“The only person that genuinely wants to keep him [Tyler] is Christmas everyone else would go either way”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David Tyler and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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midnight Christmas and Kevin
Christmas – i’m here to do this.. this is my job right now. When I do something I go all the f***ing way I’m here to play and win these comps.. without any stress and nervousness I was like BAM BAM it happened. (ugh)
Kevin – I can do that
Christmas – does that make sense
Kevin – yes it does..
Christmas says his first veto win shows him he can do it his second one he’s go to show that he can “Dominate”
Christmas – don’t go to go through.. don’t go to the finish line go through the finish line..
Christmas – tomorrow you have to go through not to

12:40 am bible time with Da’Vonne and Tyler

1:09 am Da’Vonne and Nicole
They talk about how well Tyler is handling being nominated.
Nicole – better than anybody in the household
Da’Vonne – good for her
Nicole – better than I would imagine
Da’Vonne – I felt so bad for her .. all she wanted to do was see Tennessee.. I’m pretty confident she didn’t expect a night like this
Da’Vonne – moving forward now if you win HOH you have to have 5 in play.. (if you win HOH)
Da’Vonne – oh my gosh.. and you have to figure out what order they’ll be in
Nicole – it’ll have to be a friend. This house is full of friends.
Da’Vonne – there’s three powers they should have done this in the first week or there should have been one
Nicole says with so many powers in the game “No one will want to win HOH”
Da’Vonne – at first I was thinking how Tyler would say he wanted to go home right? Maybe he did it so he could get out of the game but you don’t get to go home.. nobody wants to sit in Jury
Nicole – maybe he’s planning on leaving
Da’Vonne – I thought what if .. but no it make no sense either.. what if he set a trap to see if Dani would nominate him
Nicole – I don’t know about that
Da’Vonne – but she can’t play next week and now he has somebody to put up
Nicole – true

Nicole saying how people should just leave David alone about not telling he had a power or finding out if it is him with the power.
Nicole – people are being a little too hard on him because people are like we want to get out of him.. I’m like it doesn’t change anything
Da’Vonne – it still got used
Nicole – yeah
Da’Vonne – weather it was him or somebody else
Nicole – leave him alone at this point. People will fixate on it because theirs nothing else to do
Da’Vonne says Christmas told them the powers expires in three weeks. So next weeks powers are going to fly everywhere.
Nicole – I wish I had a power so bad during a double. I hate doubles moire than anything else.. If I could pay them to not have a double.. In the contract.. It’s so stressful

Da’Vonne checks out the ants.

1:40 am 2/3rd of the love Triangle
Dani – why do I have the trashiest power in the whole world then there’s these mighty powers.. I hate my power I want to return it I want a refund.. I have a recepit.
Dani – mine was refereed to as getting socks for Christmas (by DR)
They both complain that Dani’s power is weak while other peoples have powers like David’s. They speculate that the other power is a “Shield”
Dani says she’s embarrassed because in the Diary room when she got her power she cried because it’s trash.

Cody asks her if she’s trying to get Tyler out
Dani – I don’t know what I’m trying to do. Not make people mad
Dani doesn’t want Veto played “if he wins you got Christmas”
Dani – if Kevin wins.. for reals.. what am I going to do
Cody – i dunno
Dani – if Kevin wins we have to send Tyler home
Cody – you know what’s going to come up.. Ian. It’s going to come off Christmas and Memphis
Dani says Enzo wants Da’Vonne put up. I’m sorry i’m not putting her up
Cody says Enzo is upset with how fast she dropped in the HOH
Dani – why is he so upset about it.
Cody – Enzo is on the season to win Competition..
Dani – that’s all he talks about. He’s a little extra talking about it. There’s 0 percent chance.
Dani – the only person that genuinely wants to keep him is Christmas everyone else would go either way

Cody – Memphis wasn’t talking like that outside
Dani – I talked to Memphis yesterday.. I told him about the whole situation with Tyler
Dani – he was pissed at Tyler.. he felt really betrayed.. I told him Tyler was lying trying to set me up.. Hew as like why is he trying to dabble with other things when he has our alliance.
Dani – I tell you at the end of the week the only person that will be gungho with Keeping Tyler is Christmas everyone else is open with whatever
Cody says Christmas will do what the group does.
Cody – David, Kevin everyone will stay and Tyler will go home.

Cody – you’re HOH week we’ve eliminated no numbers
Dani – we have option.. Kevin keeps being super weird and pressing me about who used the power.
Dani – he’s saying that crap Ian was saying about how it was not David.. A – that is weird because he’s really trying to defend David WHy? B – he’s using the story again like Dani.. I think somebody you were close to knew what was happening wanted to accelerate it to make sure it was happening. I was like so you are telling me whoever is my closest allies in this game did this. and he’s like YES.
Dani – and I said …. interesting
Dani – I said who do you think it is and he said whoever you told what you were doing who did you tell.. I said Kevin I didn’t tell a single person in this house anything.. and he goes OHH.. . maybe that defeats that..
Dani says tomorrow she’ll tell Kevin the only person that knew was Da’Vonne because he’s tight with her and lays off of it.

Dani – If I can validate the fact he’s [Kevin] coming after you I don’t want him here
Dani brings up how Kevin come sup with the most outlandish Scenarios constantly about everyone in the house, “what house are you in”
They wonder who Kevin means when he says her closest allies.
Dani – if Kevin comes off who do I put up? at that point we send Tyler home. I feel like we have to
Cody – who do you put up? if you put up another committee person that could really piss people off. If you were like Christmas be a pawn, Memphis be a pawn and then the thing is thin about.. if he goes up and think she’s the target.
Dani – what about Enzo?
Cody – Ohh my god..
Dani – I don’t think it will be easy i’m just thinking scenarios who else am I going to put up that guaranteed to stay?
Cody – I understand that it’s a matter of.. in terms of if you put…
Dani – the only options I have honestly are Ian and Enzo who else? Memphis?
Cody – if Tyler feels like he is the target it’s going to be a f***ing nightmare. It’s gotta seem like Tyler you are the pawn.
Dani – Christmas still? who tell me who?
Dani says Nicole, Da’Vonne and David are all out.
DAni – Christmas, Memphis and you C’mon.. it’s literally Ian, Enzo and Christmas those are the only options. If I put up Ian he’ll break into pieces so it’s really only Enzo and Christmas
Cody says the only person that would make Tyler feel lie he’s not the target is Ian.
Cody says id she put up Memphis Tyler will think he’s the target.

Dani looks at the memory wall says if she puts up Ian thy’ll have Cody, Da’Vonne, Nicole and Enzo for votes.
Dani – I’ll break the tie.
DAni – if we really wanted Tyler gone at that point we could convince Memphis.. it would be a tough sell because he wants Ian gone at that point.

They talk about who Tyler will blow the committee up to. Cody doesn’t think Tyler can do alot of damage.
Dani against asks who she should put up Cody wants to talk about it another time says “it’s hurting my brain thinking about it”
Dani – what if there’s another power and I have to put 5 people up
Cody – quit walk out the door.. put me up I want out
Dani – can you imagine two people can keep them off the block and I get to replay in a trashy HOH competition.. how did I get the worst power..

Dani says right now da’Vonne thinks Tyler is the target. Cody says Tyler thought he was going to be the backdoor option this week
Dani asks him who she should have put up if not Tyler.
Dani – you literally said 10 minutes ago he’s not coming after you and isn’t going to be upset
Cody – I don’t know what you want me to say
Dani – if ou were me who would you have put up? you’re acting like it was a bad move
Cody – to be honest.. Da’Vonne or Ian. you are in a different spot than me
Dani – Ian was the other option but I’m not going t put up Ian

They conduct their flirty banter about Dani putting Cody up
Dani – I cant stand you.. stop being awful
Cody – you’re threatening to put me on the block and I’m being awful
Dani – yeah
Cody – you’re on such a power trip
Dani wanted him to have won the HOH and had his HOH ruined by a twist, “you couldn’t hold on for two minutes you need to work out more”
Dani – this week will put me in the worst spot ever.. I literally have targeted four people..

Cody says he’s worried she’ll find out Kevin is coming after him but she won’t tell him because she wants Tyler put
Dani says the only reason she put Kevin up in the first place is because of Cody.

Cody points out that Nicole is saying that Da’Vonne was cheering when David used his power.
They go back to talking about the nominations. Dani says if they stay the same Tyler will be one his best behavior all week.
Cody – he might now
Dani – he will
Cody suggests she picks Enzo if she gets houseguests choice “he’s going to battle for the veto he won’t be like I don’t need to win”
Cody says if he gets pick he’ll battle to win
Cody says if he wins the veto he won’t use it it’s an easy conversation to have with Tyler just say that he’s not going to make Dani nominate a 5th person when they have the votes to keep Tyler.
Cody – Enzo loves the core four..
Dani tells him she’s not sold on Tyler leaving this week she’s just weighing all the options

Cody says Tyler going home isn’t good for his game right now but he will send him home “1 million percent” if that is what Dani wants.
Cody – I’m not f**ing around to mess with you
Dani – so what do we do get David out in the double
Cody – really on a double.. that’s what frustrates me the most.
Cody says he’ won’t go after Ian on the double.
Cody says if during the double he put David and Kevin up and one of them went down he would put up Da’Vonne and send her home
Dani wants clarity on why not Ian on the double
Cody – i’m literally clipping somebody .. Ian is not coming for us.
Dani – please hear me, DA’Vonne is not coming for you I truly don’t think so. She’ been very open with me since Bayleigh left.

Cody – I feel way more confident and comfortable with Ian than Christmas
Dani – Christmas will come after you before Da’Vonne
Cody says that Da’Vonne will never win a competition
Dani – then why go after her first

Dani warns him that Christmas was trying to form a girls alliance earlier in the game.
They go back to talk about how Cody is safe with Tyler. Dani says she felt the exact same way about Tyler then he did what he did. Warns him what’s to stop Tyler from doing that to Cody.
Dani – I’m just playing devils advocate.
Cody – at what point does he say f** it to me..
Dani – there was no reason to do it to me.. NONE.. I’ve never said his name once.. never
Cody – yeah
Dani says Tyler looked really stupid on the show after last week. “that’s what I gather.. it was stupid it was a stupid move.. how would he not look stupid”
Cody – why the f** would you do something like that.. now he’s on the block..

Dani – tell me more about David crying the fake crying is that real
Cody says he’s taken acting classes and it’s not the hardest thing in the world to make yourself cry
Dani – but he weeps
Cody – if that is something he learnt to do it’s not hard.
Cody talks about how David crying after the power was over the top.
Cody – he said I f***ing hate this game.
Dani – we all knew somebody was coming off the block
Cody – I was like he’s being ridiculous
they go on to describe what happened after the power was used last night.
Dani points out that David and Kevin have been close all day.
Dani says Production should be embarrassed that they gave her a trash power and David a super power. “It’s embarrassing for the show”

3:30 am Sleeping yo

8:10 am Christmas is talking about her nutrition seminar and tour..

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Empty the trash Dani,DaVonne, and Kevin and lets get down to the real game.

Kid Rock

DaVonne will win, the world will be happy and Big Brother will save face in our brave new world.

Too scripted

Bounce Dani

I’m sure CBS would love this but DaVonne’s mouth will sink her.


CBS doesnt want Day to succeed, it would go against their narrative. (cue piano music)


??? she is not gonna win she is gonna home right after Dani and of course let’s make this a race issue as well so sad what our world has come too


I would like Tyler to stay this week but if he goes then he goes…. but Dani doesn’t realize how much her game was in jeopardy the last few weeks and not because of Tyler… then she wins HOH and David uses the power… her game is blowing up right in front of her face… I can’t wait for her to be evicted… can’t stand her game play


I totally agree


Here’s a what if scenario:
Ian wins veto uses on Kevin, Christmas uses her power on Tyler and Dani has to put up two new people. Can’t put up Tyler, Christmas, David, Kevin, or Ian. She refuses to put up Day…. who will it be????

another name

If Christmas used her power on someone else, she is vulnerable to be a renom UNLESS she also won the veto herself.

Game fan

Christmas can’t use her power on tyler anymore . And enzo will be up before day.


She can still use it before the veto ceremony. However the only way she can protect him and herself is if she wins the veto. If she just uses it on him, she will not be protected.


Yes she can, she can use it after the veto

The Beef

She has to declare it to be in use BEFORE the veto ceremony. If Tyler is still on the block after the ceremony is concluded, then her power would take him off, but then Christmas would be eligible to be put up in his place, which would be a stupid move on her part.


Dani theres a lot of things about this season that are embarassing for the show and none of them invlove your power

another name

Here’s a joke for you.
Let’s say Dani doesn’t use her power in the forthcoming HOH.
Let’s say somehow, some way one of the outsiders wins HOH.
Her power is useless.
We know that’s not in Grod’s plan.


Man, it sure is a coinkydink that the current HoH won the let the HoH play again power…what are the odds?

another name

yeah. I’m sure it’ allll a coincidence. I’m sure coincidence is Grod’s middle name.

One Opinion

I hate how they are protecting some of the players just because they are worried how they will be viewed in the real world. This is a game. I do not see them as white, autistic, black, gay or whatever. I see them as players in a game. I would do what is best for my game. It is not like this in any other type of game.


but tbh on the other hand, for 20+ seasons, players who are straight and white have long since ousted the players who don’t fit that mold, which is why there is a new “protective” mindset among the fanbase and returning players.

Meow Meow

Speak for yourself with the among the fanbase. I agree with One Opinion’s take. Let the best player win.

One Opinion

The only reason they were ousted in a lot of cases is because they didn’t try to get in the good alliances, or they didn’t win comps when they needed to. I do not believe it has always been a racist issue. Of course a few times I believe it was, but not every season.


Same, as much as i like ian (even tho hes done nothing this season so far), clearly something outside of gameplay is keeping him safe this week and it sucks. At the start of the week he was an option and now whenever anyone mentions him dani talks about how much he would freak out, which btw is something i always hate to hear “cant nom x cause they will freak out” so what youre gonna take them to the end just so they dont freak out?!?!
Clearly production talks have to do with this sudden change of mind
Im wondering if cody will do what dani tells him if its between Kevin/tyler, and it really sounds like itd be a bad move from him to keep someone in the house that will target him. And i mean it isnt hard to see, who else do they think kevin would target?!?!
Im really hoping for an ian hoh and for him to turn on them, if he just plays along till the end with them then he will be the most disappointing player by far this season
So far laying low and have nicoles protection has worked perfectly. Everyone is so afraid to make *poor nicole* mad that they have kept him off the block
The fact that no one picks up on how safe nicole is in this house is so annoying. Not only do ppl not even consider her ever but even her “shield” has been protected
I hope someone wins pov, wish its tyler but kevin would work too just so dani has to nominate someone else
Disappointed in enzo for playing codys game and not pushing and planting seeds for who is good for his game to be evicted. Tbf anyone who stays wouldnt target enzo since day is totally blinded by him
Wonder if she will ever see how hard hes playing her while pushing to get her out
On a 2nd thought an enzos hoh would be funny if it ends up exposing him and creating drama with day, but ofc he wont be winning hohs anytime soon


I just love Dani and Cody together….I would listen to them talking all day and night. They have such a interesting & amazing & sexy chemistry

All lives matter

They have good banter! It’s comical.


That isn’t flirting to me… they sound like siblings and good friends. I have no idea how when anyone else sits in a room and talks for hours everyone goes paranoia city… but when Cody does it with Dani… nobody says anything. Why is no one talking about getting rid of Cody?… that is a sign they need to get rid of Cody.


They make me puke. Dani is a terrible person

Double Puke

Dani and Cody can talk all day in the jury house.


Where’d the thumbs down option go?

Give me a thumbs up!



Houka used them all up.


Early morning comp… they stayed up late and at 8:50 am PST puppies and kitties.


If Dani says “that’s trash” again I’m gonna lose it! Also, she is not gonna age well. I can tell she’s gonna be an ugly, old woman.

another name

For storyline the way it’s going:
who is the best option for veto winner?
Dani wants Dani or Enzo to win.
Odds favor Tyler.
Everyone thinks Ian will throw. doubt it.
I don’t know what veto favors Da’vonne.
Kevin? I don’t think sulking is a veto comp… but okay.

Nicf is pushing to Cody that it was Dani and Da’vonne that started the girl’s alliance idea, not Christmas. I knew when Dani refused to share the HOH room with Nicf there was going to be trouble (Nicf asked if she could sleep up there with Dani for the week).

Memphis has been Memphising again about and to Ian and David. At this point I’m hoping one of them slaps him across the back. Hard. I resist the urge to say with a 2×4. Oh, but don’t worry, Memphis went to the executive producers and asked them if he could intimidate the houseguests he doesn’t like. Such an ass.
Oh good, now Memphis wants to tell Tyler that he is singlehandedly f@cking up the Alliance. Let’s think back to what Tyler thinks of Memphis for a minute. This will end well I’m sure.

btw. veto picks are everybody that Kevin thinks he has a deal with in some way shape or fashion.
who’s gonna tell him?


I hope memphis tells tyler! Bring on some drama! Hopefully while doing so tyler shows him where he (memphis) really stands on danis totem pole
Kevin oh kevin… what does he and day know in this game? They actually think they have enzo who keeps pushing for her to go on the block
You think ian would use it? I feel like he would just again play safe and not use it
Ideal outcome: ian wins and uses it on tyler. Dani gets PISSED. Tries to nominate christmas who uses her power and shes forced to put up a 5th person. Memphis would get mad to be put up with day being there and so would enzo
Pls bb god let this happen!

another name

Tyler greatly dislikes Memphis. More likely having Grampa Grump lay down the law is going to push Tyler to go completely rogue if he stays.
Part of me would like the impossible option. Only because imagine what happens if Dani has to nominate from her own groups with Tyler still on the block. The devastation to the alliance and the pregamers would be candy to me.

Mind you, I can never have nice things.


Im all for tyler going rogue if he stays!
But if he doesnt win the veto he will need 5 votes to stay and he will have to swallow his thoughts about memphis, make himself valuable to him and defend his moves against dani

Oh and about the nicole thing against dani to cody hahahaha. This woman is so petty that its laughable. She knows very well that she has dani and still is planting seeds against her out of pettiness or jealousy of the time cody and dani spend together.
Im reaaaaally looking forward to a dani/nicole battle for cody just for how absurd and annoying they are. Hopefully in the process they all get eliminated
But tbh at this point idk who to root for. I simply cant root for terrible players like kevin and day who are so lost in the game, especially day, theres no way ill root for her if she is dragged to the end.
I could root for david if he wasnt so awkward and just uh bad at the game. Talk about having no subtlety.
If he makes it to the end and makes some moves i think ill get behind him
Ian, ill definitely root for him if he turns against the trio… if hes just their puppet then thats a big no from me
Enzo… i think ill end up rooting for enzo, especially if he does some game moves for HIM and not cody. His social game is amazing and the guy is playing successfully all sides. All he gotta do for now is sit back and watch how ppl take shots at each other while he throws 10 yo’s per sentence and tells them all what they wanna hear… and when the time comes far in the game strike and make a move
Tyler… well idt he has chances to getting very far in the game tbh. If he does then go tyler!

another name

David says he wants to play chess not checkers.

David is currently playing peek-a-boo not hide and seek.


Dani’s best move would have been to put up Enzo. She doesnt know Cody, Tyler and Enzo are the Brigade 2.

another name

She thinks she’s the fourth member of that Brigade 2.
They have a named alliance together. She just doesn’t know she’s Britney.

Simon's Flatulence

The ants shall inherit the Earth.


If I hadn’t seen Tyler’s game season 20, I would think, based on this year’s game play, that he WAS the dumb surfer dude he wanted to pretend to be.


Other than wanting to leave and tell the nominees instead of the hoh first putting her close ally in a terrible position, what else has he done that is so dumb?
Ig telling dani hed be ok if she nominates him. But truth is that dani wouldve done it anyway.
Being sloppy trusting ppl who cant play the game and cant keep info for themselves? Ye thats pretty bad. But he had to do something to plant seeds against dani and weaken the core group. He knew he couldnt keep playing their games cause they would just cut him at any point, so he tried to get ppl to see the game that dani was playing. He took a chance knowing that it could backfire and it did. The alternative was just continue the status quo and just give dani/nicole/cody the final 3
Other than that im not sure how would anyone consider him dumb
At least he knows whats going on in the game and now that he wasnt backdoored will have the chance to play in the veto. His attitude to being on the block is EXACTLY what he had to do in order to not finish sinking his game


Anyone read on Nicole Franzels sponosors dropping her. She in deep trouble like Aaryn was for being part of Memphis, Dani and Cody making fun of Ian’s Autism.

go check out Janelles latest twitter post. It’s a Janelle Classic.

Ummmmmmm...Clarity please

I have a question, Dani keeps going on how Tyler’s game play is embarrassing since he was caught in a lie….but isn’t it true that Dani was targeting Day and Bay at one point?? And Tyler was telling them the truth to get more on their side??

Wish Paul was there to finish 2nd again

Yes. But Dani is the GOAT. If you don’t believe me just ask her.


Dani is missing the bigger picture as to why tyler went against her. And this is a typical mistake these ppl do and its basically cause theyre so full of themselves that they cant possibly see how someone elses move against them is smart, even if in the end it turns out badly like it happened to tyler
All dani sees is how she wasnt targetting tyler, which is true if you consider that she was actually defending him to nicole whenever nicole would mention wanting him up on the block and out. Given this it doesnt make sense for tyler to want her out. Thats her thought process.
What she cant see is how strong of a trio she/cody/nicole are and how theyre obv gonna pick each other over the rest (cody may pick enzo/even memphis maybe if he thinks its best for his game). They are not only strong competitors but are positioned extremely well in the house, having branches protecting them almost everywhere. If ppl wait too long to go against them they will be unstoppable. This put together with the fact that tyler wrongfully thought that dani was planting seeds to day/bay against him, made him take a huge risk, endangering his short term game in order to improve his long term game by weakening the core 3. Take into account that he did all this before jury so in case it backfired hed be sent home and not go to jury house.
Dani is completely blind to that, or just doesnt want to see it following the logic of most hg’s where whenever someone wants them out they play the victim and think its a stupid move from them.
In danis defense its smart from her to act this way. Whats the alternative? To admit that tyler was telling the truth about her wanting bay out? Why would she ever do that???? Especially when she has day fully trusting her and buying all her bs. And to her allies? Oh well they just like to obv lie to their faces some times when the others are more than aware that she indeed wanted bay/day out.
As annoying as she is, shes knows how to play the game. She turned it completely against tyler, got her goal of getting bay out with no blood on her hands and has day wrapped up on her finger and trusting her. She made day her victoria and will be pushing to keep her there till the end. If she manages to get tyler out then she will come out of this week doing exactly what was best for her game, and will have day hard pushing to protect her to kevin/david.


I really want Tyler to win veto. Am I right when I say Christmas could use her power to save Tyler if Tyler does not win veto?


Sweet…amd Memphis,… please Memphis!


Tyler for the veto!


So no mention of Cody anywhere to be put up?
That alone should tell everyone that he’s pretty much working with everyone.
Even the one’s NOT in the know don’t mention Cody?? Stop it BB!!
That’s so suspect! Even after the wall yell ?
Get rid of Cody then we can see whom is loyal to whom.