“If she [Reilly] pulls herself down we take Cameron out” ** updated **

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Hisam
Nominees: ?
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Jared is back in the house.

11:25 am Hisam and Jag
They hug it out
Hisam – hey brother hey brother hey brother hey brother
Hisam says he doesn’t have a lot of time so he’s going to cut to the chase.
Hisam – I know about the 8 person alliance and I am aware that Reilly said I was the target. I was aware she was considering putting Izzy up next to me. All of that is known information I Confronted Reilly on it she’s said it was true.. What was your part in all that (LOL)
Jag – In the 8 person alliance ?
hisam – in that and the decision to target me and Izzy
Jag – Okay … cool .. The part in the alliance I thin it was split up. me and Reilly as you can tell I’m very close to I think she’s fun. I thin right noff the bad it was gauging vibes and chatting with people that was a group that wanted to work together. I was brought into that.
Hisam – and the core was, Reilly, Matt, Blue, YOu
Jag – umm no..
HIsam – who was the core
Jag – what do you mean?
Hisam – the people that started the alliance.
Jag – Reilly and I were chatting, Blue as well, Matt .. Cameron .. I think it was a collective..
Hisam – it just sort of happened
Jag – I wouldn’t say it was a core.. I thin it was a lot of chats Reilly were having.

Jag says he can talk to everyone in the 8 person alliance he was clear he would not put Hisam up.
Hisam – Did Blue say I wouldn’t target her because she was part of the LGBTQ community?
Jag – yeah she did say that. I know Blue has her values and I have the same.
Jag – you are not my target you will not be my target.
Jag – this whole thing about Brown on Brown crime I never want that to happen
Hisam – neither do I, there has to be a way we work together not against each other. Right? They want to split brown on brown people Right? Really mindful of that right? To be clear right now you are not my target. I am true to my word. Right.. I believe you are true to your work right which I believe right.
(Right right)
Hisam – I do not want to exposes that brown on brown people cannot get along. Especially after 9/11 when we were pitted against each other. it was a nightmare.
Hisam asks him who in his alliance is the most dangerous.
Hisam – I am not going put Blue up because she’ in the LGBTQ community and I’m not putting you up because brown on brown crime
Jag says he feels close to Reilly and he trust her. “I love Blue as well”
Feeds flip..
Hisam asks how serious was reilly about targeting hime. Jaq plays it down and plays up how he said he wouldn’t be putting Hisam up.

Hisam asks him if he wins the veto what would he do. Jag would have a though time not using it on Reilly but “I’m here to work with you”
Hisam – yeah.. If you win the veto and take her off what do you think will happen to your game?
Jag – that is what I’m saying it’s a conversation with you. It would be a what is your goal for the week. Let me be clear Reilly wants me out. it would be crazy for me not to go after her. This would terrible Big brother play to not consider her a viable threat. IF anyone that would protect her stands in my way of moving forward that is just PURE gameplay.

Jag wants to work with Hism, form something with a name “have our Big Brother moment”
Jag – I will now more at the end of this week. The truth of the matter is I am still learning you and you are still learning me. I want to trust you and I DO trust you Just on the level we are BROWN boys and I don’t want Brown on Brown crime.

11:44 am America and Hisam
Hisam – what is your relationship with Reilly
America – it’s through Blue..
America points out the “Group” says there’s layers and she’s on the outside.
Hisam says it feels like that from the outside. “It’s bizarre to see someone that is in the group but not in the group”
Hisam starts talking about not liking to see “Brown on Brown Crime”
Feeds flip. When we’re back.
Hisam – what’s your thought on Cameron
America – I’m not close to the guy at all. If I was HOH I would have considered him.. not a target but as a potently. Him and Corey.. Red is also someone i haven’t talked game at all.
Hisam says he’s cool with her. They hug it out.

11:58 am Matt and Hisam
Hisam give the standard speech about nothing in this meeting will be shared. He’s going to ask him about his game.
Hisam – I am going to ask you some pretty hard questions
Matt says he’s close to Jag and was close to Luke early on but then drifted away.
Feeds flip
Hsia m- people are saying you are working with Jag, Reilly and Blue
Matt – I’m close to them but I don’t’ know what our move is
Hisam – people say they already have a name for you alliance
Matt – for he 8
Hisam – is that true
matt – I don’t know the name.. I am very left out cause I can’t hear.. I wouldn’t even know what it would be called.
Hisam says someone told him that Matt said the reason they need to get rid of Hisam is he’s too stubborn to work with.
Matt – I never f***ing said that dude .. The only thing I ever said about you was I never talked game to him yet but I haven’t talked game with anyone.
Hisam says Reilly has told multiple people she say Hisam and Izzy as the biggest threats in the house and she needed to get them out.
Hisam – I am considering because she put me up to put her up for nominations. I know you are working with her. The question I have with you if you won the veto would you save her .
Matt – depends honestly.. who the other person would be. I am close to her She interrupts a lot for me when I can’t hear. I appreciate that. We are not in the showmance. people keep saying that.
Hisam – I don’t think you are in a showmance.
Hisam – I actually want to work with you there’s a place where we work together.
Matt says them working together is good for the show because they both have “really BIG stories”
Hisam – how do I factor in your mid-game. Mid-game I am defining as right as jury starts to the final 6.
Matt – I would say.. I haven’t thought that far ahead.

12:20 pm Feeds cut to pound puppies

2:00 pm Feeds return Jared is back in the house
Jared – people think Jag is running it
Reilly – no no no
Jared – trust me I speak to that side more than anyone on our team. They think Jag is running it. They feel like Jag is running it through you.. Jag is doing whatever you say.
Reilly – so I’m just the puppet
Jared – the Puppet master.. so they are like she has nothing if we take away the people she’s controlling

feeds flip to Hisam and MEME talking about his nominations. He tells her it’s Reilly and Cameron. Reilly because she was targeting him and Cameron because he rubs people the wrong way.
Hisam – If she pulls herself down we take Cameron out
Hisam goes over his reasons why he doesn’t want to backdoor Reilly. “Cameron has to prove he’s on our side”
Hisam – you would feel cool if it’s Cameron and Reilly
MEME – I would be 100% okay with that.
Hisam – If Cameron goes home no one will be sad about it

2:11 pm Reilly and Hisam
Hisam says he’s so glad to have seen her HOH because it let him figure out what to do with his HOH. “I really appreciate you doing it” they hug.
Hisam – I underestimate how tricky it is.
HIsam goes on about their conversation being secret.
Reilly – I want to have the week to take things slow and rebuild with you and rebuild with izzy. I had a really good conversations with her. I reassured her I am so sorry I made you feel that way that is so not who I am. Right now I just want to take the week and relax and hope you have it in your heart to work with me.
Hisam – it’s not that I don’t want to work with you. I believe on being transparent. To set the scene for you. What’s been pretty clear to me we’re in week 2 and the only person that has mentioned my name is you.
Reilly – I know. It came from a place of paranoia.
Hisam – I get why it happened, you explained to me why it happened. it’s appropriate that it happened.
Hisam – the concern I have is if I don’t mention you people are going to be like what the f** she totally said she was going to evict you.
Hisam goes on about not believing in backdooring people. “primarily because I don’t think your game should end before you get a chance to save yourself I think it’s unfair”
Hisam – I want to see really good game play. I just want to be clear I am not going to backdoor you. I don’t have much of a choice in this.
Hisam says he has to put her up otherwise people are going to be like “He’s Shystie”
Hisam asks her who she would liek to see next to her
Reilly – it’s not appropriate for me to make that decision.
Reilly thanks him for his honesty.
reilly starts to cry ‘I just want to be here I think the first week was a bad representation of who I am as a game player. I wanted a chance at redemption”
Hisam – You’re not out.. you’re not out.. you are playing the veto.. you are playing the end game just early. right right..

2:40 pm right before feeds cut to pound puppies. Matt races up to the HOH to talk to Hisam.
Matt says he’s trying to prove his loyalty to Hisam but it kills him seeing Reilly so distraught. “I could tell she’s freaking out. it’s hard because I feel like she’s someone that got comfortable with because it’s so hard for me in this house. You know talking.. she just helps me understand what is going on in the game.

2:53 pm feeds return.. Memory wall

3:00 pm Matt and Reilly
matt give her a debrief of his conversation with hisam.
Reilly – I just have to win the veto. I can’t believe he’s no putting Corey up. I just thought he was hell bent on Corey.
matt – did you say his name at all
Reilly – no I didn’t even try
Reily – if you won veto would you take me down.
matt – I would do that I would be the the next week
reilly – he can’t play
matt – do we still have f***ing five?
Reilly – I don’t know anymore.
Matt is worried he would go up if Reilly uses veto.
Reilly – he asked you not to use it?
Matt – 100%
Matt – we should have made that move last week.
Reilly – I know if it was anyone other than Felicia
Reilly – I’m just upset about the whole Jared thing. he told me trust me trust me you’re not going up.
(They don’t know Cameron is going up)
Reilly – it’s either going to be you, Corey or Cameron
Matt – he said it wasn’t me
Reilly – I’m going to be honest with you I’m leaving this week if I don’t come off the block.
Reilly – I never thought I was going out week two how embarrassing

3:55 pm Feeds on pound puppies

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Listening to Hisam and Reilly…The shade is real!! Lol


I can ignore the number of times they say “right”. It is better than “Like”


I cannot take another week of listening to Reilly cry…. 1st week was Izzy driving me nuts. Now it’s Reilly….
Well let’s be real…. Izzy will always drive me bonkers.


Is Hisam a racist that must be removed from the house by production immediately? If he won’t put up a brown person due to “brown on brown” crime then he is a disgusting human being who must be thrown out right now.


Reilly put up two black women. She was never going to put up a white person, but I’m sure you’re okay with that though.

Judi Chop

She did not put them up, they lost their comps. Different.


Matt and Cameron are creepy. Their obsession with Reilly( whom clearly has a thing for Jared) is weird.


I don’t think either are obsessed with her. And I don’t think she wants jared. Ew


The convo between Hisam and Jared about the HOH comp was long and extremely painful. ………. Hisam excited is NOT visually appealing, AT ALL.
Why I watched it for so long I will never know.

un autre nom

spouting 2 day old intel to Reilly.
not knowing nom plans have changed.
Was that anyone else’s take?

un autre nom

or was he covering for Jag’s trip to the nether region?


A bit of both.

To be fair – the last Jared & Hisam spoke the plan was to put up Blue/Jag & backdoor Reilly (or maybe Cameron). Last night, when he was in the Nether Region, was when Hisam shifted to wanting to put up Reilly & Cameron from the jump which conveniently allowed him to use his integrity speech – bc in truth HE doesn’t want to be backdoored this season.

Jared was sticking to what he thought was the original plan believing she wouldn’t be an initial nom & used the opportunity to save someone he has viewed as the leader (Jag) of the 5 (plus make Jag think he’s closer to him than he really is).

In truth Jared isn’t particularly fond of Jag bc he tends to order him around which rubs J the wrong way especially when he knows he’s not in the inner core. Reilly spills tea to Jared but Jag denies truths Jared knows from her but he still feels comfortable dictating to him what to do: “go sleep in the Clown room, get “US” information & bring it back”. As you’ll see in his chat with Blue being TOLD what to do doesn’t sit well with Jared.


I don’t know what HoH comp game they played but the way Jared and Hisam are explaining it, it sounds fun!!

Izzys fuzzy underarm hair

Simon, in big brother 16 Caleb was in a veto that had a punishment where he had to shave his head. If they did that this season & Felica earned the punishment would she have to shave something else or just get a pass?


Chicken George did that on All Stars


Hisam is on a power trip. Why wasn’t he taken off the show someone said he called Reilly a white bitch. He is really creepy like I would be concerned about being around him.


He also called her a slut/whore because she had male guest in her HOH room wearing a sweater with no bra.


Reilly is not a masterful player on the other side. She won the first HOH because most of the house threw it. She started tanking as soon as Hisam won the Veto. Jag and Matt ran her HOH. I hope Hisam informs Cory of how much they threw him and America’s names out for nomination. Especially since Cory was trying to protect Reilly so much.

un autre nom

Matt didn’t run her hoh. If that were true there would have been a split vote to save Kirsten.
The noms were pushed by Cirie, Izzy, Felicia and Jared (only they wanted Cory and Kirsten).
Jag and Cameron ran that HOH after that. It was Blue and Jag pushing for Hisam to be a target with Izzy (the reason Hisam is using is Reilly was the only one which he knows is false).
It was Cameron feeding her HOHiitis and royally screwing with her head.


Even if he knew 109% that it was Jag and Blue, he won’t nominate cause of brown on brown crime as he calls it. These people

Biff Tannen

Sending Reilly home right after Kirsten seems like a pretty good way to alienate a certain not insignificant portion of the fan base


is Hisam transracial? he keeps calling himself brown, he needs to look in a mirror or someone should tell him

un autre nom


Don't shoot the messenger

Yup. He’s CAUCASIAN, but isn’t smart enough to know it, lol.

Izzys fuzzy underarm hair

Not with those beautiful full lips, he’s not.

Rene’ M

Beautiful full lips are not exclusive. What are you trying to say?

Game show lover

He is African. All African are not dark/brown skin.




Looks like you don’t know the difference or intercestions between nationality, race,and ethnicity LOL


Hisam seems to the racist in the house with his comment “They want to split brown on brown people Right?” and he wants to keep just brown people. I mean imagine someone white saying the same exact stuff but replace it with a minority. They just booted out Luke for saying the forbidden word which I agree with yet leave in Kirsten who used the same word talking to Jared. Typical BS Big Brother Production …


If you understood the intersection between race/ethnicity/nationality, the history of white supremacy, and ‘ minority groups reclaiming slurs’, then you honestly wouldn’t feel the way you are feeling right now. That’s why taking a sociology class should be required in college lol, production has it right for once.