Mark “I’m a f***ing psycho dude!” Dane “You should talk to the girls.”

8:20pm The house guests are still taking photos.

9:03pm Hot Tub room. Kyra and Dane. Kyra – no one knows the depth of it and its better that they don’t. Dane – I’m keeping it a secret. Basically to f**k himself.. (Maki) which I am okay with. Kyra – what did he tell you. Dane – just that he went up into my room.. he told me that I could go up on the block during his HOH. He told me that you (Anthony) could go up on the block during his HOH. He told Adam that Adam could go up on the block. What is he doing? Do you want to keep this guy around?! I don’t! He (Anthony) was like I don’t give a f**k anymore. Kyra – that is the definition of a wildcard. Dane – I was like you know what Anthony .. lets pull this big trigger. Kyra – oh my god this is going to make such a good move for you. Dane – and I’ve got Mark on board. I just need to tell Damien to go upstairs .. Poppy and Adam are upstairs and they’ll explain it to you. Dane – right now its Adam, Chelsea, Sam, Mark, and Anthony. Kyra – So we just need one more. Kyra – I won’t forget this and I promise you I have your back. As of right now the odds are in your favor.
Dane leaves. Kyra – I can’t believe this couldhappen This could be f**king good!

9:45pm Havenot room. Dane and Mark.
Dane – Lets get him (Maki) out. They fist bump. Dane – you’ve got to win the next HOH. I don’t care if you don’t want to because this could potentially backfire on us. Mark – hand over heart and on the chain of my buddy I am gunning as hard as I possibly can. Dane – we’re not telling the girls till an hour or two hours before.. because then it won’t allow him to go up. Mark – it won’t allow him to go up to the girls which would blow up in our faces. Mark – I think Kiki will be easier because she is already… I will teach you a little bit of what I like to do. When you’re in hockey you can just go right up to the dude and rough him up and that gets the point across. When you’re in here you have to be very subtle. So what I like to do is “you’re right, totally get you. You’ve given me a lot of time to think.. and I’m thinking about you. What is best for your game. Which internally draws them in.. I am a f***ing psycho dude! Dane – you should talk to the girls. Mark – I need you there. I could take Kiki alone but Est is going to come after me. Dane – I was like Damien I am trying to look out for you. If we side with this one we have no one else and if we side with the boys we’re going to be okay. Mark – all we really need are 5 votes. Then you’ll be the deciding vote.

10:10pm Bathroom. Chelsea and Kyra.
Chelsea – I am not allowing myself to feel this much joy and excitment until tomorrow after the vote is announced. If he is telling you its decided like he is telling me… he is not going to go back on his word now. Kyra – yeah, that’s bad. Chelsea – that would be real bad. Kyra – I actually get to play. Chelsea – this is setting us up so f**king nice. Oh my god. Kyra – I did good eh!? I want you to know that I have your back. You are my ride or die. Chelsea and Kyra start studying the days and events.

11:50pm HOH room. Anthony and Adam. Anthony – things are happening that are really working towards our advantage. For example – Cory is scared sh*t-less .. I still think that Cory might have some sort of power. So we have to keep that in mind so that we have that is our back pocket. Everyone has to get friendly with Cory because she is a monster. She is a monster. She’s smart, she’s fast and she’s strong. But she also feels like she is a disadvantage. We need to plant a see in her head that the other side.. I will sit her down and tell her that before she came in here it was a house consensus to get whoever came in out.

1:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

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King Silva

It is crazy how much they flip flop.

BTW I just mentioned it in the post before but please add Cory’s face to the graphic with all the other house guests when you guys get a chance.

Thanks again for doing all these recaps. I’ve not really spent too much time watching the feeds so it really helps to recap the day for me.


Ugh I can’t believe I forgot Cory. Lol I’ll fix that up tonight. Thanks


all done

King Silva

Praise you. 🙂

another name

the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist in me doesn’t like it when feeds are down for episodes. This is not made easier for my kookoo for conspiracy sense when the conversations that cause a vote flip happen during a feed outage. makes me smell d/r monkeys and story line writers.
so let me get this straight: during the feed break, maki told sam/chelsea he’d likely nominate anthony. flurry of activity that we missed, and suddenly adam and anthony are saying he’s done. pretty convenient that anthony knew maki’s targets were sam and cory yesterday, but is angry maki used his name. to sam. one of the targets. why do i get the feeling anthony was placating adam’s ego?


Honestly, Dane let everyone way overcomplicate things and it harmed Maki. They were giving Maki multiple names to throw out – Dane himself told Maki to go talk to Damien say he’d be throwing his name around (Dane and Maki talked to Damien together). This should be an easy week for Maki, but all of the guys are so easy to switch based on which girl they talk to – Adam by Sam and Dane by… anyone, honestly.

I don’t believe it was production interference because we’ve seen all week how quickly they all switch based on one convo. And Anthony and Mark seem to have wanted Maki gone all week, so any minor thing was all they needed.

another name

no. i don’t think it was production interference (though shutting off the lights while stef, mark and dane are talking and dane let’s it slip that eddie is voting maki out… that’s sketch), it just annoys me that pivotal things in the plot are missing due to feed outage and i am naturally suspicious of story line editors pushing for certain things to happen in d/r conversations with open ended questions. That said, production loves a showmance, and there is only one in the house (daddie not withstanding). At least it’s not as bad as last season with hoh’s being called to d/r as soon as they mentioned a certain houseguest as a target, and returning from d/r flipping their opinion. I can’t be the only one that saw that happen 4 times in the favor of the same houseguest. It’s part of what made me say i can’t suspend my disbelief enough for season 6, and quit watching.

Guy From Canada

The other day when Dane and Maki were talking I the file room, Maki said he was going to use Danes name to Sam, Dane was fine with that plan if it got back to him. What changed? Was it Anothony telling Maki to talk to Sam while Dane was telling him to avoid? I knew that Maki and Sam talking was bad, and low and behold two days later they flip using those conversation combos….. Of course production wants to keep the annoying crier over the chill talker for their TV edit but man I’m happy I’m working a graveyard tonight so I don’t vomit over the heavy TV edit tonight….

another name

i’m not sure what changed. because it happened while feeds were down. and i don’t understand half of maki’s explanations for his maki moves. Dane, Damien and Stef threw so many names at Maki that i think he didn’t know what he was doing.


Anthony kinda reminds me of Carlton Banks

another name

I think the alteration to usual process last week has caused a lot of this season’s cast to not understand how things work in a regular bbcan week. if any of them were feeders they’d know that the weekend is top heavy with comps and ceremonies, and then there is a long drawn out period before eviction. According to conversations in the house, on their first week, they entered the house with the hoh comp happening day one. on day 3/ 4 adam called a house meeting telling everyone they had to come to the hoh and name 2 people to be nominated. Then noms were the next afternoon. This means the other two house meetings happened during campaigning in a two day period. The vote flip flopped three times. in a two day period.
This explains why there was so much campaigning before the veto ceremony even happened. This explains why everyone was so confused about the long break between veto ceremony and voting day.
This doesn’t explain how Dane ran his hoh. That was just a long drawn out exercise in idiocy. It feels like his hoh week has been going on for a month.


Maki evicted 6-5 Dane tie breaker.
Chelsea won HOH


i want to slap you like Julie slapped Marcellas

Christine Ferrari

So pissed that chelsea won. I really was hoping the other side would win and take a hot at sam and adam. Both annoy me. I wanted damien to do better. Kinda feel bad that he is left out of pretty boys group. Also Wish maki stayed! Kyra cries to much.