Hisam wins Week 2 HOH “I can’t be in the room with Cameron” ** Updated **

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Hisam
Nominees: ?
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Hisam won the HOH and will be doing his HOH talks in the morning. Sounds like the primary target will be Cameron or Reilly with Matt being in danger as well. Pretty much anyone in the handfull is in trouble. Jared is locked in the nether verse and there’s a twist of some sort getting dropped before Sunday’s show. Reilly’s side is going to try and push America and Cory as nominations with Corey being the target but this effort will fall flat.

12:43am The Live Feeds return from being blocked since yesterday after Luke was expelled from the house and after eviction episode aired tonight.

1:00 am Feeds return. Hisam wins the HOH. Jared is in the netherverse.

1:25 am Cirie and Izzy
Cirie – the perfect person won. I hope he backdoors Cameron
Cirie says Hisam never trusted Cameron his original plan was to put up Blue and Jag then backdoor him.

1:30 am Storage room Meme, Felicia and Hisam
Hisam – we have to make sure what we do as a group so the 7 of us moves forward. I’m going to do some investigating.
MEME – Cameron was….. when we were on the porch he was like ‘this is some bullshit’
MEME – I was like wait did he lose? He was mad.
Felicia – he realized that the last six was all us.
Hisam – this week is so important to us. it will give us a number. next time the number are still in our favour. We can pull some people from their side over.
Felicia – Who do we pull over?
MEME – I do not trust AMERICA I know she’s not an option. She’s sneaky she was rolling her eyes the whole time she was in the backyard.
Hisam – when I watch them there’s a little bit of contempt
Meme says Cameron is not happy Hisam is HOH “He was the one going around saying Hisam, Hisam, Hisam.
Hisam – he was the one?
MEME – I don’t know if he was the main one he was part of them saying.
Hisam – before Kirsten left she told me all of them promised her their vote.
MEME points out that Kristen said all of the except Reilly said Hisam was next on their list.

1:34 am America, Corey and BLUE
America – I’m concerned about them putting me up.. I’m not super close to them. I’m close to Felicia and Cirie like you know I don’t know if they can vouch for me as well. It’s tough I don’t know who he will be after.
Blue – at the end of the day you gotta talk to him and he has a good heart.
Corey – you have to be open you can’t bullshit that guy he’ll see through it.

1:43 am Jag and Cameron
Jag – how you feel?
Cameron – I don’t know. I as hoping for Jared.. I will tell you this. Two things. One we got to stop finding ourselves in the same room just by ourselves. Every time it was us 6 they were out there celebrating. And uh..
Jag – do you think there’s anyway he doesn’t put up two people from our 8
Cameron – it’s going to come from this f***ing room. I just feel it.
Jag – how are you with Hisam?
Cameron – OKAY at best. You need to do work
Jag – me?
Cameron – yeah. .you need to sit down with him in the HOH room and open up to him. Tell him who you are, tell him what’s going one and what’s on your mind.
Cameron – he’s a really good guy.
Cameron says there side was having too much fun hanging out together in the beginning that they didn’t spend enough time with the other side. “They felt cut off”
Jag – I want to hang out more but now they are solid. Its’ hard to.
Matt joins them. Cameron says Matt is fine this week.
Cameron thinks Reilly, Jag, America are in trouble but he’s Okay.
Jag – you’ve put in a lot of work.
Cameron – I try

Hisam gets his HOH basket and pictures in the storage room.

Shortly after he gets his room. He tells them he’s going to bed early tonight. He offers the bath tub to house.
Hisam offers the goodies in his basket to the house.

Hisam – honestly help yourself, I really do mean that from my heart like I do think the week has been hard he all deserve a little something. Please treat yourself as you feel fit.
Hisam says he’s going to bed.

2:20 am Izzy, Hisam and MEME
Izzy going on about Red being mad at her. “Think about someone else for one f***ing second”
Hisam goes to give her a hug
Izzy – No you don’t need to comfort me hisam..
Hisam – we are playing a game and we are going to let these things fall off our back there’s bigger fish to fry. Theres a bigger game to play this sort of stuff that we would normal not do we’re letting it go by.. Why>? we are playing smart. We are not going to get into arguments about little things that turn into Big Things right? It’s not worth it.
Hisam goes on about how they will use the HOH to make people feel comfortable and get the information they need, ‘We are smart players”
Izzy – I can’t be the room with Cameron I need a break.. Like I am really struggling with it.
Hisam – we’re going to think about it and come up with a plan so the 7 of us are safe.

2:22 am Jag, Reilly, Matt and Cameron
Reilly brings up how there was an attempted vote flip last night 5 minutes before the eviction. (Didn’t catch who started it)
Cameron – one of us is probably going up we’re going to have to win the veto. One of us has to win it. That way two of us are safe. we secure the votes by throwing a hail marry.
Cameron – outside that we just got to play a good game.
The know there’s a scary-verse twist coming.
Jag – at this point I want them to throw every wrench and twist possible good or bad
Cameron – this week try not to spend too much time together
Jag agrees
Reilly points out they are all in the same room this week.
Cameron – two can stay together maybe three.. just walk away. When all six of us are together they are together. There’s alot more of them than there’s of us right now. Bottom line
Reilly – is there?
Jag – Hisam, Cirie, Felicia, REd, Bowie, Izzy, MEME
Jag – that’s 7
Reilly thinking they have 8
Cameron – we have to make sure Corey is the target this week.
Jag – is there any way Hisam puts Felicia again
Reilly – no chance.
Cameron – our only shot is to make Corey the target.
Cameron says Jared is good with the other side.. maybe they will put up Corey and America?
Reilly – hopefully he doesn’t backdoor
Cameron – having met him I don’t think he wants to create a volatile week. HE wouldn’t do that this soon.
Cameron – we have to get on the same page with Corey.. not at the same time.
Reilly – Felicia and Cirie are close to a lot of us they won’t fight for us but they will speak up.
Cameron – it could go similar to last week.. there’s two people in this house that we will miss but we get them.
Cameron – not anyone in the comic room going up.
Jag – noms could be tomorrow at some point
Cameron – I doubt it..
Cameron – they know the f***ing 8 they don’t know the 5.
Blue joins them. They talk about pushing Corey and America as targets.

2:26 am Red and Izzy
they hug it out
Izzy – let me apologize Red.
Red – It look like you were looking at me..
Izzy – I wasn’t singling you out..
Red – he had just told us to come in
Izzy – I know
Red – maybe we need to sit down and talk .. you might have reservations about me.. whatever
Izzy – to be frank I have trouble with Cameron. that not taking it out on you I have an issue with Cameron
Izzy – If I win HOH I don’t want Cameron’s ass on my sheets..
red – so it was more directed to Cameron
Izzy – I guess so.. it’s a long day it’s been a long day ..
Red says he has a connection with Cameron “on a southern level”
Red – He’s on the other side of the house and he was the only one I felt comfortable enough who gave me a handshake that made me feel more comfortable with the other side.

2:44 am Cirie, Felicia and Bowie.
Felicia says Hisam’s targets are Reilly and then Cameron.
Felcia – he said after I talked to Red I don’t trust Cameron I want his ass gone.. Reilly, Cameron and MAtt..for some reason he doesn’t trust matt.
Cerie – Matt and Jag will do whatever she says to do.
Felicia – if we get rid of her the whole side will crumble

Felicia – I saw we get rid of Reilly then next week we get rid of Cameron. That would be on like popcorn
Bowie – what about blue
Felicia – they got no power nobody is listening to them.

2:50 am Izzy and Cirie
Izzy complaining about how hard the game is. Missing family and having to interact with people that annoy them.
Cirie – I can’t stand Blue
Izzy – I Know I can hear it
Cirie – that is why I check out. So maybe you need to check out when they get on your nerve because they get on my nerves too.
Cirie – I heard from Felicia that Hisam wants Reilly or Cameron. If Cameron goes Red will settle the f*** down.

3:00 am Reilly and Matt
Reilly – this week we are going to lose somebody.. this sounds horrible but I’m just hoping that the conversations I’ve had with him and Izzy resonated and they want to keep me here. I flat our said I was gunning for them and they found out.
Reilly says he would take Jared of America for their alliance. “Jared has a good relationship with that side of teh house they won’t put him up it will be either Cory or America”
Reilly – don’t force it Hiam won’t like that. You have to be very strategic when you talk to him. Don’t shove ideas down his throat.
Reilly – I had the feeling he weas going to win HOH and this week is going to be bad.. we will lose a number. he’ll never put hup anyone on that side.
Reilly – he’s coming for our 8
Matt – that is why he’s go to go soon. Next week he can’t win.
Reilly – I don’t want to be the one that does it next week I had a good conversation with him (Face palm)
Feeds flip.. when we are back.

Reilly – If it wasn’t Felicia on the block I would have flipped it. I got WAY closer to Kirsten right at the end. She would have been loyal as hell to us.
Matt – I know that is why I brought it up with you last night. Bro she could be a number.. it’s Felicia..
Reilly – it’s not just Felicia it’s Felicia and Cirie. I promised them I told them I would have their back until.. whenever.
Reilly – they love Jared.. Jared is like their son.

They start chit chatting.. Matt is bummed out because he’s gained weight since being in the house.
Matt explains when he’s at home he’s swims 2 hours in the morning and trains for 2 hours in the afternoon. It’s high intensity.

3:35 am Most of the house if off feeds sleeping. Matt and Reilly still chatting in the backyard
Matt doesn’t think nominations are tomorrow he thinks they will get the have nots.

4:05 am all lights out zzzzzzzzz

7:35 am zzzz

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eh, not really crazy about a hisam hoh. i feel like he’s being played by cirie pretty hard and is just putting a huge target on his back while making enemies out of the handful. it would probably have been better for his game not to win. here’s hoping reilly’s not the target at least. she’s getting way more credit for the handful than she really deserves.

un autre nom

Reilly sort of screwed herself with early HOHitis last week, and isolating herself.
I thought she had strategic chops originally, but by day 5 I was thinking she may actually sponge and reflect what the last person said to her. Jury is still out.
Why hasn’t she revealed Cameron jumped ship? Or Cory? Or Jared?
That made no sense to anything except production approved storyline.
She stopped vote flip talk to keep her word to Felicia, the women must stand together woman…. who wants Reilly gone.
Presently I think Cirie, Meme and Izzy would prefer Cameron gone.
Presently I think Red, Bowie and Felicia would prefer Reilly gone.
(joke) presently I think production would prefer Matt gone so that they don’t have to deal with making themselves more inclusive (bad joke but….).

Personally I would prefer Cameron as target… I just can’t with him.


100 on Cameron — he annoys the (you know what) out of me.

By the same token his terrible takes are amusing… like telling the Handful ‘they know about the 8 but not the 5’ Ummmmmmmmmmmm no they know who the Handful are & two of them will be OTB with a backdoor possibility being a 3rd of from that group.

He’s bounced around though b/c originally he was going to put up Jag & Blue to backdoor Reilly. Tonight he mentioned putting up Cam/Reilly or Matt with one of the former & having Cam or Reilly as the backdoor. We’ll see where he finally lands after talking to the 7 but my guess is someone will figure out Cam/Reilly might be the best initial noms bc it’ll ensure one of them leaves.


He annoys me tooooooahhhh


He is so annoying! Has Izzy changed her opinion of Cameron? How has Reilly made herself enemy #1? Should have been such an easy first week and fist HOH. How did she mess it up? Thank you for any insights ya’ll must have, not watching the feeds. — BUT I was able to find them on Pluto!

un autre nom

Hisam’s basic plan:
in one on ones he’s going to lie to each of the Handful and say that each of them said the other’s name, or threaten them, name names or else you’re on the block then pass it on (Cirie example say Reilly said Jag and Blue were ringleaders so there’s a possible frame job element? or did she say that or is it made up and being spread as real?).

So the plan is the frame Kirsten plan only with added broken telephone.

Handful’s basic plan was to all say Cory and America (their Family Style bubble).

Hisam doesn’t realize noms are usually early afternoon, aren’t they? Went to bed early, no meetings or one on ones. So they’ll push back noms?
Handful thinks noms are Saturday.
Felicia thinks Jared gets to make 4 noms and Hisam gets to save 2.

I’m wondering why every twist so far is a Cirie/Jared twist. Fishy.

Totally venting, so skip the rest if you’re sick of my shit.
This is where I now think the Cirie / Hisam talk a few days ago was psa image spin on empathy. They were already planning to target Reilly, then she has a meltdown, and they say we should evict her for her mental health to be ‘good people’… that have an ally that has manic meltdowns every two days without concern for evicting HER for her mental well being.
Now the plan seems to be to make up things to turn the house against their target, isolate them, and cause them undue mental distress? Such a ‘good people’ thing to do for someone that cares about the well being of others and doesn’t want to be seen as being an asshole intentionally.
Just decide on targets without trying to create a house shunning while daily telling the cams you’re ‘good people’ and ten minutes later going back to being an ass. Is it that hard?
What intel do they need? Jared and Cory already gave them the full lowdown. This feels like it’s just to be sadistic.


I think Hisam is pretty straight for award & direct. He even said he isn’t going to fake who his targets are that he will let them know. I like the guy!


They are so self righteous


Wish the target of this week would be Cirie, her son and Ozzie, They are so annoying!

Cee Dee

Who’s Ozzie?


Is anyone keeping track of the days?
Like 1st noms … day 1
1st HOH comp …. Day
1st HOH nom day
Veto comp, veto ceremony day, eviction day ?

I’m going to keep track this year. Except I just decided this …. And I only know day 1 and day 9 .

Any help would be greatly appreciated:)


The first week is a bit wonky because it’s longer than the typical seven days. But the rest other than double/triple evictions is easy to track bc it runs on a Thursday to Wednesday 7-day cycle:

Thursday: eviction & new HOH comp
Friday: new nominations
Saturday: POV comp
Monday: POV ceremony
and back to Thursday evictions & it starts all over again.

For the first week this season, everything was different bc Reilly was taking two people OFF the block (none of which she nominated bc they were determined by the first comp which they played on night one which was a Wednesday this year).

You might need to get clarification from someone else but if I recall correctly they got on track with her removing Cory/Jared from the block on Friday (Day 3), playing POV on Sat (Day 4) & POV ceremony on Mon (Day 6). But again bc it was the first week it was longer than typical and therefore the eviction night was the 2nd Thursday (Day 9).

Moving forward you’ll be able to use the upper method (although keep watch for shifts when they do noms & POV both on Sat although it’s rare).


I went back through the posts on here… and I’m pretty sure I figured it out and it matches what you have so thank you , bc then it double checks my numbers!

I’ve often wondered how being in the house how in the heck they remember that stuff. Lots of time to memorize it I guess… but man… that would be hard?

un autre nom

Tinfoil Hat Chat

The episode edit is doing no favors for my suspicion/worry/belief that this season is prefabricated plotline.
What did they skip?

  1. That the Family Style Alliance already fractured. Reilly knows that it is. Blue knows Cameron wanted to try to ‘spy’ (jump ship) but this isn’t storyline. Blue stops game talking when Jared enters a room. no reason given. Blue and Jag discussed trying to make side deals without Reilly twice. but everyone forgets these things after they’ve been to d/r.
  2. That the intuitive powers of the Professors is nearly completely reliant on imbedded spies… with ties to Survivor. What do they really know without Jared and Cory feeding them info?
  3. That Cameron has been cult indoctrinating and jumped ship to be alliance buster. His place in the alliance and his actions have never made sense.
  4. That Izzy is whackadoodling every other day, and not so slowly becoming an issue that everyone is ignoring because she’s so team Cirie it’s pathological.

So now we’ve got to sit through crap that explains what’s already happened, but reframed so that it looks like the game prowess of Cirie and her allies did things that happened before a 37 hour feedblock.

What’s up with the odd memory wipes? Every time someone under 30 knows that it’s no longer an even split house… they forget.
What’s up with the selective blindness? still saying no way nobody looks at them and doesn’t see the same face.
What’s up when Blue asked Cory why he was chosen to go to Netherverse?
What’s up with Kirsten and America’s tptb told her what’s going on talk?
What’s up with the edit denying the existence of feeds?
What’s up with the Cameron subplot being totally invisible as anything other than an active spoiler to the existence of resistence to Cirie’s rise to power that aids the passive spoiler of multiple imbedded spies?
Why is every twist something involving the Fields family?

More and more I ask myself if Grod has hired a bbcan storyline writer / editor. So much is starting to feel like the bbcan7 monday morning d/r call memory wipes after figuring out the existence of the bros alliance and planning a counter attack every damned weekend. this week the memory loss is about alliance loyalty and physical appearance similarity. Gee, the winner of that bbcan season had at least three pre-existing relationships with other houseguests that protected him, just like Cirie’s got a son, a stalker, and a survivor family tie houseguest. Nothing to see here folks. Don’t make me call you to d/r and make you drink some discount Manson koolaid.

un autre nom

after Izzy got pissy with Red.
Red told Bowie he doesn’t have an alliance officially with Cameron, but the youngers want Red and Bowie, maybe they should consider a side deal to keep themselves safe if things go south. Not immediately, but something to think about.

Team Taylor

This is the best case scenario!

Hisam winning HOH will get 2 people from Reilly’s side out, but I don’t agree that Reilly should be the target. If she goes, Jag will easily fill up the leader spot and not be as paranoid as Reilly.

The targets need to be Jag and Cameron. Both were extremely quick on the wire connecting comp on premiere night and Cameron was close to winning the veto comp a few times. Evicting Jag will cause the most amount of damage to the other side of the house, but I wouldn’t mind Cameron or Matt as backup evictees.

Jared losing HOH and being banished is great for two reasons:

1. He doesn’t have to show his cards on where his true loyalties lie. Being so well connected with everyone, he can just sit back and vote with the majority next Thursday.

2. Being banished gives the HGs less time to connect the dots he’s related to Cirie. Thanks to Kirsten, we know he slipped up by referencing a nickname that was associated with Cirie’s son. I hope Jared stops shooting himself in the foot and giving crumbs to everyone that he’s not playing this game alone.

And I LOL’d when Cory said “Beat you Zack!” after casting his vote.


I said precisely the same thing about Jag bc he’s the glue between Reilly & Blue which is the trio at the core of the onion.

That said, while I thought Jag was playing incredibly well his takes the past few days haven’t been very good.

For example: He felt there was a strong chance they could talk Hisam into putting up Fefe again or target two of Bowie, Red, Cory, or Fefe as the initial noms with emphasis on Cory as the target. At worst, he thinks they can sway him to putting up Cory & America.

Plus when it was brought up they need to mingle more with the other side he said ‘It’s obvious there are two sides so it seems dumb to pretend to go hang out with them now’ Ummm Jag, have you seen Big Brother? Some of the best alliances occur when two frenemies hook up nonchalantly and grow into a burgeoning F2 (The trio of Meme, Jared, & Cory are actually playing the best games in that regard).

More importantly, developing relationships with everyone decreases your chances of going OTB. Especially if he can stop dictating to people (telling Cory/Jared they HAVE to spy) or being disingenuous when he does talk to people. And that position is only going to get worse this week when he pushes Hisam to oust Cory (and Hisam TELLS Cory).

I liked Jag and thought he was a force to be reckoned with at first, but again, he’s dropped in my overall ratings the past few days based on his inability to see through BS or adapt as quickly as I thought he would.

As for Cameron, I’m NOT a fan, and he gets a LOT wrong, is an egoist & channels some sort of cult leader whenever he’s alone with Reilly (YUCK) but I’m not sure dispensing of him first is the wisest move for Hisam & the Professors. While the Handful is all reeling at the moment, the person keeping them ultra-paranoid is Cameron. Losing him would only serve to re-cement the Crowd Control trio & allow them to be more kumbaya again. The only positive in that scenario would be they’d likely pull Jared in even tighter replacing him in Cameron’s spot.

Taking out Reilly isn’t a bad thing necessarily because she’s close to all the guys on her team so Cam will be less inclined to stick with Jag/Matt if she goes. Alternatively, she’s so paranoid I’d backtrack to again pitching Jag as the primary boot. (shrug) 🙂

There is plenty of time for the target to shift multiple times & we’ll see just how much pull Izzy has since she can’t keep quiet about ‘hating Cameron’ & she’s Hisam’s F2 … at least for the moment – that may change after a few more weeks of dealing with her ‘energy’ 😉

Likewise, Cirie isn’t a Blue fan but she’s smart enough to recognize Cam, Reilly, Jag & Matt need to go before her because they’re the core and the better competitors in that group.

un autre nom

I don’t think I can handle much more of everyone coddling Izzy’s outbursts and conversational rudeness. Keep waiting for someone to tell her to stfu and quit interrupting or behaving like a 3 year old. One more needless tear soaked meltdown and i’m gonna have to nope the spoiled brat.
I think Hisam is an asshole. Feels so much better every time I write it. So obviously soapboxing about baggage from his real life and projecting that baggage on his fellow houseguests through stereotyping. He’s in a race with Cameron to being nope as well.
The whole Cirie schtick is getting old fast for me. Just saw the same routine on Traitors. Pull something fresh. No, really. Same routine.
Felicia? she acts like she was a teen in the 50’s, not the 70’s.

Any twist power that comes to Jared this week 100% will piss me off btw.

Cee Dee

Im thinking izzy might have some type of diagnosis that we dont know about. Why would Cirie change anything if its working? LOL! seriously that would be the definition of dumb. The “same routine” puts her in contention every time.

un autre nom

She has never had to face questioning from a jury and own her game on survivor. That’s reason 1. With the cast bitteress at Traitors reunion, she should be thinking of it. that’s reason 2, she’d already won and had to answer them… so think of that only before being declared winner.

if everything goes traitors playbook, in three weeks she backstabs and axes a close ally.
Let’s watch.


Absolutely correct!


Oh my gosh, Izzy is really hard to watch. I notice when she walks in the room when her team or talking without her is when she cries and spirals most. Hasim is an asshole, I agree. I will be done if Jared gets a power. Im sick of Cirie and Felicia is a rude loud mouth!

East Coaster

Your nope list is always spot on. Izzy is leading the way for me. Good lord she’s hard on the head. I wish she’d go just so I don’t have to hear her anymore. Number 2 for me still would be Cam ( he gives me the ick ) and then Hisam.

Cee Dee

Why? I like the older Players better. It will be less about who wins comps and more about who can manipulate the best. Red and Bowie are already considering striking a deal with the other side. The only reason the older crew even got together is because the younger crew do what they always do… stick with their own kind. All of the older players were up for grabs but Reilly and the cool kids isolated them and spent so much time together that it left the older crew who are smarter and wiser see that they had aligned. therefore they had to start their thing to counteract. Cirie and Ms Felicia were truthful with Reilly at first, then she couldn’t handle that HOH. They were truthful with Kirsten but Kirsten started another alliance. The older players are just outsmarting them. Now Izzy will be an issue! I do think eventually the she or Jared will let the cat out the bag. Jared keeps slipping up and Izzy is a loose canon! Cirie will eventually have to try to cut her but HOW?? And you can get mad that everyone likes Cirie. That is her superpower lol. On survivor she never won a comp. Her first season she was the very first target because of her age and she found a way out of it. in every game she plays she goes FAR because people like her. Cody tried to get her out in traitors and he couldn’t. People know who she is and still?!?! LOL! That is a skill set my friend but she has her work cut out for her this season. Plyer with your child in this type of game will prove to be extremely difficult. Its her Achilles heal. If izzy knew how to play her hand instead of fan girling she could get cirie out which changes everything


Can someone explain to me as to why there are many who either dislike/ and or find Blue annoying? I haven’t been able to watch the live feeds, so, what’s the issue with her?


2:20 am Izzy, Hisam and MEME
Izzy going on about Red being mad at her. “Think about someone else for one f***ing second”
Well, let’s see if we can “break it down”…LOL

RED is a “mountain” man from TN….
area is known for “moonshine”…”rednecks”..
F-250’s….chewing tobacco…beer…wine…
mountains….narrow roads….etc…

Area not too fond of PETERbilts….LOL….

ONLY reason why RED would be “think[ing]”
about IZZY is to BOOT HER OUT….
It will take a very hard kick to score THAT
field goal…. NO “PLAY” THERE.LOL….
so it’s easier to BOOT her out of the house…..

IZZY is likely hoping for Reilly’s “BIFOLD”…
but NO PLAY there either…LOL….especially
as it appears that Reilly is a TN VOLVS student
and/or fan…lol….

Reilly appears to be the cry-baby type as a
means to get what she wants in the game.
Crying (“and feel sorry for me”) is part of her

I’m not a BB historian like some of you guys are,
but I recall several seasons ago that there was
another chic using the cry-baby strategy too.
She got far, but not enough to win. She was
also as dumb as a log in the TN mountains,
and Reilly fits the role.


“Izzy – I guess so.. it’s a long day it’s been a long day ..
Red says he has a connection with Cameron “on a southern level”

That’s a “Southern Whistle” ….and
“code” for “NO PETERbilts” types
OR “minorities”….

The bios on those two (“RED” and “CAMERON”) are
sketchy at best.

Cameron, 34, from GA and a “stay-at-home” dad.
So, how does he support himself and family? By
sending out the “OTHER” half to work 9-5 everyday??

Red, 37, from TN and in “sales”. Don’t know WHAT
this guy is selling with such of physical “profile”.
Enough to NOT open the front door, and let out the
dogs. HUMMM…..


“3:00 am Reilly and Matt”

1/ Reilly is looking to “play” Matt. She appears
to be the type.

2/ Matt is going to get played by Reilly.



Matthew schneider

Reason why reilly wont ever be on any other reality show because she wasnt on big brother long enough for people to even remember her she needed to go to atleast jury but was the 2nd 1 voted out by a bunch if idoit loser players who have zero clue how to play big brother