“The scenario is we’re going to keep Maki.. he’s putting up Cory and SAm if he wins HOH”

9:56am Maki and Adam HOH Cam 2
Maki says he hopes the “youngins” (kiki and Stef) go with him and he knows he has MOMMA
Adam says Anthony and Dane want to work with Maki
Maki – yeah I’m down bro.. DAne gave me his word that’s the only thing going for me in this house..
Maki says his plan is to take Corey out
Adam mentions that he always thought Mom and Cory were close then yesterday Mom told them the only reason she was throwing Dane’s and Adam’s names out there was that Cory told her they were coming for her next week.
Adam mentions why have they been hearing about Momma targeting them for the last 5 days than.
Maki says there’s something fishy going on but to not take anything too seriously until the day comes, “right now my neck is on the line tomorrow is eviction after that we have days we can talk”
Maki says no one is going to suspect the two of them working together because they are so different ‘Super hero team”
Maki – lets take some deep breaths and keep the mood in the house light
Adam – I like having you here man…
Maki says he has 6 people he legit likes and he knows legit likes him
Adam – you have more than six man.. you basically have the whole house
Maki says right now there should be peace in the house, they are on :”floating mode” first goes Kyra then goes Cory.

Maki asks how he can approach Sam to make her feel “chill”
Adam – if anyone wins beside me and Sam, me and Sam are going up
Maki tells him that they are two polar opposite men but they share common interests. They need to get to know each other better but nobody in tehhouse has to know sh1t about them working together. Highlights Sam and MOMMA as two people that don’t need to know sh1t.
Maki asks him why are they both trying to win HOH to get the other one out it doesn’t make sense.
Adam – it’s always the same thing every season the best competitors send each other home..

11:52am Mark and Dane
Mark – Eddie called me racist..
mark explains that they were talking about what everyone really did for a living.
Mark – saying Chelsea is really this and Mark really does CIA work and I said ohh I feel like Eddie might work for a Chinese spy Intel.. and he’s like that’s so racist
Mark – I’m not sure how that is racist
Dane – Holy sh1t it’s not cool throwing that around
Dane – not cool for him saying the R word…
Mark – I think he just took it the wrong way..

11:58am Sam and Adam
Sam brings up a conversation she had with MOMA where momma asked her “how to you weaken a man” “you take out the people around them”
Sam says they are coming after her to weaken Adam.
Sam says she’s been saying they need to branch out for awhile and she’s been sticking with Adam because she trusted Adam
Adam – i’ve been trusting the people for awhile but eventually they’ll come after us..
ADam thinks no matter how much they stay apart people will still think they are “ride or die type sh1t”
Adam says no matter what if Maki, Momma, win HOH it’ll be one of them on the block.
Sam – letys just not work together anymore it’s not working you me and it’s not working for you.. I said that day one
SAm – when you watch this and I go home I go home next week it’s becuase I trusted you
Adam – Don’t put that on me.. I’m trying here I’m trying to get people here on my side.. the 8 people
Adam says stef and Kiki will go to whoever has the power. “if they would win power I don’t know what the f* they would do”

12:37pm cam 4 Dan and Kyra

1:04pm zoom in on a picture

1:17pm cam 4 MOMMA, Chelsea and Sam

1:40pm cam 1 Chelsea, Kyra
Kyra – I think there’s a strong chance I’m going tomorrow
Chelsea sighs…
Kyra – I’m sorry
Chel – why are you sorry to me..
Kyra – i was supposed to have our back how can I do that if i’m not here..
Chel – I wish we could start this game over again
Kyra – I know me too
Chel – I trust you more than anybody
Kyra – I’m trying so hard to keep it together
Kyra – I need to change my speech and talk to everyone again
Chelsea says Dane has their back
Kyra – he does .. he knows I would be better for his game moving forward. I know he wants me to stay he wouldn’t have told me that..
Chelsea – Anthony and I are in a weird place I know he’s with Kailyn.
Kyra – don’t freak out.. I was talking to Sam and I said trust Chelsea.. She said do you think so I feel she’s closer to Adam than with me
Kyra – I was like Sam what is .. trust Chelsea and build from that.. IF you are close to Anthony take away MOMMAS numbers.
Sam joins them.. Says that the guys see Maki staying as another person in front of them.
Chelsea – we need to be like very aware that there’s some big strong guys in this house.. I want to Adam of course but I’m not stupid he’s making good relationships with everybody.
Sam – I’m here to play a game I’m not here to f*ing fall in love with somebody.. that’s the bottom line here.
Sam tells them that Momma told her the best way to weaken a man is to knock out the people around them. “great i’m going on the block”

2:16pm Cam 1 Maki, DAne and Damien
DAne – the scenario is we’re going to keep Maki and Maki said he’s putting me up against Cory or Anthony/Adam or some sh1t
Dane – he thinks we would have the numbers to keep those boys
Dane – say she pulls herself off the block then we have to put someone else up
Dane – what we’re actually thinking we put Cory up and Sam and if Cory wins POV .. we can still get Sam out but you may need to be the replacement nominee
Dane – is that ok with you
Damien – yeah
DAen says Maki told Sam he’s Damien him up beside Cory because Sam was getting paranoid.
Dane says that Sam though she was going up against DAne.
Dane – if she goes up against me she’s going home if she’s up against Adam she’s going home..
Dane – she knows she can probably get a few votes to keep her safe if she’s on the block with you (damien)
Dane – keep this girl blind to the fact if Cory doesn’t go home next week she goes home
Maki – I tell you straight up I don’t like the idea but it has a little sense in it..
Dane about Maki – I gave this guy my word that he’s staying
Maki says he’s putting up Cory and SAm if he wins HOH
Maki – I don’t want that reach sams ears
They leave Damien and head into the hot tub area
DAne – going forward MAK I hope you see my loyalty to you..
They go on about how SAm is talking too much “mind f*ing” people
They mention how Adam is fine about Sam going up. Dane says Sam is F*ing up Adam’s game.

2:17 cam 4 Chelsea and Kyra
Kyra crying “I’m crying and sad… I’ve been trying to hold it together”
Kyra – be careful OK
Chelsea – you’re a good person I didn’t expect that from you
Kyra – you didn’t expect I was a good person
Chelsea – No I did.. I’m just a b1tch
Kyra – you’re not a b1tch.. b1tches don’t worry if they’re b1tches


3:25pm CAm 1 “the Girls” dancing in the storage room
They’re celebrating not being a target next week. They agree that they want to “do their best” but there’s no need for them to win right now.
“I think we’re good”
Esti – I just want to dance all day it’s all I want to do with my life..

Esti his her privates against the drawer handle. (OUCH)
Esti brings up earlier when they were guessing everyone’s jobs and Mark said Eddie was a Chinese secret spy. Eddie’s reply was “taht’s so racist”
Esti – I think that is what triggered his sadness today.. I know he probably feels bad about that I’m sure he didn’t mean it to come out that way.
KIKI – Mark is more paranoid today

3:29pm Kyra and Damien
Kyra – right now it looks like the people that want to get rid of maki and I are close in terms of game..
Kyra – I’m loyal to one person in this game and I think you can guess who it is.. Chelsea.. and Chelsea and I are very close as friends..

Kyra – if you want to ask me anything ask me now.. I promise I’ll be straight up to people like I was straight up to Laura..
Kyra says that maki doesn’t know this game at all that is why he is going to be controlled by someone else. Adds that she’s a straight shooter she’s proven that.
Kyra – to me you’re not a threat but to other people if they are saying to get out floaters who do you think will be next, I’m not trying to get out floaters.

3:29pm Anthony in the tub CAm 1

Feeds were down for an hour to show the houseguests something they need for the Head of Household competition tomorrow. There’s a lot of studying going on.

5:20pm Kyra and Dane
Kyra says that Maki is cocky.
Dane – I’m going to be honest with you I haven’t talked to many people but I’ve talked to the girls KIKI was like I’ve given my word to Maki
Dane says it’s 2/2 for votes.
Dane says it’s only week 2 “you shouldn’t be giving your words here” (ZOMG)
(Kyra’s 2 is Chelsea and Sam)
Dane messes up his Her hims they’s apologizes
Kyra – that’s OK (laughs) you’re so cute.. you try really hard
Dane – I’ve been correcting people you know it’s hard..
Kyra – I’m not someones pet I’m not the person that can be controlled..
5:35pm Kyra leaves.. Dane alone “ohh it breaks my heart.. this game isn’t easy.. week 2 suck it up”
Dane – my plan is to get Sam outta here and I know if Kyra stays she won’t go after Sam I need people to go after Sam
Dane – Maki stays goes after Sam, Kyra stays Sam stays for another week

5:41pm Dane and Esti
They talk abotu how mark needs to play down how smart he is. Dane mentions how Mark is saying he’s not going for the HOH.
Dane talking about getting Sam up next week. Mentions Backdoor.
Esti says she wouldn’t put Sam up she would backdoor.
Dane asks who she would put up, ‘Cory?”
Esti – Cory and Momma K and hopefully someone wins..
Dane – and put Sam up
Esti – that’s a good plan but don’t say anyone..

Esti says Damien wants Kyra out.
Esti says when Maki stays it’s keeping a threat in the house for other people to target.

8:00pm Picture time…

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Dane is so fucking fickle. He’s flipped AGAIN and is telling everyone he wants Maki out now.


I’m hoping they switch back again, but it seems like the people in Dane’s ear the most (Mark, Anthony, Adam) are pushing hardest for Maki to go. Maki’s side is WAY too passive, so maybe this will give them the kick in the ass that they need. I feel like we’re going to end up a repeat of BBCAN6 with the most boring players at the end – in this case, Mark, Anthony, Kyra, Adam, Chelsea, etc. I think the Kyra/Anthony/Chelsea trio can go undetected for a while, but they’re so boring.

another name

how to stack a deck against a moron on the block: ask him who he would nominate next week.
Notice, none of them have said ‘kyra, who would you put on the block?’

another name

i’m annoyed. I’m not annoyed that Maki is, as of now, still leaving (never cared). I’m more annoyed Kyra is staying. Beyond Kyra’s personality thus far being like week old whining oatmeal to me (and the poor outsider underdog rising up and triumphing over adversity edit that was very… not so much feed reality but chose your own adventure is ridic), there is the feeling that one of the arguments Kyra expressed bothered me. Live your truth and be who you are, I totally stand behind that and applaud those who do so: However, when someone is gender non binary, i don’t want to hear ‘so what, they’re just going to keep evicting the girls’ when the vote starts to flip. I can’t explain why that annoyed me so much, but it was almost to the level of irked or maybe even peeved.
Sure, I could see Adam’s ego practically stretching his skull to the point of exploding when he got his way, with the vote flipping back to being what sam wanted, and that was not pleasant to me, so that’s a factor in my desire to see Kyra go. The fact that it also means the grossmance will most likely continue, that’s a factor too. tbh, I could handle adam without sam, and i could handle sam without adam, but even my heebyjeebies get the jitters when they are together. oh crap, slap some teeth out of my head, i’m turning into Dane.

Guy From Canada

I found the non binary weird. Whether you have a penis or vagina whatever, it penis vagina or both. Own whether you like penis vagina or both. Psychologists know there is mental health issues when you can’t identify boy girl identities for self and what your preference is in others. I respect those who are born men, identify as women and love men and vice versa. When you don’t identify as either it seems weird and complicates self identification causing mental health issues. We saw this with Audrey, we are seeing this with Kyra. These are mentally unstable people who have issues self identifying and are not confident people. Is kyra calling herself She now instead of a millennial thing I’ll never understand of “we/they”? I’m just too old to understand? or is she in need of mental health help and counseling prior to the show due to self identity issues? Regardless crying isn’t entertaining to me on the feeds and regardless of how you self identify I’m sad bc to see her staying…..

another name

i’m not weirded out by the non binary gender as an identity. I just got annoyed that the identity classification switched when it was a convenient argument.

King Silva

I’m not a fan one way or the other of Cory but she deserves to have her face at the top of the site so please update the graphic.