“The reality is I don’t think two of them can continue in this game. I think Beth has to go “

Head of Household: Tera
Nominations: BETH and JED
The Power of Veto Players are: ?
POwer of Veto Winner: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?
Have nots : Beth, Ty, Jed

Big Brother Spoilers – Tera is nominating Jed and BETH.

9:30 am Beth and Jed
Going over scenarios thinking there’s a chance BReydon and Kiefer going up. Little do they know Production has their back so no need to worry go back to banging.
beth – I need to pull Kiefer aside today and say we have to fake a backdoor with you and Ty in order to do that Keifer and I need to go to Tera separately and pitch to backdoor the boys.

Jed – putting one of us against Breydon.. it would be trash if Breydon won. (VetO)
Jed – it’s more realistic to put one of us against BReydion. If BReydon comes down we have options where we can try and get her to put Kief up

Jed – if you put one of them up against Breydon you are not burning bridges with any of them. If one of them win veto we send (he makes a pop sound) home
Jed – if she put up Breydon and Ty to try and backdoor me it would be better… wait never mind we would never vote ty out never mind..
Beth – the plan needs to be we’re backdooring you because she wants that sh1t if we are suggesting things outside of backdooring you,…
Jed – putting up Breydon and Kief I don’t know if she’ll do that.

Beth – if Ty and Breydon were up there and you won the veto you won’t use it out of fear I would go up
They think they can fool Tera into thinking they would vote Ty out
Beth – she promised on her kids I would never go up ..
Jed – that’s fine then you aren’t going up this week.. that’s perfect..
beth – If I go up I’m bringing that up immediately ..
Jed – best case you win it, Second best I win it, or Kief because Kief will take me off..
Jed says it’s almost b4etter Keif wins veto if Beth won’t go up and Kief has a veto Tera’s only option is Breydon.

Beth reiterates all they need to do is get Breydon “up there”

Jed – in every scenario you and me are good. as long as you don’t go up all three of us are good.. if you aren’t an option we’re good. The veto will be used.
Beth – so I tell Breydon I want to backdoor you this week and Kiefer is onbaord

Jed – Tera’s a wildcard she wants to do random sh1t (Yeah targeting you three buffoons is random sh1t)
Jed keeps saying “We have options”

9:51 am Jed and Ty
Jed brings up the fake backdoor plan they can pitch to Tera. Put up Kiefer and Breydon with the plan to backdoor Jed.
Jed says the realistic scenarios is both of them or one of them and Breydon
Ty doesn’t see just one of them going up
Jed explains that by putting one up doesn’t burn all the bridges
Jed says Beth isn’t going up
Ty – Kiefer is saying she puts up Beth.. Breydon doesn’t seem to know
Jed says there’s personal sh1t beth can say.. “the women thing.. this whole game Tera has been saying it’s a boys game the boys will take you out they will steamroll you”
jed doesn’t think Tera will put beth up because then she will be the cause of making this a Boys game because beth will be evicted if she goes up.

Ty – if she puts up Kiefer and Brey we can say we’ll work with you to the end.
Jed thinks Breydon will use the veto on them “every scenario people will use the veto”
Ty – best case we pitch Tera final 4

Ty says they all need to make this pitch together and then once they start talking about snaking each other they’ll do that separate (LOL good plan Ty)
jed – even if both of us go up we can still get out of it
Ty – we can I’m not that shook about it
jed – make her aware about the repercussions of certain moves because she can’t play next week
Ty – I want to know what’s in her head..
Jed thinks he’s her target.

Kiefer joins them
Jed asks him if every scenario the veto get played
Kiefer – you guys gotta gun for it we’re getting into the deep dark of the game..
Kiefer – if one of us win the veto the three of us will be here next week
Kiefer – I don’t know what Beth does to be honest I think she might use it.. Final 6 the game feels different.
Jed – it is its intricate
Kiefer – Beth is still playing the game week 4 trying to make alliances getting people to turn on each other. The only way to get safety is to win. Take the game into your own hands now.
Kiefer – brey’s going to gun hard he hasn’t won anything. He might use it. If he uses it Beth will beg him not to . Beth will most likely be the replacement
jed – I don’t know if tera will put her up because then she’ll be the only female left in this game. She’s all about this not being a boy’s game.
jed – she’s a wildcard..

Jed leaves..

Kiefer – if Beth wins the veto does she use it?
Ty – no
Keifer – me neither I also don’t think she wants to win
Ty – Best-case scenario in my mind is Jed and Beth are on that block. The reality is I don’t think two of them can continue in this game. I think Beth has to go
Kiefer – I agree. She does too much
Ty – I know, She doesn’t sit well with me.
Kiefe r- Breydon even said she’s getting annoyed at what Beth is trying to do
Ty mentions Beth saying Tera swore on some “dark sh1t” her kids.
Kiefer – Tera doesn’t care you leave that at the door
Kiefer – if you guys win the veto there is no chance sBeth doesn’t hit the block.
Kiefer adds there’s no guarantee Beth tries to win the veto

Kiefer says if Ty wins the veto it’ll be Jed and Beth on the block Thursday.
K – if I win next week there’s a zero percent chance you go up
Ty – Kief I would never put you up
They agree they knew the two of them were at the bottom of the group. Kiefer just didn’t know he was so low.
Kiefer – it happened a bit sooner than I thought
Ty – I didn’t see that coming
Kiefer – to save face with Breydon?
K – Breydon wouldn’t have cared if he was on the block BlueLine would have still left. Why make an enemy out of me.
Kiefer – honestly it’s going to send them home that one move keeping me. I’m not going to let them beat me.
Ty – Kief they showed you what it is. They made it clear they made it super clear.
Kiefer points out Beth was the only one not crying when they told him he’s going up.
Kiefer – if I win that veto I pull your a$$ down if you’re not up I don’t use it

10:15 am Breydon and Tera

Breydon – best-case scenario is me or Keifer win (VetO)
B – do you think Beth is going to gun for it? I don’t think she will
Breydon thinks Beth threw the HOH.
Tera – I don’t really care which one as long as it’s one of the trio.
Tera adds they can then hope the remaining two go after Kiefer.
They talk about Jed, Beth, and Jed practicing their Jury pitches on Tina hoping she would work for them in Jury.
Tear – I need you to gun for that Veto
Breydon – I will be gunning for it HARD
Tera – if Kiefer goes they’re coming for me and you, they’re coming for us hard
Breydon – of course.

10:44 am Jed and Tera
Tera says if he’s going on the block it’s only because she wants him to win it and use it on himself, not on another person.
Tera – you are the only one that hasn’t talked sh1t about any of them.
Tera – people gave Tina jury pitches she couldn’t believe so many people gave her their final 2 speeches.
Tera – how are you giving jury pitches with 6 people in this game?

Tera makes it clear she’s got no reason to go after Breydon.
Tera tells him again if he’s on the block he’s not Tera’s “Big Target” she wants him to fight and win the veto for himself

11:00 am Beth and Ty
Beth spiraling. They’re going over what Ty should say when he goes up to talk to Tera.
Beth – I would go in there and pitch that we’re all going to turn on each other
Ty – I can pitch the final four and then we’ll all turn on each other and when we do it’ll benefit you (Tera)
Beth – no even the final 4 say in the case you are in the final 4 whether if it’s with me or Keifer or Breydon it doesn’t have to be with the trio. Say I’m bringing you I can beat you
Ty – that’s not a realistic promise I can make if I am final 4 HOH
Ty is trying to figure out how he can realistically pitch this to Tera
Beth – She’s gone next week (Tera)
Ty – she’s putting up one of us why would she put up Breydon
Beth – she saves face for next week.. She’s a lone wolf. you are pissing everyone off next week so what do you do put up Keifer and have 3 boys pissed off at you next week.
TY – Beth, I don’t think people make decisions moving forward based on emotion pissed off is not a reason to send someone home
Beth – she needs to set herself up.. you have to put it into her head that she needs to set herself up because you have nobody
ty – the problem is for that to work we all have to be on the same page.
Beth – she needs to think you and Jed are on the outs and me, Breydon and Keifer are planning
Beth – she needs to be fully f**ing convinced I want one of you two out this week
Ty – so on one hand we’re trying to sell her that everybody will be pissed on the other hand you want to sell her that we’re getting backdoored?
Ty – those stories are conflicting
Beth – you and Jed would never know you are getting backdoored.. EVER. You guys go in there like whatever. Me, Kiefer adn BReydon go in tehre and are like f*** yeah lets get them out
Ty – they have to be willing to go on the block for that plan to work (Breydon and Keifer)
Beth – Breydon has to go on the block 100%
Beth – Breydon needs to be like YEAH I’ll go up as a pawn. (Good luck their Beth)
Ty – Breydon’s not going to do that.
Beth – Breydon doesn’t know what is going on
Ty – Do you think Breydon is going to volunteer to go on the block
Beth – if I go to RBeydon right now and say DUDE you have no chance of winning this game next to Jed and Ty this is our chance
Ty – I don’t think … you’ll he to have that conversation with Breydon to see if he’s down for it
Beth is convinced they can get BReydon on the block and that is the best chance for the 4 of them to make it into next week.
Beth – I’ll just say to Tera DUDE you never talk game to him put him up as a pawn It’s easy. Keep me in your pocket keep Keifer in your pocket. you are fine with BReydon
Beth says Kiefer is acting funny “it’s all we have we have to try”
Ty – I don’t know if this is the move
Beth – what’s the other move let her do whatever the f* she wants?
Beth says Kiefer wants to wait until noms but she doesn’t want to they need to hit her now before wendy’s (THey have to seel the pitch to put up Breydon)
Ty says he’s worried about Keifer “I don’t think he’s the same guy now that the eviction ceremony is gone”
Ty – me and Jed you have to pull one of us down
Beth goes on that Tera has to truly believe she wants one of the two boys out.

11:33 pm Beth and Breydon
Beth continues being ridiculous. Beth brings up the idea they should backdoor JED.

Adds fun stuff like if they do this move this HOH his not on Tera’s resume it’s on theirs if they go into the HOH with the same story.

11:40 am Beth, Kiefer and Breydon
Beth tries to sell the backdoor Breydon plan. Breydon says he doesn’t want to volunteer to go up as a pawn.
Beth leaves. Kiefer and Breydon roll their eyes..

NOON Tera and Beth
Beth – I had a very serious conversation with Breydon on how this week should go
Tera – I let Breydon know I don’t have a strong game relationship with you. You have not given me a reason not to trust you. Not to mention Breydon could be a target next week
Beth – I just see him sliding to the end because A, he’s not really done anything
Tera – that’s what I said when it was between him and Austin, Breydon is very dangerous he could slide all the way.
Beth – that’s a reason to won this game. It’s a strategy. People come into this game saying I’m going to float to the end
Tera – could that be a target somebody goes after next week instead of me? Maybe
Beth – I told him straight up.. I said DUDE you want to get far in this game I want to get far in this game you’re going to think what I’m about to say is absolutely insane this is our chance with Tera and Kiefer to get Jed out (LOL)
Beth – he’s like YES that’s what we need to do. So I am surprised he hasn’t come talk to you yet. If that’s what you want
Tera – I want to avoid having to put you on the block
Beth – cause I go home
Tera – YES
Beth – if I go home you’re done next week and it’s the boys game we f***ing said
Tera – If I don’t put you on the block If I did say put Jed and Ty I know they will be very salty about it umm.. if you won the veto would you use it on them?
Beth – I was going to talk to you about that because I know in the other room I said I would to save face for you and I but is it best we f**Ing leave it then we make the choice? Me, Kiefer, BReydon
Tera – YES, I would want yo to GUN for it
Beth – I am I need another win. Everybody would.

Beth – so if Jed and Ty are on the block Jed pulls himself off. are you putting Kiefer up? What is your relationship with keifer?
Tera – it’s not my relationship with Kiefer. Kiefer is a very big target
Beth – HUGE and it’s still a move if he goes home
Tera – I need to think of how I can survive this HOH next week. If I keep Kiefer around people will go for Kiefer
Beth – people will go for anyone at this point
Beth says Jed is number one and Keifer is two out of the people “winning the game”
Tera says there are two people the house says is winning “It’s annoying.. it’s day 48 there’s still 6 people”

Tera says Kiefer is “cheesed” at the guys for last week
Beth – I told him let’s backdoor Jed and he was like WOAH I was like let’s do it.. So he knows
Beth says the boys think she will vote Breydon out over them “which is perfect”
Tera – I was told you threw the HOH
Beth – I would never throw that

12:25 pm Kiefer and Tera
Kiefer says Beth’s plan is to get him to convince Tera to put up Breydon and Ty so they can backdoor Jed
Kiefer – it’s crazy. it’s actually a plan to get Ty out
Tera – what!
Kiefer – yes
Kiefer – who is better for Beth’s game Breydon or Ty?
Tera – if Breydon or Ty go up Jed wins Veto then Beth goes up
Keifer – no he doesn’t he leaves it the same and we vote Breydon out but Beth says then we’ll have a larger discussion about who’s better for your game RBeydon or Ty?
Kiefer – Beth is doing way too much. Beth is working hard to keep Jed in this game harder than I ever anticipated and Ty is PISSED
Kiefer – the trio is done it happened way quicker than I thought. Beth went to Ty to get him to volunteer to go on the block
Tera – WHAT
Kiefer – yes this really just happened like an hour and a half ago
Tera – to be sitting next to Breydon why would I do that?

Tera – Jed is for sure going up. If he wins veto he’s using it as himself
Kiefer – 100% Jed HAS to hit teh block. Ty is 100% done with them
Kiefer – Jed, and Beth are convinced you don’t put Beth up under any scenario because of some woman thing
Tera – that’s not true I’ll do whatever is best for my game and Beth has been playing a stealth game I don’t care if she’s got a V or not.
Tera says the only reason she wouldn’t put Beth on the block is because she doesn’t think Beth will use the veto or try and win it.
K – I know Ty wouldn’t use it he wants Bth gone.
Tera thinks he’ll use it on Jed.. “Jed will beg him.. loyal to the soil”
Kiefer says Beth came to him this morning saying they “have to convince Breydon it’s a backdoor against Jed.. we have to we have to I’ve been telling Tera I want to cut Jed forever. I’m not cutting Jed”
Tera – she said that?
Tera – she’s sketchy
Kiefer is pushing for Beth to go this week.

1:21 pm Jed and Ty
Ty says if he wins the veto he’s using it on Jed but he’ll make Tera think he won’t

3:00 pm Ty, Breydon and Kiefer
Talking about all the crazy things Beth has said.
Kiefer says the Jed/Beth duo had three HOH’s in a row because what he did was for them
Ty – then they cut you right after.. that’s crazy..
Kiefer – it was 3 days after the double
Breydon says he’s not shocked that Beth tried to push taking Kiefer out.
Kiefer – it’s crazy how fast they turned. I thought it would be after noms when they turned but it’s pre-noms
Ty – same.. I didn’t think it would be this quick.. Damn already.
K – And they want to volunteer to get you out
Ty – I think I have sucker written on my forhead
Ty – Sucka…
Ty – I must have clown on my forehead or sucka.. sucka sounds better

4:37 pm Tera and Beth
Tera tells Beth she and JED are being nominated. Beth warns her that the boys are lying to her.

5:22 pm Tera and JED
Tera telling him he’s going up with BETH they both put her up. She says he’s strong enough to win veto and take himself off.

5:39 pm Sunsetters laughing at Tera and Breydon
Beth is extra salty tells them after the nomination she doesn’t have to be “fake anymore” right?
Beth – I don’t have to suck up to her anymore
Jed – she’s putting us up for sure…
Kiefer – her minds is set

5:46 pm Kiefer and Ty
Kiefer says Beth has been talking so much sh1t about him.

10:10 pm Jed and Beth are nominated.

11:26 pm Family

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#Boycott Monday’s episode, only way to punish production

another name

don’t worry. still got you covered. lol.
unless i forget it’s on and just make up some shit.


I already boycotted every episode since last Monday to punish production. I’ll happily comply.

another name

By the way, if you’re going to do a boycott, don’t think small.
Seriously, if you ever want to actually do a boycott hit them where it hurts.
notify the sponsors that you will be boycotting them because their ad dollars are what the production requires to stay afloat.
Inform the sponsors that the level of visible manipulation is unacceptable, and since boycotting an episode won’t do much to change things, you are imploring the sponsors to voice an objection. Once they have voiced their objection, you will end the boycott of their product / service.
I mean… If you really want to hit the production where it would hurt the most.

Guy from GTA

So Jed or Ty goes and comes right back next week. Great work BBCan Producers. Worst season than last.

another name

Beth spiral instead of death spiral. I see what you did there. 😉

Game fan

Beth is being ridiculous. Try to save yourself and thats it. it’s not a HoH you can control


It’s amazing to me how narrow Beth’s focus is. For her to think Tera would just do what she wants b/c it’s best for Beth is mind-boggling.

WHY would Tera jeopardize putting up Ty/Brey or Keif/Brey & keep Jed & Beth BOTH safe?

In what universe is that a good idea to trust the couple who’ve been completely untrustworthy this entire game? We’re talking Beth who put Tera OTB beside Vic telling her she was safe & then made her jump through hoops to stay.

We’re talking Jed who put TNT both on the block & then kept Keif to send her BFF Tina to the jury.

Beth has made her rounds –

First, she tells Keif the plan on how she wants to get Brey put OTB beside him or Ty. Keif says he doesn’t believe he’ll be nominated b/c Tina made them hug & promise to work together. Beth says well then Ty – & if Brey wins POV we sacrifice Ty.

Second, she goes through the same scenario with Ty but suggests either him or Jed ONLY go up beside Brey. Once again telling him Tera won’t put her up b/c she’s the only girl and once again says Tera promised on her kids (I REALLY DON’T REMEMBER THIS HAPPENING — does anyone else?). Ty is not amused by Beth saying she’ll convince Brey to volunteer to go up.

The one part of the convo that does show Ty may still be tight with ‘the sauce’ is he tells her if Tera puts two of them up the other one HAS to win POV so they have the two votes.

Finally, she talks to Brey (who Keif pre-warned) but Jed interrupts before she can ask him to volunteer. She does tell him the Jed backdoor plan & again reiterates the same song & dance about her not being an option for Tera & how Keif seems to think he’s safe for some reason.

Jed tells them he’s going up but doesn’t know who’ll be sitting beside him.

Then she traps Keif/Brey in a room & literally asks Brey if he’ll be okay going up as a pawn – essentially asking him to volunteer without saying the words — Brey sort of pauses & then says ‘well to be honest I don’t really want to go on the block’ (LMAO at Beth’s face to that answer).


THIS pitch was so MESSY it probably sinks Beth’s game regardless of the fake DE coming up. She said too much negative about each of Ty/Keif/Brey to each of them always stating one of them was disposable or could be sacrificed EXCEPT Jed or herself (other than the “fake” backdoor plan to Brey).

This is all playing into Keif’s hand b/c he wants Beth gone. So while we know this week is bullshit b/c of the production’s hijinx — here’s the thing…

In a normal week w/o interference it would be best for Keif if Jed left & he used Beth’s plan to sink her with Ty, Brey & Tera. In that world, Beth would be the target for them all.

BUT— it feels like Keif is trying to set this up for Beth to go this week instead.

AND to be honest I think if that happens she does go to jury b/c even with the fake DE if Tera or Brey were cut 2nd I think they could beat Beth in a battle back.

For those of us who want the trio split this might be the best scenario.


Beth – “I have a plan”
Production – “Do not worry honey, we got you”


It sucks that Tera will get a big player out and production is throwing in a life preserver to the boring Trio plus Kief. This season sucks big time. Just when a point goes for the underdog, production ruins it.


I don’t understand. Why do people (OBB commenters) hate Kief? I don’t watch the feeds maybe he’s annoying if you see him there but serious question, why is he not liked? Coz I don’t mind him at all.

another name

Let me take this one, since Kiefer is on my nopelist (small selection of houseguests I will never support).

Reasons to dislike Kiefer as a production pet clown:
He’s given d/r inclusion in episodes for weeks that have nothing to do with Kief.
He was given a production save via feedblocking and prompting last week.
He has been included in the edit as a svengali type mastermind that also gets the clown edit so that people that just watch episodes like him.
The episode edit he gets IS NOT indicative of his behavior in the house.

Reasons to dislike Kiefer from a tactical perspective:
He crawled back to the three people that voted him out in week 3, instead of forming a final 2 with Vic and becoming part of a 4 duo alliance.
He takes credit for things in the game that he had NOTHING to do with. And production includes it in the episodes for both he and Beth as if the assertion were true.
He wanted to quit multiple times in 24 hours last week, and pulled a petulant child routine we haven’t seen the likes of since Carol in BBCan9… and suddenly he’s staying. Throwing tantrums and threatening to quit shouldn’t be rewarded.
Tactically it is beyond stupid to tell everyone you are going to win the game and nobody can take you out… should have been voted out for that alone.
He purports himself to have his finger on the pulse of the house, but shares information he learned four or five days previously (think of how quickly things change) as if it was current information…. and it’s not on purpose.

Reasons to dislike Kiefer from a personal perspective:
The way he talks to and about women is gross. He’s had to be counciled to stop calling them bitches (both by LaToya in week three, and by D/R in week four).
He, not Tera or Josh as he likes to tell others, is the progenitor of the attitude that only people in financial need deserve to win. I HATE THAT. It’s not a charity telethon.
I’m not a big fan of people that consider insinuating someone is gay as an insult. Kiefer repeatedly sought to mock Kyle and Rohan by insinuating they are a gay couple. Sexual preference isn’t an insult.


I think people don’t care for Keifer simply because he chose to align with Jed & Ty.


That’s true and the worst thing Tera can’t play for HOH in the fake double. I can’t imagine if they get her out in the fake double and she get eliminated. If she don’t win her way back in wouldn’t that mean she would go home on her own HOH?



Has this ever happened before in any season where you are HOH all week and you end up going home on thursday


No; it’s going to be fake but whoever is voted out under Tera’s HOH will be playing against the person who goes out during the fake double. Since Tera can’t play as outgoing HOH she could be eligible to be on the block. The person who goes out during Tera’s HOH will be playing against who goes out during the fake double.


it can be Tera so Jordan can be right.

another name

My bitter, bitter thoughts:

For weeks now, we’ve been joking that Tera is a Karen. She’s earned it.
What we failed to notice, because she hadn’t faced adversity:
Beth is a Karen in training. Beth is actually a Becky.
She’s still at the make excuses, whine and yell Daddy instead of manager stage in her self righteous narrow minded bitch evolution.
She’s getting Parascam moments, but out of power plotting like that french woman that yelled turnip a lot in season 4. Or worse. Plotting like she actually believes she’s a Franzel.

Somewhat irrelevant who goes / how they go this week. My investment in the intrigue and subterfuge suffers because we’ve ALL seen the man behind the curtain pull his most obvious visible manipulation yet. I mean… is ANYONE buying the entire premise as ANYTHING more that a storyline plot cementing measure? C’mon. Even my 2 friends that only watch episodes, not feeds, texted me and said it’s rigged. I’m usually pretty gentle with them, because they’re true believer it’s a gameshow types (part of the reason I rant about prodomanipulation here… I can’t do that to them, it would crush their dainty spirits), but I reinforced their outrage on this occasion. Yeah… you should definitely voice a strongly worded tweet about your disappointment (add how ever many secret eyerolls you want). Part of me wishes they’d send those messages to the people we mutually know that have either been on the show, or been alternates. Don’t ask. names aren’t coming.

Kiefer is trying to set up Beth as the kick to the curb option. Give any reason you want, but be reminded of his week two talk about Beth, and how she shouldn’t have even been made a sunsetter because Kiefer wanted another guy in her place. Guys guy, remember. Like Kiefer won’t slink back, saying loyalty every three seconds if anything goes awry.
Otherwise, why would Kiefer want Beth gone? She does 3/4 of Jed’s thinking for him.

Again the trio are pushing that they should all go in together to show Tera that they outnumber her. Oh these little assholes must have been a joy in primary school. I’m not using the overly used BB B-word. I’m saying they are mob mentality might makes right entitled dipshits, and that shit usually develops early.

I’m half expecting that the cams spend a lot less time in the HOH this week than they did for the past weeks. Remember when Austin was HOH and the cams pretty much ceased to show the HOH room after the veto ceremony? Diligently followed the flipfloppers, but put the oblivious HOH duo… into cam oblivion. We’ll see lots of that again I’m sure. A non prodopet is HOH. Cams are going to forget where the room is once veto is done.

Guy From Canada

Turnip was Season 5…..Simon did an interview if I recall when he spiraled into madness during his Kraken videos ha ha

another name

it was a slip of the finger and poor editing. Didn’t catch the season number error.
Still don’t remember her name though.
I just call her turnip.

another name

To add to my lemonsucking bitter attitude we got this gem last night:

Jed (about the DR): I just say what they tell me to but in a cool way
Beth: Oh i do the same.

If D/R is responsible for BedBETHandbeyond’s Screechy Cackles D/R voice I’m gonna snap. Like, 235km fallout radius snap (yeah, that fallout radius definitely takes out the studio fooorrrr suuure, and probably the head office too).
But, but, but…..bUt dRs aREnT ScrIPtEd.

Game is Rigged

Production is a bunch of Riggers

Guy From Canada

Didn’t you mean “bananas” is a bunch of riggers?

Jimmy Martin

The fake double eviction was planned a long time ago. We knew that there was going to be some twist this week… even if it was with different houseguests. This would happen.
Just seems sketch considering this week Ty, Jed or Beth could be leaving.
Tbh I hope Jed and Tera get voted out. Tera comes back in lol

another name

I have no doubt there was intended to be a secret power last week, the only week someone has to sleep in the ballpit, in case the house couldn’t be convinced to keep Kief.
That was scrapped because they nodded and said okay.
I have no doubt the double fake was planned weeks in advance, but so was the storyline. Sure they had to alter the plan from week one to three because Ethan got turfed and his alternate entered, but once the sunsetter storyline was set, they’d need a way to make sure there was sunsetters in finale (most likely 3 in the top 4) while also providing a drama moment of a phoenix rising from the ashes for revenge moment in the top 5… let’s face it, final 5 week is cursed most season by the weakest market share and viewership. This is a known. They’re trying to fire up a usually dead week, while still following through on storyline.

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Pretty sure we won’t get an individually timed Veto this week. You know, the production rigged pov (we learned for sure they were rigged in bbus21 when Kat complained she got the fastest time, but doesn’t get the veto and that sucks). It was the undress on a sea-doo veto, where the winner was still more than half dressed at a corner time counter time that made it impossible for him to have won the comp. They just did the team style HOH, so doing a team up knock out style doesn’t feel right either.
If they rig it for Jed and Ty it will be a basketball comp because both talked about playing basketball (and recognizing each other from games).
If we do an individual timer… it’s so that we get the gravitas of a sunsetter leaving this week only to return for a fiery vengeance arc. That’s why we are getting this fake double to begin with. Drama, and cement to the storyline.

Sure, we’re getting to see the scramble, and we’re hearing the trio turn on each other (they’ve been secretly turning on each other for weeks, but now it’s pronounced).
But will we get the satisfaction? Nope. So melodrama without substance.

At this point, I sorta think the only person that doesn’t touch the block might be Breydon. For one reason only: Tera and Breydon are commiserating about how Every damn week their name has been a nomination option, and they’re both sick of hanging on by their tongues (don’t know where Tera came up with that particular saying…). For that reason… I get the feels Breydon is more likely to not be a nom choice. Put that in pencil not pen because Tera gonna Tera.

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Just remembered.
Remember the week two mob against Josh meeting where Jed took center stage glowering at the room , and asked for a show of hands for who would put him on the block?
Tera was the only one to raise her hand.
This has been coming since the Monday afternoon of week Two.


I wonder how this “Fake Eviction” is going to play out on Thursday.
Production is going to put 2 houseguests that just been evicted in a head to head match up in order for one of them to get back in the game ( it will the most important completion of the season for both player) without any notice or any practice or anything.

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OOOOOR they go the US season 21 route.
You know, the camp comeblack houseguests, Nicole and Hogg got a half hour practice on the comp… and then Nicole and Hogg got another half hour? Just in case.
It was discussed on feeds that they got extra practice time for that battle back comp with the topsy table.


Curious — Another Name (or anyone with an opinion on this)

I don’t believe Keif will use the POV if he wins, or Brey for that matter. Both can point to how Beth pitched for Breydon (& Keif) to go up. Plus came up with an elaborate plan to pretend to baackdoor Jed (which is impossible b/c he’ll be playing in POV) but really it was to blindside Brey — but if either wins you EXPECT them to use the POV on you?

It’s so annoying how entitled they are. Anyway—

I have three questions:

1) Does Ty throw the POV?
2) Will Ty use the POV on Jed?
3) If he does will he vote to keep Beth?

While it’s all moot – the drama is interesting & Beth’s game is BLOWN to everyone. Jed fighting with Ty to push Brey so Beth will be safe didn’t help the cause.

And fwiw – the four (Ty, Brey, Keif & Tera) in the kitchen was REALLY FUNNY!

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I think Ty is still with Jed. I think Ty is using the social game little talks he had with the others between weeks 5-7 to socially manipulate them. While he knows Beth is toxic for his final 2 chances, he doesn’t cut Jed.
Any time he talks about Jed negatively, it’s smokescreen because Ty is the bros before beths kind of guy.
I’m still not 100 that Kiefer doesn’t use the veto. Let alone Ty.
Yeah, I do want a Breydon veto win just for the speech, and the d/r insertions when they try to get him to use the veto. That would be entertainment gold that Ty and Kief can’t deliver. But I doubt it. Nice things went buhbye as soon as they said double fake eviction. Last time they did a double fake… hmmm… i wonder if Loveita is still in the secret suite…..
I’m sure they’ll pull the Ty won veto who does he screw over thing… I would if i were a storyline writer (hoping by saying that and putting it into the cosmos that it doesn’t happen).
What I don’t want?
I don’t want the whole oh look all four sunsetters are safe again shit.
They already did it a couple of times. Let’s remember how long the feeds were out invisible week for a 42 minute competition. 22 hours, was it?
Let’s remember how long feeds were cut before Kiefer’s resurrection, an hour and 45 minutes i think with two nearly half hour cuts before the decision was housewide?
Let’s look at how long ago Tera told Beth and Jed they’d be going on the block, and they’re just now possibly doing the nom ceremony? Why are they holding off when they pushed the veto ceremony up a day in week three? Who are they trying to convince Tera not to put up?


True enough –

I don’t trust Keif — BUT — I still think he wants that check mark of cutting Jed (bitterness for putting him up) – they can get Beth out anytime — of course not knowing about the fake eviction.

But like you said the TV fans are even screaming “rigged” so we’ll see if TPTB give a sh*t (I’m guessing not).

The thing is IF Ty is logical he really does have a better shot against Tera/Brey they are kind of the ideal pair to drag to F3 —

Another thing is Ty isn’t sharing anything Tera/Brey or Keif are saying to Jed. He’s saying he’ll win/use POV but he’s not spilling info (other than crap Beth is saying)

I almost want Murphy’s Law to happen to TPTB & it end up being them (Brey/Tera) just to say F YOU BB Production

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To my knowledge, Ty hasn’t been spilling most of his conversations with other houseguests in weeks. He would, most likely to just Jed, but not to both Jed and Beth because he’s been worried for a few weeks about Jed being overly lovesick, and choosing Beth over him. For this reason, I’m not surprised he isn’t sharing too much.
Now, the connection would be severed more forcefully if Breydon informed Ty that Beth was attempting to get Rohan to take out one of the boys. She had pushed Breydon to talk to Rohan so they could set something up before the double.
As far as I know, Ty isn’t aware of this yet.

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Beth talks to Jed about setting him up, after the season is over, with her friend that only dates black guys.

Meanwhile in the real world Jed’s entire family just did ten consecutive backflips and popped champagne.

Anyone notice that Kiefer and Tera talked to Ty about the Kevin/William season 5 thing? Like hint hint.

Ball pit is still locked now that they’ve removed Ty’s dinobed.

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Why Tera annoys me sometimes: her favorite BB player is Christmas.
Why Beth annoys me even more: her favorite BB player is Nicole Franzel.
Why Kiefer annoys me (beyond all the other reasons): all he wants to do is be better than Dane.
Okay Kassting… this was your last hurrah before moving on, and really, many of your casting choices were quite good this season… I know, that Ethan thing sort of kicked you in the teeth… and it must have been hard casting a season where more than 50% couldn’t either be whiter than a flesh coloured crayola crayon or bright orange with bronzer…. but you did… okay. Wow, you’ve set a new standard for yourself. Adequacy.

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The bedBethandbeyond catalogue: April 16 edition
Kiefer should cook our slop for us.

  • (sorry, but Alice made dinner last night, and she’s driving Cindy and Bobby to speech therapy today, but she made sure to put your clean laundry on your beds after she walked Tiger).

Breydon should volunteer to go on the block.

  • Beth is really bad at maintaining her toys, and doesn’t understand why they don’t work for her after weeks of neglect.

Kiefer, if you and Breydon go on the block, we can tell Tera it’s to backdoor Jed, but really we vote out Brey.

  • oh honey. Kiefer already got his one hail mary from production, he’s not jumping on the block for your stank ass.

Ty, you should go on the block with Jed so we have a better chance of winning veto.

  • it’s a week where all of them are in veto. blink. blink. headesk. blink. headwall. blink.

Jed, you should date my friend after the show, she only dates black guys.

  • nope. nope. ain’t gotta add nothing there, she just… but… uhhh…. wtf???

Ty, remember when we were flirting and I kissed you, and then i touched IT?

  • aw. Memory laning him with past sexual innuendo and behavior so he uses the veto on her not Jed? Is that what she’s trying now? Good thing he’s already covered in a trash bag, rubber gloves and a mask. That wasn’t his clean the bathroom gear, that was his hear Beth’s pitch gear.

Tera, if you don’t put me up, and I win veto, and I don’t use it… It’s my move not your move to get rid of Jed.

  • Tera, ask her whose move it is if she’s on the block, she wins the veto, but the target is her boyfriend? DO IT.

Tera, we have to be strong women and support each other.

  • Also Beth: i only want to play with men.
  • No, I really couldn’t stand Julie, I’m glad she’s gone (Week two, Thursday night).
  • Maybe we should backdoor Latoya (Week two, Thursday night).
  • I can’t wait “Tera, get your ass in that seat and pack your bags” (Week two, Monday afternoon).
  • Ugh, I’m so sick of Austin, I can’t wait until she’s gone,, she won’t even look at me. (Week three, Friday morning).
  • *don’t remember the first time she mentioned VIc as a target, it was before Vic became HOH so had to be week two.
  • *don’t remember the first time she mentioned Tina as a target… might have been week two Tuesday when Jed and Ty were annoyed that Tina clocked they wouldn’t speak to her.

……..Yeah. strong women supporting each other… umm. Sheesh.

Babyvoicing after Jed says when he wins veto, maybe he uses it on Beth.

  • make it stop. For all things holy… make the babyvoice staaaahhhp. Not sure if it’s a shudder or it’s screechy cackles babyvoice induced epileptic seizure… so. much. barf.