“The people that think they have the power, Spencer, JUDD and GM are in for a rude awakening”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


4:23pm HOH Amanda, McCrae and Andy

Scheming about Elissa voting to keep Amanda. Amanda says Elissa gave her a diamond engagement ring. Amanda says the ring is very expensive and if Elissa doesn’t vote for her she’s walking out the door with the ring.

Andy says he has the most to lose because if the vote is a tie because he will have lost all his trust with GM and will have Spencer, JUDD and Elissa gunning for him.

McCrae and Amanda do not think he is going to get screwed over with this. They tell him worst case he will have to blame it on Elissa if the vote doesn’t go their way. Andy will need to tell JUDD, Spencer and GM that Elissa and McCrae voted to keep Amanda.

Amanda tells them there is no way Elissa would give her the ring and not plan on voting to keep her. Amanda adds that she promised Elissa she would not be targeting Elissa in the double eviction as collateral Amanda and gave her gold earrings

Amanda says she will give a speech if she is evicted on thursday saying that Elissa gave her a diamond ring and Andy stabbed them in the back.

McCrae tells them Elissa will be super easy to beat in the final 2. Andy doesn’t even want her to get that far he doesn’t want to see her win even the 50 grand.

JUDD rolls in “What’s up b!tches”

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4:40pm Elissa and Amanda backyard

ELissa – ‘Everyone is acting weird.. even GM is acting weird.. you think Andy told them’
Amanda – ‘Nope.. she worried because the target is going to move from you to her.. Andy is 150% onboard.. this is HUGE’
Elissa – ‘I feel better.. I don’t like Spencer’
A – ‘He will lie right to your face.. he’s usually such an a$$hole but lately he’s been super nice’
A – ‘If this works it’s the four of us vs the three of them’
E – ‘Final 4.. I’m not a stupid person I don’t think with my emotion.. i’m not going to be dumb like Aaryn this is Big brother’

Elissa says she’s going to have to have surgery on her leg because it hurts so bad… “my hip bone is pressing against my nerve.. as a yoga instructor I cannot have pain on my body’
Amanda suspects that GM is starting to get the feeling that something is up.
Elissa – ‘Spencer is going home’
Amanda says Spencer is going home and they are going to final four, “Final 3 with you, me and McCrae.. one of us will win HOH next week’

Amanda – ‘GM is a beast in these competitions.. either her of JUDD need to go next week.. who do you want gone’

E – ‘Are you sure that Andy doesn’t tell htm anything’
A – ‘I Swear.. you can trust him.. if you save him and us he will be loyal to you he’s a loyal person’
E – “umm hmmm’
Elissa – “I would never fight with anyone in this house.. there is no one in this house that would hit emotional cords with me.. I never said anything mean about Aaryn personally.. I gave her so many opportunities’
A – ‘She was jealous of yo.. whatever she’s a 22 year old girl’
E – ‘I never fought with anyone on this show’
Elissa explains that everyone says she fought with Amanda when Elissa claims a fight means both people are contributing and she wasn’t contributing.
Amanda points out that during all that drama between Amanda and Elissa GM was laughing the entire time, ‘If she felt so bad why was she laughing’

A – ‘The people that think they have the power, Spencer, JUDD and GM are in for a rude awakening’


5:20pm – 5:40pm Everyone in the HOH Chit chatting
Elissa says Canada is so liberal, “I love Canadians they are so cool they are not judgmental.. I am half American and half Canadian’
GM wonders why Southpark always sings that song ‘Blame Canada’
Elissa – “I love Vancouver’
Spencer – ‘My parents went there in July.. They loved it’

Big-Brother-15-Feeds-66:00pm backyard Amanda and McCrae Amanda says she’s getting a good felling about Elissa voting to keep her. MC tells her not to get her hopes up because he doesn’t want to see her get crushed.
MC – ‘GM is going to have a rude F*** awakening.. she should of done what we said’

Amadna – ‘I owe her my life.. I think this is real’

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305 thoughts on ““The people that think they have the power, Spencer, JUDD and GM are in for a rude awakening”

      1. not only that, but giving the ring to a person that less than 48 hrs earlier, worried that the new ring bearer would stab her with a fork.

        anyone else beginning to think its connected to that former cbs employee prophecy about something crazy would happen near the end to protect demanda?

        1. facebook.com/BigBrother/posts/10151603252909473

          pay special attention to the part: “in the near future you will see how upcoming twists will work in her favor, especially if she gets in a situation where she’s close to being evicted.”

      2. It looks like finally the “fans” have turned on Elissa.
        You people really are slow. You’ve downvoted our comments about Elissa hundreds of times and now you switch?
        I swear the people on here are as smart as a rock.
        We told you from the jump Elissa was trash, what do we get in return? Trash talk and downvotes.
        Don’t join our side now…we don’t want you.

        1. Not really. From what I’ve seen all the Elissa fans are concocting ways this is the best strategic move in history & continuing to believe she is god’s gift to earth. Don’t understand how people get so invested in such a shallow game show player

          1. haha – as evidenced by the thumbs down – how predictable – don’t you dumbasses realize you’ve just provided proof that my comment is correct!

      3. Elissa will NOT lose her ring. If Amanda goes and McCrae believes Andy over Elissa, then Amanda only needs to ask Andy at the finale if he voted her out, or see the recorded show, or ask her friends watching from home. Amanda will know Elissa voted correctly and give her ring back. It’s only a loner until the truth comes out. Might even happen in jury…. People are stupid…..

        1. Of course, she’ll get her ring back. But you’re missing the bigger point here. I wouldn’t want that monster that Amanda is touching my damn wedding ring. One, because she’s a bitch. Two, because she may give it back with herpes on it. Three, because it’s just INAPPROPRIATE to give someone your wedding ring, nevermind it being Amanda.

        2. Oh man, I have not been able to stop laughing all day!

          The Amanda haters are seething!

          The Elissa fans are disgusted!

          Amanda is still screwed, AND Elissa just destroyed her own game right along with her, amazing!

          I declare this season officially salvaged! All because of how ridiculously enraged the fans are getting! I love it!

          1. Elissa fan here, not disgusted. The only way I would ever get disgusted is if CBS picks another cast as equally stupid as this one. If Amanda makes a speech upon eviction as she told Andy she would, Andy loses all credibility. I hope she does make that speech. If Amanda goes to DR with Elissa’s ring and shows it, then Andy won’t win a thing. Helen knows he’s a rat. Jessie knows he’s a rat. Candice will know and Arryn will know. So he should just get on board and stop thinking he is Gods gift. Whoever wins, it’s part luck, part strategy. People who believe in God and believe Charity is a good thing should be backing Elissa as she will give money to charity if she wins.

            1. Why do they trust Andy so much???? why do they all call each other bitches all the time??? and why are you so convinced the game is rigged? maybe DR asked Elissa questions that made her suspect Judd and GM and Spencer? and she figures she is better off with McCrazy?

            2. So what, Andy loses his cred with who?? One person, McCrae. Big deal. I don’t see the point of all this yo! Even if Amanda makes a speech that says “if I go it is because of Andy”, who hears this speech? GM, Judd, Spencer, McCrae, Elissa. All making this speech will do is solidify to the exterminators that Andy is with them. Its still 4 on 2. The move may make sense to Elissa to get someone on her side after production told her she is everyone’s next target (i.e. they don’t want her out, so doing this gets McCrae to target andy). But as far as hurting Andy’s cred…you all are overlooking the bigger picture.

            3. Not only do I still like Elissa, I may even start to like Amanda if she makes that speech and then goes to jury and tells everyone there how Andy stabbed them in the back. As long as these two blow Andy’s game up, I will be happy. I can not stand to even see his face anymore.

            4. deb* ELISSA WAS THE FIRST TO SMELL A RAT!~!
              NO! TEAM ELISSA IS STILL STRONG! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
              LITTLE “GLITCH” IS ALL!!

          2. NICK SAYS: What are you talking about Elissa just screwed her game….she was still the Exterminator target and also had McPuss targeting her coming up this Thursday……Amanda made disgusting comments about her and i see why she should not work with her but last night when the Red Weasel Rat told Elissa’s plan to Judd, Spencer, and GM…..they start calling her the same vile name as Amanda ….and GM went so far to talk about her kid….that her kid looks like a puerto rican disgusting fuck..and talking about his dark skin….and since Judd been to Jury…. the producers probably told him about people being mad about the racist stuff going on this season and i believe that is the only reason he told GM to stop………..If Elissa did not do anything this week and If Andy, Spencer, McPuss won hoh she was going home….and if Judd won hoh….Andy and Spencer would of convince Judd to eliminate Elissa…because Judd is f*cking Moron…………I believe her move exposes the Weasel known as Andy….and will hurt Andy with jury votes.if he stays…….I give Elissa alot of credit because i would take this personal…. and vote Amanda out…..i wouldn’t care about the game or strategy…I would just want her out….But Elissa is just sucking it up and remaining strong……..that takes alot of patience……sh*t maybe i should start meditating and doing yoga…

            1. Judd has actually tried to deter the racist comments a few times. I do not know specific timestamps, but his demeanor is very balanced and accepting.

        3. It is probably a fake production gave her in the diary room when they told her to do this!!

          This is my last season watching this no matter what!!

        4. In previous seasons of big brother, the collateral ring was always a fake ring and I am pretty sure that’s what Amanda was given. I am hoping this is Elissa’s plan to expose Andy for who he is so he could be the main target for next week. Elissa told Judd Andy was playing both sides and wasn’t loyal to them but Judd didn’t believe her and told everyone what she said. If he votes for Amanda then the house will know Elissa was right all along and that Andy can’t be trusted. If he votes Amanda out then McCrae will know Andy is a traitor so he will seek revenge therefore making him a bigger target than Elissa.

      4. Amanda said Elissa gave her a diamond ring, she did NOT say it was her wedding ring. Elissa probably has plenty of diamonds. No woman would give her wedding ring as collateral when she doesn’t have 100% control. But maybe that’s why Elissa is getting nervous about everyone acting strange and Andy being a rat. How disappointing if Andy gets the best of her.

    1. All I care about is rat Andy being evicted ASAP like on Thursday during the double eviction. I can’t stand that ugly red headed turd!!!

      1. I am surprised Amanda didn’t catch what Andy said when he was all nervous about after the 1st eviction and says “I am scared of what GM, Judd and Spencer are going to think” and then continues to say that they will know he didn’t vote with them and go after me……Spencer will be gone!! Hello!! Red flag!!

    2. This just in, there is irrefutable evidence that Aaryn is not a racist. Aaryn dated a black guy in high school and went to the prom with him. Aaryn’s PR campaign is full swing now. In other news Paula Deen was also dating a black guy when she stated the desire to have a plantation theme wedding.

      1. Yeah right, based on Aaryn’s own excuse for making racist remarks then all southern white people just say tuff about minorities but they don’t really mean them. Does anyone with half a brain believe that? Next we will hear that the Aaryn nation is down for all races o people and the KKK got a bad reputation, they were an organization that were helping blacks but for some reason the blacks would hang themselves on trees burn crosses in their yards and blame the KKK! Aaryn is not only a racist she is also dumb as dirt!

    3. Obviously production is telling Elissa who is allied with who..
      People shouldn’t be surprised. BB always does this.

      And F*** Judd for making fun of Canada and F*** GM for laughing about it.

    4. I just hope Amanda does not do anything stupid with Elissa’s ring…..when she’s get evicted Thursday…….I hope she give her the ring back……..I hope Amanda is smart enough to know that if she get evicted it is because of Andy……..Elissa gave her a diamond ring and Andy is giving her $20 dollar T-shirt……
      ………..I Hope McPuss blame Andy if Amanda leaves…………. I feel sorry for Elissa….. since day one she was the target….and the remaining people in the house really does not like her…….this is her only play……..I hate the fact that she has to make a deal with disgusting Amanda and the human stink bomb known as McPuss…………But she was the next target of every HoH player left and Judd did not care and even told her that he might put her up on Thursday when they were outside by the couch……. i guess she feels her and McPuss will have a better shot at winning the Hoh comp against The Pervert, The Bitchy Rat, and the Moron Dudd…and she might as well align with McPuss……I hope Amanda still gets evicted and gives Elissa the ring back but blames Andy for leaving…. and McPuss also balmes Andy……I just want Elissa to survive this double eviction and gets her ring back……..And Amanda evicted follow by Andy’s eviction

    5. Whether her idea or not, it’s her best move. Aligning with two huge targets prolongs her existence in the game, especially since she now feels the rest of the house has her in their sights. We all know the DR asks questions that HG perceive as information. We will never know if it’s her idea or production’s, only speculate. Even if Amanda goes, she’ll at least out Andy and make him a target as well. Besides the fact that Elissa then gains Amanda’s and McCrae’s jury votes, which may play into the bigger picture.

    6. Oh crap. I was just thinking how awesome it would be if Elissa and Amanda teamed up – they’d wipe the house OUT!. But Andy – whom I used to really like – ratted them out. Which is really a stupid move on his part. Amanda goes to jury and she’ll figure it out. Amanda will know Andy voted her out and she will be certain that Andy gets ZERO votes. He’s STUPID!!!!

      Maybe he’ll rethink this and flipflip back to a final four with Elissa and McCranda. *hope* *hope*

    7. seems to me the objective of BB is to win the game, not evict people you don’t like. Given that the exterminator alliance had already decided to evict Elissa and McCrea next 2 times, it looks like she has read the situation pretty accurately. So many thought she had no game and now that she’s making a move people are upset because she’s not doing what they want her to do. Whether this works for her, or not, nobody can say she’s not playing the game any more.

    8. What if Elisa some how figured out the exterminators and knows andy and Judd will vote out Amanda. So she would be doing this incase Mcrae wins Hoh theirs a possibilty he wont nominate Elissa. But i highly doubt that Elissa could figure that out on her own Big brother production could have clued her in in the DR?

    9. Are you people blind? She came out of the DR and went directly to Amanda to tell her she changed her mind. This show has been sabotaged by production, and some of these players are plants. They are just too ridiculous and have never made any move that made any sense…these so called Big Brother fans know better than to keep a showmance, yet they are still in the house. So once again, people- it’s PRODUCTION! CBS has ruined this show for me.

    1. Im wondering if she is trying to catch Andy in a trap, I just don’t see her aligning herself with Amanda at this point. Maybe it was production. Ugh! Im so confused what is going on!

      1. I think that is what she is doing & really this is probably her best bet. Otherwise Amanda was getting voted out & she was every other single house guest’s target. I think it will work. I bet Andy is freaking out & is so pissed at Elissa for messing things up for him! So funny! Now he really has to pick a side & is hopefully going to be exposed. Even if he votes Amanda out, I think that Mccrae will know that he didn’t vote for her since Elissa gave up her ring. Elissa just needs to keep telling Amanda (and Mccrae) that she is suspicious of him telling people things. Right now they just trust him 100%.

        1. I think Amanda will be even more devastated than Helen was when Amanda finds out Ratboy was playing her. If someone will squeal to you, he will eventually squeal on you That is the way of the Rat, Grasshopper!

    2. Elissa isn’t a game player. She’s been told what to do from day one. First it was Helen, then when she left production stepped in. All of her ‘big moves’ have been right after she’s came out of DR with a huge grin on her face.

      1. Yep, it was highly obvious that production told her to put Andy on the block.
        She didn’t even know they were working together.
        It took production to dismantle the 3AM alliance, not Elissa.

        1. Apparently Mike never actually watches the live feeds.

          Helen: ‘So we do this this and this’
          Elissa: (says something completely stupid as a game move)
          Helen: ‘Uh, no that would cause this this and this’
          Elissa: ‘Oh, um ya.’

          1. Elissa was suspicious of Andy and Helen trusted him blindly. She also wanted to get rid of Amanda and Helen would say it was too soon.

    3. I agree with you. maybe she thinks no one will vote for Amanda v. her….andy is going to be exposed for the rat he is and he needs to go in the double eviction

      1. I hope Andy gets voted off, but if he gets exposed it will only be to McCranda, and Amanda is going to be evicted. So that leaves only McCrae and Elissa after him, and they don’t have the numbers to vote him out.

    4. Here’s my post from two blogs ago:

      Relax Everyone….

      “E will give Am her ring (it’s a fake)..the vote will be 3-1.. Am EJECTED.. RatBoy exposed to Mc!”

      …and RatBoy goes home in Double Eviction!

      1. Agree, Elissa did not wear her real ring to the house anyway, it would stand out. She knew something like this could come up, look at who her sister is, you don’t think Rachel filled her in on how to play this? I love all this speculation and IF Elissa is doing this to expose Andy is pure genius!

        1. Good point! Correct me if I’m wrong, but Rachel did the same thing her last go ’round; using her rings as collateral.

          There’s no way Elissa, especially the way she’s been acting (I like her, but I can totally see where the superiority comes through), would EVER give her actual engagement ring away.

      2. I was thinking it was a fake too! And overall, I really don’t believe that we can truly have faith that any “reality” or “social experiment” type show is not tampered with by production. I just feel that this season shows this more than ever. Production controls things and prizes avail and can turn their heads when they want to. Obviously the crazier it gets, ratings go up…

    5. Andy will be swinging back to Amanda before the vote. He will figure out he can beat team McCranda in the Finale. He has no chance against Judd.

    6. I don’t get why Elissa hasn’t outed Andy for the ginger rat bastard weasel that he is. Correct me if I’m wrong, but before this epiphany she supposedly had about keeping Amanda, wasn’t she around some of the conversations with Andy when they were all conspiring about getting McCranda nominated and having one of them evicted? I’m pretty sure she’s heard him say things against McCranda. Why is she moving at such a snail’s pace? She needs to get to exposin’ right away.
      And while I do think that the season will become even more boring with Amanda gone, I will be extremely pissed if she stays. The only thing that can even come close to making up for the obvious rigging would be seeing the ginger rat bastard or her disgusting boy toy walk out that door during the double eviction.

    7. I agree. We all already know that she doesn’t trust Andy. All she is doing is showing Amanda and MC that he can’t be trusted. He is still trying to play both sides and elissa is trying to expose him for the little rat he is. I guarantee that she has no desire to work with Amanda, but knows no matter what she is a big target and due to leave anyways. She is simply planning the seed with Mc that spencer and Andy are not on his side.

  1. OK here is the plan the women are in together GM, Elissa and Amanda they gonna vote the guiys out and they will have never seen it coming. It will be a tie and GM is voting out Spencer

  2. I can’t believe how Amanda trusts Andy so much, yet Elissa knows he is not trustworthy. Andy is going to blame Elissa for evicting Amanda and Elissa is going to be put up in double eviction. That is not good news.

    1. But…..Amanda said to Andy that she will give a speech if she is evicted on thursday saying that Elissa gave her a diamond ring and Andy stabbed them in the back. Little did she know she could have hit the nail on Andy’s weetle rat head.

      Let’s wait and see how that plays out in Andy’s extreme case of paranoia. Could be a lot rat scrambling coming up.

      1. At this late stage of the game Andy believes his newly found alliance with the Turdminators is solid. He’ll stick with them and be the next one out. If he’s really turned I hope it’s McC or Elissa who win HOH and put up Andy and Spencer the pervert. Andy needs to go……… big time. In all the BB shows over the years, he’s the only one I can say I truly despise.

      2. Yes, but unfortunately the little rat already told the exterminators about Elisas ring and his t-shirt deal. It wont surprise them but it will infuriate McStinky. I say the odds still will be in favor of McStinky and Elissa winning the next HOH since Gina Mare can’t play in the next HOH. Spencer, Andy, and Judd don’t win much. The week after might be a bitch though. Lets just hope Gina Mare wakes up and counts the scalps in the jury room. All women no men yet. Good for female players left in the house maybe but I think the guys are going to exterminate all the women including Gina if she doesn’t look up.

    2. I think the ring is to assure Amanda and McCoco. That she will vote Spencer out. Andy did not plan on that. Amanda and McCoco had to know she would not give her ring up. That ring will expose Andy even if Amanda go.

  3. Why does Andy keep saying to Amanda that he just hopes Elissa isn’t trying to set him up or frame him or something? Amanda already knew the vote was gonna be 2-2 at BEST. Guess I gave her too much credit for being smart. Obviously of he said that to me I’d know I didn’t have his vote cause as far she should be concerned the vote should be 3-1 now and if its not than shell go out thinking that Elissa lied, not Andy. Which is the plan but she should be able to deduct that.

    1. I think what Andy is doing is suggesting that Elissa isn’t going to vote to save Amanda and will try to say that Andy flipped.

      1. But the point is that Andy did flip. He’s worried that Amanda will figure that out and by blaming Elissa he’s really just outing him self. Amanda will know Andy flipped the minute she was evicted giving the circumstances. So if I’m Amanda I’m wondering what Andy’s talkin about.

  4. Too bad they got the numbers now. If you thought this show was boring and predictable before…wait till these morons are your final 4. *groan*

  5. I hope Amanda is not leaving, this season is so boring, she is the only one who is entertaining… Can’t stand Andy anymore!!

  6. I’m hoping E has something up her sleeve with all this mess going on about keeping A.
    Even tho the point of the game is to win, so don’t you want to take someone “hated” to the end? Maybe that’s what she’s thinking?

  7. Elissa is basically turning to the darkside so she can make it further than the exterminators and basically do her own pest controlling. Mcrandorks will be on her good side now.. so bravo elissa. Brav-o

    1. Ben- I agree. We know producers want to make money, but they don’t have to manufacture drama. Any person who has ever had a job, lived in a neighborhood, been part of a family, etc, etc, etc knows if there are people involved, there is conflict and drama. Why can’t they just let the show play-out?

      1. It is to save Julie from having to call Amanda on her behavior. This is a show about us being peeping toms with Julie as the host. It is a crime to be a peeping tom. Julie wants to save her job. I hope Aaryn sues her for defamation . They do not want people discussing War And Peace, no one would watch so houseguests are encouraged to be provocative and push the envelope as far as possible. It is all about keeping the viewers. Some things were said that shouldn’t have been but it created interest in the show and people wants to see a train wreck.

  8. Elissa is not getting that wedding ring back from Amanda. Elssa says she never fought with anyone in the house, including Amanda. She says’s both parties must be involved for it to be a fight. Well I agree with one thing you said, Amanda had you so scared that the only reason it wasn’t a fight, because you were locked in the HOH Room. Amanda knows the value of your ring. You are going to have to fight Amanda to get your ring back on Thursday. You let Amanda leave the house with that ring and its gone forever.

    1. @MeanGirls: “You let Amanda leave the house with that ring and its gone forever.”

      Just a thought… Would Elissa even bring her real jewelry into the house? Would anyone?

      If the ring is a high-end knock-off, just for the sake of decoration and look of prestige, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’d be a smart “thinking ahead” move and Elissa has the wealth to have made and wear high-end costume jewelry if / when she had any reason not to wear the real thing.

      That’d be so funny… but prolly not the case.

      1. Elissa isn’t that smart if you go by what we’ve seen of her thus far. Plus she’s a horrible liar. If this whole plan turns out to be a farce, it was set up by production. I would never believe she walked into the house with fake jewelry and that plan in the back of her head this whole time. She would have let it slip at some point.

      2. Actually someone said that already happened in another BB season. They gave a ring just like Elissa, but it turned out to be CZ. I would bet she knew not to bring real jewelry in there. I know I wouldn’t and I’m sure my ring didn’t cost half as much as hers.

      3. Smurfnation – you’re 100% correct! I gravely doubt that Elissa would bring her expensive wedding ring to BB15, only to have to leave it in an unsecured drawer while she plays in comps.

        Clearly she bought an inexpensive 14K cz ring to use while in the house.

    2. Use your brain. Elissa is going to vote for Spencer. She only loses her ring if she votes out Amanda, which she will not do. Amanda will know truth at finale, Elissa gets back ring!,,,,

      1. Elissa is dealing with a bipolar Amanda. An Amanda that actually hates and has physically threaten Elissa. There are many scenarios for that ring to go missing. One is just pure hate. You are wrongly assuming that BB gets involved in these collateral deals between players…sorry to break it to you. BB doesn’t get involved because of the liability, if they did then they would be the guarantor and held responsible for someone else’s foolishness.That was two consenting adults that came up with that verbal contract. Those two are the only one’s responsible for settling this matter and it won’t be settled on Thursday’s live eviction. Let Amanda be upset and leave with the ring on Thursday. What’s stopping Amanda from just tossing the ring out the nearest window in spite. Opps! Sorry Elissa your ring is gone.

        Get real, BB doesn’t want to be a part of this exchange between Amanda and Elissa. Elissa should never had given someone her wedding ring.

        1. Mean, you have a vivid imagination. Keep it up though, because you’re almost a lawyer now, allbeit a bad one. No one comitted that it was productions liability, so again, your imagination wandering. Focus on things. Verbal contract indeed, and one worth fighting if Elissa was plaintiff. Yet, that again will never happen, because the obvious truth is once these players are out of the game, something magical happens; they get sense….

        2. I can’t believe that you believe this is real and Elissa will lose a real diamond ring. Wake up it is like wrestling. It’s a show not a game.

  9. Even though I want Amanda to leave more than anything, a part of me wants Elissa’s plan to work and to save Amanda only for her or McCrae to get HOH and nominate and evict her. It’s crazy how Amanda and McCrae are already planning to put her up if they win, yet Elissa thinks they’re the only ones she can trust.

  10. I can’t believe that elyssa is being so ignorant. They are going to turn around and vote her out as soon as they get the chance. This is the dumbest thing she could ever do. Really….. Why is she doing this.. Really….. Come on. It has to be rigged. Has to.

  11. It’s obvious now that Elissa is lying to Amanda. She has been asking too many questions about Andy, thus the Rat is gonna get exposed at the same time Amanda gets evicted

    1. I think Amanda would be the only other woman in the house, besides Elissa, that could tell a real diamond from a fake. Elissa wouldn’t hand over her ring if she wasn’t being truthful. Production put her up to saving Amanda for the ratings plain and simple.

    1. Wait, WOAH….I forgot about that! I was so confused as to why she was doing that?! Makes sense now. Something is up for sure…

    2. That’s right! And when E came out of the DR she wanted to talk to GM first before she talked to Amanda…As much as I hate Amanda, I hate Andy more. I sure hope this is a plot to expose him!

    1. Yes but there is no reason to give your ring and then not vote the person out n so Andy has o know blaming Elissa will not work if McCoco is smart.

      1. the ring is the scarey thing andy could cave I hope not and with all the production problems its funny that spencer has not really been freaked out ever and he sleeps on the block maybe hes final 2

  12. Elissa’s new name is Shelly.. Production did the same thing season 13 where the house was flipped for no reason to save Rachel.

    1. Production saved Rachel for the “entertainment value” and they’re doing the same for Amanda, it’s obvious.

      Lawon and Spencer were/are boring.

  13. In Elissa’s defense, she’s looking out for herself. As much as I can’t stand Amanda I think she really will work with Elissa. The final vote will prove to McCrae and Elissa where rat Andy lies and he will be booted in the de, granted Elissa or McCrae win HOH. I think McCrae and Amanda being in the final two will be a really close vote. Besides Elissa can beat Amanda McCrae and Andy in comps. Although risky and hate for Amanda, it just might work in Elissa favor. Production is butting in too much also.

  14. I wish Amanda does stay just for the entertainment of all the viewer’s heads exploding because they take a TV show way too seriously.

  15. Andy is such a snitch…I guess it’s a different form of game play that I just don’t like. I hope Elissa gets her ring back!

  16. Could it be that Elissa put her real engagement ring away before the game (since it is soooooooooo expensive) and wore a cubic zirconia to the BB house? If yes, maybe we do have a REAL game player in the house! Wouldn’t that be a hoot of a farewell message from Elissa. “Hey Amanda, the rings a fake and so was our alliance!” One can dream.

    1. Well that’s more than I can say. I do not like anyone in the house or that WAS in the house. I vote for Simon and Dawg to get the $500K

  17. Elissa wants to keep Amanda in the game so:
    1. everyone will continue to target the power couple in the house and she won’t have the biggest target on her back
    2. production is totally telling her what to do
    3. she’s a complete dumbass

    most likely a combination of all 3.

  18. Andy will vote out Amanda. How sweet it would be if MCcrae or Elissa won HOH then put Spencer and Andy and then Andy get voted out..
    Go home you rat.

  19. Elissa had to do something. she has no allies. EVERYONE in the house is gunning for her, including Judd & GM. WTF?

    1. Maybe so, but I don’t believe she was the prime target of Judd or GM before this move. That could easily have bought her another week & a lot can happen in a week. Now she has, at best, McCrae (which I doubt) and will likely go in the DE. Production screwed her with this advice unless they have something else up their sleeve (NOooo, they wouldn’t, would they?)

  20. Ohhhh. Elissa just dug her own grave. Andy, Andy, Andy. Forget games. This is who Andy is in real life. I really don’t care for Amanda, but I really do feel sorry for her that she trusts Andy with all her heart, not knowing he is the one who is going to stab her on the back. Sad for Elissa , sad for Amanda .

  21. This is actually a smart game play for Elissa. GM, Judd, Rat, and Spencer would have sent her home on the double eviction. Now with Cramanda on her side, she has 3 new allies (+ rat) who wont put her up during the double eviction.

    1. But that’s just it: THEY WERE NOT TARGETING HER FOR DOUBLE EVICTION!! They all wanted MC out but knew if by chance he won HOH, they’d vote out Elissa. If any of them got HOH (including Andy) they were gonna vote out McCrae. Elissa just completely screwed herself up because now not only is she now the Exterminators biggest next target, but MC and Amanda will always hate her and target her. They will never be loyal to her. And now she may be allowing McCranda to make it to the end, exactly what the Exterminators wanted to prevent. This was the dumbest move she could have made.

    1. Climate change is causing moss to grow on the south side of trees, birds are starting to head south from colder climates and Andy the pathetic floating piece of shit has realized that aligning with three HG’s (Judd, GM and Spencer) is better than being aligned with two (McC and Amanda). Hopefully McC and Amanda will find out later tonight of that fact and duct tape him to a post in the back yard where he’ll be bitten by ravenous red ants.

  22. Too bad Elissa, Andy has already jumped ship. Even if you vote to evict Spencer, Amanda is still going home. Why the heck do these people trust rat bastard andy????

  23. Elissa, are you INSANE!??? After the way dumbanda treated you…. You wish to re-pay her by saving her skanky butt. I hope its production telling you yo do this because it is beyond me why anyone would ever forgive someone like her after the despicable things she said to you..grosssss!!! And i was rooting for you, no thanks. You deserve to go home next. Go jUDD!

  24. OK – that did it for me – not more boards, no more spoilers – just waiting and watching the live eviction. Elissa working with Amanda is like throwing all her morals aside to play a scripted game. Sorely disappointed!

  25. I posted the following in the previous post but for those who’ve moved on to this thread and because I think my post rocks, here goes:

    I hope that somehow, through divine intervention or more realistically through production, the new formed alliance of Elissa and the unholy duo of aMANda and McCrusty find out about Andy’s new found loyalty….

    Would make for great insanity in the house, well worth the price of live feeds….

    At this point I really don’t care who wins as long as the remaining time in the house is plain crazy; hope they all turn on each other and may the best deceiving nut-job reign supreme….

  26. Thanks Simon & Dawg for all you do!! I LOVE this site!!! And I just donated to the cause!

    EVERYONE: TOSS A FEW BUCK THE WAY OF SIMON/DAWG!! They have provided us with months of entertainment, and they deserve it!


  27. If we can forget the AWFULNESS that is Amanda and the bullying etc she has done. This is a smart game move for Elissa. With the exterminators she is 5th…maybe even 6th (as Judd, Spencer, and Andy seem to genuinely like McCrae). With McCranda she is 3rd, and since they both SUCK at competitions, has a real fighting chance for F2 (not to mention that Amanda is nuts and thinks Elissa is a bad person so she probably thinks she can win the money against her). In the process she also gets to discredit Andy with the others and make him the low man on both sides, so whoever has power will likely put him up against her (I believe she would stay over Andy). But again the reason this change of heart really sucks is because Amanda is a horrible person who shouldn’t be in the house any longer.

    1. The reason it sucks is because Elissa is too oblivious to figure this out on her own & it’s clearly DR interference-otherwise I could swallow it a lot better despite Amanda being involved

  28. Production must have said something to Elissa. They wouldn’t ruin her game, it would ALWAYS be for her benefit! She either did it so Amanda wont be mad at her in jury, or McCare because of the double eviction. I hope Andy does not win this game…

  29. First people say the game is rigged for Elissa then say it is rigged for Amanda. When both implode, who is going to be blamed then?

    1. I don’t necessarily think it’s rigged for either one, but I do think there’s been BLATANT DR intervention which really ruins it all for me.

  30. Elissa is clueless, she didn’t think of this on her own. Production has shoved it down her throat, way to rig it BB. If they don’t bring All-Stars next summer, BB might get cancelled (which wouldn’t be too bad) since last 4-5 seasons have sucked.

  31. Hey all! I’ve been away for the past couple of days, I watched the show but haven’t been able to catch up with the feeds… so is Andy actually turning on the exterminators? (or is she just playing Amanda & Elissa?)

  32. Got to love her trying tho. She has sat back all the first half and then BAM!!! when it is time to use all your info and analysis, she is playing hot. She tried to play game with Helen but Helen even didnt give her credit. Everything she has analyzed so far has been correct. She talked about girls alliance, she has been talking game all game.. just because everyone down plays her analysis doesnt mean that she hasnt absorbed or has forgotten. Her game is to sit back and wait for the house to do her biding lol

  33. It sound like Elissa is trying to plant a seed of doubt about Andy to Amanda and MC. Pointing out that everybody is acting strange since she told him about her plan to keep Amanda. I wonder does she know about the alliance the other four have or she just still don’t trust Andy. If so she is really setting Andy up as the rat that he. Andy knows that if he betrays Amanda and MC then MC will come after him or if he betrays GM, Spencer, or Judd they will come after him. Either way Elissa know the target will be more on Andy’s back than hers. Risky, but with these bunch of misfits it might work.

  34. Andy, Judd vote for Amanda, Elissa, McCra vote for Spencer, GM breaks the tie and Amanda is gone, unless DR got to someone else also?

    I think they got to GM, why isn’t she going all “Hoodrat” on Elissa after Andy told them what was going on??? Explain that one.

    1. well Ill Will,
      Could be a couple things. Some other commenters have brought up some interesting points along with yours. So it has been noted that:

      Ginamarie mugged to the camera holding Spencer’s key and giving the thumbs down
      Elissa keeps questioning Andy’s loyalty and the odd behavior of the members of the others (exterminators)
      Amanda would say to the house that she would blame Andy and not Elissa if she were evicted Thurs

      And maybe it could be that:
      Elissa’s engagement ring might not be the real McCoy and neither is her alliance to Amanda -which is a smoke screen to rat out the rat and put the target on him for the second eviction

      And- maybe, just maybe, Ginamarie is still working in secret with Elissa

      All makes for an interesting couple of days ahead. We shall see and Simon and Dawg will be our eyes. Thanks guys!!!!

      1. I also want to add that the first person that Elissa went looking for after the infamous DR session was GINAMARIE. Now why would she want to talk to her first if she was planning to make a major move to McCranda and against Ginamarie and the others?

        It’s a thinker. Things are not what they seem in the BB house. Cue theme from the twilight zone.

      2. [… And- maybe, just maybe, GINAMARIE IS STILL WORKING IN SECRET WITH ELISSA …}

        If that were the case people who have the live feeds would have picked up on that but seeing as no one has commented to confirm it I’m thinking GM is not working with Elissa anymore.

        But then we should always expect the unexpected.

  35. Trying to figure it out:

    After the talk of Elissa with Amanda, it was agreed that Amanda would give anything to Elissa for collateral to show her trust for Elissa.

    THEN, ALL OF A SUDDEN, IT’S ELISSA THAT GIVES HER WEDDING RINGS TO AMANDA FOR COLLATERAL TO SHOW HER TRUST FOR AMANDA ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



  36. Good, now two people I can’t stand (Amanda and Elissa) get blindsided on Thursday, should be a fun night. Although I have to admit, it would be pretty funny to watch Andy scramble if Elissa were to win the DE HOH and put him up with anyone but McCrae. Gonna be an entertaining night regardless.

  37. I bet the ring is fake. Elissa is forcing Ms Onion and McPussy to be nice to her. I cant wait to see her good bye video. lol

  38. OMG People. can’t you See a good game move for good game move.
    Personally I don’t really care for most of them as a person. I’m gay and can not stand that Copper Headed Snake (Andy), by the way if there are other gay people on here… Doesn’t Spencer look, act, sound like and dress like a total gay bear.. Marilyn is a man baby. (note: When most closeted gay men have to pick a name for their imaginary girlfriends you would be surprised how many Marilyn, Judy, Diana, Barbra, Veronica (Madonnas real name) or Bette’s there are dating gay men.)
    I am no fan of the rest of them, I can not pick a single one that I would like to know in the Real World.

    So if Elissa sees a window open for her to work with Amanda and McCrae and she takes it over the others.. good for her smart game move. Amanda has a lot of negative traits, but she is loyal.. even to the guy who is stabbing her in the back.
    She is even noticing the other house guests weird behavior and has the feeling that Andy ratted them out. My greatest hope this week is that Judd see’s the light and votes to keep Amanda and evict Spencer. Tells Amanda, Elissa and McCrae, that Andy ran upstairs and told all of them the plan… Judd owes Andy a backs tab.

    1. It’s not a good game move the way it has been implemented by Elissa-it’s a risky move that will backfire unless there’s more DR interference

    2. She is working to flip the house because she “has a feeling” about Judd and GM? I would give Elissa credit if there were something solid on which to base her sudden change of heart. I just don’t see how she could all the sudden determine that Judd and GM are against her and that her best bet is to align with someone she considered to be the enemy for the past several weeks, until about 24 hours ago. Point being, nothing significant has happened that clearly shows everyone’s true loyalties. It is just an awful big switch based on what seems to be, at best, a hunch. She may not feel confident about Judd and GM, but it makes no sense to think that McCranda would be any more loyal to her.

  39. Hopefully Elissa is just telling Amanda what she wants to hear and votes her out on Thursday. Amanda is the bigger threat then spencer and needs to just vote Amanda. Elissa shouldn’t have given Amanda her diamond ring is she stupid if Amanda gets voted out she is going to walk out the door with her ring. Elissa needs to last minute tell gm Judd spencer that she is voting out Amanda and that she was just giving Amanda hope that she is staying. Hopefully she does vote out Amanda and if she doesn’t I feel production has something to do with it IMO.

  40. Wasn’t theire another house guest who handed over a ring as collateral? And didn’t it turn out to be a CZ?

  41. I think Andy gets exposed to Amanda as a rat with a 2-2 tie vote. I also think the girls are working together to get the boys out. GM will break the tie sending Spencer home. Then Andy who no longer will have Amanda keeping him safe better win HOH or POV or he’ll be the DE casualty & be out the door behind Spencer. Then Judd & McCrae better watch out. I can see a final 2 with Amanda & GM after the cut Elissa out of final 3.

  42. Elissa siding with Amanda and her little pet McCrea is quite interesting. It almost sounds like a set-up. Strangely, the whole game now depends on Andy’s vote. You may call him a rat, I say he is playing exactly the way the game should be played other than winning more comps to solidify one’s overall dominance of the game. I do not understand why people get so upset over Andy’s game play. It is not like these people give a crap about each other in real life or after the game. They are strangers in general and the goal is to be the last person standing. Who cares if you have to back stab or lie in this game to get forward. The only thing that one should not do is make it personal or hateful towards others, which in this season that line has been crossed. Other than that, I give Andy kudos for playing the entire house. He would not have made it this far if he hadn’t played the way he has since he sucks at competitions. Only Amanda, McCrea, and Spencer are worst at competition than Andy. That said, Andy, Judd, or Spencer must take the next HOH this way they can get rid of the useless McCrae and the unstable Elissa. For someone who thinks they are playing the best game ever, Amanda is actually quite dumb for not seeing that why would Andy vote to keep her at this point of the game. Hopefully, Andy will not pull a McCrea by becoming a doormant and vote to keep Amanda. That will be the end as he will go next for sure. This is a very interesting turn of events. It almost strikes me as if it was staged to create drama in the house since it was getting so boring. By creating the Exterminators, the gang of four, has made a good tactical move to create a wall against the 1AM alliance and an unpredictable floater Elissa. This should, if played smartly, carry the Exterminators to the final four. However, this season it seems that the alliance in power cannot hold on to the HOH or Veto long enough to bring their plans to completion. We have seen this time and time again this season. It shows that the players are actually weak overall when it comes to competitions. The next HOH and Veto will be questions as there is no time for any other type of competition during a double eviction. I say good luck Exterminators. I hope Andy does not pu$$y out and truly does vote out Amanda. It is in his best interest. Who cares if McCrea goes after him as he sucks at most competitions and Elissa is not good at questions.

  43. I am really hoping that the ring is fake, and Elissa is really trying to catch Andy in a trap. My prediction is that on Thursday, it will be a 3-1 vote to evict Amanda so McCrae knows that Andy is unloyal.

  44. Elissa gave Amanda her diamond ring and she a gave her some cheapass gold earrings, that’s not a fair deal… LOL

    If Amanda does got out and takes Elissa’s diamond ring, we will ALL have a GREAT LAUGH

  45. ok so McCrae has decided to come out and play with the others. Elissa has aligned with Amanda. And Andy is at risk of being discovered. It’s like the twilight zone up in here.

    But at this point the two most hated HGs (Elissa is hated by some, Amanda hated by some) aligning has become intriguing. I was confused at first, but now I see how this can work. It all lies with Andy. Andy will be the star this week. He will either out himself to the exterminators or McCranda. That’s something I can live with. And Elissa was going down, she may as well have aligned the biggest villain in the house.

    1. Old Time Big Brother Fans will remeber that Alison and Jun where hated by everybody else in the house and hated Each other even more. They formed an alliance while arguing in the Hot Tub
      Allison I Hate You”
      Jun: I hate You
      Both: Let’s form an alliance no one will see it coming

      They did and went to the final two, that is how Jun a girl no one liked beat out the only person the House guests disliked more.

    2. What a lot of drama just to expose Andy, I hope there’s more to it than that like Amanda stays and the saga continues. With her gone truly boring, the exterminators are boring. has to be more than just exposing andy and the final act; hopefully he gets called out prior to and has to decide. Or maybe the girls team up and moon the guys!!! high five. Spencer goes home. He’s just a place holder anyway.

  46. Uh ok… It’s got to be production influencing Elissa to suddenly want save Amanda. How LAME!!! They needed something to fill up the boring days until Thursday. Elissa is mature enough to know not to reward a bully. Amanda is one of the most jealous, immature, disgusting, misguided people I could have ever been shown existed. Elissa doesnt think she is better than everyone else. She is better than you, Amanda. A lot of people ARE!!!

  47. i feel so frustrated reading this and not being able to to see Elissa’s diary rooms, WHERE IS THE LOGIC!?!?!
    I would love to hear her/productions thought process

    1. How would seeing her DR sessions help? She will undoubtedly spew back what production tells her to (probably about as well as she explained her statistical methods for winning the POV)

  48. A lot of people hate Elissa for her attitude and now a lot of people hate her for whatever this strategy is. Biggest take away: No more reality show royalty. Give us new players. Stop this name recognition bullshit. Big Brother is making average people into Paris Hiltons. Please stop.

  49. Name did you find out why GM held the key up with a thumbs down? Do you think GM is in on this Elissa saving Amanda thing that has everyone talking?

  50. The game is rigged as Dawg will win. He is a friend of a friend of a friend who knows someone that seen Aiison Grodner.

    All the power to Dawg.

  51. What I’m thinking and kind of hoping for, if Andy truly has turned and will vote out Amanda, is the following:

    ~ Andy, being the douchebag he is, votes to evict Amanda,
    ~ McC goes postal and strangles Andy thus making this season the first in the history of reality TV in which a weasel gets murdered in a game,
    ~ CBS is dragged into court on the posit they aided and abetted violent behaviour in the house leading to the Rat’s premature and on screen death….

    At the end of a future special news cast, describing the aftermath, fallout, court case, etc., just as the curtains start closing Julie, in a stunning navy blue pantsuit, from a position of looking to her left, quickly turns to face the audience and in a rather sexy voice says ” expect the unexpected, we ‘aimed’ to please “…

    1. Like it, but there is one flaw….neither Andy or McCrae are capable of winning a fight, even against each other. McCrae lacks the hand strength or stamina to strangle Andy to death, and wouldn’t even know to try unless Amanda gave him the order prior to walking out. Andy wouldn’t really be able to fight back while he weeps uncontrollably. Eventually they would both pass out from exhaustion, with neither suffering any real physical harm.

    1. Shelly is coming back for a special appearance so CBS can get someone in the game to make fans excited. That’s how bad this season is.

  52. Is it at all possible that the ring Elissa game Amanda is fake? I have a fake ring that is set in gold, so the gold stamp doesn’t mean it is an authentic diamond. I suppose Amanda can try to cut glass (no pun intended) with it, but if she tested it on any of CBS property and it broke, she’d be evicted for vandalism. I know Elissa may not be the most intellectual person, but who would bring a big rock into a house and a game where they are competing for a huge amount of money where one’s preexisting wealth factors into the decision-making of the jurors? Even if it is real, I don’t think Amanda is entitled to keep it as a contractual matter. There was no consideration or bargained-for exchange and could end up being an unenforceable promise.

  53. I wouldn’t have given her my ring even if it was fake… it’s not like Amanda would turn down the offer for Elissa to vote to keep her.

    And if by some miracle Amanda stays she will NOT be loyal to Elissa… just not swallowing that spoonful of bullshit.

    1. Amanda will be loyal. She fought for every one in that house right now except Judd and now she’s on the block and the only person holding out a life raft is Elissa, Amanda will remain loyal to her agreement until it’s time ALL BETS ARE OFF.

      1. Yeah right – Amanda remains loyal just until her paranoia picks out her next target that she thinks is coming after her regardless

  54. Andy will go down as the biggest RAT of all time if he votes against Amanda. This will be the third time he has gone against an alliance he had. I really do not understand his game play as he just loses jury votes with his moves. He has NO chance of getting the jury vote if he stays on the path of voting against Amanda and thus adding Amanda, McCrae and Ellysa to nay votes in the jury.

  55. Captain, my Captain. Relax, take a deep breath my friend. Just closed my second business deal. This has been a great day, and great year. My Jewish Queen and Rainbow Warrior will be sitting on their thrones at the end of the game. With Amanda accepting the 500,000. She is so beautiful. The double A’s have a bright future. Both will be on the next BB allstars. Amanda has a bright future in T.V. and the wealth will be pouring in for her. I can’t wait to meet her. Captain, if you get over your anger issues, I might hire you in one of my businesses. Take care and I will pray for your recovery. You are a good person. Love you My Jewish Queen Amanda, My Rainbow Warrior Andy, My felloow business woman Elissa, the greatest producer on T.V. Allison and finally to the entire production staff at CBS.

    1. Beautiful Jewish Queen??? Sure if your definition of that is: A vile pig with chronic diarhea of the mouth, probable mental issues and a double quarter pounder with cheese w/lots of onions between her thighs……….You have yourself a prize there!

    2. anyone else think buffalo is a pathetic cat lady?
      first she says she cant wait for her beautiful jewish princess to bring her home the money
      now she says she cant wait to meet her…..

  56. Seriously, are we the idiots? I’m starting to think that CBS is really taking their rigging to a whole new level. I truly wish someone would come forward and admit that the Big Brother producers rigged this year more than ever before. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster and can’t get off. After 15 seasons of this show, I’m done… I feel like we are the idiots buying this crap! I only wish I can back the time I wasted watching, reading and buying in to this nonsense.

  57. I keep saying Elissa knows this game too well to be playing this dumb. I now believe that both Amanda and Elissa were put in the house simply to cause havoc with peoples games, especially those who were ‘super fans’ and think they know everything about the game.

  58. How does spencer know that his parents loved canada when they went in july. Wasnt he in the big brother house? If he meant last year wouldnt he say they went last year and loved it?

  59. My theory is this: Elissa knows she has a short life because she knows she has no one. So, she is making sure that Andy exposes himself as the rat that he is by swearing to Amanda, McCrae, and Elissa that he will vote to save Amanda. He doesn’t, Elissa does. It is highly likely that Elissa will be blamed as Amanda walks out the door. Elissa will, likely, follow this week or next (she knows this). She will be in the jury house and be able to explain to all the jurors everything that Andy did to betray them all. She still hasn’t gotten Andy for his lying betrayal to Helen. This might be her last ditch effort to ruin his game. She is doing what Jessie did but will much more plan and class. Perhaps? (can’t wait to see her Diary Room clips!)

  60. The Rat, Judd votes for Amanda Elissa and McCrae vote for Spencer GM breaks the tie and vote out Amanda

    Amanda takes Elissa’s diamond ring with her, the Elissa walks-out after her to get it = 2 Bitches with 1 stone.

    DE canceled.

  61. this would be the highlight of the show if ratface and demanda goes home this week !!!! hoping mccrea and elissa will get rid of the exterminators alliance .

  62. One of the restrictions is that she cannot disclose that she has the diamond veto to other HG. The diamond veto holder also replaces the nominee Check out the youtube video the how the diamond veto was used from BB12 by Matt. Good bye Andy The Rat youtube.com/watch?v=0j3kIC6BevA

  63. well you gotta admit if production did set this up they definitely know what there doing because everyone is going to be tuning in on thursday to see what happens

  64. Something smells in the bb house and this time it’s not dirty Mclob and filthy hooch Amanda. I guess we will just have to wait till eviction Thursday to see exactly what Elissa’s thought process was in saying she would keep Amanda.

  65. McCrea is the worst player in BB history. Why should he win anything? He has been asleep since week 2 and now he thinks he is all that and more. Vote his skinny a@@ out already! Cannot stand that loser.

  66. What would be a real hoot is if Amanda goes out on a 4-0 vote. It could happen.. this is how I see that playing out.

    1) Andy votes her out on the Exterminator plan and blame it on Elissa

    2) Elissa votes her out to expose Andy to both Amanda and McCrea.

    3) McCrea votes her out cause he is pissed that Elissa is helping her and wants his own chance at playing the game without her around and thinks he can blame the vote on Andy or Elissa.

    LOL some HGs will have some explaining to do if this happens!

  67. Maybe production wanted to f**k with them because they were too stupid to vote out the showmance earlier, when they were supposed to!

  68. Amanda is gone this Thursday. Nothing can save her. What remains to be seen is how production plans to expose the rat. The best case scenario for CBS is McRae and Elissa against Spencer, Judd, Andy, and GM. Gm is virtually ineffective in any kind of physical comp (her toe) and has proven useless in a mental comp. It will be 3 against two in the second half of the DE. If either McRae or Elissa wins that HOH production has exactly what they wanted.

  69. OMG you people simply cannot be pleased! First you gripe because its too boring and predictable. Now that its FINALLY starting to get good ya all pissed because Amanda might stay. Yet you all love Elissa! Well, if you do, then realize her best and only REAL shot at winning th game is to flip and go with Mccranda.

    If Amanda goes thursday, most likely Elissa will be gone right after or the following eviction.

    Although th dr may have asked some leading questions that turmed on her lightbulb, this shit is not rigged. But I will admit is that th last thing that production wants is an extermimators final four then a final 3 all guys. That would be a snoozefest of epic proportions, I can promise you that.

    This gamechanging move is what NEEDS to happen to save this pile of a season, plus if Elissa makes it to final 3 vs Mccranda, she will absolutely DESTROY that 3 part hoh, dump mccraes ass and stomp Amanda in th final jury vote.

    But yet, everybodys mad bc WAhhhh!!! A man duhhh is gonna stay!!! WAAAHHH!!! So what? Get over it. Its th best game move, but you all are so blinded by amanda hatred, you cant see it. Thats why I say 90% of you would make lousy contestants bc you play way too personally!!

    And for all those screaming that if Amanda stays, you are done with bb, I can only say this: Bye. thank you. Gtfo. Drive home safely.

    1. I do not love Elissa & I don’t care if Amanda stays – I just don’t want obvious DR interference – lost all credibility with this move

    2. “OMG you people simply cannot be pleased!”

      BB addicts are not easily pleased. We are, on a good day, very strategic and in awe, on a bad day, fickle and disappointed. Imagine being BigBrother? They have to work very hard to please us. Your frustration is nothing compared to that :)

    3. This is fine if Elissa KNEW that her only chance was to align with McCranda…but how can she know that? Why would she believe McCranda would be more loyal to her in the future than everyone else in the house, especially when she has gotten along with everyone else much better than she has with Amanda? For the move to be sensible, she has to know that her friends are plotting against her (which there is no way for her to know legitimately) or she has or knows who has a power like diamond POV.

  70. I would pay but there are so many spelling mistakes….is the money for them to go back to school…..if so i will donate

  71. OMG McCrae is showering without anyone telling him to. What’s up with that? I think what GM said to him at nomination ceremony (amanda drained the fire out of him) sunk in and he has finally started to be a normal HG.

  72. Elissa, you need an adjustment and correct your form and work on proper alignment in your poses, not surgery.

    Elissa and Amanda bonding over how mean and horrible GM is, it’s like a flashback of the other night, but it was Elissa and GM bashing on GM.

    I have a bridge to sell Amanda, McCrae and Elissa when this is over. I can’t believe they are buying into this. It’s almost too painful to watch and read this stuff, almost….. Man, Thursday’s eviction will be good because Amanda thinks she is staying and she isn’t.

  73. elissa will get her ring back just fine. it’s just to show good faith and i think at this point i’d want it to if 500 000 was on the line. no one is going to take elissa’s rings, that’s not going to happen. why waste any time thinking about it. not going to happen.

  74. GM saying things about Elissa’s son referring to him derogatory (using racial terms and horrible adjectives) …. I was wrong a leopard doesn’t change she is a very evil young woman. Who says bad things about a person’s child? Thought perhaps she redeemed herself, but….she didn’t ! I think Elissa’s son is in the 3rd grade Who talks about a child that way… Evil mean people GM Happy you lost your job Now hopeful that you don’t win & go home a big old looser to live with momma you little Evil witch

    1. I agree – she definitely crossed the line there – is she that clueless to not understand just how unacceptable this is or what?

  75. I will say as a long time BB watcher that I will stop watching the show if Amanduh wins. Im gonna hold back my thoughts even if Amanduh doesnt go home this week but if she ultimately ends up winning then true or not I will assume that the game is fixed. Unfortunately the rumors are out there and then if it ends up happening, especially the way it would have happened will put too much doubt in my head. The thought of a fixed program would also kill this great, insightful site as their really wouldnt be much to the “live feeds” knowing most of it is potentially staged….

  76. What a lot of drama just to expose Andy, I hope there’s more to it than that like Amanda stays and the saga continues. With her gone truly boring, the exterminators are boring. has to be more than just exposing andy as the final act to this week’s plot; hopefully he gets called out prior to and has to decide. Or maybe the 3 girls team up and bounce the guys incuding lame mccray!!! high five. Spencer goes home. He’s just a place holder anyway.

  77. Ok Elissa game move is so dumb. Andy will lie and say she voted Amanda out to Mccrae and he will go after Elissa. Andy is voting out Amanda she will be gone. Elissa lost her ring. Sucks too cause now she has more of a target on her for going against house and Mccrae will think she went against him and Amanda. Her only hope now is winning HOH Thursday.

  78. Here is possible scenario:

    Elissa is given a plan in the diary room: “Amanda is depressed and withdrawn, and they are gunning for you next. Here is your chance to expose Andy as a rat, and evict Amanda at the same time. Convince Andy, Amanda and McCrae that you are voting to keep Amanda because it is in your best interest to get to the end of the game. Andy will come over to the supposed power and vote to keep Amanda, but you will vote to evict her. GM will break the tie with evicting Amanda, and Andy will be exposed and be a bigger target than you….by the way, if you don’t have a fake wedding ring to make it believable, you will find one in that little box in front you.”
    Voila! Drama is created for Monday through Wednesday and bring even bigger ratings to Thursday. Plus, Elissa gets revenge for last week. What a storyline!

  79. This is definitely my last season. I’m so disappointed in CBS production… if Amanda stays (the show is definitely fixed) SMH!!!

  80. What is this about Amanda having the Diamond Power of Veto? I’ve heard the rumor a few times now, and I’m confused. What? When? Where?

  81. Anyone who thinks Elissa doesnt have enough money to throw away a wedding band that has no sentimental value… *cough*fake*cough* underestimates how filthy rich Elissa’s husband is….

    She has said over and over again… it isnt about the money… she works for CBS… She owns mulitple houses, a hockey rink… blah blah blah… she bought a ring… and brought it in with the intention of using it to her advantage… I hope Amanda swallows it after she walks out the door and tells Elissa she can have it back after she shits it in the BB15 Jury House.

    This show is rigged… Its become a cat and mouse game between BB Producers and the viewers who are calling them out on being rigged. I agree with whoever posted earlier that Judd is part of it… and became part of it when he got the chance to come back in the house. I think he will vote with Elissa and McCrae and Amanda will stay. Regardless of what Andy does…. Amanda will stay.

    1. I think Julie and Production got mad at GM when she started staying things about Asians all looking alike the other night and decided to go this route… GM screwed up when she said something about Asians!

      1. Ding Ding Ding! We have a diamond power of veto winner!

        I hope you aren’t one of those dirty Puerto Rican mud monkeys that GM was just talking about, or your children are gross, eew. Sweet Nick would never produce such a dark creature.

    2. She certainly does like to throw in their faces how much $$ she has & how successful she & her husband are & how SHE worked hard for it :)

  82. ? Did Elissa give the ring to show she would vote spence out or that Amanda was safe?

    Hope it’s the first so she can get her ring back.

  83. It doesn’t matter if Amanda leaves on Thursday. She will have Elissa’s ring, and proof that Elissa was serious about keeping her there. If Amanda leaves it’s because Andy voted to evicted her. So she sees he was not so loyal after all. Andy won’t get her jury vote. But Elissa will, having outed Andy and the exterminators. Andy was the only one that would have gotten Amanda’s vote, so after Thursday that vote will be up for grabs. And Elissa intends to grab it.

    If Amanda stays, then Elissa has her assurance that she won’t be evicted in the DE. If McCranda wins HOH of course they keep Elissa off. If one of the exterminators (minus Spencer) wins HOH, and put up Elissa, Amanda and McCrae vote to keep her, and another exterminator goes home.

  84. I figured out why everyone is claiming that this move is rigged by production.
    It is the first big move since Nick left. My god people stop complaining and enjoy the moment it isn’t coming again till next Season LOL

    1. No, it’s because Elissa is incapable of thinking of this on her own & it coincidently happened right after a DR session. And because it was such a drastic switch from her previous position. Elissa has been playing emotionally all game standing on her “high” moral ground about not working with the likes of Aaryn & Amanda. No way she would change unless there was outside intervention.

  85. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

    It boggles my mind that (after 14 past seasons) people STILL “volunteer” to be pawns. If Spencer goes, he has NO ONE to blame but himself. Dumb ass!!!

    1. And it boggles my mind that we are all still here invested in & commented on a TV show that has clearly been interfered with (again) :-)

    2. One more thing. If Spencer does go, he will have come VERY close to pulling off the “BB Dumb Ass Trifecta.”

      1. He volunteered to be a pawn.
      2. He was voted out.
      3. He was wearing a chicken suit when it happened. (Caught a break that is was for only 48 hours.)

  86. OMG will everyone stop bitching about the show being fixed! If Big Brother was really fixed, don’t you think somebody would already expose this? They would get paid good money to announce the show is fixed and not reality! Yeah sure Big Brother sometimes gives lines to the house guest and sure they may try to give the players some ideas, advice ETC but Production has a job to do and that is to bring suspense, drama, emotions and all that to make the season entertaining to watch. It’s not fixed in any way. They are just giving us something to watch because we all know Amanda is going home and YES she is going home and since we know that, Big Brother is now trying to keep us in suspense. It’s reality TV but sometimes you have to help bring the entertainment as well.

    1. IT IS FIXED! geeez! It is a reality show… not a game show … therefore FIXING IT… is legal… and no one is going to make an issue of it because EVERYONE WITH ANY COMMON SENSE KNOWS IT’S FIXED!! MORON!!

  87. If Elissa’s ring is so big, how come no one has mentioned it before? They always talk about her being a snob, etc…. I’ve never heard anyone mention the big diamond ring that Amanda talks about. ?????

  88. WARNING!!!

    All you people who say this will be your last season because————————(fill in the blank) need to make sure you change your handle next year because I’m making a list and checking it twice.

    Time heals all wounds!

  89. This is my last season of watching this rigged crap. They are all doing what production wants them to do so Amanda can win this game. Stuff is too fishy. Amanda probably pitched a Bitch pitch to production for them to come up with a plan to save her. She is so controlling and is controlling production to get what she wants. Who knows, I wonder if people are offered money by production to do certain things. I still think when you look at that video of Helen coming off that wall with that hand nudging her, that seemed real fishy as well. I wonder if Helen received money because it is all rigged. I am over it. Amanda needs to go. Andy needs to go too. What is this crap? Worse BB ever……

  90. IF Amanda were to stay, the. Yes strategically it was a good move in terms of McRanda going after GM or Judd if they won HOH and vice versa. Plus the fact that the exterminators were going to go after Elissa when Amanda left anyway. But if Amanda goes home, which is more likely, Elissa pretty much just put an even bigge target on her back, AND lost her wedding ring. What a fucking idiot, you deserve to go home during the double eviction. I WAS rooting for Elissa but now not so much.

    P.S. I can’t wait till Amanda has her exit interview with Julie Chen and when she gets out of jury, rewatches the show and finds out everyone who watches the show hates her fucking guts. I still can’t get over her behavior over the last couple of weeks, I mean I know being in the house can make you mean and crazy sometimes but her behavior was just vile and disgusting.

  91. This is not the first time something like this has happened (Elissa/Amanda). Someone here pointed out Jun and Alison. And also, Janelle and Erica (about how chilltown were playing them).

    So girls who hate each other have come together before. So i guess it is not so strange after all

  92. I think Elissa’s chore for production is to out Andy to Amanda and Mccrae. He will lose their jury vote’s. If Andy outted himself to Amanda in his goodbye speech to her after everyone except Mccrae had voted her out she would have forgiven Andy because she wouldn’t have had the numbers anyway. But with Elissa on board to keep her and Andy vote’s for her to be evicted she will not forgive Andy, even if he claims he didn’t evict her once she’s out of the house she’ll find out from Julie that Andy voted her out.

    1. But why? I realize that Andy seems to be universally despised, but what possible reason would they have in getting involved in that? They’ve allowed previous vile people to go undetected.

  93. People w REAL $$$ have travel jewelry- the fine metals prob real but stones aren’t – she & her husband travel abroad and its very common for people to have a duplicate made of actual wedding ring – it would only make sense that’s what she’s been wearing n that house – she didn’t give Amanda anything but her “travel cz”

  94. i dont think anybody could take the heat that has been given to elissa if the show is rigged. she is just playing for the summer.

  95. Elissa is mad rich, she can get 1000 rings just like it, it don’t mean nothing to her, her husband bought a stadium in Saskatchewan that seats like 2-5k people. Plus, Amanda can’t just steal people’s shit.

  96. Anyone remember when Rachel gave a fake ring in promise? At least I think it was Rachel and if it wasn’t her it was definitely done. Gets me how everyone is going on about the ring but nothing about the gold earrings from AM, which are probably 14 caret at best. I too am flabbergasted by the whole turn around which could be absolutely brilliant or totally moronic depending on how rat boy swings. It is funny how the rationalization of “Spencer has already won a trip and 10K” has yet to be brought up in eviction conversation. Previous seasons put a huge target on your back if you won something like that so not sure why it is being down played this year. Perhaps the live feeds have not picked up on it? It does not break my heart to see Spencer go, he’s a gross misogynist who will be lucky to have a wife after the show ends. I really do wish to see AM leave tomorrow though if she does it will hurt Elissa’s game unless this whole thing has been a masterful plan between her and GM to not only get rid of AM but to out rat boy and have him gone next. Hard to believe however since GM is with the rat boy, cockroach and dung beetle’s exterminator alliance. You can figure out who is which rodent/insect.

  97. this might not be such a bad move for elissa if spencer goes home mcranda wont target her and the exterminaters are most likely to kepp their targets on the couple

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