. I hate that
DX – they need to chill out with these comps
Alyssa says she’s way sorer than after the wall competition.
Alyssa – even if my Helmet fit I would not have beat her
Alyssa – there’s no way
Alyssa – she clearly wanted it more than me clear as day
Alyssa – first girl to win the veto..
X – let’s hear it for the girls..
SB – maybe we’ll have a girl HOH maybe it’ll be ME

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If Christian is evicted this week, DX might just last a few more weeks in the game. Half the house is irritated with SB and the Jokers want Alyssa out. At this point, I only see X or Alyssa putting up DX next week.

The hard part will be evicting Christian as he could easily sway Brit’s vote by giving her some table scraps of attention and Tiff is a heartbeat away from boiling SB’s bunny.


The whole reason Christian made a final 2 with Brit was for her vote if he was put on block.


Hilarious how azah was complaining about Alyssa saying her helmet was too big yesterday and she wouldn’t have won anyway and she was a big ol baby. Then Two conversations later Alyssa is saying brit wanted it more no way she would have beat her. Almost like yesterday right after comp Alyssa was upset but she realizes brit was gonna win no matter what and after calmimg down from the heat of the battle admits it. Almost like azah needs to shut the hell up making mountain out of molehill.


I had great hopes for the beautiful Azah at the start of this season, then I realized she was a very emotional player. Volunteering to go up to save Brit angst? Worrisome.

another name

I’m not overly impressed with Azah most days, but my read on her volunteering is different.
It wasn’t done for the sake of saving Brit angst as much as it was done to save Azah from having to be soothing Brit’s angst for hours on end. It was Azah that was left to console the whine monster for the most part, she didn’t want to do it again. Was anyone else volunteering to be Brit’s emotional support pillar? Nope.
Her volunteering was out of a bizarre self interest more than altruism for Brit’s sake.
The timing of the volunteering? That was during her first fall out with Tiffany. So she’s getting validation that the cookout is every member’s primary focus by testing whether or not they are willing to pawn her before they have vote control. If the cookout is fake, then Azah has no game, knows she has no game, and might as well go home.
My issue with her boils down to her hypocritical moralism. She doesn’t want others to lie / she lies about her profession. She wants the game played old school 2 clear sides taking each other out / she is part of a secret alliance. The goose and gander of her pontification annoys me.


What exactly is Azah’s profession? Is she not really a Sales Director?

another name

The first person she actually described her real job to was Frenchie, somewhere around Tuesday of week 2. Until then she was making it sound more like she was a retail cashier or a telemarketer or some such.
She explained she lied about her actual job so that the other house guests wouldn’t think she was very smart.


She lied about her job so they wouldn’t think she was smart? Doesn’t make sense to me…a monkey can do a cashier’s job and telemarketing doesn’t
take anything more than probably an eighth grade education to do. Are you sure about her real job?

The Canadian observer

I have been looking for the last month from my small Canadian town.

I find this year interesting. The Cookout alliance is out of ordinary. Usually, without having to form an alliance, it is the other way around.

I think it would be dishonest not to recognize that so far they are strong. No one suspects them.

The case of Tiffany : Tiffany is absolutely despicable, I agree, but I have a problem with the fact that no one wants to recognize that her game is strong, she manipulates and pulls the strings of the game from the beginning. In her own way, yes, but still it’s working as of now.

People talk about other masterminds from past seasons of Big Brother, some had a respectable and remarkable way of playing, others not (Paul, Derrick, Rachel) but the bad masterminds still had the recognition of the fans, why not Tiffany? What is different from the others? I think to ask the question is to answer it.

Anyways, I’m curious to see how far her alliance will hold and if it breaks how it will happen.

Apart from the alliance, I really like the participants this year, most of them really beautiful people inside out. One of the most beautiful cast since a long time.

I’ll keep watching until the final. Super interesting.

Greetings from Canada


“It’s not the fault of Production you [Alyssa] just have a small head you should have asked God for a larger head!” – Azah

I’m so DEAD. Azah is slowly winning me back.

I’m also glad that she seems to be on the evict Christian train for now.