Liz -“I just hope you don’t get a letter from you know who”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ????????

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 20-09-13-783_jpg

8:07pm Austin covered in lipstick kisses.
Liz – back up to the HOH room
Austin says he was worried Vanessa would blow their game up if James had won HOH so he had to win it. Austin talk about making a deal with the goblins.
Austin saying he’s thinking of Jmac and Steve going up as pawns.
8:10pm Bathroom Liz and Vanessa
Vanessa pushing for Jmac to be the target.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 20-14-10-781_jpg

8:11pm Steve and Jmac
Steve- it’s going to be some combination of James, Meg and Vanessa going up.
Jmac think Austin would be stupid not to take out James.
Steve – How did I beat you
Jmac – I thought everyone was going to throw it to me so I didn’t run too fast
Steve is a bit surprised Jmac threw the HOH.
Jmac says James told him he was going to throw the comp to him
Steve – Austin won a comp and that’s good for us I think
Jmac doesn’t want the house to know he threw the HOH

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 20-17-50-405_jpg

8:16pm Bathroom Austin , Liz and the goblins

Meg is trying to tell him if Jackie comes back she’ll work with them.
Liz mentions “Wasn’t Jackie coming after Austin”
Austin – that was a long time ago

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 20-25-11-565_jpg

8:22pm Liz and Austin
Austin – this is one we might not have wanted to win.. we have to make a decision

Austin – I have to put two pawns up
Austin – I could have thrown it to James.. I trust him.. I just don’t know what Vanessa will go up to James and say
Austin says it is always better for them to hold the power, “Any one can say anything at this point”
Liz – I just hope you don’t get a letter from you know who
Austin – why would they do that
Liz – to create drama

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 20-26-14-565_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 20-41-53-206_jpg

8:38pm Bathroom James and Meg
Meg I’m sorry I can’t run.. I’m sorry you have to deal with me.. I’ll still be your cheerleader.
james wonder if it was a “Photo Finish”
james – Austin just had that reach BAM
Meg – that’s probably what it was
James- he told me he’s not putting you and me up
Meg – He’s going to put up Johnnymac and Steve
James – probably ya
jame s- as long as Vanessa doesn’t win.. and if she wins oh well send of them home (Steve/Jmac)


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac

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Make it happen!

Austin, just shut the f*ck up and get rid of Vanessa you big pansy. Thanks!

the coreys

Vanessa is not going home. Twins and austin only said they send her home to buy them self a week if say James or Steve or someone won it.

Why would they get rid of her when she’s on their side AND she’s the entire house target before them?

However austin does risk becoming a bigger target than her when he shows the house he won’t put her up. So there’s that.


The austwins and Van are staying this week, Jmac, Steve, or James is gone this week. I am so, so, so very sad.
Jmac, Steve, or James is gone this week.
Anyways, both Beckie and Jackie nailed their exit interview, very classy! They both are approved to enter back in the house. But Shelli, you are not. NO!
Becky, she took a shot and failed. (I also chose her to win randomly just by reading her bio. So I am a little bias.)
And Jackie, well, she has a resting bitch face. I think Van found her very hard to read.
Man, this week is going to suck.

Guy From Canada

Meg may be cut as well 😉 Don’t count out Meg to do SOMETHING productive… leaving 😉

Guy From Canada

Have fun with that letter from your other GF Austin….


I doubt he will get one from her because the first thing she would say is Liz doesn’t even like you IDIOT


that would have been awesome, I am rather disgusted by Liz at this point. Like I said they will be full on having sex during Austin’s hoh. Wont that be fun to watch when you get out of the BB house. Sorry, idiot girls!


Oh typical Shelli, blaming everyone but herself for her eviction.

1) You and Clay had deals with everyone in the house (including Meg/Jason/Meg/James)
2) You and Clay had a hand in Jason getting backdoored.
3) If you wanted to save Jason, you could have rallied the votes easily. You chose to stick with 6th sense.
4) Your side of the house lost next two hoh’s. JMM felt slighted, so they went after you and clay. They didn’t have deals with Vanessa, therefore Clelli became enemy number one.


at this point the austwins should be trying to eliminate people based on their potential to win comps.

this week should be james (i think it may end up being jmac instead, though)
next week the returning houseguest (unless it’s jackie, then send home jmac)
then jackie/jmac
then vanessa
then steve
then meg
final 3.

this assumes they cycle comps, which is now becoming very possible, and i hope the other houseguests figure that out and prevent a comp-cycle from happening or we’re in for a very boring finish to what had been the best season in years.


i don’t think it will be a bad thing, for austwins, if it ends up vanessa wins the veto and so they can’t put her up, and jmac is voted out. He could easily compete to come back in, on the same day, and would have the better chance of getting back over the other 3 i was thinking.

it would be better for everyone if he was the one (or james) who comes back in, in the event they cannot get vanessa out. they can pretty much guarantee if vaness goes out 4th she isn’t coming back, but that only means one of the other 3, perhaps people they do not want coming back, will. if james or jmac or even steve are number 4, it would be with the idea that they want that person back and no other, and carry on like the game reset with no eviction.

best case scenario might just mean they don’t even try to get out vanessa but strategize which one is most likely to succeed in a comeback comp.


It’s going to be another boring week

Slowly Dying...

JMac has been my favorite from the beginning…HOWEVER, he refuses to actually play the game (throwing comps, trusting others to throw comps this late in the game, lying in bed, etc) and it’s going to get his ass sent to Jury. I understand that they claim to want to backdoor Vanessa, she has such a huge chance of getting chosen to play in the POV with this few people. I’m sooooo annoyed with the entire house right now.


JMAC is a moron for throwing the HOH


Johnnie Mac was a god!

I’m done wit this guy. His ass and he is throwing HOH. He and Steve go up instead of Goblins maybe these idiots get it? They gotta cut 1 group loose but who cares. They can beat Meg/James no problem.

WTF is up with Meg 3rd fav in pole. This is the worst HG in many a season.

I have no one to root for. Pretty sick of how this season has gone.


Austin told Liz he might put up Jmac and Steve. He said he will tell them sorry guys, I have to put up two pawns.


jmac and james is the better play. but this is the right idea.


IF Austin puts up Steve and JohnnyMac, I can hear the late, great Red Foxx saying,” Big Dummy!” Put her up now, or she will send you and your beard home anytime she wants.
Even though i don’t want Vanessa to win, she will be The equivalent of Derrick 2, a master at the game. i also believe that all the crying Vanessa did, was part of her “poker” game.
masterful and successful! Defintley a ploy! But a win is a win.


“Liz – I just hope you don’t get a letter from you know who (his girlfriend)
Austin – why would they do that
Liz – to create drama”

If BB hasn’t already planned on doing that, they really should do it after hearing this.
I saw Austin’s pre-season interviews, where he says that he’s not open to a showmance because he has a girlfriend waiting for him back home. He made a big deal of comparing her to a princess waiting in her castle for him to slay the dragon and come back to her with the win.
Talk about “we were on a break!” (famour “Friends” reference). Austin deserves a letter that brings just that up, repeating his own words.


I just said this in another thread lol that the only interesting thing that could happen all week is if Austin gets a letter from his “open relationship” girlfriend. That would actually be pretty awesome lol


only way this week gets interesting is if something happens that would cause austin to put the twins on the block, but i can’t for the life of me see anything that would make that happen.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

I bet Austin will be too chicken to backdoor Vanessa.

Kentucky fried Austin

So true. Go back to fxxxx banging that twit; you gross freak.


I didn’t want Austin to win either, but most of these fans are stupid. It would be so stupid for him to put Vanessa up when she doesn’t have anybody. If he was smart he would put up Meg and James because they are the only group left in the game besides them, and especially with a jury member coming back since it could be Becky or Jackie and they would join them.


They’ll eventually feel Vanessa shouldn’t be sent home and Johnny Mac will be sent packing 🙁

Just me

I don’t know how to feel about this one. Is Austin really going to have the balls to put up Vanessa? I seriously doubt it. If I were Johnny Mac I would be so sick of being a pawn!! Vanessa would be soooo blindsided by getting voted out, I think she would choke. If Becky, Shelli, or Jackie come back, I’m not convinced they would take out the austwins.


Austin have balls, HA!! Don’t make me laugh! The only thing he has proven all summer so far is that he always does his thinking after the fact, making it look like he “wanted” to throw that hoh, ya right, the only thing on his mind is getting into Liz’ pants. I seriously cannot think of anything more repulsive than that. Never mind scratch that, it would Austin in the nude. ugh.


I think JMac has done with throwing comps from now on especially when he is up on the block.

Tuff Guy

LMAO at Meg apologizing to James for how useless she is.

It's inappropriate!

I’m sorry Johnny Mac is useless. Can’t win hohs and doesn’t have a good read on the house. Tell me why he’s such a fan fave? Ok ya’ll like his drs, but what about his game? So disappointing.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

I hope Jackie doesn’t come back to the house, she’s worthless. It would be great if Becky comes back, or even Shelli, she would bring lots of drama.

It's inappropriate!

For real?

BBcan fan

“a letter from you know who” who?…..Voldemort?…hahaha


I think Steve may be Austins true target. You know a man is probably leaving. NO ONE MAKE EYE CONTACT W/LIZ! He wont BD Van. All talk this duuudeeeaaahhh


And this, ladies and germs is why you don’t leave a 3 headed snake in the game this late. If Vanessa wins the Veto or mists them its game over for someone else. I don’t think Austin has the balls to put her up or backdoor her anyway.


Constantly reading this rhetoric. 2 weeks ago, 90% of us were screaming at the tv Van or Shelli! Geez, Steve could have done evicted one, but nobody else has had the chance!!!! .The twins never should have never joined the game in the first place. Thank Van and Shelli for that!


Oh mylanta, this is embarrassing… I just proof read that and I clicked thumbs down myself. I will go to bed now.
Fuck this HOH!


The Douche won? Is that a misprint? Who does he want to get rid? Jmac or Steve. To scared to take out the one person who can beat them all Vanessa. At this point she deserves to win. And Jmac through the HOH he deserves to get sent home too. I’m not his biggest fan but I at least was pulling for him too. The Ponytail beard douche in power! Wow!


plese GOD let zingbot shade austin and liz like they did with cody and christine last season.


Guys, we can wish all we want but there’s no way in hell he’s getting out Vanessa this week. While feed wise it would be awesome, I just don’t see any scenario where he does it this week. Because it would leave a situation where the other 2 (Steve, J Mac) could team up with (Meg, James) and be greater than those 3. It just doesn’t make sense game wise. Next week is an entirely different story.


I have been rooting for JMac, but it really pisses me off to hear that he threw the HOH. What the hell is he thinking, why can’t these people see it is too late in the game to throw comps, and to put up Pawns.

Grow some balls and put up two strong targets. You signed up for Big Brother, start playing the damn game, stop waiting for others to hand you any comps, some one needs to take out the Twins, Austin and Vanessa.

This is going to be another week of looking at Austin and Liz playing grab ass. I was so ready for an exciting week, we all know Austin does not have the guts to put up Vanessa, watch, we are going to hear it is too soon to put Vanessa up. The twins and Austin are afraid of Vanessa.

I am so disappointed JMac threw the HOH !!!!


JM is a ball-less,no guts, coward.

Amy N

Me too…JMac could have one tonight….if the Austwins (barf) put him up as a pawn I really hope Vanessa is backdoored, because another week of JaaaamEsss, etc is a bit much.


Yawwwnnn! They’re afraid of Vanessa so John is out. Can he stop throwing things. He’s getting on my nerves.

Johny Who?

Why someone at this point is gonna throw a competition ? It’s just plain stupid, maybe if you are in a strong alliance but Johny knows he isn’t , I don’t get why he gets so much support from outside, I liked him in the beginning but he has done nothinh game wise. I hope they get Vanessa out but won’t be mad if he’s out.


I think JMac knows he can’t win so he’s done with the game.

Atta Boy

Lol I hope the austwins get exposed, they basically can’t put anyone up because they have alliances with the whole house

On Fleek

Why does Steve talk like he’s smarter than everyone else? He irks me and I also hate that he constantly throws competitions left and right

This was totally rigged

What happened to the question and answer HOH? So frign obvious…i guess they want their ratings to drop. I,just cancelled my dvr setting for BBAD. I Will not watch another week of bullshit. Now if Austin got his balls back from Liz and put Vanessa up on the might reconsider. That’s not going to happen though. I’ll check back next week when an evicted juror returns. This week will be a rerun of last week. Bye JMAC. Oh and they will all vow to go after anyone that returns. That’s Megs big thing. She is about as useful as tits on a bull. See ya next week sorry Dawg and Simon I will miss you two.


Doublemint Twins definitely winning Big Brother for sure. Final 3 Cool Hand Luke (Vanessa) and Twins. Not my choice but this is the way it looks.

Backseat Driver

Aw come on Chessie……this game is far from over!


There’s only one month left and nobody is targeting Twins and scared of Vanessa.

Brad H

Steve & JM better be the ones who get nominated, but Vanessa better be the real backdoor target. I really want James to win this season!!!


Why? Because of his ONE move? The goblins have all had a horrible gameplay, just look at Jackie, she left because all three of them were stupid enough to believe Steve would put Austin up.


I started out not liking James and thought he or Meg would be the first houseguest evicted but he has grown on me and I think he is my favorite player in the game right now.
James does make big moves when in power and does it in a straightforward manner.
He doesn’t try to become a dictator when in power, he is a great physical competitor and has a great social game.
He may be on a couple of folks’ radar but is low on their radar and no one views him as a pawn. Only Austwins see him as a serious threat but the social aspect between them make James not a target.
I want James to win!


Bummer, I hope they stick to the plan and get out Vanessa but as often as this group changes their mind its hard to say. I hate to say it but one of the twins or Austin are probably going to win. I am not sure if any group of 3 people have been so openly together and made it this far in the game. I guess there is still hope, they need to turn on them quick though. Hopefully they get Vanessa out this week and the fireworks can start.

I’m still going for James or Jmac though.


JMac throws another comp, but his fans don’t care, as long as he goes GOOGOOGAGA in the D.R. Bunch of morons.


Maybe this can be the week that JM gets the boot.If not him, his hairy little friend Steve. At last!!!


Jmack deserves to lose. Talk about someone blind, with his head in the sand..


I try to like Meg on account of her being an underdog in the game along with James. But it’s hard to do so when she just sucks at everything.


I didn’t get a chance to see the live feeds earlier. So sorry that James didn’t win, but is JMac really throwing comps or is he making excuses because he didn’t win?


jmac probably threw this comp as much as shelli threw the endurance comp james won. sure he could have done better, but in the end, i don’t think he was ever winning.


Beware James … The Curse of Meg may strike again


Excuse the language, but…fuck me raw. This blows big time. Riiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhttttttt?


JohnnyMac is an even bigger idiot than i thought. Hope he goes and never comes back.


Hopefully Vanessa doesn’t get in Austin’s ears and manipulates him to send someone else packing instead of her.But if she does, she kinda deserves to win

Ian's Beer

They are too chickenshit to get Vanessa out right now because she could possibly still get back in the game with the comp for the 4 jurors. I’m NOT impressed about John Mac throwing that HOH…stupid is as stupid does 🙁 James and his short little legs stood no chance against the Daddy Long Legged Cousin It in a foot race…haha!


I think the best thing for Aus-Twins is to send JohnnyMac packing this week, while making it very vocal to the Goblins and JohnnyMac that it was Vanessa’s idea. That way at least 3 out of the 4 people (JohnnyMac, Shelli, and Jackie) that may come back will have Vanessa on their radar (plus, even though Becky suggested differently, I presume she’d target Vanessa first too). This way, Austin/Liz/Julia will enter into the Final 8 next week making up nearly 40% of the house *and* will still have Vanessa as the main target (with someone returning who will most likely be gunning for Vanessa). Plus, JohnnyMac is the best competitor left, so if he leaves and doesn’t return it’ll up Aus-Twins chances of winning comps. Finally, you don’t risk getting rid of Vanessa leaving and coming back angry as she’s the only real person who could lead an uprising against the Aus-twins (maybe Shelli, but I think she’d target Vanessa first and maybe even side with Aus-Twins).

I’m not a fan of the Aus-Twins, but the fact they’ve survived this long untouched is pretty amazing – and if they don’t get rid of Vanessa this week – you couldn’t really blame them.


Aside from the fact James put up strong targets, and Becky put up strong targets, Its been a good 2 years since any big major game moves have been made. I absolutely hate how people who are in the house view game mechanics. Only a few target true threats anymore. It is almost politically incorrect to get Blood on your Hands anymore. Look at this season, and the past 2, as it has been all talk and no play. Only a couple of times have players went for the throat, and when they did, their alliance cannot see the forest for the trees and mess things up. This season, now is set up for Vanessa to win it. Becky tried to get a strong player out, and even when they had the numbers ( with a swing vote possibility ), they blow it. Each HoH just passes it off to the next one. They talk big game in the DR, but then wimp out when push comes to shoves. At least last year, Derrick was subtle about it, and the house acted like they were all playing for 3rd. Meg is about as good as Victoria, however she gets by on social kindness only. JMac, was billed up too high, and is a dissapointment. I personally don’t like his game anymore, because it doesn’t appear he has one after the last couple weeks. This group blew their chance to get rid of the obvious winners, and even when they know, they don’t act on it.


KUDOS AND RIGHT ON. I really liked it when james swung the big stick and eliminated Clay.
also, Ioved it when “super women” Becky went for Van. The rest have acted like a bunch of Chickens always saying, ” i don’t want blood on My hands”. If you don’t want blood on your hands, you will never Win!

This was totally rigged

This is exactly what this group deserves. Those three should have been in the cross hairs if HOHs for weeks now. Just plain fukn stupid. Actually Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay killed their game by switching from backdooring Austin to Jason. They went after a solo player Jason (well he had Meg) instead of Austwins. So so so moronic of them. Their single most biggest mistake. Still think Vanessa is the smartest one???? Jason must get some satisfaction in seeing this.


Put Jmac on the block, leave him on the block and vote him out. If he wants to come back he can compete with Becky, Jackie, Shelly. Maybe next season players won’t allow themselves to be pawn every week and sleep the summer away. What a buzz kill. Notice on the edits BB rarely talks of the potential for hg’s throwing competitions BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH THAT.


Another boring week

oh my

Jmac is a big disappointment. He really thought they were going to throw it to him?


so his response to that idea was to run even slower, in order to throw it? what happened to ‘i really want to be HOH to take vanessa out’ statements. how you going to do that, jmac, if you don’t get HOH?

i think austin would have thrown it to him, had he stayed in the game. clearly james was in it to win it lol


I really like Meg, but if she has rheumatoid arthritis and had three surgeries on her knee(s), how on earth did she expect to play this game to win? She had to have known part of it is based on the ability to win challenges, some of which are physically difficult. Isn’t there some sort of screening process that ensures the houseguests are able to compete in the physical games? Ir would be like participating in Survivor and you couldn’t swim…


I thought BB would stay away from people with major physical problems she could hurt herself doing a comp then what? On BBAU they had a midget who fell and broke her leg in a comp then she sued BB.


JM is a jackass. After throwing another comp he deserves to go. Truly what has he accomplished in this game besides being a patsy..idiot


“I’m sorry you have to deal with me…I’ll still be your cheerleader.” Seriously Meg? That statement is killing me. I mean, I understand the reason for HG’s keeping Meg in the game, since sitting next to her in the final two all but guarantees them a win, but still. I could never get behind the idea to take an HG that has accomplished zero in the game to the end. It’s sort of a slap in the face to the people that have been playing the game with an actual strategy and not just giggling and putting on red lipstick 24/7 while slowly morphing into Liz & Julia’s long lost triplet. Again, I get the why’s but it’s wildly frustrating. She’s done absolutely f**k all in the game, and doesn’t deserve to be sitting in the final 2.


Except when Becky was HOH, Meg was the one saying to the goblins that they shouldn’t vote out Vanessa. Her analysis of what’s going on with personalities isn’t much better than that of Steve or Jmac.