Keifer “If Jed wins veto and takes himself down, we’re voting out Beth right?” Breydon “oh well yeah!”

Head of Household: Tera
Nominations: BETH and JED
The Power of Veto Players are: ?
POwer of Veto Winner: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?
Have nots : Beth, Ty, Jed

12pm The house guests are still stilling around chatting about what they were like when they were younger and sports they used to play.

1:10am Bedroom. Breydon and Keifer.
Keifer – I don’t think Jed takes me. Breydon – really? Keifer – not after this week. Breydon = depends .. I don’t know. Keifer – if he (Jed) wins veto and takes himself down.. we’re voting out beth right? Breydon – oh well yeah! Keifer – Oh I want nothing more than to be in the final 3 with you and Tera. Or Tychon. Keifer – good. Breydon – is water wet? Keifer laughs. Breydon – its interchangeable for me. Regardless to Defends (Defenders) in the end. Keifer – that is the goal my dude! And honestly .. if you get back to back here with the three.. Who’s to say you don’t win the game? Breydon – Potentially ..I mean it would be hard. Keifer – what do you mean you would have the same about of wins as I have. Breydon – yeah but come on now.. I wasn’t a mastermind behind the whole game. Keifer – no one is going to think I had a mastermind. Breydon – of course they will. Keifer – you think? Breydon – if you pitch it. And everyone in the jury .. and everyone in the jury house would know. Keifer – they would know. Its the seeds of doubt start creeping in. Look at how much we accomplished in one day.

9:16 am Saturday morning. Houseguests getting up.

9:35 am Ty and Kiefer
Kiefer – we need a plan if Jed wins.
Ty – in what sense?
Kiefer – we need to be in his good graces because we’re going to vote out Beth
Kiefer – Me and Brey are on the same page.
Ty – I wish Tera would put him up as the replacement then we will for sure vote out Beth (Brey)
Kiefer says Ty will be the replacement if he doesn’t win the veto.

Brey joins them.

11:15 am Beth talking to herself..
She’s listing off members in her family and friends.
beth – I am going to win this for my people.. I am going to win Big Brother Canada 9 I know it.
Beth – I will be the winner I can feel it in my bones and it’s not because somebody else brought me there
Beth – I brought myself here I got myself here… I have made all the right moves I have made all the right plays.. I don’t need Tera in here building me up I don’t need that I don’t want that
Beth – all I need in this game is myself. You need to make big moves Beth you are in the bIg Brother Canada house.
Beth – you have 20 days left here you need to make something of it.
Beth – this is one of the greatest things that have ever happened to you.. don’t be weak don’t be small
Bet – you have always fought for yourself No one has helped you get here no one has ever helped you get on your feet. This game is for me to win and I can win the veto pull myself down.
Beth – I don’t need Tera to tell me I’m powerful. I am powerful. I know I am. But thank you.. thank you
Beth – I’m a bad b1tch.. I am doing a wonderful job.. this is for you Ashley you are a bad b1tch. I’ve never needed anybody for anything I never have I’ve always done it on my own.
Beth – I am powerful. I do not need anybody outside of this room in this house. I don’t know anybody in this house.
Beth goes on and on about this.. “I’m not here to let anybody outside of this room take me to the end of this game”
Beth – I have you all tricked every single one of you.
Beth – I know you are falling in love with Jedson.. wrap it up, wrap it up, there are more important things going on in here. That can be dealt with later.
(Rich coming from someone playing your standard showmance game)

12:15 pm Kiefer, Brey, Tera and Ty

Feeds start-up mid-conversation.
Tera – it’s going to be so hard not to celebrate
Breydon says everyone will celebrate for different reasons
They laugh that it’ll be awkward if Ty wins the veto and Jed/Beth will be cheering
Breydon thinks they’ll do the same if he wins.
Tera says Jed/Beth are under the assumption all three of them would use the veto.
Ty – yeah they’re convinced
Tera – they were like you f***ed up
Starts impersonating Jed/Beth celebrating “TERA.. HOH for what.. HOH for what”
Tera – I’ll play it up I’ll be like Yeah Sh1t you got me.
Tera – Sh1t I tried my best
Kiefer thinks Canada is behind them on this.
Tera says all the “audio tapes” they heard were saying “Cut your alliance. Make big moves. trust your gut”
Breydon – if you are sitting still you aren’t sitting pretty
Tera – Austin said everybody is shady
Ty – that was a big one for me.. what are they seeing that I’m not seeing? well they are seeing something
Tera – I just think it’s so funny that they are banking for you to win after saying you’re not going to win because you can’t win
Kiefer – if any of us win it its called poet justice
They talk about how the entire jury will be loving it if they don’t use the veto on the duo. Tera tells Ty if he does it Vic will be his biggest cheerleader.
Breydon – ohh 100%
Tera says Jed and Beth won’t go too crazy after the veto isn’t played they’ll just stay in their rooms.
They agree Beth and Jed are in love and will take themselves to final 2.
Kiefer- sharing 120 thousand dollars going on vacation.

12:37 pm
Jed – how big will your celebration be if Ty wins?
Beth says HUGE.
Beth is pissed at Tera for talking to her about Jed being her biggest cheerleader in jury.
Jed – that girl’s f**Ed what’s wrong with that girl
Jed says Tera told him Beth was sketchy, “I’m like what is wrong with you holy crap”
Beth – it’s just girls being girls
Jed – can’t wait to see that look on her face when we all make it out this week. It’ll be priceless

1:40 pm Ty and Kiefer final 2 hug.

3:11 pm Tera and Ty
Agreeing that one of Jed/BEth has to go this week.

4:50 pm
Pretty sure Power of Veto competition has started. If Veto is played and the winner if not Ty he will be the replacement.
10:28 pm no feeds for you

midnight no feeds

2am Still not back yet..

3am No feeds tonight..

9:00 am Sunday morning. Feeds back but no idea who won Veto.

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Interesting — sooo if Jed wins POV or even Ty & ignores Tera to take him down I’m not sure that doesn’t mean Beth leaves anyway versus Keif or Brey.

The tell-tale..

Ty and Beth are talking in the bathroom and she gets called to DR. After she walks out he says out loud (to himself) “I CAN’T WAIT TO SEND HER HOME”.

Game fan

Beth might go against jed as well


Wow fuck tera


Hope you mean in the real sense of the f word?

Guy From Canada

Is there a producer named Tera? If so j agree


No one of the stupid Trio is going home this week, with Production’s interference, whoever is voted out will come right back with the stupid Fake Double Eviction. Tera or Breydon will go up in the fake Double and lose in the end against the real evictee. Just when things were getting interesting. Production rigs it for the popular kids.

Guy From Canada

This is the most liked post of the season, well said!

Game fan

Wish brey can win this HoH in the double it will be the best

big brother fan

not sure prod care about beth.. actually why would they want to save any of the trio?
the audiance is rooting for tera and brey


That’s right the pretty people can’t go home….how convenient..,.fake double…one thing for sure you have to play this game for production..not for yourself !!!!?


Tera is the Prettiest, hope she stays!!!

another name

I think I’m going to need the triangle to quit whining about slop.
They started whining after 5 hours.
Tera, Breydon and Rohan did slop for how many days?
The triangle set out to keep them on slop for weeks.
I’m REALLY going to need them to stop whining.
It’s pissing me off.

While Ty and Kief are wanting to evict Beth, I think Brey and Tera are expecting them to evict Jed. Who didn’t see that coming. Especially with Kiefer’s ‘gotta appease Jed’ talk today.
I still expect Ty to use the veto.
The talk of what to do if Jed wins veto made me think Ty is still on the track of wanting to keep all three together. Ty wishes Tera would use Brey as renom if Jed wins. Given the trio talk of voting out Brey so they can stay together, I’m thinking Ty is scamming, though why he would EVER keep Beth is confusing.

If Beth is on the block with Jed or Ty: Beth is evicted and goes to exile island until the battleback
If Beth is on the block with anyone else: Beth stays (Ty doesn’t turn on Jed if he’s off the block).
If Jed is on the block with Ty after veto: Jed is evicted and goes to exile island until the battleback
If Jed is on the block with anyone else: Jed stays.

That’s all the crumbs to the cookie.

East coaster

I agree with you about the slop. Give me a break. They all laughed and acted like it was no big deal when everyone else on it. And now it’s awww poor me. Effffff you guys. Get it into ya’s hey sauce !!! Slop ehhhhhhhhhhhh !!

I hate that there’s a battle back. As if prodo hasn’t messed with the season enough already. Canada wants the trio OUT. lol at least I do haha. I hope it’s a battle back between jed and beth


I think Kief will vote Jed out though as I think he is closer to Tera than Jed now.

another name

Kiefer’s first inclination in every vote is to keep the male.
It’s part of his pathology.
He KNOWS Beth doesn’t want to go to the end with him.
He THINKS he can bamboozle Jed to go to the end with him.

another name

“If I have to win the veto, wE CaN sTronG-aRm TerA iNto PuTtiNg uP BrEy. We have to convince her that we’ll vote you out”

Always with the strong-arm, intimidate, scare, threaten, put in their place with this ASSHAT.
Every damn time. Even as HOH, he wanted to strong arm two of his nominees.
Jerk puts three people on the block last week, telling each one of them why they are going home…. and is still acting like it’s offensive that one of them put him on the block.
Okay, I’ve got to mute him. Gotta. I just can’t with this entitled douchebag anymore.

another name

funfact. the only member of the F6 that has any votes cast against them is Kiefer. twice.


Why would they have a fake eviction this close to the end? Just let it play out like every other time. Production shouldn’t do this for the sake of keeping the trio. The others deserve to have a chance to win too

another name

season 1 Gary returned on day 57 of a 71 day season. week9. They had reached final 4 and Gary rejoined to make it final 5.
season 2 had a double on week 6, allison’s but veto week 7, an instant and a regular eviction on week 8.
season 3 they had a triple on day 49 (week 7) followed by Britt’s havenot double diamond butt veto on week 8.
season 4 had the week 9 double on day 63 of 77.
season 5 and 6 the triple was on day 55 of a 69 day season. week 8. After the triple they were at final 5.
season 7 didn’t have a triple. It had a double on day 55 of a 69 day season. week 8. After the double they were at final 5.

It’s not unusual for BBcan to have late season twists.
I mean, realistically speaking season 2 had so many friggin twists every week after the half way point, it was unbelievably ridiculous.


You came with receipts!!!

another name

So they were saying individual time comp before feeds went down.
Gee, they’re really pushing credibility this week. And not in a good way.
Half of me expects a TY win, to show the backstab of Brey and Tera, with Brey ending up being out.
The other half of me expects a Jed win, with Ty replacement and a Beth out to wait for return.

Also betting they give them a meal of some kind. after all, Jed and Beth have been on slop a whole… what…almost 2 full days? better give them some real food before they complain some more.


See – I knew it would be an individually timed event.

If TPTB want to try to keep some semblance of “this game is completely fixed & rigged” they’ll need to give the POV to Brey or Keif – Brey will keep them the same (and show Keif/Ty) how to be true to their words whereas Keif will be under extreme stress by Jed – and it would be interesting to see what he does in that scenario.

another name

But what if they are after the ‘even in power’ the underdogs lose angle?
Or what if they are under the Kiefer has to declare a side officially angle?
Are we SURE Kief won’t cave… again?
After all, Ty was subtly pushing the entire ‘what if we all stayed’ angle to Kief after he agreed to the final 2. Kief was already trying to come up with appease Jed angles.


Watch and see Ty wins veto takes Jed down and Keif or Brey is evicted then Tera gets evicted next then Tera and Brey fight to come back.


I’m so sick of hearing Beth talk to herself all the time! Its ridiculous and she’s sickening, and I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she’s out! I’ve watched this game since it started over 20 years ago and never disliked anyone as much as her. I’ve seen narcissists, but she’s beyond! Production would be stupid to keep her in. I’d rather see her in Jury trying to explain herself to all the ones that cant stand her. And she certainly HAS been carried this whole game. She has a couple wins and now she’s, according to her,(The greatest player in Big Brother history!) Please bitch take a seat. It’s far better entertainment to see how the rest all play. She’s so in love with Jed but (who cares,its all about me! I’ll deal with THAT later) I’ve never heard anyone that claims to be in love with someone, call them THAT. I’m a huge fan of this show,and Canada is far better than US, but I can’t watch her anymore. She’s far from entertainment. If they have battle back, bring back Vic or Ro. That would blow the ratings through the roof! For Vic to replace Beth would be EPIC!! PRODUCTION: Let’s get this party started!! Keeping Beth will put the ratings in the dump. Everyone is sick of her, make it interesting or a lot of people are gonna stop watching!!


The Fans rarely get things their way.
Only in the movies!


Totally agree….she things she a legend in her own mine….she can shake hands with Kef. Nice to plot when you got two shields in front of you


After 6 hours away for a comp — IF they return to saying Ty won POV there is no way I’ll believe it wasn’t TPTB handing him the POV & telling him to remove Jed from the block.

East coaster

Was thinking this. An awful long time for the feeds to be blocked. Gtfo here production. They are ruining BB. ! I hope there is some major fighting going on rn is all I can say. And I hope Tera and Brey are sitting back and watching an implosion happening. If Ty won and took Jed down I’m done with bb for this year. I’ll keep an eye on here to see what you and another name and Simon put out. But otherwise I’m outski. See ya arisa. Prodo ehhhhhhhhh. Feck right off.

another name

After 8 hours away for a Veto… I’m thinking we’ve been punk’d again.
It’s invisible HOH week all over again.

So, I still think post veto involved a food celebration.
Can’t have Jed and Beth on slop for 2 days without real food… that’s barbaric.
Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig eyeroll.


Beth is bitching about tera telling Jed one thing and telling her another as well as telling everyone else in the house something different is pure hypocrisy because she does that all the time!! She did that before she was on the block!! Jed agreeing with her is funny little does he know his family does not approve of her periodT.

Thank god ty is not in the sunken place no more he got the car keys! Now the question is if he wins the veto will he drive off or join Jed in the sunken place again…… I have an image of Beth sitting on a chair with tea ?? in her hand stirring it, and Jed has his hand on her shoulder cuz he stuck stuck in the sunken place!! Now is ty on the couch or running ????? With the car keys…..

another name

What are the chances that win or lose, Jed got lippy?
I’d say pretty good. He’s been egomunching on the thought of going off on Tera since she won HOH. Strong-arm, threaten, intimidate, force. That’s his first inclination EVERY day.
If he won, he went on an egotrip cussing and threatening.
If he lost, he went on a big baby trip.

If Ty won, Beth ran up and hugged him in front of everyone a la LaToya in week three to Jed. That would set off alarm bells for his cover. That would tell Breydon and Tera that they were right to be concerned, and tell Kiefer he’s been played.
That would lead Kiefer to immediately beg Tera not to put him on the block, while simultaneously trying to give a sunsetters for life signal to the trio.

If Beth Jed or Ty won they’ll be pushing for Tera to put Breydon on the block or she’s out the door next. They’re going to send her out the door next if she doesn’t win veto anyway.
If they were smart they’d push for Kiefer in order to trick Tera into putting up Breydon… but even then it’s a pretty lame trick.

If Kiefer won the showmance is telling Kiefer what a legend he, and the sunsetters will be if Kiefer uses the veto on one of them. It’s a Sophie’s choice dynamic for Kiefer.

If Breydon won, production stopped and ordered a reshoot, saying that first go round was a practice round (like they did in BB20 in order to give Bayleigh her HOH win, she came in second the first time, and said on feeds she was really upset, until the announcement came on that they’d do it again, it was a practice run)… am I the only won that remembers that?

If Beth won? I want to know what kind of comp it was… because Global won’t usually show her particular skill set on a family rated show.


who won in the first round and plus I thought it was live so how could they reshoot?

another name

Nope.that episode it was not live. The HOH was done later that night.
That was the episode where Crazy Caitlin failed to complete the 7 piece puzzle to return. They didn’t even show the beginning of the HOH comp that week.
The first round winner was Rachel, the one that was evicted on Bayleigh’s HOH.


They really need to send Beth packing we all on the outside don’t like her the people on the inside don’t like her. She’s a tramp! I can’t stand every comp she gets this look like I have this in the bag smirk and then she loses! Her high kicks for what ever reason are annoying, I would like to see her in jury and they all tell her to shut up your not all that YOU think you are! If they bring her back I’m like the others done watching bbcan.

Feeds Gold

that veto result ehhh…


10:30 and they are FINALLY up — so tell us who won POV please

East coaster

Effin JED. surprise surprise


Sounds like Jed won POV —

Brey telling Tera to pitch to Jed that the only way she’ll put up Brey is if Jed takes down Beth (b/c he wants really badly to use the POV on someone else but still stay).

Now Keif is talking to her about it.

BUT… my worry is Jed does that & then she puts up Brey and he goes anyway b/c Ty/Beth will vote to keep Jed.

She’s going to try it but hopefully, she still puts up Ty.


So feeds were down essentially all night & they get up this late & immediately begin this game talk… which feels VERY MUCH LIKE A PRODUCTION BASED PLOTLINE…

ie. Jed takes down Beth – they vote him out anyway & then he wins that special battle back & returns. PLEASE this is a bunch of BS.

I’m going to hope Jed says no – Beth is voted out and STAYS out

Tera — DO NOT put Breydon OTB – it’s a trap!

EDITED TO ADD: — already talk of production fix – Brey/Tera discussing how surprised they are by the times- Brey cannot believe he had 39 minutes when he thought his time was far less. Jed had several suitcases everywhere (I guess that was part of the comp – that added time) & Ty was screaming really early when he finished. So yeah sounds like Brey or Ty actually won but production GAVE Jed the win (shocker).


Jed/Ty/Keif – in kitchen are discussing how to keep Beth — trying to get them to put up Brey beside Beth (but that won’t happen). Jed is going to pitch that Beth is leaving regardless so just put up Brey.

Sure doesn’t seem like Jed is willing to not use the POV (he was keen to do it before he was actually OTB).

Plus Jed is back to INTIMIDATION pitching — threaten her that if she puts up Ty I’ll be really pissed & we’ll all be after you.