Flip? “we can’t do it we’ll get f***, Goblins will hook up with Austin, I guarantee it”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 16-47-12-063_jpg

4:45pm Bedroom Jmac and Steve
John “Do we need to flip it, It’s random whoever wins”.. If a Austin wins the HOH they will put one of them and James up.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 16-50-32-428_jpg

4:49pm HOH Julia, Steve and Vanessa
Julia complaining about james to Vanessa
She goes on to tell Vanessa but the feeds cut..
Julia – “He was so rude.. out of place.. i wasn’t cool about it.. dude you are so immature.. why would you do that… “
Julia – I know he was making fun of me it was a slap in the face

Julia says the goblins have slept for 12 hours they are board and stewing in the have nots.

They start going over the competitions they were given to practice. Steve says Austin is going to get a high score.
Julia says she feels really good about it.

Vanessa says if Austin flips his vote Liz will kill him
Julia – he’ll never do that..
Vanessa – did sounds like it to me
They start agreeing that Meg is really good at “Fluke” competitions like Beer pong and Pot Ball
Vanessa thinks Meg threw the practice Competition.
Julia leaves.. Steve tells her he wants to talk to her later.
Vanessa- why is something going on
Steve – no
Steve mentions that the goblins haven’t come to him et. Vanessa warns that they’ll strike tonight.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 16-57-38-435_jpg

4:55pm Goblins in the Have nots
James is going to nominate Austin and Vanessa and put Liz up as the replacement. This way he can ensure Vanessa goes home.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 17-43-43-229_jpg
5:20pm HOH Steve
Talking to himself saying that he’s not voting Julia out because then they’re will be a James,Meg, Liz, Austin alliance.
Adds that James and Meg will not be coming after him if they win hoh this week.
Steve – Does Austin want Julia to go
Steve says if they flip the vote – Scamper squad is over..
Steve – I want to keep John as long as possible..

Steve keeps muttering “I need to keep John here”

Steve – here’s the question…

Vanessa comes in ‘Steve what are you doing”

Steve – I trust you 100% i[‘m taking you to final 2 .. I’m sorry about that shit that happened I f***D up ..

Steve – Do you agree if you have to win it’s bad.. it’s a situation we have to agree.. If we make it to final 5 with Scamper we have to win
Vanessa – yes.. we have to win no matter who we get to final 5 with, there’s not a final 5 we can avoid winning

Steve – we have to put Final 5 in our favour, It’s 2 vs 3 in that case that is bad.

Vanessa – Julia doesn’t win comps.. Austin is sort of on our team because he needs them to break up.. It’s kinda 3 on 2 (Austwins VS Vanessa/Steve)
Steve – Austin will never make a move on the twins
Vanessa – he’ll throw it.. I got him today to say he can’t go to final 3 with those two..
Vanessa- it’s 3 on 2 you see that (Vanessa/Steve vs Twins)
Steve – I do
Vanessa – Austin feels very comfortable with you

Vanessa – we don’t have a deal with Meg and James and leaving them Especially going into a chance comp
Vanessa doesn’t want to keep Meg in the game.
Vanessa says just to get to final 3 there are 600 permutations of HOH wins.
Vanessa warns him if they keep James and Meg in the game he’s putting them up
Vanessa doesn’t 100% trust Jmac, tells him that she thought he was cool with her all game and secretly he was hating her.

Steve – I don’t want to take Scamper to the final 5
Vanessa – I was fully prepared that the vote will flip.. I will adapt

Vanessa asks if he will try and flip the vote with Austin’s blessing
Steve – Yes
Vanessa – liz
Steve- Nope
Vaness a- if liz wins HOH you are f****
Steve – I don’t know who will Liz go after
Vanessa – you and Johnny for flipping the vote
Vanessa – if Johnny wins the veto you’re f*** she’ll put up Meg
Steve – I need three votes, You Johnny and Maybe Austin.. that would be risky
Vanessa – lets think about it
Vanessa would rather Meg goes and would prefer Liz as the first twin to go.
Steve – we both need JOhnnymac in this game.

Vanessa – I know everyone’s plan as long as they are being truthful.. everyone is targeting james.

Vanessa says her steve and Johnnymac are better in everything over Austwins.

Steve tells her that james winning HOH if they don’t flip is the same as liz winning HOH if they don’t flip.

Vanessa says austin can be worked with “He wants to win.. he’s in the same spot we’re in.. he’s the third man on a totem pole.. his incentive is the same as our”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 17-47-40-598_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 17-53-18-349_jpg
They start using raisins/cranberry to plot strategy

Vanessa – If Julia wins tomorrow she can take out james..
Vanessa wonders if Austin will put up a twin as a pawn
Steve – Maybe

Vanessa – we can’t do it we’ll get f*** Meg and James will hook up with Austin, I guarantee it
Vanessa – you gotta trust me on the social cues.
Steve wonders if they should make a deal with Meg and james
Vanessa- his word is no good he doesn’t give a f***

Vanessa asks him if he’s noticed the battle going on between them and the goblins jockeying for a position with Austin and the twins

Vanessa – we’re good with Austin and the twins.. they are good people to work with.
Vanessa tells him nobody in this house wants to work with them because they can go all the way.
Vanessa tells him Johnnymac is the target after James
Vanessa says Austin will throw the HOH “I’ll be you my life.. I’ll bet you everything 100%, I understand how Austin’s brain works I’ve played with him since the beginning.. “
Vanessa tells him she doesn’t know how Steve’s brain works she’s surprised they are having this conversation
Vanessa tells him Austin talked to Johnny and he’s fine if Johnny takes a jab at the twins.
Steve never heard this from Austin or Steve

Vanessa tells him if Julia goes, Meg, James, Austin, Liz will join up against them.
Vanessa says once Meg goes they can work with James he’s not very strategic “Strategically when I talk to him it’s like playing chess.. you play chess with him.. “

Steve realizes that Austwins have never put Meg and James up
Vanessa – JAmes and Austin are close.. James and the girls are not close.. it’s austin
Steve – the guys guy
Vanessa- Meg goes with James, They fought me really hard to not make Meg a target
Steve – who do they want
Vanessa – John
Vanessa – if we take Julia out we’re handing the game to Austin
Steve is still unsure Meg and James will turn on them if they save Meg.
Vanessa 100% think they will.
Steve – what if I just do it
Vanessa – you are a traitor with Liz and Austin they will make a deal

Vanessa thinks she can convince Julia to vote out Austin, “If I needed to I would, I could even get Liz onboard”
Steve – HOW
Vanessa – they need to play their individual game..
Steve – But Austin.. He’s protecting them
Vanessa – he’s doing them no good.. What about that deal with Johnny
Steve – where did you hear about this deal I never heard about it
Vanessa – both of them (Austin and jmac)
Steve doesn’t buy it the twins won’t turn on the Austin
Vanessa – Liz won’t Julia might
[envira-gallery id=”131835″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 18-27-52-519_jpg

6:17pm HOH Steve and Vanessa

Vanessa wants to take someone really weak to the final 3 ‘Someone like Julia.. not James”
Steve – Johnny is the same thing
Vanessa – I’m scared to go against Liz and Austin in the final 3
Steve – You’re not scared to go with me
Vanessa – I have a deal with you

Steve says he knows everyone is saying the twins need to be split up
Vanessa tells him it’s not the right scenario

Vanessa – Johnny mac is open minded?
Steve – he is
Vanessa feels that Johnnymac will be easy to flip tomorrow
Steve – he is
Steve explains that jmac’s fear is if Meg goes him and jmac will go up
Vanessa – you’re staying
Steve – yes that’s his problem not mine
Vanessa says taking out Julia means taking out one of their numbers and keeping one of his.. She points out that james and Jmac are closer.

Vanessa – we’re dorks dude.. they (Meg/James) are social creatures.
Steve – you calling me a nerd
Vanessa – yes, more of a geek than a nerd

Vanessa – taking out Julia is the worst idea
Steve – damn you are right
Vanessa stress that John wants them to take out Julia it benefits him
Vanessa says if Meg goes Vanessa will throw the next HOH. She warns him that Austin is in the best spot he doesn’t need to win to make it far.
Steve – that’s scary
Steve – what if James wins
Vanessa says they will get the Twins nominated, “James really wants to work with Austin because that is the most similar person in the house”
Steve – I’m really worried james hasn’t talked to Austin

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 18-28-38-523_jpg
Austin rolls in ‘There’s the boy”
Vanessa – have you talked to JAmes
Austin says James isn’t targeting him he thinks the twins might go up with The backdoor being Vanessa and Austin
(You can hear a camera persons cell phone ringing feeds cut)

When they come back Austin saying that the twins going up is good for him.
Vanessa – it’ll let you fade into the background
Austin – I told the girls they need to win, My biggest fear is I go up with Julia
Vanessa says if he can talk James into putting the twins up they will owe him
Austin says he doesn’t want to get to final 3 with the twins.
Austin says if they will keep it to themselves he’ll try and get James to put up the twins.
Vanessa and Austin agree James is the favorite to win the HOH this week.
Austin – James and Johnnymac are the favorites (To win HOh based on the practice competition they had earlier today)
Vanessa – johnnymac looked terrible
Steve – 6 people competing 4 of them are scamper squad

They tell Austin if he’s up with a twin they have his vote
Austin thanks them, “It potentially could happen”
Steve – If James wins HOH it will be chaos
Austin – he can go after anyone
Steve asks Austin who jmac will put up (Above Vanessa told him that Jmac and Ausitn made taht Jmac would ptu up the twins)
Austin says he assumes johnnymac will put up Julia and James
Steve – Julia is the pawn
Austin – yes
Steve – you talked to him
Austin – sorta.. we’ve been hanging out
Austin will talk to him in the hammock room ‘He’s sleeping now”
Steve – Of course he is (HAHAHAHA)

6:48pm Austin and Steve go to play chess

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 19-47-32-304_jpg

7:38pm HOH Vanessa and Jmac
Vanessa saying if they flip the vote it will be Meg, James, Austin, Liz vs them.
She stresses taking Julia oput is a bad idea
Vanessa – other than James us three win the most comps.. they are leery of it they are scared.

Vanessa says she’;s made money reading people that is what she can does and she’s reading that James and Meg will team up with ASuint and LIz and take them out.
Vanessa says that Meg told her if James wins HOH she will make him put Meg up in place of Vanessa.
Vanessa- so who will they put up.. Not Asuint
Vanessa- One week too early to break up the twins
Vanessa – Austin and the twins are not targeting you
Vanessa says Jmac and Steve are standing in Austin’s way to win this game. Says Austin will only work with Jmac for the 5 minutes he needs him
Vanessa – Austin prefered to put his own people up over James

Vanessa hammers why they cannot vote out Julia..
Jmac just YA YA YA through this conversation

Jamc – ya that makes a lot of sense we should vote Meg out.. now that the comp is random
VAnessa – I’m a professional gambler we are the targets
Vanessa wants to name the three of them ‘We’re revenge of the nerds”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 19-53-31-004_jpg
Vanessa goes on about her, Jamc and Steve being awkward and nerdy they are different that James, twins and Austin. They are not the social ones. Points out that her and Jmac can “FAKE IT” but Steve can’t.

Vanessa – Julia is our Ideal to go to final 4 with
Jmac – ya ya ya, Yeah, right, Yeah, right, right … mmhhhmmm. mmhhhmmm…. mmhhhmmm… .Yup….. right …. mmhhhmmm… mmhhhmmm. … ohh ya … mmhhhmmm.. ya.. ya.. yeah..ya.. ya.. ya.. ya .. mmhhhmmm… mmhhhmmm…, right”
Vanessa speaking
Jmac – “mmhhhmmm, really.. OK … .. OK … yeah.. OK… so… uh.. mmhhhmmm..”
Vanessa spaeking
Jmac – OK..OK.. you don’t have to tell me anything .. mmhhhmmm… mmhhhmmm… mmhhhmmm.. mmmmhhhhmmm… mmhhhmmm.. mmhhhmmm.. right… mmhhhmmm.. mmhhhmmm.. mmhhhmmm..yeah.. that’s true.. mmhhhmmm..”

Vanessa – you know how many combinations of HOH’s it’s over 600
Vanessa speaking
Jmac – “crazy, yeah.. mmhhhmmm..mmhhhmmm.. mmhhhmmm.. mmhhhmmm… mmhhhmmm.. yeah yeah.. His back wasn’t against the weall.. mmhhhmmm.. yeah.. right..
Jmac – “you run all the scenarios they all have shitty sides to them.. there’s nothing I can come with that is better than what you’re saying”
Vanessa says if they plan on doing something different she doesn’t want to be left out of eh loop
Vanessa – I’m not a shitty person
Jmac – I know I know
Vanessa – I’ve put so much thought in it dude.. from every angle
Vanessa says taking out Julia without Austin’s blessing is a risky move.
Vanessa says she’s the dorky DJ Jmac and Steve are funny they’ll win AFP.

Vanessa – James winning is the worst scenario is James winning we can’t control him he’s got a game long history of working with Austin and Liz.
Vanessa says Austin isn’t going to try and win HOH “I watch Austin in the game.. He’s a powerful player in teh game and being able to predict what he’s doing is valuable”
Vanessa says Austin to split up the girls

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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johnnymac all the way

Just made a few purchases – thanks so much for all your hard work year after year – makes summer all the funner 🙂


well vanessa isn’t wrong… austin and james “enjoy” each other’s company

Pinocchio Obama

The possibilities are endless tomorrow and I love it.

Chill this Town

keep going Steve! you need to start thinking for yourself, and it seems you are returning to that.

you must keep john, you cannot let Vanessa make that move. finally, someone thinking that 2 v a VERY tight 3 is a terrible idea.


Vanessa shut your damn mouth! Gawd! Let them flip the vote!
Let them? Wow! That’s sooo sad!


Vanessa is right. It is not in Steve’s best interest to vote out Julia tomorrow.

The Austwins will be broken up soon.


Problem is if they wait much longer the odds of the twins or Austin ending up in the finale go way up. Austin will stick with the twins until that ship sinks. Everyone else is 4th at best.


Sigh! Vanessa is good!


You would be good too if someone was giving you “HINTS’ and then the other players tell the other part. This game is becoming soon sickening, I mean in all the years I have watched BB it keeps getting worse. Either take it off the air or allow the players to do what they use to do play the game regardless. I don’t even watch it anymore I just read the spoilers. They have a few more weeks to go and they need to do something to bring back our interest. Like I said the only reason Vanessa is so smart is because they keep giving her info and for all we know they may tell the other players to share there ideas with the other house guest, at this point I’m not putting anything pass anyone. BB is SUCKING every YEAR!!!!


May I ask why you keep watching if it sucks so much?


How can someone have an opinion that it sucks if they don’t watch the feeds? The forum is based on opinions and rarely unanimous

Chill this Town

I think what isn’t talked about enough is how Vanessa through her deal making and going back on deals and being crazy paranoid about any deals…has created an environment where everyone is deal adverse.

MAC was shocked he could make a deal w/ Julia in voting to keep her. its the season of playing scared, and whether it was intentional or not…Vanessa has created that.


Oh yes, of course it it Vanessa’s fault that Steve and JMac are spineless creeps. Of course it is.

The Art of the Con

Vanessa doesn’t shut up with her volcanic barrages of self serving lies, manipulation, threats, bribes, hysteria, histrionic tantrums, cheating at comps, overdoses, slander, egotism. elitism, condescension, psycho-babble, religious fanaticism, con – that’s what con artists do, rely on shady, backstabbing, theatrics, trickery and false friendship to prey on weak to steal their confidence, control and their money.

Johnny and everyone else give up out of exasperation, she only writes monologs with no intention of listening or partnership. What’s the point of giving her any info she will twist to get need and manipulate against you? So the Season of acting an idiot rages, with JMACS guffaws, Steves thumbsucking, Megs giggles and a whole range of regressive behavior designed to play to Vanessa’s obsession to control, mother, lecture.

Vanessa negotiates no win-win deals. People simply nod agreement, with for her or she’ll scream, cry, cheat and bribe with the help of production. The only way to survive is pretend to agree, bob in the wake of her storm, reassuring her you’re not a threat, so she doesn’t direct her destructive forces at you. It appears they help her, but she’s always on the block, backdoored, plotted against. She jumps on every sideways glance, so they hide under covers, sleep or hide in DR to avoid her crazy-eyed gaze. Even the Twins can’t stand to be alone in a room with her, the Buddy system of witnesses in effect with everyone on and off her team.

It’s the art of the con, at a table where only one player writes the rules and the other recruits were chosen because they don’t know the game. We were conned again this season, just don’t call it a game show. There weren’t even two con artists cast to spar, Day was only a dealer who pushes around cards (Van’s words). So let’s all find out, whose going to gamble on keeping Van in the game. Gag, we’re Geeks, we’re alike, they’re after you, we’re introverts, we don’t have friends on Jury, she’s gonna cut your penis off, you need me, I’m a straight shooter. Nobody’s buying her load of crap, just uh huh, mmmmm, yup, really? you don’t say? …..Til she ends up on the block again and explodes for the last time, the user gets used.


Vanessa’s thoughts:

(var)?, x:A?x:A(app)??M:A?B??N:A??M N:B(abs)?, x:A?M:B???xA.M:A?B(pair)??M:A??N:B?? hM, Ni:A×B(?1)??M:A×B???1M:A(?2)??M:A×B???2M:B(?)?? ?: 1 ??true:Bool|??(CT-TRUE)??false:Bool|??(CT-FALSE)??e1:T1|?1C1??e2:T2|?2C2??e3:T3|?3C3?1, ?2, ?3mutually disjoint??if e1then e2else e3:T2|?1??2??3C1?C2?C3? {T1=Bool, T2=T3}(CT-IF)x:T????x:T|??(CT-VAR)?, x:T1?e:T2|?C???x:T1. e:T2|?C(CT-ABS)??e1:T1|?1C1??e2:T2|?2C2?1??2=?1?FV(T2) =?2?FV(T1) =?X6??1, ?2, T1, T2, C1, C2,???e1e2:X|?1??2?{X}C1?C2? {T1=T2?X}(CT-APP) e1|??e?1|??!e1|??!e?1|???(l) =v!l|??v|?e1|??e?1|??e1:=e2|??e?1:=e2|??e2|??e?2|??v:=e2|??v:=e2|??l:=v2|??unit|[l7?v2]?e1|??e?1|??ref e1|??ref e?1|??l6?dom(?)ref v|??l|(?,l7?v) = Austin would blame Steve if he could get enough people to vote out Julia

Vanessa hater’s thoughts:

I could use me another 6 or 8 cans of that potted meat if you got any extree. MMM HMM!


That looks like a pretty accurate depiction of the inside of Vanessa’s brainpan.

Smart Guy

The aversion to deals can be attributed to James making a deal with Shelli to not nominate her or Clay.

Flip the vote JOHN & STEVE

come out from under that rock and flip the vote….you are sooo much better off starting to break up that trio…!!!


I posted something nice about Vanessa recently. I am sorry. She bullied me into it.


Is that you Steve?


I just feel so bad for Mel. Dang.

Not Sorry

I was going to post something nice about Vanessa, but I couldn’t think of anything. Wait, I thought of something, no…I still can’t think of anything nice. So I won’t say anything at all. Oh yeah, okay, how about she’s GAY? Oh wait, that’s the reason she said she’s alone and it’s caused her to be a raving bitch. Scratch that. Well I’ll keep watching, maybe she’ll say or do something nice in her exit interview with Julie Thursday.

Beenie Fan

I like her new brown beenie… the one that looks like the Pile of Poo emoji.

Big sexy 40

The whole fucking thing shit the bed. It’s been coming a mile away for months, and low and behold every predictable, plot line is playing out, and there is nothing we can do . Julia getting whacked was the last chance we had and that’s not going down . This isn’t some mid July crazy rant- prediction, there’s nobody fuckin left . Meg goes, scamper side prolly gets hoh, James gets clipped . And there you have it . Vanessa, couple kinda background guys, and the fuckin twins and Austin , for the. 500k . Wow. Awful tv. Imagine the possibilities . Austin takes out Liz .. Meg takes out Vanessa .. Instead we got fed this horse shit . Disgusted as a fan of games, sports, psychology, reality. All party’s involved fucking sold out . Put a quarter in your ass cause u played yourself bb…. Fucking dickheads

Valentina Corleone

Fuckin’ dickheads – short and to the point. I agree totally!!


K bye lol


You do realize that if James wins first hoh, Vanessa is 100% gone. Nothing she can do.

Now question is, was the practice setup earlier today for hoh or pov?


Not necessarily. James has talked about targeting several people. Austin/Liz. Steve, Vanessa. Really he may surprise us and throw up Austin/Liz. If he got out both sets of showmances that would be awesome for his bb resume.

Mina Harker

I think Liz has a form of Stockholm Syndrome. It’s the only reason that makes sense to me why she’s with Austin. He has no job; no prospects, unless you count his upcoming 13 episode story line on the Bold & The Beautiful – kidding! – lives with his sister…gee, what a catch!! And she very possibly may lose her job after her stellar performance on BB, because I’m sure whatever marketing firm she works for is so proud of her behavior. Seriously, people really need to understand what they sign up for when they go on a TV show.

Now this is Big Brother

I’m praying hard that JuJu is bah-bye. Not that I like Meg at all. Its that this game needs a twist. Its been way to Vanessa controlled up til now. If Steve flips…..he’s official going on my top three vote list! Until then Dawg is my number 3!



I need to keep john here
I need to keep john here
I need to keep john here
I need to keep john here

Lmao what a weirdo


I wonder if her telling Steve that she wants to take Julia to the final 3 rang any bells in his head. It should of told him, she will take Julia. Steve should be offended by her remarks of him being a “geek”, and one of the “uncool kids”, those are cruel remarks to make to someone like Steve. Vanessa saying oh, you are like me, pleeeeeease. Vanessa thinks she is better than everyone in the house. Just listen to her remarks about the other players. She is very egotistical and condescending. When Steve tried to make a positive remark about himself, she shot him down.
I am sick and tired of Austin calling Steve Boy…..how demeaning!! This from a wannabe wrestler, who looks like a beach bum, who has never been in the water.
I want Steve, Johnny Mac to flipped the vote and do what is best for their game, not Vanessa’s, keeping Julia does not help either one of them. I do believe that James knows that the twins and Austin are working with Vanessa, it would benefit him to run with Johnny Mac. Now if Johnny Mac could only win a comp. and do something smart. Break up that group.


She said “WE” are the nerds. And Steve has called himself a geek since day one. You’re being over dramatic about that

Now if you want to talk about someone being an ass and really ticking Steve off, that would be Austin with the whole “boy” thing.

NYC Goblin

Everybody against James. I love James but I don’t think he’s gonna win, like he said he has to win either HOH or POV every week till the end to get there, that’s what ? 4-5 weeks? I wish it happened but we have seen it before -I remember James -crazy James- from season 9 I think and frank 2 seasons ago. They won comps but eventually they got to lose one and they were gone. I def voting James for Americas player. I liked he took risks for his game and not cried: “I don’t want blood in my hands” crap. Even I think Vanessa would be the one deserving more to win after James is gone I really would like her she leaving and seeing all that nauseated drama she did was for nothing. Not that a like the ones left a bit, j-mac is clueless, Steve can’t think by himself and got to ask for permission for everything, the Austwins have been lucky that Vanessa is using them as shield so she can take them to final 3 and then nobody would give them their vote -except the one left out-


Like Joe in Survivor last year, the minute he didn’t win immunity he was gone.


Here we go again.
Jonnymac wants Julian out.
Steve wants Julia out.
Austin is open to the idea.
BUT.. Vanessa will hold their balls to The Diary room and they will vote Meg out. ????


Austin isnt really open to it “this week”. He said “this week” isn’t the time for that and completely shut Meg down about it. He said Liz would know he did and he can’t risk that for their relationship “outside of the house” LOL


Meg and James need to talk to Steve and JMac together and align. Steve then can go to Vanessa and say the vote is flipping, make her feel at ease with the decision and explain to her that Austin and Liz will be targeted next week, and that if either one of them pulls themselves off the block with the veto any one of them can go up safely as a pawn because they have the votes 3-1. Vanessa can feel okay about it because if Austin or Liz wins HOH most likely Steve and JMac will go up in retaliation for flipping on Julia this week. That’s what Steve and JMac need to do if they want a shot at winning this. Like they said, any of them in the final 5, 4 or 3 with the Austwins they would have to win out, and if you have to win to stay, then there is a problem with your game. Plus going after the tightest alliance, which has controlled a lot of this game, would look great on their resumé with the jury. I really hope this happens. It needs to. The twin talking echo effect has to stop. It hurts my ears, plus they are just not that great of human beings to begin with.


Yeah I don’t really think she’d freak out about it. I watched the feeds for just a few minutes today, and she was talking about the positive aspects of them flipping and voting Julia out. She didn’t sound upset about it at all.


Yes I agree that would be great gameplay!! Meg and James are not good players so its not happening. Steve will play Vanessa’s game and not his own and the worst player to ever play the game will walk out the front door. Good bye Meg!!
If Liz goes at double eviction we have a game. Julia will not stay with Austin she will go to Vanessa. Austin would then be next out the door!!


I’m riddled with zits and mental illness. I’m crying out for help. I’m crazy and can’t control my behavior. I’m a degenerate.


Pot and kettle?????


At least she can take feedback well. See the conversation with her and James in the last episode 🙂


Idk I had to agree with her on that one. I don’t think James thought that through very well. His entire game is based on winning vetoes. Which he is good at, BUT you can’t win them all.

I don’t think he should be telling anyone how to play the game or critique how they’re playing when his game play isn’t that great himself.

Min O'Pause

I gotta fan here. Ready for some shit to hit it. Let’s stir up this borefest. I’m hoping Steve and JMac manage to grow some testicles overnight and flip that vote. James for AFP! You can bet he’d stir things! BTW…bated that smug look on Julia’s face when she took her spot on the block. I’d give a kidney just to see her face when she got booted out!


And, you could get about 35K for that kidney! Everybody wins!!


Ladybug does every damn post you write have to be about Vanessa? Get over her already you creepy obsessive stalker.

Flipping the vote and voting out Julia does not help Steve and he knows it. You all know that it helps James and so you call Vanessa a idiot for not wanting to help James.

James little ass is going out Thursday right after Meg. Double eviction. Goblins dead. I can’t say Im unhappy.

Be a good show tomorrow. I hope Meg cries a lot. 🙂

Girl please

How’s that glass house you live in? Your a little too obsessed with Vanessa yourself.

Min O'Pause

If they flip this vote Vanessa’s eyeballs will pop outta her head and Julia’s eyeballs will get so huge they’ll split apart and meet in the back of her skull. Now that’s entertainment!


Please vote out Julia! Please! Now that would be some good TV!!!


Not really. Vanessa doesn’t seem to mind if Julia goes. I think she’ll use it as a way for Liz to take out Austin.

Which Liz has a good shot at doing. She’s a decent competitor. And Vanessa has already laid the groundwork.


“Vanessa – you gotta trust me on the social cues.”
One of the biggest laughs I’ve had this season. The most inept social introvert telling Steve, another social introvert to trust her social cues? Poker player or not, you’re an idiot Vanessa.


Vanessa saying that Liz/Meg/James and Austin would team up if Julia is gone. I dont buy that. Also she just admitted to Steve that she wants to take someone weak like Julia to the final 2. Hello open your eyes Steve. You are at the bottom right now. Split the trio.


brass tacks already happened once.
Austin already put up Steve and John instead of Meg and James once.
Austin already tried to steer Vanessa to nominate John with Steve as a pawn after she won hoh.
Austin already tried to get Jmac or Steve put up as the replacement nom.
Vanessa knows all of this, and Steve and Jmac know at least half of this.
As a manipulation tool she’s got the evidence to back it up.
Who is to say Meg and James wouldn’t cozy up to Austin and Liz? Austin will cozy up to anyone that is hoh. Brass tacks was on its way to being formed when Becky was hoh, and Austin and Liz abandoned Vanessa to get closer to Jackie, Meg and James.

Smart Guy

You know good and well the hambeasts in here have sub-85 IQs. All of those facts you just presented will go right over their sweaty, greasy heads. 8-D


You are one of the only ones here that seems to spell out that scenario to a T.

Min O'Pause

C’mon lets see a freak on…..besides Asstin humping Gizzard.


All this Vanessa hate. Let’s face it though, when it comes down to selecting who is the best player in this game… Can you name anyone but her? Sure James and Jmac are popular, but this isn’t a popularity contest.


Awesome if Steve and Austin flip. Julia goes. James wins hoh..Vanessa and Liz on block. Vanessa goes home….James gets to final two by winning and is hero for taking Vanessa out…..James wins season 17.


Ah yes.. A scenario covered with pixie dust and flying unicorns and tiny singing fairies with gold dust to sprinkle too!! not gonna happen

Min O'Pause

I haven’t seen that since I got slipped that spiked weed in college?!


I have to imagine deep down Aus/ twins laying there at night have to wonder ” shit, what if they all hate me.
Maybe they are that dumb and don’t think it,or are in denial . Oh boy . Just like Xmas …. Surprise . Legit 96% of the 6 million people that watch you, hate you . Losing is fine. Going on with about 7-8% chance of winning isn’t good . But to act like buffoons on tv ? That’s a joke .


I can’t wait to see Vanessa vs the twins it’s gonna be good! Stay tuned.


After watching tonight’s episode Vanessa is in need of some major meds and help! The way she went off on James in the HoH room was just pathetic! She is completely delusional and that is not any part of game play what so ever!!!!!!!!! – I really hope she doesn’t win now. I can’t support someone winning that is in need of medical help!!!! – Go James Go


The episode showed 30 seconds of a 30-45 minute conversation.
One which ended with them hugging.
It began on feeds with Vanessa saying she’d been drinking and was in a bad mood.
It was edited to fuel the James vs. Vanessa good vs evil storyline.
The episodes are extremely condensed and often leave out a lot of the background.

James Hates Her

James sucked her dick to calm her down to save Meg, and prevent any damage to his game staying in, not because they are friends. James said he’s afraid of her, she’s always got some ridiculous excuse for her abusive behavior. All addict abusers blame alcohol, meds, sun glasses, rats, a sideways look, then carry the Bible around and preach, complete crap. She needs rehab and anger management class not a check for $500k.

James was the bigger person and she felt an ass, saving face for camera. She pushes people’s face into the dirt then shakes their hand to say no hard feelings. Like shit. Vanasty’s game is bullying, cheating, bribing and she speaks for 4 zombie Twits votes magnifying the intimidation, own it.

She’s extremely unlikable and dirty game is not appealing to all. Production gives them scripts for talking heads about respecting her game, but every single evicted said they’d never give her their vote, including Becky, James, Meg and Twins when they go. It shouldn’t bother you to read differing opinions. If your arguments were compelling you’d win people over, until Van’s next temper tantrum.


I didn’t offer any judgement on the character of Vanessa or James.
She had been drinking and went to bed. She was asleep when Meg woke her earlier to try to make a deal for herself on behalf of James. She told Meg she’d been drinking and was cranky. Then James went up to make the same deal. She told James she’d been drinking and was cranky.
The show did edit the entire conversation down to a 30 second soundbyte that furthered their agenda.
I didn’t state they are friends. I said the conversation ended with a hug: meaning that the exchange didn’t end where the episode cut it.
Neither is playing a particularly clean game. Otherwise, James wouldn’t be so concerned that other h/g’s bring up his broken deals. He broke his Jace deal week 1, his Clelli deal week 6, his evict Vanessa deal with Becky week 7, and his brass tacks deal. Vanessa’s game isn’t clean either. She broke the dark moon deal and she broke the James deal from week 6. She has operated for 90% of the game with a minimum of two alliances.
I didn’t choose a side in my reply to BBALIAS. I did assume that since the comment was based on thoughts following the episode, it might germane to state that there was far more to the conversation in question than that 30 seconds.


It’s was a pretty weird scene. I’ve never seen someone act like that over such a small amount of critique.

I don’t buy her “I’m in a bad mood” line. I reckon she said that because she was dreading the conversation that was about to take place. After all she just put James up next to his best friend and he was now off the block in a position of power.

Smart Guy

Whatsoever is one word.


I really hope you’re joking. If not, you need to rethink your screen name.

Smart Guy

It’s called a compound word. They are somewhat common in the English language. See, another compound word. 8-D


Goblins really need to touch base with Steve and make him feel safe instead of disregarding him.


love the tip jar — I donated a little something. thanks for all you do!!!


It is best for John’s game if he evicts Julia and have an alliance with James and Meg. If not he is the next target after James. Steve should secretly tell John that he will be the next to go after James. Also Steve should be worried that Vanessa and Austin might make a final 2 deal if Julia is still left in the house. Austin will be alone if Julia and Liz are together and might make that deal with Vanessa.


I agree, Steve has to do what is best for his game not Vanessa’s. He heard Vanessa say first James and then JMac.

Smart Guy

We’re Revenge of The Nerds? Since she was talking about permutations how about Combinatorics or The Factorials?

Leaky Speemp

I think Higher-Order Logic or Pascal’s Triangle would be a good alliance name for those three.

Van & Austin Hate Nerds

Because Vanessa appeals to introverts need to belong by giving them stupid names like BOY…And because Austin days all people who watch feeds are fat nerds, we’ll play along, Geeks new name could be…
Murphys OutLaws: whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.
Newton’s Numbnuts: Whatever goes up must come down.
Bottom Feeders: We eat Van’s ass til the end!

This is the extent of Vanasty & Asstink’s social game, condescend, patronize, pretend us cool kids will talk to you, while we use you throw you away, like you can’t count numbers and know you don’t have a shot at Final 3.


I think you’re confused. “Boy” is Austin’s thing, not Vanessas.


Meg needs to go. James is untrustworthy (I know he is the comic relief!) and Van is playing her best game. If James had spent more time pulling Steve and John in instead of trying to go “camping” with Meg he might of had a chance at an alliance with himself, John, Steve and Meg with Austin as a silent partner to eliminate Julia. But for the last time!! He publicly went back on his promise to Shelli not to put her up!! Your word is everything in this game (listen to Vanessa adnauseam) so why after ranting post veto how he was going after Van would she trust him? Of course she is going to use her influence over Steve to squash a flipped vote. If she is on the block against him she needs Julia’s vote. It comes down to who does Steve trust more and James missed that boat weeks ago. If James wins HOH and puts up Steve then he is a d@mn fool. Van and Liz with Julia backup.


Vanessa is completely orange tonight! Slow down on the self tanner or makeup, psycho. If the twins, Austin, or Vanessa win this game, this will be the most boring year of them all. Vanessa is so full of herself! She is so smart that she blew 4 millions dollars and has nothing to show for it. She is desperate. The twins are just brats. Austin is just a loser. Please James or anybody do something!

New casting director needed!

Her’s the thing that I really hate about how Vanessa is playing this game (and makes me wonder how she made it through the psychological testing for this show). She makes it absolutely impossible for anyone to question her, point out an inconsistency or hypocrisy, or God forbid criticize her. Cause if anyone dares try, she bombards them with nonstop arguing with tears and “poor me, I’m the victim here”. I’ve grown up with a couple of people in my life who practice the same manipulative BS. It just gets too exhausting so you give up trying to have a normal adult conversation with them. And never cross them again. This is how Vanessa has this entire house afraid of her.

Mr Robot

I think someone gave Steve a Mr. Robot (show on USA) haircut! Please rethink the flipped vote. Get out Julia. Don’t let Vanessa play your game for you.


Austin said today that he would live with Liz, but he has never lived with a GF before. Maybe that’s because you said yesterday that Liz is actually older than you normally date and you date 20 yr olds. I’m sure many dads would not approve of their 20yr old daughter living with a 31yr old man. Sad that at 23yrs old Liz is considered too old for Austin.

Do Something

Well, Vanessa officially started turning the twins against Austin tonight. She wants final 3 to be her and the twins. She knows that no jury member would ever give them the money! Steve or Jmac, please do something before it’s too late.


Vanessa has been pulling flip / don’t flip strings on all of them for days.
She’s got each of them to say they wouldn’t flip without Austin’s permission.
Vanessa is ensuring that if Julia is the victim of a flip, Liz will not blame Vanessa.
Vanessa knows she is James’ target already. She doesn’t want to be everyone’s target. again. She already had to work her way out of that problem once.
She doesn’t want to go to the final three with THE twins. She wants to go to final three with A twin.

Jack Buttocks

Woooooo pig sooie! James has overtaken Jmac as favorite house guest! Man, his Hogging stats are going to go way up when he gets out of here! He better get to working out them shoulders because they’re going to be holding up a lot of hocks this time next month!

another name

Even though I have previously stated that i became a Steve fan after his hoh because he evicted somebody, and got none of the blame for that eviction, and even though i have previously stated that i somehow became a Vanessa fan (her ability to strategically manipulate, not her personality), I still don’t seem to care very much which of Meg or Julia goes home.
Okay, that’s not completely true. Meg bothers me more, but i wouldn’t be very upset if Julia left either.
In my mind, Meg still hasn’t even tried to pull in Steve. She complains that she feels like she hasn’t done enough, but feels like there is nothing left to do to save herself. Well she did get out of the dentist chair long enough to try for ten minutes with Austin yesterday. And luckily enough a random over the wall shouter got James and John talking. Good thing she entered the room to at least take part in James campaigning to save Meg. But she has yet to speak to Steve about the possibility?
I don’t know if she’s even spoken to Steve this week yet. Oh wait, they spoke earlier today when he told her he felt like an underdog in the game, and she laughed at him. This is the supposed ‘nice’ girl that is so well liked?
The complete outsider that Meg and her peeps never had time or kind words for expresses that he feels like an underdog, and the failed primadonna of the big brother whining choir is so self obsessed that she finds it socially acceptable to laugh. And he’s the one that doesn’t understand social cues and propriety?
I guess he hasn’t spent enough time sitting in a room crying to anyone that will listen about how horrible his vacation is because his friends had to leave early to qualify for Meg level big brother martyrdom. He’d have cried too maybe if he’d been friends with half the house, but they were part of the Meg clique that rejected him. He’s just the guy that the losing alliance rejected, until the other alliance decided to use him as an extra number.
I think he’s been nominated just as many times as Meg, he’s just won pov’s or botb’s more often. How insensitive of him not to pity Meg as the one and only underdog.
I don’t think I’ve ever talked about Julia much. In terms of her game i shrug and say what game. I think that’s the most i’ve said about her all season. Don’t care.
So I guess i would enjoy it more if Meg were evicted, but i wouldn’t be heartbroken if Julia left either.


It’s at that point of the game where everyone is tasting the money. Can anyone imagine the stress of living in this house!!! Think it would make everyone crazy. 6 in 1shot at 500 thousand !!!




if Steve and Johnny flip the vote, they could be 4-2 in HOH. Nominate Liz and Austin and Vanessa backdoor. James and Meg need to realize they need Stevie’s vote and stop trying to work Austin.

Ariana Grande stinks!

This is a perfect example why I strongly dislike the boogereating bastard Steve! He’s nothing but a chihuahua in Vanessa’s lap.