“Don’t let this freak you out but my odds would be better if I flipped with all of them” -Andy

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


6:18pm Backyard The boys are running (Sh1ts getting real)


6:50pm Backyard
JUDD gives a shout out to Big Brother 6 and & Howie Gordon. Andy digs out dead dragonfly from the pool. JUDD fights it and punches it’s Wing off..

(Elissa and GM are sleeping in the HOH everyone else lingering around chilling in the backyard)
7:08pm Backyard Andy, Spencer and Amanda

Andy is talking about his education how he was into marketing but switched to media and communication. He talks about his undergrad assignments and how he knew in the classes of 500 the TA’s never really read his papers he just had to structurally do what they asked and he would get a A. Andy adds that he would never read the books only take random quotes out if and right around that.
Spencer can vaguely remember his last year in college. He remembers the girl he was with at the time did most of this homework.

Andy tells a story about taking a marketing class and only getting a 88 on a project while this other girl handed in junk and got 97. He was super pissed at this happening
Spencer – ‘Dude it’s amazing how much you love school and how much I hated it’

CBS Interactive Inc.


7:15pm Backyard Andy and Spencer

Spencer says if McCrae wins HOH they approach him with a boys alliance and tell him to put up GM and Elissa and we’ll vote ELissa out. If Elissa get it’s they approach ELissa tell her McCrae is trying to start a boys alliance. Andy that works, she’s going to be freaked out.

Spencer asks if it’s best they put both McCrae and Elissa up. Andy thinks it is, says that way they cannot save each other. Andy explains if they can get rid of Elissa the following HOH is it’s 4 against 1.

Spencer – ‘It’s about to play the F*** game now.. we’re f** hardcore.. We’re loyal. we’re going to kick a$$ raise hell.. exterminate’

Andy – ‘don’t let this freak you out.. this just shows how confident I am in what we have.. My odds would be better if I flipped with all of them”
Andy explains Spencer would be gone, GM can’t play in the next HOH and that would only leave JUDD pissed at him.
Andy – ‘this is showing you how loyal I am .. No way in hell.. I feel like I would be on my deathbed and that would be my biggest regret in life… if I formed a final 4 with Elissa, Amanda and McCrae and took out you”
Spencer – ‘Chances are you go fourth’
Andy – ‘I would never forgive myself’
Spencer – ‘Dude.. Dude… I can totally see you winning this mother F****…you would go further than any gay man in Big Brother History.. I would be proud to be in the final 2 with you’
Andy – Same
Spencer and Andy argue about who would win in the final 2. Andy tells Spencer played a great game, ‘You had to fight your way back from the moving company.. that’s impressive Spencer’
Spencer says the reason he volunteered to go on the block was to safe Andy the stress. HE knew Andy needed a break being on the block.

Spencer says he doesn’t want to come out of this looking like a lawon because he volunteered to go up.
Andy says he would live the rest of his life in regret if he got out Spencer out and kept Amanda.
Andy says they are solid as a rock there is no way in hell Spencer is leaving this week, JUDD and Gm

Spencer- Us working together has been the best thing for my game’
Andy – ‘same’


7:46pm Backyard JUDD and MC

MC says once Amanda goes he cannot trust anyone.
JUDD – ‘Don’t trust anybody.. don’t even trust me.. I feel in this game it’s bad to trust people’
MC – ‘if you are up there I vote you out.. you talk to Andy at all’
JUDD – ‘I just don’t want to talk Game about next week in front of Amanda… it kinda a slap in the face’

JUDD – ‘People get worried when we talk’
MC – ‘People will think we will pick up where we left off.. I think we should’
JUDD says McCrae has a better chance to win if he’s against JUDD because people will use coming back into the game against JUDD’

JUDD says that Elissa thinks the boys are teaming up. Elissa wanted it to be all girls this season but she should have stepped it up.
McCrae says Elissa was way too personal in the game
JUDD – ‘She needs to chill out’
MC – ‘Ya yup.. I think we’re all on the same page who we want out next week’
JUDD – ‘I haven’t heard your name thrown around very much’
MC – ‘YYYayyuppp’

MC says everyone is going after Elissa. JUDD says he’s trying to figure out what is in her head. JUDD adds that Elissa keeps telling him that she feels he’s working with the guys.
JUDD says he likes Elissa but she does things that irritates him all the time.

Spencer rolls in

JUDD thinks Candice was attractive. Spencer doesn’t think so one bit.
JUDD says Kaitlin was the best looking girl in the house, he can’t wait to find out about her family. (Her father was involved in some major white collar crime.. stock market crime stuff)
Spencer – ‘she had that classic pretty face.. a rocking body.. she’s the type of person that would look great well into her 40’s’


8:01pm Girls baking/Cleaning/cooking
Elissa and Amanda are doing most the talking .. just chit chat stuff. GM is concentrating on her baking.

(Elissa and Amanda are really being very friendly to each other)

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If you want to get 100 in a course taught by andy just act like a rat or bring him cheese.


Why do they not see how ratty Andy is…..I mean Helen warned them all and so did Arayn……why do they seriously not see it?????


What the fuck are you idiots talking about, being a rat?

Do you know what TV show you’re watching? It’s “Big Brother”, since you apparently haven’t noticed. The REALITY TV GAME SHOW where EACH INDIVIDUAL PERSON does ANYTHING THEY NEED TO DO to ensure they make it further than any other INDIVIDUAL PERSON and win $500,000.

Was that clear enough? Right now, Andy is in the absolute best position in the house. He is totally correct in saying he would be in better odds if he flipped; that is exactly what gives him the best position in the house.

He votes to evict Spencer? Only Andy, Amanda, Judd, McCrae, and Elissa play HOH, with Judd and GM being pissed at him. If Judd wins, he will put up GM and someone else, not wanting to piss off the rest of the group for the next week when he will be outnumbered after being told he will go on the block.

He votes to evict Amanda? Only Andy, Spencer, Judd, McCrae, and Elissa play HOH, with Elissa being pissed at him after blaming the vote on her (exactly like Amanda told him to do in front of McCrae above).

He can’t lose.


Hey Numb nuts!!!!!!!
Andy is a floater !!!!!!!
When was the last time a floater won?????
When it comes time to vote, he won’t get a single vote cause he didn’t do d***!!!
Just squealed like the rat he is.
Yes I will give me credit for wat he’s done, but his game play blows!!!

Judd go back to the jury house already

I wish somebody would bitch slap the piss out of Judd. Does that turd EVER sit up? What a slug. And still mumbling his words and talking shady.

Maybe Elissa isn't so bad after all

I admit, up until today I did not like Elissa and was guilty of calling her names (duck lips, joker face, gold digger, etc.). But today I have a newfound respect for her and like her a whole lot more. I’m 100% for Amanda to win but so long as Elissa is with Team Amanda I will be perfectly fine with them going to final 2, and I will call her by her name not a nickname. But if she backstabs Amanda Thursday night I will be pissed and this season will be over for me.

Attn: "maybe Elissa isn't so bad"....

No offense but seriously; you are a w!re. You are on an even larger scale a follower, a band-wagon-jumper, a group-thinker rather than an individual, an easily swayed waverer and lastly, a sellout. I hate Amanda no more or less than the next person; having said that, I hate everyone in the house. However, I didn’t suddenly like GM because no one less offensive was left; she’s still a racist, etc. If you say you don’t care for someone as you don’t for Elissa, changing your opinion of her w/out any redeemable actions taken by her, simply because she now wants to be on Amanda’s side, is lame. You could just as easily say it was a smart move on her part without having an unreasonable epiphany and deciding Elissa is redeemable for just doing some simple math. You are much to easily led and go where the grass is greener. Like, do you think a Sox fan would ever consider buying a Cubs hat ? Maybe to take a shit in. Anyway, like I said, no offense, whore. Glad you are neither my friend nor my enemy as it seems one is interchangeable with the other. P.S. BAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Judd is a MAJOR dud

It’s 90 minutes into BBAD and for 86 of them Judd has been laying flat or slouched at a 150 degree angle. And eating almost the whole time. He’s gotten mighty cocky and arrogant since coming back. Hope the shady bastard goes next week, after Spencer and Andy go this week.

Mc's a 50's Trailor Trash Housewife

And Amanda is a Sociopath!

JUDD has his foibles just like everyone else but that guy is FUNNY!!


At the risk of being attacked by cats, Jordan was a pretty big floater!

The Producers are Delusional

Having Elissa on this season is the biggest mess.

That poor woman is dumber than a box of rocks!!

Has anyone seen her segment on Anderson Cooper as a Bridezilla???

CBS please give us a good BB16, or just hang it up.

The Judger

People don’t like your comment because it makes too much sense! :)

GM is on Team Amanda/Elissa

Yes he can lose Crushinator. Amanda is staying. Get used to that. Elissa and McCrae are voting to keep her. If its a tie, GM will vote to evict Spencer. Ratboy will be exposed for being a traitor to 2 AM, and be will be going out right after Spencer. Can’t wait. This plan to keep Amanda is for certain. That’s why Elissa gave Amanda her rings… she knows Amanda isn’t going anywhere. And let’s say Ratboy does vote to evict Spencer. GM will still be in the Elissa/Amanda/GM alliance but her cover won’t be exposed. She’ll be able to confab with Andy and Judd and still report to the girls what the guys’ plans are.

Maybe Elissa isn't so bad after all

Wasn’t Amanda originally from New York? Wouldn’t it be funny if it’s revealed at the end that Amanda and GM knew each other or went to school together? That explains why they were able to insult each other all season and get away with it bc an alliance was formed early on and they knew they’d always have each others’ back. And part of me thinks Amanda and Elissa knew each other before this game (or that they are BB plants). Maybe that would explain why Elissa laughs in Amanda’s face when Amanda is insulting her… that Amanda is being so convincing and Elissa can’t keep a straight face. Think about it.

An eager bettor

BuffaloBill, what are the odds tonight of Amanda your Jewish queen winning this thing? I bet they were pretty high as of yesterday but came down somewhat today. What do you have to say to all the haters who were taunting you when they thought Amanda was a goner?


Amanda you cunt

GM is on Team Amanda/Elissa

Elissa and GM see it. Come Thursday so will McCranda. That’s why Ratboy is going home right after Spencer. How sweet it will be to see those red haired assholes finally exterminated.


Andy The Rat keeps telling everyone how he was the mastermind of so many moves that happened in the house so far. What a narcissist. He really thinks being A RAT is going to get him the votes and money. This guy reminds me of Ronny the Rat from a few years ago. He would have been exposed several weeks ago if Amanda wasn’t so blind in her loyalty.


Sad thing is that in real life Andy is like his house persona; a walking, talking, upright turd…


I swear if amanda does not walk out the door I am done with bb, and cbs all together for doing this


hopefully Final 3 will NOT be the GM (genetically modified) SPUDDS ( Spencer/Judd.)


hopefully Final 3 will NOT be the GM (genetically modified) SPUDDS ( Spencer/Judd.)


I wonder if all this from Ellisa is to rat out Andy. Something deep down in me wonders if ALL THIS is to expose Andy to EVERYONE in the house. It’ll only take 1 little slip up from someone for them ALL to find out he’s telling EVERYTHING to EVERYONE!!! Wouldn’t THAT be interesting???? <3


I am hoping that Judd will expose the Exterminators alliance to McCrae. Come on Judd, spill the beans already!!!!


Yes, it would be interesting but that’s wishing for far too much. Now McC strangling him on national TV, there’s a possibility…


If you think about it Andy is playing a good game he is only on Elissa’s radar no one else is looking to get rid of him, he can cruise to the final 3 if he gets rid of Elissa soon. (For the record I do not like Andy I am just saying he is playing a good game)


Or if one becomes a Lot Lizard like Andy was in his past at truck stops. But if you want to pick up Andy as a Lot Lizard by his school, you would probably be arrested pretty fast. Guess that is ok in Andy’s world.


I think production is working hard to keep amanda I wouldn’t be surprised if she stays

Can't wait until Thursday

I think production saw where this was heading, ie, a final four of Andy/GM/Judd/Spencer and said there is no way any of these assholes can be handed a check for $500,000. Thus, they had to step in to ensure Elissa and Amanda stay. I think another possibility for Thursday is the Diamond POV being used. Elissa may have gotten it in a HOH Pandora’s Box or Amanda may have gotten it during the balloon pop. Since they aren’t allowed to tell anyone about it, either of them plausibly could whip it out before the eviction and get away with it.


Ah the Copper Headed Snake is going to bite Spencer on the ass, and vote to evict.
In “Andy” when he says “Don’t freak out.” It is like saying “I am going to stab you in the back… but I promise to cry afterwards.”



Todd Crane

For Spencer to be evicted, either GM (in case of a tie) Andy or Judd would have to change sides. And I don’t see that happening. Amanda is going to go to jury wearing Elissa’s rings. I feel bad for Elissa. I wanted her to win.


I just don’t know about this one. Andy could flip last minute, but GM might be persuaded with an all girls alliance deal. It would be a tie vote, GM keeps Amanda and Andy would be outed. I dunno it’s all too crazy to figure out right now. My mind is still reeling from Elissa doing a 180 after all the crap Amanda did to her. I think production definitely played a hand in Elissa doing that though.

I agree

There is no way Elissa would give her rings to Amanda if she did not plan on her staying, no way. Amanda said if the votes do end up in a tie she will know that Andy flipped because Elissa gave her, her rings. Andy thinks he will convince them that it was Elissa that flipped and Amanda already stated no way she would do that giving the rings as insurance she will vote against Spencer. What Andy is also doing putting it on GM if it becomes a tie and that is not fair to her. So i do hope if it does become a tie GM realizes this and votes out spencer.


I personally hope that this is a plan by Elissa to out Andy and the rings she gave to Amanda are fake. I really don’t think Elissa would wear her original rings into the house. She hopefully would have been thinking ahead, and I believe the strategy of fake rings was used by a contestant on Survivor a few seasons back


As soon as I saw that – I knew it was looking even better that Amanda will stay. LOL!!

Itty Bitty Britty

I will lmao if Spencer become Lawon 2.0!!!!!!

Itty Bitty Britty



Now what…I have elissa in my back pocket…production knows wassup..I already won





Wow, Andy is sure setting a great example to his students, the future of America…LIAR & CHEATER.


That’s what Big Brother is clown!


He teaches college, not kindergarten. I think most young adults can handle being taught public speaking by a guy that was a rat on a TV game show that revolved around lies and manipulation. I hate him as a player, but I’d sure take his class. It’d probably be far more fun than the one I took years ago that was taught by a boring asshole.


He flipped Elissa off & called her a cunt. He’s setting a great example. That should offend anyone w/ morals or any college student who happens to be female.

Hey, dummy...

He teaches public speaking, not ETHICS you fool.

Jim 64

If Amanda does not get voted out the fix is in
And I will never watch that show again.

GM is on Team Amanda/Elissa

Please follow through on your threat. We won’t miss you Jim.


Dear God in heaven I would give anything for people to stop saying that. OVER and OVER AND OVER. It is so effing annoying.

Jim 64

Andy is pond scum
Quit insulting the rats

I say



Andy is the Bacteria that causes Pond Scum. Make sure to get that correct next time!


They are all giant losers…I hope GM wins though. She might be trailer classy and says racist junk, but she has a good heart. She’s just uneducated and stupid.

Elissa gave her engagement ring as proof of loyalty to someone who is on the block–talk about not knowing when you have leverage. Since when does a person in danger of being evicted get to demand collateral? It’s almost insane. Anyways, she handed over her husband’s ring…shows everyone why she loves him: money.

Mccrae: Lazy loser with horrible hygiene. Didn’t this guy’s mother teach him to shower?

Spencer: Trailer classy, who respects no close relations–not marilyn, not his family–except Hitler.

Andy: A gossiper and stooge until very recently…so he’s not too bad right now.

Judd: stupid mumbler who thinks he’s gonna sleep with Aaryn..so delusional too

Amanda: lunatic and dirty

Amanda the Stupid

Oh yeah I hope GM wins to, nothing wrong with a little racist talk, you know because she’s ignorant an all let’s not hold that against her. Just because she called Elissa’s son a #ucking dirty Puerto Rican monkey, or talked about how she gets N-insurance, or her other little gem about how all Chinese people look alike. You know all an all she’s a great person.


Who knows maybe the ring isn’t real.

As for GM having a good heart. Who says? Just because she says she does? She’s a hypocrite even in hood principles. She’s comes off lazy and thinks it’s okay to act and think like she is because “she is just being her” .Lol. GM was no doubt one of the mean girls of the season. The only reason she looks somewhat reformed is because her back up starting with Jeremy was evicted than the rest. And she was a pseudo-hero for a minute with putting up Amanda and McCrae and speaking up. Even though technically she could have put them up during her first HOH but instead went after the girls who were the lowest on the totem pole and less of a threat to her.


I’m kinda sketched out……I feel like Elissa can’t win this situation either way…..vote Amanda out or vote Spencer out. Either way she loses??


So Andy is telling the world that he did not take college seriously!!! Funny!!!


THURSDAY will not be a good day for Elissa. THEY were coming after her anyway but now they will have a reason when she gives Amanda her vote. BIG Brother will not be fun to watch with RatAndy Spencer Judd MC and GM rubbing the house… *changes channel**


I’m just saying, elissa needs to win Hoh or else she is gone next week
She will be the replacement nominee
Omg team elissa
Hope she wins Hoh



Just Sayin

Calm down…it’s just a TV show.



It's a cookbook

I feel like I’m watching the twilight zone.


I just laughed out loud… Totally agree though. What the hell is happening? I can see if Elissa was desperate for the money, that it would make sense for her to try and get on Amanda’s good side and keep her, but she absolutely does not need the money whatsoever. How could you want to keep someone who verbally harassed and assaulted you for weeks?! Where is your dignity? I feel like I’m watching an abusive relationship. Even if production got her to do it, why would she degrade herself like that? She’s stated multiple times that she is rich beyond rich, and DOESN’T CARE if she wins, that she’s happy with third place, so why would you rally for the psycho who was a couple drinks away from killing you on multiple occasions? And of course GM’s back at it with the racist shit, so not rooting for her anymore either. I literally cannot believe one of these clowns is going to win the $500,000… Worst cast/season ever! My god.

First Timer

this season is the first time I have seen this show and I have heard ALOT of folks talk about this show being fixed. I have read all the comments on the feeds and have come to the conclusion that if this week Amanda doesn’t get voted out I will go back to never watching this show again. Fuck BB. :(

GM is on Team Amanda/Elissa

Bye bye.

I feel bad for you

You picked the wrong season to start watching big brother this is a top 3 worst season if not the worst. I would suggest you go and watch previous seasons for your enjoyment and sanity. Good day sir/Miss/Mam/Gentleman/Gentlelady/Whatever.

Just Sayin

This being the worst season is subjective. I don’t necessarily disagree, but it’s certainly a season with higher ratings than previous years. All the racism drama reeled people in week 1 & 2 then Amanda kept them watching. Even BBAD and the live feeds have more viewers/subscribers because of it. It’s ratings gold for CBS so I’m betting they’ll continue to stir the pot as long as they can get away with it in the coming seasons. What viewers they lose because of suspicions of rigging or awful behavior of the houseguests will be made up by new viewers who enjoy that sort of thing. BB in the future could end up like the Bad Girls Club with physical fights every other day. lol


Then you haven’t read this site the past few years. EVERY year people are whining that it is fixed. They say it was fixed for Jeff, Rachel, Jeff again, Danielle, Dan, Frank, etc. EVERY DANG year people whine. However this year it will be successful because that fake CBS letter talking about a fix makes it impossible for BB to do something to help her in any way. BB has never denied adding things that may help certain guests. That is why they have Pandoras boxes, etc. But their is no way to rig it for someone to win, because the final 5-6 is what decides it through comps. Ofcourse BB might do things to help the more entertaining houseguest early on to the middle of the game. IF you don’t think that happens, you are just being delusional. BUT, now with all that negative press about it being rigged for Amanda including the fake letter, probably leaked by Rachels fans, Amanda will get no special help.


I feel the same way! I will never watch again if amanda doesn’t go thursday

Long Timer

LOL..that’s what everyone says. Next Summer you’ll be right back here with the rest of us..no matter who wins. People who hate Amanda will cry “fixed” if she wins..people who hate Elissa will say the same if she wins…if Andy wins people will hate that too….lord help us all if Spencer wins..the pissing and moaning happens every year.

I want Amanda vs. Elissa final 2. Seeing this floater alliance be final 4 will seriously give me gas!

Another Long Timer

Amen! It happens every year…all of the drama about getting out the player we hate, them winning the dramatic veto comp when their life is on the line etc. etc. it’s all been done many times over.

And the stupid floaters rising to the top after the strong players that we either love or hate get evicted makes me sick as well. I don’t want some floater winning just because they finally decided to make some moves when there’s hardly anyone left to make them in their place. I’d rather give the money to the most hated player in the game over any of those stupid “Exterminators”.


Good. please don’t tease me.


Spencer is one to talk about attractiveness. What a disgusting personality,yuk


Spencer, how many times do I have to tell you? Keep my name out ya mouth! Oh, and look in the mirror, Boo. Miss teen Louisiana wouldn’t touch your ball scratching, nose picking, Paul Bunyan-looking ass in a million years.


So true! I thought Candice was absolutely gorgeous!


You know, Spence, I thought you was my boy but I can’t have you disrespecting my girl Candice like that. You know what they say, big men talk sweet to the whippoorwill but when it sings the axe is brought down on the oak. You know what I’m sayin? Now please excuse me. I have to go pray dramatically while making creepy, intense faces.


HONESTLY… if that bitch is still in the house after the live show on Thursday, I will not watch Big Brother anymore this season, possibly never again. I have set up late watching BBAD and getting up early to go to work every morning, I have always loved BB and when I started seeing all the comments suggesting the show was rigged, I thought, “No Way” but at this point, I do believe the show is rigged, this makes twice that Elissa has came out of the DR with a complete different mind set than she went into the DR with. Not that anyone at CBS cares about my little opinion, but I am really disappointed in the show. ..Have very little interest left in it at this point. I’m gonna check out NBC and ABC, see whats happening their. I now think Elissa was never being bullied, it was all just a part of the show, and maybe isn’t really a horrible person, maybe that’s just her character on BB15. I am SO DISGUSTED that I failed to see that I was watching a late night drama instead of a REALITY tv show!!! There is nothing realistic about BB. :(




I have a feeling that Elissa is planning something (with the help of production). GM may or may not be in on it. I don’t think Amanda is part of it, I truly think Elissa wants to get Amanda out.

It just doesn’t make sense how Elissa flipped so quickly after DR, and now she says she wants Amanda to stay. I just don’t buy it. She’s not THAT dumb! I think it’s a plan to expose Andy as the rat he is.

Can’t wait for Thursday!


Exactly What I’ve Been Thinking/Praying.


But why? I realize that Andy seems to be universally despised, but what possible reason would they have in getting involved in that? They’ve allowed previous vile people to go undetected. Only possible reason seems to be to create drama for the upcoming shows


Well if I was in this game right now and knew what a rat Andy was, I think it would be crucial to expose him for several reasons:

One: It’s getting down to the wire. Now that there will only be 5 left after this eviction.

Two: He plays the middle, and seems to be friends with everyone.

Three: He has everyone fooled with the exception of Elissa. Mainly bc she saw what he did to Helen. Plus Helen warned her over and over never to trust him.

Four: He will most likely have jury votes because he was basically friends with everyone in there. With the exception of Helen now.


“My odds would be better if I flipped with all of them”…… Andy is a terrible liar… this is exactly what he is planning to do…. he telegraphed it right there


Actually, Andy is a fool if he doesn’t evict Spencer. This loyalty thing to Spencer is laughable. Spencer has done nothing but agree with Andy. He’s so disgusting…makes my skin crawl. It’s a stupid move at this point for Andy to keep Spencer (other than a sure win against him if both in final 2– he thinks). Andy is a horrible example of any kind of educator. The lying is expected. His language and over-the-top foul things he says about and calls other house guests behind their backs is more than unacceptable.


Micque, the only reason Andy is keeping Spencer until final 2 is strategic; he knows he can win against him. Almost anyone can win against him.


Simon or Dawg, have you noticed on the feeds that Elissa is wearing a wedding ring? I thought she gave it to Amanda, any ideas.


From what they’re talking about she gave Amanda one of her rings – engagement or wedding. So no worries. Plus she showed it to Andy earlier today.


Elissa gave Amanda her wedding band, not her engagement ring. People are less likely to notice a missing wedding band over her engagement ring. Amanda said it is still worth like $5,000, a quarter of how much her diamond earrings are (which she gave to Elissa in exchange). None of this really matters anymore though because the house already knows everything.


Hey gwyas! whats wup!

Elissa's Duck Lips

Bye bye Amanda and Elissa’s plastic face will follow.

Andy The Rat's Cheese

With all of this going on RAT ANDY needs to GTFO. It’s so annoying how much he’s going under the radar. When all of this is over Andy should teach manipulation and lying 101.

GM is on Team Amanda/Elissa

New theory. Elissa and GM have an alliance. Helen told them before she left that the boys are going to win this unless the girls band together. So they need Amanda on their side to accomplish this. GM is only pretending to be part of the exterminators. She gathers intel and takes it back to Elissa. Now here’s the best part. On Thursday the vote will be Judd/Andy to evict Amanda and Elissa/McCrae to evict Spencer. GM casts the deciding vote to evict Spencer. Now it’s 4 (McCranda/GM/Elissa) against 2 (Judd and Andy). The boys will go one by one and the girls will fight for final 2. And before you say this is a crazy theory, go back two updates and look at a picture of GM holding Spencer’s key and giving it a thumbs down. GM has been playing the exterminators with the smack talk on McCranda but it’s just to get them to think she’s with them. All along the plan was to get McCrae (or Spencer if McCrae won POV). That’s why Elissa was looking for GM last night when she came out of the diary room. She wanted to make sure the boys were outside. Adios pervert! About time your ugly red ass got out of the house.


Omg, I Just Peed Myself A Bit. If Your Right, This Will Be Such A Great Thursday!!!

F**** Packing Andy

Are you saying adios to Andy? Because it fits the bill! If it walks like a duck…

Yeah right...

Ok, I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t think your theory is crazy at all – at this point, anything is likely and wouldn’t surprise me. That being said, here is my alternate theory (and attempt to debunk the key incident):

So for starters, I do not have the live feeds so I cannot attest to what was actually said, but I am assuming we never officially knew what GM& Elissa discussed when she came out of the DR since Simon/Dawg never said anything about it. So your theory is, that was when Elissa and GM discussed an all girls alliance to go against the exterminators. However, the “key incident” occurred several posts back, BEFORE Elissa ever went into the DR. If you look, it was actually the before Elissa’s dinner/DR session and right after GM had just been outside talking with the Exterminators. Amanda is in the background walking past her, so my theory is this — maybe when the cameras cut away to Am/Mc in the bedroom, Spencer said something to GM outside that got a rise out of her, and she just did the key thing as a silly joke. I realize this is totally lame, but there you have it, that’s my theory is that it was just a random coincidence.

And to further support my theory, I think what Elissa told GM when she first came out of the DR is that Elissa had a plan to out Andy as a rat, and for GM to not say anything and just go along with whatever she hears but to trust Elissa’s loyalties. So basically, I’m thinking Elissa (with production’s guidance) is trying to expose Andy as a rat, and that’s why GM hasn’t really said much about the whole flipping thing. Think about it — when Andy first confided in the exterminators about Elissa’s plan, they all acted pissed, but GM didn’t say much after that initial convo, and that is not the GM I’ve come to know. She hates rats and wohld gave called Elissa out on it by now. I think this is benefitting GM to let Elissa expose Andy because it will either confirm or disprove his loyalty to the exterminators, and if it goes wrong, it’s all on Andy and Elissa. And if it goes right, GM still has Elissa on her side AND Amanda out of the house. So yeah, I guess none of us will know until we see some DR sessions, but that’s my theory! :)

Amanda is still leaving

All this “GM is w/ Amanda and Elissa” nonsense is great for wishful thinking, but completely lacking any basis in reality. For those of you that do not have the feeds – there has not been a single conversation between Elissa and GM in which they discuss keeping Amanda. Nor has there been a single conversation between Elissa and Amanda in which those two discuss the possibility that GM will keep Amanda in the event of a tie. They don’t even think they need GM since they believe Andy is with them. Give up the pipe dream, if Andy doesn’t vote with McRanda, then Amanda is going home.

Biggie & Smalls.. Duo Ginger Bromance!

‘Spencer – ‘It’s about to play the F*** game now.. we’re f** hardcore.. We’re loyal. we’re going to kick a$$ raise hell.. exterminate’’

‘red RAT – ‘nibble nibble’

Spencer – ‘Dude.. Dude… I can totally see you winning this mother F****…you would go further than any gay man in Big Brother History.. I would be proud to be in the final 2 with you’

‘red RAT- ‘nibble nibble’

Spencer – ‘Are you voting for me lil’ buddy?’

‘red RAT – ‘nibble nibble’


Elissa is making a smart move. By turning amanda (a firm nemesis) into a jury vote, plus MC…well…i say she she just bought herself 2 votes. elissa will appear loyal, andy wont. and i think elissa may just get Helen, Amanda, and MC’s vote. and GM….thats a smart move.


@ ~8:20 BB Time, Elissa & Amanda are in the hammock, and Amanda is spilling her guts to Elissa on how when Andy went up to the HOH to see how Elissa was after Amanda’s tirade, it was to make sure he wasn’t going on the block.

Amanda again apologized for saying the terrible things to Elissa and Elissa agreed they were disgusting things to say. Elissa did not say anything to try to make Amanda feel better.

This new alliance is a ruse. Elissa is plotting against Amanda and will rip the lid off Andy’s fakeness.

Don’t count Elissa out just yet!

Maui Sunset

Lastdance………you are absolutely RIGHT!!

Amanda is still leaving

You’re giving this dingbat far too much credit. She is 100% voting Spencer out this week. And yes, Andy’s shadiness will be exposed to McCrae…… big whoop. That was happening anyway this week. He’s telling the Exterminators everything coming from the McRandalissa side.


Simon/Dawg – props to you both- you are quite good at coming up with provocative headlines!


WOW!! FINALLY – I’ve managed to come up with a post that has no thumbs down (so far:-)


hopefully Final 3 will NOT be the GM (genetically modified) SPUDDS ( Spencer/Judd.)

Co-producer talked to Amanda

I read this somewhere: “Amanda tells Elissa that they brought in Co Executive Producer to tell Amanda to knock it off when she was harassing Elissa” Then Amanda started telling Elissa things that Elissa didn’t know but that we all know that she was doing against her. One credit for Amanda is that she is loyal. But I think it’s bye bye Amanda on Thursday. She doesn’t have the votes to stay.


Amanda + Elissa = best friends forever

tee hee hee hee


Amanda will be voted out. It would be sweet to see Elissa or MCcrae win HOH put up Andy and Spencer with Andy walking out the door Thursday as well.

Perfect scenario for Elissa

As an Elissa fan, the best thing is for Amanda to be evicted Thursday and for Mccrae to turn against Andy. Elissa and McCrae work together and get someone from the Exterminators, preferably Spencer. Then if those are the final three, McCrae gets eliminated first and it’s Elissa and Spencer final two. I think McCranda would vote for Elissa, plus Candice, Helen, Jessie. Then Elissa would win .


Wow, Mc is running? i didn’t think he could sit upright because he has no spine. He laid in bed so long i am surprised he could walk let alone run. He is getting ready to play without Amanda.

Dog days

Hate Amanda more than Elissa so in my fantasy as Amanda sits smugly Thursday and all the votes are cast, Elissa smiles at Amanda and announces “I changed my mind.” That would be poetic justice.

Go Elissa

That would Not expose Andy ,so all of this would be for nothing !

keeping it real

I don’t understand how you people can still be cheering on GM. She hasn’t changed. You. Were all ready to crucify amanda for mentioning elissa’s husband and kids but GM call elissa boy a dirty ass puerto rico looking kid. And not one mention of it on here. Ridiculous. That’s much worse then what amanda said. You people just jump all over everything amanda says and does but when the exact same thing is done by someone else its fine. Hipocracy at its best.

F**** Packing Andy

Are you talking about the “Hippocratic Oath”?


@ F****Packing

Hippocratic oath is what MD’s take swearing to be honest and do no harm.

Hypocrite is someone who hates it when people do certain things or talk shit about other people but they do it themselves.


Elissa is playing a good game, she made the switch because she knew there were no future for her, she is not an exterminator member, everything could have
Worked for her, but, andy happened. People are saying this show is rigged but for god sake, lets use our brain a little, big brother is a great show,
Im super addicted to it, and all the people in this forum agree, otherwise what r we doing here, we keep saying worst season ever, we hate this, we hate that
And promise not only to ourselves but to others about no watching the show anymore but here we are. Big brother have to keep the ratings high
Otherwise what happens to the shows with low rating…. yep, neither we or them want to lose the viewers, so to keep high scores is necessary the
Intervention of the executives, producers, etc, of the show, they do what they think is the best keep us on front of the tv, and most of the time works.
The return of judd in the show of course it was planned, he was allowed to return but not to win the hoh that day, did u notice thst he didn’t fall, he
Jumped, same candice and of course helen ( there were a pic somewhere) the only real fall was jessie but it was because it wasn’t her time to jump.
Who would want helen back, we all realized how dumb she is, making sn alliance with mc to get rid of amanda, really?, or jessie, or candice, the lack
In knowing the game and being bad at competition would take them out again within a week, so judd was the best choice, not only because will
Keep his whole town watching the show, but also because it the best players of those in the jury


People w REAL $$$ have travel jewelry- the fine metals prob real but stones are NOT!!! She would NEVER hand her actual wedding ring over to anyone – especially AMANDA!!! – she & her husband travel abroad and its very common for people to have a duplicate made of actual wedding ring – it would only make sense that’s she’s been wearing her travel genuine yet CZ version n that house – she didn’t give Amanda anything but her travel CZ! Get Real!

Nick Adams

DREAM SCENARIO: Thursday’s eviction ceremony ends in tie, Andy exposed, GinaMarie breaks the tie. Julie Chen announces the leaving houseguest to be SPENCER. GinaMarie winks at Elissa. Elissa, immediately seeing the end of The Exterminators, turns to Andy. “Grab a lifevest.” Chaos reigns, and the HOH competition for double eviction begins. Amanda hands Elissa back her rings and Elissa slips them on, ready for war. Amanda wins HOH, puts up Andy and MCCRAE. GinaMarie smiles up at Amanda. The Looney Toons Alliance is in full effect. The men look on in terror.


hopefully Final 3 will NOT be the GM (genetically modified) SPUDDS ( Spencer/Judd.).


Amanda is a fat bitch cunt whore

F**** Packing Andy

OMG! (Oh my goodness!)

Did you guys read the article that’s been going around the internet??? Here is an excerpt:

Having worked on CBS for years, and having been part of the BB Production Crew, I have some inside knowledge I want to share. I would like to remain anonymous because I still work in media, just not for CBS anymore.

I, until recently was involved in the selection process for the BB 2013 season houseguests. Let me fill you in on who is going to win this season, it has already been pre-determined. Amanda Zuckerman will be the Big Brother winner and in the near future you will see how upcoming twists will work in her favor, especially if she gets in a situation where she’s close to being evicted.

In case any of you are thinking that I am wrong and that Elissa Slater will win because she has been pre-chosen by CBS, you are half right. Elissa was pre-chosen by BB Production Crew, but not for winning the $500,000.00. Elissa was chosen to be a distraction as to the true person who has been pre-chosen to be the winner of BB15, and that is Amanda.

Amanda is and has been friends with Allison Grodner for the past few years and will win BB. I have some evidence that backs this up and will be anonymously posting it here on the day before the finale airs.

It has been circulating over a dozen reality show sites and even several news sites!!! By the events in the BB house that have recently transpired, I’m starting to believe the above is true.


Not only did Elissa tell Amanda she would beginning been brought back had she left in first weeks but n past 24 hours she flat out told Mccrae “her contract guarantees her 3rd place” – she is playing for charity and went In working for CBS & is being paid 100k towards her favorite charity for her “casted role” in the house! CBS has been the puppeteers of the fans – I CAN ONLY PRAY THE REVALATIONS W THIS SEASON WILL RESULT N LAST SEASON OF Bb!


“I would like to remain anonymous because” what I’m telling you is BS.

Yeah right...

Everyone’s doing a good job debating all the conspiracy theories behind Elissa’s sudden flip and the potential results of the Double Eviction, so I’m going to go another route and throw in my two cents as to why I do NOT think there’s a Diamond Power of Veto in play.

Last time, when Matt received his, it was through his HOH win and opening Pandora’s box. And even though he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone else about it, I’m pretty certain we all found out about it that same episode through his DR sessions, and we knew about it for the next two weeks. So since there has been no PB yet, the balloon drop would have been the next place for the diamon veto to arise. However, I’m willing to bet that BB would have revealed this in a DR session for whomever won it. Think about it – CBS always tells us about upcoming twists and would want to use it as a teaser to create more buzz for upcoming episodes.

I realize my theory may still have holes in it or perhaps not be that earth shattering, but just thought I’d throw a different comment into the mix since I get tired of reading the same Elissa/Amanda bashing over and over lately. Any other theories?


This is giving me PTSD! Enough already w the deception CBS!!!

BIG PU$$Y Coming Next Summer on CBS

I did let it freak me out! These lazy flux are actually doing a lap! Holy smack! Trick photography! You guys better cut it out, or you won’t get invited back for Big Pussy All Stars! (except for you McRae, you earned a lifetime membership in the Big Pussy Hall of Fame)

Derick Alaska

Me no like Elissa.


Does anyone remember BB13 when Shelly gave her grandmother’s ring to a houseguest (it was a fake) I can’t remember which houseguest it was. I think the same trick is happening in this season. I so badly want Andy Outed for the RAT that he is.


I bet you the vote will be 3-1.

Elissa is hoping that Andy votes for Amanda and clearly she has worked Amanda’s Jury vote(on finale day she will get her rings back). Elissa already has 2 votes in Candice and Helen, getting Amanda also means Mcpussy and or Aaryn if GM is not in final 2.

She tried to get Amanda to tell them about all her moves but Amanda did not tell them about the rat. She was trying to get Amanda to talk about Andy but she didn’t .

Amanda the Stupid

Mccrae ” Elissa was way to personal” talking about her game play. I thought they only allowed them to smoke cigarette’s on the in th house. I think Mccrae got something a little extra