Elissa asks so we’re voting out Spencer? Andy says yeah! Elissa says OMG! Andy says I’ll do it!

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


1:45pm – 1:50pm In the kitchen – Elissa talks to Andy about keeping Amanda in the house. Elissa tells Andy that she thinks that Judd is definitely working with Spencer. She says they are going to try and get rid of us. He (Judd) has already said that everyone likes you in Jury so he wouldn’t want to take you. Elissa says with Amanda and McCrae here it keeps their loyalty intact with you. Andy says yeah, yeah. Elissa says I just trust them way more. Elissa asks so we are voting out Spencer. Andy says yeah. Elissa says oh my god!! Andy says I’ll do it. (Andy is lying to Elissa he isn’t really going to vote out Spencer he is Elissa says okay. Andy leaves to go to the washroom.


2:15pm – 2:25pm Big Brother calls for an indoor lock down. Elissa heads inside. Elissa talks to Ginamarie about how she just got the HOH camera but they can’t use it outside. Andy and Elissa head up to the HOH room to take a few pictures Ginamaire. Elissa says these ones are for Nick. Elissa says I need a tan, to be spray tanned, to be 50 shades of orange.


The Exterminators Plan – Andy is lying to Elissa, Amanda & McCrae telling them he is voting out Spencer when he will really vote out Amanda. McCrae and Elissa will be the two votes for Amanda to stay. Judd and Andy will vote out Amanda. Ginamarie will then break the tie to vote out Amanda. Andy then plans to act shocked and upset blaming it on Elissa so that McCrae thinks that Elissa voted out Amanda. This will then make McCrae target Elissa over the members of the exterminators alliance (Judd, Spencer, Andy, Gina).

Up in the HOH room – Andy, Spencer, Gina and Judd take “The Exterminator’s” photos. Andy tells them that he can’t wait until Thursday. He tells them that he told Elissa that he is voting out Spencer. Andy says he just hopes that Elissa or McCrae don’t win HOH because I will be going up for sure. Spencer says I just really don’t want to go out during their administration. Andy says I can’t wait for it to be a tie and for Ginamarie to break it. Both Gina and Spencer agree.

Meanwhile in the bedroom – Amanda and McCrae are getting up and talking about how Andy and Elissa voting to keep her. Amanda says Andy better vote for me after all that we’ve done for him. McCrae says so who do we put up in a double eviction. Amanda says Ginamarie and Judd with Elissa as the replacement. McCrae says that scares me. Amanda says well me going home scares me more.

2:55pm – 3pm Up in the HOH room – Spencer says that it would suck for him if he went out during Ginamarie’s HoH week all because of the plan of an idiot (Elissa). Judd says he doesn’t think that it’s her own plan. He says that she always comes up with new ideas after being in the diary room. Andy says Elissa has put him in a compromising position with Amanda and McCrae. Judd leaves. Andy talks to Spencer about how he is worried that this is putting him in a compromising position on Thursday and just hopes he isn’t put up. Spencer says he has Andy’s back and will help try and deflect attention from him.


3:10pm Andy and Amanda head into the havenot room. Amanda shows him Elissa’s wedding ring that she gave her to hold onto to prove that she is going to vote out Spencer. Amanda tells Andy that it’s a real ring with the white gold stamp on the inside. She compares it to her diamond ring and says look even the diamond is real. Andy says this is going to be crazy! Amanda hugs Andy and they leave the room. Amanda then goes to put the ring in the dresser by their bed.


3:15pm – 3:20pm In the rainbow room – Elissa tells Judd that she is just nervous that he might put her up. Judd says nooo.. I would never put you up. Judd says he can’t vote to keep Amanda because it would make him sick if she stayed and made it to the final two. Even if she made it to the final two she would deserve to win. I just couldn’t vote for her if I was in the jury. Elissa tells Judd that she feels like he are going to work with the guys over her. Judd says absolutely not, I am not sexist. Judd comments on how BB is already building in the backyard. He says if it was a double those are really easy sets so he wonders why the are building it now.


3:20pm McCrae goes in to the rainbow room and with Andy and talks to Judd. McCrae asks him what he was talking to Elissa about. Judd says he was just talking to her about what she would do during a double eviction. They talk about how Elissa is a wild card and how they never know what she is going to do.


Amanda tells Elissa that this better work. Amanda says if it does she will be loyal to Elissa till the final two because this is a game and they didn’t save her. Amanda heads out to the backyard and talks to McCrae in the backyard and they talk about how they don’t think Elissa is lying because if she was they would be able to tell because she’s a bad liar.

In the rainbow room – Andy tells Judd and Spencer about how Amanda now has Elissa’s wedding ring in her possession. Judd calls Elissa a stupid b**h a bunch of times. Andy tells them that she want’s my organ t-shirt to hold on to too. Andy laughs and says it’s a $20 shirt I don’t care about it. Andy and Spencer head into the kitchen and Andy tells Gina about the ring and the organ t-shirt. Spencer tells Andy that if Elissa win HOH we need to tell her that McCrae wants an all boys alliance because she is scared of that. Andy says he will back that story up with Judd. Andy tells Gina that he has never wanted HOH more than this one. He says that he wants to send Elissa packing. Andy heads into the bathroom and talks to Amanda. Amanda says that Elissa is swearing up and down that she is keeping me. I have her diamond ring. Andy says yeah the only thing that is scaring me is that I was target number one of hers and now I’m all of a sudden not. Andy says the only person we don’t want to win HOH is Judd and comp power house Ginamarie is out.


4pm Amanda and Elissa are in the bedroom talking. Elissa asks Amanda did you get Andy’s shirt? Amanda says no not yet but he said he would give it to me. Amanda says this is so huge! Elissa says that Ginamarie told her that she can’t sleep out here in this bedroom because of her foot. She says that Gina said the only bed she can sleep in is Nicks bed. Amanda and Elissa laugh at how crazy Gina is. Amanda reassures Elissa that Andy is 100% down with keeping her.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


4:10pm Amanda, McCrae, Gina, Spencer and Judd are sitting on the backyard couch talking about random things. Meanwhile Elissa is doing yoga out in the backyard. Judd asks Amanda if she’e ever had a driver? Amanda says no. Judd asks do you have a house keeper? Amanda says no, but I probably will need one if McCrae moves in.
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VA Vet

Since only Elissa knows what she really has planned, maybe we should just sit back and see how this develops. Perhaps she has figured out what gives her the best chance to survive the next couple weeks. Winning HOH for the DE would be a good place to start.

There are a few things that are almost automatic in the BB house. One is that couples need to be split up. Another is to play and win HOH when at F4 which gives the best shot at F2. That means being able to survive while not winning HOH at F5.


Elissa’s plan is whatever Production wants her plan to be. Elissa = Production’s Puppet


Hysterical! Elissa has been this boards darling. Now she makes a move to help Amanda and now this anti Elissa comment gets all these thumbs up? PATHETIC on the posters. Just shows how much of a personality Amanda is, and how boring the show would be without her.

Mean Girls

Elissa is just one dumb fake b#$ch. Gina took all the heat for putting Amanda/McCrae up and guess who they will be going after? However, all is well, Andy will not be voting to save Amanda. Plus even if it Amanda stays, she has never shown any loyalty to anyone except to herself and McCrae. This is going to backfire so bad on Elissa and we love it.

VA Vet

What if Elissa sits next to MC during the voting and when Andy goes to vote she tells MC that she is sorry for having to do what she did but that was the only way for MC to understand what Andy is up to and that MC is next unless he wants to work together with her. Then Elissa votes to evict Amanda.

What does Elissa have to lose at this point?

Andy sucks.....literally

I’m hoping that Elissa knows that since Amanda is leaving for sure, she will be nominated no matter who wins HOH so she’s trying to get at least in person on her side (Macrae). Andy will try to convince him that he voted for Spencer but he’s not gonna buy it. Would be the biggest move if when Elissa goes to vote, she just stands up and says “I vote to evict spencer,” without going into the diary room, that way the rat can’t hide!! Elissa knows Amanda wont stay she just wants to expose Andy for his constant lies!!


Her ring. Maybe. Lol


And if your mom had a pair, she would be your dad. Your point being what? Anything could happen, we know that. The probability it goes down like you say is zilch.


Although a wonderful theory. However, what Elissa has to lose is her wedding ring she handed over to Amanda. Amanda claims it is real diamonds. Unless it is just a “pawn” ring, I sure hope she does intend on voting Amanda out.


her ring. i dont know how she will get it back!!!!!


Maybe it is not her real wedding ring, just a knock off provided by production.


VA Vet, you asked what Elissa has to lose at this point? Her wedding ring!

I was thinking along the same lines as you, until I read that Amanda has her rings. Now I don’t know what to think. Wouldn’t she have told Amanda, “No I promised my husband to never take them off”? I still hope you are right.


What does she have to lose? Her wedding ring.


I think you are right!! Ellisa realized she would not win 1st or 2nd and decided to blow Andy’s game up!! Andy will not vote for Amanda and with McCrea in the house he will target Andy and Amanda will ruin his chances in the jury!!

This is great drama and BB15!! Ruin Andy’s game so he will not win and mess with Amanda at the same time. What a way to go out!!


You are mad at Elissa but the target is on her back for trying to back door Amanda last week. You should be mad at the rat because McRae was going after Elissa, GM, and Judd. Andy and Spencer had no-one targeting them. Everyone would be targeting McRae. Andy wanted Elissa out before McRae. Evidently she is not as dumb as you people think. Amanda would have screwed her but, if she wanted to make it to at least final 4 she had to take a chance.


Say What

I am not sure whose dumber, Elissa or Judd. I wonder when ELissa is voted out the house next week, will she be going straight home or the jury house. My guess is that Production will let Elissa spend her time at home until the finale.

Maybe Not

I don’t think Elissa is dumb. I just think whoever told her to make this move is not very bright. Elissa didn’t even try to hide this latest attempt of hers to flip the house. As soon as she left the DR session, she was screaming for Gina and Amanda. Really Elissa! You wanted the whole house to know you had a change of heart. You wanted the whole house to hate you. Is that it? You are supposed to be casted as the new villain as Amanda leaves the house? Well mission succeeded. I haven’t seen a move this stupid since BB14, when Dani took Dan off the blocks and put up Shane, or when BB14 was down to the final three and Dani threw the first comp to Dan.

Forget Elissa’s comparison to her sister Rachel. Compare Elissa to Dani of BB14 as two persons that made the silliest moves in their season.


Andy is up there. This plan of his will cause his eviction. Too many moving parts to control. Elissa’s ring and her lack of guile will ensure both her and McCrea will know he’s the rat and Judd will snitch if either wins HOH.

Mean Girls

The only thing this ensures is Elissa will be going home next week. Its down to the final 6 and its all about numbers. Andy is on the side with the numbers, Judd, Spencer, and Gina. If Elissa doesn’t win HOH she is gone next week. Game, Set Match!


It is about HoH and PoV, not numbers now!!!


Well the problem that Elissa had was Judd,GM,Spencer,&Andy had an alliance. McRae would go after Elissa and. Andy & Spencer were going to back door Elissa. Judd & GM would go after McRae but then Elissa would have been the exterminators next target. So she would finish 6 or Maybe 5. She had no alliance so she didn’t have much of a choice. I’m sure she could see they (exterminators) talking all the time and she was not involved in it. Best thing for Elissa is Amanda going home now maybe McRae will put it together that Andy is the rat and maybe McRae will work with Elissa & send the rat packing. I hope that Elissa wins HOH and sends the rat packing showing to McRae that she is trustworthy. It’s a shame Judd & GM didn’t just lie to Spencer & Andy and really worked with Elissa. But you are right AMANDA would have screwed her so it’s great that the BITC- is going home


Elissa is Screwed!!!!! All she had to do was lay low through double eviction – McCrae would’ve been following Amanda to Jury and then she just needed to win next HOH, put up Andy & Spencer, get Andy out OR win POV to get herself off the block. this latest scheme by Production is just so ridiculous, I could just scream. It makes no sense. First they tell Amanda not to roll over and die and then boom Elissa comes out of DR with a plan to keep Amanda alive. Do they think we’re that DUMB!?

And people saying this is Elissa’s plan to expose Andy as a Rat. That makes no sense. When Andy exposes himself by voting Amanda out, he’ll be proving his loyalty to the Exterminators and only making himself a target to McCrae (possibly- I honestly don’t think McCrae would be angry, Andy could just blame Elissa or say he had to vote with the house). Either way, say McCrae wins HOH and targets Andy, Andy has the votes to stay regardless!! So it makes no sense to make a plan of this magnitude to expose Andy when it wouldn’t matter anyway.

This whole plan is DUMB and I hate CBS for ruining Big Brother for me.


And because she follows production her game is over! But that’s her job.

I can already see it, if this doesn’t work and Andy stays with his new alliance then
Production will somehow bring Amanda back or give her a power.
They clearly wants her to stay.

Btw tmz is yet again talking about aaryn they stole a story from the
Los angeles Time



Do you guys remember that awkward conversation Elissa had with Judd that day where she told him she is a plant that production put in just to screw with them? She was acting so weird that Judd walked away then came back to ask her if she is being serious. He then told others how strange that entire thing was.

Apparently, she’s been getting pointers from the DR for a while.


I don’t care if it’s the real Elissa or the production puppet Elissa.
100% the whole point of this sudden craziness is to EXPOSE ANDY!!
Yes Yes Yes! Can’t wait!
Amanda going down in flames too – even better.
I’m sure Elissa can get her ring back in Jury House.
The numbers won’t be on her side in the next week if she doesn’t win HOH, so even if she’s out next week, Andy’s massive float he’s been hiding will finally be revealed!


Google Dear real estate gods ? It shows Amanda Zuckerman is a realator in Hollywood , CA ? Google it


black lion it shows she got fired and her lisc. was revoked and another says Amanda and mccrae are already set to be cast for amazing race google Amanda Zuckerman real estate


If this is producer’s plan, then they must really want Elissa out!!! This is the most ridiculous plan, Elissa is putting a huge target on herself. Amanda will still be out, and Elissa is not far behind. I doubt that means the show’s fixed because this just screw both Amanda and Elissa.

Mean Girls

Real Problems and fake b&&ches. All this game Elissa was just a stooge for Production. She was favored by Production and did their bidding. This chick is so fake. It was Elissa’s fault that she allied with Helen and they voted out all their allies in Candice and Jessie. This chick was dumb enough to give Amanda her wedding ring as collateral. Elissa won’t be getting that ring back anytime soon. There is not going to be enough time to sort out who voted and didn’t vote for Amanda; therefore, Amanda is going to assume its Elissa and will be taking Elissa’s wedding ring with her out of the BB house.

BB won’t be able to intervene because if they do they essentially told Amanda that Andy didn’t vote for her, which will influence her jury vote. BB is not supposed to tell jury members the moves of the other players. Amanda will have Elissa’s ring. Based on how much Elissa husband is worth, my guess its valued at a minimum of $100,000 dollars. I am guessing that ring is going to be loss between BB house and the jury house. That fake b&&ch is so stupid.



i’d like to hear her say, “i just wanted to shake things up a little” or “thinking about who can we win against in the end”

however, its a total 180. i know DR gives them a little info, but i think they may have gone too far this time. and if the rumor is true about giving her an incentive to do all that for the person who bullied her and talked badly about her family, then i hope the people who paid for the feeds file a class action law suit against cbs.


I totally agree!! The rigging is so blatant this season. I know a few times in the past have been questioned but this whole season is a joke.I know a lot of people that are NOT going to watch next year. I know some seasons were not rigged. I mean who would have wanted Adam to win? I thought the casting was off this year but hiring actors is insulting and I really feel ripped off. FU CBS.It doesn’t matter who wins because the game has been severely tampered with. This is not a game show but merely an improv play. BIG BROTHER SUCKS

Drama much

You “know” a lot of people who won’t watch next year … Yay you know people!!!


I don’t think CBS really cares about a few thousand people on blogs when their audience is several million.


Anyone that would pay for live feeds has to know BB well enough that they already know production manipulates things to suit their fancy/ make things more interesting/ whatever. Sue CBS for engineered entertainment that everyone should know is manipulated? I think not. Plus I’m pretty sure there is no binding agreement between CBS and anybody for what they do.


and the lawsuit should be for every pennie cbs made off bb from bb1 till now

Real Scandals Phony President

I don’t think I can stand another week of Amanda. No matter what happens this week I hope Andy gets exposed for the spineless wimp that he is.

The Judger

It’s going to be hard for Andy to blame Elissa for his vote, now that Elissa has given her weddings rings to Amanda.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Elissa actually gave Amanda her wedding ring? I didn’t think she would actually do that.

Amanda's Therapist

bbfancanada* Elissa taking off her wedding ring(s)
Amanda taking the rings and throwing them
in a dresser drawer, like her condoms?!?


Even if ratboy lies he still will be toast if Elissa wins HOH.


Spencer will be voted out and next week will be double eviction Gina Marie and JUDD will be voted out ? That will leave AMANDA ,Mcrae,and Ellisa THEY WILL BE THE FINAL 3


i hope so. why is andy so adamant about being loyal to spencer anyway? he’s been loyal to 3M the entire game and now he’s not. what happened? spencer had done not one thing to help andy’s game, not one. no matter what elissa is still there next week. so i don’t get why andy is off of mccranda. i mean amanda voted for andy to stay last week and kept him safe over aaryn. amanda is convinced her 2m alliance is still in force. she’s loyal to the end, for sure.

Mr. Rat vs Spencer

Hm, I think that Andy is loyal to anybody who he thinks will get him to the end. He’s a floater. He probably wants to take Spencer to the end because he thinks that he has everyone fooled and that he will get jury votes. Mr. Rat is a flip flopping floater who clearly doesn’t know how to play this game, much less than any other player in this game. Spencer and Andy … don’t stand a chance in competition. For crying out loud, Spencer won a luxury challenge. Physically and mentally he can’t really win a challenge, hm, neither can Andy. So Andy will try to win based on his terrible social game.

Mean Girls

Does Elissa even know how to play this game? Its like all those botox injections are affecting her brain. You don’t have to give Amanda any collateral. If you vote for her, you are doing Amanda a favor. So what if you vote for Amanda, what are you getting in return? Besides a quick exit out of the BB house. This is one dumb b*&ch.

Amanda, after all this begging to Elissa for her help and promising that she would always be loyal, is already planning next week and placing Elissa as a replacement.

Elissa, you are so fake, but thanks for playing. You are going home. See Ya!

I don't know....

I think there is more to this new plan than we know about. Yes, I agree the DR plants seeds but there is no way that a woman could be as bullied as Elissa was and all of the sudden have this new found total trust in the bully – just isn’t going to happen, not even in the movies. She has repeatedly expressed her disdain for Amanda, and in my opinion, it appeared genuine. The woman ruined her entire HOH experience, talked bad about her family, called her trash at the VETO ceremony….yea…..I just don’t think all could be forgiven like that unless Elissa is an absolute idiot which I don’t think she is.

I think there is a plan to expose Andy (which she has repeatedly said she believes is playing both sides) and this is how its getting done. I could be DEAD wrong, but I just don’t think so. The truth will come out in her good-bye speech to Amanda.


i think she found out she’s not in the exterminators and her only chance is now to shake things up and end up on either side… she can trust amanda amanda never lied to her, amanda was just fighting for her alliance and there’s integrity in that, that’s the bottom line, loyalty. whether you like amanda or not, that’s the truth on that point. unwavering.

Big Sister

This is what is fishy for me, too. I don’t honestly believe she would give her real rings to anyone, much less as collateral to, of all people, Amanda. She has described her husband and marriage in such rapturous terms throughout the season and now she just ups and hands over her wedding rings?? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!!!

Amandas cootch smells like onions

My guess is it’s just collateral until after the game. She will get her wedding rings back


Andy’s the biggest rat. Don’t Spencer, Judd and GM realize he’s still pretending to play with McCranda so he can get their jury votes


The one thing I’m looking forward to is not only Amanda leaving, but the look on Andy’s little rat face turning red when he is exposed. He tried to cover his butt with the whole “Elissa is setting me up montage”, but Elissa gave Amanda her ring as confirmation/colleteral it’s going to be pretty obvious who the snake is… That is the one thing I will be looking forward to, despite Elissa doing the 180. And in addition to that, I can’t blame her, she wasn’t part of the exterminators anyway. If everyone was listening, Elissa was who they wanted out next anyway, she just beat them to the punch.

Amanda's Therapist

interesting* By George I think you’ve got it! :-)
ELISSA – AMANDA & McPUSSY in the Final 3
TAKE THE $ 500K!!!
(or , Is he – a pizza boy?)


Regardless, she’s screwed in this game. There’s no way in hell of her winning now.


Not really much chance of Andy winning this either!


I’ve been rooting for Elissa and Judd. Like me, Judd seemed to accept Elissa as she is;i.e., narcissistic to the point of being oblivious to others machinations and feelings, but basically benign and, certainly, possessed of a rocking body. (Hopefully, she won’t ever again have collagen injected into her lips when, as it does, finally dissolves and her lips return to normal.) Unfortunately, she’s also — usually endearingly — stupid.

She’ll get it into her head that ONE person is the greatest threat to her — to the exclusion of all other possible, and far more formidable, antagonists. That’s why she was determined to evict Arryn rather than nominate Macrae AND Amanda at the same time.

Now — flying in the face of all logic, evidence of near psychotic antipathy, blatantly hostile behavior, and house history — she’s apparently become convinced that SPENCER poses a bigger threat than AMANDA. Moreover, that she can TRUST Amanda, Macrae, and ANDY, of all people. And, conversely, she DISTRUSTS Judd — the single player most kindly disposed towards her.

Did I mention that she’s got a gorgeous body, but she’s STUPID?

Frankly, I HOPE the people in the DR are manipulating the houseguests for dramatic effect and will still enable Elissa and Judd to make to Final Two — so Judd can win the money he could use more than Elissa and SHE can enjoy the satisfaction of winning a virtual tie and outlasting the likes of McManDy.

give me a break

Pre Elissa’s PLAN: Her standing with the house guest
Andy : Elissa
Spencer : Elissa
McPuss : Elissa
Judd : Elissa or McPuss does not care

AFTER Elissa’s PLAN: Her standing with the house guest
Andy : Elissa
Spencer : Elissa
McPuss : Judd and Ginamarie
Judd : Elissa or McPuss does not care

This is Elissa’s Hail mary pass because if she does not win HOH this Thursday she was probably going home……because McPuss or Elissa was going home depending on who won HOH….This is her only play…..Spencer and Andy are smarter that GM and Judd and they would of convince them to vote out Elissa first than McPuss……. If Judd had solidify a team with him, Elissa and GM……..and never told Elissa that he might put her up if he won HOH this Thursday when they were outside……. this would of never happen…….but Judd is a Moron………Elissa just felt like an outsider……and she actually was an outsider…..you have the 2am and Exterminator alliance and than you have Elissa by herself…….I still want Amanda to leave but I want Andy expose……….. so McPuss could see that Andy is a weasel and McPuss would put him on the block if he wins HOH thursday…


Hey everyone. I just got off the phone with Josh. Oh my God my Jewish Queen is not going. Thank you Elissa and myRainbow Warrior. My two Wonderful people are in it to the end. Go Amanda and Andy. Elissa, you haven’t broken the oath of the wealthy. We always take care of our own. My Jewish Queen will win and run off with my King Howard. Captain I know you are happy for me. Good friends stick together. This has been one fantastic day. I made some great money on one of my business deals, then this happens. I can smell that million and it will be great play money. I love you all. Have to close another deal. Love you my Jewish Queen!


Hello Frank, hows the video buisness?

Rio Seven

Buffalo Bill, you made a lot of money on a business deal today? Did you sell another one of your comic books?


Dude, gimme some of what your tokeing cuz it looks like it’s mighty powerful stuff!!!

Dump Amanda

As bad as this looks Amanda might still walk out of the house on Thursday. I had hoped that Elissa could work with Gina and Judd but since they formed the Exterminators Elissa might actually be better off teaming up with McCrae.


As bad as this looks for Amanda? Did you read everything? In this scenario, voting comes down to McCrae and Elissa vs Judd and Andy. Two for Amanda to stay; two to evict. GM breaks the tie in favor of evicting Amanda.

Another Liberal Loser

Try reading the post. You added the “for” Amanda, Toke on!


best chance huh Amanda and mccrae are already talking about putting her up as a replacement


not to get her out though. they will get out exterminators first.


Big Brother can do whatever they want, it’s their show. if the players play the game as amanda did when she went to elissa and offered a deal versus what others do and stay in bed until they walk out the door, DR can offer perspectives, but the players still play. BIG BROTHER. always been that way. final votes are players only.

Rocco from waste Management

At that point they would HAVE to put her up, there wouldn’t be anyone else.


I don’t think CBS had to tell Elissa that she was the next target. Elissa knew she was not part of “The Exterminators” alliance. If you really think about it, Elissa’s best option was to go with Amanda/McCrae. However, she should have included Judd instead of Andy in the final 4. If Elissa had went to Judd & told him her plan, then they (Elissa & Judd) could have went to Amanda as a packaged deal. They could have told Amanda that Andy could not be included in the final 4. Elissa & Judd could have made a deal with Amanda & McCrae to go to final 4. Then rat Andy, racist Gina, & pervert Spencer would not have a chance to win – because these three especially do not deserve to win ANYTHING!! Still rooting for team Judd!!


How is this the best move for her when Amanda and McCrae have already decided if they win HOH Elissa is the replacement nomination? They’re already planning to evict the person who’s going to keep Amanda in the house.


i don’t agree. they won’t vote her out, it’s so they can control the votes, they won’t have that many players left remember.


this is another example how production coaches a player to add forced drama to the show. Elissa was def influenced by production, and for Elissa to even go along with production, they must of guaranteed Elissa that Amanda was going to be evicted this Thursday. production wants the storyline to have Andy continuing to be the rat, and have him back stab Amanda and make it look like Elissa was responsible.. production is also gonna edit Amanda on prime time TV Thursday night to look like an elite player, who almost negotiated her way from not being evicted by getting Elissa’s vote to stay. this is another situation where production involved themselves with their BS game maneuvers by changing the outcome to benefit the show. this has been going on for years and it’s a shame where it always happens at the most pivotal and crucial point in the game. EXPECT THE EXPECTED with production.


It is so strange and so poorly directed when Elissa, who was fearful of Amanda’s behavior towards her is suddenly willing to trust the person she feared the most. It is not a natural reaction in real life to feel you can suddenly trust your enemies.

Power player

Umm BB is not real life it’s a tv show putting random strangers in a cell for 80+ days going stir crazy and paranoid with whispers and game play. Elissa is making a smart move to keep Amanda as it keeps two votes in her pocket while the floaters ahoy alliance want to vote her out. Unfortunately she trusts that Andy is super loyal to Amanda and mccrae and she always questioned his loyalty because of how attached he was to them. But little do they know how much of a rat Andy is, first drop of water and he’s scurrying to another raft.

Again they are not the exterminators when they are the vermin, floaters ahoy better suits there name


Elissa is a shitty actress. Had she waited awhile after the DR session it would have been a bit more believable.


Here is another little twist…Did production tell her what McCrae said to Amanda when she was whining that she was still here and that no one was helping her to stay in the game. He suggested that Amanda talk to Elissa about making a deal and forming an alliance, but even Amanda felt she wouldn’t go for it after the way she treated Elissa. So production had to of shared what McCrae was talking about with Amanda and encouraged her to make it happen.

It would have been more believable if Amanda went to Elissa about it, but she wouldn’t do it, so they got Elissa to do it. She doesn’t trust Andy and Spencer, and questions Gina and Judd, but after all that has taken place and with Amanda campaigning really hard to put Elissa up on the block and vote her out, she trusts them more? Come on…I don’t buy it at all!


The only thing that will save Big Brother is if AG gets voted out as well as the rest of this joke of production and they start anew. All the bad press they have received mixed in with the conspiracy theories (that do seem to make sense and seem to be coming true) about Amanda….it seems that BB is on its last life and rather than take their hand out of the cookie jar and let the game NATURALLY progress they are trying to fit their whole body in the cookie jar. At least I’m able to watch BBUK on YouTube……


this is fuking horseshit.

Another Liberal Loser

Couldn’t of said it any better. Grade A BS.


Sick of tired of hearing Andy tell other HG’s how events put him in a bad spot. He is rat, a whiner, and would crumble under any adversity.


Your right. I think I hate Andy as much as Amanda. Hopefully he floats out on the 2nd eviction Thursday.

Power player

If this was any other season a rat like Andy would’ve been caught by now in his lies and evicted.


i wanna give elissa the beefit of the doubt, but something really weird is going on

Robert Lloyd

I believe that either Elissa is trying to Andy or she is convinced that Andy really will vote to keep Amanda and has been promised something by production if she i le to save Amanda.

Canadian BB Fan

Then production better do some damage control, because not only did this expose them very badly, it’s ridiculous that they would purposely sabotage someone’s game.

Even if Elissa was promised something, they better give her a power to save herself, or have some means of exposing the rat – otherwise they basically threw Elissa under the bus for Amanda and AG.

Blatantly so. They aren’t even trying to hide it at the moment.

Will there be a backlash?


Ratboy was pushing to.evict Elissa during double eviction. I bet production told her that so she had to come up with a plan with production’s help.

admiring the space cadet's hot bod

I’d like to give Elissa the beef too.


Wow! This is a joke, right? If Amanda stays it will seal my belief that the season is rigged and no one will convince me otherwise haha. There’s no way Elissa would willingly let Amanda stay. No way. I’m not convinced.


I agree 100%… that whole mean girl attitude and the foul things she said to Elissa, there is no way and if she does keep her that would be the dumbest move ever on several levels but at that point I would have 2 see Elissa walk next or soon after.


sad to say it but Elissa might be on to something, if she keeps Amanda she knows for sure no one in that jury house will vote for her to win but McCrae, and she knows that Amanda can’t win crap so her chances of getting HoH against her is significantly higher. If she gets rid of Spencer this week, she will be in the good graces of Amanda and McCrae in case they win HoH still be fine with Andy, and have maybe only Judd and Ginamarie against her, but Ginamarie can’t play in the HoH so then its really only just Judd. Taking herself out of the conflict and having everyone else fight each other.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Elissa shouldn’t assume that Amanda won’t get jury votes. During the last 14 seasons, we’ve seen some surprises when it came to jury votes. You can hate someone while you are in the Big Brother house, but once you get to the jury house you have time to think. You realize that it is just a game…and all is forgiven. Helen was Elissa’s closest alliance member…but I wouldn’t be surprised if Helen voted for Amanda if Elissa were sitting next to her in the final two.


Sick of these lazy bitches sleeping ALL DAY LONG! Like seriously you’re in the Big Brother house…I would be up all day long!!!!!

Twerk Miley Twerk

They’re up all night long, that’s why they’re asleep all day long.


They are trying to sleep until this horrible season is over. I don’t blame them.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I know! Would it kill them to stretch their legs a little…maybe get some sun? Big Brother Fans pay good money for the live feeds. We’re not asking them to jump through a hoop of fire or come up with a choreographed dance routine, just some activity.

GM is Frau Farbissina

I want Andy to get busted being the rat he is so bad. Hilarious how GM is now bad mouthing Elissa the way she was bad mouthing Amanda. Spencer and Judd do not deserve to even be around. I would say that about GM, but she has at least won some comps.


Spencer has been on the block 7 times and survived. That has to be some kind of record. IMO he has one of the best arguments for winning the game.

ur a nub

WTF?? What exactly is the argument for Spencer winning the game? The fact that he’s such an impotent player that 7 times people have decided to vote the other guy out?

People keep putting him up because he’s such a nothing nobody. I can’t see why that should equate to him being a good person to win the game.


If GM was so pinched off last night upon hearing Elissa’s flip, why isn’t she still livid and confronting Elissa today? Everything seems messed up and production certainly has us all wondering now so we stay tuned

Rocco from waste Management

Could this possibly be a diabolical plot to out Andy? This has thrown him into a tizzy, his bowels must be churning.


We all can say this, there is definitely something going on, it really doesn’t make since for a roundabout turn around, this is what I think: Elissa knows about Andy and Spencer and now is trying to see how Andy is going to wiggle out of her so called plan. I believe she may wait until everyone’s together and ask Andy how he’s going to vote. Vote should be: Andy, Elissa, McNasty to keep Ameanda. Now, I believe at some point Elissa will have to talk with Judd and GM to maybe let them know what she’s found out (if anything) or just what’s going on. This is my thought, now, what’s yours!!!


Did the DR give her a plan to setup Andy or to save Amanda? While I totally understand their need to make the game more exciting, it seems pretty risky that they interfered in this situation considering all of these rumours regarding Amanda being predetermined to win.

Amanda is still leaving

This idiot doesn’t believe herself to be setting Andy up, she believes herself to be working with him to evict Spencer and to keep Amanda.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Elissa has to know that she cannot trust Amanda & McCrae. They will take each other to the final 2. So the other houseguests are targeting her…it happens. She should focus on trying to win the HOH or veto. The Exterminator alliance isn’t as tight as it appears to be. Spencer, Andy, Judd and GM are all saying that they will fight to ensure that they are the final four but who are we kidding…any one of them would flip if they were approached with an appealing deal. Instead of trying to keep Amanda and McCrae in the house, she should be working on making a final 3 deal with GM and Judd.

Pinocchio Obama

If this keeps Amanda and Andy safe it is a bad thing. Wake up Elissa.


It’s a setup. There is no way that Elissa keeps Amanda. She’s putting her up only to bring her down, and I’m certain she is doing this to see where Andy’s loyalties lie.


let me tell why that doesn’t make sense if you were elissa you would have to talk to judd because if she planned on voting Amanda out it would be 2-2 but what if andy talked to judd and he voted spencer out to elissa would be the only vote for Amanda leaving have to be pretty stupid to take that chance


Andy will be in vice and will be exposed for being a rat.. Perfect there is no way MCcrae/Amanda will believe Andy after Elissa gave them her rings

aMANduh's dirty panties!

Wow if there’s a will there’s a way….. Allison Grodner got her way, she cut Elissa a fat check to have her sway votes to keep her disgustful BFF aMANduh in the game! Just when we thought that ogress skank was going to jury, we get this bs! RIGGED, RIGGED, RIGGED!

BTW Andy is snitch…. GM will gut that red RAT!

elissa is coo coo

that ginger rat NEEDS to go! i am so annoyed just watching him go around, playing both sides and snitch!! he does not deserve to be in the final 2. They should keep Amanda and get rid of spencer. i don’t like amanda but i think its the best move for Elissa if she votes out Spencer. Next week or should i say this thursday… it will be McCrayCray, A MAN da, Elissa and Judd vs. the ginger RAT. I just really dislike his gameplay. he makes us gays look bad. Bring back Gary from BB Canada. either be gay and keep it on the down low… or go all out and be fabulous… ugh andy makes me sick!

elissa is coo coo

girl… i love you death but you are coo coo…

doesn’t really matter what elissa wants, even if elissa votes to evict spencer… its going to be a 3 to 2 (with GM being the tie breaker and voting out a MAN da).


But then Rat Dog is exposed to Demanda and McStinky. He becomes McStinky’s target and loses one/both votes in jury. And you know she won’t keep her mouth shut about it in jury house telling all his secrets.

Worst case scenario, Spencer goes to jury–his biggest fear is being locked in a house with all those women. Elissa gets her rings back. It’s Demanda/McStinky/Elissa and Judd in HoH comp for DE.


It doesn’t bother me that Elissa cheated on her husband with a Puerto Rican who fathered her child, she’s still perfect to me. I bet at least the guy was hot. Team McRandalissa for the Final 3!!!!!


Elissa had her son 8 years ago and she married her husband last year. He’s not the father of her child.

I didn't want to believe it

Elissa didn’t cheat, her son is 8 and she has only been married to her husband a year.


What is your source that confirms Elissa cheated on her husband with a Puerto Rican. I would love to read that story.


The comment about Elissa’s son was made by that vulgar slut Ginamarie, and it is totally untrue….she made it up.


Cara — thank you for your reply. Items like that should not be voiced ( or written ) unless one can back up the source. It is a shame that people would post something like that when it has no proven substance and could result in great trauma for Elissa’s son.


it was the cbs employee that said Amanda was predetermined to win same guy


Do you have any idea how disgusting your comment is? It’s almost as bad as GM’s.

Look at the pretty butterfly's

Ohh for the love of little green men, can you people not recognize sarcasm. Name is obviously referencing GM’s latest repulsive zingers!

Look at the pretty butterfly's

When did Elissa promise her weeding rings as collateral? I thought that was just something Amanda told RatAndy that she would ask for. Then he told the others that was fact.


The rings were to secure a vote, not promise Amanda won’t be evicted! Ellis will vote out Spencer, get her rings back and show the BB15 and jury houses Andy is a rat and can’t be trusted.


she has only been married to her husband for a year. it’s obviously not his kid…


I hope they reveal more in the DD sessions. I really don’t care how any of this turns out I just everyone to see Andy for who he is. Hoping Mc and Ellissa win the next HOH comps and in the meantime Andy gets revealed!!


But Andy is hilarious playing everyone. They all love Andy, he is loyal to everyone, only Elissa sees his shit. I think Andy is playing a funny game, little howdy dowdy runs to everyone but has been able to keep everyone from talking to each other about him, WITH the exception of Elissa. This sort of game is much more entertaining than attacking, bullying and racist comments.



Hopefully production doesn’t coerce Andy into going through with their master plan.

Either way, I won’t be watching another BB episode again, and I won’t be buying the feeds again.

I gave Big Brother another chance after the rigging of season 13, season 14 was great because of Dan, but now they are back to their old ways in 15. I’m done unless they do an All-Stars 2

This Season Blows

You do realize that a second All-Stars season would almost certainly feature the Reilly sisters and Grodner would make sure they’re in the final 2, right?

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I actually hated Season 14 of Big Brother. I am not a fan of Dan, at all.


Yep its SCOTT alright..


Now is the time for Andy to Rat. I do not want Amanda to stay.


Lets paraphrase your statement. “WAAAH, I need my baba, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”. Get over yourself. We don’t need to hear posters cry over something they don’t want to happen. You best not be one of the Elissa supporters who are now thinking she is being coerced. OWN what she did if you support her. THAT IS TO ALL ELISSA supporters. OWN IT!

Amanda's dog Woofy

80% of the comments here are people whining. Maybe 2% are about strategy. Get used to it.


I wonder how long the dopes who gave you thumbs up go, “Oh crap, she just called me a whiner!”


Really Elissa?!?!?! Of all people, you’re trusting Andy now? I’m still hoping this is a plot to reveal Andy as a rat but I’m not keeping my hopes up. Her enthusiasm to work with Amanda sounds kinda legit to me. Argh!!!! I want Andy out but not by ruining your game Elissa. You are backstabbing GM and Judd in the process. I can’t watch this. This might either be super genius or super dumb move.

I didn't want to believe it

Elissa will NEVER forget what Amanda said about her husband, son and her being a bad
mother and step mother. I don’t want to believe that production and AG have rigged the
show, but maybe?…………………… I just don’t see Elissa being a Genius and this is a plot
to show Andy is a rat. lurker007 is right “something weird is going on”!!!!!!!!

Jim 64

If Amanda stays than this show is fixed
I hope that the other contestants sue the pants


They can’t, it’s in their conract.

aMANduh's dirty panties!

Spencer bro…. you just got punked!

Go Elissa

WE all did !!!


i agree. all BB tru~fans just got punk’d totally.


I am shocked that Elissa changed her mind after being the in the Diary Room. This is definitely an eye opener that production rules the house. I feel used by CBS all summer to think that they manuevered the house guests into doing what they wanted. Shame on you CBS and shame on us for continuing to watch this spectacle happen. As for Amanda no editing can help her, she has showed her true colors on the live feeds and will have to live with them. SHAME ON CBS for their TRICKERY.

bb is a house full of crazy

You’re shocked now? Have you been watching all season? Have you watched any other seasons? Always influenced by production. If the show is about to get stale, production will always intervene…right down to the little things, like asking McRae if could cry while being interviewed in the DR. Every aspect of this show is ruled by production. Always has been…always will be.

Next Chapter

You’re correct. Why is it every year when production enters the game people go crazy… Big Brother (production) has always played a part – what’s wild about this year is that BB isn’t trying as hard to hide its involvement. The DR conversations aftermath have been allowed to enter the blogs…. not BB’s normal MO – I’m still waiting for Elissa and GM to have a talk…. can’t wait to read the next chapter

Jody H.

It’s annoying, but the name of the game is Big Brother!! Of course they get involved!!


There’s something fishy going in in the big brother house, and it’s not just Amanda’s vagina.


What a joke, now Elissa and Amanda have traded jewelry to seal the deal. I am so done after Thursday if Amanda doesn’t get evicted.

Andy is a rat

I cant believe Amanda has asked Andy for his stupid shirt as collateral. WTF? Elissa gives her diamond wedding ring and Andy gives his raggedy tshirt???? How much does an old tshirt mean to a rat?! NOTHING! He’ll just go steal someone else’s tshirt.


The only shirt I like is Judd’s bear shirt.


as much as I hate Amanda .. I hate andy just as much … on two different levels and reasons mind you .. BUT I would love for Elissa to expose 1) andy and his lies 2) this new alliance ; through out this whole game not one of these so called alliances have included Elissa so as far as I am concern at this stage in the game .. PISS THEM ALL OFF … they are ALL nothing more then fowl mouths, back stabbing discusting low lives .. come on who attacks a child .. oh yeah spencer the most filthy minded jack ass I have ever heard .. I grew up with truck drivers and none of them were as bad mouthed as this idiot (spencer) and yeah spencer , Marilyns parent will be waiting for you with a shotgun .. gross excuse of human trash ..

Just Saying

Very disappointing, but I’m hoping there is more to it… The 180 degree turn doesn’t make any sense! On the other hand I truly believe that Gina Marie is playing a ‘Britney’ with these guys, c’mon girl! Didn’t she watched BB12?!?!?!n, unless she is playing the dumb she is doomed to a rude awakening.


If Elissa does vote Spencer out, there must be a good reason (or advantage in the game) for her. Spencer is a floater, so I think we can all agree that he probably won’t win BB this season- and he will have to eventually be evicted. Since it will be a double elimination (if I remember correctly…and I HOPE I am right!!!), then they might as well try to get Amanda AND Spencer out! But who knows…I’d also be happy if it were Andy and Spencer! And do you guys know when we’ll be seeing footage of the HG in the Jury house? I can’t wait to see that!!!!


Production, “Ellisa we want you to do something for us.”
E. “As long as it doesn’t involve Amanda, I’m good.”
Production, “We will give you more alcohol.”
E. “Maybeeeeee.”
Production, “Here is an envelope of cash.”
E. “Plus the alcohol, you got it, what do you want me to do.”
Production, “Go out there talk to Amanda about saving her.”
Production, “Here’s another envelope.”

Ellissa leaves the DR, “Where’s Amanda?”


Your break must be over, better get back to work before Allison see’s what you are doing.

Andy Is Fucked

Very smart move Elissa. She has now put THE RAT in a bad situation. If he does not vote for Amanda, McPussy will be around to see it and would put his ass on the block if he wins the next HOH. If Elissa wins the next HOH Spencer and THE RAT will go up.

Botox Pelosi

That would be the best of both worlds. Amanda gets voted out and the rat gets exterminated.


The plan would be really awesome if Elissa now went to GM and Judd and say that she will vote Amanda out (and also does that). Then she will be in their alliance. Andy will be exposed. And of course Amanda will be out.


I’m happy Andy is a rat, fuck production trying to meddle in the game to get their pet to save Amanda

The Black Fish

Andy will never side with Elissa, he know that he is on her sh**t list, if anything this sealed the deal for Andy siding with the Exterminators. However, an Exterminator might walk out right behind Amanda. Spencer/Andy/Judd vs Elissa/McCrae for HOH/POV? That probably isn’t even a contest.


another sad day in chitown, we get to have a weasel, a HUGE FLOATER…..on my favorite show BIG BROTHER. so sad, he never uses his brains, if he has any, claims to be a professor, OMG!!!!! this is the best he could do??????? PLEASE!!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK………he is an embarrassment to CHITOWN. his nose is in every situation, but yet he never uses his brain or makes a move on his own. he deserves to go. he floated thru and did nothing!!!!! PLEASE CBS, PLEASE FIND SOMEONE MUCH BETTER FOR BB16, GAY, STRAIGHT, I DON’T CARE…..JUST FIND A good game player


Elissa probably does not plan on voting for Amanda to stay. I think she just wants to prove to McCrae, he cannot trust Andy. So it will be 3-1 for Spencer to stay, instead of 2-2, exposing Andy out on his bullshit.

Botox Pelosi

That would be brilliant. The look on Rattys face would be a classic.

Jeremy's Boat

C’mon guys, Elissa is not smart enough for some exposing Andy plan. Get serious.

Amanda is still leaving

Chill out all you crazy conspiracy theorists you, Amanda is still going to take a hike on Thursday. Elissa is gonna try her damnedest to keep her, but Andy is still going to vote her out and GM will break the tie.


Sooooo……Elissa is definitely sincere about the plan. BUT..before Thursday..Ginamaries is going to explode on Elissa. And lots of things are going to come out. Judd will get nervous..and Andy is going to get caught.

Didn’t Julie mention a surprise competition Thursday? Hmmmmmm….I think Judd is going to flip to Elissa. Andy is so caught up in hatred..he’s going to have a megawobble. ( Anyone else notice how much rage Andy tries to surpress? You can see it in his eyes. Out of everyone..he is the most desperate to win.

He is one cold fish.

Andy Is Fucked

Please hit the like button if you would love to see The Rat cry again

rumor has it

Rachel is coaching Elissa…

Wishful thiniking

I know I am giving Elissa a little to much credit, but what if she is just telling Andy that she is voting for Spencer to insure that he vote for Amanda. She actually votes for Amanda (GM doesn’t have to break a tie) Since Amanda and MC doesn’t trust her anyway then it really would not surprise Amanda and MC, but that would expose Andy for the rat that he is. She might be thinking, again I giving her to much credit, that this might make MC mad at Andy and if MC wins HOH then he will put up Andy and GM and if one of them wins he will puts up Spencer. MC exposes Andy for working with both sides from the beginning, got to do it quickly, and can’t be trusted and they vote out Andy. In that way Amanda and her rat friend Andy will be sent to the jury house on Thursday. I just want Andy out so bad!!!


Eviction night:

Julie – By a vote of 3-1 Amanda you have been evicted from the BB house

During the hug-out :

Andy – Oh my God what the hell………………….

Amanda – Stop Andy I know the 1 vote for Spencer was Elissa

Andy(whispering to Amanda) – WTF Amanda it was Elissa………. I would never vote you or Mcrea out we had a F3.

Amanda(rather loudly) – GIVE IT UP ANDY YOU HAVE BEEN THE RESIDENT RAT ALL SEASON PLAYING ALL SIDES!…… Oh, by the way Elissa, Thank you and here is your diamond wedding band back(sticks out a pinky and Elissa takes her ring/s – gives Elissa a wink). Walking out the door Amanda says – MCrea you know what you need to do and Good luck Andy (FLIPS HIM OFF)

MCrea – I do

Spencer(talking to himself) – WOW did that just happen. I’m fucked!

Judd to MC – busted

GM – That was fucked up bro.

This would all have to be said rather quickly with it being a DE

Not an Amanda fan. I cannot stand Andy.

Peace out!


If Andy is truly loyal to anyone, it would be towards Spencer, so I don’t know why people would believe that he’d vote Spencer out over Amanda, especially since he stated in a DR that he didn’t want to go any further with McCranda. If only Elissa wasn’t such a production’s pet. I was starting to root for her.

Brown Fat

Mother Effer! I’m too old for this shit! Obviously theres way too many bitches involved with this so called reality show who feel theres not enough drama. All of sports gets in trouble for tampering why not CBS for f’n with the show an f’n with my head? The reason I enjoy watching or engaging in sports so much because its 2 opponents going balls out to win. I watch this show because of my wife, she likes to see how it plays out, me I like the pretty girls, & it gives us another thing to talk about. Man do I miss Jessie. But this flippity floppity fukity bullshit wears me the fkuc out. I’ll watch it but I’m gonna get plenty drunk while I’m doing it…threres now way else to enjoy this horseshit.


If Elissa is dumb enough to keep that trashy slut around after she threatened her and tried to push a door into her, Elissa must be psychotic also. I was getting ready to celebrate with a drink Thursday night when that funky witch was voted out……..this can’t be real can it????? Does she really think McCranda won’t come after her immediately???? If Amanda pulls this off, then Hell she DESERVES to win, but I’m DONE for the season…….this crew is just too stupid for me to care anymore……..


Andy you are a moron you could have just one person against you instead you are going to choose to have two people, who have both won competitions after you. Do you really think Spencer is going to win anything and GM can’t play. Hope you are the second one to go on Thursday. Obviously he can’t do the math. Four people playing for HOH verses 1 or three people playing for HOH verses 2. Better odds and only one person left in the game coming after you. I see him soon crying in the jury house about how it isn’t fair he got evicted.


If Elissa really did give Amanda her wedding ring set, that is just SO wrong! I totally agree that this seems to support what so many viewers & posters have been saying – that this show is rigged. While I realize it’s just for entertainment & they can ‘fix’ it anyway CBS/producers want, I will absolutely never, ever watch this show again, nor will I even watch ‘The Talk’ because Julie Chen will also lose all credibility in my eyes. Sad situation. I, too, hope it’s just some kind of ploy to trap Andy, but at this point it’s not looking that way. Disappointment, disappointment, disappointment!!!


From what I have read, it looks like Andy is only telling Elisa that he will vote Spencer out. She finally has it where she could be somewhat comfortable in the house, with getting Amanda out, and she is about to piss the exterminators off. Thought she had her own mind, but obviously not. Get out Amanda, McGross boy and Elisa. Andy and Spencer can leave after that. GM and Judd F2!

The Judger

Golly..a racist and a woman hater..CBS’s wet dream for final 2. I don’t think so. They need to get Elissa to finals just to save face. That’s the reason this is all happening. Elissa’s only chance to stay longer is Amanda and McCrae. Production was counting on Andy flipping back….but now they have to rethink that plan. My guess is sometime tomorrow somebody flips..either Andy or Judd. CBS wants Amanda and Elissa final 2..so ratings will soar.. Elissa can win..CBS is redeemed and idiotic fans are happy!