The plan is Reilly and Cameron “I don’t like backdoors I think they are cowardly” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Hisam
Nominees: ?
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation – Reilly is the target this week. The plans is to put Reilly and Cameron on the block. If Veto is played on Reilly matt goes up. and Cameron goes. (Matt for Veto)

9:46 am Hisam and Felicia
Hisam – I don’t like backdoors I think they are cowardly. If I can say the whole house wants Reilly out and put her up and I’m allowing you to play because I believe you are as strong competitor and I don’t believe in backdoors. Cameron next to her because Cameron would be the first person to save her.
F – If she does win Veto who do you put up?
Hisam – matt

Felicia is worried Reilly will win the veto thinks maybe a backdoor is better for a “Very very strong competitor. If she saves herself then shes out for vengeance”
Hisam is hoping the other side crumbles this week.
Hisam – I need to talk to everybody and that’s why I want everyone to tell me they are after her.
Felicia – once she’s gone that whole side crumbles
Hisam – that is right
Felicia – I really do like Reilly BUT.. the thing that bothers me that mindset of privilege every time she hugs me she says ohh I’m so glad you are here. I told you I was going to keep you safe.. this wasn’t going to be the week we wanted you out. You still have more time.
F – It’s almost like she was saying when we are ready we’ll get rid of you
Hisam says if the veto is used and they can’t send Reilly home they’ll send out Cameron
F – They don’t have the numbers to do anything
hisam – they have the numbers to pick someone off next week
F – not with four of them.
Hisam – that’s true
Felicia – they don’t have the numbers no more to do anything.
F – We have 9 people on our side. (LOL)
Hisam – right.. you never know where Cory is going to go. You count Cory.. we are a solid 8 for sure. It’s the professors plus Jared. And Jared is solidly on our side. We control the vote.
Felicia – We potentially have 10, the other side can’t win in any vote.
Corey joins them.

10:02 am Reilly and Jag.
Reilly going over what she will say to Hisam. Asks jag what she should do.
Jag doesn’t know what to say

10:13am Corey and Izzy
Corey says 5 minutes before the live show Kristen told him she thought she had the votes. She thought she had MEME, Corey, Reilly’s crew.
Corey – I was like Okay .. I wasn’t expecting that.. damn.
Chit chat..

Izzy says the other side is “Seething right now”
Izzy – they are boiling.. Cameron threw it
Corey – way more of them threw it than should have.
Feeds hoping all over.

10:38 am Jared is on the TV.
They ask Big Brother to turn up the audio because Matt can’t hear it. (Sigh)
It’s a two way conversations.

Jared – just safe to say I haven’t slept on a bed yet.

10:42 am Hisam calls a professor meeting after he “Chats with the house”

10:55 am Corey and Hisam
Hisam promises him he won’t share what they talk about to anyone.
Hisam – as someone who is smart you will appreciate this.
Corey – First of all congratz.. one thing I’ve learned about you is bullshiting you does nothing. Here are the people I feel great about and this is what I would do if I had won.
Corey says Jared is “his guy”
Hisam – is he your number one
Corey says it’s not official “I love him I love Izzy to death. ”
Corey says Izzy is someone he connects to “Super hard”
Corey is a BIG fan of Cirie. “Meme on a personal level I just love her to death”
Corey – If I had won HOH, this is the hard one.
Corey says Reilly saved him last week so in a way he owes her. “it seems like she would be going after you and Izzy”
Hisam – she told me, I confronted her on that
Corey says his gut would land on Jag and America.
Hisam – you never said Cameron why didn’t you say Cameron
Cory – Cameron is all over the place.
Hisam asks if Reilly leaves who is his target.
Corey – the one person on that side I have no relationship with is jag. He’s such a good incredibly pure person, So clearly intelligent if he gets far enough it’ll be hard to remove him.
Hisam – how do I fit into your end game.. jury and final 6 how do I fit in there
Corey – I haven’t thought that far ahead
(Jesus these questions)

11:07 am Hisam and Cameron
Cameron – It’s really nice to have you here.
Cameron – you’re handling this with amazing grace so thank you for putting the house at ease.
Hisam – great
Cameron – game wise it was a really rough week on all fronts. I know that I went through my share of tears and I know that you know that. It makes me feel good that I can open up like anyone like you and Cirie and Momma just to be me. IT feels really good. Where I’m from you don’t get to to that a whole lot. Cowboys don’t cry, Daddy don’t cry. being able to be accepted like that and loved is really nice. The fact that you guy have allowed me to come over and be with you guys I thank you for that.
Hisam promises him everything in the conversation will be confidential
Hisam – I am concerned that you told that Reilly is mentioning my Name. Right? not that you told me I am glad you told me but I am concerned about Reilly straight up
Hisam – she is the only person that said a target early in the game and that target happens to be me. It’s really uncomfortable as a player in this game. Who are my threas? Reilly has already told me she’s a threat.
Hisam says he’s getting mixed messages from Cameron.
Hisam – my fear is if Reilly is on the block and doesn’t win veto that you would save her. That has nothing to do with your character.. right?
Hisam – We have all the numbers to decide who walks out the door. the only thing that can save anyone in this game is winning veto.
Hisam – I am considering putting you and Reilly next to each other
Cameron – OH MY GOD
Hisam – right? you can’t protect her. I want to make it obvious like he’s on our side he’s not going to protect her we can trust him. Also for Reilly to not put you in a position emotional where you have to decide. That would be shitty for you. That would be like a Sophie’s choice for you it would be really hard.

Nominations are today. For some reason houseguests thought it was tomorrow.

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QUESTION: What’s the real purpose of the voting / ranking
the contestants? To gauge their “marketability” for later ??
ONLY purpose that comes to mind here.

un autre nom

Hisam’s one on one interview style is interesting in the way that he’s leading everyone in questioning so that he gets the answers he wants. Anyone with a brain can defeat this knowing he’s pushing for targets he’s already decided to nominate.
If you aren’t his noms just agree with him, leave the room and do what you want because you know who he’s targeting. That means formulation of a defense strategy, or voting however you want at the end of the week.


Felicia is overestimating Reilly


I think a lotttttt of people are! She is a hot mess

un autre nom

Hasim: do what i say or your game is dead. We have the numbers, so you’ll be next.
but i can see working with you later.

So intimidation, threat, don’t come after me when i’m not HOH.

he’s an ass.


He’s just being a typical ‘God complex’ doctor. He lost me when he said he didn’t hear the Luke slur.

un autre nom

Matt’s inquisition was bad because Matt was more honest than either Jag or Manson.


His was just as bad if not worse. He used his hearing as an excuse to play dumb. This let Hisam know how low Matt will go. Every question he asked them, he already had Information from Jared.


Yeah, that was super disappointing. I do believe Matt has issues in large groups but feigning ignorance about Reilly targeting Hasim especially when he made the point of how she goes out of her way to make sure he’s getting the gist of convos coupled with him saying he didn’t know the alliance name (either the Handful or Family Affair) was a BIG FAIL.

Hasim already knew the answers directly from Reilly, Cameron,& Blue running her mouth, plus others to the questions he asked him. I’ve been trying to figure out why Matt vaulted ahead of the MORE DANGEROUS Jag as his re-nom possibility and I landed on how loyal Luke is to the 5 (esp Reilly) plus his obvious athletic ability.

I also think Matt had a Shakespearen moment “me thinks thou doth protest too much” over the question of him telling a group he couldn’t trust/work with Hisam bc he was too set in his ways/stubborn. At that point in their chat, Matt should’ve known the comment was confirmed to Hasim. Although when Matt came back to see if the person who said it was still in the house (which btw was a TELL he knew who he said it to) Hasim did what all BB players do & blamed the recent evictee (Kirsten).

un autre nom

I’m in my feels today regarding Hisam, but not as angry as last night.
What’s depressing to me is if Someone not team Cirie pulled the mob rule intimidation threat crap that Hisam did more than once in one on ones there would be universal condemnation. The ‘b” word used too casually in big brother would be flying wild if someone on the other side pulled that on a professor 100 million percent.
However, that’s not the case, in fact he was cheered and celebrated in some social media communities/platforms.
Real straight foword man of integrity. eyeroll.
yeah… it’s riding one of my triggers haaaaard.
It irks me because same yardstick should be used for every houseguest.
He’s overtaken discount Manson in the nope race and he’s one hair from crossing the line.


LMFAO – “Manson” the perfect moniker for him.

un autre nom

been calling him discount Manson since the night he straightened his hair.


Felicia reminds me of Terrance from last season. Big bald headed, no game, big mouth, foul mouth. Acting like a family member to all. But just an annoying floater. She’ll probably win 0 comps or 1 if thrown to her but for some reason thinks she should be spared from the block. Bye Felicia!

Matthew schneider

Yeap that felicia is worthless does not belong in playing big brother