Keifer “Our luck has shifted. Its a classic case of Karma.”

Head of Household: Tera
The Power of Veto Players are: ?
POwer of Veto Winner: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?
Have nots : Beth, Ty, Jed

12:45am Bedroom. Keifer and Ty.
Ty – in your mind ..if you’re a betting man who do you think goes home? Keifer – I’m afraid to say. Ty – just say it. Keifer – I’m afraid to say. Ty – what if you tell them? Ty – I don’t tell anybody sh*t that you tell me. Keifer – I know.. you don’t tell anybody sh*t. I know. Ummm.. My guess would be Beth. Because Jed is going to gun hard for that veto and I honestly don’t know if Beth wants to win it. Ty – the veto? Keifer – yeah. She has been saying crazy sh*t out there man! I don’t .. it could just be all smoke and mirrors.. but if 2% of it is true.. 2% of it is f**king nuts! Ty – everybody’s counter moves make sense to me. Everyone’s moves make sense. Obviously Beth or Jed could pitch to cut me. Keifer. I don’t think Jed pitches to cut you. Ty – I think Beth does. Keifer – Beth does for sure! Ty – right .. she could pitch lots of things. Keifer – Beth needs to chill! Literally every week I say Beth needs to chill! What you need to say it Breydon can’t hit the block. He is my only chance at ainninf the game. Ty – someone big has to go home this week. Keifer – someone big is going home. I just literally .. I just don’t see a scenario where you go home.. anyway the cookie crumbles. If she puts you up, Ty – I don’t think I go home.. Keifer – but you never know. Our luck has shifted. Its a classic case of Karma. Ty – I think so too. I don’t know what the point of that was .. just to keep me. Ty – and show loyalty to Breydon. Keifer – Damn .. what a mistake! Ty – but its not going to pay dividends right now. Keifer – no it is not. But its not the end of the game. Ty – nope its not! Keifer – there is so much game left. Ty – A lot of game. Keifer – and I am excited for it. If Breydon wins next weeks HOH .. it could be best case scenario for you .. aside from you winning it. Because in my eyes .. I think he takes you. Then you can win the four and the three. Ty – it makes sense. Keifer – everything I ever did was for us. Ty – I know that. Keifer – I put my game on the line a lot and I don’t know why it wasn’t valued. Ty – People get crazy thoughts in positions of power. Power does crazy things. Keifer – even if I had won today .. I don’t think I could have done it. That was brutal man.. I still can’t believe I’m still here. Ty – yeah because you thought if you go up .. you go home. Why did he put me up? I’ve been with you guys since day one! Jed joins them. Ty – how did this motherf**king happen!? Jed – yeah. Keifer – down .. not out. Ty – how are we going to get out of it. Jed – we have iptions.

1:45am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Guy From Canada

So the trio is broken up, very nice. You’re still going to lose Tera, but thanks for removing one.

why didn’t they do the fake double on April 1st? Such a wasted opportunity….


Warning – long post (Part 1) …

The trio is finally feeling some adversity for the FIRST time in the entire game and is scrambling b/c unbeknownst to them TPTB is rigging the game to keep them all in it (insert loud hissing and boos from the OG BB fans).

Beth is going looney toons with some of her suggestions — no seriously —
One scenario has her getting Keifer to volunteer to go OTB with Breydon. Talking Brey into going along with this idea as well by convincing him she is in on backdooring Jed. She in turn will tell Tera that’s she “down to vote out Jed”. Ty’s job is to tell Tera during their Wendy’s date that he wants to work with her to the end b/c Jed/Beth won’t take him.

Other than the absurdity of how complicated that entire pitch is (she’s relying on everyone to play a part in this elaborate ploy). Gee if we ever wondered about the Beth Paras-style live feed chats being directed by TPTB/DR we sure know now who is pulling Beth’s strings.

The BIG problem with Beth’s plan is including Keif to be the main salesman of the idea when he’s already committed to Tera/Brey as F3 (more on that below). What we can expect if Beth/the trio push forward with this plan is Keif to out the entire plan to Tera (which also pays dividends for him – again >> more below).

Here’s the thing about Beth spiraling >>> I think this “plan” is ALL a cover for her previous pitches to the others to take out one of Jed or Ty, especially comments made to Tera & Brey. In her mind, this elaborate plan will allow her to cover her tracks (I’m not so sure given Brey & Keif have been peppering Ty for a while now).

Tera hasn’t committed which of Beth or Ty will be the second nominee. Jed is definitely going up. Keif began saying Beth but after talking to Brey rethought it and agreed it should be Ty. Tera could go either way we’ll see how much she buys into Ty’s pitch or if Keif outing “the plan” confirms it has to be the guys going up. We know EVERYONE (other than maybe Beth) will be GUNNING for POV.

Expect a TON of gaslighting this week. ANYTHING Beth spews to Tera about Brey or Keif is going to go straight back them. (which I’ll thoroughly enjoy).

HOH competition – who threw?:

Keif was the ONLY one who threw it. On the 1st question, he had the right answer & switched it. Then he got the rest right except the one question everyone missed. Brey did NOT throw as the question he got wrong he put Austin instead of LaToya & he clearly wasn’t certain. At that point, Tera had 4 (Keif/Brey/Ty had 3 & Beth was done – Ty got Q5 wrong which is when Brey/Keif moved into 2nd). Based on their responses Beth/Ty were both TRYING to win.

Who is Keif most invested in/loyal to?

It shouldn’t surprise anyone Keif immediately switched over to Tera & Brey when she won. He is still essentially playing the middle but there are some signs he does truly want to be aligned with Tera/Brey over the trio (and Ty as his fourth).

Whether you like him or not — Keif set up this week really well. He has the trio believing he wants to go to F4 with them. He cemented that by telling Tera/Brey publicly they would be his noms & by swearing on his kids to Jed.

In reality >> it behooves Keif to get Jed out this week b/c then he doesn’t have to honor his F2. Although his preference would be to take out Beth he knows removing Jed (first) pulls Ty closer to him & his other buddy Brey. Plus at this point I think he believes Brey might take him to F2 — he won’t fwiw, Brey would take Ty or Tera over Keif if he was choosing IMHO. But as I noted in the bedtime chat sessions – Keif truly enjoys his budding friendship/alliance with Brey. I honestly believe Keif feels for the first time in this game that he has a partner.

That doesn’t mean he’s not putting in work – he is. Case in point, he tells Tera they are F2, Jed thinks he is Keif’s F2, Ty & Brey likely have been told the same. In truth – my guess is Keif wants to bring Brey to F2 >> logically b/c of his lack of comp wins but more b/c of their budding friendship. The other reason – with Tera winning 2 comps it increases her profile & she’ll have Tina’s vote — maybe Ro too. If he takes Ty – Beth/Jed vote for Ty whereas Brey (in Keif’s mind) won’t have anyone.

Something that didn’t sit quite right last week was how much work Keif put in with Jed & his F2 pitch to Jed & F3 pitch to Jed/Beth. He’d spent all game working on Ty so that threw me but now it makes perfect sense — Keif believes Jed calls the shots so he needed to convince him (and Beth).

The other reason I buy into Keif being more aligned with Tera/Brey F3 is he’s NOT burying Brey with Ty. Instead, he plays up Brey being closer to Ty than Jed/Beth & how Brey sees through Beth. THAT was very telling. In the past, Keif would’ve used that as an opportunity to sully Brey. Nor is he trying to suggest from anything I heard that Tera/Brey are close – another tell-tale sign.

(more in next post)


another name

Re: HOH competiton Who Threw
Isn’t it funny that Beth’s big errors in the HOH comptetion were both related to tiktoks by female former house guests.
Sideye. She can’t even support strong women enough to even listen to their damn tiktoks to win a comp.


Warning – long post

CONTINUED … (part 2)

Despite DE BS – drama will ensue:

Although this whole situation is moot given the bullshit fake DE coming up we’ll still get to see the trio squirm this week. It may allow for some insights:

  • If Beth isn’t nominated will she even try to win POV?
  • How much of Beth’s prior “I need you here to target Ty/Jed” will be exposed?
  • If Keif exposes Beth’s plan will TKB (Tera/Keif/Brey) be smart & set her up? (read: tell Beth if Jed or Ty wins POV then she’ll put up Brey or Keif – in order to get Beth to throw it).
  • If Beth does win POV & removes Jed who will Tera put OTB? Now that Keif made a F2 with her does she automatically put up Brey? Or would she put up Keif knowing Jed thinks he has F2 with both?
  • Given the fake DE will the POV be geared for Brey or Keif to win or one of those “timed” (read FAKE) events so they can keep noms the same & by doing so then become Jed’s primary target when TPTB gift wrap his return?
  • If Jed wins POV & it’s Ty & Beth OTB — WHO will Jed vote to keep?

Fake DE impact:

While I’ll be waiting for one of Tera, Brey, or Keif to say “TPTB did me dirty” there are other impacts from this nonsense.

First, as per above, I think TPTB will do a (FAKE) timed POV. But will they push all in to hand it to Jed (or Beth)? Or will they give it to Brey/Keif in order to set up Jed leaving (b/c we know the battle back comp will be something he’ll definitely win?

The underdogs know Jed has to go first so they won’t use it but if Ty won I wonder how hard it would be for Keif to vote out Jed over Beth. “IF” TPTB don’t rig every little thing then I’d expect the DR to push Keif to vote out Jed for the dramatic impact they want (again b/c he’ll be coming back).

Although – at this point, I’m not even sure TPTB won’t continue this overt manipulation & award Beth the POV just so they keep the trio in the house no matter what.

Let’s assume for the moment there is any semblance of “an actual game” being played…

Regardless, we know TPTB will do their best to rig the DE HOH/POV for the trio to win but as Tera has shown in the last two comps, not everything always goes to plan.

This is where things could get messy— if Jed is evicted then both Beth/Ty will be shook trying to win the HOH. That’s why it won’t be surprising if the DE HOH is physical to ensure Ty wins — the problem with that scenario is he hasn’t proven to be able to win other than the sword maze which sure seemed like his sword (and Beth’s) were the only ones that moved easily. Everyone else seemed to be struggling to get the sword to move along its path (yeah – I said it I believe TPTB set it up that way).

Although it’s not exactly “live” TV (we know they tape in the afternoon) it’s still essentially live & this is where “clown shoe sh*t” accidents happen. Ty would target Tera to leave BUT who sits in that second chair? Ty believes he has F2’s with Brey & Keif so would he put them OTB (especially if they save him vs. Jed) OR would he put up Beth?

The latter would be the ideal scenario for those of us sick of production ramming the trio down our throats & going out of their way to save them. Odds are he would put up Tera with one of Brey/Keif. In that scenario, the person he doesn’t put up would need to win POV so Beth goes up as she’d be the only option.

Then Beth-Jed would have to face each other in the battle back.

At this stage of the season & with so many feed blocks, manipulation & outright trio/Keif assistance, it’s hard to imagine TPTB won’t rig the DE so that HOH/POV is won by one of the trio (likely Ty) so that Tera or Brey leave. This has a ton of us annoyed AF about how obvious this interference by production is.

We’ll have to wait & see what goes down this week in terms of rigged POVs & the DE comps but BB Canada is really pushing the die-hard OG fans away by this outright rigging of the show.

I keep returning to this is no longer the “game” we fell in love with. It is a scripted show with predetermined winners. We still amuse ourselves with options on how anyone can win but this blatant interference sure makes it very difficult to stay invested.

For the moment — we’ll have to appease ourselves simply by the fact the trio will be uncomfortable — at least for a day or two. That’s about as good as we’ll get this season barring “clown shoe” Thursday.

The brains

Fake double! This is so dumb! Why? Just have a normal week!

The brains

If the non-nomoniated trio member wins veto.
Arisa “I can announce that, that was a fake, fake double eviction both evictees will be leaving”


I hope so.!!!?????!!!!!


Everyone boycott Monday’s episode in protest of the Fake Double.


I believe if you want to boycott it would be Wed/ Thursdays show. We already know Jed won POV. So the battleback would have to be Wed/Thursdays show.


Post #BoycottBBCAN on twitter as well


Wait until they hide a veto in Jed’s shorts for Beth to find before starting up the boycott machine. We all know it’s coming.

another name

As I said before, they certainly can’t hid one in the shower stall for her to find.
It wouldn’t be found for weeks.

Guy from GTA

Who is Blueline? What did I miss?




Beth is in full on spiral —-

She is going to fill in Keifer completely on her plan to get him/Brey to go OTB and backdoor Jed. (sorry – but LMFAO).

AND– she’s going to tell him that Tera swore on her kids that she wouldn’t put Beth up…
Keif will know that’s a lie immediately b/c of how Tera reacted to him using his kids when he pitched to Jed to stay. Tera told him the trio had asked her numerous times to swear on her kids & she refused and would never do that in the game.

Beth keeps saying over & over “the ONLY way this works is if Tera is absolutely convinced this works & that I really want to vote out one of the boys”

RED FLAGS: Two big issues with her plan is she’s expecting Keif to be fully on board with going OTB & believing she can tell him the whole plan & trust him.

What she’s ignoring is why on earth would Keif/Brey be okay with going OTB to backdoor Jed– if that’s what she wanted why couldn’t Ty and Beth go OTB instead? She’s literally not making a logical argument. It’s a narrow view of her acting as if SHE was the HOH & telling Keifer this.

Can’t wait for this convo to happen & for Keif to tell both Brey/Tera what Beth’s REAL PLAN is to try to outsmart Tera into doing this in order to save the trio.

Here’s hoping – the underdog trio then come up with a counteraction where Tera tells Beth – don’t worry you’re fine but I’d rather let Ty/Jed battle in POV & if one of them wins it then we can send Brey (or Keif) home. THIS so Beth doesn’t try to win POV.

Even though this whole week is a joke (barring Jed & Beth or Jed & Ty being the two who leave & have to battle back) at least we can enjoy Beth’s overplays getting put on blast.

Last night Tera asked if she should tell them prior & Keif said no – or to do it just prior reminding her that the trio told him 25 mins prior.

Linda Carnell

why do we watch if it is all fake pre de